“What do you think happened with the Ameerah vote? that’s when it all started Me, Joe, Monte, and Turner were in the HOH room”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM Brochella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner

POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:02 am Terrance reading his HOH letter. Everyone else is sleeping both inside and out.

9:30 am Everyone but TUrner is up and about in the backyard.

9:56 am Terrance continues to remove his tattoos

11:04 am Michael and Monte
Michael says he’s talked to Jasmine and he made it clear she’s going up.
Britt joins them.
Michael says that Jasmine thinks Monte is the target.
Taylor joins them. They continue to talk about Jasmine going up.
Michael says the HOH TV doesn’t work. Feeds flip to Terrance removing tattoos.. When we’re back.

Taylor says they’ll hear Jasmine if she comes up.
They talk about how Alyssa and Jasmine turned on Indy.
Monte – it’s how they work it’s built upon trying to cover your tracks with lies.
Monte- they don’t think we talk to each other. The people they are trying to manipulate and socially corner
Taylor – all they can do is surveil corner and manipulate.
Britt – they have to realize. Ameerah, Nicole, Daniel, INdy.. For a whole month and entire month, everybody they have been working with goes home at their own hands. They end up flipping to make that happen. They don’t want to be on the wrong side of the house they are so focused on that. that they don’t ever think..

Monte – we have been doing pretty well as an alliance we have to give ourselves a pat on the back.
They talk about how the other side thinks Joe is clueless. “it’s ridiculous”
Britt says Alyssa has told her multiple times “How to I escape this she (jasmine) follows me in every room
Britt – I was like I don’t know
Taylor – you are in too deep honey
Britt – she’s very happy to be separated
Monte leaves..

Taylor – I swear I heard Taylor tell Terrance to pick Alyssa. Turner leaned over to Terrance.
Britt – I’m glad you picked Jasmine right off the bat.
Jasmine joins them.

11:39 am Kyle and Alyssa (Hard to hear)
Kyle – what do you think happened with the Ameerah vote
Alyssa – what do you mean
Kyle – that’s when it all started like.. Joe was sketched out by Ameerah. Me, Joe, Monte, and Turner were in the HOH room. Joe was going off about Ameerah She told him about Old Skool so he knew about that. He flipped it. He flipped everything. Monte and Joe, Turner went to Britt and from that moment on. Ameerah. Nicole, Daniel, SHould have been you but they got Indy. They are trying to get you, and Jasmine, inside. When Taylor won Veto is was supposed to be you no one used it last week. They wanted you.
Kyle – now I am on the outs. But if it’s me, Joe on the block, and Turner wins he’s taking Joe down and you are going up Vs me. That’s why I’m like do I tell Terrance everything so he puts up Turner and Joe then it’s me and you and if one of them wins veto they come down one of us goes up. If not me and you can vote the opposite way sending a tie to Terrance to decide Turner or Joe.
Kyle – Turner is in with them Monte and Joe like crazy.
Kyle – that would be 5 vs Monte, Taylor, and whichever one is left (Joe/Turner)
Kyle – we don’t have a lot of options. What do you think?
Alyssa – Terance said there’s no way Michael takes out Jasmien this week. He said that him and Michael agreed he would take out Joe and Michael would take out Monte

NOON Kyle and Terrance
Feeds have been down when back we’re into this conversation about Michael and Terrance’s HOH plans.
Terrance – I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do and I can just only hope that the same result happens on his end.
Kyle – walking away from this week that would be awesome if you and Michael were able to accomplish. That would be a crazy week if that went down.
Kyle – I was talking to Alyssa. We have your back. Michael and Britt have your back I think Turner had your back. I believe If I sit up against Monte I lose 100%.
Kyle – I talked to Alyssa and Shared some information with her that I want to share with you but I don’t know if I can now with everyone awake.

Joe joins them.

12:15 pm Joe and Kyle
Kyle – I think it’s me and you.
Kyle – he said me and Alyssa?
Joe – maybe because of the showmance. I told him dude if I go up I’m going home.
JOe – me and you are his targets because he’s pitching to me that you are his target.
Kyle – Who knows.
Joe – he wants to stop a showmance.

12:23 pm Kyle and Terrance one on one

Kyle – Joe had gotten close to Ameerah she told him about an alliance called Old Skool. that included, you, daniel and Nicole, Ameerah, Alyssa and jasmine with Indy as a number. He was freakign out about how big of a shark Ameerah was and how cutthroat she was. We came up with a plan with those four people. Me, joe, Monte, Turner to create another alliance bring in Michael and Brittany and then we needed one more number so we grabbed Taylor. That was the seven. That’s what has been running the game. We’ve been taking out Old Skool the entire time. We took out Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel, last week it was supposed to be Alyssa.
Terrance -hmmmmmm .. ohh shit..
Kyle – you see where I am at.. okay so there’s you Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine left that are outside the alliance. Last week you were the target, then they switched to Indy and when I won the veto they switched to Alyssa. We have four options and I don’t feel comfortable taking that shot. They pressured me so hard. We were up till 5am every night that whole group. I wasn’t down for that. Monte was Never the target. Taylor came in and yelled at me and warned me beforehand.
Kyle – Monte has been running the show and joe has been his wingman. Turner has been involved as well he’s getting closer with them. I didn’t take that shot against Alyssa so now I’m on the outs. I stuck my neck out for her. Me and Michael, and Brittany are fed up with that because it’s been the Monte and Joe show they are running the show.
Kyle – Michael told me before the HOH he was ready to take a big shot. he picked Monte over me I don’t know if that will be his big target. I hope it is.
Terrence – it’s supposed to be that’s who he said to me.
Terrance says he was at the bottom of Old Skool
Kyle – that is what I’m feeling now. I was being told to use the veto and take out the person you are closest to in the house
Kyle – fuck that. I don’t feel .. it’s just.
Terrance – it threw me off to why you weren’t using the veto
Kyle – I could be going home but I want you to be as equipped
Terrance – I appreciate you telling me that. I was wondering what the f** is happening.
Terrance – Joe always makes it out that he’s out of the loop and he’s not working with Monte.
Kyle – they’ve been together since day one they are running the show.
Kyle – if Turner wins the veto he’ll take one of us down and force Alyssa up.
Kyle says he would want to form a group with Terrance, Alyssa, Michael, Brittany, and me. “that would be five coming out of this and we’re final 8 that would give us a shot to get to the end”

Kyle – why did you think Joe and Monte wanted you as a festie bestie? if they were up on the block that alliance could take you out
Terrance- that is why they asked me to join not to protect me.
Terrance – so she did put me up purposely ..
Kyle – you were the target first with indy then they switched it mid-week. The target was flipping than all of the sudden I win the veto and they are like OK you have to use it on Alyssa. I was like I don’t feel comfortable backdooring

Kyle – I stuck my neck out with Alyssa and now I am at the bottom. You should have saw it at the pool table the night before the veto, Joe, Monte, and Taylor were all coming at me so hard about using the veto to backdoor Alyssa. I understand on a moral level to take out your best friend. Gamewise I am already at the bottom of this freaking alliance and you want me to take out a number outside of the alliance in case I want to move forward with other people. They knew if Alyssa won HOH she would put up Monte and joe and they were scared of that.
Kyle says Turner will try to take out Alyssa so the alliance can move forward. “That is why we don’t talk much game because I can’t straight up sit there and lie to you”

Terrance thanks him says “it never added up” to him.
Kyle says the only way to guarantee their safety is if Joe and Turner go on the block. If the veto is played they come down he goes up and Alyssa splits the vote nad he sends one of them home.
Kyle – If turner wins veto and takes Joe down Alyssa goes up and they will take me out. if Turner uses the veto on joe
Terrance- you think Turner would use the veto on Joe
Kyle – 100% I talked to Joe last night

Kyle – I trust Turner but he would pick Joe over Alyssa 100% of the time.
Terrance – so I totally f**ed myself last week when I played OTEV in full transparency.. did you know that? you knew what happened?
Kyle -yeah, you threw it so Michael would keep you on the block
Terrance – so Monte knew about that?
Kyle – Monte knew. Why do you think in his speech he said I want to win the veto so I can help out my boy Terrance that was a jab at yo dude. He knew the day before he s trying to get him out 100%
Terrance e- gotcha
Kyle – that was a jab at you he was saying F*** you in his speech
Terrance – we’re going to move with that I’m going to put him and Turner up.
Kyle – unless Joe wins Veto that is the only way Jo goes home this week.
Terrance – what is worst-case scenario?
Kyle – he wins veto I go up it’s me and Turner you make that call.
Terrance – if you guarantee me I’m safer with ou I’ll keep you
Kyle – for sure
Terrance- I don’t know how Turne is going to move.
Kyle – I trust Turner he’s more loyal to the Alliance than you. it’s not that he’s untrustworthy..

Kyle – that’s my game if you go back and tell these guys I’m done.. I’m done either way
Terrance – one thing about me once I give my word I never turn back
Kyle – I promise you these guys will all pitch to put Alyssa on the block

Terrance – okay buddy this is the second half and it’s the second half of the game I want to be playing
Kyle – that’s what I’m saying. at the end of the day I am at peace with what happens today if I go home I go home
Terrance – now that I know all of this it’s time for me to get my f**ing game back.. let’s go.. I got you bro..


12:48 pm Turner and Terrance
Turner – have you figured out what you will say during the ceremony to Kyle and Joe. Are they still the plan to go up? What will you say?
Terrance says he’s trying to figure it out.
They chit-chat about the experience of sleeping outside last night. For folks that stay up until 5am having the sun blast them at 6am is tough.
Terrance- I think I will put them two up that is my mindset right now.
Terrance – the veto changes everything ..
Turner – out of curiosity this is big brother when someone is in a compromised position they will say anything has anyone thrown my name out for no apparent reason?
Terrance – not that I’ve heard right now.. nobody said nothing about you just good things..
Turner – personal and game I love hanging out with you we have a good duo going on and a good trio with Alyssa.

12:56 pm Joe and Terrance
Terrance – you know the move I’m trying to make.
Joe – you are trying to hit Kyle
Terrance – you’re right
JOe says Taylor won’t be pissed to see Kyle gone because he didn’t use the veto last week.
Joe – if he’s your shot he doesn’t leave if he’s next to me. He’s closer to Turner. I just know for sure Turner won’t send Alyssa home.
Terrance – Turners never f***ing touched the block
Joe – let me know how you want to move. I thin ki’ve shown you I pull through.
Joe – whoever you shoot at the house will see who Terrance sent home
Joe – I know Kyle not after using the veto their showmance raked up the house with me, Jasmine, Taylor umm.. I think Monte was pretty happy it wasn’t used. He thought there was a shot he would go up there. Other than Monte. Michael and Kyle which are deadly trio. were the only once happy it wasn’t used. MOnte, Michael and Kyle.
Terrance says he’s got four people to pick from it will be a shit show.

1:06 am Feeds cut to pound kittens

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I was glued to the screen watching this conversation I wish Kyle would’ve just made it until the 7. Terrence not only seems surprised but hurt by this and you could just tell he wants to spill it and you can also tell Turner knows somethings up. Actually if I was Terrance I would have a house meeting


Yeah – Terrance was rocked by that news. So many things for him to piece together. He believed Monte/Joe wanted him on their FB team to protect him (LIE – he was the target). Kyle confirmed they knew how Terrance tried to get them to stay OTB after OTEV to save Daniel (driving in the dagger by saying that POV speech Monte gave was a sarcastic shot at you)

Terrance was already keen to take down Monte bc he didn’t like how little game talk they had. But, I think he’s hurt by Joseph the most. And that’s why Joe playing double-agent seemed great & fun at the time – but this is how those he was spying on are going to feel about it when they find out. No one likes to be played for a fool.

The Beef

So you see, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the rat game. Those who are being ratted out and, as you say played for a fool, especially don’t like it.

Of course, Kyle is now ratting out the Leftovers to TOS, or what’s left of it, but given the sloppy game play last week with the ever changing targets, along with the sudden expectation he should use the Veto to take out his one and only number from TOS while Joseph gets to protect and keep his multiple ones, his sharing of secrets is almost understandable as it works to improve his standing in the game, AND if things work out the way he wants, it will also improve Terrance’s standing as well. So, I see this as a strategic move on Kyle’s part, as it’s pretty clear the Leftover’s run is over.

Only Reading Feeds

Can’t stand Kyle. He’s definitely cat whipped


I can’t stand Kyle either, he SUCKS!!!! Honestly I was hoping he’d go this week, I’d rather Alyssa stay between the two of them. He’s truly pathetic, I can’t believe Alyssa suffered through 10 seconds with him, she’ll regret it in the end. I wanted the LOs to lose a member this week, and was hoping it would be Kyle. I’ll be bummed to see Joe go before him, and if somehow Turner ends up leaving this week I’ll be PISSED!!

Only Reading Feeds

If Turner is voted out I will truly only read the feeds. He’s my favorite by far


Kyle is a weak player, I hope if Turner goes up, Turner wins the Veto. Kyle is so bent on saving him and Alyssa, Kyle will throw Terrance under the bus the first chance he gets.

Kyle is just what I have always thought, he’s whipped. Terrance tells everyone I got you bro, and we all know that his word means nothing.

I hate the Kyle threw Turner under the bus, I hope this backfires on him, if Turner goes up, please let Turner win the Veto. I really do not care if Joe goes to Jury.

Once everyone is back in the house, I hope Alyssa or Terrance lets it slip that Kyle has outed the Leftovers, Terrance should know that it is still #3 if he’s with Kyle and Alyssa.

Terrance is #3 with Michael & Brittany, but out of being with Kyle & Alyssa, Michael has a stronger record with winning comps. Kyle & Alyssa are not a strong Trio.


I don’t like what he’s done, but I’d have to give him credit where it’s due. It was a very smart move on his part to make sure him and his #1 are still around next week. He knows the left overs are done with and that Jasmine is the target on the other side. With 2 non-left overs remaining, he’d be silly not to take a shot at Joe or Turner.


why is Kyle Exposing everything… what did I miss ?


kyle thinks he’s on the bottom of the alliance (even though i don’t think he is) and realizes they have to turn on each other which will make him vulnerable.


Because he knows Joe and Turner want to evict Alyssa and he’s trying to protect her so he is destroying his own game


so all he is doing is proving that his loyalty is the Showmance, Who would trust them going forward ?

Palm Oil's Meds

Do hgs get bonuses for being in a showmance? lol


Terrance is nominating Joseph and Turner sending one to jury. Terrance confirmed to Kyle about nominations. Joseph is the target. Smart play by Kyle to expose the Leftovers to Terrance. In the process gaining his trust and ensure Joesph’s undoing without taking a shot at Alyssa.Kyle knows he’s at the bottom of LO. Joe, Monte, Taylor, made a blunder justifying Alyssa BD for a stupid trip.


If he told Kyle the truth then it would have been stupid not to tell Turner. We shall see what happens.


I agree, but I wonder why he didn’t reveal Joe’s undercover spying.

Mad Max

I don’t think Sweet T will nominate Turner….he’s the only one who has been honest with him.

The Beef

I agree it’s a great strategic move by Kyle, as it’s pretty clear the Leftover’s run is over, due in part to this production interference (twist) in the game, but that’s what TPTB wanted. He’s just the first to take advantage of the situation, to try and improve his standing in the game given some of the LO’s (Joe, Taylor, and Monte) are pissed he didn’t use the Veto last week.

He may have been okay anyway if Joseph and Monte are evicted, but this information given to Terrance might help to ensure at least half of that comes true, whereas without it, it’s no better than 50/50 that Joe would even sniff the block this week.

Team Taylor

Kyle has officially gone rogue! Now he needs to go over Alyssa ASAP!


the weird thing is kyle’s totally fine with michael, britt, and to a lesser extent taylor, so he’s actually fine if he makes it out of this week. definitely not in as strong a spot, but not totally screwed either.

You ain't nothin but a hound dog

I knew Kyle would out the alliance to save Alyssa.

Mad Max

well we all knew he wasn’t thinking with the right head!


Difficult to vote your FIRST out!!


The one to watch is the Outdoor Team with the reactions to whom ever Terrence ends up nominating since Michael already told Jasmine she was going on the block 🙂


Omg Kyle really picked the perfect time to expose the leftovers I really hope it works and joe and turner goes up instead

House Flip

Joe Monte leaving this week – HALLELUJAH


I’d rather see Joe and Jasmine! Can you imagine the two of them in jury alone. 😉


That is my fave choice too.


Michael’s target right now is Jasmine (not Monte). IF Jasmine wins the Veto, then the target is Monte.


This may work in the short term to save him, but he will lose jury votes when they find out he was the one who exposed the LO’s. The best he may do is second place because no way will he get Joe, Monti, or Turner’s vote. And that depends on who he is sitting next to,

Palm Oil's Meds

You guys actually like Kyle???


Kyle is a piece of ?!!!!

Mad Max

Momma’s boy, no job, acts like he’s 14, I can’t stand the guy!


He’s such an idiot, outside of the house, Alyssa is going to kick him to the curb. Alyssa is way out of Kyle’s league.

I really do hope this backfires on Kyle. He threw his game away for a showmance that he can’t stop drooling and talking about every 5 minutes.


I am not sure how she is out of his league. What exactly does Alyssa bring to the table? She is a rocket scientist!?


Saving grace!! Kyle learned what they did to Daniel using the veto. Taylor and her masters were overly emotional about a vacation expected to be given not earned. To irrational justify a backdoor to Kyle off a no vacay 4th place finish?That costed them big time! Miss Michigan and crew, sorry it was not the Flint, Michigan Megabowl.


I fail to understand why Taylor is not being mentioned.
She turned me off in the beginning laying over pool table in her red swimsuit.
When you have 1 female constantly hanging with the guys…how do you think the other females are going to respond??
So now she gets a pass for the rest of the season???


Kyle doesn’t seem able to keep anything inside for to long LOL


The way they were talking it sounds like Dyre is doing nominations the original way with the box and keys


I love the key way! I wish they never went digital. It was fun to watch them pull the keys.

un autre nom

It sounds like noms for Brochella have happened. Jasmine and Monte are nominated as already planned.
Now production will be doing set up for Dyrefest… that would take about an hour or so most likely, so expect another outage.
Joe has told Turner that Terrance is acting weird. It’s like Joseph hasn’t spent more than 20 minutes with Terrance all season. Tuner has gone to Terrance now to try to shore himself up. He’s GOT to notice the tone change.
To Turner, Terrance is not getting why Joseph voted out Indy if they were in an alliance together.
After Kyle’s info bomb, most of what Joe said to Terrance was digging a hole. At no point did he try to dig up.

Is it bad that Kyle has outed the Leftovers?
For Kyle, believing he’s on the bottom, keeping the secret would be stupid. Don’t with alliance solidarity… the whole reason i can see people being upset about it is because this season there seems to be a tone about people playing the game solely for the benefit of others and not for themselves. I just think he was premature by a day. I know, it’s hard for some to hear, but the Leftovers was always just a cover for the pound. The anti-bullying message was always smoke and mirrors for 4 guys wanting to dominate the game. With Kyle out of favor in he Leftovers, his position in the 4 must also be jeopardized. Therefore, it only makes sense for Kyle to attempt to cut losses… but let’s be honest, he was always going to backstab the alliance. He walked into the alliance saying it’s for the Ameerah vote, we cut Taylor next week.
Besides Turner and Monte, was anyone loyal to the Leftovers? Not really. Joseph said he wished they’d brought in Indy and Jasmine instead of Mike and Britt…. sure and Joseph is so disturbed by the bullying… really? Kyle had said he wishes Alyssa was a member. He would have been more loyal to the group if she had been. Mike and Britt were down with going final seven but didn’t want to make the mistake of not taking the shot when they could. Taylor is loyal to the 7… but originally did want Monte to be her target last week.
Monte and Turner were more loyal to the Pound than the Leftovers, but wanted to go final 7. That makes them the most loyal to the Leftovers. They wanted to go final 7. Everyone else was biding their time and waiting for the shot.

Long term effects: Terrance knows. If Kyle comes back into the house he becomes target number one. Michael and Britt want to play middle. If they see the numbers against Kyle, they’d stab him in the face, they know he’s already thrown them under the bus. Do they have cover if it comes out that they supported Kyle? the backpocket men’s alliance information, they didn’t know if they were being conned by their own alliance, and then the house split so they couldn’t find out if it was true? Hmm, that might work.

This week is far from decided. I’m spitballing. There are still many ways Dyrefest can spin. There are less ways Brochella spins, but spin can happen.

un autre nom

Kyle is jumping the gun again? You decide.
He’s telling Alyssa that Michael has to go next after they get back inside. But he still fears Monte and Taylor together…. so if Monte goes…. Michaael is big target 1.
Hmmm. I expect this is the angle he pushes with Turner as well?
I think he’s playing panic game more than strategy game today. He’s having conversations that are post veto all before noms.
He’s playing cornered animal style right now. I’m not a fan of that style when I’ve seen it.
It rarely works out well.

What Kyle hasn’t revealed: Hey Alyssa, you created the Leftovers when you drunkenly told me about the Old Skool, oh yeah, and I told everyone you were the biggest threat in the house every time i opened my mouth for 2 weeks straignt, so that’s why everyone wants to target you.
Smart not to say it… but It has to be remembered for posterity.

I think Michael actually controlled both indoor and outdoor games this week with the picks.
He knew Kyle would be rabid to save Alyssa. He doesn’t have to deal with that by having them both outside. He knows that if Joe or Turner does go, he either weakens Monte or Kyle. Turner was always the question mark in Michael’s head that gave Kyle an advantage. Joe… he’s wanted Joe gone for a while.


So if Kyle does survive this week, he is pretty much begging the universe to have Brittany be the next HoH and there’s literally no way that she would turn on Michael

Only Reading Feeds

Kyle is playing a wishy washy game. Immature. Not smart play at all


I agree that Kyle is playing in panic mode. The question is how much Kyle’s gameplay, poor as it is right now, will influence Terrence. Kyle may escape eviction this week, but his gameplay will come back to haunt him. I also wonder how much Kyle’s decision to “out” the LO alliance is influenced by production and how production will subsequently influence Terrence. Kyle is a typical GROD favorite, so I can’t see him going this week. Too bad… I’d much rather watch Joe and Turner for another on the feeds than Kyle.

un autre nom

This will sound awfully weird but hear me out. Part of me thinks the last 2 seasons of BBCAN have been betatests for the BBUS season that follows in terms of storyline theme. Look at 9 and Sundowners or whatever the hell they called themselves. Look at 23 with Cookout. Look at 10 with the constant shift alliance dichotomy and middle players consistently controlling the dynamic. Look at 24.


How do you watch BBCAN?

I’ve never seen it, did not know how to get it.

un autre nom

I’m Canadian. Most seasons of BBCAN are now on paramount plus… aren’t they? I’m pretty sure that was announced, and this season some hg’s were told to watch past seasons of BBCAN in preparation / research for this season.


I had been wondering the same thing & then subscribed to Paramount+ & discovered that finally they also have BBCAN & a couple of BBAUS seasons. I’m loving it. I’m afraid the BBCAN has really ruined BUSA for me. They are so much more entertaining. And I agree with the above poster. Earlier this season, something on the show triggered a memory . I know I saw it on BBCAN.


The ones I like the best are BBUK. They are formatted different from ours and they are very entertaining. They don’t have BB there anymore and I really miss it. You can watch them on YouTube.


No, I’m from UK and BBUK sucks. (well, it did and was eventually cancelled). House guests nominate 2 people for eviction. Viewers get to vote whom to evict from two with the highest noms. It’s not a good format, and Indy said BB Brazil is the same format so people play nice for fear of being voted out by the viewers.


I thought it was blatantly obvious – themed years. It’s annoying. Survivor also played the same role last year (S41). I’m interested to see if the middle “genius” guy (Michael, in this season) will win BBUS and Survivor this year as Kevin did in BBCAN.


I sort of think BBCAN Kevin is being portrayed partially by Joseph & partially by Michael. Neither is spot on but I see elements in both. Michael wins too much to be Kevin who only won two comps (one bc the French Canadian spelled nominees wrong) and Part 1 of the final HOH.

And Joseph is able to flirt (& too squirrely) whereas Kevin was in a committed relationship so played more of a brotherly role but he was VERY funny & gave some of the best DRs since Dr. Will. ‘


That’s a great take & makes a ton of sense. There were whispers BB Can would end a few seasons back – I wonder if the US version is also helping to finance production costs to keep it on the air.

The thing is the one area BBUS could really learn from is either in casting or by sending the proposed new cast tapes of the BBCAN seasons b/c that’s where they lag behind. Bullying, slut shaming, racism, or any bias simply wouldn’t be tolerated on BBCAN.

Mind you if the BBCAN hamsters didn’t get out of bed on time, talked back to production, or acted anything like this cast they’d all have been on slop & taking cold showers for the week bc production doesn’t F around with that up here lol.

un autre nom

It does remind me of 21 in one salient way.
Remember when Julie called out Aquadouche after the press of BOTH he and Jackhole got too hot? Production then tried to clean Jackhole’s image, but press and fan outcry made that untenable. If Grod is planning a Kyle win in the same manner (she’s making sure he has camtalk segments and he feels free enough to go to D/R to beg them to make the HOH put someone else on the block)… then she’s going to do it anyway. The only thing that will shift is how he gets there. The way they edited the whole controversy was… diluted to the extreme. This was a production choice.


True – but don’t you think even with the terrible edits this has gone beyond saving him? The Twitterverse refers to him as kkkyle – TMZ ran an article on him having sex on the floatie. I’m not sure bc I didn’t get as invested in 21 b/c I REALLY disliked the cast so maybe it was equivalent but I think even Grodner has to realize Kyle winning would be the absolute worst outcome for this season.

Several former players are calling out the edits too (Hannah, Tiffany, Janelle, etc, etc) so I think after last season it would be even more difficult for Grodner to ram her preseason pick down people’s throats. Don’t you think?


I’m happy for Michael bc he masterminded this twist/picks with everything occurring exactly as he planned. On the other hand, Turner is in my top two & I really enjoy Joe (even his hyper squirrel mode) & definitely like them more than Kyle.

As for Kyle – I’m not sure he’s ever played this game other than trying to appear goofy, being scared, or panicked. He was in the strong POS alliance but rarely interacted. He was so worried Ally’s early attn would put a target on him he went out of his way to put a target on her. By the time he committed to the showmance he was knee deep in weeks of burying her corpse but wondered why the LOs kept bringing her up as the next target.

Now he’s outside complaining how Tayler/Monte/Britt/Michael could form a F4 & how it’s weird Michael picked Monte instead of him. REALLY? And how would it have gone over if Ally was alone outside with Turner, Joe & Monte w/o his protection? At the same time he’s saying Michael has to go – he’s selling Terrance on working with MB & KA to F5 & while he’s burying Joe & his supposed F2 Turner he’s telling them how they have to band together to go after the 4 inside.

I know he’s intelligent but his fear has always had him functioning game stupid.

illegal smile

Ha! Kyle has screwed the pooch this week. He’s public enemy #1 so if alyssa stays and Kyle stays the rest of the house is sending him home. Hope that kitty was worth 750k


Feeds are beyond boring with this twist ?


Dyre fest is a little more interesting, I’m loving the somberness of Joseph. Watching him is making my day. He’s freaking and I’m here for it! Alyssa is handling the outside better than the 4 guys!


When the feeds came back everything was eerily quiet

un autre nom

Nothing Official…
but it LOOKS like Terrance nominated Turner and Joe.
Lots of silence. Turner covers his mouth a lot (oh yeah, there are plenty of things he wants to say). Joe looks dejected.
Alyssa is happily helping Terrance with Tatoo removal. Yeah, she ain’t on the block that’s for sure.

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Kyle logic: why do I have to live outside? I don’t want to live outside. Michael should have picked me to live inside. He has to realize he can’t beat Monte and Taylor, he has to take out Monte, right?

Pampered primadonna mama’s boy wanted to be inside? Alyssa was already outside. WHY WOULD Michael DO that if Kyle’s big plan was Kyle Alyssa Britt Mike? He’d be guaranteeing Alyssa’s eviction by splitting them up.

Me logic:
Michael didn’t want Kyle in his ear saying break the alliance and take all the heat for breaking the alliance while i throw you under the bus saying it was all your idea.
Instead, send you outside with Alyssa, you’ll break the alliance, and I can look loyal to everyone while you look like the douchey scheming backstabber that you are.


And Terrence is blowing smoke in Joseph’s and Turner’s direction. It sounds like Terrence’s speech didn’t make much sense. I hope Turner wins the POV


This will prove to Turner that Kyle has Alyssa above the alliance. They were saying this last week but everyone wasn’t listening. But Micheal and Brittany better take notice when the house comes back together because when they find out Kyle talk his way out of he and Alyssa going on the block, then they will know he will throw anyone under the bus to save his showman girl. (In the real world, she will not choose an unemployed man who lives at home)

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I’m moving heads around on my alliance charting. Same way I did trying to figure out how the teams would split this week once i knew the HOH’s.
I’m trying to look at the usual production clues to anticipate where they are going.
If you consider that Paloma’s departure necessitated a production plan rework…
The first final 2 announced becomes Michael Britt (was Nic Daniel)
The first alliance named becomes Pound (was Girls Girls)
I don’t remember who had the gonna win d/r. pre or post departure of Paloma.
Storyline Joseph was invisible week 2 and 3. He played little to no part in anything, they gave credit to Kyle.

IF I’m the storyline writer, I’m pushing for a 2 side split. I’m trying for that split not to be based on racial lines. So who / what makes that possible?
Oh. Hmmm. If pound breaks, where does Turner jump? He thinks he has more of a relationship with Alyssa and Kyle. Where does Joe jump? Monte. every. time.
So what makes sense?
This is what i came up with regarding how production would most likely want the narrative to play out.

BB24 WEEK 8 projection.jpg

TPTB may already be pushing that narrative as Michael discussed that foursome with Britt already noting how Monte hasn’t won some comps they thought he would (the ones under pressure like the HOH on the Twist or OTEV & how loyal he is.

OF NOTE: Monte told Taylor if he wins POV he WON’T use it bc he promised Joe he would keep Taylor safe! I wonder if he would really do that – if he does that might be all MB need to want to lock in the F4 & drop some serious hints about what Kyle was saying last week. They should make plans to go F7 with the LOs but if something hinky happens outside be prepared to work with their 4 & the player returning of Joe/Turner to target the showmance even before Terrance.

Something else that fits your screenwriting scenario – although he’s been a big hit this season let’s not forget Joseph was an alternate that replaced Marvin at the last minute.

Where I have difficulty believing it would fly is how LOYAL Turner is – what happened will be viewed by him as a major betrayal. Turner is an intelligent guy – I’m watching his face on feeds & he looks like he feels sick – bc HE KNOWS – he was handed all the red flags last week & ignored them. So yeah – not sure he’d play along with that 4-some (then again, maybe he would & become Joseph 2.0 to be the spy for the other 4-some in order to wipe them out).

un autre nom

There is a second plan… but it’s so much messier that I couldn’t see production trying to make a go of it. it had too many conundrums.
Joseph staying might happen… but it makes things much messier considering Taylor and Monte and the production push to get them closer.


Taylor is really sad right now. She’s telling Brittney she doesn’t know what she’ll do if Joseph doesn’t walk back in. She said if Joseph leaves the worst think possible has happened! She really likes that guy!

Palm Oil's Meds

We need to have this split house twist every season.

Just a viewer

He outed every alliance that he could. Micheal and Britney will not trust working with him. If he outed The Pound, that’s bad enough but, he included them as well, which jeopardizes their game and jury votes. Even if he ended up on the block, he had the votes to stay. This is not about a showmance. Kyle is intimidated of Joseph. Terrance will out Kyle once they’re back in the house to take the target off himself (which is great) and Kyle will be the most untrustworthy person in the house. It’s always horrible game play to throw your alliance under the bus, but this idiot threw multiple alliances under the bus. This is not about game moves. Monte won 1 HOH and first part of a comp. Joseph has won nothing but gets along with people. Taylor won 1 HOH. How are they a threat? Micheal’s won multiple HOHs and Vetoes. Turner’s won an HOH and Kyle himself has won more comps then Monte and Joseph. Terrance already knew all the people he talked about worked together. He will be absolutely stupid to trust Kyle. Kyle will do to him what he did to the others in a heartbeat. He’s a bigger rat then Andy was. Kyle threw his game down the toilet for someone that has a special person outside the house. Joseph told him, trying to look out for him.
What a man child. But he is 30 years old, no job and lives with his parents.


I bet Kyle and others are very happy about keeping Terrance over Indy right about now. By the end of this week, there won’t be anything left of the left overs. The strong players will take each other out, and the floaters will float to the end…