“She gave me a very compelling argument.. she doesn’t want to go on the block on her Birthday week..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM Brochella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner

POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Dyre fest and Big BroChella picks
Michael picks Jasmine
Terrance picks Turner
Michael picks Brittany
Terrance picks Alyssa
Michael picks Taylor
Terrance picks Joe
Michael picks Monte
Terrance picks Kyle

The situation
Dyre fest nominations are going to be Joe and Kyle.
Big BroCHella nominations are going to be Monte and Jasmine.

3:13 am Turner and Terrance
Terrance starts his one on ones “Let’s go in the order we were picked” Tuner is first
Turner – the plan is still the same
Terrance – the plan is still the same we have to act like we’re talking
Turner – I wonder what their pitches are going to be
Terrance – how do we guarantee? who do we put up
They are talking about a plan to “backdoor” Joe. (Everyone plays in veto)
Turner says the showmance “You can give a reason”. He’ll use that veto.
Terrance – if they are up they pull Kyle down
Feeds flip to the HOH where Monte and Michael are doing their one on ones. When we’re back

Terrance – I have to seel that I’m getting rid of a showmance but it’s just a sell. Nothing is happening to you or Kyle. We absolutely want Joe. I’m making that known.
Terrance will tell Alyssa that she can fact-check with Turner “I don’t want you to think I’m up to any shady shit”
Turner – are you going to tell Kyle?
Terrance- I’ll probably just tell Alyssa
Terrance – just you and Alyssa will know this plan. I’ll keep it right there with us three. I know Kyle is cool but I have to make sure
Turner – for sure protecting yourself it the most important thing

3:22 am Terrance and Alyssa
Terance tells her she knows Turner and Alyssa he trusts “That is why I picked you guys first”
Terrance – what I want to do when he comes to me ‘hey I want to get rid of a showmance’
Terrance – I don’t want him gunning for the veto
Alyssa – you’re going to put me up
Terrance – how else can I pull this off? I won’t let nothing happen to you. I’ve been up four times.
Alyssa doesn’t want to go up and suggests putting Joe on the block straight up with only 4 people in the game everyone is going to try hard for the veto.
Terrance – what do you think is the best option.. You are a hard no Turner is a hard no so it would leave Kyle
Terrance doesn’t want Kyle going up to burn a bridge between the two of them .
Alyssa – no that’s the best option. Just between you and I that’s the best move for my game
Terrance – the other move in the house was supposed to be for Monte. That is what we are supposed to be doing me and Michael. We are supposed to be taking out two targets right now. Overall for the house it will be a great move. he’s bit wishy washy with me
Terrance – if I can’t count on you bro I can’t have you in this game. It’s getting tighter and tighter.
Terrance – me you and Kyle if we lock in that will be a good game. I’ve always wanted to work with you. I want to LOCK in we need to make this f***ing move.
Terrance warns her of Jasmine

3:33 am Terrance and Joe
Terrance says he can’t put Alyssa up he promised Alyssa he would never put her up before they got outside.
Terrance – I’m f**ed with that I can’t put her up or I will be f**Ing up my word
Joe – she won’t go up even as a pawn.
Terrance – I asked her to do it and she’s not vibing I don’t want to the smoke and I don’t want it to carry back into the house
Joe – what are you thinking Bro. I got you
Terrance – I know Kyle has to go up and Turner has had me since day one I don’t know what to do at this point.
Terrance – I wanted both of them up. I was going ot put up Kyle and Alyssa. It made sense to me.
Joe – If I go next to Kyle I won’t go back.. Alyssa loves Kyle and TUrner is closer to Kyle
Joe – i’ll keep it real with you I voted for you every time.
Joe – Kyle and Alyssa are a unit
Terrance – Kyle is who I really want out. I know he’ll be a hard target. he’s come in second in everything that happens and he’s been winning. We would be crazy not to take taht shot.
Joe says he will vote Kyle out over Alyssa. “I can’t send Alyssa home with Kyle up there”
Terrance – she’s going to be pissed off.
Joe – Kyle is a stronger player than me he has a better social game he beats me 9 our of 10 times.
Terrance goes on about being worried about the showmance.

3:49 am Terrance and Kyle
Terrance – I want Joe at the end of the day. There are scenarios it’s you and him because they don’t want to touch the block.
Terrance – if you are safe then you are safe. What do you think is the best option?
Kyle – in my mind like we talked about with Michael.. you just need one person you feel 100% wants joe Gone. You keep them off the block. In my mind Joe broke all ties with Alyssa because they were in that Alliance together I was part of it the Five Swatters.
Kyle – He turned on Indy who was in that Alliance, Alyssa was in on that Alliance.
Kyle suggests Kyle and Joe on the block. If Kyle wins the veto then Turner is the replacement. If Turner wins veto and it’s me and joe up he can use it but hopefully, he doesn’t use it and keeps noms the same. I don’t think Turner would use it on Joe
Terrance – hell no
Kyle – you have Alyssa as a solid vote against Joe. Alyssa wins veto she keeps them the same .. the only issue is if Joe wins veto he takes himself down and it’s me and you’ll have to decide if it’s either Turner or ALyssa. It’ll be a tough decision either way.
Kyle points out with Michael on the other side he knows he controls one of the 2 votes.

Kyle – I understand your position. Dude you can throw me up like I totally understand I don’t know if it’s worth even putting up Turner or Alyssa because you promised them both safety. I think walking out of this week you can say I kept my word to both the people I promised safety.
Terrance says he will fight hard to win the veto to keep nominations the same. “I hope you know that when you walk out of here and you walk back into the house you also feel I honestly got you and I want us three to go as far as we can together. I mean that wholeheartedly.. that’s real talk
Kyle – Alyssa loves you

4:00 am hanging out

4:05 am Brittany and Michael
britt – whoever you want to go home this week I am fully onboard whether it’s Monte or jasmine
Michael – we’ll make that decision together
Michael says they move up to top 8 after this week and they will get no blood on their hands with the other side “That is going to be the messy side this week”
They compare themselves to Cliff and Nicole. Michael says the one mistake they made was to take the showmance to final 5.

Michael says their choices are to continue with tough competitors that they know and trust or weak competitors that have canabalized their own.
Britt – they didn’t even seem upset that Indy left
Michael – they didn’t even try to keep her

Britt says she’s had made some really good inroads with Alyssa. “Joe can think what he wants but I do in my heart believe that she is realizing she is.. When Indy and jasmine are gone she has nothing”

Britt – There’s a real possibility Kyle could go but if Kyle goes Alyssa needs us even more and maybe that makes sense to take a shot earlier than later
Michael – Kyle is definitely going on the block over there.. 100%
Britt – another thing to think whether or not we decide to take a shot at Monte earlier rather than later. I hate exploiting this but he has shown he is pretty loyal. I don’t know would that blow our chances with him in Jury? I don’t know. We need to think about how we utilize this week.
Michael – we’ll see what kind of conversations we have with Monte and Taylor and you know talking about what happens when we get to seven. if he gives us the OHH we’ll figure it out when we get there.. then we know he already has it figured out.
britt – he’s already starting to have doubts about Kyle
Michael – rightfully so. Kyle was up here saying if it’s a double put up Terrance and Jasmine and then possibly make a biog move. Kyle was saying it was Turner, Monte, Joe, and himself that were the core of the leftovers.
Michael – he said I feel like I’ve been replaced in that with Taylor
Britt – interesting. is that his way of saying Taylor, you and me were the first to leave?
Michael – yup
Britt – that’s not smart for them..
Michael – no at all. I would love to get inside Turner’s head. He has to realize he doesn’t win if he sticks with them. Any of them win against Turner.
They talk about Turner liking the “A$$hole players” like Paul and Brett.

Brittnay had talked to Taylor about how she felt about voting Jasmine out. Taylor doesn’t have a problem voting her out this week.
Brittnay – we put Jasmine Monte.. Jasmine wins veto.
Michael – I would put Taylor up
Britt – and Monte would go home..
Britt – if Monte wins Veto he takes himself down. Jasmine still up there.
Michael – Taylor would go up. I’m not going to risk putting you up. I don’t know now I will risk telling that to Taylor.
britt – I appreciate that
Michael – there’s no chance
Britt – oh my god Michael you pulled it off.
Britt says she doesn’t like Kyle’s divisions in the house but she likes Kyle and she knows they have his trust.

Britt doesn’t see Alyssa getting evicted outside.
Britt says it sounds like Monte is done with Kyle and Turner.
Britt – I’m glad we are inside the house

They go on about how amazing their duo is in the game. Taylor joins them.

4:20 am Taylor, Britt and Michael
Michael say he hopes the logical thing happens they take Jasmine and Alyssa out this week
Michael – I’m nervous about a situation where Alyssa and Joe are up that and Turner and Kyle don’t do the right thing or they split the vote and Terrance is the tie-breaker and Joe isn’t here to tell us what happened.
Michael – If Terrance tells us who is voting we’ll know what happens.
Britt leaves.
Taylor – so Monte and Jasmine
Michael nodes.. says Monte volunteered “this is a repeat of two weeks ago when Monte said I’ll go up”
Michael says Jasmine thinks Monte is the target. “I’m going to tell her you are the only person here that hasn’t been on the block yet”
Michael – she gave me a very compelling argument.. she doesn’t want to go on the block on her Birthday week..
Taylor – STOP STOP You are joking
Michael – no, that wasn’t the main point but that was a point she brought up.. she’s trying for THRID week of safety because of her birthday. (TOO freaking funny)
Taylor – how did you not laugh to her face..
Michael – that’s the worst reason.. to give her credit it’s worked in her mind it’s worked twice
Taylor talked to MOnte and the situation where Joe doesn’t “walk back in the door”
Taylor – he feels very distant from Turner and Kyle like very very distant.
Michael – after last week we all have our concerns about Kyle
Taylor – STRONG concerns. he’s more concerned with turner I am less concerned with Turner.
Michael – Turner is a weird one for me to read in this game. I feel like him and Kyle are close but I also know that turner and joe stay op to 6 every night

4:43 pm

5:00 am zzz z

8:00 am Zzzzzz

8:55 am waking up

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Me: Hey Siri, set an alarm for when Jasmine stops talking about her birthday.

Siri: Setting alarm for never.


You sound like me wanting Mother Nature to act as the Outdoor Team’s alarm clock (too bad she isn’t on that team…..)






Terrence with a sound plan. Let’s here it for the Big T! I didn’t think he had it in him.


He’s playing the game now he was waiting and now he’s All in I’m disappointed by Britney just riding Michael coattail he will win against her she hasn’t done anything significant


I agree that Michael would win against her. I haven’t watched feeds this year. I have a new puppy keeping me busy and exhausted. I watch show and try and keep up here. I’ve gotten the impression that while Britt may not be winning comps, she knows how to read the room albeit she did have a shakey start. She seemed all over the place then. Britt appears to be playing a strategic game, loyal to Michael. I like how they bounce scenarios off each other. Michael may make final decision but it seems like he values her opinion.


I agree she is detail oriented when organizing who’s gonna go or who they should watch out for that is also strategic!

Paul Sucks

Man Terrance is horrible at this. He would want to back door someone when everyone plays veto. The move is to put the showmance on the block to guarantee one goes home. I hope he does put Kyle and Joe on the block only to have Alyssa win the veto.

That would bring me great joy!


i’d be so happy to see terrance send joe home


I am with you, the showmance has got to go. It’s super annoying when they leave a couple in the game that long


I think Terrance is surprisingly good at this. He didn’t just fall in with Michael’s plan (which benefits Michael not Terrance). He sees what Joe is up to. Putting up Joe and Kyle gives him the opportunity to take out a big target.


When Terrance was talking to Alyssa he made it sound like he and Michael had a brief talk and plan on who to target. He would target Joe and Michael would target Monte getting 2 big players out this week.


Why is he bad at this his goal is to get Joe out. If Alyssa wins veto that just guarantees that his target goes home. Me thinks you misread something. Or misinterpreted when he was telling his actual plan vs when he was just bullshitting Joseph

Paul Sucks

His original plan was to back door Joe until he was informed that everyone plays veto. Why is he targeting Joe? That’s what Michael wants him to do. He is playing Michael’s game. I think with Joe gone he becomes a focused target of Monte and Turner. I think him breaking up a showmance is an easier position to defend.

Just think he would go deeper with the guys then Michael and Brit because they have there number 3.


Michael told the cameras that he is targeting Jasmine and hoping the other side targets Alyssa.

Paul Sucks

I think Michael wants the showmance above all else to remain in tact this week so nobody talks about his 2 HOHs and his 3 veto wins. Plus it would be one member out of the dog pound. Joe makes more sense for Michael.


terrance needs allies. he gains two protecting alyssa and kyle, and does what exactly for his game getting rid of alyssa? he’s in a bad spot. it’s not about taking out targets as much as finding people to work with. kyle are open to working with people who will protect them because they’re big targets. joe just wants to use terrance as a pawn until he has to sacrifice him. terrence is way better off getting rid of joe (or turner, but i like turner, so keep targeting joe).

The Beef

I think you made a VERY valid point here. Terrence needs to use this HOH and the power that comes with it to try to leverage his position in the game. How does he do that? Exactly as you described, by building a bridge to two players via protection and working with them, while at the same time removing someone who has shown a great social game and most likely would get a lot of votes if he were to make it to the end (especially from people like Indy and Jasmean).

Plus, I don’t like the rat game personally, so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Joseph’s double dealing ass walk out the door, but that’s just me.

Mad Max

so Super Fan Britt doesn’t realize all of America sees she’s just riding Michael’s wave? Geeze, girl get a brain!


eh, if she ends up at the end next to taylor or jasmine she probably still wins. she’s not in that bad a spot if she keeps those two in the game (another reason she should probably try to push taking out monte now).


I was watching these feeds early this morning and Brittany was telling Michael she feels so bad that she’s not winning anything and Michaels said he would go crazy without her he knows he has someone to talk everything through and trust and they can bounce ideas off of each other so in her own way she’s doing what she can. It was a very enlightening and sincere conversation between them


yes, she even started to leave when he was mulling things over and he asked her to stay and talk it through with him. I hate when people think that the only way to be a good player is winning comps. nope!

Team Taylor

I like the first group. Jasmine will finally see the door next week unless she miraculously wins Veto. And Taylor will be okay no matter what.

The second group is not so good. It looks like Terrance won’t take the shot at either Kyle or Alyssa. It’s gonna be tough losing Joseph or Turner. If I had to pick, I’d save Joseph only because I think Turner will align himself with Kyle over Michael.


If Turner wins VETO he’s saving JOE then Alyssa will get voted out BUT if Joe wins VETO i think Alyssa will still get voted out


Ideally, Turner wins the veto. That way they can decide who goes home.


Michael and Brit should be glad if Joe gets taken out. Otherwise it’s the old classic BB mistake of keeping the strong solid core competitive men around for way too long, esp as the alliance has now splintered off with Joe and Monte potentially using Taylor for their trio to pick off the rest. I think M/B are overlooking just how unreliable Taylor is to their lower rung group.

The remaining non alliance members are not strong competitors. Terrance has shown some potential this round, but given his age it will only get him so far unless he has some strong people in his pack.

It’s a good week to pick off the strong leftover men.

Jasmine is an utter waste of HOH target. I hope M and B realize this, once the dust settles. It would be smart for them to guide Taylor along to where she thinks she came up with a possible Monte target plan.

The showmance can stay on back burner for now as Kyle is an easy alliance target at any point and also getting ready to taking a shot at Joe and Monte.


I was hoping the House would give Jaz a “Camping” trip for her Birthday! Now hoping for a trip to the jury house this week. She thinks America likes her with those stupid southern crap in the DR, I’m now starting to think production is pushing it to make her look stupid. She can take her turnip chicken waffle biscuit jam grits to the jury house now. Will she pack all her hidden food when she goes?


She’s fake as f messy then cameras Julie your as cute as a chicken taco blah


Of course production is pushing DR’s ……… for EVERYBODY. This season, I haven’t heard a DR that wasn’t read from a damn script.

wesley sims

I hope they vote out Taylor , she wasted her hoh and she hates people


Don’t be foolish. Jasmine or Monte to be booted


ur disgusting



Rebecca Jones

What are you even talking about? Are we watching the same show????


Who does she hate?


If Joe does not win Veto he will be going home. 100%. Then Jasmine will go home this week. Leftovers go the numbers.


Rooting for Alyssa to pull out a veto win and save Kyle to stop the leftovers from steamrolling them. Michaels picks shocked me I though maybe he’d target Joe this week that makes more sense then jasmine or Monte. Jasmine isn’t a threat and is hated by others and Monte is his shield. With all of his comp wins he’s the obvious first target when it gets down to the leftovers so I’m surprised he’s putting so much faith in the alliance and that Brittany Brittany Taylor will be enough to help him beat the 4 guys

Avid watcher

He cant put up Joe as he is in Terrance’s group

The Beef

LOL – Strategically, Michaels picks were spot on PERFECT! He picked Jasmine, as his non-Leftover target, and left Alyssa for Terrance to deal with. He picked Monte to be either his primary or secondary target, depending on whether or not he wins Veto, or however Michael decides to do things. He picked Brit to protect his #1 ride or die, and I guess maybe you could question his Taylor pick given her reluctance to evict Jasmine, but since we haven’t seen how the picks went down yet, we don’t know who was available to him when those picks were made (like Joseph or Turner would NOT, most likely be on board to evict Monte, as Taylor may not be either, but since he only needs one vote to do it, not sure that it matters).

Michael is playing the best game in the house right now, and if both Monte and Joseph leave this week, he’s going to be in great shape going forward with the showmance still in there to divert attention away from him.


Michael’s picks are exactly the people I would have picked. He picked his number 1 target first, then he picked his bestie, and then his next favorite and another potential target.


No seriously, why the hate toward Taylor? It’s almost personal with some of you, as if you know her. But you don’t. You just sit around thinking about her all day.

I always knew like 40% of the BB audience was severely uneducated idiots. That’s why Grodner still has her job, after all. And now I know that all of y’all gather here to crap on POC in the most racist circle jerk I’ve ever seen.

So crap on Taylor all day. It won’t change that she’s still Miss Michigan. And it won’t change your receding hairline or your yellow teeth. Have fun with that.

Let’s Play Fair

Yeah, but what about HER trip to London???


What about her messy HOH


You would’ve loved it if Gheesling did it.


Uh, I think there are valid criticisms about how she handled her HOH. She definitely had a little mean girl streak of her own in how she handled it and the Alyssa situation. Is pointing that out racist? I don’t think so. Like I said in a previous post she was a lock for Americas favorite player before her HOH, and may have ruined that. I still think she will be top 3 though.

That being said I have never crapped on Taylor in anything but a constructive way, but I would gladly crap on you for your nasty comments.


paul dickens

You seem like you’re the racist hateful person here, but keep on…


STOP ? with RACIST crap!!!!!
I’m so sick of EVERYTHING being Racist!!!!!!!!


Big Brother honestly need to change their rules concerning injured HouseGuests. If one gets injured and can’t fully perform, they should be sent home like they do on Survivor. I would say that they can give the injured person an automatic spot on the next Season of BB if the injured person so desired. Jasmine is going to fool around and be the winner of BB if she is not put on the block in the next couple of weeks. As much as I don’t really care for her, I would not even be mad or surprised if she wins. Jasmine would have deserved it at this point because these people are not using common sense when it comes to her


100% on target. Allowing any HG to milk their “injury” as a strategy interferes with the integrity of the game. Of course, the other HGs have allowed Jasmine to get away with her entitled demands for weeks, so it’s also on them.


I agree she is milking her injury. It didn’t seem to bother her during OTEV. She pours on her southern twang too.


But it’s her Birthday Year!




Please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t remember Julie mentioning, or saying Happy Birthday too Jasmine on the live show? Am I wrong about this ?

You could tell Jasmine was waiting for Julie to say something, or make her feel special, because Julie did mention Michael’s birthday last week, but in all fairness, Michael was nothing like Jasmine in regards to celebrating his Birthday. Michael was very modest.

I was so happy Julie totally IGNORED “Jasmine’s Birthday Week” I kind of get the feeling CBS has taken note Jasmine is not very well liked by the viewers.

I loved Turner’s DR Session, when he said who the hell starts their own Toast for their Birthday? Goes around the room demanding everyone tells her 2 good things you like or enjoy about Jasmine?

That was not a good look for Jasmine, I wonder if her family is checking social media to see how people feel about Jasmine in the BB house? Do they see Jasmine’s lack of game play, her jealous, mean girl, entitled, spoiled behavior, ungrateful attitude.

I understand this is a game, being locked up in the BB house is stressful, I totally get that. When Jasmine gets home, hopefully she will look at this show, see how mean, she treated Brittany and Taylor for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Expected others to wait on her hand and foot, said how she is so independent, but she constantly made requests for people to wait on her, serve her, do things for her, and then complained when it did not meet her standards.

I can’t wait to see Michael put Jasmine on the block when it’s still her Birthday week. I know from here on out, when and if I ever hear anyone say it’s their Birthday week, it will feel like hearing someone scratching a chalk board, I never want to hear that phrase again.

Jasmine did not have a good read on the house, she always told Alyssa that she needed to pay attention, watch people, read their body language, Jasmine could not see Joseph was and has been lying and playing her like a fiddle.

I wonder how Jasmine is going to feel hopefully when she goes to Jury this week, Indy tells her Joseph was in an alliance, and he betrayed them, will she be bitter, or just look at it as this was a game? What if Jasmine and Joseph both go to Jury this week ?


Even if she watches the DR comments about her it won’t register.
She just won’t get it! Such a selfish, disgusting individual.
All she does is lay around and EAT!!!! Wonder how much weight she has
gained this summer. No activity (and not just because she is injured) and
in her mind….. that’s the reason she couldn’t go further. Can’t stand her.

I Spy

Props to Michael. He figured the strategy out fast. I said the pick strategy should be friend, foe, friend, foe — it gives you the best chance to oust a foe. Based on this, I predicted first picks would be Britt (Michael) and Jaz (I believe Terrance’s closest ally). A foe at pick 2 is to block the other guy since this person should be a friend for the other guy.

Well Michael flipped this. Knowing his best friend (Britt) would fall to him at 3, he instead selected Jaz as his first pick, thereby blocking Terrance. If you play fantasy football, this is like during the draft knowing the kicker will be available in the next round lol.

This was a brilliant move. Not only is he winning comps, but he is also outplaying everyone strategically.


Yes, Michael is playing a brilliant game. Stands around and doesn’t say much.
Tries not to commit ….. only when he absolutely has to. Gave Indy his “sympathy vote”
haha that’s a joke. That was to secure her jury vote. Yes, Michael is playing a brilliant game.
But he rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with his looks. God bless him…… not attractive at all! Also, his walk is even more unattractive.


I’m glad the Leftovers are still the majority on both sides of the groups.

Michael’s group has 4 Leftovers.

Terrance group has 3 Leftovers.

Hopefully this week, Michael’s side will evict Jasmine.

Shocked Terrance did good in the HOH comp, I can’t hate on him, he lucked out and won an HOH. I was extremely happy Jasmine did not win HOH.

First I was hoping Jasmine would be outside for a week, I know that would have drove her crazy not having all of the amenities of being indoors. But Jasmine would have been safe from eviction if she was with Terrance, Terrance would not put Jasmine on the block.

Terrance will be able to evict Alyssa, Kyle or Joesph, I don’t really care which one of them leave. I’m tired of Joesph running around the house spying, managing jury votes, acting like he’s everyone’s best friend, tired of Joseph having a free ride, throwing comps, never winning a Veto or an HOH.

Tired of feeling I want to barf every time the showmance is making out, tired of Kyle saying the POC are forming a Cookout 2.0. Tired of hearing Kyle talking about his showmance, Kyle and Alyssa do need to be broken up, Kyle has shown his team he really will not be able to separate from Alyssa, Kyle he cannot more her out as he keeps saying he will.

Watch how nice Jasmine is too Taylor this week, I will really enjoy seeing Jasmine on the block. I would never team up with Jasmine or Alyssa, they flip on the people in their group in a heartbeat, no loyalty whatsoever.

Please let Jasmine be evicted next week, I’m ready to stop hearing her corny exaggerated country accent, and cheesy compliments to Julie every week on the live shows.


jasmine and alyssa better be the ones leaving.


KYLE HAS TO GO!!! He is telling Terrence EVERYTHING!


In his own way. He is trying to get out Joseph. We will see if Terrence believes him or if he is just humoring him considering that Terrence changes his personae slightly depending on who he is talking to. Also, the way Joseph was talking to Terrence earlier it sounded as if he was aiming at Kyle.


Yes they are aiming at each other. You are right about that. Honestly I would like to see Joe get caught in his lies and double talk and have to face Indy in the jury house

I just don’t want Kyle to spill ALL the tea


Kyle is telling Terrance about the Leftovers ?

If he is, Terrance is kind of slow, did he forget the Leftovers pulled him up to the HOH and told him that he was safe when he was on the block with Ameerah ?

I kept thinking to myself why Terrance never discussed the leftovers with Jasmine or his side of the house? Did he think when they saved him and evicted Alyssa, that was just a one time thing?

If Kyle is selling out the Leftovers, I hope the Leftovers hear about this when they are all back together. Also, Alyssa should be pissed with Kyle, she shared in the past information that she had with Kyle, he told her nothing, and they are in a showmance, even if he feels Alyssa is not accepted by the Leftovers, he told her nothing.

Kyle is a wuss! he broke on the first day and spilled the beans about his alliance? is this really true?


Typo in previous post below. I meant when the Leftovers evicted Ameerah, not Alyssa.


That’s to save his ass.


Kyle is telling half truths right now in order to reveal some stuff to Terrence. Kyle lit the match again on the Leftover’s destruction; we will see if Terrence believes everything


Alyssa’s shot out to her parents last night “Mom and Dad hope i’m making you proud”. I’m sure the Butterfly Effect for American to view isn’t the proudest moment for them.

Mad Max



Is this finally the week Joe and Monte go? OH BB GODS PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE

i’ll take another week of jasmean as long as these 2 egoists are out before her


Joseph and Turner going up!!!


Ok. I just heard Terrence say “What Michael is supposed to do” but I swear I remember Michael saying something about Terrence mouthing something to him but he couldn’t make out what Terrence was trying to say( I guess during the decision as to who gets who)

un autre nom

So. Kyle has told Alyssa about the leftovers. Now he’s telling Terrance.
Is this a smart play or a panic move?
I think this is more panic at the moment, but if he’d waited until veto was played it would be smart. I know it’s only 24 hours, but it’s like when Michael originally wanted to break the leftovers and target Monte two weeks ago, it was a week early given numbers.
This move on Kyle’s part is 24 hours premature.

Here’s the thing: how are Joseph and Turner so confident that Kyle wouldn’t squirrel?
It was quite clear last week after the veto that Kyle had lost alliance position. Of course he was going to squirrel. Loss of alliance position meant he’d lost favor with the pound.

Joseph had his one on one with Terrance today, which means that Joseph talking to Monte last night wasn’t one on one, it was Joseph ear worming to get the showmance on the block. Kyle has always had an aversion to being on the block: he went to D/R to beg them to come up with a way he didn’t have to go on the block with Daniel (feed switch right after he said that)

Jasmine has been told that despite it being her birth month, she’s going on the block because she’s never been on the block. And on her birth month…. cue tinkly piano and tears of orphans and images of lost puppies with sad eyes.


Here me out. Kyle’s move will backfire on Kyle and greatly benefit Turner. I just don’t know if Kyle did this panic move because he figured out Joseph was targeting him. Kyle should have known better in terms of timing and how much info to say given that he knows that Terrence tells people what he thinks they want to hear

un autre nom

Kyle consistently has a problem with timing. This is especially true when he thinks his ass with touch the block. He consistently goes to quickly. Just ask Alyssa.

The Beef

Is it going to backfire on him like his lie to Indy was going to backfire on him last week when he told her he was going to use the Veto on her? I just don’t remember that backfire having much impact on him at all, as you insisted it would.

Now his refusing to use the Veto, that decision DID backfire on him and cost him standing in his alliance, but the lie to Indy cost him nothing.


‘cue tinkly piano and tears of orphans and images of lost puppies with sad eyes.’ LMFAO!!


Kyle does A LOT of things prematurely! Get it?


Taylor’s HOH: not terrible.

1. She went into it with convictions that she upheld.
2. She got out a player who would’ve taken her out had the circumstances been reversed. Yeah it was boring, but Indy was never going to win anyway. Someone had to do it.
3. Yeah she flip-flopped, but everyone does. If nobody did, there’d be nothing to watch.
4. And did you ever think she’s flip-flopping so much because she’s still desperate to make people like her in the wake of her racist, undeserved treatment at the start? No? You didn’t think of that? Yeah I didn’t think so.

It was not the terrible HOH people are saying. Had this been a white dude’s HOH, people still wouldn’t be impressed but they wouldn’t use it to make undeserved, personal attacks on him either.

We see you, racists.

un autre nom
  1. Her stated conviction was no woman is going home.
  2. The same can be said of Terrance, her original target, before she gave the reins of her HOH to the Pound.
  3. She swtiched targets more than 5 times. That’s not flip flopping, that’s foolishness.
  4. The people that originated the despicable situation of week one were black and latina. Jasmine and Ameerah pushed the not a girls girl hate pageant girls agenda. Monte started the pile on when he went to 4 people then Paloma to put out the ear worm that Taylor was naming names. He was TRYING to put the crosshairs on Taylor throughout the house BECAUSE the men’s alliance had ALREADY convinced Elvis to put Taylor on the block as renom. The driving forces behind fanning the flames after Paloma left were Nic and Elvis.

I don’t say this to support or condone prejudiced people. I say this to be historically accurate in the timeline of the game. I think Kyle is a fountain of implicit bias. I think colorism was very much in play in week one. I loathe a lot of the dogpiling (and even though i hate the word because bbfans use it to freely most seasons) bullying bullshit.


Either way, it was not the dumpster fire people are claiming. It’s like people were just waiting for it to become socially acceptable to pick on her, and they got it with a less than stellar HOH. This was, in essence, a forgettable HOH at best. But she’s getting villainized for it. And I can’t see any other reason around it except that she’s hot and Black.

If this we’re Jasmine I’d be like, yeah alright she deserves everything she gets because Jasmine sucks as a person. But Taylor has been pretty inoffensive this whole time.


Had this been a white dude’s HOH, people still wouldn’t be impressed but they wouldn’t use it to make undeserved, personal attacks on him either.”

Remember Frenchie? He was a white dude and he coined all new terminology for a bad HOH.

I think the biggest problem with Taylor’s HOH was that she is a pageant girl — and pageants aren’t real life. Her comment about being Miss Congeniality was very telling. I feel sure she is a lovely person, but I don’t think her pageant skills translate to Big Brother.


Please this was nowhere near Frenchie level.

I’m not sure what to make of your pageant comment. But I’m pretty sure Taylor can navigate both real life and pageantry?

paul dickens

The only racists here is you. The victim noises are overwhelming coming from you


1. “I know you are but what am I” hasn’t been a valid argument since 3rd grade.
2. Do you know what “racist” means?
3. No, you don’t.
4. So go back to jerking off to your cousin’s yearbook picture and leave the talking to the adults.

Julie Chen

Very mature.


Is turner actually in on the plan to get rid of joe or just playing Terrance?

un autre nom

Terrance talks to Turner and Joe after Kyle has told the Kyle version of How Season 24 really happened to Terrance.
(alterations: Ameerah revealed Old Skool, Kyle was pulled in by Joseph and Monte to create the pound, which led to the 7, Kyle heroically saved Alyssa from the big bad men… twice).
Terrance tells Turner he’s trying to figure out Indy’s swatter alliance and it irks him. I’m not sure why Terrance is as pissed as he is… I mean he believed in the exact alliance he just found out about when Daniel and Nic said it. But then, Last we saw of Daniel with Terrance on feeds Daniel was saying Jasmine and Monte are the heads of the big alliance… so… maybe Terrance lost the sauce recipe when Daniel added three heaping tablespoons of Jasmine. Terrance doesn’t really have much to say to Joseph. If Joseph and Turner didn’t pick up Terrance’s speech and mood changes after the one on one with Kyle, they are really dense. That was so noticeable.

Monte has volunteered to go on the block, so Michael’s noms are simple.
Taylor gave some information that sounded weird to me. She said Monte was feeling distant and distrustful of Turner. Is that misdirection or the real feeling? That’s what I’m not sure about.

It just hit me. Outside we have La-z-boy, the game snitch, mr invisible and the two rabidgamersquirrels.
What we can expect from Outside: That’s chaos waiting to happen.

Inside… the guy that calls his decision on Thursday night and walks away thinking job done for the week, the woman that STILL thinks Monte is the target, the woman that should be going through HOHITIS withdrawal by tomorrow, and hyperhypnotoad with mr lets win ANOTHER comp. Lots less spinning.
Most we can hope for INSIDE: possible temptation.
Weird parallel universe stuff: if Jasmine tries to go to Monte and Taylor with for the cause talk, saying if Taylor wins veto and takes me down, we can get rid of Britt. I call this weird only because we all know from her comments and actions all season that Jasmine only cares about the cause when she can use it opportunistically.


So I hate to see Joe leave, and would rather it be Kyle. However, everyone keeps saying that Monte and Joe are threats, but they are not. They are loyal but not good at winning, so truthfully the only threat to Michael game is Kyle, Alyssa and maybe Turner. Per the jury, no one would vote for Monte or Joe or Taylor. Michael does not even need to do jury maintenance. Really think about who is left and their game skills…and then look at the scenario.