Whack Street Boy’s Johnny MAC, Julia and Jason are in FULL EFFECT in the Big Brother house!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 13-21-45-091

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12:20pm – 12:50pm Bathroom – Vanessa, Austin and Shelli talk about how they’re waiting for “them” (Johnny Mac, Julia & Jason) to come out of the diary room to do their backstreet boys. Austin says I’m waiting for them to do this “Whack street”. They’re in there setting it up. Getting their pagers. Austin says they’ve been in there for at least 30 minutes. Clay says dude they are rehursing for ever! This is a legit show! Austin says they probably gave Johnny Mac a guitar. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

There is a lot that will likely happen today: house guests will draw veto players, play in the veto competition, Whack Street Boys dance/beepers, Have-nots will be assigned (Likely as punishments in the veto competition), and the havenots will learn their extra food this week is grunge cake.

The feeds return to Johnny Mac, Julia and Jason in their Whack Street boys outfits. (They had just performed a dance routine for the other house guests while the feeds were blocked.) Liz says it took a long time to learn the routine. They talk about how someone came in to teach them the routine. Jason says we can’t do any boy band copy righted moves either. I didn’t know dance moves were copy righted. They told us don’t sing any boy band music. Vanessa says its awesome they (Liz, Johnny Mac and Jason) get called with the beepers. Liz says its funny because we’re not even allowed to wear white and now look at us. Jackie says you guys are amazing. Jason comments that they’ve been building all day.. it must be a night comp. Johnny Mac says I’ve never worn white pants before. Jason says we’re on strike .. you’re TLC’ing us. Jackie says hopefully you don’t have to do it in the shower. Jason says if I have to do it in the shower I will burn everyones shoes. Jackie asks why? Jason says because that’s what TLC did when they learned they were making no money because they signed a sh*tty contract.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 13-16-58-229

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 13-18-04-116

1:30pm – 2pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the big brother live feed highlights … likely for the Veto Players to be picked.

When the live feeds return – The house guests are leaving the living room. Jason says this just puts more fire in me. Steve tells Jason if its the reward / punishemnt its better for you because people will be going for the rewards. Jason says that if is me Vs Johnny Mac still on the block I will not do him dirty

Up in the HOH room Shelli and Clay talk to Meg. Shelli says the veto pick is pretty good in Jason’s favor. Meg tells Shelli Jason isn’t coming after you if this has anything to do with Day. Shelli says I would like to save Jason if I can. Meg says Johnny Mac would be pretty solid up there if he stayed up. Meg says that Audrey is going to make up stuff about Jason. Meg says this week will be a lot dirtier if Jason is still up there. They talk about the possibility of putting Audrey up on the block. Vanessa says James, You, I will, Clay will not vote out Jason. Meg says that Jackie and Becky will not vote out Jason. Vanessa says I don’t think there is anyone that isn’t down for this. Meg says if James or I win the veto will have to take him down.

Veto Players Picked: Shelli, Jason, Johnny Mac, Vanessa, James, Meg,
Veto Host: Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 13-57-02-443

2:10pm – 2:20pm James joins them in the HOH room. Vanessa asks would it make it easier if someone else wins so that you don’t have to make a choice on who comes off? It might be worst case if you win Shelli because then you’re fully responsible for taking someone off and putting up a replacement. Shelli says if its a luxury competition I am going for money and trips. Shelli says I need to be forced to make the decision. Its better if one of the noms win the veto. James says if one of us win the veto what do you want us to do? Meg says I said we would pull off Jason. James says okay. Jason is ready to run through a brick wall. Johnny Mac is the veto king. Meg says that she doesn’t think anyone wouldn’t be on board with Audrey going. Vanessa asks James is there anyone that would vote to keep Audrey over Johnny Mac? James says I don’t think anyone would vote to keep her. Clay asks if for some reason she escapes this week and you won HOH would you promise to target her (Audrey). James says oh for sure. Meg says she would too. Vanessa says I’ve already said I would. James says you already have 4 votes solid. Clay says Shelli doesn’t vote. James says oh shoot. They think it will be a unanimous vote. But wonder if there would be another random vote. Shelli says I’m ready for the bomb. I don’t want anyone leaving here saying Shelli is doing this.. They all agree they won’t say anything. Clay says either way we have time after the veto to think about it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 14-19-22-400

2:25pm Vanessa asks Austin is it good for me to win it? Austin says yes, you want to win it. Its good to have control in a helter-skelter world. Austin says this is going to change everything. Its good for Shelli it gives her the chance to make relationships. Audrey joins them and asks what she’s doing. Vanessa says I don’t know I just need to win it. Audrey asks what do you think is the worst case scenario? Vanessa says I’m not thinking negatively. I’ve already told you I don’t like to think to far ahead. Audrey says I think you and Shelli both have a great shot at it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 14-26-56-617
2:30pm – 2:50pm Jackie joins Shelli and Clay in the HOH room. Shelli says oh yeah you wanted to talk to me last night didn’t you? Jackie says no I didn’t .. Audrey said that. I took your advice to talk to her more and then she does that. Jackie asks did you guys vote to keep Jeff? Were you the other two votes? Johnny Mac Joins them and asks so whats the plan? Shelli says go out there and win it like you do every week. There really isn’t a plan this week. I assume it will get used. Johnny mac leaves. Shelli tells Jackie to answer your question .. sadly no we were not the other 2 votes to keep Jeff. Jackie says aw damn I thought maybe he got you in the last second. They wonder who the votes were and why no one will come clean about it. Jackie says that Austin is weirding her out. Shelli says I get the same vibe too. Shelli explains the chaos and stress of the night trying to decide the nominations. Shelli tells Jackie I think Austin coming down to tell you, you were the pawn .. I think that was to protect you. Jackie asks why? Shelli says I think he likes you. I don’t think he strategically thinks through things a lot. Jackie says okay I can give him that. But this is the third time I have been told I might be a pawn with his people. Like why am I a target for his people?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 14-30-31-030

2:35pm Storage room – James tells Audrey that he will probably pull Jason down if he wins because he picked me to play in the veto. I’ll have to tell Johnny Mac. Audrey asks they didn’t talk about replacements did they? James says no they didn’t. Its too early to think about that. Audrey says I don’t think I have anything to worry about. James says yeah especially with Shelli up there. If it was Liz then maybe but.. Audrey asks why did you hear something. James says no. Audrey says no one really knows where she stands. Audrey asks are you going to try and win it? James says yeah I don’t like throwing comps. Audrey says either way I think Johnny Mac has pretty good shot at staying. James says I think Shelli won’t try and win it because she doesn’t want more blood on her hands. Audrey says I think the opposite it would be better if she did win it because then she wouldn’t use it and not get any more blood on her hands. I think the replacement would be Steve. Otherwise it would have to be me or Vanessa and I don’t think they would do that. Audrey says I could see them putting up Meg against Jason.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 14-32-23-490

2:50pm Julia paints Austin’s nails in the kitchen.

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3:30pm Lots of shit chat about music.. Waiting for the POV to start.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 15-45-12-709_jpg

3:42pm James and JohnnyMac
James says he’s going to be fine this week. everyone has his best interest.
Johnnymac says this is the 12th competition he’s been in.
James – No way 12
JohnnyMac – I’ve never been on the block past the veto.
James’s- there’s going to be a lot of people pretty scared if you win HOH
James thinks because so many HOH’s have put JOhnnymac up he’ll have a easy time choosing targets.
James says he’s been nominated 3 weeks in a row
JohnnyAMc – it’s a b1tch
Johnnymac – you know James you never put me up I appreciate it.
James again tell Johnnymac he;’s safe this week.

4:21pm Chit chat waiting for Veto

Jason tells them Perez Hilton was on Celebrity Big Brother and he was Vile, says he set gay people back 20 years for how he acted on the feeds. Jason doesn’t like him says his website isn’t even popular anymore.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 16-29-10-725_jpg

4:29pm They watching the ants hauling all the food back to their nests.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 16-41-03-498_jpg

4:39pm HOH Clay, Shelli and Vanessa
Sounds like the plan is to backdoor Audrey.
Vanessa – it’s the best that I win

Clay is thinking it’s better for them to have JohnnyMac up against Audrey. If it’s Audrey and Jason she might have a chance.

4:48pm feeds down for POV competition.

6:31pm No feed never

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B-bad owl

Johnny Freakin Mac!

Pardon your interruption

Yeah what about him?

B-bad owl

He brings the Mack Attack. Did that really need to be explained?


Love J-Mac, but I’m starting to think he looks a little like Joel McHale’s uglier little brother. He does the best DR sessions though, and is a comp beast so far. If he were to flip on Shlay next week and put them both up he would be the biggest stud in the house this year.


ugh….he is so creepy and now he sports the BB16 (worst cast ever) beard. He’s the creepy dentist that makes children hate going to the dentist. Don’t get the JM love–but hey, sing your own song.


I think the look suits him – understated, yet hip. Now, get a little sun, and beef it up a bit, boy!


look to me if Audrey is not put up there
on the block she going to win this game
if they take out the personal in play the game Audrey go up on the block
I will be like Audrey i respect you for telling your story to us on tv but im here for my family
I got think of them first so I would have to put you on the block


JASON PLEASE WIN VETO! this audrey thing might just happen.


AWESOME… Audrey did NOT get selected to play. It’s Jason, JMac, Shelli, Clay, Meg and James almost a perfect pull though I’d rather have had Steve than Clay.

Still Clay is the one really pushing for Audrey to go so it’s not too bad. I would have worried if Audrey, Austin or Julia were playing. The fact they aren’t feels like fate. Come on Jason WIN THAT VETO!


Oh, might be Vanessa and not Clay playing. For sure it’s James and Meg though!

And Noted...

I want to bone Liz in that white costume.


Are you 14 years old?


Liz does look good in that costume. Yes Liz, leave it on girl, leave it on :p


Jason for veto! The Audrey backdoor is almost a reality.


Wow Shelli is ten years older than Clay. Amazing, I knew she was an older chick, but my goodness. She was at the club when he was in elementary school. That womans got alot of miles on that kitty kat. Makes sense to me the way she acts with Clay. Clay, bro, why not the HG your age? Guess its hard to mingle with girls your own age when a cougar pounced on you, teeth first mind you.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never understood why it’s a problem for women to date younger men. Lots of men date girls (like literally 20 years or more younger) so what’s the big deal in a 10 year difference? Personally I’ve always preferred someone around my own age, but I think what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander!


I don’t get it either. My mom is 9 years older than my dad and they’ve been married for 37 years.


And, please? Since when is 33 old, for cryin’ in the night? She’s practically a kid herself in my book. Also, I don’t think they’re into each other that way. Maybe at first, but I see it more as a friendship now.


I’m really not a fan of Shelli and Clay together, but the double standard sucks.

Austin is 30 while Liz is 23. That’s a 7 year difference, yet nobody seems to take offense to that. At least the whatever-mance between Shlay seems to be somewhat reciprocated from both sides. Austin on the other hand is just a 30-year old creep, who can’t take a hint, salivating over Liz.


it’s 2015. get with the program and stop labeling and tagging women with names to debase them. people who are drawn together by mutual attraction will bond regardless of age and ethnicity. why is it ok for a man to date someone 10, 20 or 30 years their junior? what names and labels that are negative can we use for these men? it takes two to create life and love. most importantly … without women to carry you in their womb for nine months you would not exist. show a little respect and stop being a hater.

Lily Marie

This is the sort of comment I would expect from a misogynistic neanderthal. So it’s ok if a guy is interested in a girl 10 years younger (Jeff and Jordan) but not ok for a woman to like a guy 10 years younger. We’re living in the 21st century and it’s ok for a woman to date a younger guy. Go back to your cave. By the way, I am 28 and married to a 30 year-old so don’t jump to conclusions about me either.


Wishing Taudry goes up with J Mac!


Puzzled, Taudry ALMOST has 2% of the vote above. Tsk Tsk !


I hope Vanessa fails miserably…fingers crossed

Twistin' for the win!

Perfect line up for the POV comp if Shelly doesn’t buckle. That remains to be seen. I don’t trust her, 90%.

Straight up rooting for Jason, James or Meg.

Which season is this?

Hoping Meg wins and takes down Jason. They’re my two faves (today) and would like to see them safe. I’m ready for Shelli to get the boot, over her.


Oh My Gosh!! I wish I was at the POV!!




Notably, read on another site today that Audrey had this game plan coming in. Apparently Ian Terry said she played an “online Big Brother” game & won using the strategy of constantly planting suspicion about the other players. So THIS IS her strategy!


I hadn’t heard that but interesting….however, to me throwing around deception is only part of the game, it can’t be the only major strategy when actual face to face and roommate type contact is involved.

This seasons women are really good when it comes to personal jealousy/man issues. Liz is doing what she can to hold off Austin. It doesn’t seem like Becky/Jackie/Meg(could be no one caught her eye)/Day/Vanessa want to showmance or flirt. Shelli and Clay have a “Let’s be good looking and flirt together” vibe…there doesn’t seem to be real feelings involved. And Liz plays slightly beta to Shelli overall due to the sorority connection.

I wonder if Austin were replaced with Beast Mode…what would Liz do? He is like Some bad parts of Austin+good parts of James.

Butters Mom

Is it?… or did you just plant that seed? 😉 haha


If that’s true, give her an Oscar, ’cause she hasn’t slipped out of character yet. I don’t buy this was a strategy, I think this is her. Besides, if she were that rational, she’d be changing it up by now ’cause it ain’t really working for her.


If Audrey is put on the block and everyone has agreed to vote her out, by the time Thursday’s eviction comes, Production will have changed all of their minds and they will vote out Jason


I would hate for that to happen. Once tg goes the fun will begin. Game on.

Brutally Honest

Yep and even if she does get voted out, watch her get voted back in again by “the fans” and when i mean by fans i mean the fans who liked the “fan favorite” Battle of the Block and then that fat turd Grodner can go fuck herself or even die and do us all a favor.

real housewife

Be cool, don’t be like all uncool.


Producers are fans too…


Anyone know why the players can’t normally wear white in the BB house?
Also I’m a bit behind, who’s the real target that Shelli wants out? As of now anyways….


I was wondering the ame thing. Would love to see the HG rules. Would give a lot of insite as to how production can change things up. We know they can’t discuss what production says to them on the DR.


They are told to wear a lot of “summery” colors and white doesn’t portray well on TV. They also think you people would be scared of a bunch of HGs in Black Rock Tshirts and Black leather pants:)


Not sure about this but I think it has to do with the high-def that started last year. I noticed last year all their clothes were bright colors and white just does not show as good as colors. I also remember JohnMac saying something about they couldn’t have clothes with logos. I guess there is an “appropriate clothing” clause for Big Bro houseguests. As boring as this all is, why can’t they make Austin the creep put a freaking shirt on!


i hope Johnny Mac wins!! I don’t think they would vote him out but who knows in this house


I kind of hope Jason wins POV. Simply because Shelli might think about putting Audrey up. Who else is big enough to go up against JM? That is if they truly want to keep JM.


I am rather hoping Jason will go home this week because he is targeting Steve for some reason. I have no clue what he is thinking. Jason is still clueless about the game. What is the point to keep him? If he stays and wins HOH, he will put John on the block anyway. I do not know whether he has a ball to put up the big player besides John and Becky.


I think I am one of the only people that don’t want noms to change. I would much rather see Jason go home than Audrey. Yes Audrey is straight up crazy and paranoid, but at least she is trying to play the game. I haven’t seen Jason try to play the game since Day was in the house. He doesn’t talk game to anyone in the house except Meg, doesn’t win comps, and hasn’t tried to build new relationships to better his position in the game. Let the thumbs down roll…


please, oh please let this happen


Jason is so cute in his boy band gear. He missed his calling 🙂


I want shelly an clay to go home more then Austin cause they think nobody will put them up look what they doing
to johnny mac in he our favorite house guest talking about he go up all the time if they win I bet my last in say jonhnny mac will put shelly or clay or both on the block if he gets hoh


I bet jeff got all them hoes on lockdown in sequester.

brotalk to human dictionary

I bet jeff is trying to learn to pirouette so that he can audition for the so you think you can dance reality tv whore edition.

another name

I’ve got no problem with Audrey being evicted. she wrecked herself in the game. if she can’t save herself, she should go home. no sympathy in that regard.
I do think she’s been played by her alliance members as much as she’s tried to play them. no sympathy for her there; no respect for her alliance members either.
when they chose to shelter her, knowing her game and that nobody believed anything she said, they knew what they were getting. nothing’s changed.
they kept her as a shield. cool. I can respect that. is the danger passed? are all of the non alliance members gone? no? oh…. well that’s a choice.
so, I thought they were half crazy to keep her. i think they’re half crazy to back door her when there are 13 in the house and any alliance they are considering at this point is a five man alliance. when they asked vanessa who could they put up in place of john or Jason to justify Audrey, they never mentioned meg or becky or steve as possibilities i dont’ think. they only mentioned Audrey or Austin. sort of telling.
i guess it comes down to this: go ahead and evict her (she’s screwed her own game) so she deserves it. just don’t play the victim while you’re evicting her. it was the plan all along, only it’s happening sooner than planned.
i don’t hate the plan, i don’t respect the hypocrisy.

Butters Mom

I think they are getting much more entertainment this season and interaction with outside the house.. they had the “extras” come in for the foam comp and then the dancers for the HOH and now they are learning a routine from someone… doesnt that defeat the purpose of being locked in the house with only each other? It doesnt seem that difficult compared to previous seasons.


endurance comp?


What was this Whack Street Boys thing?


WHy are all three of em dressed in white?