Vanessa about Audrey “I’m boiling inside! Something is about to explode! Way more than I did with Jeff!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 09-56-41-072
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9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Meg is showering and talking to Jason. Meg wonders if anyone would take him off. Jason says that its pretty much me. Unless I can get myself off and then they’re going to find someone. Meg thinks something is going on. Jason says she (Shelli) is not the backdoor type.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 10-21-28-666

10am – 10:40am HOH room – Clay brings Vanessa up to the HOH room to talk to Shelli. Vanessa says I’m sorry people were up so late coming up and bothering you. Shelli says that Johnny said Austin told him to pick him. Then Austin came and told me that John picked him. I don’t know why he is playing like there is some ulterior motive. I believe John. That he (Austin) approached John. I get to pick who the house guest choice is. Vanessa says she doesn’t think Austin is untrustworthy. I don’t think he is untrustworthy. I don’t think he has ill intentions. I think he can be immature and emotional. I think he has a good heart. Vanessa asks who do you want to do it? I felt like I was sleeping with (Audrey) the enemy. Knowing this bit*h is sleeping next to me. Talking sh*t about me right in my HOH room! Right after I told her I was going to do a campaign to clean up her image. Its worse than what Jeff did because she was actually an ally of my. I loath her. Vanessa says I am ready to win the veto and then use it. I want to stand up and say I’m going to use it and I really hope you put up Audrey. Shelli says wow!! Vanessa says I am ready to publicly go off on her like I did to Jason. I believe Jason over her. Clay says Audrey says that’s how you know I’m not lying when I swear on my life and I caught her in a lie that she said that. Vanessa asks what did she lie about? Clay says EVERYTHING!! Vanessa says I will call her out! I have so much so much! The hypocrisy of it. The audacity of it! Vanessa thinks Audrey is panicking because she thinks I told you everything. Clay says you, me and her are on the same page with how we feel about her. Vanessa says my feelings are hurt. I don’t understand I was so kind to her. Vanessa says maybe she is like clinically paranoid. Clay says she is trying to stay week to week. She will say anything. Vanessa says I am boiling inside! Something is about to explode! Way more than I did with Jeff! Shelli tells Vanessa she doesn’t want to explode 2 weeks in a row. It will look like you’re a loose cannon. Vanessa says I always knew I couldn’t trust her but never thought she would do this! Shelli says that Audrey thinks the best cast scenario is the veto isn’t used. Vanessa says I hate sitting next to her. I hate it!! Shelli heads to the diary room. Clay says Audrey can’t know anything.. she might get drawn for the POV. Clay tells Vanessa that he trusts Jason way more than Audrey. I feel really good about James. I think he is trustworthy for now. Vanessa asks who do you think Audrey is better to go up next to? Johnny Mac or Jason. Clay says people might keep her because she’s a bigger target. Vanessa says I think is better she’s up against Jason. Clay says but she has way more to campaign against Jason. Vanessa says we have the votes. Vanessa says If I win the veto I would make it clear we want her out and that no one should trust her. In private we can just tell people if they’re seen talking with Audrey they would be a target.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 10-31-33-950

10:45am – 11am Vanessa asks Clay what Shelli meant about being able to trust Austin. Clay says we have to watch what we say around him which makes me wonder what’s the point. I know he is a number and wouldn’t do anything intentionally to hurt us. I don’t think he is disloyal. He looks out for his own self interest. Like him running down to tell Jackie she is the pawn. If someone said they were going to send him home. I wouldn’t be upset about it. Vanessa says right.. I think its good to have him over the next few weeks because he brings Liz and Julia. I have the same concerns about him too. I think he misses Liz now. Clay says he gets more and more emotional. It’s fine but I think it will be the death of him in this game. If he left this week I wouldn’t lose sleep about it. I don’t think he is on the game level that you, me and Shelli are on. Vanessa says I can’t tell you how much I want Audrey gone. There is no point in having her her. She isn’t loyal and we can’t count on her vote. I don’t think she has our back with the seeds that she plants with people. Clay says when you talk to Shelli we can’t push it on her. She is scared if she puts her up she might not go home. She knows that Audrey has to go though. Vanessa says I can guarantee you she would go home with every fibre of my being. If she wants to throw out our alliance .. she has alliances with people too. Vanessa says I admire you for how well you keep it in around her. I want to go off on her. Mad respect. Austin joins them. Austin says this one I definitely want to win. They talk about how the POV might be the reward / punishment one. Austin says that might be why they haven’t picked havenots yet too. They talk about how paranoid Audrey is and how this is the last week she should be paranoid. Clay asks Austin did you ever tell Jackie she was a pawn. Austin says no. She pulled me into the parlour room and said that I think Liz might use you as a pawn.. you should go talk to her. Clay says if Audrey gets picked just re-enforce to her not to use it if she wins.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 10-42-08-799

11:10am – 11:20am Johnny joins them in the HOH room. Austin tells Johnny Mac to pick him to still pick him if Johnny asks if we knock out people we knock out Jason? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Austin says if Julia does come in the house and the other side wins HOH .. I think they would just put both of them up.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 11-04-11-735

11:20am – 11:35amClay and Shelli are alone in the HOH room. Shelli is crying. She asks Clay if he talked to Austin and wants to know what everyone else thinks. Shelli says she wants to trust Audrey. Why can’t she just .. Clay says I know. We’ll figure it out. Clay says I said SHelli has to do what she wants to do. It’s her choice. I said that you were terrified if you put up Audrey and she stays. Clay says you have done so much for her and she does not deserve your time in this game. I’m not saying she is a bad person but she does not deserve your time in this game. She is a threat and has voiced that she is coming after you. What is she doing to help your game. Shelli says you’re right. That’s a good point. Clay says if you don’t want to be the person to put her up then don’t. I will try my hardest to win next week and put her up. Shelli says I am not worried about Vanessa. Her being that upset helps me. Clay says you’re asking why can’t she just be loyal. You don’t know what her game is and if she’s getting paid to do things. She might just be trying to get week to week. Shelli says that’s not a great argument because someone like her deserves it. Clay says she might being doing it just because that’s the way she is. Shelli asks what if there was some type of twist and she stayed and came after you. You know she would do it just despite you. Clay says if you don’t do it. …you know for damn sure we will do it next week. Vanessa will, Austin will. The plan was never to backdoor her and your reasons would be justifiable. Shelli says some things would come out and I would need to give reasons. Vanessa is going to go off and I don’t want her to look unstable.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 11-21-18-174

Bathroom – Vanessa tells Austin what he did / said up there was perfect. That’s what I love about you. Vanessa tells Julia and Austin I would be so depressed if I didn’t have ya’ll. People that I can trust.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 11-23-48-213

11:40am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Vanessa comes up and tells Clay and Shelli that she really appreciates them talking and asking questions together. That’s what an alliance should be. It’s hard to find. Ya’ll are good people. You two are both really really sweet people. Shelli says awe that’s nice to say. Clay says its nice to feel valued. Vanessa says I know it was hard for you to tell me what Audrey said. I really look up to Clay for the way he handles it around her. My inspiration is you. Vanessa tells Shelli that if you picked me I would use it if I won it and you wanted me to. I am really good at campaigning and will make sure everyone votes for her to go. Vanessa says that she can guarantee how Austin and Liz vote too. Shelli says we will talk more but depending on what happens with the POV things are about to get crazy!! Vanessa and Shelli head down stairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-18 11-52-27-725

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Twistin' for the win

These are troubling times in the kingdom…

April in Paris

Princess Shelli better get rid of the dragon or its off to the dungeon with her next week!


The funny thing is, if they pull this off and get Audrey out, the feeds will still be interesting because they create so much of their own drama.

That's my name, so this is yours. Your name sucks by the way.

I can’t wait, so I’ll start now.


Now, this is more like it……off with her head! I love the drama. (please evict Audrey)

Audreys Balls

Backdoor Austin!!

Audreys Balls

Shut up Vanessa!


Jason and Meg did a good job keeping James. This paranoia was created by Audrey herself but the tip by James and John pushed Shelli to possibly target a number on her team (not that Audrey will be loyal but at least she wasn’t targeting her yet). I like Audrey but with it will be too one sided if Jason leaves so I rather have her go. This house is full of people over playing so I don’t think it’ll be so much of a difference. Having said so, I’m crossing my fingers that Becky leaves this week, she’s just non existent.

April in Paris

J-Mac can floss my teeth anytime! Love the DR bites!
Go, go johnny go go go! Johnny be good!
All the way for the win!


I wish I could “like” this a thousand times!!


Cougar and Cub may not realize it but the play this week is to get rid of Julia and Liz. If they get in the game they go right to Austin and Vanessa and that puts Mama Bird and Baby Bird at a huge disadvantage.

It’s a shame Audrey lies so much because she outed Vanessa being allies with Steve and having a deal with Johnny MAC but she has lost all credibility.

Plus I don’t see why keeping Jason helps us as viewers. If he stays and Audrey goes he will just join with Shelli Hefner and Playgirl and go after Jackie, Beckie, etc. This season is going down in flames quickly.


Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Jason is a clear number for one side of the house. There is a clear trio of Jason , Meg and James while Jackie after being put on the block by Julia is drifting to that side. Austin, Julia/Liz, and Vanessa is a clear group for another side of the house. Shelli and Clay are floaters and could easily go where the power lies between the two sides of the house. Becky, Steve and John are coasters and will just go whatever is told to them by the majority or whoever is in power. Audrey stirs the pot.
If Jason goes this week, the probability of one side of the house steam rolling this season is much higher. While I do think they’ll target the twins or Austin first, Jason and Meg already had a conversation that they don’t 100% trust Clay and Shelli so there is a possibility that they could still target them first before the three coasters.

That's so random hibldleyspledlkejulk

“Jason is a clear number for one side of the house.” That’s why they want to keep him and get rid of the crazy one.

But it won’t work.

I’m staying for a while.


Shelli really won’t backdoor Audrey. I would be really surprised if she did…


The other side does not think Shelli will put Audrey up! I think if she does Jason, Meg, Becky and James might not go after her since she was finally the one to pull the trigger and do it. Let’s just hope she does it and doesn’t chicken out!
Let’s also hope production doesn’t interfere!


Yeah “Vanessa Sucks”. Who has better position in the house right now? NO ONE! Who is playing the game? Vanessa. Who is a buttboy for everyone and boring as fuck to watch play Big Brother? Johnny!



I think it’s fair to say Vanessa is playing a good game — and perhaps better than everyone else in the house. It is an argument one could find — in the vernacular of Audrey — “empirical evidence” to support. But that argument stands own its own. It does not need a “by the way, so-and-so sucks”


Ok so everyone saying Vanessa sucks fifty times in every thread doesn’t bothet you but when I call out Johnny for not playing the game and being a buttboy for others ans quite boring as a game player..u have a prob?

So sorry to offend you!.

Nessa owns!…and I dnt give a f**k if people hate her…I love her haters. To answer the person who asked.

Saint Loretta

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


Are you trying to make people hate Vanessa more? Because you are succeeding.

I thought she’d be a great player too pre-HOH but she doesn’t come off that well on screen…I partly think she is playing crazy, partly think she has some neurotic/stress out issues that surface. She does turn on and off the crazy at times and maybe it’s strategic but I dunno, that craziness is not a long term asset. She needs to play like she did the first two weeks. Because when Audrey is gone she will be regarded as the next ticking time bomb. Or they will get rid of her during surprise double eviction night.


I like your posts about 90% of the time (truly), but keep your hands off my JMac! They’re both playing good games and are well positioned. Plus, they could work together well.


I hope Jason wins POV. cause that would force Shelli hand to either put Audrey or Austin up. cause we know if Jason stays on the block then its a easy week for her she’ll just slap Meg up there. if its John still up there it force her to get her hands to get dirty if she put up anybody not named Audrey or Austin then Johnny going home.

twistin with the twins

looks like Shelli is going to pull the trigger on the cuckoos nest. That will make for prime time drama on the feeds this week. Audrey may have a nervous breakdown before this is over. Would have preferred to see the creep show go as Austin is definitely working a nerve. But Audrey is really a mess. Should be some long drama sessions this week.

BB Drafter

Shelli seems down to BD Audrey. Heads to DR and now is not sure if she wants to. Coincidence?


Shelli won’t do this.. i’d be shocked if she did


I did not know that Shelli was this much of a wimp. Just pull the trigger get Audrey out of the house and you will be everyone’s hero

Team Edward

All I know is Audrey will most likely stay, and that will be it for Shelli’s game. I love when she said to Clay “what if she is acting this way for money like a challenge?” To that I would have replied:

1) what if Day was doing the same thing when she stirred the blow up with Audrey?
2). What if Shelli is getting money for keeping her? Maybe Shelli is America’s player
3). Why does Audrey “deserve it” more than you, Shelli, someone playing the game?


Once again Audrey has proven how much a liar she is but Shelli is too spineless to do what is obviously best for her game and eliminate a person who you can’t count on. I do believe production asks questions like what if she stabbed you in the back because she’s America’s player? My response would be and hers should be, well she is jeopardizing my shot at half a million dollars and she gotta go.

Better Than Last Year

I may be crazy but I think Shelli is terrified to pull the trigger on Audrey. I think if JohnnyMac or Jason gets pulled off the block with the Veto…….Shelli will put up Jackie & use her relationship with Jeff as an excuse for everyone to vote her out. I really don’t understand why she always wants HOH. She’s freaked out both times she’s had it. Very weak HOH.


She can not put up Jackie


Shelli can not put up Jackie


She can’t put up Jackie, her and Steve won BOB.


Does anyone see the resemblance between JohnnyMac and Dan???? The way they talk is really similar.


Yes, he reminds me of Dan when he first played in B10. At first I thought it was just his mannerism. But there is something about the mouth and jawline. Plus the way he acts in the Diary Room.


Johnny is probably a better player, but he just doesn’t give the impression. Dan was way overrated by a bunch of dumbasses.


Dan has the smarts and Johnny has the physicality. Put then together in a house and they’d be unstoppable….

Misty Beethoven

The powers that be will make them keep Audrey, just like they kept Frankie Grande past his expiration date last year. Want to shake up the house? Bring in Evel Dick for a couple of days!

Blinded by Shelli'sTeeth

If brains were dynamite Shelli couldn’ blow her nose. And she’s spineless.


Jeepers, Creepers, where’d Vanessa get those peepers. Scary


well well well its beginning to get interesting\