Week 3 Veto Players Picked “If your bestie gets evicted doesn’t mean you’re safe” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

State of the house

Turner, Monte, Joe and Kyle plan to backdoor Ameerah this week. They formed a new alliance called “The Pound” The goal is to draw in Brittany, Michael and Taylor in to make it the majority house alliance. If the veto is not used Brittnay will go. It’s still murky how using the veto will work. Pairs, single, team has to decide etc..

9:00 am Michael and Brittany
Speculating if they can get Nicole to use the veto.

9:05 am
Taylor – did you hear that bit about the rules. only the on person that wins the veto can decide whether to use it or not
Ameerah – the other part scared me
Taylor – your bestir gets evicted it doesn’t men you are safe

9:06 am Joe, Brittany and Daniel
Joe – I Need you to know whatever happens I need you to both stay. Don’t stress. Even if Taylor wins I’m going to make sure you both stay Still win though
Joe – even if Taylor wins don’t thin it’s the end for you two

9:09 am Alyssa’s getting hotter by the day now watch she’ll be evicted this week.

9:10 am Monte, Michael, Joe
Joe – If Taylor wins it she can’t go home. If Nicole wins it She can’t go up so you need to win.
Michael – yeah

9:13 am Taylor, Michael, Brittany
Taylor says she knows what she wants to do but it would be a hard battle to convince Nicole. She needs to talk to Nicole and Turner to have him agree to put up who they talked about putting up
Taylor – did you talk to him about the replacement duo
Michael – not really
taylor – does she know (Brittnay)
Brittnay says yes
Taylor mouths the names (Either Monte/Joe or Alyssa/INdy)
Taylor says it would break her if she has to keep them in a vulnerable position.
Taylor – it’s mostly on you guys
Taylor – I don’t really want to see someone else go up but I would rather that be the case than one of you leaving, obviously

9:28 pm Nicole, Turner and Daniel
Nicole – I’m 100% onboard throwing it

9:30 am Taylor and Joe
Joe – Taylor, what what you can do out there girl
Taylor – I need to calm the f** down
Joe – so much going on in this house
Taylor – Umm.. yeah I do know what the house would want If I take veto.
Joe – what do you think?
Taylor – keep noms the same
joe – probably
Taylor – then we’ll know who will go
Joe – Yeah.. if Michael wins what do you think the situation will be?
Taylor – I feel good about Turner Nicole feeds stronger. I don’t think there is a situation where I would go up this week. Thank god
Taylor – I don’t think he’ll put any guy up

Joe tells her they need to get together after the veto competition.
Taylor – I think the pair decides not to use it together.
Joe – Or one can override the other if you win it Nicole can override you. If Nicole wins it you can override Nicole THen lets see who wins and go from there.
Joe wonders who Turner will throw up
Taylor – he won’t put Terrance up
Joe – the bestie thing makes it hard. He might be OHH I don’t want to throw Terrance up but if he wants to put her up
Taylor – Ameerah
Joe – I don’t know if He will do that.. Lets say he wants Joe out he would have to put Monte
Taylor says she’s winning this veto “Self preservation”
Joe tells her he feels bad she’s been fighting since day one
Taylor – right! can’t take a break
Joe tells her she needs to stop playing each week like you’re getting your head above water “You’re going to drown”
Joe – if you win it use it as leverage. Do what you can girl.. You’re a really smart girl
joe – you’ve never done anything to me personally..
Joe – if you are ever alone. I hate seeing you like that.. I don’t care even if it looks bad you can chill with me. Come hang out with me.

Joe – is there anybody you trust
Taylor- they’re on the block.

9:45 am Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa and Brittnay (Kyle sleeping nearby)
Ameerah – What the F*** is that about.. something weird with that.
Ameerah – Taylor and Joe have been in there for the last 10 minutes. When you go in there they change the subject

Jasmine says about Taylor “She’s f***ing creepy.. I wake up in the middle of the night she’s like staring.. I’m over it”
Jasmine – in my real life I don’t like you I don’t have to deal with you period. here it’s completely different and I don’t do fake. It’s very hard for me. IF I Don’t like you I literally won’t say two words to you. You don’t exist

Jasmine – she was so excited when she got her chip picked
Brittany – she wants to make sure she’s not on the block
Jasmine (Hard the hear between the food shoveling and whispering)” yeah.. I almost want to risk my foot .. I’ll isolate her ”
Jasmine – Michael is going to win no matter what.. Turners a beast too
Brittany leaves. Joe joins them.

Joe says Turner was asking him if he had any idea what the play would be if Michael came down. Joe told him he had no idea.
Ameerah – she’s got to go f***ing Thursday
Joe – she’s gunning for it.

9:55 pm Ameerah, Indy and Nicole
Indy – what did he say?
Ameerah – I don’t know he’s lying.. he’s lying. He said they would talk about who would go on the block next week. If he won HOH who would go on the block next week. I’m not going for that bullshit. He’s f**ing lying.
Joe joins them.

10:21 am Joe, Monte and Turner
Joe is giving them a debrief from his conversation with Ameerah
Joe – She’s hiding under the covers. She’s confronting me like why is Taylor talking to you. I asked her are you good? She said I’ll be good after I see what happens this week.
Joe – SHe knows what she did and she’s so worried you’ll be out for revenge.
Turner goes to teh Diary room.
Monte- if she sees us coming
Joe – she’ll start fighting back.
Monte – my thing is ..
Joe – I can’t even talk to Taylor without her freaking out. She’s losing it. You saw her hiding under the covers.
Monte – that group is trying to get together to figure out what they are going to do. Every time someone come sin it frustrates them.
Joe – Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah, Jasmine all of them we were on the money. Every time we walk down there they change the subject.
Joe – They are like ohh f*** If Taylor gets saved those boys are going to come after us. I can smell it dude we were right on the money. We were literally playing into their hands.
Monte – we need to take an action on what the narrative is.
Joe says he planted a seed with Taylor already about their plans. “Ameerah smelt it” (LOL this guy)
Joe – Taylor if you won the veto you should circle back we’ll all talk.
JOe – Taylor told me the only people I trust is Michael and Brittany they are both on the block. If they go home I’m f***ed
Monte – we have four people vs one in this comp.. unless Jasmine can play
Joe – even then Jasmine will take them down to put her (Taylor) up. Unless, they see it coming.

Joe – you want to play bumper? we’re being too gaming you can tell we have to clown..
Joe – I promise you if Ameerah doesn’t go home this week you and me are going no the block 100%
Monte – she’s paranoid as f** about you
They agree Ameerah knows they are on to her from their 5 hour HOH meeting last night.

10:35 pm Daniel, Ameerah and Daniel
Ameerah – she has to lose.. she’s has to F***ing lose today. We have to get her out
Daniel – absolutely
Ameerah – I don’t know what the f** he’s thinking (Joe)
Michael – He’s not
Ameerah – I’m watching every single f**ing move.. Laser f**ing focus (Watching who is cheering for Taylor)
Ameerah – that mother f***er (joe) luckily he doesn’t know anything about me and my game so.. I’m in the f***ing clear..
Ameerah – I mean she doesn’t either obviously.. she gets whatever people feel like telling her.
Joe joins them.

10:50 am Alyssa and Ameerah
Alyssa – Taylor was like ‘did anyone say my name because nobody would look at me after the ceremony’
Ameerah – B1tch because you ran into a f**ing room with Joe
Alyssa- I said NO. She’s like ‘ok you promise you tell me’. I was like ‘yeah’
Ameerah – girl f*** you
Alyssa laughs
Ameerah – Do you think the guys would have some sort of alliance and not include Kyle? They go up there every night last night without Kyle
ALyssa – Kyle was there..
Ameerah – all night
ALyssa – that’s what he said
They agree their solid with Po’s Pack.

10:51 am Turner and Kyle
Turner – Bro she keeps following me .. who cares.. (Turner is playing Brittany wanting to talk to him to Daniel/Nicole)
They talk about how much scrambling is going on downstairs with.
Kyle – this is worst case scenario for them If Taylor wins and doesn’t use it. They don’t want to lose Brittany that’s a number for them.
They agree to wait until after the veto to talk to Brittany, Taylor and Michael.
Kyle – they are all freaking out because their little cookie cutter plan of Backdooring Taylor is in jeopardy right now they’re like ‘oh shit oh shit’
Kyle – chill..
Turner – everyone needs to chill.. Ameerah is tweaking.. calm down
They look up at the HOH TV
Turner – She’s tweaking
Feeds flip. When we’re back
Still looking at the screen
Turner – who is that Ameerah? (She’s talking to Monte, and
Kyle – she is freaking out
Kyle – someone is coming up..
Feeds flip

10:43 am Ameerah and Monte
Ameerah – do you trust joe
(Didn’t hear reply)
Ameerah – 20 minutes a long f**ing time crazy..
Monte – now I’m worried she’s going to do the same thing with me I have to go about it the right way
Ameerah – yeah It’s not looking good
Monte says something about not letting her into your head because it’ll f** up your game
Ameerah – I ‘m not letting her in

11:20 am Joe and Indy give Brittany a Pep talk and they tell her she’s going to be a good mom.
11:21 am Brittany alone cleaning a window. “He is a very good guy. I’m lucky to have him in this house. So is Indy she’s a very good girl.”

11:22 am Ameerah, Indy and Daniel
Ameerah thinks the weights of the chips are different that is why Taylor’s name got picked.
Ameerah – there’s something I swear.. There’s something up.
Daniel leaves.
Indy says she talked to Joe a bit. “we’re friends but I can’t fully trust him.”
Ameerah tells her not to talk game with him any more.
Ameerah – I don’t know hat people are doing. I don’t understand what is going on. Why does Taylor feel comfortable talking to Joe
Indy – I love Nicole.. but her and Daniel too close
Indy is sure Nicole will chose Daniel over them.
Indy – when it comes to it we need to put him (Daniel) and Kyle on the block.

11:36 am Nicole and Daniel
Nicole is full on crying after coming out of the Diary room
Daniel – youre not alone girl
Nicole – I feel like such a horrible disguising person
Daniel – you’re not

11:41 am Monte tells the HOH room the status of Nicole
Monte – Nicole came out of the DR upstairs she’s really worked up.. they think it has something to do with her mom. Terrance doesn’t think it’s good. She’s downstairs bawling.. crying right now. so .. Umm.. jsut wanted to let you guys know she’s in the bubble room.

11:47 am Taylor and Turner
Turner – Someone I really like is like Kyle and I’m wondering if he’s on your radar.. I really f*** with Kyle.. Daniel’s cool I want to make sure they’re not on your hit list if you were ever to..
Taylor – no
Turner – say next week you won HOH
Taylor – not any time soon
Turner – ok dope..
Taylor – you got my back that’s what matter to me this week I got your back and theirs next week
Turner – you’re 100% safe this week You got my word on that.
Taylor – I gotcha..
Turner – HELL yeah

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I knew it – Taylor & Nicole were picked to play POV.

Right after, Tay talked to Joseph who told her to go for it & use the win as a way to build something with Turner. Ameerah immediately jumped on him & asked what they were talking about – he told her the truth & she said “you’re lying”.

Nicole said she needs to sabotage the comp so they lose & has repeated: “this better not be a Pooch 2.0” at least 3 times in half an hour.

Taylor told Britt/Michael she is the closest to them (called that sh*t too ) & really wants them all to still be in the game. I think Tay is super worried that if they lose they could be the re-nom (and she’d be the target) so I’m not sure if Ky-Mo will elect to speak to her prior to the comp or wait. The ONLY person who can’t win is Nicole.

If she speaks alone with Turner he should ask her – you get along well with Michael & Britt, right? She’ll say yes & then Turner could say okay I want to build trust with you so please promise me you’ll keep this between just you & I –

First I promise on my parents & girlfriend I have NO INTENTION of putting you OTB – NONE – but I also want Britt/Michael to be safe but I don’t want that to be common knowledge. It’s between you & me & they’ll know soon enough. I get along with Nicole but she is close to many people & I can’t afford her thinking her friend is going up & gunning for it so please don’t say anything. I’d like to win it but the main thing is for her NOT to win it.

After the POV we’ll talk some more but I’m now a lone wolf in this game as are you & there’s been a group of people who haven’t necessarily worked together but I believe we have a common bond so let’s chat after POV. Now of course that’s a conversation I can’t imagine Turner ever uttering – but some semblance of that.

I did call for Taylor to win & give a sweeping big speech. Of course, this was all in a mini rant due to the series of nasty things the Ostracizing Savages & Indy did to her yesterday but it’s sort of on point (minus about 500 words, lol). Speaking of the mean crew – slop isn’t doing Indy any favors & we might want to refer to her as Slop B*tch until this HN run is over — said she wanted them to check the bag to see if all their names were in it & that she should play (implied she would tackle Taylor) – seriously I can’t. Last night Cruel Chef threatening to beat her ass & now woe is me threatening to disable her in a comp. GET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I’m actually not worried if Tay wins whether she’ll use it b/c the guys have so much crap they can spill to her such as how Cruel Chef told them how Tay wanted to work for with alpha male teams, how Nic was bragging about lying to her yesterday, all the disgusting things Evil Elvis has said etc, etc. There is a plethora of disgusting garbage to pick from. Now if it was any other team was OTB I’m not as confident she’d use it but when the offer to work with two alphas, her two favorite people & Turner/Joe is presented & they welcome her not only with open arms but are nice to her daily THIS WILL NOT be a hard decision.

Although Michael wanted Britt/Tay in his F4 (and Indy before she got mean lol), & Britt just wants to fit in & have friends, and Turner was virtually alone the truth is Taylor is the person who is the greatest benefactor of this new alliance.

Having said all that – I’d equally enjoy Britt winning the POV today. With Nicole saying she’d sabotage the win that would be the ideal addendum to a perfect day – let’s hope she does.


Ameerah is having a fit I mean she’s FREAKING out lol b/c Cruel Chef & Taylor were picked to play. Tay spoke to Joseph who gave her a pep talk & immediately after Ameerah wanted to know what they talked about.

First, it’s funny that the people who’ve been the least empathetic to how the ostracized people are feeling are suddenly losing their sh*t now that they feel just a fraction of the heat.

Anyway, Joe is explaining to Turner how Amee is acting & the guy who to this point in the season is known primarily for the Pig Pen stench cloud that follows him delivered arguably the best line of the season thus far:

Joe: ‘She comes to me later and I go Ameerah, are you good?. She goes “I will be good after I see what happens this week“.

Turner: She has a third eye and a fourth ear. (LMAO)

Joe: ‘She called me out. She was like “you went to bed late

un autre nom

How did the boys know last night that Tay/Nic were playing in veto?
They said all three of Mich/Britt/Tay would be gunning for it. More than once.


Another Name – something for your Gremlin files…

Monte HAD A DREAM that he couldn’t trust Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef

Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – seriously I;d normally be mad – but this season was falling off a cliff & ^^^ those individuals leaving is good for my feeds.

ALSO suspect – the Taylor & Britt individual sessions (one talking about being painted a villain & not allowed to play & the other bawling about not being able to easily fit in & make friends.

While two of the most popular players were high on Evil Elvis’ list of targets.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

un autre nom

Yeah, I’ve been picking up these little d/r gremlinings.
It’s bothering me.
Do you know how hard it is this season NOT to put on my Tinfoil hat and go full on Gremlinbuster?
I’m resisting, but not ignoring.

un autre nom

Am I getting this right?
Nic talks about sabotaging or throwing veto.
Nic goes to d/r
Nic comes out crying
Nic tells Daniel that Michael has to go, he knows she’s an ex police officer.

What’s happening there?

un autre nom

Oh. I think I get Nic’s mood change.
She thought getting rid of Taylor AND getting a power.
The entire “not evicted member of the pair isn’t necessarily safe” part has her more worried.
Volunteering to be pawn isn’t looking so good the closer it comes to putting her money where her mouth is.
She’s pufferd up her big bad self thinking she’s the big queen and gone on her ego trip… then thought of how the house turned on Pooch.

Then the d/r didn’t help… they asked leading questions that hyped her paranoia.
Nic’s been walking around the undesirables like they are peasants and can just eat cake.
Fine, they can have the cake, the cake is theirs.
Eat dirt Nic.

Palm Oil's Meds

Sgt. Bruno Mars was crying because the DR reprimanded her for threatening to beat Taylor’s asss.


Maybe Nic was crying because production told her she could be arrested for assault!

un autre nom

In this case, so far it’s uttering threats, not assault yet.


Uttering threats is technically a form of assault and you can be legally charged.

Palm Oil's Meds

Right! And the show could be held liable if they did nothing to intervene.