Nicole “We’re f**king beasts and we’re not here to play some f**king mans game.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

12:11pm Living room.
Joe comes out the back bedroom. Joe – she (Nicole) says her mom is good. Kyle – did she say we could go in or do we wait? Joe – there are a lot of people in there now but she seems pretty good. She said she is fine. She said she is still going to stretch and play so.. I was worried she might be leaving if it was worst case scenario but I asked her if she was good and she said yes. She didn’t give me any other details but I also didn’t want to pry.

12:16pm Bedroom – Indy holding Nicole’s hands and praying.
Indy – Make us brave. You’re the only resource we can count for real so take care of everything and everyone that we cannot take care of right now. Watch over us. Protect us from all the bad stuff. And keep us all healthy and loved. Help us go through this with health and strength so that we know that you’re in control of everything and we can trust you. We’re protect, we’re loved and we’re blessed. Show us the bigger picture so that we can trust you and have faith in your plans for us. I love you. Nicole – Thank you. I love you so much. Indy leaves. Taylor comes in and hugs her. Nicole – this game pulls us in every which way obviously like with each other and so I just never know what is going to happen. My main thing was walking in there and coming out of there thinking the worst that wasn’t and also thinking the other things that go through our heads. Sorry I am obviously trying to have this conversation without saying anything that could get me yelled at. Like I know that I am here for the right reasons and I am here to do what I have to do and fight. I’m a fighter and I am here to win and that’s what we have to remember.

12:20pm HOH room. Joe, Turner and Monte.
I am hoping they give us a little time to recoup because she (Nicole) needs to play. I am just glad that it wasn’t that because dude that would have been crazy and sad. I thought she was in there packing. Monte – thankfully its not that at all (worst case news for Nicole). Everybody should be very grateful. Joe – we should use this as an opportunity to be grateful and thankful and it wasn’t that a false alarm. We’re good. Monte – I don’t know if there is anything else you want to chat about that but since she is good.. we’re getting back to the present… Ameerah – is tripping out and you can tell. Joe – I felt bad too.. she was comforting me while I was kind of losing it. It was breaking my heard.. I know game aside she is a good person. Joe leaves. Monte – Ameerah is good at creating the narrative .. what she does is she says hey.. what is Joe doing and she kept repeating that to everybody in the house. I am not sure, I don’t believe Joe. She kept repeating that. And I had to sit here and play f**king damage control. And be like no, Taylor is the one trying to manipulate Joe and everybody in the house to make them think that he is working with her. And I think Nicole is still inline .. she wants to throw the comp. That is what she said in the bathroom. That will be perfect if she throws it. This is our only option because that side of the house is definitely working together. Kyle confirmed it.

Bedroom. Nicole, Indy, Jasmine, Taylor and Ameerah.
Nicole – We are f**king beasts and we’re not here to play some f**king mans game. Taylor – I know that’s right! Nicole – period! So I know that thought would never enter my mind. If something is happening with my mom right now and that is a reality of what is going on out here .. I already know.. I know my sister so well that she would wait for something until after I left here. I know that she did it for my mom. And I know that I would never leave this game for anything for that matter for circumstances that I cannot control. I know that I am here to fight! Lets go! Taylor – lets go! Its on today! Nicole – I got to pee. I am hoping to poop! (Words of wisdom after rallying the girls to fight)

12:44pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1pm The live feeds switch to the kitten cams… it looks like the veto competition is starting now.

The feeds are still blocked.
4:57pm Still nothing..

5:53pm Not back yet… the veto comp was likely an individual comp which takes longer as each house guest has a set amount of time to complete the comp.

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Please BB Gods let Taylor win veto!

un autre nom

So what was that hashtag about the twist?
Yeah, there was a hashtag complaining about the twist.

Conflicted. That’s how I’m feeling.
On the one hand, I like underdogs. I have a soft spot for actual underdogs (not the episode edit make them look like underdogs when they aren’t people).

That is my actual only reason for supporting Michael at all. He was targeted week one because he wasn’t perceived as man enough to be a man’s man, and he was introverted enough that Daniel decided who is gonna miss the other superfan.
Britt? I can’t say i’m supporting her game play… that’s been just nasty. But, I do feel sympathetic to the square peg personality. Doesn’t mean i want her to win. Means I don’t like junior high style bullshit pile ons.
Taylor? I still see where her first impressions in the house did her no favors. That said, the level of dehumanization is making me root for her, even if I don’t know if I like her or not. What? I know she hasn’t done any of the crap they accuse, and I hate the mob mentality crap. I’m just not sure if I like her. I haven’t decided.

On the other hand… I don’t want to support any of the big alliances.
I don’t support a Nic alliance because she can go.
I don’t support a Daniel alliance because he creeps me out.
I don’t support a Monte alliance because he’s a little too control freak.
I don’t support the women’s alliance because they are all about deconstructing the worth of other women.
I don’t support the men’s alliance because some of their behavior only proves systemic entitlement exists.

See my dilemma? The underdogs have no shot unless they join one of the groups I find it impossible to support.

david bb22

You lost me in the Brittany and Taylor part.

un autre nom

What’s so difficult about the idea that I don’t know if i like them, but the way they are being treated bothers me more?

Paul Sucks

Do you support the entire cast self-evicting simultaneously thus nobody winning and the season ending early?

That’s where I am at.

un autre nom

I’m somewhere between hunger and squid gaming most of them.
Not for real. Just for a sadistic chuckle in my mind. Repeat: not for real.

un autre nom

I think I said last night (actually early morning before i went to sleep) that both Joe and Turner blab too much and this plan of the guys is a long con, they have to obfuscate.
Too much of the yakety yak with Taylor. Ameerah deathspirals.
Nicole comes out of d/r thinking she’s a horrible person (must have been told not to utter threats of physical assaut?). Horrible person? At least she’s becoming self aware that she’s a whole ass, not a half ass. Tell us again how you plan to show how Big Brother can be played with integrity. Eyeroll.
So yeah. Joe did too much.

So what will prodo be pushing for this week?
I mean… they set up a steamroll twist… will they want to cancel the wrecking crew?

If the plan works, who do the women target? Joe and Monte.
If the plan doesn’t work, do they have the votes to take out Michael as Nic and Daniel want?

Either way POS pack is in the bowl and someone just flushed.


Nicole – We are f**king beasts and we’re not here to play some f**king mans game.
Actually Nicole, it’s more of a woman’s game and *most* women are just too petty and turn on each other due to their feelings where men stick together, make better strategic plans and usually make it farther in the game. I say it’s more of a woman’s game because women are usually better at puzzles, better at questions and in many cases, better at endurance.

Secondly, Ameerah can’t handle losing any kind of control. She sat Brit down and talked to her like a child & is constantly talking down to her and behind her back. She thinks getting out Pooch was such a great game move but it was completely idiot game play, they went on “feelings” and now it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass.

Jasmine is so fake I can’t handle it. Not only does she talk with a fake southern accent in the DR, she puts a smile on to everybody’s face but is actually a very nasty person on the inside, the way she talks about others. She is Ameerah’s little lap dog and will do anything she tells her to do.

I like Joe. He really does seem like a sweet guy and aware of what is going on around him A bit immature, but he’s only 25 so it’s expected.

I like Kyle, he really seems to know what’s up in the house, friendly to everyone & is liked by all. Good game play so far.

I like Alyssa, she is still a floater at this point but she has been very nice to everyone to their face and behind it and that shows a good quality. Also, she is playing many sides of the house, which will be beneficial for her.

Taylor seems superficial, but she is smart and I kind of like her & want to see what she does if she gets power.

Brittany makes me feel sad and uncomfortable at the same time. I really feel her struggles but nobody should care that much about fitting in. Seriously, most of these girls are catty Aholes, and if she wants to go further in the game she needs to align herself with the guys.

Michael, he is interesting for sure. He is definitely a wild card.

Monte, just no. He’s gotta go. Same with Terrence. Lot’s of eyerolls.

Indy, a spoiled brat but has some endearing qualities.

Turner seems to be smart and could be a dark horse. We shall see.

I think after these few weeks, things are getting more interesting.


Forgot about Daniel. I don’t hate him, don’t love him. Not sure yet. Time will tell.


CornPop, speaking of the Queen (Jaz) I looked up a level 3 sprain, it occurs when the ligament has torn or a complete dislocation of the ankle joint. Very painful, swelling & bruising. Can’t bear weight, Dr. Visit required, needs a cast or brace. Recovery 3-6mo. She is so full of it and just how long will she milk this situation. They need to get Jazz out before jury

un autre nom

One of the women on feeds mentioned that Britt was a survivor of bullying in her younger years. To the level of police involvement bullying. I think that explains a lot about trying to fit in, and her pathological need to gather the ones she perceives as the underdogs / discarded (safety in numbers). However, and paradoxically, it also explains why Britt doesn’t moral high ground to the mob when they pick on someone else. Her complicity is tied to the pathology: if you anger the mob the mob turns on you level thinking.

Paul Sucks

Super confused with the twist.

Is this bestie duo twist supposed to last beyond this HOH?

If so, what happens to the person who doesn’t get evicted?

Another backstage boss kind of BS thing?

If this duo crap lasts two-four weeks my guess is that the non-evicted becomes a backstage loser and can’t be HOH or evicted and then there is a backstage loser playin competition or something like that.

I don’t know, just seems annoying and difficult to follow.

un autre nom

I think Monte is backing off of the plan.
Does he have good reason?
Yes actually, because the house blames Joe and Monte one million percent.
Plus… he still thnks he can maintain control of the six. He can’t.

un autre nom

Though i bet he wants to change the name from POS pack to Monte’s minions.


Every time is see POS I read it as piece of shit. I’ve forgotten the actual meaning.

un autre nom

On my part, totally intentional.
That’s why I write it that way.

un autre nom

You know how the Global tv press releases about bbcan tell you the spin the show is going for in upcoming edit?

Global tv’s release today highlights’ Nic coming out crying from d/r and the mother with cancer angle.

gtfo. They’re giving her sympathy spin edit? HER?

un autre nom

As feeds return we learn Daniel blew up at Taylor before/during the veto?
Taylor said something compassionate to Nicole.
Nic twisted it to mean Taylor was trying to get her to DOR.
Nic cried. Daniel said rotten things to bolster Nic’s asshole behavior as only another asshole can. and…. Daniel yelled at Taylor.

Funny thing. while Daniel and Nicole were twisting compassion into manipulation, Taylor was asking Monte to pray for Nicole and her mother’s health.

Apparently Britt and / or Michael won veto. Not sure which or if it was both.


If you read up above then you know why. This isn’t a sympathy spin

un autre nom

Actually, it IS sympathy spin.
The first half of the article is talking about Nic’s mother in the pop up version.
what you don’t get unless you actually go to the full article?
Nicole saying that her crying has nothing to do with her mother or news from home.
Then the article edits the dan / nicole conversation re Taylor.

Why is this spin?
the first half of the article, the pop up version leads to believe that Nicole broke down over possible news about her mother.
Most people take the pop up, think that’s the story.

It isn’t until the last 1/3 of the article after clicking to see the full version, that you learn her crying had nothing to do with that.


the feminism theme continues..

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s performative feminism. They can’t care about women while ostracizing women that don’t fit in.