“we have to stick together.. at the moment I was trying to save our game for next week” – Bella

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack has nominated Jessica & Kemi up. Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target. If one of them wins the veto, Kat will be the replacement nominee.

Power of Veto Players Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella

12:21 am Kemi and Nicole
Kemi is talking about Natalie from BB18 and talks about how she and her friends always say “I’m nervous’ from Natalie. She goes on about how much she loved Natalie from that season.
They start talking about Bella selling out the black widows.
Nicole – does it help us hurt us or really hurt us

Kemi – I told her straight up why the f* do you give a name. you could have easily played it off like we have your backs.. putting a name to it f*s us. Honestly like .. she said it herself she feels safe this week but next week she’s f* and that’s why.
Kemi – I understand they got her on the spot
Kemi – you need to think before you speak

12:40 am Bell and Kemi
Bella – at the moment I was trying to save our game for next week I feel really bad about it I want you to trust me
Kemi – it’s not like you can take it back. We have to trust each other and double down we have to stick together otherwise they will pick us off one by one. the four of them is unpenetrable (Sis, Holly, Jackson, Jack)
Kemi says Jessica won’t say much to her when they were upstairs and she was in the bed she looked at Kemi like “why are you here, B1tch we’re both on the block and you’re a f*ing mess”
Bella – Sam is so annoyed with Jess if there’s an inkling that Jack wants Jess everyone will hop on board
Kemi – she’s kissing his a$$ right now
Bella says Jack hates Jessica kissing his a$$ what Kemi is doing is the best thing so can do.

Kemi says she knows Nick told Jack that she would put Jack and Michie up is she won
Kemi – Bella your relationship with Nick is very different than mine
Bella – he does say sh1t but I don’t know what he said that. Nick is trying to play the social game he’s the only guy on both sides.
Bella says if Nick thought it was beneficial for one of the boys to get voted out it’s not a problem
Bella says everyone knows the four of them are tight, Jack, Holy, Sis, Michie
Kemi – Jack’s the lynchpin

Kemi – I never realized Cliff is with JAck
Kemi – Jess is going to start acting weird towards me. I don’t care because she’s scattered.
Kemi – some people crack under pressure other people make diamonds what type of person do you think I am


Bella starts jumping around Kemi needs to win
Bella – apparently Nick and Sam told me there was supposed to be this alliance between me Nick, Jack, Christie, and Sam like this was a few days ago Sis wasn’t even in it but it never came together.
she shows them the hand single (see images below)

Bella says Chrsitie and Jack are like “this”
Kemi – Again they’re back..
Bella – that was a few days ago
Kmei – Nicole and jack there’s something there
Bella – I don’t think anything is going on because of how nervous she was when she found out I told him
Kemi – that is why because she has something on teh side
Bella says that Nicole, Cliff, and Ovi definitely have something
Kemi – Ovi is out of the game and if I get out he has no shot coming back in
Kemi – I have to win HOH for sure next week
Kemi asks Bella who she would put up if she won HOH

Bella – Kat and Jess
Kemi – why
Kemi – I need to win because one of the four needs to go up (Jack, JAckson, Sis, Chrsitie, holly?)

1:08 am Sis, Tommy, Jack and Christie

Talking about how good their group is. Jack complains that he’s going up next week unless someone from their side since the HEad of Household. Tommy mentions that they now know Jessica and Bella hate each other. Jessica says she knows which girl spilled the beans about the girl’s alliance (aka black widows)

Everyone but Tommy and Jack leave.
Tommy asks if he’s excited for his birthday tomorrow
Jack – I’m excited for a lot of things I’m excited to f* this game into the pooper

Jack – I love how I feel in this game right now. Alphas don’t do super well in this game. My personality gets cut at 5th
Tommmy – YOu did really well putting together a good team
Jack says he’ll spend 3 days in Vegas “do a few things that are frown upon” then got to Tokyo, Philippians or Europe. He’ll expedite his passport spend 500 bucks
Jack – there are some things I need to get for branding.

1:18 am Bella and Nicole (I’m not understanding Bella’s points to Nicole)
Nicole saying she hopes she’s not the third option.
Bella making excuses about selling out the girls alliance to Nicole, “you are one of the people I do trust and I want you to trust me, I love you”.
Bella – I was nervous I had word vomit I was like f* I thought when he was asking me I was going to be like no no no there was an all-girls alliance but it was fake it literally didn’t last a full day.

Bella – I hope you can take a leap of faith and trust me again.
Bella – I want you in this game.
Bella goes on that Nicole isn’t on Jack’s radar, “he thinks you have the power. which is good because he doesn’t want that used against him”
Bella – his plan is for Kemi then Jess next week. Let him have his power trip
Bella- I want you in this game
Nicole says trust is a big thing in her game and she loves Bella and trusts Bella but.
Bella – I know I dug myself into a whole I’m so sorry .. at the time my thought was if he knew about the all-girls alliance. Christie, Holly and Sis would be like we’re not in it would be them this week and us two next week
Nicole says she see what Bella is saying she wishes Bella was more like “the girl the four of us had an agreement not make it a concrete thing
Bella – I just couldn’t stop talking about it they just laughed at it they weren’t bothered it at all ..

2:25 am Getting ready for bed.

8:53 am houseguests Up
Jack – The things I like about Mangos is you eat one in the morning and it takes you to a different place

9:13 am
Feeds down for picking the Power of Veto Players

9:50 am Feeds back
Jessica got houseguest choice and picked Jackson (Zing ZOMG!)
POV players – Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella

9:50 am HOH room Jack and Jackson
Jack says if Bella wins she won’t use the veto and that will put separation between her and Kemi “Or she will use it and alienate herself from the 8”
Jackson – what do you want me to do
Jack – don’t use it
Jackson – only part of me that wants to use it so we can put Kat up. personally
Jack – you want Kat to go, So you want me to put up Kemi and Jessica and neither to go home this week

10:05 am Kemi and Nicole
Kemi – have you spoken with jess, is she okay?
Nicole – I didn’t speak to her today, she seems better than yesterday. Obviously, she was so upset
Kemi – I’m so annoyed she got houseguests choice
Nicole – who would you have picked
Kemi – since Bella got picked first I would have picked you
Nicole – aww, thank you
Kemi – I feel like you two are the only two I can trust now
Kemi – the house is going to go with whatever Jack wants and Jack wants me out. especially if he’s telling her she’s the pawn
Kemi – I would expect him to want me out because I definitely wanted him out
Nicole – yeah, go out there do your thing and win it
Kemi – yeah girl one step at a time. Has he said anything to you (jack)
Nicole – no nothing which is a little scary
Nicole is torn if she should let it ride or go talk to Jack “if he doesn’t think it’s a big deal I don’t want to make it a big deal ”
Kemi – if one of us comes down Kat’s going up it’s not going to be you.. Bella said.. he said if one of us comes down Kat’s going up as the pawn
Kemi – he better hope I go home because if I win HOH it’s going to be a whole different ball game. (OMG I hope Kemi wins Veto)
Kemi – everyone thinks Michie has the power. I don’t give a sh1t if he has the power or not he’s going on the block if I win HOH. I’m not going to be here to play a scared game he’s going on the block (F* YEAH)
Kemi – if he miraculously comes off I’ll go from there
Nicole – I hear you, I really hope you win VETO
Kemi – I feel like at this point I’m the only one that would put Jack on the block because I’m the only one that has a solid reason to
Kemi mentions that even Bella was saying “I’ll have to figure it out if I put him on the block”
They agree Bella isn’t really with the other side and she thinks she is
Nicole – she’s tight with them but she’s tight with us.. she’s tight with Sam she’s on the cusps of three different groups.

Kemi – It’s weird everyone they bring in thinks they are with them. Don’t you realize it’s the four of them? Nick and Sam think they are with them. (the four of them is Jack, Jcakcons, Holly and Sis)
Nicole – they are the expendable
Kemi – especially when Nick keeps flirting with SIS (The Flirting is more both ways)

10:17 am Bella and Kemi
Bella – how do you feel
Kemi – I’m alright, I just wish JAckson wasn’t playing
Bella – Same, my heart kinda dropped when I heard that
Kemi – she told Christie she had a strong pull to pick her but ended up picking Jackson “Girl shut the f* up no you didn’t ”
Bella – if it makes you feel any better there’s going to be punishments right
Kemi – I don’t give a f* about any of that shit, I don’t care about what anybody else gets as long as the vetos around my neck
Bella says a lot of people may be going for the trip of Fiji
Kemi – it’s not even on my list of places to go I could give a sh1t less
they talk needing apple cider vinegar. Bella thought she wanted it for her back Kmei says it was for her face mask.
Kemi – I don’t care about homeopathic anything.. you can pump me with drug and I’ll be alright. cook it up give it to me as long as I feel alright then I’m alright

10:40 am Christie, Jack and Jackson
Talking about the competition is to promote Love Island

Jack picked Bella’s chip. Jackson says Bella is straddling an electric fence playing both sides.
Christie says it’s way too early for someone to use the veto

Everyone getting ready for the Power of Veto Competition.
Kemi – does my makeup look too much for competitions
Holly – NO, Makeup always looks really good
Kemi and Holly start bonding over making.
Holly goes on about a friend who’s a makeup artist and gave her tons of stuff. She still buys a lot of makeup though. (Shocker)
Kemi says she tried to spend $400 for makeup at MAC? but she had her boyfriends credit card. he told her it was ok but they wouldn’t accept it.

(Holly looks like she’s aged 500 years )

11:29 am Jackson and Bella pre veto hugs


12:22 pm Jessica and Kat
Jess – it sucks if you have a big heart it’s a mind F
Kat gives some pro-tips
– You have to keep cool
– act the same way
– Help out in the kitchen, do dishes, cook, Whatever

1:18 pm houseguest milling around


1:25 pm Stuff that happens on the feeds

Kat – that’s why they don’t like Kemi She doesn’t lift a finger and she was mouthing off about how jack … Feeds flip

2:10pm Boat room. Kat and Analyse. Kat – I want Jess to stay. Analyse – everyone wants Jess to stay and Kemi is still the target. Someone told me that Jess said my name too. Kat – I don’t think she said your name.

HOH room. Jack and Bella. Bella – I don’t want David to come back at all. If Kemi goes to camp come back, you know her and David are going to be f**king stirring sh*t up. That’s hard because she might use me to say this is going on and then knowing I might tell you guys and then I just f**k sh*t up. And then I will have to figure out is she telling the truth or is she f**king up my game. Jack – so you are leaning towards Jess going home? Bella – I don’t give a f**k because Jess is f**king pissy on a personal level but Kemi can go home. If I win HOH next week I am putting Jess and Kat up. Jack – I do want to figure out what’s best for Gr8ful and if we have a meeting to figure out what’s best going into this vote and not get busted. And touch base with everyone… who do we think is the real threat? Who do we want to go home? Who do we not want to come back? Bella – it doesn’t really matter, like what will Jess really do? Nothing. Jack – I would rather Kemi not have the possibility of winning HOH because she’ll put two up from Gr8ful and Jess won’t. Bella – you think Jess will put up who? Jack – Kat and I’m not sure who the other would be. Jack – is it even a good play for myself to win Veto and take Kemi off to show her trust and then blindside Jess because she’s not a threat at all. I don’t think this game works that way though.. I think she would take the first shot. Bella – Kemi doesn’t really have a strong alliance.. she’s just tight with me. For some reason she doesn’t get butt hurt if I don’t tell her something. Its a thought if we used Kemi and pretended that we were in a final 3 with her… I mean she would f**king destroy sh*t up and we would have no blood on our hands. Jack – but she would have to win HOH. Bella – not the next one. If you were to show her that much trust, I’m sure I could get her to not put you up. She might put up Jackson though. Jack – I think its something we could talk about with the group. Bella – what’s riskier ..her being in camp comeback or being in the house and no one talking to her. Jack – I need to make a decision for what’s best for Gr8ful. I don’t want you to resent me because we send Kemi home and then Jess is still her and coming for you.

2:27pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kittens… it looks like the Power Of Veto might be starting ..

4:36pm Still going..

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Janey Haze

Can’t stop laughing at Bella telling the girls she just threw WAY under the bus to trust her.


so sad


Ahhh , there it is !!! Jack is just on the show to promote his Douche bag face after the show. Straight from the horses mouth. Good luck with that – You still can’t change your personality. Tokyo is where careers go to die. Enjoy the FISH !!!


These days, it seems that’s what reality shows and social media are for. I miss the game without that type of influence.


Yep, I believe that’s right! That was the first season to do constant appearances. Paul was there to promote his clothing line. Now it seems to be the norm. Everyone has a reason for wanting to be on BB. I can’t fault them for it. I fault Kassting. I wish casting would truly put all real players in the house. I feel like BB16 Derrick’s season was the last of the true players minus the social media and endorsements influence. Yes, Derrick was able to build a successful screen career from it, too. I just don’t think that his post BB tv work was the reason he was playing BB. I could be wrong….I don’t know. What I do know is that recruits often backfire.


This is what’s left a bad taste in my mouth about these guys. They aren’t playing to win, they are playing to stick around a little longer. We had fame whores last season but they were willing to play and take some risks to get ahead. Last year was still entertaining. This year they couldn’t keep an alliance secret longer than it took to walk out of the room. Even Foutte could be entertaining in their horrible game play like those cheesy Kung-Fu movies. So bad it was great.


Yeah, you have a great point. The game has changed….Yet, I do really root for Tommy, Cliff, Kemi, Nicole, Bella, and the comeback campers, too.

I’m frustrated with Bella for the BW blow up, but I do feel she wants to win this game and is playing the best game she can, knowing she made a mistake.

I couldn’t root for Jack, Jackson, Kat, or Nick. I’m not sure about Holly, Sis, Christie, Jess and Sam, but I like Christie and Sam over the others.


BB 20 had all gamers

another name

what game some of them were playing we’ll never know.

F Jake BA

Let’s keep it real, Jake is racist. All minorities at the top of his hate/hit list. I hope he experience significant hair lost before his next birthday.

another name

Holy tapeworm Batman.
With Sonnyboy’s nocturnal stress eating habit i guess we know why they aren’t doing have nots as of yet. I’m surprised he isn’t gnawing on furniture (that was not a dig at Holly and Sis).
I get nervous that he’s in the traditional lucky spot on the memory wall.
I’d meant to mention this yesterday. I forgot. Holly. So Holly says she was approached to be on Paradise Hotel. That’s the one where the women backstab each other to make sure they’ve got a man in their bed every week, isn’t it? (at least that’s how i remember the original season… well that and the crazy female body builder woman with impulse control issues tweaking what looked like roid rage). Gee. Can’t see why they’d approach Holly. Apparently she thought the raison d’etre was transferable. Holly, Sis and Bella lamenting the lack of viability of a women’s alliance this year was a trip. Three of the need a meat shield style players wishing a women’s alliance would work… and they completely miss the irony.
I’m still running with the theory / premise that the house reflects the energy of the hoh. Yesterday didn’t change my mind.
During Christie’s contribution to the offensive words / context talk last night she says, ‘words don’t hurt me.’ Sure. she was in tears after a d/r session where she came out with the idea she might look bad if she renommed Kemi. So i think it’s pretty obvious image and what others think of her IS important to her. I am disappointed by her, because i was trying so hard to like her, i’ve got some words in my mind for her.
Given how this season’s optics have been going… when they called out for camp uniforms last night so many horrible images of possibilities went through my head. The whole Ovi and David are our slaves (yeah, someone said it… it’s like they can’t help themselves but to do thinkgs that will push a button) commentary wasn’t reassuring me.
Cliff. dude. Sorry, i’m sort of hoping that house guests figure out he’s ratting them out to the gruesomes, and playing pile on when he knows better (again, house reflects the energy of the hoh).
Last processing note while i consume coffee. Why are Jackson, Holly, Sis and Christie not overjoyed that Bella has been data mining and dumping it back to the eight alliance? Even if it was last minute and mostly info that had already been known, they’ve now got actual reason / motive to go after people that aren’t in their alliance that won’t make them look like complete d!cks. It’s not like Beth and her pillowcase contribute. In the past 24 hours, Kat has contributed more to the 8 alliance than they have. Let that sink in.
veto players: jack, jess, kemi. jackson (jess hg choice), bella, sam.


IKR…Crazy. I hope Sam wins and pulls down Kemi, but it’s doubtful. I don’t see Bella using it if she won

If Kemi wins that’s golden.

another name

she continues to have her finger on the pulse of the house. lol.


It’s the rule that if he wins he has to take her down because she chose him(sarcasm)…she’ll be on the block Thursday.

The Beef

Seriously, Jess is about as sharp as a bowling ball. Clearly she’s paying close attention to obvious alliance affiliations in the game. Why do they pick people who know nothing about how the game is played to be on Big Brother?


I thought that was minor strategy on her part. She knows Kemi is the bigger target, right? Jess picks someone she knows could win it (Jackson), keep noms the same, and keep Kemi (the bigger target) on the block against her? It’s not a GREAT strategy, but it could be a viable one if she lays low.


Kemi for the veto!!

another name

no. some of them definitely age themselves a decade or two with every inch of plaster they trowel on.


No, even for TV they are caking it on. I’m surprised the girl’s foundation didn’t crack when the earthquake hit.


Holly is really pretty with makeup, but I didn’t recognize her at all without her makeup. When she was in the shower washing her face I was trying to figure out if it was her or Nicole (not a slam for Nicole…she is adorable). Sis and Kat wear a lot of makeup too, but you can still identify them without the makeup. Jess lis identifiable without makeup.

Kemi is gorgeous with or without, and Bella is cute without makeup but glam with makeup. Christie goes for a natural look, which is my style, too.

But Holly? Wow! Makeup should highlight your best features, not completely mask the reality. Holly does have the prettiest eyes, though….then David and then Sis.


I would laugh myself silly if Kimi wins veto takes herself off and instead of Kat, Bella went up. This BS about I did it to protect us next week who does she think she is fooling and are the rest of the girls really that dumb. I agree that they are a tight 4 with the j’s and SH…. the 6 then 8.

Fruit Loop Dingus

“(Holly looks like she’s aged 500 years)” Lmfao.

When feeds initially came on, and I saw her the first time without make up, I didn’t know who she was. I thought I missed a HG. lol David mistakenly called her Beth when he first came back in the house. Perfect! She literally looks like two different people with and without make up. Holibeth


Damn, Kemi is the only one with a backbone. Everyone else is scared of Jack and just waiting for someone else to make the move. Ya girl! Get it! Just don’t trust Bella.

another name

You just KNOW that if anyone stiffs one of the Jackals with a unitard or a punishment during veto, that they will NOT REST until the entire house shuns, hates, and obviously targets that person.


I hope one of them get stuck with a food punishment (like Fess did with the ham) and have to eat a bag of marshmallows and drink a pitcher of hot chocolate or something like that.

another name

truthfully: i’d love to see Jackson on slop. just. slop. until eviction night.

another name

i know. evil grin.


Jack having to shave his head would be the ultimate punishment. Even if it gave him safety until jury, he wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t have the balls.

another name

grodner would shave her own head before she’d let her tacky version of a celebrity lookalike shave his.
No. for Jack, the ultimate punishment would be a bulky costume that includes a shirt and makes him look like a girl scout or a racoon. that must be worn at all times… and having to make food for others when a bell rings at all hours without commenting on their dietary choices. (throw avocadogate right up into his face).
take away all of the other parts of his ego machismo alphasuperior crap.


The 2 Jacka$&’s must not know BB fans very well or how we go against racist name calling. We enjoy the authentic game play and our opinions of good game play are not based on looks. The words they are saying will not help them form a good brand name.


Hmmm all feeds on Jess talking to jack wagon and sis hmmm

another name

what i would have paused to think about if it had been said:
Jack: I’ve got to stop with the trash talking. I ran my mouth week one and i feel bad about what i said.
What was said:
Jack: I’ve got to stop with the trash talking. i ran my mouth too much week one and almost got kicked off the show.

While Jess is talking to the already converted (Kat and Sis) about Bella, part of me thinks Bella is doing a better job at the moment working Jack, and knew just what to say to Tommy to stoke his gotta make the 8 work mentality. Seeing Jess and Bella each trying to work people, to me, is like comparing a dew worm and a cottonmouth. At least to this point.