“We don’t have to vote the way they want. F**k them! It’ll be 100% Shelli! She’ll gun for James’s head” – V

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 12-43-22-701

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12:45pm – 1:05pm Bathroom – Vanessa tells Austin. I want to make an agreement that if one of us gets backdoored that we will make sure we make the votes for us to stay. Austin says of course. Vanessa says 1000%! Austin says I think he would put me or one of them (Twins) up to ensure one of them (Shelli or Clay) goes home. Vanessa says you understand if I win the veto .. Austin says I know if that happened they (Shelli and Clay) would have to go to James and make sure he was okay with using it. It doesn’t make sense in using it when one of them is going home no matter what. Ultimately Shelli let go (Let go in the HOH endurance). Vanessa says that she thinks only Shelli would stay loyal if he stayed that’s the only reason I see a benefit to using it. Vanessa asks Liz if I get put up as the replacement do I have your word that you wouldn’t vote to evict me? Liz says one hundred, million, trillion percent! Austin says that James told him before the nominations that he might have to pick one of us (Austin, Liz, Julia) as the replacement to ensure one of them goes home (Shelli, Clay). Vanessa says I just hope you have my back first and foremost because I know he has you by the balls. Austin says we do. Vanessa says as long as you’re just telling him what he needs to hear then I’m okay with that. Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia agree they want Shelli to stay. Vanessa says that’s four of us and we can get Steve. We don’t have to vote the way they want. F**k them! It will be 100% Shelli and she will be gunning for James’s head. Austin says I think Clay will win it and use it on her. Unless she convinces him not to in the last moment. Vanessa asks why would she do that? Austin says so that he doesn’t go out like that. Julia says I want Shelli to stay, I could never vote her out over Clay. Vanessa says you have to remember that next week James can’t play. Vanessa says don’t make any long term deals with him. Austin says I’ll say whatever I want to him to stay safe and then go back on it and my excuse will be that he did it to them (Shelli & Clay). Austin says if we win HOH next week no matter what one of them goes home because there’s no BOB. Liz says I would put up Jackie and Meg and if one of them comes off James would go up. Vanessa say this week f**king sucks my big a$$hole! I’m going to try really hard to win it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 13-02-34-329

1:20pm All the house guests are waiting around / sleeping until the Power of Vto competition starts…

1:25pm – 1:45pm Cabana room – Vanessa tells Meg its brutally difficult watching them cry and asking me to use it on them but I need to remember that they didn’t look out for my game. Meg says its important to remember that most likely one of them is going home. Use it and someone else has to go up. Vanessa says James is good to his word? He isn’t going to backdoor me? Meg says no James is true to his word. He doesn’t want any more blood on his hands. Meg says I don’t think he would put you up. You wouldn’t be the smart person to put up. Vanessa says if Shell and Clay are out I would be happy to throw it. Meg says what is sad is that Clay has already said that he would use it on her (Shelli). I would never want someone to do that to me. I wouldn’t want him to ever regret that later on in his life. Vanessa says how deep can their relationship be after 40 days. Vanessa says I did not want to get picked. James joins them. Vanessa asks what if its one of those situations were we have to trade and I’m the last one to pick and I take it (Veto) from them (Shelli & Clay). I guess I just have to tell them I’m worried about being backdoored. This whole situation is rotten! Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 13-27-19-291

1:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition.

Veto Players: James, Shelli, Clay, Jackie, Becky, Vanessa

Veto Host: Julia

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don’t use the veto if you win it, idiots.


As smart of a player as Van has been with wheeling & dealing why would she use the veto? They have the numbers even come next week & why wait to do what eventually needs to be done which is separate Clelli? This way one still stays & she doesn’t get blood on her hands by having to personally eliminate them herself when the time comes.
Also for Austin & the twins game, how delusional to think they will not be put up because they are looked at as a trio,& why not prolong their game by using James’s side of people to help double their chances of staying in the game longer? Also,this way Van could easily have their (Shelli/Clay)vote come jury because it’s not her having to send one out. Why is she worried about keeping Clelli?
I am not choosing Van & crew but looking at it objectively from a game point. These people can’t believe Van can save them all. They will be going up so why not take out a big threat(saying this from a JMAC,Becky,Steve point of view). Shelli will always look out for Clay only,not the others,as proven when she gave up on the HOH(only asking for her & Clay’s safety). Seriously hope James’s HOH is used wisely. Come next week the others will be gunning for James,Jackie,& Meg unless Jackie can pull off an HOH win,then they are good another week.


So Smelli won’t be goin home it seems no matter what. Well, it was great while it lasted and seeing that fugly B cry was epic. I think James just might have won America’s favorite with this move. Maybe james or Jackie win POV, talk bout the plan and take off clay and put up a twin or Vanessa to increase their odds of Smelli goin home. I doubt if James will do this even if he wins POV.

canadian bacon

can somebody please explain why vanessa is so determined to keep shelli around. I really don’t get it.

I'm Just Sayin

Not trying to be mean, ugly or disrespectful but does’t Van have a thing for women? I’m just sayin.


i don’t think it’s that (esp it’s Shelli). Clay has questioned her more than once and Shelli has told him to back off. Clay also talks to Becky too much, as well as Meg and I think Vanessa dislikes Becky on a game level/don’t think they click. Clay loves saying how he could have sway with Johnny, Becky, Meg.


Vanessa isn’t romantically interested in Shelli. Vanessa has a girlfriend named Mel in the real world back home. Vanessa wants to keep Shelli, because Shelli is a strong player that will help Vanessa win competitions like HOH. Vanessa wants power and control. Vanessa is taking a huge risk though, because Shelli is her biggest threat, Shelli could beat her and win the $500k.


Somebody else answered this very eloquently on an earlier thread. Basically, it’s because Clay is way more popular and Meg, Becky, JMac and possibly Steve, would want to scoop him. That would be very bad for Vanessa’s game. Also, Clay doesn’t trust Vanessa as much as Shelli does. I think a little bit differently (Shelli being Vanessa’s biggest competition for F2 at the moment; if I were Vanessa, I wouldn’t want Shelli in jury, so would want her gone this week). Vanessa would prefer BOTH stay rather than just Shelli going = better for her own game.

Enjoying Your Creativity

All I have to say is this, the people that change these contestants names up are so creative, “Smilie” I wish I had such creativity but I don’t so I’ll continue to read on and enjoy everyone else’s. Thank You for the entertainment along with Simon and Dawg website.


yeah right calling sb smelli is really entertaining and creative. i just can’t believe how obsessed some of these haters are. it’s really strange to me. imagine these people in real life. just hope they are all really, really young…and silly, this is getting beyond ridiculous. unfortunately a lot of the comments on here remind me of the evil crap said by disgusting housemates in season 15. i really think this is the best cast and gameplay in years and no matter who leaves in the next couple of weeks, i am still going to be really happy with this season.


What? For SURE, James wants Shelli gone this week, that’s a lock for him. If he wins POV, he won’t use it = Shelli gone. There is no way Shelli stays over Clay.


In what game does the house vote for a particular person just because the HoH wants it? The HoH needs to have influence beyond his HoH status to accomplish that. James simply does not. Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Liz already met this morning and said they all prefer to keep Shelli. That’s 4 votes right there and they only need 5. Think they can’t get one more???


Okay, I was going with old information, I didn’t know about that convo this morning. I wasn’t suggesting James would have everyone vote the HOH way, just that he himself wouldn’t use the veto because he’d want the noms to stay the same. Dammit, James and insidious Vanessa! I want Shelli gone!


So now it looks like the Veto needs to be used to ensure Shelli goes. Bloody hell cannot believe Nessa want’s Shelli around. SO we need Clay off and Liz up. This changes the POV comp completely. Van James and Jackie cannot win nor Smelli. James and Jackie would keep things the same. Van would take Smelli off or do nothing. Becky will throw it so we have to root for Clay winning only at this point and Liz up. This thing is starting to suck again. Fun week ruined.


Vanessa, you’re pathetic. James not buying it. Shelli is going home and sixth sense alliance are no more.


I really don’t care which one goes home. As long as it’s a member of The 6th Sense, I’ll be happy.


But Clay staying is much worse for Vanessa’s game, so hope for that, okay?


it is seriously unhealthy how often I’ve come onto this site in the last two days to check for updates.
The suspense is killing me. I love it!


I completely agree! The suspense is almost unbearable 🙂


If Vanessa wins and takes down one of the two (such as Shellie), then put up LIz. There will be nine people voting, so need five to win. Clay would then need all three of Becky, John and Steve in order to stay (assuming Vanessa and Shellie both vote for Clay to stay). That’s a doable scenario.


Agree. If either Clay or Shelli comes off the block, the replacement will go home unless it’s Vanessa, who can definitely talk her way into staying. James can’t vote. So if Liz or Austin goes up, they will only have Jackie, Meg, and the other twin/Austin voting to keep them. That’s only four. The rest of the house will bow to Vanessa and/or the one who comes off the block. Let’s hope noms stay the same.


I hope James isn’t buying Vanessa’s crap but I can’t imagine why he chose her to play. If the comp is what they are expecting John would have been a better choice.


I read on another site James picked Jackie as house guest choice. Not Vanessa. Vanessa’s chip was picked….
Hmm. Curious to see which way it happened.

BB confused

Why do they care so much about Clille? Have they not been listening to what Clille have been saying? Everyone is supposed to forget their game to save them. Dah!!!!#


If Shelli and Clay remain on the block, Shelli is not going home. Sixth Sense + Steve has the votes and James doesn’t have to “buy” anything. If the remaining 5 stay together, the alliance remains. Alliances don’t change their names when they lose a member.


“6th sense + Steve”… Since you’re probably also implying “6th sense + Steve – Shelli – Clay”, that’s actually “Freaks and Geeks”.
Vanessa, Austin and the twins have moved on quite quickly…


“Vanessa, Austin and the twins have moved on quite quickly…”

Yes that is F&G almost all of whom are in SS. To the extent that they express interesting in keeping Shelli, it’s to keep the SS going minus 1 member. Call that moving on if you like but that’s the opposite of the post I was replying to.


I have a feeling that production will find a way that allows James to play in next week hoh comp. I think it’s going to be one of the prizes. Hoh comp vip pass. It could happen.


As bold as a move as it was, James is not in the best spot going into next week. It’s really all on Jackie to go beast mode next week and hold it down for him. No one else will cover them.


Yeah, but he had to win. If Shellie came in first instead of second, he was likely going up.

Next week Meg and Jackie will have a bit of a shot, but one of the randoms (Steve, John or Becky) could win and go for the ‘easy’ target of breaking up one of the three of Austin/Liz/Julia (although I suspect Becky will be too scared and just put up James).


Oh I agree it totally had to happen. I was partially just trying to manifest a Jackie win since the Big Brother gods seem to be smiling at the moment.


I’ve seen his comments recorded here and on after dark. He isn’t under any illusion that this is going to do much more than get him closer to jury. a few people are now aware that it is unlikely the way things are, and could ever be, that they are getting to the end. A few things James has said, imo, make it pretty clear he is aware his days are numbered.

It wouldn’t matter if he did clay & shelli, or austin and vanessa, or any other combination, he isn’t going to put up middle riders like becky or johnnymac, or meg or jackie, and those are the only people that the ‘other’ side will be OK with. So from the moment he decided to not back door anyone and to go back on his deal, and that he can’t play next week, well i figure it was his last stand, and last big move. He doesn’t expect to last thru the next HOH, eviction, and it seems more like he is doing this to take all the attention and blame onto himself, and away from Jackie, etc.

Austin and the twins have made a good move & decision to make the jury deal, and the connection. Vanessa and steve, not so much. They are putting themselves at risk by trying to promote someone other than who James is already put there or looking at. trying to blame Becky for something or JM, when it is clear that he is socially hanging out with both, & or closer in every single way to them over V, S & Austwins is really delusional. trying to do that will draw attention to them both, as two who are more likely to not vote the way he wants the vote to go, and more likely to get themselves as replacements to remove their vote


This season started off so promising… Now, I find it just gutwrenching to watch: any deal made is broken as soon as they have to actually do what they agreed on. Almost every time.
Noone has each other’s back. Vanessa might have been smart for deflecting all the blame of the Jason backdoor on Shelli and Clay (their idea, I felt pressured,…), but the way she’s throwing them under the bus is just too nasty for my taste. Not a big fan of them, and I’d be fine with Shelli leaving, but the way Vanessa has left them hanging the very second they got blindsided is just… a scumbag move. She says she’s made 4.5 mio. $ in Poker, then she shouldn’t feel the need to play that dirty with people who’ve had her back.
Her little “stunt” of a fake (one-sided) fight she pulled right after the nomination ceremony, where she went to Shelli and Clay, began to yell and stormed off to throw them under the bus to the rest of the house was so fake. Shelli told her calmly 5 times “come and have a seat, let’s talk this through calmly” and she wasn’t going to do that, she was just waiting for her opportunity to “pull the move” as she did with Jeff. No consideration for them “needing a friend” or anything like that. Just tunnel vision on “I want to make a fake fight happen right now!”. Disgusting.
I miss the good old days of Derrick and Cody, where you could see 2 people working together and having each other’s back. For real.


“Her little “stunt” of a fake (one-sided) fight she pulled right after the nomination ceremony, where she went to Shelli and Clay, began to yell and stormed off to throw them under the bus to the rest of the house was so fake.”

Oh yeah one-sided. Apparently, Clay started shouting in the middle of the nom ceremony at both James and Vanessa. I suppose that was a Vanessa stunt too? The conversation afterward included Shelli telling Vanessa that she would do whatever she had to do to save them both and that “the alliance is over.” I guess that was a Vanessa stunt to? It was in reaction to that that Vanessa went to the back yard and started telling everyone what’s she’s told them individually: that it wasn’t her decision alone to break the deal with Dark Moon.

And about that, have you seen the conversations with Vanessa and Shay in which she tells them that if she nominates Jason she’s not going to take sole blame for it and tells them they will need to have her back? Did you see Shay reassure that they wouldn’t let her take the blame alone and would support her? She’s doing what she told them she would. They tried to deny all knowledge of it after Jason went up. Did they expect her to let them get away with that especially after assuring her they wouldn’t?

I don’t mind bad opinions but at least get the facts straight.


Dont be the OTEV competition or Clay will clean up with his athleticism.


don’t underestimate James and Jackie.


i don’t mind if clay goes home. He was recruited and not off of any BB fanclub site, so I have zero interest in anyone like that getting to the end. It would be more interesting for shelli to stay, plus of all the HGs, Vanessa and Shelli are so far winning the race in terms of what they have done.

having said that, i find that Shelli is far too wishy washy. too paranoid and sketchy to actually do the big moves when she has the chance to do them, practically had to have a psychotic break by Audrey before she even considered putting her up. It cost her credibility in the game by not putting her up when it could have been done at the request of each and every one of the HGs the first time around.

what i want to happen obviously is for either clay or shelli to be evicted, bottom line. One needs to go in order to change things up again. Also, what is the point of losing steve, Johnnymac or Becky? they are not leaving any impact on the game at this point so their loss is irrelevant.

I think this season is one of the few seasons where we just can’t anticipate much of what is going to happen with the votes. In the past, HOH decided who goes home, everyone votes according to that. this year is much more random, you can’t even get people who agree verbally to vote with HOH choice lol.


I posted most of this on an earlier thread, but want to repost it to convince the “put Austin up as a renom” folks that it isn’t a good idea IF you don’t want either Shelli or Clay to leave (WAY preferrable for Shelli to leave). Are you 100% sure Liz and Julia would both vote to keep Austin? I’m not. If Austin is up against Shelli, he’ll stay I think, but if Austin is up against Clay, he might go home (Meg, Becky, JMac and Steve would likely vote to evict Austin because they’ll want to scoop Clay. This would piss Jackie and James off because they both want either Shelli or Clay gone). So, if Austin is up as renom, potentially, both Shelli and Clay could stay!!!! NOT what many want to happen, least of all James. Putting up Liz as the renom is really his only choice (other than Vanessa) because Liz would have both Austin’s and Julia’s locked votes. I am almost positive most would vote Shelli out against Vanessa. Then, I’m pretty sure Vanessa would be the target next week for everybody except Steve.


Steve thinks he’s in an alliance with Austin: “Freaks and Geeks”. So he probably would vote to keep him over Clay, especially if Vanessa tells him that’s what she wants him to do.


You’re right about that. Plus, Clay going is better for Vanessa’s game, which Steve would support because what’s good for Vanessa’s game is what’s good for Steve’s game…at the moment.


I wonder if Production is trying to influence Vanessa in keeping Shelli over Clay. Don’t get it Shelli lied straight to her face. Shelli keeps blaming Austin for her situation. Shelli would of not kept Austin if it wasn’t good for her game. She kept him because he was a number.

Jackie needs to win!

James could be swayed for goodies if he feels safe with Vanessa. THAT will be his downfall. Please let Jackie when and take down Clay, stick whiny Liz up, and let the fights begin!!! We want good TV! If Shelly wins, the week will be wasted because James will get nervous and cut stupid deals.

is it just me

again how is this surprising to anyone? are we watching the same show? no shelly will not go home 2 votes can’t send anyone home and all james has is 2 votes. Next week he goes home its pretty clear.
why would vanessa keep shelly? because she is the #1 target and its easy to throw her under the bus. vanesa controls 4 votes (steve,twins and austin) who else in the house has that much power? shelly will have no choice but to beg vanessa to help her if she stays its perfect for her game to keep shelly. even if shelly wants to flip who is going to believe her?
sorry to burst your bubble but vanessa will be in top 3 and id bet it will be steve/vanessa final 2.


I’d love a Steve & Vanessa final two. What an odd couple. It might actually be a pretty close vote too, if Steve steps up towards the end, as the high school dropout alliance fears.

Better Than Last Year

If Shelli/Clay doesn’t win POV, the smart move is to use the veto on Clay & then put up Vanessa to guarantee Austin & Julia’s votes for Shelli to go. (Austin, Julia, Meg, Jackie, Liz).

Hope next week is double eviction!


I agree completely . I hope James wins POV. Tells Van “I heard you are determined to keep Shelli.” Then uses the veto on Clay and puts Van up. She needs to stop trying to control everything. This might wake her up.

If I only had a brain

Now that they are not in power they realize you don’t have to vote the way the hoh wants. Wow


Absolutely shocked by James having this much game. I thought he would get HOH and roll over for a Vanessa. This has been a good week. I see no way Shelli stays unless she wins veto. Austin will honor his word that he and the twins will vote the way James wants and Vanessa is going to have to scramble to figure out new numbers. Going back on their word last week blew up their game. Should have just sacrificed Steve, and this would be an easy week where a floater went home. Jason fans are loving this week.


For the Sixth Sense, it makes much more sense to lose Austin than Shelli & Clay. Liz & Julia would jump at the chance to get him out, and it leaves Shelli & Clay as the much bigger targets for the “snippy high school goths smoking in the corner alliance” (James, Jackie, Meg, with Becky going through Rush Week right now). That gives Team Vanessa-Steve and the Twins some much needed breathing room while the heat stays on Shelli & Clay.

Sorry to be dumb but

What is this “recruiting” everyone refers to? Do they have an eye candy quota they’re trying to get? Aren’t there enough regular people who want to be on big brother? Maybe if they got more variety of ages etc.there would really be some crap stirring to watch!


Eye candy and “friendships” most likely. You get the drift.


I have a funny feeling that the comp is “how bad do you want it” one of Clelli will ein and the pawn will go home, from the way Vanessa I’d talking…


Please let Jackie win this.

Bye Shelli

The best option that they could do is if James or Jackie win pov is take Clay down and put up Vanessa that would ensure that Shelli goes. If Vanessa, Shelli or Clay win and take down Shelli then they better put better put up Liz because Austin and Julia will vote out Clay making sure Liz stays and the power couple is irretrievably broken. Sure hope they’ve got that covered or they’re screwed!


Geez, if I had to choose between a weaker vesion of Brendon, or a less loyal version of Rachel, I’m not sure who I’d choose.

who wants to chip in

i wanna take a plane with a banner and wait till james becky steve is in the back yard and fly it right by them
and it will basically tell them they on the back of vanessas’ cunt lesbian train

brotalk to human dictionary

Of the two, Shelli and Clay, it is smarter to keep Shelli for Vanessa. Vanessa and Shelli have discussed final two. Vanessa and Shelli have come up with all of the plots.
Additionally, it’s another guy evicted, and the woman scorned angle; its the keep the bigger threat as a shield prospect added to the who’s going to gun harder for vengeance successfully prospect. When the sixth sense was initially conceived the idea was to get Shelli on board and she’ll bring Clay along. Added bonus: Shelli is more easily emotionally malleable: this is the chick that kept Audrey. Now Shelli will be kept to be the new Audrey. They’ll always gun for Shelli (face it, the megjamesjackie side become dog with a bone when presented with a target).
I don’t agree that Vanessa is playing any dirtier than Clay and Shelli. She’s playing dirty more successfully. Clay and Shelli came up with scenario after scenario of cutting a sixth sense member as a sacrificial lamb. Clay has wanted to play the middle more. He’s done so visibly. That’s why Clay pushed so long and hard with Shelli to finally cut Audrey. Easier to play to both sides of the house for a flip contingency without Audrey as an albatross. Clay and Shelli have made as many side alliances, but have only three’s company within their alliance. If Sixth sense falls freaks and geeks rises up to take it’s place. If freaks and geeks loses a member there’s sos (vanessa and steve). Shelli and Clay tried to put the Austin save squarely on Vanessa for deniability. Vanessa successfully put the blame on Shelli and Clay as retaliation and shield. Vanessa beat Clay and Shelli at their own game. And they are in the position of weakness now because of it.
Where Clay and Shelli have tried to create lillipads in the pond, stretching themselves thin in he process, Vanessa has been crafting an onion. All the while the woman that has won two hoh’s and one pov, she looks like the weak cog in the machine because her partners are coupled. the lynchpin looks like the weak tagalong to james, meg and Jackie.
I don’t like Vanessa’s motormouth constant rehashing to anyone that is within earshot obsessive compulsive paranoid crap. But she is playing circles around the rest of the house if they don’t see her as a kingpin. Don’t like her so much, but she is outplaying the others if she skates into jury. She’s controlling the house and votes, and looking like a waste of an hoh nomination while doing it. Yeah, I don’t really like her. But i’m impressed if she stays.

Min O'Pause

Hell I’d love to get on BB. I guarantee that between my hot flashes my mood swings and my attitude that ducks in general it wouldn’t take much to start the weaves flying and the silicone bouncing. I’d grab those hair extensions and wind em tighter than a seven day clock. And that’s just startin’ with Asstin. Then I’d start in on Shellac.

Min O'Pause

SUCKS! My attitude SUCKS. Damnable autocorrect. Min O’Pause don’t duck from nothin’!

Just me

Omg!! That’s it!! The next big brother should be a bunch of menopausal women and HOT guys. That would be hilarious! Sign me up. Between the hot flashes and mood swings, they would have record sales for the live feeds!! Lmao

another name

So…. Real Housewives of Big Brother?

Min O'Pause

I’m gonna start waxing my bikini line for my audition. I just gotta find it first.

I love 6th sense

Why is 6th sense so unpopular??? They are all players… If they would be underdogs, they would be loved by fans, right?
Every year the same… Players from dominant alliance are hated because they “dominate”, and people root for underdogs. But do you really want winner like Meg, JMac, Becky or Steve???
Call it right now, we will have BB15esque endgame in this season. But you all want it, right?

BB confused

Why does anyone think Becky is going to win anything? Also, why does she walk like she has a stick up her butt? LOL


Her walk is attractive…Megs walk is weird no?
James winning Pov…desperation would set in…further backstabbing?

Canadian Bacon

Because she has a stick up her butt.


Of course Vanessa wants shelli to stay because shelli wins a lot and with clay gone they are each others ride or die. She may annoy ppl but she is a heads up game player


If Vanessa wins she could use it on Shellie leaving James to put up Liz like he said he would. Now Meg doesn’t want Clay gone so all Van then has to do is convince the rest that it is better to break up a three person alliance, Liz/Austin/Julia than Clay and Shellie. Vanessa will actually be better off with Liz gone as neither Austin or Julia will put Vanessa ahead of Liz.


the problem with this is that it likely burns vanessa as she’d lose austin and julia as allies unless she can sell something like i thought steve or someone was going up (which burns her relationship to that player). so numbers wise this is a big risk with almost no upside as she just ends up with at most five people working with her no matter what. vanessa needs to try to win so shelli and clay don’t, but should she win, she definitely shouldn’t use it (and probably target clay as i think shelli would forgive her for this and clay would not).


I want james or Jackie to win pov


Shelli must go end of story.
how are you 4 still so BLIND? Van, austin, julia, and liz are idiots. to have a chance at winning the money shelli must go.


All the cretins need to go home, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin are the three worse. Steve the floater barely gets any CBS time, he is a big bore. Johnny Mac, I can’t stand his gutteral cackling. Becky, call me up in dreamland. The rest are OK by me.


Love to see Shelli go. Still wondering if taking out part of a twosome or taking out part of the three headed mess is best. Guess it all comes out in the wash.

is it just me

while entertaining james made a terrible move for his game
he gave everyone a good reason to not trust him ever again also he is banking on jackie as a vote and lets see if we can remember how she voted last week…hmmm so much for solidarity
she talks big game but in the end is just a sheep



put up vanessa

james put up vanessa
take down clay


james should be like. hey clelli we;ll put up vanessa and save u both but we gotta make a new alliance without the gorilla and the 2 hooks


lols 2 hooks thats what jason called the twins in the interview he did with jeff (jeff +jordon). that jeff. they should of just stuck to the plan last week. what a bunch of morons


Thank Gawd James won the POV thank you lord, thank ya!!!!!!!

get out vanessa

put the bitch up. shes such a whinny bitch. shes cold hearted. if she is just a 2faced snake. put up vanessa take down clay and either way u win. he must know the rest of the house lying to his face. . hes an outsider asian and they will never let him belong. such typical honkie behavior


shelli is the castle bed wench. shes dressed like one of little fingers hooores . oh shit that bitch is out.. put up vanessa i would save shelli and clay over vanessa vanessa is the cold hearted one

austin the creepy shrek

austin is so creepy. he constantly gropes Liz he lays donw and has his arm stretched out to rub her somewhere. and when she says “oh im not comfortable and moves bak he moves along with her so he can still grab her somewhere. he prolly walks around with blue balls and a huge stiffy. but all he (micheal jacksons song beat it)” can do is just beat it beat it beat beat no one wants to be defeated.” his fully loaded shaft