Veto Players Picked! Austin “Either way you have my vote. I’m not going to let them come after you.”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 09-44-59-039

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8:15am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Big Brother tells the house guests remember to enjoy yourself today, these are the good ol’ days. Shelli and Meg shower and get ready for the day. Shelli joins Johnny Mac in the living room and sits in the one of the nomination chairs. Shelli says You know I’ve kept myself from ever sitting in these chairs but I guess its about time I get comfortable. Check out things from this view. Johnny Mac says its ahhh…an experience.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 10-40-50-658
10am – 10:30am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the picking of the Power of Veto Players.

Power Of Veto Players: James, Shelli, Clay, Jackie, Becky, Vanessa

10:30am In the havenot room. James got house guest choice and is in the havenot room apologizing to Austin for not picking him. James says I wanted to pick you but Clay was going to pick you and if I did it would look a little obvious. Austin says yeah I thought that too. Okay that’s fine. Either way I was going to keep it the same. James tells Vanessa you just win and do what you do! Vanessa says if its a physical one I’ll just do what I do and lose. James tells Austin they’re still going to come to you for votes but if I had picked you they would have come to you for votes. Whatever happens, happens. We have a good team out there. Jackie’s physical and Vanessa is a brain. James says me and Jackie are pretty tough. Today might be my day. Austin says either way you have my vote. I’m not going to let them come after you. I just want to get to jury. James says oh yeah you’ll get there don’t worry. James leaves.

Bedroom – Shelli talks to Clay. Shelli tells Clay that James is back there talking and Vanessa just walked out. Clay says I’m not trusting anybody! Shelli says Vanessa has to worry about getting backdoored so.. Shelli says I heard Austin’s voice.. James said and they picked you. Clay says either way we have 3 on our side. Shelli says that Becky won’t try to win it. Its pretty fair Vanessa got picked on our side and Jackie got picked on their side. Austin comes out and says that he thought James was going to pick me but he doesn’t know where I stand. Sorry guys.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 10-34-53-962
Bathroom – Vanessa tells Jackie to do the best she can. She says I think its going to be the one with the prizes.

10:50pm Steve talks to the camera and tells us that last night when he talked to Shelli and Clay about the story of Big Brother 12 with Brendon & Rachel on the block he changed the story to suit his needs so they wouldn’t pick him to play in the veto comp. He says he knows Annie wasn’t picked to play.

In the bathroom – Clay tells Vanessa that Becky isn’t going to try to win it so its us three (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa) against those two (James and Jackie).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 10-50-17-966

Vanessa tells Austin see how the lines are drawn. He didn’t pick you. Vanessa says come on man you’re not a dumba$$. you’re his backup though. Austin says backup to go or for to make sure one of them goes. Vanessa says I actually think you’re good. I have a lot to talk to you about. We’re actually not sitting that bad. Austin says I just want to know if he is going to pull something and try and take me out? Vanessa says no, but next week you’re free. Austin says I’m just trying to get to next week. Vanessa says you need to fake a fight between you and the twins or Shelli and Clay. Think about it he (James) needs to see a division. Think if you’re replaced with Johnny Mac. There’s a chance we could keep our whole 6 and Johnny Mac could go home.

10:55am – 11:05am HOH room – Austin comes up to the HOH room and tells James that Clay is pissing him off. He keep saying that James is coming after me. He keeps telling me you need to do this, you need to do this. You need to give me support. James says I promise you man I’m not going to do that. Austin says he just needs to stop. He says he never talked bad about the twins. I just don’t buy it because who else would he throw under the bus to keep himself safe. He has to. There’s no one else he could have thrown under the bus. James says wow man I can’t believe he… Austin says don’t say anything. James says I won’t, I don’t care about that any more. Austin says I’m at the point where I want to say stop! He keeps giving me looks acting like I’m the traitor. WHat did I do to you. If he was up there against one of the twins I wouldn’t pick him to stay. He is almost like you’re working with James now. I’m just trying to keep myself safe. Why can’t he get mad at Johnny Mac. Everyone is fine but him. James says that even Vanessa isn’t upset. James says one of us just need to win the veto and seal the deal. James says I’ve been Clay every time I’ve gone up against him. Worst case even if one of them does win the veto of them still goes home.

James says What pisses me of is that Clay came here to play for himself and they got into a showmance .. she wants him to use it on her and he’s down with it. I’m like come on man! If he wins it and tries to use it on her I’m going to be straight up and be like “Clay you’re a freaking ret@rd man and straight up Shelli you better be marrying this guy when you get out! Because if you not and you’re just bullsh*tting him to get a little further… ” Austin says she hasn’t even kissed him. Come on at least get a kiss for all that sh*t! James says my family would kick my a$$! Clay is just so blinded. But if really loves her.. I don’t know man.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 11-08-50-028

11:15am Vanessa tells Austin that Shelli and Clay have his back and now one of them is going to go home even though they’re the ones who saved him. Vanessa says James is lying about Clay and Shelli to get them to split up. Austin tells Vanessa he doesn’t trust James and he’s just staying on his good side so he doesn’t go up this week. Vanessa tells Austin that she took a bath in blood to keep him. Austin says I’m not going to do anything to hurt you. Austin says he’s learned his lesson after last week and won’t go up to the HOH room without Vanessa.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 11-16-15-604

11:20am – 11:30am HOH room – Jackie, Becky and James talk about their strategy if its the Veto with prizes where you can steal what others have won. They all agree to take the veto over prizes. Jackie asks what is Vanessa going to do. James says that Vanessa said she is going to keep the noms the same. James says that if Vanessa take the 5K I would throw her a$$ up. Na just kidding. James says we have the votes to get whoever we want out. Becky says no matter what one of them is going home. They have to decide which one is going. This veto doesn’t save two people. Even if I won it and use it .. one of them still goes home. It doesn’t change anything. What would I say to them. James says just tell them you have to look out for your game. James says that Clay is already telling lies about Austin. So if he stays and Austin wins HOH he has a reason to go after him. James says for anyone’s game its best to take out one of them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 11-19-47-177

12pm – 12:10pm Bathroom – Vanessa says I am stressed right now. Why do I always have to put in these horrible positions. Self preservation leads me to having to win the veto and then I am put in a terrible terrible position. It’s lose, lose. Johnny says just play for yourself and then worry about it later. Vanessa says that’s good but in taking care of myself I risk my long term survival by pissing people off that I’m closest to. Johnny says do what you’ve got to do and worry about it later. You’re going to make some friends and you’re going to make some enemies. Some ones got to go each week. Vanessa says even if I win and use it on one of them.. they could put up another one of my close allies. Liz says basically the house wants you to not use it if you win it.

12:15pm Cabana room Vanessa talks to Becky about her dilemma of whether to win it or not. Becky says I’m going to go in it to win it and then I’ll sit and listen to what Shelli & Clay have to say and then what James has to say. I’ll base my decision off what they say. Vanessa says why do I always have to be the center of the sh*t storm. Becky says at the end of the day this is a game. We all won the day we walked in the door. Vanessa says thank you, that’s what I needed to hear. Becky says this isn’t hunger games people don’t die. We don’t banish them. They are a showmance that will be loved. They’ll be on the amazing race. They will have so many opportunities when they get out. Cool sh*t happens after this.. we’re losing the game and winning in the long run!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 12-18-42-686

12:30pm – 12:40pm Shelli asks James asked you not to use it? Vanessa says not in so many words but that’s the consensus. Shelli says he can’t bully people in what to do. Vanessa says its not that. At the end of the day I can’t sense what he wants to do. I’m in danger of being backdoored so I have to play to win. Shelli heads back to bed.

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LOL @ Steve for changing up the Brenchel and Annie story from BB12 to fit his needs. He’s keeping himself out of the line of fire.

Christine the Whore

Lol at stupid Vanessa for thinking James would put up johnnymac if veto is used. Dumb c*nt.


So James picked Vanessa to play POV? Dangerous. James clearly trusts her (as I was thinking he did). If Vanessa wins and plays it to save Shelli…Yikes! Please, Vanessa, don’t do that. You KNOW it’s best for your game to send Shelli home – you KNOW it!


Actually it isn’t best for her game if Shelli goes home. Jmac or Becky going home is the absolute best case scenario for Van. They are both playing both sides and also have Clay and Shelli trusting them. Next best case scenario is Clay going home. Everyone (Meg, Becky, Jmac, Jackie) will want to work with Clay if he stays and Shelli goes and Clay is the type to jump ship from Van. However, if Shelli stays Meg and Jackie will not work with her and even if by some crazy chance they win HOH next week and put up Shelli and Van, Shelli will go home over Van… the same can’t be said about Clay v Van at this point.


Okay, I can see that, but I don’t want either JMac or Becky gone this week (#1 reason) and #2: as it stands right now, Shelli is the last person she’d want as F2, meaning she wouldn’t be assured of winning, as she would be against anybody else right now. Will she get another chance to vote Shelli out WITHOUT her going to jury? No. Would she want Shelli in jury? I wouldn’t if I were Vanessa.

Double D

It doesn’t say James picked Vanessa. Just that she I playing.


Relax little fella, Vanessa has this


james actually picked jackie as his house guest choice, not vanessa.


even if one of them come down i pray james doesnt throw up becky or steve. he has to make sure he puts up vanessa, liz or julia..or i guess austin but most preferably vanessa

just dont let that alliance get out of this week without losing a member


this is gonna be a great week because i don’t care who goes home. i know johnny, meg and jackie are gonna be safe so send anyone home. dont care if becky or steve goes home, then they deserve it since they are so gungho on saving the shelli/clay. yes, put up a becky or steve as a renom and let one of them go.

i would like shelli or clay to go but i know whoever goes home thursday i’ll be happy.

Double D

I said it before. You put up Liz and you have Austin and Julias vote

Team Edward

The prize game is wonky. Vanessa might end up with it, take one of them off and then she is safe as well. HOT DOG!!!! You think she would do that though? I think deep down she is happy as hell to be playing and control not changing the nominations.

If Becky wins on a fluke I would say 75% she wouldn’t use it. I think James is overall in a good spot.


Bloody heck Clelli got a chance 1 comes down. Vanessa cannot take the money or trip. Becky will for sure. James might be the other leaving Jackie all alone. Right now the “tard” looks like it has Jackie’s name on it if it’s a prize POV comp. Hope Van win’s and doesn’t use it! It would be a great week.


i wanna see a punishment/prize veto comp. or a how bad do you want it comp.
Shelley being evicted in an adult baby costume while clay sits beside her with a shaved head.
Cmon BB. make it happen!!!


If Van wins POV, she is 100% using it on her alliance member. 100% using it. Guanteed!!!!!

Meg's Twig Legs

Going to laugh my ass off if Shelli’s POV.


James won POV. Shelli has to do Knights routine 2,400 times.

Double D

Is it Sunday yet? I t to ceramony

i swear

if shelli or clay come off the block & james noms becky or steve in their place, i am literally so done with this show.


And Becky just might try to win it, dammit! She’s a wild card for what she’ll do with it. Go Jackie and James! I think James was smart not to pick Austin – he’s right; it would have been way to obvious.


Bye Bye Shelli or Clay!!!! Have fun talking to Julie Chen!!


I’m not sure where Vanessa really stands as far as using the POV. If she is really considering using it if she wins it I think there’s a good chance Shellys spaz attitude will ruin the opportunity. I can’t believe how whiny and bitchy Shelly has been to Vanessa. Like really. You’re on the frickin block. PLAY NICE WITH YOUR FRICKIN ALLIANCE. don’t be accusing them and bitching at them. Shellys pity party is hard to watch. Smh.


the thing is, little does shelli know that, the reason james, jackie and meg targeted shelli/clay is because of vanessa. vanessa told them that it was all shelli/clay’s idea to put up jason as a replacement nominee, which is in fact 100% lies by the straight shooter. vanessa is good at covering her own ass, its obvious.


lol that alliance will keep going with or without shelli/clay. vanessa is the head of it. im still in shock that james and jackie havent figured vanessa out. all of her bullsh** lies, all the “deals” and the “blood on her hands”, i mean, COME ON REALLY? SHE PUT JASON UP FFS. im starting to think this show is all an act/rigged. seriously, how the hell can they not tell that vanessa and shelli/clay ARE working together by now?


Did Becky say she is not going to try to win veto??? I actually hope James or Jackie win the veto, that way Shelli and Clay will come clean, to try to get the POV played. That is the only way the “light bulb” is going to go off in James, Meg, and Jackie’s head. In some combination, those three think the others can be trusted. {Then I am not certain they will believe the truth when they hear it.} Vanessa is in a bad spot, if she wins and doesn’t play it, fireworks with Clay and Shelli, if she throws it, Shelli and Clay realize it, “fireworks”, could be very entertaining for us viewers. LOL


I’d love a James POV holder. The entertainment listening to Clelli come up with deal after deal to get him to play it would be hilarious. As long as James doesn’t use it then it would be a fun day and a 1/2.
Funny but I think the house is better with both in it. To me it has to be a 6th sense eviction so Liz would be perfect. If she got put up she has 2 votes to stay and needs 5. If James and friends flip plus Nessa she could go but I don’t think it’s likely. Again for entertainment it’s best the noms stay the same. Then between now and Thursday lots of fun. Especially after it leaks Shelli is the target to be evicted not Clay.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa’s best move would be to win the veto and leave the nominations the same. Shelli or Clay will leave the house, and the surviving member of Clelli will remain in the house and be pissed off at her for maybe an hour or two. If Vanessa wins the veto and uses it to save Shelli, Liz will go up as a replacement nominee. Liz will probably survive the eviction, but I don’t think Liz, Julia or Austin will be happy about the risk Vanessa took. Throwing the veto comp would just be foolish, because she is likely to go up as a replacement nominee if the veto is won by Shelli or Clay.


Come on James and Jackie! Please, please let Shelli get out this week. I hope she has to wear some lame outfit from the veto comp when she goes out the door and sits next to Julie


with a prize POV though it all depends who goes last. because if someone gets the veto first than whoever goes last just gets to take it and hand someone else a prize. if shelli and clay are the last 2 and the veto is already taken by someone then we know production is trying to help them this week

but if james or jackie are last then we know there’s no rigging going on.

really the only way we know that the veto would for sure not be used is if james or jackie win

Big Jim

Operation Get Shelli Out in full effect. She should go if she doesn’t win unless Clay falls on his sword


Question? If Clay wins POV and takes Shelli off doesn’t that mean he is save too? The reason I’m asking is because I thought if you used the POV on someone you were safe also. Just asking because I wasn’t sure.


If he does that, will people say he pulled a “Marcellus”?


Also in BB8 Dick used it to save Daniele when they were on the block together. That was understandable though.


i got a feeling that whole strategy to take out a “big target” is going to be a big flop. vanessa shelli and clay vs jackie and james. james thinks vanessa is keeping noms the same, he is gonna get a big surprise. mean while vanessa is already planning to throw becky and/or Jmac under the bus. james and jackie are NOT targeting vanessa at all. im ready for a let down with this HOH. it was good while it lasted.


I’d say Van using the POV is 50/50. If the Austwin were to say get Shelli out plus the house she may just leave it the same.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

In a perfect world, James would win the veto…keep the nominations the same….and Shelli would go home. Vanessa winning the veto and using it on Shelli is not the end of the world. As long as a member of the six-person alliance goes home, James should claim it as a small victory. Still…best possible outcome would be for Shelli to be evicted.


Winning the veto himself might actually be the worst outcome for James long term.

If James wins and keeps noms the same, Shelli goes home but the rest of the Sixth Sense stays intact and they will have a new enemy to rally against. Clay will stick with Vanessa and they will take James out next week.

I dont understand why

Vanessa has a chance to split up the power couple in the house, without getting blood on her hands, and she it trying to SAVE them…????!? Vanessa, your alliance is already big enough, its O K to lose some one. freakin idiot i swear.


I agree, Van can win POV, not use it and let Shielli get lost. She will still have Clay fooled. He needs Van to keep him in the game.


Huh? She has to be careful. Shelli and Clay could both blow her game up bad. I don’t think shes going to try to win the pov, I really don’t think she cares if one of them goes. She already said they would have to be split up eventually anyway. BUT at the same time, they’re a showmance, a powercouple, in other words a nice shield.


I think Vanessa is an excellent Strategic thinker. If Shelli goes, Clay becomes a free agent. Becky and Jackie would be glad to align themselves with him, which reduces Van’s power position. She could be stuck with Autism and the twins, basically the fourth wheel, and probably James, but he is not an overall strong player. By keeping Shelli, she stays in the middle between the two groups and always have C & S to balance out A & the twins, 3 vs 3. As someone stated earlier, she is the glue that holds the S6 together. If S6 dissolves, she has less power and options.


If you think about it, there are 12 people. 6 in Vanessa’s alliance, and 6 others. She should try to keep them for at least two more votes, so her side will retain the majority.


James and Jackie gogogog
Now I really dislike Becky


In the first week I look for semi-honest HG then I look for people I could hang with. Next, some of the hang out people show a side I dont like. Finally in my pool of HG I look for smart game play. I liked Vanessa from the start. Clay-Shelli fell out the first week with the phoney factor. I liked Austin, he seems to be a genuine good person. I like Steve and Johnny Mac, I sense he is playing all the HG by playing dumb. Jackie didn’t get a good read on her until recently. Glad she is a player Becky just wants to fit in. James is discussing and I thought weak until this week. So with all of that said, I still don’t have a favorite. That makes it a.enjoyable season because I just want BIG moves and blindsided to happen. I am not a super fan, but have watched since BB1 when the ratings were so low, they almost didn’t have BB2. Who is everyone’s favorite?


im loving this season
I dunno if I even have a favourite. Every day people thrill me and piss me off. Someone was botching about how everyone was “jumping on the James bandwagon” as a favourite now. Lol. Well no duh. He shook up the house. Of course we love that! BB isn’t BB without power shifts, broken promises, big moves and the occasional underdog getting on top.
I love Johnny Mac cuz he’s entertaining. James because he put up celli. And the rest are all over in my books as to whether I like them or not. I’m still waiting for Julia to get more involved hopefully win a hog or something and see what potential she has. So far I enjoy the bit of attitude she shows.

Misty Beethoven

Good grief, the plans for the nvasion of Normandy were easier to follow than this convoluted mess! If you have this fake fight, then we’ll put Becky up, then backdoor Austin, then, then, then!! No wonder they trip themselves up. I hope the POV goes to either James or Jackie and the noms stay the same. One of those jackholes needs to go home, and I really want it to be Shellie. She’ll be lucky if she gets a job designing a dog house.

Bunch of chicken sh*ts

Come on… I want to see some true arguing, backstabbing, blaming, accusations, blowing peoples game up… lets go make this interesting


If James puts up Steve or Becky as the replacement, then he becomes the KALIA (BB 13) of this season. And Simon and Dawg will be forced to again break out the dunce cap graphic for all pictures of James….

Big Jim

You mean putting Lawon up wasn’t a big game move?


Veto pick couldn’t have been much worse. I have a bad feeling that Shelli is going to come off the block, and then they are screwed. The only way this goes as planned is if James or Jackie win the POV. I don’t think Vanessa wants to win this one, if she doesn’t use it, her alliance with Clelli is over, if she uses it, then if James/Meg or Jackie ever get the chance, she will be the main target. Jackie and Meg need to step it up a bit. They should be all over Julia this week, they should be building something solid with her to try and get both twins and Austin to work with them this week. Instead they are up in the HOH gossiping. James doesn’t really have anyone to help him out, so he is going to have to do it himself.


Austin just wants to go to Jury and everyone knows why! To get with Liz! How do Julia and Liz not understand that means she doesn’t win $500,000! Austin is pretty much saying Liz can’t and won’t win! How do you have someone’s back, but don’t want them to win so you can be in jury together? It all just seems funny to me.

I’m not a Austin fan and wish Vanessa would have just put him up.

Anyways! Hope Shelli doesn’t win PoV. I’m not ready for the eye candy to leave just yet!


Austin and the twins are trying to use this as a springboard for some type of career. The prize is secondary.


It is going to be interesting to see what Vanessa does with the veto if she wins it. Also, if Shelli wins or gets saved…I can’t wait to see Meg squirm. She does NOT want to lose Clay and is going to have a hard time hiding it if he is still on the block and Shelli isn’t.


Jesus Clay! Use the “Big Head” to think for once!


I just don’t understand all of these folks still sticking up for Clay and Shelli. I mean for what? They will never take you to final two…….and they are constantly paranoid. But still thry are ready to throw thier whole game away to get a veto and save them. And, if roles were reversed….you think they would really try to save you..becky? Vanessa? Like, how dumb can you be?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Simon/Dawg…What happened to seasons past when you would find pics/characters to replace house guests pictures. Was it too mean?


Since it appears James trusts Vanessa he needs to win pov. Hope he would be smart enough to put Liz up if Vanessa wins and takes Shelli down. That way he could at least be sure of Austin and Julia’s votes to get rid of Clay. Otherwise bye bye pawn.


I can’t wait until Austin and Vanessa are out too. Both are way annoying. Please get Shelli out this week!


Why did they replace Jace memory pic… now he is not even a member og BB17…

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I’m just going to say it: if Shelly allows that kid to ruin his chances at the $500k by sacrificing himself, she is the most selfish person to ever play this game IMO. If that’s the way it plays out, and I were his sister or Mom, I would rip her a new asshole on finale night.

She’s a POS.


What does POS mean aha i keep seeing it!!

The Hammer

If James has to do a renom to put someone up against Shelli it should be Liz or Julia to make sure she goes home. Austin and the other twin will vote Shelli out for sure. If Shelli the snake manages to slither her way off the block then put up Vanessa against Clay. Then it is very likely Vanessa hits the door. Just hope James is smart enough to see through Vanessa’s BS, as long as he is the Sixth Sense is screwed.


james is too drunk on vanessa’s kool-aid. the only ones that can expose vanessa’s lies are shelli and clay. shelli is too paranoid atm and is not thinking straight. clay is too angry/mad and actually wants to threaten james instead of trying to figure out what happened and why they (shelli/clay) went up instead of vanessa/austin/liz(or anyone else). IMO this HOH is just too random.. james did a good move, lets see how it goes post veto.


So it looks like veto comp is Clay n Shellie vs James n Jackie
Van n Becky don’t want it
I actually hope Shellie wins Veto … takes herself off
Then James puts up Becky or Austin and one of those two go
If Clay stays in the game n Shellie goes = Boring … Let the Battle begin …


I don’t see the fascination about jmac, he’s the super floater.


I don’t think James is that gullible to put Becky or Johnny Mac up. If Vanessa takes one of them off. He will put up Austin or the twins.

Michelle :)

Does anyone not have any thoughts on the announcement from BB about the “good ol’ days”?

I find that very odd. Everything means something in BB- especially if it comes from production.


Nice catch. No idea what it means but I think you’re right.


I wish Vanessa, shelli and clay do out Becky and James confronts Becky. Then she will really see where she stands with them shady condescending azz holes. She going look soooo stupid bcz neither side will ever trust her or have her back. Sorry, but She is a dumb azz. I do t he an issue with playing both sides but dammmnn do it to your benefit not the benefit of others. Dumb azz they didn’t save you last week, they are the ones that put u up in the first place. They kept u cz they knew they could control your dumb butt. Duh!!!!!


“They are a showmance that will be loved.”

Lol. If funny how off the mark people in the house can be about what the public thinks.


Putting Liz up is the best move if Shelli or Clay come off the block, but it isn’t fool proof. Austin, Julia, Meg and Jackie will vote to keep Liz, Vanessa, the other Clelli and Steve will vote Liz out. The wild cards are Becky and JMac. I think both would vote against Liz, and that keeps the 6 intact. The only way one of them goes out for sure is if James or Jackie win, or if Vanessa or Becky wins but doesn’t use it.


Liz is part of the six. They don’t keep the six intact if they send her home.


Watching the feeds and I need James to win the POV, remove Clay and put up Liz.
Vanessa and the Austwins are pow-wowing and saying they want to keep Shelli to stay….they can’t vote her out over Clay. And fuck the other side, they don’t have to vote the way they tell them to and can sway the others to vote to keep Shell.
So now, Vanessa is gung ho to win Veto to remove Shelli. Which I think is a bad move as she would have James, Jackie, Meg and to some degree Becky targeting her.


If Shelli or her man toy win veto. James must put up Vanessa, twins or if he must Austin. Austin is more of a risk of going home over them since he was almost out last week. If he puts up anyone else the pawn will go home and it will be a waste of a week!


Nope, it won’t be a waste of a week. It will be hilarious, Shelli and Clay going to war with the house! More popcorn.


If I am Vanessa, I would be noticing that Austin, Shelli and Clay all have lied to her/about her. She thinks that Austin’s lies are in the past, he is just a dufus. But Shelli and Clay threw her under the bus and they have thrown twins and Austin under the bus too. Julia and Liz have not done anything to Vanessa, and Austin is so scared of her wrath he will not stray again, even told Vanessa he won’t go to HOH unless she is with him LOL!! She also has Steve as a solid secret weapon. I think she knows that JMac and Becky are parachutes for Clelli and have no loyalty to Vanessa. Vanessa can use Austin and twins with Steve, and it isn’t a bad idea to smooth things over with James/Jackie/Meg for the time being. I don’t get why she thinks it’s better for her game if Shelli stays, especially if Clay stays too. If Shelli is gone, Clay will be easy to scoop up and manage, and he can win physical competitions. Shelli however will continue to win competitions and she will throw anyone under the bus, like she threw Vanessa under the bus yesterday. Liz and Julia are right, she needs to think of keeping herself safe. She should trust Austin and twins a lot more than Clay or Shelli.


people can find Shelli annoying but AT LEAST she competes and plays the game. Who is watching this season to watch Becky? Meg? Steve? or even Jackie? Jackie only woke up after Jason left, about time. I want Shelli to win Veto, then see who James will put up. Its great to have a power shift but you then need that “other” side to have players who compete. Not green plants like Becky,Meg and Steve who have brought almost zero to the game since night 1.


Everyone seems to be more concerned about what being on BB will do for them down the road, like it’s going to make them famous. But really, I can only think of a few who were heard from other than things related to BB. Yes, Brenchel comes to mind but who else?


Sorry dawg I keep forgetting to vote for you I definitely like you more than Austin


Shelli: “He cant bully you into not using it” (about james to van)…but thats what they tried to do to JMac…really want shelli out this week!


Im so tired of the 6th sense alliance. Id like to see Jmac steve and becky realize that this alliance is picking them off one by one and start working with meg/james/jackie! They’ll have 6 whereas the “6th Sense” will only have 5 and will hopefully get rid of them all (minus Julia, whom I actually like). It is a numbers game..


If the game is resetting does that mean there’s no more takeovers? If its still in effect, production, where have your twists been the past two weeks!?