Big Brother 18 Spoilers – RoadKill Results! “Who do I put up?! Frank get your a$$ over here!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 18-58-40-035
6:55pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the Roadkill Competition.

Roadkill Winner: Tiffany

In the bedroom – Corey says we shouldn’t have gotten out Bronte man. Michelle says she thinks Frank got it. Paul says either him or Tiff. I think he’s going to put up a strong competitor. Michelle says I think he’s gong to put up Day or Nicole. Corey says he will probably put up me or Nicole and if one comes down he will replace with the other. Michelle says douche.

HOH room – Paulie says I know Frank and Tiff are 100% in an alliance. Paulie says Tiffany walked in confident as F**k. Nicole says I can’t believe she won this one. Paulie says I’m going to make her really feel like she is a lone.

In the bedroom – Tiffany talks herself and asks who do I put up? Who do I put up?! I’ve got no one. Frank get your a$$ over here! Now!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 19-04-15-479

7:15pm Tiffany comes up to Bridgette and Frank in the bedroom and confronts him. What the f**k were you talking to Paulie about in the bedroom. You know you can’t trust him. Frank says I know. I have to pretend to talk to him. Tiffany asks you promise? Frank says yeah. Tiffany says if you’re f**king me then you’re f**king yourself because I’m a number for you. Frank says I know. Tiffany says I know you’re playing every side right now .. come on be honest. You have to. Frank says I have to. Tiffany says in the real game just know I have your back. So we can go far and get f**King Paulie. He’s so f**king cocky I want to punch him in his face. Frank says I know. You’re cocky too but I don’t care, I’m using you right now. Tiffany and Frank laugh.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 19-19-46-317

Paulie talks to Frank and Bridgette. Paulie says at the end of the day she will go to whatever side has the power. There have already been too many surprises on her accord. There’s a reason why we all wanted her out last week.

7:55pm In the havenot room – Tiffany tells Zakiyah that she didn’t put her up. I made a strategic decision. Tiffany says there is a master f**king plan to get me out .. its not going to happen. He thinks I’m my sister and I’m not. I’m playing nothing like her. Its time to shake sh*t up. If people don’t like my move then I am sorry but I’m not going to be your puppet. Zakiyah says this is a game. Do not lose your mind or your sanity. Tiffany says I did last night but then it woke me up and the beast is loose. Did you hear what he said.. there are going to be no votes to keep me this time. So of course I’m going to go after someone that’s in his alliance. It will be beneficial for you long term. Zakiyah says you got to do what is best for you. Tiffany says this is my last shot. I have no one. If it sends me home this week that at least I went out swinging. No more crying. Tiffany says I’ve never done anything negative to him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 19-52-44-104

Safari room – Zakiyah joins Michelle, Corey and Nicole. Zakiyah says that B***h is crazy. She’s aware of a lot of sh*t.

Living room – Tiffany, DaVonne and James. Tiffany asks James if he is okay. James says I just have my own personal problem. Tiffany asks with Natalie? James says yeah, how did you know? Tiffany says because you like her. James says that Natalie says that she has no one. Tiffany says and that upsets you because you’re there for her. James says yeah. Tiffany tells Day that Paulie is scared of who I’m putting up. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 20-07-11-319

8:05pm – 8:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Roadkill nomination.

RoadKill Nomination: Corey

Tiffany nominated Corey.

Safari room – That’s good odds going up. Michelle says don’t give her anything. Corey says she is the most disloyal person ever!! Zakiyah says she’s willing to throw everything out the window and go home. Nicole says I didn’t realize there were only 6 candidates. Nicole says please let me play. I hope my name gets drawn. Corey says I was going to say something to her but it wasn’t worth it. The feeds switch to Paulie and Paul in the HOH room. Michelle tells Nicole you have 5 votes right here. You’re safe. Michelle says James will 100% vote her out. He hates her.

8:35pm – 8:45pm Tokyo bedroom – Tiffany says you’re low on their totem pole. Frank says I said I was coming after you because they said you were coming after me. Tiff says I could never come after you, I’m alone. Frank says Its water under the bridge now. Tiffany says if you want to .. moving forward shake sh*t up. There’s an alliance with Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah and Nicole. Corey is Paulie’s right hand man. If he is gone that side is going to fall a part. Nicole isn’t going to know what to do with herself. Frank says we should just lay low till after the pov. Frank says we want Paulie to pick me. Tiffany asks if you won, would you use it on me or Natalie? Frank nods his head. James and Tiff head into the London bedroom. Tiffany says Nicole is flipping out right now. Its a f**king game. James says Natalie keeps saying she’s alone in this game. I’m sick of it. I’m not going to be used again. I got used last season. I’ll go out of this game alone. James tells Tiffany thank you for not putting me up. With they way this house is flipping.. if I had gone up, I probably would go home. Tiff says they’re all banding against me .. its rude!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 20-42-23-236

8:50pm London bedroom – Paulie says you should be really cold to her. She turned on the 4 people that voted to keep her here and then ran to the 6 people that wanted her out.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 21-15-49-079

Tokyo bedroom – Paul talks to Frank. Paulie says its refreshing not being on the block. I’m trying to glue things together but its not. They speculate on what the Power of Veto competition might be. They think it could be a knockout comp, The dice comp, or the reward / punishment comp. Paulie says that he and Corey are going to practice the dice comp all night to prepare. Paulie asks Day did he (Frank) kiss you on the cheek? Davonne says yeah. Corey says he kissed m on the cheep too. Did ya’ll see that?! Swear to god! Paulie says he’s trying to be a mobster. Technically a mobster would kiss both cheeks and that’s how you know you’re done. If this veto is anything physical.. Day says yeah done! Done! Paulie says I’m going hard for this one! This .. now you know its real! Oh man I can’t wait to get hyped for this comp tomorrow!! Day says I’m going to starfish on the bed. Paulie says she (Tiff) can sleep with Frank or Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 21-05-55-428

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Tiffany and Frank’s interaction is beyond refreshing…no bulls**t, honest, b*ll breaking….

Double D

Enemies are now friends…friends are now enemies…this is how BB was meant to be played. Great season.


A houseful of frienemies but no one to call a friend,


Paulie just freaked out on her. He’s trying to bully her to make her feel alone. And Frank is now saying he trust paulie. Frank can’t reallg be that dumb can he?


Let’s all hope Tiffany puts up Da

Big Brother is Life

I don’t think it matters though. Tiffany knows she’s alone and bullying her likely only steels her resolve and it really doesn’t matter if he still trusts Paulie. In the short term, with the teams, it serves him to maintain friendly relations since they ultimately protect each other. Frank will be advocating whoever Tiff puts up and THAT will be the loyalty test he puts on Paulie. Does he back making a move via her nominee or a backdoor. The harder he pushes for Tiffany rather than the 5 he should know betrayed them, even as he says Tiffany is all alone….Frank will see right through him.

Frank will likely push a Corey roadkill nominee, then push Paulie to backdoor Da….Frank knows he has many enemies and their order of eviction doesn’t matter.


Seems like Frank, Brigette, and Tiffany would have a better chance of winning POV if Tiffany had put up Nicole.


agree puhlease. I would have put up nicole too.


I can’t believe that broad won roadkill.
I hope her nom wins pov and screws her up and she still ends up leaving Thursday and doesn’t come back.


That’s why she needs to put up Z! So she doesn’t win! But even if someone else pulls her off, then put up Corey and rally the votes against the showmance

Tiny Trump hands

Naw, If Z went home, Paulie would just slide Michelle in to be his b1tch until it’s time to “clip” the girls.


Woohoo….the feeds are going to be alive tonight!!!


Mama Day drama all night.
Get ready for a billion facial expressions tonight.


I can’t stand Michelle’s game now. She’s playing rat-boy Andy’s game. She keeps popping into rooms to get info but she’s so transparent! She’s not a target yet (like Andy), but that game has already been played, and she we’ll be targeted at the final 8.


Thank gosh tiff the roadkill winner
See she can win comps now the fireworks start


Please Tiff, don’t fall for Frank. Geesh. He’s had enough power.

BB Bish

I thought Vanessa was nuts but Tiff kinda takes the cake.


Damn. Games getting interesting.


Tiffany won the road kill.
She gonna to put up Corey.

Powder Puff Girls

I think she should put up Da she is a bigger threat if this is a true alliance between Frank Bridgette Tiff


The whole Frank and Bridgette thing is a little creepy to me. It’s like Derrick and Victoria all over again. Why would she stick with him after he told her that he put her up after the first RK and her best friend for the third RK?

And Tiff is nuts and needs to go.

James and Natalie are too cute too watch.

Nicole needs to stray away from Corey, besides I am not sure but I think he is bisexual. On night one he said he wanted a “bromance ” with Paulie.

The house is crazy and so fun to watch!


Because the other HGs didn’t want to work with her, from the start basically.


And in addition to what Legednd said, this honesty communicates a lot more to Bridgette than just the truth. She’s basically Frank’s only true ally in the house right now and revealing this to her will help draw her in more. He’s lying to everyone else and she knows that but now she knows he’s willing to be honest with her 1-on-1 even if it could damage their bond. She knows she needs him and that if she’s on the block against most of the house that it will be her going.

Bridgette and Frank can go far they just have to beast it out for a while. Frank had his social game rekt so he needs to rely on comps for safety. I’d be working out and practicing counts and math and spelling and all that in my head 24/7 if my BB life was on the line like his is.


Didn’t they gladly accept her into the ‘eight’? But her insecurity and paranoia started to show and Da began to warn the others about her being too emotional. The others, in the alliance, began to worry about her being a loose cannon. Tiffany, ultimately, broke the trust first. She just wanted to be reassured too much, making the others feel like she didn’t trust them and therefore they began to not trust her.


Oops, sorry, never mind.


So much of this game is about how you handle pressure. If you are on the block talk to everyone, not ndecessarily about game, but act confident. If the roadkill nom looks looks like you will be the main target, talk to your biggest enemy first and see if you can make a deal. If you can’t then bust your butt for power of veto. If you lose that, than go to the other side of the house from the HOH and throw yourself at them by promising two weeks of servitude ie. noms if you are hoh, throwing comps, whatever. But never get too emotional or talk about who you are gonna get for the next four weeks in a row. It will never happen that way and your plans needs to be flexible.
We call it planning (when things go right) and developing contingencies (when things go wrong and you need to right them).

Not the best move

I really think Nicole d be a smarter choice, Cory is more likely to win POV and also he s loyal to the point he might not use it on himself just to take power away from Tiff…if he wins POV Tiff will be basically buried while there is not possibilty of Nicole not saving herself w a veto


Aahhhhhh man… Getting my popcorn ready because the shit show is about to go down????????


Good for Tiffany! Please put up Corey.


Serves them right, should have gotten rid of Tiffanessa when they had the chance. Now she’s going to stick around like a pus filled cyst on the labium minora.

Big Jim

OK time to get Corey/Nicole out either 1 will do


If Nicole win pov she takes Corey off the block.


Nicole… Win… I don’t understand what you are saying right now


LOL. That does not compute.


He is assuming that Frank will whisper into Tiffanessa’s ear and convince her to put up Corey for the Roadkill nomination. In turn, he also assumes that Nicole will win the POV competition and use it on Corey, her imaginary serial killer boyfriend, taking him off the block and enuring both their safety.

Thanks, I have to keep up with my constituency!


Wow! You are an excellent translator, I wish Mr Frodo used you on his posts.

sunny sww

Ricky may be ESL & the repliers may use that to mock him/her, but at least Ricky figured out that Corey was the roadkill nom, right? So obviously saying he/she wants Nicole to win the POV, and take Corey down, so that they are both safe from being on the block.

It’s a short sentence people, it shouldn’t take an English First Language people so long to understand it


I think the confusion stems from the part where Nicole wins…


Damn!!! Anybody else think RK is rigged? I don’t care bring on the drama! She’s got to put up someone she could beat. I’m thinking Paul. He’s the only one she has a chance against unless she wins POV. I would love to see Nicole’s whiny a$$ on the block just to see her squirm. She’s getting close to Christine’s level of terribleness

Timy Trump hands

Road Kill is another name for Production’s choice. Victor happens to win when he’s on the block, now Tiffany? I’m glad Tiffany has it and can shake some sh1t up, but rigged, it is.

Tears on my pillow

Damn straight it’s rigged!! BB doesn’t actually post the times of all the players…they can pick and choose whomever they please with no-one being none the wiser!!


i hate to think that RK is rigged but its fishy since they dont show the times and we just have to believe that who won really won

Donald Dumpf

I don’t know why people are questioning HOP (Head of Production) also known as Roadkill, it is keeping the players on their toes this season.


Oh this is great. I hope she tells NO ONE she got it. Not even Frank. Let some people sweat it out. Loving how she is getting bossy with Frank. Now we will see the “Vanessa” in Tiffany come out. If Tiffany wins, take herself off. Frank and Bridget are safe. If Frank or Bridget wins, take Tiffany off. All three are safe. Will force Paulie to put one of his own up.

Hahahahaha hahahahahahahaha this great. Now, Tiffany for the POV!

Frank the tank

I love how frank has no filter lol….straight up I’m using you to Tiffany lmao


Actually tiff said that to Frank. She told Frank paulie is arrogant then she said you are too but it’s ok I’m using you. Lol


So it’s confirmed…Production definitely doesn’t “decide/influence” who wins the Road Kill comp. Sure. We are all morons and believe that.

Big Brother is Life

Ayesha Curry, is that you…


A little too cynical, eh? Ha ha! Wish I was as young and beautiful as she is!

Big Brother is Life

Thank you for seeing the humor and rolling with it. You’re officially my favorite commenter


Well damn. I would rather her win POV. I hope she puts up Nicole, but I bet it will be Corey.


Please put up Nicole. Have to break her and Corey up. If she goes, Corey will be okay. However, if Corey goes, Nicole would not be okay and we would have to listen to her whine.


Don’t worry, if Corey goes Da will be there to comfort Nicole.

Big Brother is Life

Tiff and Frank are crazy


And it’s the kind of crazy we BB fans Love. 🙂


Awesome, Not a fan of Tiffany but I do just love a shaken up BB House…


If I was Tiffany, I’d put up Nicole.

Sho Nuff

If you were Tiffany, you’d be a anxious, depressive, aging lesbian.

Big Brother is Life

Tiff, Frank, or Bridgette still has to win veto in order to make a big move. They need Tiffany’s vote no matter who she nominates with RK.

Powder Puff Girls

I have a feeling they will attempt to recruit James and Natalie to their team

Big Brother is Life

But that still leaves them with just 3 votes, seeing as Nat and Tiff are on the block. They need the right target, CoreyNicole, then get Tiff off (Nat could work too, but more iffy) and they can pull Da to get the 5 votes they need. 4 votes is just a tie with Paulie breaking it.

At least with 4 votes, Frank can put Paulie on the spot…and he’ll fold, even if Da ends up backdoored.

Powder Puff Girls

okay, I was looking at it a different way, put up Da, due to her dislike of the Show-mances. T/B/F work on swinging Nicole and Cory & Z to vote out Da.

BTW I like your logic enjoy your posts


Tiff needs to put up Z! She won’t be a strong POV competitor. Then if Paulie, Corey or Nic win POV, then Tiff can tell them if they pull Z off, she’ll replace her with one of them! Oooorrr…They can use it to pull Tiff OFF the block and let Paulie select the replacement! Then he can put up a “b” team player, like Da or Meech!


I like tiffiny frank brdiget team
im so glad tiffny won hope frank or her wins pov tomorrow
I think pulie should go home he think he the best big brother player of all time
he a baby in the comp frank is not even trying in keeping up with you he should go watch some film


She gotta put Corey or James up.


Paulie such a tool bag

Happy dance

Not that I love Tiffany. I like her then not so much. But looove those crazies convinced Paulie to keep her when he knew better. And now look at the mess he is in now. Drama drama and more drama. I’ll use Franks words from last night. This is why I love Big Brother. Gonna be a fun night !!


paulie so cocky he realizes he isnt safe every week right dont think he gets it


I hope tiff puts up Corey or Nicole! Things are getting exciting!!! Rubs hands together like birdman lol

Motorboat Natalie

I have a hard time believing Tiff won’t go home unless Frank wins veto. Am I wrong here? I just don’t see how they get the votes unless Grodner does her magic like she did getting Tiff the roadkill win.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Go Tiff!

Put up Corey. Let’s hit the Snake4 alliance where it hurts. Right between Ratcole’s and Pauline’s eyes

Bye Corey! Look on the bright side. You get to get away from that thiirsty desperate Ratcole.

I love how pissed Paulie is. Bahahahaha! His HOH is going to be even more of a epic failure than Bridgettes. He wants Tiff out and his best bud and dude he planned to take to F2 is going home on his HOH. Lmfao! :-p

Tiff for the win! She is a bad ass. 4 weeks in now she winning comps. These fools have no chance. Haha.

Corey's slippers

Noooooooooooooo!!!!! Our boo won’t allow that! Frank?

Aunt Cunt

Bring my smelling salts!

Buddhist Boy

Your screen name is endearing, I like it.


Michelle proved she is not a super fan. She said 5 is a lucky number because The Quack Pack went all the way with 5 and The Brigade went all the way with 5. The Quack Pack lost Britney, only 4 of them made it to the end. The Brigade only had 4-Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden-and only 3 of them made it to the end.

So Sad

I don’t like Tiffany. I don’t like Frank. But, as long as they go to war with the showmances, maybe my boy James and his fauxmance cutie can skate through a little while longer.


Paulie’s game is sinking like the Titanic….he is slowly putting himself in a similar spot Frank was(maybe not as bad) 2 weeks ago. Too cocky, too confrontational….his group decided to keep Tiffany they have to live with their decision. That is what happens when you are 100% focused on just one play “get Frank out” and you cant deliver the knock out blow….Paulie also believes he has many people backing him up…little does he know Day/James were talking earlier that they needed to break up the Corey/Nicole/Paullie/Z …this HOH could end up being the downfall of Paulie

Powder Puff Girls

This is why I think Tiff should put up Da. Frank,Tiff, Bridgette could shift the votes due to Paulie being aware of Da’s dislike for the show-mances. She was on the his hit list.


They need to space out these comps and ceremonies better!!!!


I heard that they’re coming out with a sequel to Centipede 2, it will be called…….wait for it…….wait for it……Centipede 3. It will feature Bridgette and Frank Eudy. Bridgette will have flaps from her cheeks sewed to Frank’s anus, a human centipede digestive system.

That’s nothing new, Bridgette is being force fed Frank’s bullshit right now, and she likes it!

STFU Paulie

At the end of the day!! you’re a loudmouth douche, posturing like your brother and neither with the spine to back it up.


This has been the most chaotic season in a very long time and, I am loving it! Never thought I would say this but, go Tiff!!


If Tiffany ever somehow comes off the block…Paulie is screwed. Tiffany is already blowing up his game, confirming to Frank that Paulie wanted her to win HOH to put Frank up. I did say it way back when Paulie started all this BD Frank talks that it was bad for his game, keeping Frank as a bigger target and wait till later to take him out. Now Paulie’s game is out

Big Brother is Life

And just to remind you, the vast majority were voting you down, refusing to believe the “too soon” argument, and generally every bit as afraid/obsessed with Frank as their favorites, assuming he’s the boogeyman that will evict them all….which now thanks to them all playing too hard too soon, is now a better possibility than ever.


Put Z up and let’s just see if she can get herself off. So sick of her agreeing with everything Paulie say. What the hell did she go on BB for. If she wanted a man, she should have tried out for The Bachelor. At least Da and Michelle put in foot work and do something. She just walk around talking shit behind people back and repeat how she can’t have a showmance right now. GTFOH!!


This week has gone insane, Things that we NEVER thought would happen (Tiffany and Frank becoming allies) have happened. If Tiffany can remove herself and stay, then the next few weeks are going to be so much fun. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t like either, but them targeting the showmances is amazing and great to watch. <3

Powder Puff Girls

I was not surprised at all I commented a few days ago this could happen (Tiff and Frank) if they took Tiff off the block. Was not a fan of Frank on his last season but this season he stands out from all the rest. Even with all his flaws and bad ass slapping. Until someone steps up and starts playing smart I am for Frank. It has been a hard season to pick a front runner. I am not a fan of Tiff but could be if her game play gets better. With all that said Frank and Tiffany may be on the warpath by nomination day. Frank needs to put a sock in his mouth.


I can’t really pick a front runner either. I have to see which side or which alliances crumble before I can see a selection of winners. Frank is Immune this week, so he has one week to fix and mend a couple of things, Tiffany on the other hand has her work cut out for her. Let’s not forget there’s still that battle back crap, and if it works Redemption Island style, she would only have to win One Comp, so she may very well walk back through those doors as quickly as she may very well exit them.

Needless to say, this week is going to be crazy. ^_^


They should really put everyone’s Roadkill attempt online so we know for sure production isn’t fudging it.

Scuzzy Gum Gum

How could we trust that Production would put up honest results!?

Big Brother is Life

So CBS is a massive publicly traded company with a market cap of $25 billion, they have the NFL, top rated primetime shows….and a summer special called Big Brother for $500k, which isn’t exactly a top priority or moneymaker.

You really think they’re going to risk lying to advertisers, who buy time and fund a straight competition, risk the scandal of Les Moonves’ wife being front and center, risk congress deciding to grandstand and hold “Quiz Show” hearings…all so they can give certain players an advantage that isn’t even guaranteed to be an advantage?

I love a good conspiracy theory…a GOOD conspiracy theory…

An ornery mouse

Best comment I’ve seen in a long time, BB is Life. 100% on the money.


Reality TV is scripted to a point. So is BB. CBS manages to move there stars in a way that will make for a good show. . They want the viewers tuning in and not turning to another network. So they do what they can to stir the pot and keep us watching. That might be doing a game that is geared for one persons ability more than another, or throwing out hints behind closed doors. That’s why they can’t discuss their DR conversations. They try to put on a good show. And Tiff winning RK makes for good TV.


You really don’t think production hasn’t fudged anything? Give me a break. Just look at season 13 at the final 6 they re-introduce the duo twist to help Rachel and Jordan because production knew the HOH (Porsche) was going after those two. Rachel and Jordan get nominated, duo twist re-introduced, Rachel wins veto, which means Rachel AND Jordan are both safe. Can’t even get one out. Or how about season 15, when they had an entire new cast on the show except one person (who just happened the be sister of Rachel, the exact girl who has an army of fans for herself and her boyfriend/fiance/husband). They introduce the third nominee, who is selected by America’s Player, a player who is selected each week by the fans. How is Elissa, who has the backing of her sister’s fan base, not going to be America’s player when she’s up against a whole new house of new players at the beginning of the game when nobody knew who they were. That little twist kept her in the game. It even drastically changed the game because the people in power (in the minority) those weeks wanted her gone, and her nominations gave the other side of the house (the majority) an available target. You’re being absolutely ridiculous if you don’t think production doesn’t fudge it sometimes. To call me out for asking for a little transparency with an un-edited and timed video of each attempt on their website just makes me think you actually want production to fudge it.

Jake K.

This is a smart idea! Honestly though I feel like last time they knew that was a concern for people and seemed to show a bit more of how it played out. Also, they may fudge it a bit, but despite is being anonymous, production would be stupid to think HGs wouldn’t at least compare results to SOME degree. For example maybe if Victor came in a close second with the true winner that second week, they just gave him the win kinda thing. But if he performed in say the bottom 60-70% of the competition, he probably wouldn’t have been the winner. At least that’s my take

Fuzzy Num Num

And so now Vanessa can finally shed her Tiffaney suit.

If it all stays the same, Corey will be going home

If noms stays the same:
– Bridgette, Frank, Da’Vonne, James, (and possibly Paul) will vote out Corey and
– Michelle, Zakiyah, and Nicole will vote out Tiff or Natalie.
– If it is a tie and Paul sides with Paulie, Tiff will go home since Paulie will break the tie. –> (I don’t see it happening though since the house is worried about the “showmance alliance”)

An ornery mouse

48 hours ago, I really disliked both Tiffany and Frank. Now I’m pulling hard for them to take down the shit-talking snakes on the the other side…… especially Nicole – she’s really making me nauseous this season. This game is crazy.

It’s great that Tiff won the RK, but the sad fact of the matter is that her side just doesn’t have the votes. It takes 5 this week since a 4-4 tie results in Paulie being able to cast the final vote for the shitbags.

Tiff will probably throw Corey up there as the RK nom. So let’s say that, hypothetically, come Thursday we’ve got Tiffany, Natalie, & Corey still on the block. Right now the votes would be: Corey- Frank, Bridgette, James (probably), Davonne (probably); Tiffany- Nicole, Zak, Michelle, Paul; Paul is the iffy one, but he really seems pretty devoted to Paulie….. and he’s talked tons of crap on Frank, Bridge, & Tiff. I just don’t see this new alliance of outcasts swinging him over to their side.

P.S. Did I mention how strongly I’m disliking Nicole so far? I know she’s just playing a game, but she royally sucks. She’ll be Gina Marie when her meathead gets evicted…. and I can’t wait.


Frank + Bridgette = Fridgette


Frank + Bridgette + Tiffany = Fridgettefanny


I don’t think I have ever disliked a group in the house as much as I do those hanging in the safari room right now.


I’m with you. I had to switch cams. They are wretched.