“we can control this house with our hands behind our backs”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

11:12 am Turner and Monte
Monte – I walked into the bathroom this morning and Taylor asked ‘Are you okay’ .. YES Taylor.
Monte – she’s been playing Hall monitor for while
Turner – yeah Big Time
Monte – she was just our hall monitor for a period of time
Turner – they know if the three biggest competitors team up they don’t stand a chance.
Monte – Yeah.. at that point there’s nothing that can be done.
Turner – Yean
Monte – it will be pretty telling Michael’s reaction to Alyssa possibly going home this week vs Terrance. I wonder if he will parlay with that idea.
Monte – I am truly indifferent on the matter.. Alyssa is not a threat.
Turner – Michael feels that Terrance is a direct threat to his game.
Taylor comes out and the game talk stops. Once she leaves.

Monte – last night I think I made sense with what I am trying to say. If the three of us are working together as long as two of us are not on the block and one of us is HOHJ we will always have the majority vote.
Monte – this week you have four next week we have three
Monte – whose more dangerous when it comes to floating. if the girls are truly getting together if this information from Brittany is true. That means Alyssa will vote with them all the time. She will vote either one of out asses out in a heart beat. That only matters if they win HOH and two of us are on the block.
Monte – if Taylor wins I don’t see her putting two of us on the block. That to me is hard to imagine.

Turner – she would pawn Alyssa and put one of us up. She would think she has Michael’s and Brittany’s vote. Do one of us and if we somehow win a veto backdoor Michael.
Monte – that is very true my friend.
Monte – I want to check Michael’s vibe if he’s really solid on this
Turner – we can control this house with our hands behind our backs.
Monte – just tap-dance around them.
Monte – The leftovers Bro we won every week that is why we were dominate it wasn’t as social game we were playing. Joe was you know Fiddling around with information here and there but it really didn’t matter we had HOH. That is essentially what it came down to. If it’s the same shit we got good odds. once we go down to four based on the order of things Michael doesn’t win HOH that week one of us do. That is the time to take the shot if he doesn’t win the veto (LOL)
Monte – and we go from there
Turner – worst case some how we don’t end up winning HOH next week we can still somehow get Alyssa out.
Monte – yean.. Yeah
Turner – I don’t see a world were me and you don’t win this HOH
Monte – We should be pretty good..
Turner – it’s Michael then us then everybody else.

11:15 am Houseguests getting ready for the Veto Ceremony.

11:25 am Feeds go to the pound

12:18 pm feeds come back Veto wasn’t used.
Terrance – why couldn’t we win back to back.. why couldn’t we win twice..
Taylor – you still got some people in it.

12:22 pm Turner, Michael and Monte
Turner – they are trying to form groups whatever it’s a girls alliance of Brittany trying to form a final 2 with me. Talking about Backdooring Michael.. whatever.. the best play for all of us is to work together.
Turner – We can ride the wave going forward.. The best way for us all to make it is to work together and go to the end.
Monte – Brittany pulled you aside?
Turner – we were up until like 6:30..
Monte – it’s surprising to hear that the girls are trying to form something this late in the game..
Monte adds that the girls are trying to get the three of them to target each other.
Turner – she said ‘I Feel like I am getting looped into Groups for second place… with you (Turner) I feel like I have a fighting chance ‘
Turner – she was saying in that group of people.. my name gets thrown out. she brought up the idea of backdooring Michael at some point.
Turner – clearly they are going to try and loop one of us into that group so we can take shots at the other people and if a spot opens up backdoor you (Michael)
Turner – they think they can run us instead of us destroying the rest of the game.
Monte – it does make sense for us to protect each other over us eliminating each other so we’re the one last big target.
Turner – going into next week we have the majority vote.
tuner – we are going to win every HOH moving forward.
Michael points out that the girls have 1 HOH combined
Tuner – we have 6. A lot better
Monte – this is a pretty solid Idea for us to run with

Monte – if we know there is an alliance with the ladies what is the best option? We talked about Alyssa being a high threat level just from the jury perspective. She’s going to get every vote known to mankind out there. from a competitive standpoint she doesn’t pose much of a threat. Compared to Terrance.
Monte – we control the vote right now. if Brittany or Taylor. where’s their heads at?
Monte – I’m trying to get a read on this girls thing if it’s real or not.
Monte adds he doesn’t care if it’s Alyssa or Terrance.
Michael – we have a couple days to figure it out. If Brittany is not on board with girls thing I am less concerned with Alyssa being here. I’ll have some subtle conversations and feel them out. This would be the vote to make it happen this week. whatever we decide we make it happen.
Michael – If Brittany isn’t on board with the girls thing I wonder if she will say something to use about it.
Turner brings up that Brittany told him she has not chance to win against Michael but Turner she does.
Monte says he’s going to “Poke the bear” a little bit with Taylor to see how she response to voting out Alyssa.
Michael – I have felt Brittany has been on edge these past couple days.
Michael brings up when he was talking to Brittany and Taylor approached them. Brittany asked for 5 more minutes. Michael notes they weren’t talking about anything special Taylor could have been with them.
Michael – it was really weird.
Turner says about his talk with Brittany she was “Very animated” told him “you can not tell anybody this”

Michael – if she gets the feeling she can’t win she’s going to do something desperate.
Turner – is it chaotic to give us a name or does that always end poorly?
Monte says she’s heard so many names for so many alliances.
Turner – Group of three people forming?
Michael – that’s the name
Turner – Founding fathers.. We don’t have to name it we just have to know we have each other’s back and then can steamroll everybody .. with peace and love.


They’re very enthusiastic about their hands in

Turner leaves..

Michael says he feels better with Turner sharing the information now than before the veto because if it was before it would be a sign he felt in danger.
Monte – it seems pretty organic the timing of things. There’s no holes in the story so I 100% believe his story.
Michael – has Brittany made any comments to you?
Monte – like a final 2?
Michael – like getting me out?
Monte – she never said those words.. Taylor on the other hand..
Monte says for Brittany to unload so much information to Turner was surprising.
Michael – is she really that worried that Turner will win and come after her next week?
Michael – if she thinks everyone can beat her
Michael – this very much reminds me of the backstage days..
Monte nods “yeah”
Monte says some of the things said about Dyre Fest didn’t add up but since Kyle outed that him and Turner had a final two Turner had to revaluate his game.
Michael – the way he described it was that Fyre fest was a shit show..

Monte – this game makes the closest people to you do some pretty shady stuff when their backs are against the wall..
Michael – yeah
Monte – you had her back a lot sucks to hear that (Britt)
Michael – I’m going to stay calm. I’m not going to run and confront her. That is just going to blow everything up so if we can have conversations with them.. if she did get approached with a girls alliance that she’s not interested in I would think she would tell us.
Monte says he hasn’t had a lot of one on one time with Britt but he did with Taylor and she never mentioned a girls alliance at all.
Monte – that to be makes it seem like it’s actually a thing
Monte leaves..

1:06 pm cam 4 Zzzzzzz

1:04 pm Terrance and Monte
Terrance says that Turner is fine with Alyssa going “He can’t sit next to her”
Monte – everybody know that shit.
Terrance – she has everybody bro..
Monte – it escapes me how ever week there’s always an excuse to getting her out of the house. Even with the leftovers there was always something.
Monte is worried Alyssa will “Float her way to final two”
Terrance – A black man won it last year we won it as a people. F** it They say we are working together why not win it twice why not go back to back and win it a different way.

Terrance says if Alyssa wins HOH she’s not putting up Turner she’s putting up Taylor and Monte.
Terrance says if he wins the HOH he’s putting up Turner and Michael. “Alyssa is connected to turner, Brittany to Michael. no one in the game can sit next to Michael”
Terrance – Turner and Alyssa thru me clean under the bus with Michael..

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Simon, see what you did: Brittany, the new agent of CHAOS, lol


with laser shot eyes!


If Terrance wants to stay in this game, he needs to sway Michael as the tie vote. I can’t see Taylor or Brittany voting to save him.


I am listening to Monte do his fishing expedition and wondering if he realizes the mistake that he made starting his fishing expedition with Taylor. She is being honest; almost too honest regarding her feelings about Terrence


No.No.No. Its time for him to go


Monte and Turner are so afraid of Michael it’s turned them into idiots. They can’t really believe he would choose them over brit. They can’t be afraid to just nominate hum straight up and send his friend home it he wins instead of letting him veto them and decide their noms


It’s also bc of their paranoia about a girl’s alliance. Was it Taylor who spilled that to Monte? Or stuff that Brit said?

Verdella W Fisher

Brittany spilled to Turner.

Team Taylor

Personally, I’m fine with either Terrance or Alyssa going out next. Terrance staying gives Monte and Turner an extra number to compete in comps to evict Michael next. Alyssa has Indy, Jasmine, and Kyle in her pocket for jury votes.

The question becomes who gets evicted next. If Brittany somehow wins HOH, Turner or Monte will be out. If anyone else gets HOH, Michael and Brittany will get split up — the Veto comp will determine Michael’s fate in the game.

As long as Monte and Turner are blowing smoke in teaming up with Michael in Final 6, it may be in Taylor’s best interest to not win HOH this time. But she should go all out for Veto.


The more I hear monte, turner, Terrance, and the brittney bashers, the more I hope she wins this next hoh.


She needs to start pulling her own (substantial) weight.
She’s riding Michael’s coat tails.


The guys are pretty cocky, thinking they could control the game “with their hands behind their backs”. I hope one of the girls win HOH and veto during the double.


there’s a part of me that would absolutely love alyssa to be the one that sends michael home. it’d be hilarious.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

If Alyssa won HOH, she’d put up Monte & Michael. That’d be frickin hilarious!


She can’t win anything. She’s so dumb she thinks London is in FRANCE!
And her boyfriend doesn’t know either. They are both so dumb they are a perfect match.

Verdella W Fisher

I don’t know how she functions in the real world being that dumb. At first, I thought she was playing, but the other day she asked if Maryland was close to California. Is this an example of the best Florida public schools have to offer?


My dream scenario is for Terrance to get voted out, (even though I like him) and for an absolute miracle to happen and somehow Alyssa gets HOH.


How can you like him? He’s a one person pity party for his stupidity. Kyle tricked him into evicting Joe and subsequently Dumbo Terrance became a vile mouthed a**hole and defused his self anger to Michael. Michael being the only worthwhile person on BB this summer..


LC I agree with you 100%!

Verdella W Fisher

I agree. However, Terrance was a nasty, illogically mean person from Day One. He has no game other than latching onto other people, Daniel, Nicole, Michael, then Kyle. He’s a dumpster fire person.

Alyssa's Vagina

Is Turner a Vampire? Dude is way too pale. Kind of concerning.

Verdella W Fisher

Right? He reminds me of imitation mayonnaise.

It's me

Is Big Brother on tonight? Sunday September 5th?


Sunday was yesterday

Paul Sucks

Uhhh, it’s Monday today.


I am so tired of Brittany that I don’t know what to do. I hope she goes in the Double. So annoying


She’s right up there with the worst of them…..for sure!


Brittany — just stop talking, pleazzzzz.

It's me

I thought today was Sunday


How is Joe suddenly the top of the rankings? And how is Alyssa and Terrance below Jasmine? Have people suddenly remembered her birth year or something???


Terrance is the bottom feeder of the season. Joe was a good guy who lost to the trickery Kyle played on Dumbo Terrance.


Exactamundo ! !

un autre nom

After Taylor passes Monte’s test (for the moment, he is ALWAYS looking for a reason with her), he spills the Turner information about Britt. Now, let’s be mindful that Turner’s retell is a little…how do i say this…fudged to make Turner look like an innocent bystander. But that’s the tale that Taylor gets from Monte.
Taylor considers flipping her vote to keep Terrance. She’s still adamant about getting rid of Michael.
Taylor tests Britt. Britt is not doing well in testing. Saving grace from making this a disaster? Taylor still considers Britt the goat to drag to finals in order for Taylor to win. She tries to think of a way she can get both Terrance AND Britt to final 3. I don’t actually see a universe where that works. Like, at all.
While talking a second time with Britt, it’s less test, more pseudo-manipulation. Let’s face it, Tay has been a revolving door idea of final 3’s in her head. Monte and Turner join the confab to discuss the current vote state of affairs. The women are pointing out Terrance has a better chance of winning a comp or a double HOH in the near future. The guys point out Alyssa is a pity manipulator. If I’m weighing the two… um… yeah. Not much of a contest.

I was sort of grossed out by part of an earlier Monte/Terrance cnversation. Grossed out to the point of leaving for a while. The two agreed that Kyle was all about his alliance, and nobly fell on the sword. Sideye. That’s… a point of view. yeesh.

So at present: it still looks atm like Terrance is being evicted, but it’s not the slam dunk it was. It still looks like the guys are atm loyal to the three guys owning the game idea. What isn’t certain: do they want Britt or Taylor as the fourth? I honestly can’t answer. Sorry, that’s why it’s a question in my mind. No clue.

What I noticed: when the guys talked of their three and moving forward, neither man asked who Michael preferred to be evicted as much as Monte made it known that he was undecided but saw more value in keeping Terrance to cut the three woman alliance off.
What else I noted: So Monte and Turner want to ride Michael’s coat tails to final four… while talking about how indomitable the three men are together. Monte and Tay have won the same number of comps. Turner and Britt have won the same number of comps…. Either way it comes down to Michael winning and keeping others safe. No really. It just does. But ego is ego.

Britt’s game flipping hyperhypnotoading is coming home to roost today. It’s not the first time. The only thing she has going for her: The entire house KNOWS she will not win with the jury of her housemates (but take offense when thinking she is playing for second). I don’t quite get that… but it annoys them.


Taylor was EXTREMELY honest with Monte in their discussion regarding what she thinks about Terrence so his fishing expedition kind of blew up there. Right now I am not sure how much of the 3-man alliance is real but right now I think that if Turner is in the finals with either of them he may end up winning in both scenarios (especially if there’s a bitter jury where Michael is concerned)


Yay!! Michael did not use the veto. It will be amazing to see that worthless pity party foul mouthed Dumbo Terrance evicted!!!! AMERICA THANKS YOU MICHAEL!!!

Michael struggled with this. In the end, he realized having him around was more damaging than kicking him out.

It’s still quite possible that Michael will go to jury Thursday, but in the meantime he has give us an amazing summer. Watching his incredible comp skill and intellect is the only reason I stayed on to watch BB this summer.

I mean, how often do we viewers get a chance to see great physical skill combined with Mensa brilliance!!


I pray Michael makes it through the double!!!


Completely agree. But given the stress he’s had making the veto decision today plus having to win comp after comp, he might not be able to pull it off.

One of the best HG ever, though!!


I don’t think that they know that it is double eviction this Thursday, just hope Taylor survives the eviction.


I don’t. Taylor has been on bonus time for many weeks. I suppose the same could be said about several who still remain.


Zingbot was right on with Michael. He gives me the creeps.
Very, very unattractive. Skinny long legs and arms.