Monte – Turner last night came up to me and was like ‘Dude Brittany is going crazy’

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:32 pm Monte and Taylor
Monte – If there was some miracle where she did win HOH she would probably put the both of us up.. (Alyssa)
Taylor – you think she would put both of us up after her boyfriend had the racist situation?
Monte – I don’t think she cares out that..
Monte – she has reasons to come after us

Monte – if me and you were sitting next to T..
Feeds flip.. When we’re back. Monte has been pitching the idea of Alyssa going this week.
Taylor complains about Terrance they both agree they can’t trust him.
Taylor – I’m sorry I know I have a lot of disdain in my voice right now but I can’t even fake it..
Monte – yeah .. after last week.
Taylor – yeah
Monte – you feel pretty yeah.. I get it
Taylor – I’ve felt many different ways for many different people that one in particular is so egregious
Monte – it’s pretty disgusting
Taylor – It’s really gross. For Terrance to sit here and talk about let’s look at this logically and look at the votes. I’m like why do I want to do this with you
Taylor says Terrance was “Vaguely” trying to threaten her “A lot of votes he left it so he was the last vote” (When he went through scenarios with her)
Taylor – who else is there.. who else is there.. ohh me.. damn.. I’m the deciding vote here. Who is left who is left in this scenario.. Ohh me.. damn.. I didn’t realize I was the deciding vote in so many of these outcomes.
Taylor – for me I don’t give a f*** I would prefer for myself Terrance to be gone this week. just to put that stressful sh1t to bed. Alyssa can then be handled. However we have Alyssa in this position it’s not bad if she goes this week.
Taylor – I look at both of them and think I should have gotten you on my HOH.
Taylor goes on about wanting Terrance out for last week.
Taylor – that shit is so ugly to me
Monte – yeah.. I would never not respect what you are saying.

Monte – Turner last night came up to me and was like ‘Dude Brittany is going crazy’
Monte – I was like.. what are you talking about?
Monte – ‘she came up to me and said she thought that Turner was the only one she had a chance against if she was sitting next to.
Monte – she said she doesn’t want to come second to Michael she thinks that people will empathize with your story of being on the block multiple times and making it to the end.. She doesn’t think she can win against me. and not Alyssa. She thinks Turner is the only person that has BEEF with people in jury that she can actually win against.

Monte – she thinks that me and you are working very closely she also thinks that Alyssa is trying to get the girls together. Which you just shared with me so I know that is true.
Monte – she (Britt) wants to have a final 2 with turner..
Taylor – and I for one can read her like a book so I could tell when something is on her face.. she can’t hide anything. Two, it make sense why a couple days ago.. and this is what had me a little nervous. You came to me saying you want to keep Turner a bit longer she was saying the same thing.
Monte – mmmm
Taylor – about wanting to keep Turner a little longer.. keep Michael he does the dirty work wait for Taylor to take the shot.
T – also it would not surprise me if Terrance had that conversation with Brittany. It sounds like the same pitch talking about you have a really good shot winning if you area against Turner. He said that to me today.
M – Why does he say that to everybody
T – It’s weird

3:30 pm Taylor and Brittany
Brittany mentions if the leftovers had stuck together this is the week they would target each other.
Taylor says it would have been Kyle then Turner.

B – as long as you and I are. (Safe)
T – His pitch is everyone counting Jury votes is like.. why would I listen to anything you have to say about how people are going to vote. You can twist is any way you think to me to make me think it’s more beneficial to keep you.
T- so I sat here and was like.. oh really… ohh really.. interesting..
B – if anyone sat next to him in the end they would win..
T – Yeah
B – if he stays that is assuming all of us would bring him to the end and not each other and that is not something I think will happen.
B – I talked about this to Michael lets not give anybody else any sort of enticing to do just that. if any body is dragging anybody they should be dragging us..
T – Hello

T – I haven’t talked to Turner about game. Unless it is in a group setting
B – yeah .. I think he’s been shying away from you and I.
T – understandably so
T- have you got to talk to him at all
B – A little bit here and there. I mean it’s easier he always told me I was the pawn from the get go.

4:10 pm

4:20 pm Taylor and Brittany
Brittany says that Turner is on the outskirts
Taylor – I just don’t ant anybody to get into our heads this is the time to do it. That’s like scary.. like really scary..

B – what spooks me is how close Monte and Turner are.. Turner seems to think they are very close.
T – yeah

T – it’s just a matter of Turner next week not matter what
B – yeah, then Monte has no choice.
B – whoever takes the shot and Michael and gets him out THEY ARE The next biggest target. Do you want to be the next biggest target?
B – what good is getting Michael out if you are the next one to go.
T – yeah

B – if you are concerned about Alyssa don’t worry about her she really hasn’t done anything.
Brittany does like the idea of a girls alliance that Alyssa has been pitching
T – it feels good it sounds good.
B – the plan is pretty cool if it made sense
T – back up to a back up to a backup

B – she is so easy to beat at the end.
T – I didn’t think so until her comic and her ZING.
B – Why do you think?
T – I thought she would be hard to beat until the Zing.

4:38 pm Discussing the pros and cons of evicting Terrance and Alyssa.
Monte – Who has run amok the most was Alyssa she hasn’t admitted she was coming after me all season long.. Why are you denying it’s okay everything is out.
Monte – Terrance, he did some shady stuff last week. If Alyssa if she’s sitting next to any one of us will have a grand time with Jury.
Monte – we are the vote this week
Taylor says Terrance last week was “So VILE to me”
Monte asks Turner “What do yo think Boss?”
Turner doesn’t care either way.
Taylor – one goes then the other goes.
Turner – after next week there’s a 100% chance a leftover is in the final 2
Taylor – what if we flipped Alyssa and Terrance?
Monte – the risk is we’ve seen Terrance get closer to winning comps.

Turner asks who has a better chance of winning the next comp, “Terence?”
Monte – yeah Terrance
Taylor – boot Terrance?
Monte – Terrance gets the boot
Taylor – done
Monte warns them that Alyssa can continue slipping under the radar being “Low Threat”
B – if anyone takes her to the end they will lose. that is reason enough.
M – as much as she says she’s not playing the game SHE’S playing the game.
Turner – BIG TIME
B – congratz to us the final 6.. how crazy is that?
Monte – we got 5 of the leftovers..
Monte – things don’t always go as planned
Taylor – the leftovers of the leftovers.

(Terrance is still the target)

5:35 pm Bodybuilding time.

6:00 pm Chit chat

6:01 pm Feeds cut to the pound
6:35pm No feeds
6:50pm No feeds

7:35pm Still blocked.

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Terrance’s big crack

Terrance is gross……thats it. Kinda hoping that deadweight Alyssa goes in DE just to make it more cutthroat in the coming weeks but not gonna happen…. it’s apparent that she’s Turner’s, Brittany’s & Taylor’s goat


I like your handle-Terrance’s big crack! It’s hilarious lol


Terrance is a vile dumbo who thinks he’s entitled to his pity party because he was stupid enough to let Kyle trick him into evicting Joe! Can’t wait to see him evicted Thursday if this is how it plays out.

love your name!


I feel they are all overplaying at this point. That’s what is making for the constant change of plans. They have no clarity on what is happening in the house. The more they all zig zag around, the more that maintains a vibe for paranoia and over-analysis.

I don’t think there’s been anything like this in the past so close to the end.

Someone should sit and listen and think a bit, and stop all the talking.


Thats what Michael does. He isn’t reactive and then he is criticized for it.


It’s making me think of Dan during that crushing punishment, turning his own brain to come up with the Funeral. They need to just think, sometimes.


i could not believe the torment of that horrible noise chamber. And yes, that’s when he used all his brain power to focus on his Great Plan. The “magic dust” (or something like that) that he blew onto the HG at The Funeral was a testimony to this guy’s strength!


Production keeps interfering with their thought process


The reason they’re overplaying is because they have little to no skill in playing BB.

Michael is the only real player this season and he may end up going in the DE Thursday.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Veto not used? Perfect. Now take Mike out in the double and it is a step in the right direction.


Disagree. Michael is the only real player in the house and it has been exciting and fun to watch his incredible comp skill and intellect in this otherwise very boring summer.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

“real player.”
Interesting take. But if you don’t see the game Turner and Monte have played you really don’t understand Big Brother. Being a challenge beast is not everything.


True, it’s definitely not everything but they do little more than constant talking and then changing their minds and blah blah blah. And I think they’ve gotten lazy and lost focus

And I do concede that Turner and Monte at least try to play. But they’re obsessed with over talking the game.


Look @ those beautiful Alyssa eyes & that crazy Brittany grin. It’s as if they’re looking @ their last meal on Earth. So there! Grammar, people!


Can you imagine their faces “morphed” together?


I’m so happy that “Ya Boy” will be evicted on Thursday.

DJ Smooth, just remember, as you say “I Got You”.

See Ya !!!!!!


SO AM I!!!! What a worthless whining HG..

The Kats Meow

Britney’s annoying self is doing too much. Too much talking, too much worrying, too much conniving, and far too much acting like a nutjob. She’s going to pooch herself And I won’t even lie It will be glorious to see. She is one of my least favorite houseguest, barely above Terrance and Jealyssa. I hope she goes in the DE with Jealyssa.


I guess it is blocked for their Labor Day picnic. If they show it on tv I hope I see a fellow lover of ketchup on their hot dog

Meatloaf steak head

In the past, haven’t they shown the jury house by now? Or does that usually happen around this time?


Maybe next week..when they have enough in that have gotten in a better mood to show a lively group.