“Maybe I’m imploding but I think this is good.. not self destruction self construction”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:00 am Britt and Michael
Michael- leaving it the same what do you think?
Britt – if Turner and Monte are really teamed up and what does that mean for next week.
Michael- if they were teamed up this week it would have to be Monte. I don’t want to go back on Turner. If we did Monte this week especially now 10 hours before that won’t go down well with Taylor. so.. my thought would be .. we have turner Mad we have TAylor mad. Terrance is still going to be Mad.
Britt – when you talk to Taylor have you sussed out how she feels about Alyssa Final 4 over Monte Final 4?
Michael- she wants to stick with Monte. Is that different with what she told you?
Britt says if Michael doesn’t win veto next week there’s a good chance he’s going home.
Britt – Turner’s idea was if we went after you it would be Me, Taylor, Turner and Monte that would do it.
Britt – I was like Ohh you think Monte would be up for something like that. he was like ‘ohh I got him we’re still close from forming the leftovers’
Britt – do you think if it was Turner or Monte winning next week it would be Alyssa they sent home?
Michael- no
Britt – that leaves us three..
Michael – there’s a chance..
Britt – maybe Monte with Alyssa.. if there is a opportunity they will take it. (take out Michael)
They agree Terrance is going after Taylor and Michael. Britt isn’t worried he would win HOH though. Michael thinks if it’s a double Terrance has a shot at winning.

Britt thinks Monte is less likely to turn on them than Turner.
Michael- I feel like I should be more panicked than I am.
Michael – If there is an option to not win next week’s veto that will be my preference.
Britt – meaning one of us wins hOH
Michael- if Monte wins would he hold out one week.. if Taylor wins would she hold off one week.
Britt – if you didn’t win veto I don’t think Monte would hold off.
Britt says everyone was salty over how much better Michael did the zingbot competition. Everyone was at the same time except for Michael who was 4 minutes faster.
Britt says she feels good with Alyssa. “Talking to the three girls it was us three we can right the wrongs of the season”
Britt – Taylor really bought into the story she wasn’t included in the girls group but the final 3 they counted us out.
Britt – I was just like Ohh no it’s another Taylor storyline.. that scares me because we know she makes decisions based on that.

Britt – My priority is you and I. If something screws up and you leave it’s completely different. Turner makes the most sense to get out he’s the biggest threat to you winning of who’s left. If you were not here I would probably try to go to final 2 with him .
they have no idea what Taylor would do if she won HOH.
Michael- Turner?
Britt – are you closer to her than Monte?
Michael – I don’t know

2:50 am Turner alone
Turner – maybe I’m on the cusp of something great here live feeds. maybe I’m imploding but I think this is good.. not self destruction self construction
Monte joins him.
Monte – anybody has got to see Taylor has been such a wild card when it comes to proposals on plans and sh1t like that. Even the whole situation with Michael and Brittany.. She still thinks that they weren’t gaming a game move sharing that information (about Kyle).. Like C’mon man. It’s hard for me to talk any game with her cause I don’t know if you are actually listening to what I am saying.

Monte – say we have this final 3 with Michael. We have to figure out what to do with both our games cause Brittany is talking final 4 with me, you her and Taylor is that what she said?
Turner – it wasn’t her idea .. we were naming names. I was trying to get into her head and that is what she came to.
Monte – having Michael on our side 100% down for and taking out Taylor 100% down for. From a competition standpoint she will be dangerous and her story to Jury would be compelling to someone that may vote for her. So I am 100% down for that.
Monte – Alyssa and Taylor are the biggest targets right now. Of course Michael is as well. To an extent if we want tot work with him.
Monte mentions if they win HOH and Michael doesn’t win veto “What do we do?”
Turner – that is a good question
Monte says Terrance’s plan to go into Jury and tell them how dirty Brittany and Michael played is a BIG IF. not sure if they can count on it.
Monte – If Taylor goes out next week and it’s just Alyssa and Brittany we have to go up against and some reason we can take a shot at Michael do we not take that shot? Do we bank on the HOHs?
Turner – Next week don’t take a shot the following week.. ohh that’s the f**Ing end..
Monte – see what I am saying? I don’t want to go back on anything but.. do we want that final three scenario with Michael?
Monte – it would be better for us to have somebody that is of low competitive nature.. you know what I am saying? In that final 3 scenario then we can control the sh1t from there.
Turner says having Michael on their side to use a veto that would be huge.
feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Monte – we should have this conversation with Michael
Turner – In a few weeks if there is a opening we take it especially during a double that would be HUGE.
Monte – if we honour this with Michael next week we don’t take a shot at him and we take a shot at Taylor or Alyssa somebody that will be high threat if we sit next to them. He wins HOH he takes a shot at who Brittany or Taylor?
Turner – probably Taylor
Monte – that’s Ideal, Michael, Brittany, Me and you. In that case as long as one ..
Turner – then we’re in final 4.. that’s a easy road to final 4 with that group.
Monte – at that point bro if we have the choice to pick between Michael and Brittany .. (choose Michael)
Turner – oh of course..
Turner – Once week Michael won’t be eligible so if he’s on our side amazing.. if he isn’t we’re f***ed
Monte – that actually sounds pretty ideal.. we’re HOH’s if one of us is HOH for that following week it’s a clear choice that we got to get Michael the hell outta here.
Monte – at least we’re scot free and we have him on our side until then. Make sure your ass doesn’t go home and my ass doesn’t go home.
Monte – covers us with Brittany in case she wins HOH we’re solid with her.
Turner – exactly.. it’s 3v3 which three will win me, you and Michael or Britt, Taylor and Alyssa?
Monte – why do the women in this house not want to align with the most competitive people. if you are not aligned with and you are starting to conspire with people that haven’t won a lot of HOH then how are you going to get to final 3. Right now we’re talking about exactly what you need to do. Align with the strongest competitors who are bound to win HOH and we make sure that we get to at least 4.

Turner says in his conversation with Brittany last night she did say “you and Taylor are WAY closer than people elude to”
Turner – did I tell you Kyle told Alyssa about the pound
Monte – ahh god.. f***ing Kyle man..
Turner – he’s just f***ign us left and right
Monte – I knew it I just didn’t want to believe it.. F***ing Bros man..

Monte – I always felt good about Michael from a game perspective
Turner – he’s truthful so I always trust him

Monte says as long as Turner is ready to take the shot at Michael when in a couple weeks them aiding with Michael is the better play. Turner says it’s like riding a wave to the shore (Final 3)
Monte – next week do we do Alyssa first or Taylor first?
Turner – I think Taylor
Monte – because she’s a stronger competitor?
Turner yeah
Monte – that’s fair

Monte says he’s onboard getting Taylor out “I never know where her head is at. I never talk real or clear game talk with her. it’s always jaded with some opinions or ulterior motives that do not align what I f**ing care about”

Turner brings up Brittany telling him “if we move forward together we can make it to the end together”
Turner – how can we make it to the end together that doesn’t even make sense. I know she believed it.. my god I have never seen Brittany that awake at 6am in the morning
Monte – that has me a little suspicious why she is proposing this sh1t
Turner says Brittany is worried about going to the end with people she can’t beat.
Monte – she thinks she can beat you?
Turner – she said I am the only person she has a chance to beat at all.
Monte – you’ve won 2 HOH’s what the f** does she think
Turner – she doesn’t think Michael gave her the comp win so it’s one comps vs two comps and I’m not very close to the people in Jury
Turner – Jasmine doesn’t like me and I wasn’t close to Indy.

Monte says this is Brittany’s move to make sure he doesn’t put her on the block next week.
Turner – Taylor and Brittany are having these conversations about taking out Michael.
turner brings up that Brittany is saying Alyssa and Taylor are making a girls group.
Monte – I’m going to poke the bear with Taylor and see if she coughs up.. if she doesn’t cough it up then it means that is a real thing if she coughs it up then it could just be a ploy.
Monte – who in their right mind thinks that would possibly work? They have to count on two of them to win HOH’s
Turner – what it is. Alyssa will cling onto this group cause that is her only saving grace right now.
Monte – she probably thinks she has you in the bag.
Turner – Taylor hearing about this group wanted a girl thing all season. Brittany hearing about this group initially is aware they ware just trying to beat her but simultaneously has not wanted this girls group but taylor her best friend in the house right now is into it what else? I can see how this could come together.
Turner says the girls want them to attack each other or for the two of them to attack Michael.
Turner says Taylor want’s to make good TV and get Michael out.
Turner – and Alyssa needs a girls group
Monte – Alyssa needs something right now.

Monte – I’m down with the plan lets call Michael
Turner – yeah once he’s out of the DR.

Turner – maybe we can introduce the option of taking Alyssa out this week. She’s already on the block. We can take Terrance out any time. Michael did say the only reason he wanted Terrance out is because he didn’t want Terrance to be the BIG D from last season where he’s just taken to final 2.
Monte – my thing.. Michael’s logic to me around why he wants to keep Alyssa is she would always be a big target if she’s sitting on the block next to any of us.
Monte says if they take out Terrance this week next week the put up Alyssa and Taylor.
Monte – it’s me, you, Michael right.. if one of us win HOh the other two have votes as long as we’re not on the block.. we’re good
Turner suggests maybe this week they not try to chance who leaves so Michael doesn’t think they are using him.
Monte – this is a golden path here..

Turner brings up Afterparty alliance and how if formed during Dyre Fest. He was happy to be off the block so was down for it. Says it was all Alyssa, Kyle and Terrance being gung ho.
Turner – Kyle would be in my room at 6am trying to ask to turn the lights on talking crazy.. I was like this guy is losing his mind.
Monte – that’s what I’m telling you man
Turner – he was acting messy.. being POOCH..
Monte – when people feel like their back is up against the wall they start acting crazy.

6:00 am zzzzzz

10:00 am Lights are on

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So… Monte and Turner want to ride the Michael wave to F3 and they think they will suddenly be able to beat him in the last comp to eliminate him at F2? And they also think he will cut Brittany if he wins the F4 veto and keep both of them? If this is their strategy, Michael deserves to win the game.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Seems like everyone’s playing for second place and Michael’s already won.


Hopefully they will come to their senses.
Vote out Alyssa and team up with Terrance.


Hell no Terrance has to go.


Things could change once they know it is DE

Daniel Sucks

I forget, do they tell them before the first eviction or right after?


Usually after. They do the typical eviction & then Julie calls them back into the living room & tells them it’s a double.

Although the hamsters typically get an inkling beforehand depending on when they shut down the backyard. Michael, Britt & Taylor will FOR SURE know based on that & likely will share that intel but if they want an advantage they should keep it to themselves.


After. If they knew before, it might affect their votes.


It depends I believe. There have been times that it was obvious that the houseguests were told before and other times it wasn’t obvious whether they were told. Look for evidence on Wednesday and Thursday on the feeds (how many of them are packing up their clothes


Am I the only one annoyed with BB because of the race stuff the last 2 seasons? I’m seeing a lot of reverse racism. Why can’t they just play the game and not factor in race –so what if a poc wants to put up 2 white people vs white putting up 2 poc not being ok and many other examples that I don’t have all day to type.

Don't shoot the messenger

There’s no such thing as “reverse racism”. It’s ALL just straight up racism.


Yes- Agreed!!!


there’s racism which is perpetuation of the systemic stereotyping, suppression, and disenfranchisement of a historically disadvantaged group based on their race. and then there’s prejudice against those who have historically been those oppressors. you can’t actually be racist towards white people, you can be prejudiced towards them, but that’s not how racism works.


Guess you weren’t around for the Obama election? White folks helped elected him president or did you forget. Let it go




I agree 100%!! Why can’t the game just be about the game…

Verdella W Fisher

There is no such thing as reverse racism.


Yes Agreed! Bad wording!


Big Brother reflects society and like Monte said, “This is America.”


I agree with you, except there’s only racism. It doesn’t matter what color you are. I’m a POC and if any of my family says anything negative about someone else, because of the ratio of melanin in their skin, it’s racist, period


Michael needs to take out a bigger player this week . The double eviction is going to send either him or Britt home if he doesn’t .

Not Jason’s Holly

Monte and Turner are delusional! If they go with this plan, they deserve to lose.

Win HOH…put up Michael & Brittany…if one of them wins VETO, put up Taylor. Ensures to break up that trio that they are too blind to see!

Big Brother Fan

And this is why we know there’s production interference! How can they go from we HAVE to get Michael out, he wins every comp, he’s going to win the game…then he proceeds to win the HOH AND veto…and then say oh let’s work with him and then get him at at final three?? That’s when everyone plays HOH as well as veto! He’s going to win those comps, not you! It makes zero sense. And saying Alyssa is huge threat??? Ah production, we see you!


100% production. I think they designed this season for Michael to win. It’s been obvious!!


It is definitely production swaying their decision all of a sudden. Grodner wants Michael to win


I think Michael has had a bit of a hand in this winning streak. Once Grodner’s fav’s Paloma & Kyle imploded – she’s switched to Michael. But he’s winning. Unless they give him the puzzles or games ahead of time to practice…….????.

Could Production be that twisted???

un autre nom

Season 21. All I’ve got to say when someone asks if Production could be that twisted. Every Wed night before an HOH you could predict who would win by seeing who was called to D/R after everyone had filmed goodbye messages. One houseguest would disappear to D/R for about an hour and a half. Cliff / Nic once spoke on feeds about getting called to D/R and getting practice.


All BB players must sign Nondisclosure Agreements that says, among other things, they are not permitted to talk about what’s discussed in the diary room. So perhaps thinking production plays a roll during BB seasons may very well be the case — but we’ll never know for sure, only speculate.

Alyssa has not ‘played’ at all — she’s done nothing, nada, zilch, zero. BB is her sleep-away camp. Nice enough girl but just takes up space.


The name of the game is Big Brother. Hasn’t everyone read 1984? Big Brother is a totalitarian ruler Who wields total power “for its own sake” over the inhabitants. Of course production interferes, the fun is when it doesn’t work.


Zingbot got her but good! LOLs

The Kats Meow

Total paranoia and performance anxiety, based on their own less that stellar game play so far. They know they can put him up (but that means he 100% gets to play veto) or they can try to backdoor him (but chances are a nominee picks him to play for them or he’s randomly drawn.) Either way the chance of him losing a veto to anyone left is slim to none. Right now they are grasping for straws.


Goodness, get rid of Britt…..she’s like a crazed Vanessa!

Game fan

She is NOTHING like vanessa. She would wish


What the %&=/ are they thinking about working with Michael. Really bad move in my opinion.
Also what is up Britt’s butt. She is totally fixated in taking out Turner. If they do it this week, there goes another juror that won’t vote for her and Michael.
I realize her strategy is to get Turner out on Michael’s reign do she thinks Turner will be upset with him. Turner is too smart and will realize that M/B talk to make their decisions together.


There was probably some DR influence; they don’t want Michael to leave yet.


I think she’s trying to hypnotize him & give him suggestions about Turner. Hopefully, Michael is wise to her. He has to see how fixated she is on getting him out. Is she afraid Michael will send her home in the final 3?


Lol Simon. Mentioning madness and then the ad for House of the Dragon is right below 🙂


Turner and Monte are stupid if they don’t go after Michael now. If they talk to Michael now about their plan he will probably backdoor one of them now.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

in their best interest to get rid of mike.

Soup noodles

They don’t want to take Michael out anymore?
They’re not thinking clearly. He is their BIGGEST THREAT


OK I could definitely go with the final three being Michael, Turner, and Monty at least that plan doesn’t have them going after Michael this week in the double


I’d be OK with Michael, Taylor, & Monte for final 3.

I’ve turned my back on Turner because he’s a dyrefest & Leftover turncoat! (See what I did there?) As the worm turns! lol Though anything goes in BB – it was just disappointing.

Michael has earned his spot. He’s been the most truthful (FWIW) & a comp beast.
BRITT is the definition of a floater. She only won because Michael threw it to her, amirite?
Alyssa is less than a floater, she’s ….heck, I don’t know what she is & why she’s even on BB. Someone said, sleepaway camp?
Terrance is a bitter BigD wannabe
Monte would have been OK, except he really was mean towards Taylor or behind her back early on. I wish he had been nicer & more of a winner. But he hasn’t.


The only reason Monte and Turner would turn to this plan, is that they don’t feel there is any chance anyone could beat Michael in that next veto. If you can’t be him, join him.


So, yeah, I’m tired of Terrence’s game. He’s acting all choked at Michael for the timing of his reveal regarding Kyle and yet has admitted that in hind sight Joseph shouldn’t have been voted out of Dyer-Fest…Kyle should have. Bottom line, he got played and should probably be more upset at himself, than anyone else. To me his anger at Michael is more of a self deflection.
Now, bet I’m not the only one who recalls the convo where the Bro chella portion of the Left Overs decided that if Joseph was voted out of Dyer Fest that the person behind it all would be Kyle and he would have to be the next to go. Despite all the hub bub, that writing was on the wall.


I think everyone in this season is so delusional. Every one of them! Brittany thinks she is going to get Michael out & cruise to the finals with the girls. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Michael thinks people are loyal to him. NO!!!! They all want him out. He’s going out in the double, I’m sure. Taylor thinks she will win HOH again & make BIG moves. Ya, like last time. Allysa thinks (or whatever she does) that she will win a challenge. Sure….. Monte & Turner think they have it in the bag, but each would stab the other in the back, if given the chance, but hope someone else does it for them so their hands are clean. Terrance just keeps hoping something will happen & Allysa goes on Thursday & then miraculously; he’ll win it all.

During the most recent years, by this point I am fed up with everyone but this year is different. I don’t detest any of them. Some I don’t like some; mostly I’m indifferent. I still think Michael played a great game as far as winning challenges go, but he is doomed. If someone were to ask who I want to win, I think the only answer I could give is “Whoever”.

Daniel Sucks

You’re sure Michael is going in the double? You are sure he won’t win veto? Based on what?


I’m pretty sure Michael knows that everyone will take a shot at him given the opportunity. He has to win out to stay alive in the game. If he does make it to final 2, he will have to face a bitter, jealous jury. I’m just wondering though, considering how most of them are by now, probably worried about how they are being perceived/judged by ?? and in social media and given Michael’s amazing abilities to kick ass in competitions, will they have the nerve to not give Michael the win? Will the people who also used the reveal, while expressing faux outrage, to further their game really go all in on bashing Michael to sabotage his game. It’s not like Michael has been a big a$$hole through out the season. He’s really a nice guy.

Daniel Sucks

I think if Michael makes F2, whoever is in F2 with him will try to use it. What else do they really have to use?

I think that when most of the others go to jury, after a day or 2, they realize they have lost and Michael is kicking butt. Except Terrance, who will act like an annoying toddler.


Yep, except Terrence who is just an a$$hole for the sake of being an a$$hole.



Brittany blows up BB:
Typically Brittany is chill – good – when she feels like she’s in power or rather, in proximity to it (which was especially true during Michael’s three HOHs). But this week she acted like she was OTB. Flashback to week one when she was running from room to room spilling too much tea bc she was so paranoid about what would happen to the Back Stage Passholders.

Now multiply that by like 20 and that’s the Britt version we’ve witnessed this past 24 hours. It began Sunday morning with her conversation with Turner. They discussed a F4 with Taylor, Monte, and themselves. Then she pitched a F2 deal with him. She also spilled how Taylor – Ally wanted to unite the girls & she wasn’t down for it. And we got the obligatory – Michael has to go spiel she’s been dropping all week.

She’s been having a similar chat with Ally which led to the discussion of girls F3 & F4 with Michael.

And ALL of this was bc Britt clued to the fact she was in imminent danger in the next HOH bc with Michael being the house target she’d likely be OTB beside him. Of course, bc it’s Britt she panicked – – I mean the man has won six of the seven POVs he’s played in & he threw the other one (stay/fold POV) so the odds of him winning were strong which meant she could be leaving. AND she knows it’s likely a double — although she’s telling Taylor it’s probably not this coming week but the next one.

Her paranoia seems to know no bounds either bc if she’d stopped to consider what was being offered to her by Ally that was a solid trio (the girls) to go to the end with. No, she’s literally got no shot in hell of winning the game even if she won out bc the jury perception of her is that she rode Michael’s coat tails & now that the house dissected her comic to mean she is the flea riding the host’s back (Michael) that will get dumped by Terrance to the jury.

Side note: during her one-on-one with Michael, Taylor came to the HOH & Britt asked her to give them five minutes. He wasn’t happy she did that so she left sort of haughtily & the minute the door closed Michael said ‘stupid why did you ask her to go.. that looked so sketchy.’ So even he’s getting annoyed with how much Britt is overplaying.

I wonder if he’s beginning to question her commitment or is just annoyed by her squirreling.

un autre nom

It’s weird. On the day Britt said she wasn’t going to double agent…. she triple agents.
Realistically her paranoia was oddly justified, given that Monte had discussed taking out Britt if they couldn’t get Michael. Her hyperhypnotoading essentially put Michael back into the middle, his coveted position.
The only drawback: Her spiral annoyed Michael, whose threshold for her without a group to buffer has been getting a lot shorter.


Have you noticed how quiet she is today? Did the DR set her up to do all this & now she realizes it’s put her F2 with Taylor in jeopardy?

Just seems odd – I mean maybe she’s picking up Michael is annoyed with her but even for her, that was some crazy sh*t, lol.

All I know is it totally worked to help Michael & she benefitted just bc she’s his goat & now everyone sees her as their goat too! BUT – it could damage her relationship (long-term, like outside the house which I know she is keen to continue) with Taylor if the guys win in the double.

The Beef

WAIT, wait, wait, wait! Back when they played that comp (the stay or fold veto), you and I both commented on an update (“I promise you Terrance, Kyle has betrayed that girl way more than I ever could.” August 23, 2022) as to whether or not Brittany won it, or Michael “threw” it to her. Now while it was clear Michael’s first answer was waaaaay off, and intentionally so (a strategic move to throw off the competition – he folded that one), Britt played a Hell of a game in that veto comp, both strategically and competition wise, and you and I BOTH agreed at that time her win was WELL DESERVED, and while he made the decision to throw the first answer, other than that, she WON that game outright, and nobody threw ANYTHING to her, including Michael!

Now you’re saying he “threw” the comp and “the odds of him winning were strong which meant she could be leaving”. Leaving when? Michael was HOH for Brochella that week, and Brit wasn’t leaving whether she won the veto or he did, so I don’t understand your point there. But I also don’t understand why you’re once again revising history, saying Michael threw a comp win to her, when he clearly didn’t, and you even are ON THE DAMN RECORD agreeing that he didn’t!

In that post from August 25, you stated you thought they played the game as a team, which is fair to say, but a far cry from saying he threw the comp. Your final statement says it best where you state “Ultimately, I felt Britt played a smart strategic game with her partner & agree with The Beef she won it.”

Now you’re mad at her because she’s sticking the knife in Michael’s back, so you’re going to once again rewrite history? I know beat writers are “homers”, but that shouldn’t include changing your opinion of a win that happened just two weeks ago, so it should still be fresh in your memory. Michael isn’t infallible just because you like him, and Brittany doesn’t all of a sudden become trash because she’s trying to figure out some way to maneuver a way to win.


FFS – you really live to come at me & break down each of my posts, thoughts, shifts in those thoughts & blame it all on my “bias for a favorite player” huh?

Full disclosure – I have a migraine & am in a pissy mood but since I just lost close to 3000 words for a work article I was writing to go pull up my original response I may as well respond…

Original post:

‘It was the classic stay/fold counting game they had to spell V.I.P. & it felt like MB played as a team. Taylor went out 1st round, Monte in the 3rd. Britt won opening two rounds, Michael won rounds three & four. It came down to round 5 when their guesses were only FIVE apart (LOL) Michael said 370 & Britt said 375 answer was 388.
Honestly, I think MB previously discussed how they would play this game but yeah if he had written the answer he gave in the DR for Rd 1 (which – do we know he really would’ve given that answer that was only one off the actual count) & stayed in Rd 2 he would’ve gotten the letter but Britt beat him on the final question.
Ultimately, I felt Britt played a smart strategic game with her partner & agree with The Beef she won it.

So YES I did say she earned the win. Does that mean if I thought he was fighting for his life that he would’ve folded in both rounds one & two? NO, IT DOES NOT! And for what it’s worth – most analysts believe he threw that comp or that if his life was on the line & he needed to win he would have.

Round 1 – 719 guitar picks – Michael said in his DR there are approximately 60 guitar picks per frame x 12 frames is 720 (literally one off the correct answer) but he offers 1200 as his guess stating it could throw off his opponents later into believing he is overestimating.

Round 2: Gummies- Michael’s guess 7,200, Britt’s guess 5,000 – Correct answer 6,999. SO TO MY POINT — IF Michael was fighting for his life, I DO NOT BELIEVE HE WOULD’VE FOLDED IN EITHER ROUND 1 OR 2! At a minimum, he STAYS in round 2 which knocks Britt out of the comp! B/c his answer was only 201 away whereas Britt was 1,999 away.

Round 3 he wins (off by 11) knocks out Monte, and in round 4 since Britt is gone his 370 is closest to answer (388) & he knocks Jasmine out & wins the game.

TO REITERATE – I believe Michael & Britt had a strategy going in & that Michael wasn’t trying to win but WOULD HAVE if he was in jeopardy!

Is that drastically different from what I said? Not really, bc Britt won the comp given how it was played – that doesn’t mean there isn’t nuance to what would’ve happened under different circumstances.

To be clear: I’m not rewriting history I’m looking logically at the nuances of the game & Michael did not need to win that POV & therefore was fine letting Britt take the lead. For you not to see that’s what I was meant based on how I positioned it in the above article tells me you’re LOOKING TO FIND SOMETHING to come at me over.

Moreover, I don’t recall ever referring to Britt as trash –I do think she spirals when stressed & have CONSISTENTLY SAID THAT & I also said her spiral this week inadvertently helped Michael (as well as herself only bc now everyone thinks/knows they beat her bc of the perception of the house/jury).

Nor do I think Michael is infallible or has no weaknesses. He played an extremely docile game this week & while I understand why he chose to go the safe route & not veer from his “promises/loyalty”, I would’ve preferred him taking out either Monte or Turner.

Taylor who suddenly is saying she wants Michael out next doesn’t lower her to trash either before you decide to go there but I think it would be a bad move for her bc then Monte/Turner would target her next. So, if I elect to write here again & refer to that fact you don’t need to come at me over that.

As for your other criticism on me rewriting history – re: Brit leaving re-read what I said:

(Britt in danger in UPCOMING HOH!):

‘And ALL of this was bc Britt clued to the fact she was in imminent danger in the next HOH bc with Michael being the house target she’d likely be OTB beside him. Of course, bc it’s Britt she panicked – – I mean the man has won six of the seven POVs he’s played in & he threw the other one (stay/fold POV) so the odds of him winning were strong which meant she could be leaving.’

MEANING … as of Sunday before the house spiraled Michael was the main target for the majority of the house FOR THE UPCOMING F6 HOH. This is what I’m referring to as Britt being in imminent danger & possibly leaving bc Monte has been working for days on getting everyone to consider voting out Britt if they couldn’t get Michael AT F6. I’m not a buffoon I know she was never in danger at F10 (but neither was Michael who was the HOH so if you’d bother to read that paragraph again logically he wouldn’t be OTB on his own flipping HOH).

There’s your explanation – – do with it what you will. I’m going to take more medication & go back and start all over on my NBA article & learn a lesson from this – – which is it’s probably not worth me taking the time to respond to posts like this bc they aren’t coming from a mutual love of the game or genuine interest in each other’s opinions – rather it’s for you to feel good about pointing out what you perceive as my flaws, shortcomings or maybe you just get off on making people feel a certain way.

And while You may have valid points in some of your previous — what five? six? seven? (I’ve lost count) similar posts to me on this one it’s a simple case of nuance & you jumping to conclusions.

Let me wrap up by saying over several years OBB has been my guilty pleasure – a place I come to write about my opinion on the current Big Brother season and to interact & engage with other BB fans. But straight goods — The Beef — THIS ^^^ is the polar opposite of that.

Maybe I just need to a time out or need to find a new place to offer my opinion bc THIS isn’t my idea of fun! Perhaps that’s what your intent was in the first place. I don’t know – what I do know is my head is frigging exploding from this migraine & you managed to get a rise out of me – – but there’s your answer.


Sunday Mania – PART 2:

DR interference?

So Another Name already tapped into this & per usual smelled that something fishy was going on. In fairness, it could just be the typical stir-up by the DR but at one point Britt marched into the HOH & told Michael they (the DR) had essentially confirmed Monte/Turner are solid. She doesn’t say they’re F2 but says they implied as much.

This also was fueled (no pun intended) by TPTB dumping more alcohol on the hamsters (2 bottles of wine, beer & margaritas) than they have all season & we’ve got pandemonium. Everyone is getting called to the DR which leads to the three girls meeting & committing to a F3. Ally spills how Kyle confirmed the foursome formed the Leftovers & were super tight (Pound) & how Monte grabbed Turner immediately upon reentering the house.

She further states Monte won’t ever talk game to her so he’d be her priority target. Britt & Taylor push back saying Turner is the stronger competitor & should be the priority target. AND Michael who isn’t even in the room is included as their fourth. They envision Monte/Turner striking at Michael & vice versa.

Turner returns to his penchant for all-male alliances:

Simultaneously, we’ve got Turner fresh out of the DR rushing into the HOH to pitch a Monte, Turner F3 to Michael, and SPILLING his Brittany convo. Turner really buries Britt by saying she was the one who pitched the F2 & the funny part about this is Britt already downloaded this convo but NEVER mentioned the F2 deal & made it seem like Turner was the one pitching the F4 deal (Monte, Taylor, them) to her.

The sticking point is Turner hadn’t yet pitched the Michael F3 to Monte but when he does Monte is on board — but not fully for the F3.

Week 1 Monte returns:
I mean it’s not surprising Monte would be easily convinced to work with the men – that’s been his M.O. all season. The hilarity of this situation is how Monte who was sitting OTB & still hardcore pitching getting Michael out is suddenly okay to work with him. Then again, this man’s second pastime is b*tching about Taylor & has been reluctant to trust her seemingly from the start.

They land on taking Michael to F4 (with Britt) but Monte would still take the Michael shot at F5 if the opportunity presented itself. They also agree Taylor is the target in the double with Ally as the secondary option. And while Monte initially pushes changing the target to Ally this week. Turner also pushes back on that saying we don’t want to make Michael feel like we’re just saying this to use him.

The duo land on saying they need to lock this down with Michael along with some suggestions of throwing Taylor UTB for saying Michael has to go this coming week. I’m STUNNED by this comment from Monte – I mean there have to be close to 100 video clips of him PUSHING her to strike at Michael & her pushing back that they can’t do it too soon & wanting to go to F4 with the Brochella four.

un autre nom

Reading the plan didn’t make any more sense than hearing it a few hours ago.
So… I guess Monte is done with Taylor not just agreeing and saying yes, sir when he tells her what he wants done?
I still don’t get how a member of the Oasis and Pound is talking about gender line basis game play.
Just… Turner… who named the After Party? Nice lie… but… duuuude.

Michael, is pissed at Britt again. She shooed Taylor away while Michael and Britt were having their one on one. It’s easy to be annoyed by Britt, but in this case, he’s just looking for reasons to be annoyed with her. She keeps pushing for him to make a move that is going to cause confrontation, he’s allergic. Under his breath he’s saying she’s stupid and they can’t be seen having conversations one on one because that’s sketchy… during one on ones.


Monte: “Why don’t any girls want to align with us?!” 1) You aren’t trustworthy 2) You (Monte) don’t win comps 3) You have only aligned with men thus far 4) Any other option (girls alliance or going with Michael) is better. 5) Turner just ejected Kyle and is not even talking with the “After Party”. LOL bye Pound.


Sunday Mania – PART 3:

I’m also torn on how I feel about this turn of events based on how Taylor is the one whose game has seemingly been put the most in jeopardy. If she ends up leaving in the double I suspect once she learns of how things shifted her friendship with Brittany will take a massive hit (and deservedly so).

While it seems likely the shift of the house is tied to the DR gremlins it’s also conceivable Turner came to this conclusion based on being asked some questions about his Sunday morning chat with Britt in the DR coupled with him drinking alcohol which got him thinking about his own safety.

NOTE: I still think it smells of interference but for the sake of argument I dove into how Turner potentially landed on the men F3.

How Turner lands on all-male F3:

  • it’s always been his preference to work in all-male alliances: Oasis/Pound
  • he’s considered the second-best competitor behind Michael
  • since he’d likely be the one winning HOH it would mean he’d be the one striking at Michael & then be the next biggest target if he successfully got him out.
  • which means he’d have to rely on Monte to win HOH & hearing about this all-girls F3 makes him understandably nervous
  • Turner mentions how Michael brought up wanting the LGBTQ community positively represented on BB & that’s FIRE for him. This feels like something the DR may have brought up to Turner as he’s known Michael’s stance on this all season but is only now excited about that fact. I mean, it could’ve been something they discussed after the slip & slide win bc Turner was one of Michael’s guests at the movie. (shrug)

Also notable is Turner is a tad fed up with working with loose cannons. He told Monte that Kyle told Ally about the Pound which they deduce will now inevitably be told to the girls. Plus, Turner tells Monte how Kyle was coming into his room at 6 AM & frantically pitching him on moves he needed to make.

And he told him that Joseph was outside telling everyone that Monte isn’t a personal trainer. We know Joe was trying to make it seem like he was done with the Leftovers to save his life & while we question the things he spilled (like the Tay/Britt/Mich F3) it only makes it seem like they were Pooching.

Tim Z

Michael needs to use the Veto on Terrance and get Monte out…the only smart move for his game and the only way he gets past this double eviction!!!


Sunday Mania – Part 4:

Key benefactor of the Sunday sh*t show:

Monte who led the charge to target Michael is suddenly speaking about how Michael has always been honest in the game with him, is easy to work with, reliable & level-headed.

As for the girls, the ONLY one talking about Michael on Sunday is Taylor who says in the hammock – Michael cannot get to F3. So she’s lying there thinking about a Britt/Ally or Britt/Monte F3 and likely still okay to keep Michael this coming week while it’s her who has become the men’s priority boot for the double.

Ultimately the benefactor of this Sunday sh*t show is MICHAEL – he’s gone from being virtually everyone but Britt’s priority target for the upcoming double to now being the safest in the house.

If nothing changes between now & Thursday then Monte or Turner winning HOH will result in Taylor – Ally nominations with I’m assuming Britt as the re-nom.

If Taylor, Britt, or Ally wins HOH it’ll be Monte-Turner OTB but the re-nom could get tricky if required bc they’d risk Michael leaving if he went up — & once they take the shot at the men they can’t afford to piss off Michael too bc they would need him to protect them the following week.

I mean I’m seriously shook over how this house flipped in one day & I’m asking myself if this was created by TPTB or if it’s as simple as Britt spiraling coupled with Monte/Turner’s preference to work with men instead of women.

Being an unabashed Michael stan I’m happy for him – but I’m equal parts disappointed that Taylor got backstabbed by Britt & Monte so easily.

Will Sunday shift Michael’s plans for Veto Ceremony?

What I wonder is whether any of this changes today’s nominations. There is a window for Michael to spill the beans to Taylor/Britt/Ally about what Turner & Monte have proposed & how they threw them UTB & change up the noms by taking out Turner or Monte.

But my gut says he WON’T bc Michael hasn’t been a fan of Terrance for a long time. While he may unnecessarily worry about him winning comps I think it has more to do with his ‘style’ of gameplay that rubs him wrong. It also has to feel good to know someone else can win comps (Turner) & make his life easier if only for one or two HOHs. Also factoring into this equation is Monte/Turner still wants to bring his goat (Britt) to F4.

And moving forward Michael can shift either way depending on who wins the double HOH & then F5 HOH (which he might want to throw unless it’s Monte & maybe Taylor who is ahead of him).

What Michael may not see accurately is Monte is who he should want out before Turner – not bc he’s a great competitor but Turner is far more likely to want to bring him to F3 if Monte is gone.

He’ll have to decide WHAT & WHEN he shares in terms of the myriad of new information he got Sunday. As Another Name noted, this HOH has been staid & quiet for Michael -he’s repeatedly attempted to draw out information but only got the initial Pound/Monte-Turner F2 from Ally on Friday then crickets – until Sunday…

  • Terrance told him about After Party (including the name)
  • Turner also spilled After Party name
  • Terrance said the entire AP alliance returned to the house with Michael as the priority target
  • Turner intel about Britt (offering F2, it was her suggesting he be cut next)
  • Guys know about girls’ F3
  • Britt’s disdain for Taylor (per Turner)
  • he doesn’t have it yet but will hear shortly from Monte about Taylor pitching to target him (which is BS – it came from him) & how she wants to take the shot for her resume.

Of all those items I’m thinking the most valuable one is the last point bc Taylor has stayed loyal to wanting Brochella to F4. This will be the ammo he needs to shift her off wanting to keep Monte to F4.

If I’m Michael, and I get out of the double I’m pondering what my ideal pecking order is. It’s not a simple answer bc he has to ward off the ladies all working together & targeting him at F4 and has yet to learn how much Monte pushed for him to go.

Aside from Britt (the no-brainer goat pick) he has to examine the two guys & two girls with a view to competitiveness – the ties they have (Turner closer to Ally/Monte closer to Taylor although very dysfunctional bc of Monte) & who of that group are most likely to stick to a deal.

That Michael is even in this situation is mind-blowing considering where he started the week. For as much as Brittany can be a liability what she’s done to protect herself ended up being the best work, she’s done as a F2 partner for Michael this entire game.

I’m still leaning toward the reasons things shifted being directly fueled by the DR gremlins but bc I’d like to see Michael break the all-time record I’m not complaining. Again, I feel terrible if this is what takes out Taylor and if Britt spiralling is the true cause for the events from manic Sunday it feels like karma would find her leaving in the double BUT that’s highly unlikely to happen as she’s now viewed as the goat to drag to the end.

Given that, from a competitive standpoint Ally or Monte leaving in the double would be the next best scenario bc we’d still have the best competitors remaining and perhaps some definite divisions especially if Taylor discovers what Britt did.

un autre nom

Remember the weekly Sunday oddities on BBcan7? Smaller staff season with no storyline directors on Sundays? THAT is what keeps crossing my mind about last night.
It’s not the same. But it felt similar. People running around headless chicken knowing that Monday they’d be called to d/r and put back on track.
Last night reminded me of that….
except Taylor had a three hour diary, then had the no Michael in final 3 hammock cam.
Turner had an hour long diary, a redbull and booze… and look at what he came up with.
Monte had a one hour d/r and he’s back to week one Monte. Britt’s d/r and subsequent disclosure is self evident.
Drama manufacture… but is it going to be part of the edit?
All of this is before veto ceremony. I can’t even put it in pencil let alone pen or carve it in stone.


Yeah, it was bedlam that’s for sure.

Why I think it might not shift for this week at least is Monte was viewed as having played the cleanest game so if he now backs out of the guy’s F3 he loses the ability to use his loyalty F2 speech. He said WAY TOO MUCH in that HOH meeting & unlike Turner – Michael was clocking ALL of it.

The odd part was he’s been laser-focused on targeting Michael for so long – but he also can’t seem to get past the fact Taylor wasn’t/isn’t willing to just hand over her game in order for him to win. The revisionist BS from him is also annoying af – he’s out in the backyard saying Kyle fell on his sword for the alliance – – GTFOH – seriously WHAT was that? Kyle blew up every alliance he was in with maybe the exception of the After Party.

It’s frustrating how hard Monte tries to be the alpha but has a single comp win (shuffleboard). The fact he lost in BB comics to Michael, Taylor & Brittany should embarrass him.

Turner has no problem pledging undying loyalty & then backtracking immediately BUT like Monte, his preference is playing with the men & I really do think he’d prefer to play with Michael bc he knows if he leaves he’ll be the next one on the chopping block.

I think there is a genuine fear factor playing into this now — like both Turner & Monte realize if they take the shot & miss it’ll be them leaving next bc they know Michael performs best under pressure – he’s done it repeatedly.

And, TBH – at this point, if they want to play with fear I’m here for it bc I just want Michael to get past double eviction & then hand select who he wants in F4 along with his goat Britt who he’ll no doubt drag to F2. I think if gets out of the double he has a serious shot of winning out.


Production/Grodner got into their heads


Monte and Turner want to target Taylor instead of Michael the comp beast? Sounds like Production has got into their heads. Who in their right mind would keep a person that’s a comp beast. Actually let them not Target Michael and see how well that goes for them. A bunch of dumb dummies. Why target Taylor, there’s Allyssa(if she is not evicted Thursday) and Brittany?




Well your favoritism is definitely showing. While I agree it’s strange they wouldn’t target Michael and for the exact reason you stated you can’t then complain that they would target Taylor over ally and Brittany. As you so astutely pointed out it’s the point in the game where you need to start taking the people more likely to win comps and Taylor more likely to win comps over ally and Brittany

Ravens Pacemaker

Hopefully Thursday this is how events will take place:
1) Terrance 1st evicted
2) Alyssa wins HOH
3) Monte & Michael nominees
4) Brittany wins veto & doesn’t use
5) Michael 2nd evicted


In what universe would Alyssa win HOH? Maybe with a coat on in the desert!


If Henny Penny shows up on Thursday and Alyssa wins HOH she’s NOT putting up Michael bc she made a F3 with both the girls & Britt/Michael so it’ll be Monte/Turner.

Prior to noms, I’d expect Michael to tell her that Turner said SHE was his target (he’ll just say he told him prior to comp not on Monday lol). Plus like the guys she’ll be too scared he’ll win POV & come for her in revenge.



Since the Veto was not used, Alyssa finally gets to sit on Eviction night for the 1st time this season


Sure hope Taylor wins HOH OR VETO Thursday in the double. So sick of Production interference. For once, I wish Grodner would let these people and future BB HouseGuests play their own game.

un autre nom

Post Veto meeting. The guys HOH meet up.
Michael already knows about the women talking alliance. He isn’t disclosing he knows.
Turner and Monte shifted facts (remember when Joseph would lead the witness as a spy and report only the answers, not how he led the conversation to get the results he wanted…. that basically). Monte is saying Taylor brought up Michael first. False. Turner used infromation Monte gave him and sited Britt as the source.
Michael played along. There IS a chance he believed part of what they said, but for the most part he already knew everything they were saying.
If Impressions are correct, what does that mean?
I think that means Michael is not IN in, but he is in to play along until after the next veto. After that… I’m not sure.
Monte’s test: he wants Taylor to reveal the girls alliance. It’s a double edge sword that she can’t pass. If she tells him, she’s stringing him along because she figured out he’s too smart to fall for a lie. If she doesn’t tell him, she’s all in with the women. Monte knows how Taylor feels about Terrance, so seeing if she’ll keep him as a test is foolish.
Michael plans to test Britt: why is she talking about Michael being evicted? Most likely she tells all but shifts in the same way Monte and Turner did or completely denies that part of the conversation. Remember how she reacts to being caught? She shifts or denies.
Reality: she already TOLD him that EVERY one in the house, especially Monte and Turner have been talking about taking the shot. So if he chooses to buy what the guys are selling over his seasons long final 2… that precious jury vote could go bye bye and Michael is VERY concerned with Jury votes. Just saying. More likely, He tries to make sure Britt is there to final 4. Just a gut read.

Do I like either the women’s alliance with Michael OR the Men’s alliance propositions? Not really. I see the need for them in the short term, but I don’t truly see anyone being honestly Long term. It’s Monday. The moment a double is announced? Most bets are off anyway.


Yeah – did you notice while Monte & Turner were like “I’m in”, “let’s do it” etc Michael just sat there lol. He’d smile or nod but I didn’t hear him say once YES or I’m IN.

What I do think he needs to take away from this convo (aside from feeling better about his opportunity to get out of F6 double) is it might not be wise to take all three ladies to F4 but he needs to get a debrief from Taylor on how hard Monte has pushed to get him & decide if he’s more worried about that or Turner winning twice (meaning HOH & POV) without locking him down.

I’m sort of leaning to him trying to cement with Turner (b/c he can win & likes having a guy F2 deal) plus Britt & although I prefer Taylor as a player maybe bringing Ally instead bc now Michael has enough dirt to pit her & Turner against each other.

un autre nom

can’t take a pound member to final 2, pound votes pound and Alyssa votes with Kyle.
Michael knows about the Pound so if he is considering his options, final 2 with a pound member is not good.
Terrance votes against Michael. That means he can only afford to lose three more votes, if he loses 4 he loses the game. Pound voting Pound, Alyssa voting with Kyle? Bad scene because that’s 5.
Same token, can’t take Alyssa to final 2. He’s down one vote, Terrance, he potentially from his perspective loses Indy and Jasmine. Kyle tries to win by showmance win by voting Alyssa. He loses.
Can’t take Taylor: even though Michael was the primary target of week one, Taylor has a stronger week one story. He’d have to hope that Pound falls into their routine of being bro and voting male…. but. I think Taylor is too much of a risk.

So, to final 2 if he wants to win, he can’t take Pound, or Alyssa or Taylor to final 2 because if the jury is bitter, he’s doomed.
Honestly, his best bet is still Britt, because “flea”, not respected by jury.


Monte and Turner are way over thinking this irs f6 you idiots you can’t align with everyone to be safe and they’re idiots if they think Michael will choose them over Taylor and Britt. They’re afraid to make Michael made and it’s gonna end up screwing them. They need to nominate him straight up or risk him winning veto and savingsomeone else