Danielle says # 1 you can’t talk s**t about Dan, only I can & I don’t mean it, # 2 I f**king hate you, # 3 I f**king hate you!

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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12:50pm – 1:10pm Ian grabs some juice and asks Danielle if she is alright. Danielle doesn’t respond. Ian says okay I am going to head back outside. Dan asks you didn’t say anything? Danielle says nope. I can be a b***h if I want. Dan says I’ve never seen you like that. Dan says I am not doing his dishes any more. Danielle says it would make me smile to go off on him about it. Danielle asks if Dan will throw that last comp. Dan says no, I didn’t come 72 days to throw it just in the hopes of him taking me.. especially when I know I can beat him. Dan says he hopes Ian does throw it to me. Danielle says what would you say to him. Dan says I would say I have been working with someone since day one and it’s not you. Danielle starts talking about the competition and how she can’t believe she didn’t beat him. Dan says that he is going to tell Ian that you are super pissed at him and nice to me. Danielle says good, tell him that. Danielle says that she is pissed at him. Danielle says number 1 you can’t talk s**t about Dan only I can and I don’t mean it. Number 2 I f**king hate you. Number 3 I f**king hate you! Danielle says the next time he talks to me I am going to f**king go off! I have been nice to him this whole time only because we were in an alliance, but I am done with him. Danielle says Ian started talking about her body and now I am in an anorexic mindset already. F**K YOU, F**K HEAD! I like Frank more than I like him! Danielle says that she is fixing to go off on him. Dan says just don’t do anything you will regret. Danielle says that her friends don’t even see this side of her. Dan says that she kind of scares him. Dan says we play differently, you play with heart and emotion. Danielle says if he says anything she will snap his neck. Dan says to the camera, just for clarification she isn’t going to really do that. Danielle says that she wouldn’t ever touch someone. Dan says but now they have it on tape, its motive and I am an accomplice. Big brother switches all four cams out to Ian swinging in the hammock.

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1:20pm Dan joins Ian out in the backyard and asks what’s up. Ian says nothing just enjoying the beautiful day. Dan says that he is about to get into the pool.


1:35pm – 2pm Dan heads inside and goes to the arcade room and asks big brother if they can have some quarters to play the carnival game. He then goes to the living room and lays down on the couch and stares at the wall. Ian continues to swing on the hammock. Ian is mumbling to himself. “the captain goes down with the ship.” “I’ve got a shot at the finals.” “There’s two on two” “Hook line and sinker” Danielle isn’t on any of the cams. Ian heads inside. Dan and Ian talk about only having 3 days left. Dan asks has it hit you yet. Ian is worried Danielle is around. Dan says he checked and thinks she is in the diary room. Ian heads back out to swing in the hammock.

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2pm – 2:25pm Ian mumbles to himself saying “Interesting, interesting, interesting. I trust you.” “Family, family, family.. you shall stab me in the front.” “Dan, my mentor in this game. Mentor. Mentor.” “I ain’t dealing with this s**t!” Ian continues to mumble and then says “No love from that camera in the center, no love!” Dan comes out. Ian asks if its salsa ball time? Dan says yeah but I only have 3 balls. Ian says well that’s not going to work. I am ready for some pool action. Ian says that he felt like walking up to Danielle and saying “that’s it you blew it! You lose!” Ian says that was a very fair game. Dan says yeah, its not like she didn’t have a chance. Ian says that he wishes third place got something. Dan says yeah, they get like $10 grand but that’s it. Ian says that he feels bad for her but ..in the final four it was two on two. Dan says yeah she had her chance ..it’s over! Dan says it’s over, go home! Too good for your home.


2:30pm – 2:40pm Ian says I wish we could just get a luxury comp or something were we got like $10 grand so that we could just give it to her so that she would stop complaining. Dan says she has been in there (diary room) a long time, maybe she self-evicted. They talk about how puffy her eyes are. Dan says that it would be so much better if she wasn’t here. Ian agrees and says that they would have so much fun and get so many stop that’s. Danielle joins them. Ian says hey. Danielle says hi. Dan asks where she was. She says that she was lying in her room and had to go the diary room a few times. Dan and Ian talk about the jury house and the finale night. They discuss when and how the other house guests will get to the finale. Ian says that they will send a bus for Jodi.
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2:45pm – 3pm Ian and Dan are talking about past events of the season. They talk about what punishments were the worst. Ian says he thinks the carrot costume went to the right person. They continue to talk about random things related to big brother. Ian says that Jodi was the girl that was supposed to be hot but that she just looked like she was constipated all the time. Dan laughs.

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197 thoughts on “Danielle says # 1 you can’t talk s**t about Dan, only I can & I don’t mean it, # 2 I f**king hate you, # 3 I f**king hate you!

      1. I don’t know why BB is letting her act this way. She is not only making life misserable for Ian but Dan too. God knows she surely will not win America’s favorite not to mention I doubt she will ever be ask back again. She’s acting like Ian killed her dog or something. All he did was win a comp she had every chance of winning herself!! I say give her the boot BB!! Let Ian and Dan have some peace the last couple of day and let them enjoy the last of their summer.

        1. Poor Dan, God forbid he have to live with some of the damage he caused with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. It would take pages to go line by line through the ways he decieved and betrayed her. Why shouldn’t she be heartbroken?

      2. She is such a fool. Why Is she so angry at Ian? Dan has been the most deceitful person to her,yet she still believes he will take her to the end. Wow, what will it take for this girl to get a clue. I worry about her in the real world. She makes it so easy for a man to take advantage of her.

  1. “I can be a b***h if I want.” Yeah, we noticed since Day 1, Captain Obvious!

    “Danielle says number 1 you can’t talk shit about Dan only I can and I don’t mean it.” I call bullsh!t. You have meant every word. Oh, and how is Ian supposed to know if she means it or not?

    1. She is going to hate the world after she sees how absolutely insane she came across. She is a stark raving mad eating machine!

  2. “Danielle says Ian started talking about her body and now I am in an anorexic mindset already”

    Oh Em Gee!!! This girl really is a sandwich short of the picnic.

    1. Please Big Brother make the BB house floor open up and swallow Danielle or make a herd (do ants come in herds??) of those ants come off the cupboard and carry her entitled, whiny, ignorant ass outta the house :()

        1. Was it her charm?
          Was it her insatiable appetite?
          Was it one of her split personalities?
          Was it her devotion to Trey/Shane/Dan/The guy at Krispy Kreme who slips her an extra doughnut?
          Was it her genius game play?
          Was it her alternative version of reality?
          Was it her skin care regime?
          Was it her insane jealousy of any and all women in the house?

          Tell us, what on earth do you see worthy in this creature?

    1. That is what I am trying to figure out. Dan has stabbed her in the back. Ian won the 2nd round and he is a scumbag?? This chick is nutting up big time. Time to remove all the knives big brother.

    2. Apparently. Ian was kind to her the other night when numbnuts got evicted. He got her tissues for her snotty face and snotty attitude and kept asking her if she was ok. She turns on anyone who isn’t catering to her or doing her bidding or listening to her hypochondria.

    3. Yep. The girl is delusional, she thinks everything she does is perfect and everything anyone else does is wrong. What a poor loser, and plain hateful person.

      1. She reminds me of Frank, he thought everything anyone did against him was wrong, when he was intending to do the same to others…. him and Dani should get married and have 8 entitled brats just like them

        1. Frank did have an ego,and might of been a bully a couple times,but anyone who had a whole house against them since day 1 would too.Now Danielle is just a jealous hateful person who could scare the stripes off a tiger just by taking off her makeup

          1. Its kinda like karma, for the last couple of weeks all the remaining could talk about was how bad of an attitude Frank had or how low class he was, ect ect. First Shane and now Danielle get to see what it’s like when things are not going your way and you don’t have the quacks to protect you.

    4. What is her problem ? She is mad at Ian because he didn’t “throw” the competition to her ?! REALLY ?
      I can not believe what a brat she is being. And to think all Ian did was win a comp. She still loves Dan and he screwed her over more than once this season !
      She is mad that Ian is not going to bring her to the final 2 if he wins. But little does she know, neither is Dan. I wish I was a fly on the wall when she watches the season all back ! Then she will see what we all did.

      1. After watching Daniel in these last few days, being in a rage, and threatening Ian, but refusing to accept her own dumb$ mistakes, I by no doult feel sorry for her, and the more she rants with threats towards Ian, I cant hardly wait to the defeat on her zit face.

    5. Because she’s a spoiled, entitled brat. Weeks ago she was carrying on, when just the 4 QPers were left, that shed had just won the 500 large.

    6. I can’t figure it out last nite Dan asked Ian to have a beer with him to celebrate his win and Ian said no that’s not right to do to Danielle. Ian has been nothing but nice. Dan is the one alienating her from the two guys. When she sees this later heaven only knows what she’s gonna do. SHE IS A DINGBAT!

      1. Daniell has proven, shes insane allready,because she cant see that dan made the fool out of her, and not Ian. I really dont know how she is going to conduct herself like a adult in jury.

    7. I think i is all an act for Dan’s sake…….just maybe Ian is going take Dani to the final 2………you have to admit it would make for a shocking finish……….

    8. I don’t get her i have hated her since she betrayed janelle so not feeling to bad for her dan aside what he did or didn’t do but why is she mad at Ian? Is he not allowed to play his game i do not get these players why do they think people are suppose to just play dead? Brit thought the same thing of dan i don’t get it

      1. According to Dani Frank and Brit, you’re not aloud to play your own game for 500k, this is why it was so funny watching people like that get evicted

        Wouldn’t it be crazy if they had a BB season where you HAD to play as a team or you get DQ’d??

        1. I think I remember Dan saying he would only come back if they did Big Brother made up of teams. It would be interesting but would BB reset it again like they did this season?

    9. I think in that tiny little brain of hers Danielle thought that Ian would throw the competition to her so she and Dan would battle it out in the last HOH comp and she’s peeved because he didn’t and she lost.

  3. That girl is officially off the deep end. When did Ian make a comment about her? LOL got her in the anorexic mindset… gtfo! GIRL IS CRAY CRAY!

    1. She asked Ian what Boogie thought of her body. I think he said she had a big butt….so now all the sudden in her warped head it is what Ian said. Just basically an excuse for her to be pissed instead of the real reason, because he didn’t let her win. Spoiled brat.

  4. “Danielle says Ian started talking about her body and now I am in an anorexic mindset already.” Riiiiiight. Anorexic. I highly doubt that she could even stop eating for a day and refuses to exercise so I doubt she would ever be one.

    “Danielle says that her friends don’t even see this side of her.” That’s not what her “friends” say. At least, previous friends/roommates couldn’t stand her constant narcissism and grandiose lies. Apparently, this is her MO. Irritate and lie to people and, when they have had enough, call them out as a defense tactic. She only hates Ian because he beat her. He hasn’t done anything directly to her so I don’t get her vitriol except that her widdle biddy feewings got hurt because she couldn’t win so she is going to throw and 3 day screaming hissy fit to make sure everyone knows she is not happy she is going to lose. Buh bye Danielle. Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. To think you can influence the jury (if she even gets to see/talk to them at all) is ridiculous. But, that’s what you get for casting people who don’t know the show.

  5. Dan needs to go to final 2 with Danielle. He has a much better chance against her. He can easily play that he manipulated all of her decisions. Against Ian I don’t see how he stands a chance.

    1. Dan’s thinking jury votes and he doesn’t think he has them. That’s why he wants Ian to be the one to evict Dani so his hands are clean.

    1. No kidding, she has gotten an incredible edit and come off as the southern gal with a crush on the cute boy. She is a cruel, vindictive, spoiled woman. I have nightmares of being brought into an emergency room and waking up to see that face!

  6. Wow! I hope Danielle looks back at this and feels like a jacka$$. She claims to be so much moe mature than Ian but last week when he was on the block, by her, Ian took it in stride. She is a total narcissistic loser!

  7. Wow she has completely lost the damn plot i hope she self evicts … For her own damn well being … I wonder do they have councillors available for after the show … She will need it

  8. Poor Ian,Danielle needs to go.Id rather have Dan and Ian for the f2.Dan may haven played a dirty game but he has made more moves then Dani.

  9. Great site Simon and Dawg. Changes the whole BB game for me. My second season with ya. Will be watching your survior updates. Donation sent.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you love the site and keep coming back! Don’t forget to come back for all the BB canada spoilers that we will be posting in early 2014!

        1. Yes thanks, apparently I don’t even know what year it is… BB Canada starts early in 2013. Sorry about the mix up. That’s what happens when you work 12 hours a day, every day for 3 months… lol

    1. Danielle hates Ian because #1) he beat her and #2) he doesnt look like a puka bead wearing model and she thinks anyone who isnt a sorority/fraternity prototype is beneath her and should never beat her at anything. She is contemptible.

    2. Isn’t it ironic how Dan and Danielle – the 2 people that wear their religion on their sleeves talking about praying and Bible reading – treat people the worst and are the 2 most contemptible people in the house.

      1. Why do people think someone is religious just because they read the bible. Those of eviel nature also read the bible and use the verses to enrich themselves. Why is everyone shocked that Dan swore on the bible and broke faith. All religions have their hypocrites. I am not picking on Catholics, but you had priests holding mass on Sunday and abusing altar boys on Monday. Didn’t those priests also read the bible.

        So Dan swore on the bible and broke faith. It just showed how little regard he had for what the bible represented; However he reconciles that in his mind is on him. For me, his actions show a lack of character. You Dan fans can say its only a game and it is, but when u start bringing in your dead grandmother, wife and bible into the picture and break faith. Well Judas got his 30 pieces of silver, Dan get your 500K, I just wish that the day you need a good doctor …. u get that lunatic Danielle. Don’t worry, Dani has a photographic memory and she completed all her online courses.

  10. Ian is probably going to win the last HOH, he has better memory than Dan and the last HOH is usually what other houseguests have said about big brother.

    1. Dan is sitting pretty. Either way he goes to the end. I would be shocked if Ian did win last comp and he decided to take Daniel. Highly, unlikely, Although his muttering on the hammock is confusing.

  11. People lets pray and hope Danielle flips out its could be one of the high lights of the game :):). Since i think she had a mental problem before got in to the house. i want Ian to win put maybe Dan shouklkd win he will need the money more after he gets out. The catholic school might be upset with his behavier No they won’t there behavier has been worst the Dan.

  12. Danielle officially has a mental disorder that only sees Dan as her provider and protector – she will harm someone who gets in her way or if she feels threatened. The only reason she has not caused harm is because Dan has not told her to do so but if she misreads any code Dan talks or if she thinks Dan did her wrong before she is voted out, both of them are in serious trouble. As it stands, Ian is better off telling production that he wants a protection order or he walks and then sue them for not protecting him. He should also start saying he made mention to production that he wants protection to announce he is concerned. Dan will most definitely have Ian “offed” if he thinks he will lose. Dan is just as much at fault here as Dani.

      1. Are you sure it’s not tonight ? TV Guide says ” The New Head of Household nominates two contestants for possible eviction”.

  13. Simon/Dawg, there’s been all sorts of opinions on how good/bad a season BB14 has been. I’m wondering. As far as OBB “site hits”, comments and donations OBB has had this season, how has it compared with past seasons? More site traffic? Less? (Of course, hoping this isn’t “top secret” info!)

  14. If Danielle makes it to the final two, this will be her final speech:

    I stuck to the end with Dan, I was loyal to Dan, Dan was my coach and I learned from him. Me and Shane met in the BB house and we’re now engaged, there he is, hi honey. I was loyal to Shane. Dan this…..Dan that…..Dan this…yada, yada, yada. After I win the 500k, I can’t wait to meet Hayden in the BB party blast. Dan was a good coach and I learned from him, if I hadn’t been loyal to Dan, I wouldn’t of gotten this far.

    Do you think Trey still loves me? Dan coached me and I listened to him and I consider that good game play. Hey Trey, where ever you are, kisses and hugs.

    I knew from the beginning that if I stuck by Dan, I would win this thing. Big Brother made me step on the scales and I gained 40 lbs, after going thru that, you can’t take the win away from me I suffered very much for it. Dan was a great coach.

    Dan is the second best player in Big Brother history, next to me. Dan is going to write a book about me, titled, “How Danielle Learned From Her Coach, and Played Better Than Him”. I had to endure Shane stalking me so I deserve to win. Funny how it turned out, now me and Shane are engaged. (Shane cringes in his seat).

    Did I mention that Dan is going to write a book about me? I gained 40 lbs! That’s not fair! I saved Dan with the POV. Dan was at my mercy. The coach relying on his player. And all I get If you don’t choose me is 3 inches on my waistline and 40lbs, I deserve to win, I suffered for it.

    I had to see a BB psychiatrist over 2 dozen times because of all the trauma I suffered in the house. I deserve to win. Did I mention that I gained 40lbs?

    I stuck with Dan through thick and thin. I suffered so much trauma that I picked and dug at my zits so hard, that I now have 2 permanent craters on my face, one on my forehead and one on my chin. That should count for something, please vote for me! Hayden, I hope you attend the after BB party.

    I hate Frank, I love Shane, I hate myself, please vote for me. Look at me, I’m so loyal to Dan that my lips are still stuck to his a@@, and please, no salad tossing jokes! Please vote for me, waaaaah. Please vote for me, waaaah. Please vote for me, waaah.

  15. I think even some people who don’t watch the live feeds don’t care much for Danielle either. My husband never watches them, and won’t let me tell him anything about them and even he can’t stand her. I think BB made sure they portrayed her more as Shane’s stalker than a showmance, and showed at least some of her delusional mindset. The girl needs help, and she’s going to need a whole lot more once she’s out of the house and sees that America did not view her as “sweet” like she’s convinced we did (all because Jesse called her that, twice).
    Like others, I don’t understand all this violent hatred for Ian all of a sudden. So he beat her?! Well, hell, then instead of saying she wants to kill him, she should be cultivating him to take her to the F2 over Dan. As far as I’m concerned, Dan knew just how to work this girl’s massive insecurities (along with her huge ego–what a lethal combination!), and she fell for all of it. I say good for Dan for knowing how to read people and get them to do what he wants. I still want Ian to win, but won’t be unhappy if Dan does.
    And FYI…I know plenty of cat ladies who cannot stand Danielle.

  16. danielle really is a pathetic disgusting person. please get her out of that house with no money. she is so gross
    Dr Will:Greatest of All Time

  17. Ian slightly ahead of Dan in the favorites poll. Wish BB wasn’t so cheap and awarded more prizes at the end. Funniest, most obnoxious, nicest, etc. Don’t understand why Amazing Race can do $2 mil and bear such major production expense.

  18. This is going to be a LOOOONNGG few days in the house! She wanted Ian to go home instead of Shane (cried about it), and now Ian beats her and she’s mad?!? Clearly she has some issues. A person wouldn’t know what that environment would do to them, and she just looks absolutely miserable. I’m glad they won’t show a lot of this on tv, because between her craziness and Ian’s rocking/pacing . . . there would be people wanting the show cancelled. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch (actually, I can’t watch anymore). I wouldn’t be surprised if she self-evicted. I feel bad for Dan, he deserves the money just for putting up with a week of this crap. Maybe that’s the new twist, the whole summer was rigged to get these 3 to end; and if Dan doesn’t self-evict this week — he wins!!

  19. Does anyone know hot the $25k america’s choice works? Are the top two elegible? (If dan and ian are top 2 – does Ian win or does it go to Brit) (Unfortunately you can’t vote for Dawg on CBS’s site)

  20. Holy shit-I thought Danielle being pissed at Ian was part of her and Dan’s strategy to fool him, but I can see the heat waves above her head-The anticipated meltdown of the season has yet to shock the masses. Today my grandmother saw a commercial for tonights taping and said she felt bad for Danielle and she’d win America’s favorite. She talks MAJOR shit about Dan, I don’t even try to reason with her about him anymore, she said his wife should be embarrassed, to say the least. Oh, grandma…..I can’t explain to her how Dan put his emotions aside to play the game, she really hates him. I tried to show her these updates from the feeds and she shook her head and walked off. Damn these edits ruin my case. I don’t hate Dani at all, but she can be such a nut job in her hysterical states.

  21. i hope ian wins the next round and back door dan but he wont dan is the best bb player of all time.if he gets to the end he should win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think Dani is pissed because when she was fishing for compliments from Ian he didn’t give them to her. Plus, he made it a point several times to talk about how hot kara is. If she truly cared about her big booty she would cut back some on the snacking! Omg! I mean I love to snack too, but I’m a 40 + married mom. She is just getting started in life. I also think that stuff she is putting on her face is actually causing some of her breakouts.

    1. I’m set on it now that she doesn’t know how to cook. She has said before she doesn’t like fish and she doesn’t like vegetables. So all she does is pour more cereal and eat cookies and candy, it’s like she is 10yrs. old. Wait till she gets pregnant, Oh my god!

    2. When she was by the pool with Jenn and said someone told her she looked like JLow I about gagged on my coffee. If she looks like JLow, then I’m the Queen of Sheba!!!

  23. has anyone thought that privately Ian and Danielle could be in a secret alliance and are playing Dan. I can just see Ian evicting Dan and saying like he said to Boogie……..I learned from the best.

    1. Evicting Dan would be Ian’s best move of the season and guareentee him winning the 500K by being a giant killer and getting out the guy that has screwed most of the jury but it wouldnt be because he has an alliance with Danielle cuz nobody comes between her and her BB Daddy.

  24. Hope CBS shows this. “Miss Little Perfect” has been getting a pretty decent edit from them, Ian don’t mind her keep your eye on the prize and put the final nail in Dani’s Big Brother coffin!

  25. I think them making her get on the scales has probably sent her over the edge today. She’s so self-obsessed that something like seeing how much weight she gained doesn’t help her mood any

    1. Yeah, Ian and Danielle had get on a scale because the part 2 competition had then in harnesses where they had to go up and down in the air to complete the challenge.

  26. “Danielle says if he says anything she will snap his neck. Dan says to the camera, just for clarification she isn’t going to really do that. Danielle says that she wouldn’t ever touch someone. Dan says but now they have it on tape, its motive and I am an accomplice.”

    Umm Ian?, SAY SOMETHING PLEASE, I wanna see Danielle bodyslam ian

  27. I kinda feel bad for this girl. She is really damaged. Theres a slight chance when she gets out that she’ll let all the comments roll of her back, but I highly doubt it. If shes flipping out over one person’s comments, wait till she reads up on all the blogs. I dont wish anything bad on a person, but she should of known what she was getting herself into. She went into this thinking she was going to be the center of attention. This girl is not even dating material, she is all f*#^*ed up. Just remember Danielle, crack is wack quackity quack, and is also a hell of a drug.

  28. I really do not understand why Danielle is being such a pissy b*tch to Ian, all he did was win a competition. he did nothing to her she needs to get the stick out of her a$$ and stop being such a bitter b*tch cause she got played she should learn to not be dans puppet and make some moves of her own. Idiot. YOU threw the competition to Dan. YOU gave Dan the veto. And YOU didn’t beat Ian. get over it.

  29. wow she is a walking excuse, she has every medical condition under the sun, im not a fan of ian, but i dont like the game that dani is playing by insulting and screaming at ian, you can tell ian doesnt like confrontation and dan should step in and say something, this is going past game strategy, she is a spoiled baby, who thinks she is a princess, all she does is pick at her face and cry, i hope she comes to read these boards when she gets out and see how people are bored with her excuses.

  30. Daniel is a effin bully, she is the worst kind of human being, when things don’t go her way she screams and kicks and talks shit, she is shit, I really don’t like any of the last 3 but I cannot stand a BULLY!! I can’t figure out why Ian doesn’t tell that ignorant Bitch to shut the f up, just turn to her and say SHUT IT!, why would any of them including Shane listen to that crazy girl at all, Please! get her out of that house, if I were there I would try and get her to hit me and get her ass out!! But Ian I guess cannot be mean, well he does talk shit about everyone that was in the house but in person he cannot, don’t these morons left in the house realize that they are going to see the show later, have you ever notice that Dan the bible man never really says anything bad about anyone because he knows that, he is such an asshole and that is why he will win this game, wouldn’t it be cool though if Ian and Daniel were bull shitin’ Dan and Ian wins because Dan throws the hoh and then boot his ass off! Priceless! but back to reality, they aren’t smart enough to pull that off! so its either bye! bye! Ian or Daniel!! And really I think that if he does take Ian, Ian may win this thing sure would be funny!!

  31. Danielle is crazy but so is Ian. He is constantly swinging on the hammock and walking everywhere all the time. And what was he saying when he was rambling outside to himself. Is he considering evicting Dan? I am so confused at his strange words. Haha I bet Dan can’t wait to be away from these 2 crazies. He’s probably thinking these two people are losing it and to all those people who say Dan doesn’t have feeling I think he does feel pity towards Danielle. I think he feels bad for her like I do. She is completely crazy and it’s obious she can’t handle this part of the game or rather handle it without Shane. I don’t think I’ve seen such crazy people ever at the end. I just hope the crazy doesn’t rub off on Dan please Dan don’t throw the last competition because I think Ian is considering evicting you.

    1. you R a heartless person. Ian can not help his disorder. no compassion. you are proberly a dan fan. who is a heartless dirty player. he does not represent Jesus. He needs Jesus big time. so don’t u lady.

    1. No. Ian realizes his best chance of winning is by taking Dan. All this crazy coming from Danielle is making him more likely to take her. Keep in mind, the jury is unaware of the drama going on, and still look at her sympathetically and might give her their votes over Ian.

  32. So, How many people has Danielle threatned to go off on? Jenn for making fries, Frank for sucking up to her, Joe for cooking and not admiring her, Britney for having the NERVE to campaign to stay, Shane for hanging around her too much, Ian for beating her in the last comp.

    Crikey. I suddenly like some relatives who now look fantastic. Thanks, Miss Delusionelle.

  33. Dan is a stinky dirty demon. I Hope Ian wins this. Give Daniel a break folks. She is disappointed cause she knows she lost this thing. Have mercy. Don’t be like heartless stinky Dan. Good grief Charles! : )

  34. I’ve seen some crazy, crazy rednecks in my years, (all fo of dem),

    But, cheesy grits, Danielle is crazier dan a pig in a poke, honey chile.

  35. Is this Big Brother or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

    Between Ian muttering nonsensical non-sequiturs and Danielle becoming totally unhinged, I’m genuinely confused

  36. Between delusional Danielle and Stimming out of control Ian, BB really picked a few “winners” this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for either Dan or Ian, either would be great, but Danielle is absolutely pathetic, she got beat fair an square and is now making it sound like Ians at fault somehow ?? She is a spoiled brat and I can’t stand to look at her for another second, so please hurry this up I can’t take much more of her !!

    In regards to Ian, the guy obviously has Asbergers or a combo of a few things, but I’m sorry adhd/asbergers whatever, what’s with a grown man sleeping with a teddy and stuffed snake ?? The guy may be smarrt but he is mentally challenged in many ways as well. He can’t stand still, makes all kinds of weird mouth noises, walks on his tippy toes all the time, talks to himself, can’t stop stimming, he’s a mess !! I hope he gets help with his winnings, he needs it !!

  37. Dani being pissed at Ian is partly game, but the reality of it is this:

    Geeks, nerds and the like are doormats in her world. So she can’t grasp the idea that a doormat maybe going to the finals.

  38. OK, glad that Danielle has stopped crying and is ready to PLAY GAME!!! ….. DAN DOES NOT MEAN THE THINGS HE SAYS BOUT DANI … DAN is trying to get Ian’s trust to have Ian throw part 3!!! – ALSO: DAN TOLD DANI to act this way towards Ian!!! – Dani’s only mistake is that she held on to her boy toy (shanetta) too long!!! – Dan told her so this morning! … I am STILL Pulling for Dan AND Dani!

    1. You’re right Dan said to act that way TOWARDS Ian…not the all encompassing ABOUT Ian. So how does anyone explain NurseBatSh*t going off on Ian when he’s out in the hammock and Dan is alone with her in the kitchen…

      To quote her: “I f*cking hate him” which she repeats several times, then attacks his religious beliefs and finally threatens to do bodily harm to him: “I’ll snap his neck if he says a word to me” Well maybe she was just practicing for her coach…but it sure didn’t seem that way to me and I’d bet most intelligent people wouldn’t see it that way either.

    1. Ian explained the rocking is a release for his anxiety and because it makes you uncomfortable you want him to be medicated?????

      The kid has done OK in this game doing physical stimulation to cope with his ADHD – I doubt you could last as long as he has so If watching him makes you uncomfortable I suggest you stop and keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  39. Danielle is so pathetic !! She thinks because Ian is agnostic he’s some kind of devil and is inferior !! That’s how delusional she is, she doesn’t even understand that she’s the moron that believes in a santa clause in the sky !! What a pathetic human !! She needs to go !!

    1. you mean autistic? agnostic is a religious choice… but either way she is acting like a bully….. what are you thinking danielle…. treating ian like shit, all because he is different?? who made you queen shit… and you are blaming ian for you becoming “anorexically minded” ..maybe the issue is not with Ian but with you ..man is she ever full of herself and delusional

      1. no meant agnostic, she was dissing him because he doesn’t believe in god !!! what a nutcase like the rest of those southern right wing religious nutcases that seem to be in great abundance in your country !! long live Canada

  40. Get a grip already, it’s a game. He’s no different than anyone else whose played, except he’s played better. Maybe you need to stop watching the show if it bothers you that much.

  41. A while back I got called out on the carpet here for referring to NurseBatSh*t as a c*nt. Seems like I was just a bit early on the call…but Ms Delusionelle let her true colors fly last night and into today, topping it off with the comment about wanting to snap Ian’s neck. And why? I would think, in her mind, she still has a 50/50 chance of being in the final. If Dan wins he hasn’t given her any reason to believe he won’t take her to the final.

    So basically Ian tells her he’d want to “explore all his options” and she wants him to go f*ck himself. She follows that up with telling Dan she wants to go off on him for his religious beliefs and that she can be a real bitch especially once someone is on her sh*t list…I guess Ian definitely qualifies. Add in that she likes Frank even better than Ian, and given all we heard her say about Frank, Ian must really twist her up. At least enough for her to put “I f*cking hate him” as the #2 & #3 things on here list about him.

    The real stunner was her version of the story when Ian claimed he “twisted” his ankle and wanted “ice & elevation” Her take on that: “I took one look and saw he’d only popped his ankle and I walked away cuz it wasn’t worth my time” Lovely, especially coming from someone who professes to be a nurse…albeit a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) at a Nursing Home, not an RN, but still someone that should care for people no matter how severe (or not) their condition might truly be.

    Right now what we really need is for “Father Dan” to win the final comp and tell her she needs to go because she resembles less of a “Christian” and more of another “C” word.

  42. Dani is boken now… she ost the last comp and is now taking an self entitled temper tantrum …. she does not deserve to win anything and i hope dan cuts her …..she needs to wisen up ( like that would ever happen) and realize that it is dan constantly fucking her

  43. IAN FTW!
    Leave him alone about his condition! Meds make things worse too often, so he chooses to rock instead of taking meds – BIG DEAL! STOP watching if it bothers you!

    1. I agree. Leave Ian the FUCK alone! I think he has done SO well, considering all of his issues. When he told Dan he’s always felt like he had something inside of him moving back and forth, and the rocking calms it down, I was stunned I can’t imagine what it must be like for him to be on lockdown inside.

      Ian FTW!!!

  44. I always thought the final 2 had some down time just by themselves. Are you sure the final HOH is on finale night? (WED) That kind of sucks if it is because the last person booted doesn’t even have time to talk to the others. Plus Ian was talking to Dan about how they will have fun when it’s just the two of them.

  45. I would like to know Simon and Dawg’s opinion. Are these people all “misting” each other? What is the purpose of her being such a bi**h to Ian? I don’t understand why Dan is getting her to act like that. I can usually follow this stuff. Crap, I am totally confused!!

    1. I read somewhere else that they earn a $750 stipend for each week they are in the house. That would mean that everyone that makes it to jury gets around $9000. The real question here is how much did Jodi get??

  46. Dan will win if he take Dani. He is a fool if he throws the comp to Ian. He can’t win against Ian. Dan, you better think. I believe Ian will win against either one of them. I can see Ian winning the finale comp. and taking Danielle. That would be the ultimate blindside and everyone in the jury will vote for Ian. Come on ppl, think!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. when this bb game is over, certain people, who I want mention, may need to get some legal restraint on daniel I realy believe she might be harmful towards others, as for her harming herself, shes already did a number on her face.

  48. omg. who knew the final 3 would be this crazy? i was kind of hoping for a dani / ian final 2 but it’s looking less likely. not sure why dani just doesn’t butter up some to ian. i don’t think this attitude helps her at all!

  49. big brother (and this is not a typo not capailizing the bb ) is desparate for ratings. bb should be ashamed, allowing dani. To treat Ian like that. Poor kid is traumatized, with all of his emotional problems, and rocking back and forth all the time, and on the hammock. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, bb!

    1. yes he told Shane that dani had been playing him al along he said this to try n get votes this wrong she never played shane what a jurk someone should shove t hat bible of his where the sun don’t shine what a remligous hipperquit

  50. She has become what so many of her supporters complaint ed about. A poor sport with a sense of entitlement AND a bully. She is threatening Ian with jury votes and being a bitch because she lost and fears he will boot her. Did Ian do that last week when he truly believed he was screwed? No. Yet you return the favor like this. Did Dan become a cry I g bitch and whine when he was all but dead? No he figured a way out. You knownwbo did. Frank someone your supporters hated. I geaus she has more in common with frank than she would want. I hope she leaves I blaze of tears. You psychopath.

  51. I do not like Daneille at all, but before I let things go down the way there going . I would call a meeting and tell Ian in front of Dan everything that’s happened since the funeral all the way up to the screaming he told me to do last night, because he wanted Ian so upset he would throw the final H.O.H. To Dan. Supposedly to take me to the final 2. It might not do any good but I would go down fighting to stay in the game.

  52. AND one more thing–if dan or dani win, it’s blood money. cbs should pay for Ian’s therapy if he doesn’t win. I hope dani is proud of her behaviour and enjoys watching the recordings. she must be some kind of nurse, acting so nice, then changing face so fast. Maybe it’s the zits on her face irritating her, but, girl , chill out! THINK! she is showing more immaturity than Ian has shown. So, lay off!

  53. You are truly scary GAVIN! I have to wonder, do you have any familial connection to anyone in the BB house that you can be so personally offended by Dan’s GAME play? There are so many psychotic nut jobs wandering around that you make me fear for Dan’s safety. Your comment about not getting away with his actions is a more than slightly vailed threat and I’m quite surprised Simon or Dawg did not pick up on it. Scary, scary man, Gavin

  54. Best of luck to Daniell and shane, and I really hope, they find each other, after the bb game is over. I,ve never seen 2 dummies, that are meant for each other, until watching these 2 love birds on bb. well what more can I say,

  55. Danielle, bless her heart, is mad at Ian because she wants him to throw the last compitetion to Dan…. Soooo , Dan can take her to the end and she can win. She is sure she can win going against Dan. She doesn’t believe she can win against Ian which is why Dan must take her. Nor does she think Dan is capable of winning against Ian. She really doesn’t have that high opinion of him she claimed and he thought she had.
    Clearly Dan isn’t helping the situation…Why… Don’t know…..He still is playing the BB game. Ian is still in the game too. (Well in and out).
    Whatever, there’s no excuse for her to be so rude to Ian that it makes him uncomfortable…
    That said, Ian is not afraid to stand up for himself.. Remember he took on Frank.. So Danielle beware….

  56. Dan cannot beat Ian in the final. He can only beat Danielle because no one thinks Danielle deserves to win the game. They all know Dan carried her to the final and made all the moves. The jury would see thru their hate of Dan and vote against Danielle, im sure even Frank would. Ian has played a good enough game and made enough big moves where the jury would not put aside their hatred for Dan. They would vote for Ian to win. In my opinion Dan’s only shot at the 340k after taxes is thru Danielle, he cant beat Ian.
    Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time

  57. I hope and I know Dan will get his day on the street I dont care that peaple say this is only a game he is trash and he well get a gun to his head by someone if noy me, I have already called his house

    1. no doubt that catholic school he works for will fire Dan. They wont tolerate the immoral way he has acted on tv especially with all the lies and bible swearing etc. Schools fire teachers for much less. He will get all sorts of death threats on him and his wife, im sure people have already messed with his house and his wife. By thanksgiving i would say he is unemployed and maybe divorced and begging cbs to get back on bb15. kids in for it
      Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time

  58. amen how dare he swear on the sanctity of marriage, the bible, and his cross game or not you don’t do this. he wil get his in the end what goes around come around ten folds. Dan is no christan, and should not be allowed to teach or be an example for any school Christian or not he is a evil example

    1. give me a break. Evil Dick won this game. was he nice in ANY way? Hell no! I’d do anything to win the game as well. Bring home the $ for for your family Dan!!

  59. Danielle needs to stuff and keep picking her pimply ass face., she needs to be mad at herself for continuously allowing Dan to play her. She’s an air head and I am pretty sure she is not a real nurse.. An RN would not be so stupid.. A community college LPN maybe

  60. Hey 86 and 86.2 Maybe look into some anger management classes… Or just crawl back into the trash can you fell out of… Geez…… What is it with people with guns and hate.. It is a game stupid.. Yes reality shows are game shows…It is suppose to be entertainment. A chess game with the pieces being real people. Not motivation to go to war or commit crimes threats etc…. You people spoil it for everyone…

  61. It is hard to say whom Dan has a better chance against. Ian did have part in some of the Jury’s evictions and if he is the one that sends Danielle home, she will definitely try to convince the other jury members to vote against Ian. I missed part one of the competition last night, so this morning I made sure to watch it on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It automatically skips the commercials for me, so I got ready for work while watching it. The feature saves me time, so I had a chance to grab coffee on my way to work at Dish. I thought I was at least going to see who won the first part, but of course, they left it. After reading your blog, I am glad Dan won the first competition, because I think he deserves to be in the final two. I think he is guaranteed that now.

  62. Too bad BB won’t portray her as she really is ! I am sick of seeing that fake smile ,and sweet southern belle act – come on BB show this Sunday’s bi#@h fit she threw and how vicious she really is on prime time

  63. Danielle is a horrible person. She is spoiled brat who acts as if the world owes her something. Shame on her, shame on her parents, and shame on the second set of folks who raised her. YOU ALL did a S*#T job. Congrats BAMA!!!

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