Victoria WINS the luxury competition – “Big Brother please call me to the diary room because I am pissed!”

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HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: ? and ?

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  • Victoria WON $5,000
  • AND Hayden also WON $5,000


1pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the luxury competition. Victoria is in the living room talking about how she is pissed!! They better get me a new necklace!! The broke my necklace big brother!! They took my clothes now I don’t have my necklace! Victoria says these f**kers! F**king A! Yeah Hayden I F**KING WON! That was my favorite necklace! They better get me a new one! I was going to wear that to the finale! I won and they’re going to get me a new necklace! AND its going to come out of their pockets!! Victoria says I never expected them to dump garbage on the floor! That’s disgusting. That is a bitter bitter bitter jury!! Frankie say oh yeah none of us are getting the money. Caleb says I don’t think anyone did it on purpose. Victoria says that’s bullsh*t. Caleb says big brother will pay for it. Someone probably stepped on it under a blanket or something. Victoria says no big brother isn’t going to pay for it .. one of the jury members is going to have to pay for it. Big Brother please call me to the diary room because I am pissed!! Caleb says they definitely came in with a malicious intent. I think they went too far. Caleb says the thing is there was no chip in the necklace. There was a chip that the house guests had to find. (Most likely a chip for 5K) The jury members were in the house to make it harder for the house guests to find the chip.

In the fire room – Derrick whispers to Victoria that he is so happy she won. You deserved to win. Derrick hugs Victoria and and tells her that 5K is guaranteed. He’s so happy she won.

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1:30pm Caleb goes to tell Victoria that before she’s it for herself .. they put a huge X through your name on the bathroom stall door. Cody and Caleb says that is a better jury. They hate her. Victoria says that is such a disgusting bitter jury! WoW! That is so personal! She scratches it out. They talk about how NOMINATIONS are today.

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1:40pm Frankie is cleaning up the garbage off the kitchen floor saying WOW Jocasta… really?! The jury members also took out the food out of the fridge and threw it on the ground. Frankie says we have to throw it all out now. Derrick finds a piece of Caleb’s cake with his face on it and shows Caleb how it was destroyed. Caleb shows Cody while he’s taking a dump and tells Cody to cover his junk. In the kitchen they talk about how the jurors poured out vinegar in the sink. Frankie says its more the fact that we just cleaned the house. Caleb says I think they did a little too much. Frankie asks YOU THINK?!!! Derrick comments on how Jocasta did the worst out of anyone and they didn’t expect that from her. Some people are just UGLY when it comes to money. Some of the most beautiful people are ugly when it comes to money. Frankie comments on how Zach was folding stuff. Frankie says I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY JOCASTA LOST! I am so happy that I was team Zach. Caleb says I really didn’t want to put on Jocasta’s shirt and be on her team.

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1:40pm – 2pm Victoria asks who do you think destroyed the necklace. Cody says I think you should call them (jurors) out as soon as you get the chance. (Yeah because that will help you get jury votes at the finale when you call them out. lol) Frankie says I don’t think it was Zach. They think it was Christine. Caleb says I think it was after you won the money. I think that’s when they did it. Cody says no matter what you’re going home with more money than they are. Victoria says is just the fact that it was so personal. Victoria says and that X over my name! Frankie says I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of letting them know it bothered you. Now I have cause to hate them. Frankie comments on how he thinks now the jury member just realized that Victoria is still here. I think Christine was chilling in the hotel until yesterday. Frankie says Christine out first! BOOM! Derrick says that was an awesome luxury comp .. I got a free t-shirt.

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248 thoughts on “Victoria WINS the luxury competition – “Big Brother please call me to the diary room because I am pissed!”

    1. Victoria is hitting her stride just as the playoffs are starting. Doesn’t matter what happened during the regular season. She has a 1 in 5 shot of taking home the bacon.

      1. Have you been watching this season? Most likely she will be final 2 but she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning. She’ll make final 2 bc everyone knows they can win against them.

    2. From what I gathered from the update, it appears that the houseguests didn’t even play….the jurors played and each houseguest was designated a jury member as their comp representative, so to speak. That explains why the houseguests are wearing Team “juror name” T-shirts. It also explains how Victoria “won”….someone else won for her just like every other comp “win” she’s ever had.

    1. As much as I dislike Victoria, I can’t say that I blame her on this one. If my personal property was DESTROYED without my consent I would be pissed too. Who’s to say how much that necklace may have cost, if a replacement could even be found for purchase, or even if that necklace had some sort of sentimental value? Tossing stuff around to make a mess of the house is one thing, completely ruining personal items is another and should have been warned against.

      1. Um … Then maybe she shouldn’t be bringing that into the house or going on a reality show in the first place and take her ugly, whiny ass back to her couch at home.

          1. Geez, be nice. No need to say such nasty personal things. I am not a big Victoria fan, but some of the comments on this forum take the fun out of the game. It is no different than being an on line bully. I like to come on here and enjoy other peoples opinions about the game and the players, not to listen to juvenile comments from the peanut gallery!

      2. No one did it on purpose. It probably got knocked off wherever it was. And it’s just a little link. It can be fixed. No one meant to destroy anything

    1. How pathetic is it that people have to insert their political opinions in every single thing on the planet. This is Big Brother for Pete’s sake. Give it a rest.


      1. Told you all that the jury was bitter. This jury is not going to reward bad behavior do Derrick has no chance of winning. Especially when they find out he’s a cop. That’s coming before the jury votes and will taint this jury even more against Derrick.

    1. In the Middle East the Hamsa symbolizes the hand of God. In some faiths it is a protective sign that also brings happiness, good luck, and good health. Some people wear crosses to represent their beliefs, and others the Hamsa or Evil Eye. Victoria’s necklace could have had precious stones in it and been valuable. Also could have been a gift from family. I would be upset too if I had a necklace with a cross and someone broke it just to be an ass! I would never have taken anything valuable or sentimental knowing it possibly could come up missing or broken. It’s her own fault not BB production, but I still feel bad it was damaged.

      1. Ummm Hamasa? Crosses? That’s a leap…the necklace was a bib of flowers from Forever 21. Big Brother instructed the jury members to mess up the house. I’m sure that if the necklace had been purposely damaged, the juror would have made a show of it. It was an accident. For an example of wanton destruction meant as a personal attack (but really just a waste of time) see Victoria’s cutting and ripping of her/Zach’s pink hat. Please.

  1. Victoria won a competition ? Did I read that right ? Truthfully they deserve no luxuries anyway. But if I were handing them a gift they didn’t have, I would give…..

    Victoria A brain
    Caleb Some guts
    Cody A personality
    Derrick A nose job
    Frankie Some class and character He has neither

      1. Might be a way for big brother to instill some viewer sympathy for the remaining house guests… Seeing that they are a hated bunch and the jury house is so well liked.
        Never been done before… Just a thought …

        1. And like every other big idea they’ve had this season, it DIDN’T WORK!!! It would take a helluva lot more than a trashed house to make me feel badly for them. And Victoria, you’re an idiot – I’m willing to bet all HouseGuest’s were told not to bring anything of value in to the house. Sorry if your necklace from Forever 21 was damaged.

      2. The competition was to find chips hidden in the house it sounds like. They had to go thru everything to find them. I’m sure bb told them to leave mess plus I think it was timed

    1. Karma – perhaps… It was wrong to break Princess Clueless’s necklace, but she should not have left that exit message for Zach. She took great pleasure in tearing up that pink hat and shoving it down his throat during his exit interview with Julie. He looked really annoyed because he said she told him he could have the hat early in the show. There is definitely no love between those two people. The finale could get nasty. If Victoria goes to jury soon, they better keep those two apart or there could be fireworks.

    2. Guess what dingus froot loop….that wasn’t Zach’s pink hat! It was Victoria’s which is why she took it back and cut it up.

    3. The pink hat Victoria cut up was her own! She didn’t cut up anything that personally belonged to Zach, he decided he wanted it, but it was hers to do what she wanted. I like both Victoria and Zach and hope they can mend their crazy ways with each other.

      1. Are you watching the same feeds as we are? When Zach talked to her about keeping the hat, Victoria told Zach “Put it this way| I’m not going to ask you for it back” SOOOOOO – she was NOT going to take the pink hat back therefore GIVING it to him!

  2. Victoria won a comp ? Wow that is amazing !! They deserver NO luxuries, but if I was giving each of them a gift.. I would give……………

    Victoria A brain
    Caleb Some guts
    Cody A clue how to play the game
    Derrick A nose job
    Frankie Some character and class of which He has ZERO

    Anyone but Frankie FTW

  3. Dear Victoria,
    Shut the hell up you whiney cow! OMG if I could reach through the tv and smack you every time you smacked your food or talked or shrieked, I would need carpal tunnel surgery.

    Sincerely Me

    1. Donny was right, with all the girls gone, Victoria is starting to look pretty good. Oops, never mind. I forgot to put in my contacts.

  4. They should have taken her tweezers and jabbed them into her memory wall photo…. thus forcing her to attend the finale with her uni-brow intact. Now that would kill her. Dumb. tw*t.

  5. And this tantrum for just a necklace? Just think how she will react when she finds out about Derelict’s lies and manipulations.

    1. We know it was Victoria’s hat, but she gave it to Zach to wear and he got it stinky and dirty from wearing it all season, it was her personal hat, but “spiritually” it became his.

      Victoria was never going to wear the hat, or even take it home with her, she only took it back and cut it up like a child to get back at him, instead of standing up to him, telling him how she felt about the things he said, like an adult. Hell, she could’ve made a meeting out of it, so she wasn’t alone with him..

    2. It was no longer her hat, because she gave it to Zach then took it back out of spite. So yes it’s karma she got back with the necklace. She took the hat back from Zach, why? because of things other people were telling her about Zach? Zach was no longer bothering her. As a matter of fact he tried to help her by telling her Derrick was in an alliance and she wasn’t a part of it. So no the hat was no loner hers. She is a spoiled brat and needs to grow up. She can’t even sleep alone, and tore the hat up for what reason? That’s something children do. So yes her necklace was karma, and If you don’t want your things to be respected try respecting other peoples things and don’t be an endian giver. When you give someone something don’t take it back and definite don’t take it back out of spite because Vic wasn’t going to wear that hat anymore. I don’t think anyone broke her necklace because BB has rules where they can’t damage each others things. It was simply an accident, but one that should remind her you get what you give.

    3. Seriously. Before you attack someone for what they wrote, READ what was written. It was clearly stated that Victoria told Zach he could have that hat.
      @delta231: get your facts right or keep your comments to yourself. We all thank you.

    4. Jeez, people it was a stupid hat that is no more. Are you really going to argue over it’s ownership?
      Who cares? I know this season is long and boring but come on.

  6. From the way it sounds it seems like the houseguests teamed up with a juror to compete for them or something. So possibly Hayden won the comp for Victoria and also got something out of it.

    It’s the only way I can make sense of the fact that Victoria won a competition because I dont see any pigs flying outside my window.

  7. There’s quite a difference between playing a game and unsportsmanlike conduct. I’m sure the jury members were vigorously urged by production to disrupt the house, but IMHO, this went beyond innocent fun. I probably would have had a problem holding my temper on this one!

    1. I thought they were pretty restrained. I would have really trashed the place. The clothes would just be on the floor the chicken juice would have been all over them and ketchup and mustard, etc. But then I paid for the feeds and have nothing but stooges to watch all season.

    2. Eh, they need to get over it. It’s all part of the game. I’m sure they sign releases stating that bb is not responsible for loss or damage. That logically applies to other HGs as well. They were in there playing the game in a comp when the damage occurred, on the instruction of production. Besides, they’ve all been given an extraordinary opportunity to be on a show and win prizes and money and potentially some notoriety that could benefit them long term. So wah, wah, life is so hard for them, snort.

    3. Some of the game play went beyond Big Brother game play so they will live. Just like how Frankie used a TA challenge to make it seem like Zach stole people’s stuff for kicks. Production probably is being passive aggressive and telling them something anyway.

    1. I agree
      .. Don’t blame the jury .. I would do it for a chance at 5000$ also.

      Bb trying to stir pot.. They know this season was bad..

      And Julie comparing derrick to Dan… Wow.. Any other season they would of evicted him for winning the 5000$ instead of going for hoh. This season everyone is to brain dead to do it .

      1. The dumbest thing by far that the Hgs have done, is not realize that Derrick and Cody are a pair. They haven’t made that much effort to hide how close they are. Any reasonably perceptive person would realize, esp so late in the game. And of course pairs needs to be broken by this point in the game, if not sooner. It’s this critical failure of the other detonators to realize this, that is making Derricks game look so strong. He has been good at making individuals think he’s sincerely taking them to final 2, but by now it shouldn’t be that difficult to see that he and Cody have a strong connection.

  8. I have come to the conclusion that you people on here are nothing more than vile, bitter, uneducated individuals who have nothing better to do than bitch and belittle others. You are all a waste of space talking this way about people you don`t even know. Terrible how shallow you are. I certainly have gotten an education in how not to speak of others. Hope you are all proud of yourselves! Bunch of children here.

    1. Hi. Irony here. I would like to just point out that if you’re going to throw stones to make sure that none can be thrown back at you.

      Calling people a waste of space does not show that you are “better” than anyone. It actually shows you’re just as bad as all of us as you claim.

      Remember when you point your finger at someone….you have 3 pointing right back at you. Have a great day!

    2. You say your education gives you the right to insult those who, are insulting pretty despicable people that have also insulted just about every person they’ve encountered? I would request a refund as you apparently have yet to learn about hypocrisy….

    3. The purpose of this website is for us to discuss the game and game play of the hg ‘s, (or lack of in this seasons case) AND to comment and give opinions of the players of said game. You say we don’t know them. That is not correct. We did not know them at the start and then we got to know them quite well. What we know is what they have shown themselves to be. You do not hear mean things being said about anyone but those who deserve ridicule for their game play and or actions.

      Besides if you are that holy just read the updates and skip the comments. They are not required reading. You shouldn’t even be reading and enjoying BB which is just a gossip group as well with them doing the same as us. You should get your bible and pray on it, ask for forgiveness and then Fuc# off.

      Thank you

    4. Hey you should apply to be on the next BB. You have all of the qualifications they are looking for judging by your comment. You sound like the bunch left in the game….add Christine and you are definitely in!

  9. I think that what they did was extreme overkill. I can see throwing clothes and things around, but food, that is just juvenile. You just knew jocasta had a mean streak in her. She was probably a terror in her day before she “found jesus.” They did this before didn’t they where they allow former guests to come and create havoc? I can’t see them showing much of the chaos they caused during the tv show.

      1. I agree. BB Production is throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks. They obviously know that the HGs are boring to watch at this point and that some of the most popular people are in the jury.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking (about the food). Wasting food is just plain wrong and an insult to anyone that goes to sleep hungry. However, I don’t mind them messing up the newly cleaned house tossing things everywhere; I think it’ll be fun seeing the jury members. At this point watching live feeds for jury would be 1000x better than the crap Dawg and Simon have to watch for us. Props to you guys for that!

  10. I am dying to know where that horrible Christine was.
    Of course, Victoria wins a luxury comp..but then again those nasty extensions probably need to be replaced and she needs some cash for new ones.
    Last night’s episode was one of the best ever on BB…and ONLY because of what went on in the jury house. I didn’t think I could love Donny anymore than I do, but after seeing and hearing his comments last night, I love him even more.
    Final thought….I’ve had it with Frankie’s preening and fawning over Julie Chen. My husband doesn’t follow BB as much as I do and even he was shouting “SHUT UP” at the TV when Fakie Frankie was on with his Joker-grin, his overly animated expressions and his Pinocchio pants on.
    P.S. The comments on this website make me laugh on a daily basis. You people are infinitely more entertaining and interesting than these fuckwits.

    1. My guess is that they only needed five jurors to play in the comp. One for each HG so perhaps they had a comp in the jury house and Christine lost. Or perhaps she elected to not participate.

  11. It’s amazing how Frankie enjoys being the “rule/morals” shitter: he’s always shitting some sort of rule of how people should behave and what is or not proper… when he’s one of the most unkind, disrespectful and foul person I have ever seen on TV! Definitely his ideas of behavior comes out of his @ss.

    It’s so obvious that jurors were instructed to destroy the house. It’s ridiculous of Caleb, Frankie and Victoria being pissed about it. Can’t hardly wait to see Frankie walking in the jury house next…

  12. OMG I cannot believe that Victoria Won!!!!!!!!!! I would hate it more if Frankie had won. I really cannot stand that guy. I know he has been feeling off the guys in there, but I never realized that they are babies compared to him in age. Never mind the game, Frankie is in heaven just being locked in a house with 4 YOUNG men. LOL

  13. I know that they better compensate Victoria on her necklace or We might just see the Warrior Princess come alive,and thank you @Jerks for doing to every poster on here what you accuse us of doing to the house guests!You have made me realize just how vile and rude I have been imma gonna go watch this season again to punish myself minute by minute getting to know each contestant over and over. Until I wise up and learn some manners!

      1. I stand corrected,Xena is the Warrior princess so from now on I will call Vic the Princess Warrior.But that also give me the right to refer to Frankie as Vagisil,just saying but on another note congratulations Simon good looking healthy baby boy,And we may have just been introduced too Jack Attack been following your site for some time now and enjoy your site and updates thank you both for a job well done!

  14. Who the f*** cares!?! HG are just pissed they have to clean up! Jury wanted to make a statement, and they did. Bitter or whatever you want to call it to make yourselves feel better, HGs, you are hated! But wait till you find out it’s not just the jury members that dislike you, just wait for the boos from America!

  15. Didn’t they do something similar in a previous season where a bunch of plastic eggs or something were hidden and one contained a diamond POV? Just wondering if they found a way to “save” Frankie.

  16. Victoria needs to get a grip. She needs to take that 5K and get a real necklace worth whiney about. Pretty obvious this is costume jewelry. I could understand if it was sentimental, but she wants it replaced, and you cannot replace something sentimental. So, now she has the money to buy something nice as opposed to that tacky piece of crap. Princess my a$$!

  17. My original owner victoria gifted the hat to zach … Victoria being immature and wanting to hurt zach took the gift back and destroyed it … So for all those defending Victoria … Why ?? You give someone a gift you don’t sneakily take it back and then destroy it. You be an adult and either say A. I let you borrow my hat and I would like it back OR B. if you want to keep my hat forever please pay me the value of the hat. OR C. You let the person keep the hat (obviously zach liked it .. He wore it frequently). Instead Victoria acted like a juvenile. Do not forget that act … She doesn’t even feel remorse instead bragged in her goodbye message showing the world she has issues and doesn’t know right from wrong. I can see this spilling into her professional carrer as photographer and if she doesn’t like her client having her sit around a fire burning all their pictures. Victoria ..
    Don’t be that person. Learn right from wrong, go buy zach a new pink hat and say I am soooo sorry I was wrong !!!!!! Maybe you can learn and grow from that.

  18. I am starting to wonder why I even read the comments on this site. No wonder the BB facebook page took down their comment section. Everything is filled with rude and negative person attacks on people which is so disgusting. Calling people pigs and cows, and ugly and this and that. Easy to do behind a keyboard I guess.

    Oh and for the comments yesterday about the game being rigged for Frankie because of the rewind, may we not forget that the Rewind was in place during the week when Frankie won all the power and now what he did was for nothing, not like he did much, but still. He is not in power now so WTF was your issue yesterday.

    And for the people saying Frankie should be charged for his sexual molestation or harassment of the house guests, last time I checked Cody and Caleb are grown ass men, who if they had a real issue with what he was doing would tell him to stop and have told him to stop and he did. Also, if they felt so violated they would go to the DR and lodge a formal complaint and I am sure if it wasn’t dealt with they could sue everyone and their grandma for not protecting them. For all we know, the DR has even asked them if they feel violated/uncomfortable with Frankie grabbing at their junk, we don’t know. So how can we as viewers have any day about it, just like we are not Christine’s husband and it is none of our business about their relationship or what she did in the house.

    I have been an avid reader and follower of this blog for years and I love it, but if you continue to allow some of the vile disgusting things to be said about people, which is BULLYING, then I don’t know if I can continue with it. Yeah freedom of speech whatever bullshit you have to back up your nastiness is fine for you, but maybe before you all start talking crap about others, maybe you should look in the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself because I am sure you guys are just as ugly if not more for the comments you are posting here about people you DON’T even know.

    Keep it game related and not personal.

    1. Lets not overlook that Frankie wants to play in the next HOH. If not for rewind he would not have been able to play. The rewind supported him getting that chance. People may go overboard with personal attacks but we are watching people act like fools and of course we will remark on the boundaries they cross. Personal attacks on looks etc aren’t necessary but actions are fair game. Frankie is not a sex pervert but he does cross boundaries all the time . Yes, these are adults he is dealing with but it is also a game where intimidation doesn’t always get defending because players feel it could put a target on them. Much like abusers get away with their abuse because their victims are made to feel if they speak up it is they who will pay. This game started as a study in human behavior and let us not forget that. It isn’t just a game. Actually it is so orchestrated now that it is less game and people are behaving badly to get better ratings.

      1. I was worried about Izzy. Now you want me to worry about a gorilla! Let’s keep all animals and handsome young men away from Frankie. We’ve had enough of Brokeback Brother this summer.

    2. Apparently you’re new to this site – go back and read the comments from previous BB shows – I recommend the BB show that Ian won.

    3. Apparently Old Timer you need to read my post as I have been coming to this site for YEARS I believe since BB 3 or 4. And I have read comments here and there since then and never have they been as vile as they are now. Last year was bad, but this year it is just personal attack after personal attack like really (mind you last year they were somewhat well deserved). Calling Derrick a pig or he/Christine need a nose job or whatever, it is not necessary.

      And maybe Frankie did blow it this week so he could participate next week, but how do we know he will make it. We all know the plan is to backdoor him, and it may very well happen. *Crossing my fingers*

      To be honest I liked Frankie in the beginning for like 10 minutes then he opened his mouth and flipped up his leg and that was the end of it, he is also my pick for a pool at work, but I want him gone just as bad.

      And to compare the players to actual abuse victims is kind of ridiculous for not wanting to report because they feel they will get punished, seriously this is not abuse, a violation yes, but not abuse, and I am sure if in any way the boys felt that they were in danger and he was going too far, BB would have NO choice but to jump in otherwise like I stated there would be law suits out the wazoo and that would be the end of the show. Flashback to season 2 when that guy held a knife up to Krista or whatever her name was, if she was like oh haha it was a joke no biggie, there would be repercussions to that if after the show she realized hey look I felt violated and I want to sue, but no BB took control into their own hands and kicked him out from the game. Or like Hantz and the Chef guy, that was rather minor but they took control. They legally have to ensure the players are protected and like I said, how do we know that they haven’t ensured with Cody and Caleb that they feel safe…we don’t.

      1. Gosh, why are you picking on me…. If you have been here for years – how can you forget the comments a few years ago that referred to a player as Hitler in graphic detail… now that was hate speech – even Simon and Dawg stepped up to the plate and removed many demeaning comments that year. This year is tame compared to other BB seasons.

      2. The name calling is ridiculous. There are a lot of people of here who seem to think because someone is nice/naive that they should still be in the house. Not sure where that came from. It’s not called Big Brother for those who are morally perfect. Everyone had en equal chance to stay in the competition. If they alligned with the wrong people because those people were, “nice”, then good for them. Everyone can play how they wish and everyone did. What I’m surprised about is how people are so offended by what the house is saying. Really? My co-workers are more vile than this, and I find it hilarious. We joke all day at work and that’s what they are…;jokes! STOP trying to be so PC and laugh once in a while. It’s not Big Brother for adults, it’s not Big Brother only if you are perfectly behaived, so GROW UP!

      3. But when people sat Derrick is a pig they are right He’s slovenly. He’s gluttonous. He’s porcine. He’s everything a pig is. You can skip over this comment if it is not to your liking.

      1. Really? Come back when you have something to add to the conversation or maybe read what I said to get the actual point of what I am trying to say.

    4. When the HGs get personal, like telling someone to double team a virgin, wanting them to die, wanting to punch a girl in the face, it is hard for people not to make a personal comment. For they are commenting on something the HGs did that was personal and not game play. I try not to be negative, and I love reading this site, better then the show at times. But like the show, if you don’t like it, turn it off , you can skip over the comments you do not care for. But a lotog people on this site pay for the live feeds, and they need a free forum to discuss what they see. Again, skip the comments you don’t care to read !

      1. No shit, same thing goes to the people who all they do is bitch about the show and how it is rigged or whatever, stop watching. But when all I see is Skankie, or pig nose, or Chrustine, or talking about her nose or her this or her that or whatever about their body or their personal life it is unnecessary and has nothing to do with the game. Saying that Victoria and Caleb are delusional or idiots, yeah I get that because they are acting that way and has to do with the game. But I like seeing the comments when they have some actual context and relevance to them but after seeing disgusting negative comments after the other it makes me wonder about the actual people writing them like who are you to talk about the way someone looks?

  19. so now zach is yelling at women in resturants?

    look, he played an evel dick type game, but we ALL know he really is a nice guy who tried to play a villain role and didn’t have it in him. so much is made of him v victoria, when the entire house had pretty much tossed her aside, and he would talk to her and was nice to her(this was when she loved that he was wearing those hats she didn’t say she needed)

    zach got a BS rep. its funny to see frankie just now pandering to a fan base that is bigger than his. classic on so many levels. because zach has no desire for some hilarious fame that would never ever happen. he actually understands his “popularity” is BB related, and he won’t be modeling or acting or the next big country star (lol at caleb)

  20. Another production gone array . My guess is the HG’s were told to clean the house just so the jury coming in to mess it made a difference. Sounds like they went too far but controlling this group is like herding a corral full of two year olds and making them listen. My guess is Victoria’s necklace getting chipped was an accident but her Princess /brat act is pure Victoria . She is clueless how poorly she presents herself on tv. A real Princess would never whine like she does. She is no Princess, she is a spoiled brat. They have class. Production needs to get some new blood because they have failed greatly making this game interesting and fun to watch this season.

  21. Victoria did not win, she happened to “choose” the person that actually won the comp (in true Victoria fashion, carried along for another win).

    Derrick is showing all of his cards to Caleb. All it would take is one heart to heart conversation between Frankie and Caleb to expose Derrick. Unfortunately, Frankie is jealous of how close Cody is with Caleb to even think about asking anything about Derrick, and Caleb is far up Cody’s d^c+ to want to even take a minute to even think to ask Frankie how he really feels about the rest of the guys in the house. Caleb knows that Frankie doesn’t like Cody and vice versa and Caleb has a vested interest with both (knowing that one of those two are most likely going to win HoH). Again, Caleb is still carrying deep resentment of Frankie for the whole week 5 amber situation.

    If Caleb is as stupid as I think he is, then he might put up Frankie, knowing that his only chance to make it to the finals is to win every veto comp for the rest of season after Frankie is gone.

    The one saving grace is if Frankie does win the veto (or even if he is evicted) then there will be less than 24-48 hrs of “real game play” when the final 4 have to target the last remaining physical threat. Derrick knows he has to take Victoria to the end b/c he is not going to win an endurance comp over any of the guys in the house, so his only shot at making it to final 2 is to win both mental competitions or be carried by the winner of the 2 of 3 HoHs.

    Derrick game still could come to an abrupt end if he or his fellow weak allies don’t win any of the next competitions.

    1. Caleb and Frankie having a heart to heart could be very damaging indeed. But though out this entire season, the HGs didn’t bother talking amongst themselves on so many occasions that could have sunk Derrick’s game long ago. I’m assuming that he is revealing more about his game to Caleb now because past experience has assure him that that conversation will never happen with Frankie.

  22. I’m wondering if they scratched out Victoria’s name to show other house guests she’s “hated” prompting everyone to want to take her to the end. Thoughts?

  23. cody an cleab think Donny is forgotten by us men im LOL so hard tears coming down
    they said America will not vote for him America favorite they think it going to be them
    on question don’t you have to have a percentages by your name to me both of you got a 0
    Donny America favorite that’s my vote please vote for him to win

    1. It’s so sad when people root for Donny simply because he never did any harm to anyone or did any wrong to anyone. Do I feel bad for the guy? yeah He’s genuinely nice. Does he deserve to win? Obviously not. He had his chance, and that’s how the cookie crumbled. What I find odd is how two of the strongest competition players are still in the game, and yet people continue to defend their opinions of why they should not be in the house (they’re boring to watch, they’re rude, they’re mean) AND your point is? You’re watching REALITY TV! All’s fair in love and reality tv.

  24. Hey Simon and Dawg! I just made a huge purchase on Amazon from your site! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do year after year. I know all of us appreciate it. OBB is the best Big Brother Updates site out there!!!

  25. Wanted to let everyone know some big news that has been effecting the posts and also to throw some EXTRA THANKS to Dawg who was working double duty for me (Worked 24hours one day)

    A couple days ago my son Jack was born.

    1. Simon, he is priceless and so handsome, congrats to your new family – wish you and your family peace and lots of love and many memories to enjoy

    2. Congratulations!! When I first saw the name I thought it said Zach! LOL too much BB overload! He is a beautiful baby! looks very healthy! So happy for your family!

    3. Wow Simon….how were you ever able to concentrate on this bunch with such an amazing event going on behind the scenes! Congratulations! What a handsome boy…love the name…guessing the late nite shift will be no problem for you!

      Thanks Dawg for helping us keep up to date when Simon couldnt…

    4. Congrats Simon and the Mrs. he’s gorgeous. Just think if he was born 2 months earlier it would have helped you combine late night feedings with staying up to monitor the live feeds!

    5. How much did that beautiful boy weight? no wrinkles pretty color. Bless you and your family and for sharing your life with all of us.
      Thank you Dawg we love you too!!

    6. What a little sweetheart. Congratulations to all of your family. Hopefully he will inherit your love of animals. Will DAWG be his godfather? Thank you Simon for sharing a very personal part of your life with all the OBB fans.
      DAWG, you need to add Jack to the favourite hg polls.

    7. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful BB BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is, BY FAR, the best BB news I have heard all season!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Simon. Jack is amazing… cute and adorable. If ever there were a reason to cuddle, he and all little babies would be he reason to do it. Congratulations to you and your wife and enjoy the wild ride of parenthood!

    9. Congratulations to you and your (better?? lol) half!!! What a perfectly exquisite baby and so very healthy looking!! Apparently you don’t spend all your time online, you created this little wonder :) :)

    10. congrats Simon on a cute little baby, best wishes for you and your family, now when the season of BBUS is over get started on another one, hope your family grows and prospers!!

  26. Who ever had this bright idea really is a sicko, why not use the balloons again? Throwing food and trash on the floor! no way would I clean their mess up, they should have made the jury come back in and clean it them selves,, No just because this is the last one’s that has made it this far did not deserve this mess, childish as hell. now let the HG go to the jury house and do the same and walk away, We’re suppose to look forward to watch this shit? I think not, they really need to stop catering to the little kids and play adult games. This looks just like they turned it over to small kids and said what can we do to make it funny, Oh great ideal. Anyone that enjoyed watching them come in and do this has really got a problem.

    1. Cody must be confused. He wasn’t a match teacher for 6, 7, and 8th graders. He was probably hired to strip in front of 6, 7, or 8, women and dress up as a teacher. He probably wore glasses, a blazer with elbow patches and brought a yard stick (meter stick here in Canada) and his brother was the teacher’s assistant as we all know they strip together. He probably thought it was a night class as the students were older women.

  27. Why do y’all think they are in BY lockdown? Could there be a golden egg, LPOV that was overlooked? What would be going on in the house? setting up a luxury dinner for them since they all got so mad? I’m wondering why the BY lockdown!!

  28. What was with Caleb’s comments about parents and their kids wearing pink hats? Are his true colours starting to come through now that Frankie is on his way out? Was Caleb tolerating Frankie until he no longer needed him. And why do these people always want to punch people? They might want to watch those comments after the Rice elevator video leak this week.

    Its incredible to watch and see how clueless they are about how people see them. They are so obsessed with how popular the jury members are and constantly try to reassure themselves and each other that they are popular. Boy are they in for a rude awakening.

    They should make this a regular thing. Jury members constantly popping in to disrupt things, affect competitions, etc.

  29. I’m not one that would get happy that people destroyed the house for as a form of vengence………………………… but i’m not that really sad either

    And I guess the HG’s came to the conclusion that america don’t really like them……… yey =D

  30. Excellent news Simon!!! Just wish ‘Rockstar ‘ and ‘BBGrandma’ were still visiting the site to hear the news! Congrats to you and yours! Jack looks like a keeper. ;)

  31. Beautiful baby boy Simon – always loved the name Jack too.
    Now Victoria is always telling people that something will be coming out of ‘their pockets’. This girl sued the city remember for falling while staring in a mirror, rollerblading; or something like that.
    I’m so happy to see they did that.
    On another note; to people who think Derrick is such a genius; um ok he took the easiest route – dragging a barnacle to the end.

    1. Since Derrick is carrying Victoria to the end and they clearly need a name for their partnership/alliance how about BACK BACON?

      1. Now my mouth is watering. Back Bacon is a phrase not often heard outside of Canada. Have not been back to Canada in nearly 20 years but use to get really good back bacon on a kaiser at St Lawrence Market.

        1. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that what we here in Canada call Back Bacon is referred to as Canadian Bacon in the US.

    2. Are you sure the mirrors weren’t on her shoes? Like Joan Rivers said, her trampy friend in high school, Heidi Abramowitz, she wore mirrors on her shoes!”

  32. First CBS is airing a show which condones sexual harassment and vile behavior and now they allow vandalism and destruction of personal property. …wow.

    1. That’s a bit dramatic. These slobs haven’t been treating the house well at all and despite Victoria’s tirade its not like anything bad happened. She was the one that cut up her own hat out of spite after all.

      As for the sexual harassment comment, if you’re talking about Caleb and Amber you are correct. He clearly harassed her the entire time she was there. If you are suggesting Frankie sorry, you and the others that keep making that claim are wrong. I am no fan of Frankie but his touching, appropriate or otherwise has not been one sided. How many times have we seen Caleb bend Frankie over to assume the position. It can’t be called joking when one person does it, you have to have the same standards for everyone. Frankie is too touchy feely for my taste but they are all doing it and it is not sexual harassment. If you don’t like him there are many other things to criticize him for but lets not get crazy.

  33. Get over it Vic!! You hg don’t have much room to talk about the mess that the Jury kids did. Look at the pig sty you were living in before Jeff said something. WAH!!! BABIES!

  34. “Feeds cut (Thank you production )
    Feeds come back and Frankie/Caleb continues to complain.. While Derrick is in the toilet.”

    Hm, that about sums it up!

  35. When a group is told to destroy a house, the chances of it getting out of hand and emotions running ramped is a given. Feelings are hurt from the rude comments, the lies and manipulation and compassion doesn’t work into the formula. Even some of the bloggers have turned on each with rude comments.
    Production set the rules and chose the contestants, they need to step up and rethink some of their decisions.

  36. Can’t believe they think this was the hardest season ever, lol. Seriously?? They haven’t had hardly any endurance comps. Except the snowman. They had worse in the past. Season 11 for instance had the whole “team” thing, and their endurance comps were brutal. That swinging one that Natalie was throwing up on was crazy.

  37. These people are the most petty people ever! There horrible! They talk so rudely about people that they want to vote for them! what is wrong with these people are they so stupid that they think, I will treat the jurors like crap and they will in turn love me enough to give me the money! I don’t think anybody in that house right now has a brain to work with! They would never get my vote after you have treated me badly I would vote for the dog Ozzie or the fish

  38. Man lighten up geesh,we are not saving life’s here people we are once again given a way to articulate our dislikes our likes our anger and our enjoyment,all made possible by Simon and Dawg I personally for one am grateful for this opportunity to express my freedom of speech whether I’m joking bout a hg,or bickering back and forth with some other posters.I mean how hard is it to just scroll past someone’s opinion or reply to it regardless let’s not be so sensitive about where we stand.Come on Rose not everyone is the same I mean think about if all of us agreed on everything on here they would cast us all next season,lol sorry it was there?

  39. I think Victoria isn’t painfully unaware of how a microphone works – just because it’s attached at your chest we can still hear your disgusting elephant farts in the rooms where you let them rip into your spandex, thus causing you to float further up into your bubble of stupidity.
    Someone has posted a lot of Victoria’s flatulence on you tube and it’s pretty hilarious because I don’t think she’s aware it’s going to be ‘aired’ (so-to-speak), for everyone in the world to laugh at.
    Princess Flatulence rips through rooms and wins. If it were only a comp……

    1. Aww…Everybody poots. Oprah said it on her show one year. Thumbs down if you have never. Then again people do it in sleep too so don’t be to sure you don’t.

      On ‘Scrubs’ Turk said that his wife and daughter does and it smells like hotdogs!….lol

  40. rumor mill Christine had a nervous breakdown and was removed from the jury house for observation

    How it should have gone down

    The Gold reset button should have been a Gold Flip button i.e. as Julie would say twists of all twists
    the house and jury are flipped those in the house become the jury those in the jury become the house.

    Who would not have watched if it had played out like that?

    Victoria is a spoiled brat
    Frankie is a narcissistic ass
    Cody is a Mimbo

    My money is for Derrick and Calib in the Final 2 with Derrick for the win
    Donny for AFP
    Zach & Donny returning next year as co-zingbots!!

    Did you get an attorney ya fruit loop dingus– Says Zonny

  41. So the Vic hate was either
    A. Almost entirely from Zach/maybe Christine
    B. To trick the houseguests into thinking they can beat her in the end

    They definitely don’t hate her as much as Cody or Frankie.

  42. I personally love seeing the jury. Do it all the way to the finale. I am so down for that. And congrats Simon. What a beautiful baby!

  43. Production told them to create a mess, so you can’t really blame the jury, and they told Zach to break something of Victoria because of what she did to the pink hat.

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