Big Brother 16 Spoilers Final 5 nominations “I knew we should have listened to Derrick”

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-11 15-54-46-337

Caleb gives the vacuum a kiss. #BB16

BB16 2014-09-11 16-01-31-442

4:08pm Cody, Caleb and Derrick Studying..

BB16 2014-09-11 17-14-54-855

5:15pm Frankie and Victoria nominated Cody, Caleb and Derrick milling around the kitchen. Caleb’s speech used chess pieces he gave the pawn to Frankie. Derrick stressing that they need to win the Veto. Victoria joins them give Caleb a hug.

BB16 2014-09-11 17-18-48-569

5:19pm Caleb says will win the veto and he will put Derrick up as a replacement.
Caleb – Do what you do best under pressure
Frankie – Ok
Derrick joins them says if Frankie wins the Veto he’s going on the block.
Frankie isn’t mad he was just surprised.
Caleb claims he didn’t know who he was putting up until the ceremony started.
Frankie – It’s shocking.. your speech is amazing.. I’m good I’m fine it was a traumatic day.
They start complaining about the luxury twist this morning. Caleb says they worked all season to build something up and “They” came in and destroyed it.
Cody joins them.
Frankie says he would have appreciated more of a heads up. Derick tells him it’s the same thing as last week.
Frankie – we’ve given big brother what they hoped for from HOH to on the block with the push of a button.. I knew we should have listened to Derrick.. I said it from the beginning we should not press that button.
they laugh. .
Derick – I told ya

BB16 2014-09-11 17-38-52-539

5:38pm Derrick tries to put together the broken necklace

BB16 2014-09-11 17-52-13-482

5:53pm Derrick and Cody
Derrick is saying they have to win the POV if they don’t and Frankie wins it’s their own fault. Derrick is going to live on the wall for the next 24 hours. They start deconstructing the facial features of the memory wall pictures.
Derrick adds he has some rice to help him study. mentions that last time during the morph competition he crushed 3 out of the 5 in under 30 seconds. Cody wants to blindside Frankie, Derrick at first doesn’t but then agrees.
Derrick – I’m going to live on the wall let the chips fall where they may and if he beats us.. well dude he’ is so f***g smart
Derrick – if he beats us dude he deserves to make it to the f***g three.
Derrick – If he wins we still have a out.
Derrick says this POV tomorrow is a 500 thousand dollar game. He’s going through the faces in his head.
Cody leaves, Victoria joins him.. says Frankie is getting so f***g paranoid.


6:31pm For the most part they are studying.. I don’t expect much more than this until after the POV is over.
There’s a lengthy conversation about Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2..

Frankie butts in starts studying the wall with a tortilla shell. He’s blocking the memory wall from the rest of them. Cody has a problem with this. Frankie tells him if he has a problem he can forcefully remove him.

6:53pm Pool table Caleb, Cody and Derrick Derrick talking about how even if Frankie wins the POV they have “outs” Frnakei still needs to win the next HOH to be safe.
Caleb – He literally needs to win 3 back to back to stay in the house”

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133 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers Final 5 nominations “I knew we should have listened to Derrick”

    1. really didn’t matter as they all get to play in the veto anyways. Frankie would have still tried just as hard to ensure he didn’t get backdoored.

    2. They had to put him on the block so that Derrick could have his 2nd option (Victoria) on the block for sure. If Frankie wasn’t on the block there was a chance that it could have ended up being Derrick and Cody on the block together and that would be No Bueno.

    3. The reason why they needed to put Fakie on the block is because if he were to win the veto, he could take down Victoria and then Caleb would be forced to put up either DePrick or Cody.

    4. Either way Frankie would’ve tried hard to win the POV. He knows he’s targeted. I won’t celebrate until after the POV is played,that’s if he doesn’t win that.

    5. It would be worthless to try and backdoor him because they are all playing in the POV so we have to all pray that Production if they decide to interfere they do so by helping Derrick and Cody to get the perv Frankie finally out the door, and then can live with any of the other four rejects winning. Have to say that since Caleb put the perv on the block and the only one that had the nerve would want him to win the $500,000. Also that necklace looks like it came from the Dollar Store so why is Victoria whining so dang much. No way would BB let the stupid house guests take something expensive in that house? Get a Grip Victoria!

    6. this game move wasn’t actually bad for Caleb. this was a stupid game move on part of Derrick though. if Frankie wins POV, Derrick will be the replacement. that will give Frankie a better game move option to get rid of Derrick if Frankie properly gets in Caleb’s ear to evict Derrick. that means Derrick and Victoria will be on the block. Cody eviction vote will go for Victoria, and Frankie eviction vote will go for Derrick which leaves Caleb for the tie breaker. Caleb will be stupid at that moment if he doesn’t evict Derrick.

      I’m also tired of this Derrick wannabe Dan Gheesling. Derrick lying down on the couch and bed in this fake deep thinking like Dan is so forced. Cody is now walking around like he pulled off this Frankie on the block move. Cody was a pure bitch when he was HOH, and now he’s taking credit for Caleb’s HOH. this season is still going horribly wrong the longer Victoria stays in the game. she is unbearable not only on the feeds but on the national show. I rather they get rid of Victoria next and let them four battle it out.

      one other thing, I am not a Frankie fan, but after the last week or so, he has earned my respect as a BB player. even though he was stripped from his HOH, you can’t take away his competitiveness. yes he’s a douche and annoying but overall he’s been the complete player this season. if anyone thinks Derrick is fooling Frankie, you’re totally wrong. Frankie has a good read on Derrick. this season top 3 players at the end should be Frankie, Derrick and Caleb. Cody and Victoria bring nothing, and as long as they stay in the game this season is beyond repair.

      1. He earned a bit of respect from me as well. In past seasons when HOH’s have been voided, the winner goes ballistic. He took it in stride and remained focused. He’s definitely still protected by Production (and knows it),but he does engage/actively play the game. With that being said, I’m still hoping he’s the next to be evicted.

      2. We won’t know if its a good or bad move for Caleb or Derrick until after the veto comp. Not being nominated is always a good position to be in, so Derrick’s in the best position possible for him right now.

        But Caleb is playing right into Derrick and Cody’s hands. He’s been convinced that Frankie has to go, but he hasn’t realized that he is the expendable one of the three. If they evict Frankie, Caleb can’t play in HOH next week which basically means that Derrick or Cody are HOH and Caleb goes on the block and has to win the POV to avoid eviction.

        But no matter what the scenarios are….if you don’t win comps you could be next to jury.

        1. I don’t think it matters for Caleb if Frankie or Derrick go this week. He can’t play HOH no matter what next week. You think Frankie would keep Caleb over Cody? Heck no! Caleb has shown that he’s a very good player in this game.

          Right now, Cody is sitting in the drivers seat and he doesn’t know it.

    7. OMG, Caleb found his balls. Finally…
      Now let’s see how smart Derrick is and win the pov since he is “always throwing” competitions.

    8. Not sure why everyone is using my name but like Frankie I guess i am popular and others are jealous.

      Frankie please win. Get Derrick out.

      I think Victoria is the hottest girl to ever play big brother.

    1. Will there be a live studio audience of actual BB fans for this eviction? I’m worried that it might be filled with CBS staff or no one at all because the eviction isn’t on live TV and then Frankie will not get to hear the chorus of boooooos that he deserves.

    2. Well it depends if Cody and Derrick can win the Veto. You don’t want Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria to win it. Not sure Derrick and Cody can pull it off. Caleb is still a clueless on what is actually going on.

      1. No. you have it all wrong, Caleb is the only one that has it figured out, that is why he is going to be a country music singer because he is now friends with the famous Frankie Grande. That is of course after Big Brother gives him a big diesel truck, cbs puts him on amazing race, and he becomes The Bachelor . And of course, all of this is with his girlfriend Amber at his side.

      2. actually (try to keep a straight face), it would be perfect if (snicker, no, stay serious here) Victoria (oh man I’m going to bite through my tongue) reaches into her utility belt and wins the pov (hold your breath if you have to… you can do this don’t laugh). then derrick goes on the block, cody and batman vote for Frankie to be evicted and no blood is on derrick’s hands. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. yeah, that’s going to happen.

      3. if and god knows it won’t happen I guarantee you Victoria won POV Derrick would convince her not to use it. The whole Derrick and Victoria thing is staged by production for those Dan moments IMHO. I cannot believe the number of pure idiots here that think Victoria staying is a good thing.

  1. I wish they would have more emotion to being put on the block. Every week they’re like “Oh well, i’m a little hurt but it’s okay. I love you!!”. I want them to get mad and fight lol I want at least a LITTLE drama this season.

    1. Omg yes! Nothing physical just some major yelling and cursing would be entertaining for a while. It seems they are all hoping to get AFP not really playing for BB16 $500k

    1. If it is a slightly altered version of the morph competition, it will be a battle between Derrick and Frankie. Frankie is more physically fit and thus probably faster. Hope I’m wrong…

    1. No he doesn’t because he’s listening to Derrick and what Derrick wants. If he had any balls or brain for that matter he would get rid of Derrick or at least try to. he will never win against Derrick. he seems to have stuck in that one track mind of his that you will win the game based on the number of comp wins and that the 3rd place winner will get America’s Favorite. If was thinking with his head and not his balls he would go to the end with Frankie if he wants to win. He stands a much better chance beating Frankie then he does Derrick. It’s a toss up with him and Cody, but I think he can beat Cody. Not sure about Vic. The jury is so bitter, they might give Vic the win because she survived and was such a good pawn for everyone, and to get back at the guys.

      1. caleb is a fool. while i badly want frankie evicted, frankie is the only one who might have taken caleb to final 2. this is terrible for his game if Frankie goes home. Idiot.

        if caleb is smart, he’ll backdoor derrick…as he actually stands to beat cody and victoria at the end, he will greatly shift the odds in his favor of winning or getting 50k.

  2. Let’s hope these “Jamokes” can pull it together long enough to send Frankie out the door. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks!

  3. cleab I will like Frankie to go home im not a fan of none of you
    but I think you made a big mastake a big one

    just hand derrick the money I want be surprise if he tell them when to sleep dumb people
    Frankie save you all through the game cleab big mistake now I hope in wish Frankie win pov I just want derrick on the block

    1. Dude for the umpteenth time his name is Caleb. Also just a tip for you, you shouldn’t call people dumb when you have problems spelling just about every word in the dictionary. Just saying it would have more effect.

  4. geesh will someone give those guys some cheese with all the whining they are doing … or give them a crying towel.. they are all behaving like frances now .

  5. Dear BB Gods…
    Please oh please oh please oh please let Victoria win the POV, so Derrick can sit next to Frankie.

    P.S. Simon, congratulations on your beautiful baby Jack and thank you for sharing the photo with us. I’ve been coming to this site for years and in a weird, internet-y way ,feel like I know you and Dawg (even have an idea in my head what you both look like). Same with some of the regular posters. This is a fun, odd little community that I look forward to each Summer…even when BB sucks. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family.

      1. And your assuming she’s gonna win! Never happen on this veto comp. Now if it was to recognize her own reflection in one of the many mirrors then she certainly would have the advantage but then again it’s Victoria we’re talkin about….

  6. If all goes good, Derrick will be tied with Danielle (S3) with never being nominated. Hopefully he wins Pov or even if cody wins POV. :-P

  7. I am thinking that the POV comp is tomorrow and that the next eviction will happen on Sunday; meaning that Tuesday’s episode will be taped. Wonder what will happen to the feeds during this time.

  8. Do you think that if by some unfortunate event, Frankie wins POV and Derrick gets nom’d would they backdoor him? Or go ahead with evicting Victoria?

    1. Dude, it wouldn’t be a backdoor just an eviction. The backdoors are over for the season…everyone gets to play in POV, and they all know that if you don’t win, you could go home.

      And yes, it would be possible that Derrick goes to jury if Frankie wins the veto.

  9. If its the exact same competition with the same morphed photos they’ll never beat frankie. I hope the pics are different.

  10. I hate Frankie but if he leaves then its pretty much a walk in the park for Derrick to win and I want him to sweat a bit. For that reason I hope Frankie wins veto.

    Time for useless warrior princess Victoria to go home. Ugh cant stand her uselessness. I cant believe she was so close to being evicted.

    1. Exactly! That daggum beat mode moron just slit his own throat. The only person he had a prayer of taking him to the end was Frankie. None of the other three will, no chance. I would ask how could he be so stupid but I know better. Caleb taking out Frankie would be one of the dumbest moves of the season.

      1. Absolutely. One of the dumbest moves of the season. He should have targeted Cody or Derrick. Frankie would be the only who would take him to the final 2. If he got rid of Cody or Derrick this week and kept Frankie and Vicky. Next week work with Frankie to get rid of Cody, and He would have been in the final 2 no matter if he lost the final HOH to either Frankie or Vicky. And if he wins the final HOH, then he takes Vicky and wins 500k.

        Now if Frankie goes, Caleb has to win POV next week and final HOH because the remaining three will look to get rid of him after Frankie is gone. Pretty stupid move for Caleb putting up Frankie. I bet even if Frankie wins veto, he will target Vicky instead of vote out Cody or Derrick. He’s just not seeing the reality of his game.

  11. I watched bb11 again last week when I saw Jeff and Jordan got engaged, even though the final three of that season were not the strongest the season further confirmed how much this season sucks. It wasn’t no house all voting the same, and the drama was awesome. I can’t wait til this season is over. #love jejo

  12. I would love it if Derrick would win the veto and just like Skankie at the last Veto meeting Derrick says, “I love all of you and as a result I will not be using the veto in the meeting.” Then they vote out Skankie. Oh, how dramatic that would be.

  13. This whole train wreck of a season was summed up by Nicole when she said “Stop playing Big Babies, and start playing Big Brother!” Caleb has a chance to play Big Brother. If Frankie doesn’t win the veto, send his glitter spangled ass to the jury house, and take your chances against Derrick and Cody. If Frankie or Caleb wins the veto, Caleb can make the big move and put up Derrick, and send his arrogant ass to the jury. Those would be Big Brother moves. If he plays Big Baby, and evicts Victoria, then that would be the perfect ending to this clusterf**k of a season.

  14. Cost to hire a maid to clean the house properly: $85
    Cost to replace the vacuum because it now has HPV: $120
    Cost to buy Victoria a new necklace at Claire’s: $6.50
    Frankie on the block: PRICELESS

  15. Frankie is done, he goes home next. Derrick should be able to win the Veto and almost certainly gets to the final two after that. He can talk these nitwits into anything and they will always fall for it.

    Part of me wants Victoria to win just to show everyone not to bring the dead horse to the end but every time she opens her mouth I change my mind. She is just nasty and that voice is worse than Frankie’s excited shriek.

  16. The necklace of Victoria’s that broke was just a piece of cheap fashion jewelry not the Hamsa one she normally wears. I can’t believe she had a fit over that! Please bring the BB shrink in and put her in a straight jacket!!

    1. The reason why Vic is so upset is because she thinks the jury hates her and she has to go there soon. The necklace is a metaphor for her relationship with the rest of the cast. That, and she is a spoiled brat!

      1. But really though? I mean the fresh meat from these recent 2 seasons were and are absolutely awful, maybe an all star cast wouldn’t hurt next time, if anything it will teach the future new cast to play better.

  17. That necklace is a cheap piece look at the hangs that it is on and the chain cheap here Victoria I will give you 9.99 to get yourself a new piece, you are a spoiled brat that you are only there to forward Derrick, I donot believe that the jury was going to do something bad your spoiled stupid boring self. Grow up you winey girl, I can even right woman, because you are not in my class. My daughter name is Victoria, she has a master and is the same age, jesus girl. P.S. Derrick is not your DADDY.

  18. I was against Derrick this whole season because of how he treated Donny but honestly he’s an amazing player and deserves to win. I still don’t like him though…just sayin…

  19. Does anyone else think that HELEN from BB15 is working the production. She’s the only in the diary room session who asks the houseguests questions about what they’re thinking.

    When Caleb says he wants to take Frankie out…she says its too soon
    When Cody says he wants to call someone out…she says its too soon
    When Victoria says she’s going to win a competition…she says its too soon

    Just a theory.

  20. Caleb can kiss winning America’s favorite and $500,000 goodbye! He can’t play in the HOH next week and Derrick & Cody are together. Plus Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket. Put a fork in him because he’s cooked!

  21. I know this is wrong but i find myself rooting for frankie to win the pov. I want derrick on the block. Frankie could vote derrick and make caleb cast the tie breaker. Probaby victoria but it would make derrick sweat a little.

  22. If Frankie is voted out, why watch anymore of the season? Derrick wins. Frankie is the only competition Derrick has. I like Frankie more than I like Derrick. Derrick tried to manipulate the viewers when it came down to ‘keeping Donny’. To me, that was so unnecessary. I lost respect for him after that. So, IMO, I hope Frankie doesn’t go home. If Derrick wants to win this $500K, he’s going to have to sweat a little!!! Make him sweat Frankie and win the veto.

  23. Are they for sure doing the same veto comp as the re-wind week or are they just assuming? You know what they say when you “assume”! I hope production throws in a new one!

  24. Well…I must admit it’s a little old to see Derrick continuously get his way. But, I think the general consensus among live feeders is getting Frankie out. Just not feeling as happy as I would have expected.

  25. Frankie and Victoria on the block… what a shocker… I am on the edge of my seat to see what will happen.
    Oh yeah… Frankie wins the Veto and saves himself then Caleb puts Derrick or Cody up and then they vote to evict Victoria…. instead of Derrick or Cody.
    I just realized something….
    Big Brother did a reset. Big letter Flipping the word Game or House
    Then they sent Izzy in the house, a female dog or a B**ch
    Then after Victoria and Cody where taken off the block they then
    did an HoH Competition that showered them in Freezing Cold Water… Giving them a cold shoulder (Like they gave past evicted House Guests.)
    Then they had the former House Guests Trash the House. Talking Trash
    and they gifted the jury with 5k, in a comp that they could only sit back on and watch.
    as they wore TEAM (blanK) T-Shirts with evicted House Guests Name.

    What is next????? How about a Backdoor? Like most of the Evictions this Summer.
    I am probably over thinking this but, I do see the irony.

  26. Stupid move. Frankie was the only one taking Caleb to F3 and possibly F2. He will follow Frankie out the door next week, Derrick will end up taking princess Victoria to F2 . I guess Congrats to Derrick for Playing them all so well. I can’t stand Derrick but Frankie was so Self-centered, egotistic, arrogant and cocky, he couldn’t see that he was going on the block today, true, he is a competition beast but he fails in social game. Getting rid of Zak was Frankie’s demise

  27. As a jewelry expert, I can safely say that necklace is worth……about $20 buck tops. It’s costume jewelry of course (not silver), and I’m pretty sure after watching the feeds, it was an accident and no one even saw the necklace while they were stepping on it (or whatever).
    Princess Flatulence is such a drama queen and everything was about her during that juror takeover.

  28. Schmuck Caleb has no chance at F2 now unless he wins every comp. Only chance of someone taking him was Frankie, but now Frankies goner unless he can win pov. Cody will take Derrick to F2. Derrick takes Cody if he wants to be loyal, or Vic if he wants to guarantee himself $500k so would not be surprised if he backstabs Cody and Caleb. Caleb just too dumb to see that Derrick/Cody want Frankie gone because he’s the biggest threat but duh Caleb you’re their next biggest threat so you’re next, those 2 already showed you they put game above loyalty.

    I don’t understand people saying evicting Frankie is a good move for Caleb. How so? Frankie isn’t well-liked by the jury so its debatable whether he would lose to Frankie in hypothetical F2, but without Frankie as an ally I don’t think he even gets to F2 in the first place. I thought Frankie would do a better job appealing to Caleb’s loyalty and honor to not put him up, but guess not. “At the end of the day” Derrick did a better job than Frankie in convincing Caleb who to nominate.

    So tired of Nicole and others saying to play big brother and make “big moves” when what they’re really saying is please go against your alliance and keep me instead. No why should they go against their alliance to make a so-called big move when things are going well and according to plan for them? I also see a lot of viewer comments saying this too and most of the time its just to make the game more interesting with drama or to keep their personal faves in the game longer, and doesn’t really help the player being criticized. Case in point people saying Caleb finally making a big move and showing balls putting Frankie up when really it was dumb for his game and he just shot himself in the foot.

    1. very well said. I don’t like Frankie either but Caleb is Dumb as a rock. Derrick said it best, Caleb has no clue about what’s going on in the game.

    2. Totally agreed that keeping Frankie IS Caleb’s best game move, but even though WE know that, you have to look at the game through their eyes.

      Frankie was caught weeks ago trying to advance himself at the expense of their alliance, whereas in Caleb’s mind, Derrick and Cody have never wavered. Even though we know Frankie would take Caleb to the end, Caleb has no way to know that for sure. He is just playing the odds.

      But everything else you say is right on — especially the last part — “Make big moves” means “Mess up your game and keep me.” The first time I hear someone talk about “big moves” I know they’re not long for the house.

  29. Next time Julie Chen says “But first!” they shoot boot her out butt first. It’s BB16 already. Time to get a new go-to phrase.

  30. I don’t understand all the Frankie haters. Yeah he’s not perfect, but no one in the house is. All the guys were in the conversation about rape, ….. Derrick and Cody both have touched people that was inappropriate just like Frankie, but at least Frankie touched guys who weren’t in love with him and they could have stopped it …. Caleb is a total stalker , don’t forget what he did to poor amber …. And Victoria, I don’t even know what to say except she is a very hateful person, have you heard her talk about every girl when Julie asks her who she votes to evict?


    1. the fact he lubed his fingers then shove them up his A$$ in front of a shocked Derrick, then without washing his hands cooked for everybody…. is enough to hate anyone!

  31. From the observer perspective Frankie should stay. He is the only real life left in this game, no matter what you may think of him.
    Having heard what the jury had to say about Derrick and Frankie, they would be the best to be sitting for the final vote. These two have played the best continuous game, the rest having been influenced by one or the other through the entire game. My guess would be that Derrick would get the win. But,,,, BUT, both have to get there first.

  32. If Victoria survives this week she goes from a 0.01% (her words) to a 60% chance of final 2. Only person that MAY decide to not take her could be Cody. Go Figure – reverse strategy of Dan. Actually, not knowing the game and being a weak link is playing in her favor. In a twisted world – we find out that she is a genius and has been playing America and the BB crew.

    1. Victoria is no genius but she has shown patience and determination in the face of a lot of adversity.

      She’s been a target since the third day in the house. A lot of people in her position would have blown up emotionally and gotten themselves evicted long before this point.

      You can say she’s not playing the game, and there’s some truth to that, but still, her “not playing” is a lot better strategy than some houseguests have.

  33. I push the rewind button (HEHEHEHE…in my mind).

    I seem to remember the last time they listened to Derrick and put the person on the block they wanted out instead of backdooring him. Remember the Donny debacle. Donnie fought like hell and took himself of the block ALL BY HIMSELF!! Remember that Christine tried to throw it. That was the week Zach went up (I think that’s who it was) because they didn’t follow their first mind and let Derrick the Idiot Whisperer talk them into it.

    Now I am torn…

    I want Frankie Out but I almost hope that he wins VETO (no stop throwing stuff at my head and hear me
    and that Derrick has to follow through with his pledge to go up after the veto. That would serve him right. I don’t really care that much either way which person goes.

  34. Is that picture, a picture of Victoria’s necklace? the one she was crying about? t It appears to be made out of a can of jumping jacks.

  35. For some reason I am not feeling one way or another about the noms. Frankie’s up? Yay. Victoria is up? Of course she is (that chair should be given to her at the end of the season). Cody boasting how he’s gonna crush the POV? Yawn .Derrick looking serious and mouthing faux statements of self-doubt? He’s a better actor than Frankie, not that that’s much of a compliment. It’s Groundhog’s Day with these guys – nothing changes.
    Short of Victoria busting out of the HOH dressed like Rambo with a high-powered water gun, screaming “You’re gonna need some body bags!” it’s all been a big letdown.

  36. I noticed that Christine commented about how Derrick was the one pulling the strings and then mentioned how impressed she was. Maybe if she keeps talking like that in the jury house everyone will hear her and vote against Derrick just to spite her. They hate her that much I can actually see that happening.

  37. I liked Frankie a lot, then I couldn’t stand him, now I am starting to like him again. He at least was loyal to the other three guys in their alliance. They on the other hand were trying to get rid of him. And that was only because he is a strong player. it had nothing to do with his antics in the house. So, now I go with the underdog who has 4 people against him, Go Frankie.

  38. Caleb should be trying to get out someone other than Frankie. He’s on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to the Team Derrick Alliance.

  39. Oh, and the necklace. I have seen it before. It is rhodium plated base metal. You can buy them by the dozen and they cost around $4.50 each. I think any of the jury members can afford that….lol

  40. Again, all of their discussion of AFP shows how paranoid and jealous they are of the jury members returning.

    Maybe America doesn’t like seeing vitriolic classless people for the last 3 weeks and we want variety! Yes this cuts into the time you get to spend on camera sitting up straight as if on a stick, but I for one could have watched the jury for the entire hour. Especially instead of Frankiestein exaggerated hand and facial gestures.

    Get rid of him and let’s move on.

  41. Really, no one should be surprised by Caleb’s decision. Frankie has been on borrowed time for two weeks now.

    If the “buy-back” of Nicole hadn’t happened when it did, Frankie would’ve been out of the house that week and by now he’d be a distant memory.

  42. They really need to go back and look at this season and figure out what went horribly wrong. This was such a bore of a season and surprisingly production didn’t seem to want to shake anything up. They might have been content since their faves Derrick and Frankie made it this far but they can not ignore the fact that we all hate the season, and not just because of some the awful casting.

    They really need to go back to enforcing the rules about revealing your votes and nominations. Of course there should be discussions in general terms but this year everyone pretty much knows what is happening before it happens, both viewers and houseguests. As a result everything is predictable, they keep putting the same people up all the time and you always have unanimous votes.

    Team America could have been interesting but again it was mishandled. It was too early in the season to pick a permanent team. It should have changed every week, with viewers picking new participants and missions every week. They could choose the same people if they wanted to but it would be open, and that team would be bound to confidentiality and not allowed to discuss it with the other members outside of that week. The tasks should have been more sabouteur-y and less of this lame stuff they have been doing. I don’t care about fake mice or hiding clothes and making them stay up all night. They were already staying up all night anyway! Why not have TA write messages on mirrors or with items somewhere, messages from the outside, hints or warnings, etc. The could have one or all of their votes (or nominees if one was HOH) controlled by viewers. Changing participants every week would slowly turn some of them on to the fact that others might be doing tasks on other weeks and maybe some paranoia and actual game playing would set in.

    They really need to figure out how to make next season interesting. I have said it before but a permanent extra veto always in play (like Survivor’s hidden immunity idol) with hints hidden in secret places around the house, or clues revealed to those that the public chooses could make a huge impact on the game.

    Let everyone play in every comp, HOH, POV, etc to avoid HOHs that are afraid to target someone when they are vulnerable the next week and avoid the lame backdoor crutch that everyone uses to avoid “getting blood on their hands” (such an overused phrase, like good for my game). Also, you can’t be nominated in back to back weeks, that would solve a huge problem on its own.

    Make losers of competitions suffer consequences. First x# of people out of the comp are Have Nots, next set have to choose from other punishments, final few get to choose rewards, etc. Enough of everyone throwing competitions and floating to the end.

  43. He deserves to go out at the hands of caleb for what he did to Zach. Little pink turncoat. Funny how everyone is against him and plotting to get him out behind his back. How easy was it for derrick to mindtwist caleb to get out frankie? 1 week?

  44. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Derrick’s I think he deserves to win. I hate saying that cause he rubs me the wrong way. Just a bit too cocky for my liking. As for the rest of them….ugh. I have never seen such a bunch of delusional narcissists in this game before. They’re more focused on fame and popularity than playing the actual game. The fact that they think any of them have a chance at AFP is laughable. I wish we could trade the people in jury (except Jocasta) for the houseguests. :(

  45. I think the jury made it look like they hate Victoria so that the “final four” each think it would be a good idea to take her to the final 2 and then the jury will vote to give her the win because they hate the other idiots!!

  46. Frankie is rude, crude and unattractive. Victoria is a clueless simpleton. Cody is cute but easily manipulated. Caleb….oh puleeze! What planet did he grow up on? Derrick is scarily manipulative….I would hate to be pulled over by him on a routine check-stop. He is so eerie and smug!

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