“It’s Time for a LUXURY competition!” – Maybe a big old diesel truck will come through that door full of money!

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HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: ? and ?

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10:45am Big Brother displays “IT’S TIME FOR A LUXURY COMPETITION!” on the living room tv screen. All the house guests except Victoria are still sleeping. Big Brother starts playing the Holla messages over and over again to wake up the house guests. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return Frankie, Derrick and Cody head into the living room. Frankie yells Oh My GOD! Derrick screams yes! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!! They get Caleb to come down from the HOH room and show him the tv screen. Frankie says maybe a big old diesel truck will come through that door full of money! Caleb says they misspelled luxury. Victoria says no. Caleb asks that’s how you spell luxury!? Victoria says yes it is. They talk about whether there will be one winner or multiple winners.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-11 10-50-30-814

11am – 11:15am Caleb comments on how Cody fixed his hair and went back to bed. Caleb says the “LUX” looks good but the “URY” doesn’t. I guess its just because we haven’t seen it in a while. Caleb goes up to HOH room and finds the door locked. They talk about how Chris specifically told Caleb to come downstairs. Frankie says this is the most twisted season ever. Caleb says I should expect the unexpected .. like Devin in here in a banana suit. Frankie says or in a banana hammock! The speculate on it being Pandora’s Box. Caleb says dude I know I would get slammed with something bad! Frankie says oh yeah! Caleb says do you think I should open it?! Derrick says you’ve got to open it. Caleb says I don’t got to do anything. Derrick says if there’s a possibility of you winning $5 .. you’re opening it! Caleb says I got to be honest .. me being locked in there with Jocasta would be the worst. I love her but everything she talked about was the same thing.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-11 11-22-44-685
11:25am They speculate on the prize in the luxury comp could be to fly to the the Luxor in Las Vegas. Caleb says with two beautiful women in the back with you. Frankie says two beautiful prostitutes. Derrick says that will blow you on the way to the concert. Caleb and Derrick head into the living room. Caleb says I am going to be the first person in big brother history to not open Pandora’s box. Dude they straight locked me out! Derrick says they’re up to something. Derrick says its going to be a fun day for sure. You never know we could get smashed and you could get something nice.

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11:30am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back all the house guests are in the second HOH room. Caleb reads a card: “It’s time for a luxury competition but before we begin Cody that dinosaur costume is once again extinct. Big Brother has a prize for us .. lets take a look at the TV. All the house guests are screaming. The tv is showing the front door and all of a sudden all the jury members rush into the house. Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Zach and Hayden start tearing the house apart. Zach grabs a huge pile of clothes and brings them to the living room and dumps them on the floor and starts dancing on the coffee table. Big Brother blocks the live feeds and starts showing the live feed highlights.

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Hayden and Nicole sabotaging the house … and Zach making it rain froot loops..

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They don’t deserve a luxury competition. So boring…


I was going to say exactly that !

The jury members are supposedly coming back to the house at some point. Fingers crossed it is to participate in the luxury comp!! and that one or all of them win the damn thing, not the F5

Did anyone else know if Julie mentioned an extra episode for Friday or was she advertising a different show? I wasn’t sure what she was saying.


If memory serves, the “Special Friday Episode” will be a look back at the season. Just a highlight show. They will be down to the final 3 after Wed’s show and thats normally when they do the Look back/reminisce show each year. Probably wont be any new content.


a highlight show would mean something exciting had happen….


My guess is because this season is sooooo boring and they knew we only care about the jury members and would rather watch the jury house so the producers had to do something to drum up excitement for the CBS shows. I hope each jury members rips the final 2 no matter who it is. Its what we want….to watch them squirm.


None of these people deserve a luxury!! They should let the jury house play in it.


That’s what I’m hoping for too.

Derrick is playing the best game

Derrick is so winning this game even if Frankie gets to final 3


None of these people deserve any luxuries. This season sucks. The only person I want to win is Derrick and that’s stretching the truth. He’s really the one that will disappoint me least if he wins. I can’t stand Frankie or Victoria. Frankie is a vile human being and Victoria doesn’t deserve to be in the house. I enjoyed the jury house last night but otherwise, I am ready for Survivor to start already. BB16 is old hat.


ive watched bb for 3 years now thought it was stupid until I watched it now im addicted but Survivor just seeing the show no live feeds never got in to it except for the finals so what am I missing bb you find out what they really think there thought process what type of person they are just the tv episodes don’t tell the whole story sites like this make the show 10 times better tell me about Survivor


I just feel like Survivor is less rigged. I do believe that Production steps in on all reality shows to make sure they are “dramatic” and make “good tv.” However, I don’t feel like Survivor is as tainted as BB. I feel like maybe it has to do with the fact that they aren’t just hanging out together talking game. They have to “survive” the elements. I don’t know. I used to really like BB but this season has been so boring and predictable. In general, Frankie and Victoria are hard to like.

Not getting the feeds and spoilers don’t ruin it for me. Yes, I appreciate Simon and Dawg and the spoilers. However, sometimes I find it more enjoyable if I don’t have those resources. It allows me to not obsess and know every little thing about the contestants.

Either way, aside from last season of BB (which was the absolute worst season in my opinion), this season is one of the worst seasons. I blame the fact that there’s been no real surprises or twists. It’s all been predictable and the house has voted together all seasons. There weren’t really two sides. I like split votes, I like one side versus the other. It gives the audience hope that the underdogs can prevail. This season did not have that.


The biggest luxury for all of us would be to mute Frankie’s microphone.


If they could mute Pinkys mic and prevent Derpig from using the DR, I would consider that a luxury comp win fir fans.


And give him no camera time

Lawon's Special Power

And for Julie to never be allowed to say “Expect the Unexpected” and “The most twisted season/summer ever”.

At least until AG is gone or they actually you know…..perform twists or something unexpected happens.


Agree with sbb wholeheartedly. So tired of this pink-haired shitpickle.


Gotta agree that this was absolutely the most boring season ever for BB USA. I watched last years BB CAN and it was a lot better than ours for sure, but the best I’ve seen yet is BB UK. Check out 2013 or 2014. loved them both. There were more twists in BB UK 2013 Secrets and Lies in the first week than we have had ALL SEASON! Check them out…you won’t be sorry!


how the heck else would you spell luxury?! daggum fruitloop dingus!


At the end of the day…if you can’t spell it…you shouldn’t get it!

Zing Sting



I just finished re-watching yesterday’s “no-eviction” episode again, and noticed that most tweets they showed were “team Frankie”, “go Frankie!”, “Frankie for the win!”
I hate asking questions I know the answer to, but… just how disturbing is it that CBS is selling Frankie as the fan favorite, given his (NON-)popularity on the forums?
Alongside Derrick, that is… since Derrick earned Dan’s respect by recognizing the biggest tool in the game and using her to his advantage. Tool having a double meaning here is intentional.


Donny is the fan favorite. The others are intolerable


I have a big problem with them getting Dan’s perspective seen as how Dan doesn’t watch the live feeds. I bet he would have a different opinion of Derr if he actually saw more than the lies CBS creates through edits.


Dan doesn’t have to watch the live feeds, because he lived it.


So because he lived it then he knows what is going on in the house right now? That makes no sense… My point is that CBS edits the show to make it look like Derr is doing things that he really isn’t AND Derr lies in his DRs but you wouldn’t know that if you only watch the show. CBS makes Derr look like a much better player than he actually is. I’m not saying he is a bad player, just not great like the edit shows.

Ben D'Over

The only thing that makes any sense here is if I pull my pants down and shitt in a paper cup.


100% agree with your statement!


Another win for Frankie coming up!

Zing Sting

A win right into the Jury House!


& could frankies shorts be any shorter or tighter? JEEZ


Speaking of Frankie’s tight shorts. Not to sound homophobic or disgusting, but from a gay man’s perspective do they prefer their partner to have a large member or a small one? Its is going in a tight place so I would think they would want a small one.


Reply to john. And that has what to do with big brother. Your on the wrong site.


Victoria is the brains this morning. Telling everyone how to spell luxury. Now if she would only use those brains.


If, ONLY, right?


I think she’s used her brain more than most people give her credit for. She was a target since week one and has survived to the final 5 despite being unable to win competitions.

She’s never going to be on BB All-Stars but she made one very smart move in the game — correctly identifying the strongest player in the house and allying with him. And there are still several scenarios where she could end up in the final 2 because of it.


Your post is somewhat correct sbb. But I think it’s Derrick who has been the reason why she is still here. Be a pawn here be a pawn there. And of course she always did as Derrick asked. Even their latest one as to make the houseguests think they hate each other. Don’t get me wrong I would rather her win than Derrick. But she has been doing nothing. Derrick tells her just look pretty.


If you accidentally fall into a hole in the ground and there’s a million bucks where you land, you were lucky.
Saying you “correctly identified” there was a million bucks at the end of that hole you fell into would be a lie.
She was a passenger during this entire game. Derrick recognized her as the brainless tool he could use to his advantage. She didn’t actively pick him as an ally.
Her asset of being “nice to everyone” only emerged after a long time in the game, since everybody else HAD TO make enemies since they were actually playing the game. In the beginning of the game, and for a very long time, everybody was criticizing her for being a spoiled brat, unable to say “please” and “thank you”, and just the opposite of what she’s being portrayed as now.
Victoria was told of a great plan by Derrick where she’d get evicted and would help him win, and she was literally giggling of joy to be a part of it. I repeat, the plan involved her getting evicted.
This girl got dragged to the end because she’s useless in any aspect of the game, and despite all their promises that they’d give her the money if anyone was cowardly enough to take her to the F2, the jury would certainly think twice about voting for someone like Victoria to win their season of BB. That vote would just be so embarrassing, I don’t think they’d follow through with it.


Victoria was chosen as an ally, yes, but she had the good sense to go with it, stick with it and stay loyal no matter what.

Like it or not, as lame as you might think it is, that is a strategy.

There are many, MANY BB houseguests who go through the game without any strategy at all. And when they go home in the middle of the game they blame everybody but themselves.


Victoria didn’t have the sense to be loyal to Derrick, it’s just that no one else liked her and he was extremely nice to her face so she developed a crush that has kept her tied to him.


Victories correctly identified a married man who had a huge ego and was attempting to relive his single years. She likes older men who can get her money. He seduced her and she bought it. I think she is a pathetic character and Derrick is too!

Kathie from Canada

Derrick will need to wear a bib given how greed unleashes his inner self.


That’s funny! Derpig is a total glutton.


Caleb is the kind of stupid redneck that makes people think all Southerners are ignorant, hick morons. BIG O DEESUL TRUCK FUL O MUNNY. Idiot, smh.


Caleb is hotter than any of them!


Caleb always looks dirty to me.


LOL! But I know what you mean. Really that’s why people should take each person as they come and go from there. Producers do that stuff on purpose anyway, casting extremes. Look at Donny and his beard like he’s part of Duck Dynasty and all types of people see past that and like him. Until I hear different, I’m convinced Jocasta’s bow ties are part of her BB Brother costume/stereotype. She’s seems like a nice woman but looks like she’s about open the gates to a circus act with those things.

Mister E

if i am not mistaken, jocasta’s son makes the bow ties and she is wearing them in support.


@ NWBB16Fan and @ ugh… If you guys are so BORED why even go to this site.. like seriously..
deep inside, you crave for BB..
and why dont they deserve luxury?? hello, they’re investing on being away from their family.. anything for that alone is deserving…

and YES, go frankie go..
Derrick is just as good – they are BOTH deserving to win..

Bitterness sucks…


The remaining houseguests do NOT deserve a luxury at all! They have not invested anything to be on this show. The each get $750 – $1k A DAY! So what they can’t see their family, that’s a choice they made. They know if anything serious happens to their family, BB will let them know. This particular cast signed up to be bums for the summer & have made a mockery of the game. They deserve no further luxuries!

Frankie lover

Amen! Finally someone out here agrees with me! Frankie definately deserves to win just as much as Derrick. Frankie is an entertainer at heart and to be honest he is making this season less boring. Team Frankie all the way!


@ NWBB16Fan and @ ugh… If you guys are so BORED why even go to this site.. like seriously..
deep inside, you crave for BB..
and why dont they deserve luxury?? hello, they’re investing on being away from their family.. anything for that alone is deserving…

and YES, go frankie go..
Derrick is just as good – they are BOTH deserving to win..


I’m so sick of Caleb. I can’t even stomach him on the live feeds. Thank goodness for mute.


I couldn’t handle Derrick the whole time I was in the house. He reminded me of a yippy schnauzer that I knew at doggie daycare. I had to pretend that I had to go outside just to get him to shut up.


I’d be more excited for the TV to say “It’s Time for Frankie to be Voted Out of The House”. However, if this comp gives Caleb enough “luxury” that he’s happy, maybe he will want to put Frankie up on the block.


Please ,please,Caleb, as a fellow hick, please, just stop talking. For the love if little green men, just stop.

Nothing Good for These 5!

Why are they rewarding this lame ass cast of hateful (and hated) pieces of crap! Frankie/Derrick have got more money than they deserve already with TA and don’t deserve another penny!!! So lame!

And god are they desperate to make this show watchable… Since the only good HG’s left…
– Jordan/ Jeff proposal
– Dan interview
– Izzy the Dog
– Jurors coming back Sunday (at least something we want to see)
– BB Rewind
– Luxury Comp
– Lame ass TA challenge

Probably other pathetic attempts to gain viewers thrown in there that I am forgetting… This has all been within the last week or so because they realize this cast is horseshit. Yet they didn’t introduce these twists (esp. rewind) when they had likeable HG and could have saved the season… The too little, too late aspect of all these things is making them more infuriating than entertaining IMO… DON’T GIVE THESE LOSERS ANOTHER REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!


I’d love to know how someone working in the BB production team came up with the idea:
“Hey, guys! We’re all so tired of things being so predictable this season… so the great idea I just had is: let’s repeat the last week. Let’s repeat the exact same competitions. I think that’s the solution!”
AND even more unbelievable: someone / anyone / everyone saying:
I’m starting to think the SABOTEUR is actually sitting in the BB production team. I mean, seriously, what other explanation is there?


It’s the same someone who said let’s put a hostage negotiator in with a houseful of idiots.


This rewind twist would have been way better a few weeks ago. Don’t understand why they thought it would be a good idea now? Again, they don’t deserve luxury!! It should have been earned by the entertainment factor.


Perhaps the BB producer was related to the a producer of the “Dallas” tv series…….a whole season was just a bad dream! And yes viewers continued to watch…..crazy

Cody's a stripper

How Derricks wife puts up with him I have no idea. He probably refers to himself in the 3rd person when he’s having sex. He’s the type of douche that has a conversation with himself the whole time he’s fuc8ing. He probably practices in front of a mirror like he does in the DR and says stuff like….” Yeah Derrick like it. Derrick is a legend in bed. Derrick will show America how it’s done”. Yuch, I think I just made myself vomit!


Obsess much?


I can totally see Derrick talking himself up during se$. So in character for that guy.


I just watched the first 3 episodes of BB Australia and it is very different from BB US. For instance, when money is awarded in a luxury comp, it reduces the amount that the final winner takes home. The two HOH’s just opted to take $10,000 each in exchange for everyone (themselves included) going on slop (protein shakes) for 7 days. So now the final winner will have $20,000 less and this is only the first week. The house is also much nicer in Australia. Frankie would be pink with envy!


Plus, they sare the only ones who have cash to pay for fod in the BB cafe. By the way. You know Frankie and Derrick wouldn’t even had to think about taking that cash. They would’ve jumped immediately. There is a pole on the BBAU forums asking if they should be more like us! All the North Americans are saying NO! While the Aussie’s are saying yes! I guess it’s true, you always want what you don’t have.


Good grief holy typos batman!

Beach girl

Where do I watch BB Australia?
Thank you.


You tube, then enter Big Brother Australia 2014.


type in BBAU 2014 you tube

Canadian Girl

Just like Frankie to add “two prostitutes”. And really Derrick…you had to add more to that? I wonder what the truth is…do they forget on e in awhile how many people hear every word they say? Or do the just not care? Either way…pretty douchy!


Derrick is a pig!


Yawn. Next….,


Frankie, close your mouth already.

its natural

its a reflex for him, it happens when he is around boys,

Mister E

Is it just me or did Victoria put on a great performance last night. I was really surprised at how well a actor she was to frankie when she was making it seem like she hated Derrick, and when she did her eviction speech. I kinda thought she would mess it up somehow, but I think she did good. To bad it wasn’t a competition, she might have a shot at winning a acting comp.


Victoria has been doing a good acting job a lot of the season with crying to Derrick. She got Derrick a a couple of times right before Nicole left that I had to give her a silent clap for. So that’s not her first time at the rodeo just different motivation. So good performance I guess. Although, I’m kind of surprised Frankie didn’t pick up on it but he thinks she’s much dumber and naive than she actually is.


She also managed to smack Frankie down a bit with that speech too. Loved it.

TA Sucks

It would be hilarious if the Luxury announcement was a ploy to get everyone in the HOH room, so that the Jury members could mess up the house. Once the Jury members left, the luxury competition was over. No rewards given out except for the joy the fans receive seeing the disappointment on all of the house member’s faces.


Team Zach! He may not have won the money, but at least he is getting revenge.


I hope the evicted HGs get to play in the luxury comp and the rest in the HOH room have to watch.


Having the evicted HG’s play the luxury comp would be a great TWIST. It would be fun to see the look on the faces of the remaining HG’s. Caleb’s face would be priceless if someone wins a truck with a box of money.


Now that would be good, after all the message on the screen didn’t say who the luxury comp would be for. Would love for it to be for the jury members and the HGs locked in the HOH just getting to watch the jurors get awesome stuff.


Production finally realizes that BB 16 is more than Derrick’s chess game. A little drama, excitement, etc, from Zach, Donny , et. al. is needed.
(This is also my salute to dry Latin abbreviations.)


What? No Christine?


Christine is off camera licking the carpet where she and Cody had a privates dance.


Don’t have the live feeds but by the clips above she doesn’t appear to be there. I wonder if after the reception she got at the jury house she just told BB she wanted to go home. OR….perhaps she will be part of pandora’s box with her unleashing vile comments for an hour.


Christine is probably sniffing around for Cody – they are probably sequestering him in the HOH while she is in the house.


I wonder if she went home to mend her marriage…..

Kathie from Canada

Cody went back to bed earlier. Someone should start by checking his room! lol

RancyPants Roxit

Zach shoulda grabbed the scissors!!!

Vic's vault

Derricks feet must be smelling to high heaven right now. Can you imagine how gross it must smell in the DR when he is trying to blow smoke up the as£ and airing out cheesy toes?

Production FAIL

The twists this season were HORRIBLE and the game play (lack thereof) was even more dreadful. The show gets better ratings by showing members of the Jury the remaining “players” in the house. The whole format for the final week changed because of the boring houseguests remaining. Once (if) Frankie goes, then the last piece of entertainment you would have would be Caleb. Cody is a sidekick and needs someone with him to make him more entertaining, otherwise he is just in the house to look good. Derrick would try to entertain America by talking to the cameras all week, and poor Victoria (if she happens to evade eviction) will be more dull than a box of rocks.

I agree with most of the comments, twists should have been introduced at least once every other week (instead of two weeks prior to the end). Well, UTOPIA is a year long Big Brother/Survivor Experiment that Fox Network is hoping to pull from the audience that CBS currently has on lockdown. Let’s hope CBS learns from the past 2 year mistakes or at least give the public 1 last All Star Season before Big Brother is cancelled.


My daughter was watching another season and it was cool because for just about every comp there was a temptation. Maybe this season would have been different because these knuckle heads were more into winning for the short term rather than the long term. Plus the comps were more fun to watch. They really need to change it up …. games are becoming predictable. I agree there should be no luxury for this group. I hope the rewind means TA has to redo their task.

Go jury

Yes! Let the HOH do something that gives the jury the luxury! How cool would that be. The fans will have something to cheer about ha ha ha


Zach is the BEST!! 2 minutes of him and it was the most entertainment in the house since he left. #zackattack

Teri B

OH YAY…let’s give these idiots more money, more prizes, YAY….because it’s been such a wonderful season and all…..NOT. SMH


Awe. Hayden and Nicole Lol
They’re so cute together. Both so dorky and loveable!


You know I actually liked derrick in the beginning but the more I watched the show and bbad I really started to dislike him and really can’t figure out why. He has played a good manipulative game but there’s something shady about him that goes beyond playing the game. Also I am disturbed and fascinated with his relationship with victoria. It’s like watching a cult leader prey on the weak. The way she is more than happy to appease him and not fight for herself, instead focusing on how she can help him win the game boggles my mind.


These guys are disgusting.

Zachs Pink Hat

Did Victoria react to Zach’s hat? I thought that was awesome how they gave him a hat for his birthday and was so excited to see how Victoria would react seeing Zach with a brand new hat and she just tore up her own hat.


I have a question….I read and hear how evicting Frankie is not good for Caleb’s game. (Personally, I don’t think Frankie is good for anyone’s game)
But do you really, truly, honestly think ANYONE is going to take Caleb to Final 2?
I see Derrick taking Victoria, Cody taking Derrick, Frankie would take anyone as his comp resume is solid and speaks for itself but despite Caleb winning 5-6 comps, I see him being the expendable one right now, even more so than Victoria. His loyalty is lethal.
PS–I think all the dang gumb and judy chop talk is Production trying to make Caleb into Donny 2.0 with the good ol’ country boy expressions, although I thought Beast Mode Stalker was back when he was staring at Cody in the shower.
PPS–whoever keeps spelling Cleab…I love you for making me laugh everytime I read/see it.


Not that I care,…but WHERE’S CHRISTINE? — run home?

Mister E

Zach should get a Froot Loop commercial after all the free advertising he is giving them.


LOL Christine can’t hang

Devils Advocate

Just playing the role of Devil’s Advocate here but why is it that we are so quick to judge the remaining house guests for making fun of other competitors or isolating someone when the jury house did that exact same thing to Christine? First, before you think I like Christine, I don’t. I think she’s a repulsive human being with a severe lack of morals, along with a lack of general intelligence. BUT … because we like Donny, Nicole, Zach, etc. they are allowed to talk badly about others? I know that one can argue its a matter of who did it first but still. Big Brother is a game and the fact of the matter is that the remaining house guests all did something to stay in the game. Those in the jury house all screwed up in one way or another. Like I said, not defending anyone, just raising a question.

Anyone but Frankie

You reap what you sow.


If Caleb puts DePrick and Cody on the block, Violet will have no choice but to vote to evict DePrick. She did such a good job convincing the others that she hates D for using her, that to vote to evict Cody would blow open D&V’s manipulative game play. BTW, did anyone notice the hug between D&V after Julie told Cody and Vanessa to remove themselves from the block?


this is hilarious what the jury members are doing inside the BB house, hope it send a message to the jerks left in the house. If there is a luxury comp. I hope the jury get something they deserve a reward after the way derrick and his frat brats have treated them. Zach is so funny


Christine wasn’t invited back in the house? Awkward… #ButWeReLovingIt


Oh no… she was… just that all the bloggers purposefully did not mention her back in the house… nor she was shown on the feeds much. LOL! Definitely a loser…

pants on fire

It would have been hilarious if the TV screen said luxury comp today…they all get excited are told to go to the HOH room and then have to watch the jury members getting the luxury comp as they have to watch on the HOH tv monitor…


Derrick cry like a little bitch.