Victoria “What’s the point of putting it in a girl or putting a finger in a girl?” Caleb “A finger can’t create a human.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 02-14-35-628

12am Frankie, Victoria, Caleb, Derrick and Cody are talking. Cody wonders what he should do to shun his costume. Caleb says he should jump into the pool wearing the dino suit and swim underwater removing it and come out on the other side without it just leaving it in the pool. They discuss how Jeff and Jordan got engaged in the backyard today. They all say its about time. Caleb says something’s are just waiting for. Caleb says that as soon as he saw the two guitars he immediately thought he was going to have to sing. Frankie asks are you serious you thought that!? I love you. Cody talks about how his hat is missing. Caleb thinks Nicole took it. Caleb asks what, I’m always talking about how I wish I could sing. Caleb heads up to the HOH room to shower.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 02-24-07-852
12:30pm In the storage room – Derrick pulls out the Jester hat and puts it on. Derrick says imagine this was the punishment for a week. People are talking game and I come around the corner and everyone hears me coming with the bells. They all laugh. Derrick takes it off and puts it back it back in the storage room. In the fire room – Derrick and Cody talk about how Nicole stole the hat to give back to Hayden. Cody says she totally did because Hayden doesn’t like us any more. They go into the havenot room and push the reset button again. Derrick asks about jumping over it with his hands. Cody says I hope you can with your hands because I can do it with my feet. Derrick holds the post and hops over the reset button. Cody then jumps over it without touching it. Derrick tells him he has ups! Big Brother tells him to stop that. Derrick says you deserved that one. They speculate on the the reset twist could be and then head back to the living room. They wonder if Zach might come back to host the veto tomorrow. Derrick, Cody and Frankie talk about how fast they pushed the reset button. Derrick says it definitely was going to get pushed after the veto. Cody says it would have been nice to see what they would have tempted us with. Derrick says he thinks there’s a reward to it.
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1:10am – 1:20pm In the HOH room – Derrick and Frankie talk about the Team America mission. Derrick says if we don’t do it tonight which we’re not doing then we do it tomorrow night and keep people up till 6am. Frankie asks what are the best places to see it (the rat). Derrick says like the kitchen and then some where not to far from there. He then says if we see it in the fire room that will keep people up till 6am. Then we could say it was in the storage room. Frankie says we could take little nibbles out of food. Derrick says I love your optimism because we don’t know what will happen on Wednesday so we need to get that 5K. Derrick says it will be hard if Caleb or Cody say they’re going to sleep. We can’t stop them. Derrick suggests after the veto they should go take naps and try to get others to as well. Derrick says after that we’re guaranteed 25K (Frankie) and 30K (Derrick with his 5K from the HOH comp) and that’s not even including the stipend. Derrick says he (Caleb) doesn’t know what you’re going to do if Cody wins the veto. Frankly I don’t know what you’re going to do if Cody wins it but obviously I’ll have something to keep my attention off of it with the 5k. He might be thinking Cody just won the veto, Frankie knows I can beat him in the end. Frankie’s putting me up. Frankie says good god I hate everyone. Caleb and Victoria join them. Derrick and Frankie change the conversation to talking about what the reset twist could be.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 02-45-35-040

1:50am Victoria and Frankie talk about random things alone in the HOH room. Frankie says I am so happy you’re here. Victoria says so am I especially after that first week where I felt like I wasn’t like anyone else. I am so happy I’m the last girl standing. Victoria says that she’s stayed true to her values and he parents have nothing to be embarrassed about. Victoria asks Frankie did you know that Christine lied to Nicole and told her that Hayden and I hooked up. Frankie says she told me and I dismissed it because I didn’t believe it. Victoria says Christine did it to drive a wedge in between Nicole and my friendship. That’s so f**ked up, that’s f**king with someone’s emotions and heat. It’s disgusting. I am so happy I crushed her dreams of being like Brittany in the Brigade. Frankie says I was so blind to Christine in the beginning. Victoria says there is no way I am forgiving her or forgetting that. They talk about Cody and Christine. Victoria says I don’t know how a guy (Tim) can be with such a malicious girl (Christine). Do you think Cody’s going to get boo’d?! Frankie says I don’t think its his fault. I don’t think it’s Cody’s responsibility to tell her to back off. He’s playing the game and so is she. If her husband was okay with it then I would be too. Victoria says if Christine’s husband was okay with it they wouldn’t have gotten zinged so hard. Because they would come to the house and they would be like HAHAHA she’s playing him so hard. If he knew! And then they wouldn’t even make that zing because that Zing wouldn’t make sense to America. I think they went into her house and he didn’t know what to say, like he was shocked. The thing is I comforted her so much in the beginning. Frankie and Victoria head downstairs.

1:55am In the fire room – Caleb, Derrick and Cody are hanging out talking about the reset button and what the upcoming HOH’s will be like. Caleb says what ever the next HOH is all they know is that one person (Frankie) can’t play in it so he can’t win it. Derrick says he is just waiting till Wednesday because every thing can change on. We’re saying he can’t play but he could win the diamond power of veto or he could be safe for the next week. Caleb thinks they’ll be offered 10K to switch places with Victoria or you (Cody) on the block. Derrick talks about how they would have likely been tempted with money or something on the screen if they hadn’t pressed the button. Derrick says I am telling you this they did not expect the 4 guys that have a 1 in 4 chance at winning at least 50k would go and press that button. But with that button we don’t know! Cody says that’s that coolest part. I think we’re the coolest cast ever! Derrick says we don’t know someone could be coming back into the house. Cody says if you bring someone in this house they are getting judi-chopped. They head to the kitchen and they continue to speculate on the reset button.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 03-22-30-047

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Caleb tells Derrick alone that best case scenario is if you win the veto and keep the noms the same. Derrick says if the noms stay the same .. I know you and I talked about it I don’t think it would be in our best interest to send him (Cody) home. He’s a good competitor. Caleb says but it could guarantee us in the final 3 though, the place where we want to be. Derrick says my thing is this .. you have a better chance at beating Cody than you do Frankie. Caleb says it depends on what type of comp it is. Derrick says no, I’m saying in the final 2. Like if for some reason you guys knock me out or I go home for some reason. Caleb says I think we should just be the final 4 and keep Cody and get rid of Victoria. Derrick says when I asked Frankie about when he told Cody he was going on the block.. I asked him if Cody threw out our names and he didn’t … loyalty.. and that’s why I can’t cross him. Frankie and Victoria join them. They talk about the reset button. Frankie thinks they’ll get an option to turn it off. Derricks says I wouldn’t want to because now I want to know what it is. I think its going to be something positive and something negative. They decide to get ready for bed. Derrick says I can’t wait till Wednesday and we’re standing up on that thing and they go one of you guys are going to win the power of veto. One of you guys are going to have to put this huge baseball bat up your a$$! Caleb says Frankie would win that one! Frankie says I will win that one. Derrick says barrel in first! I can see it happening now.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 03-49-00-518

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VapidVic Do NOT take sexual advice from these Stooges!!

Cody's penis advice....

He seems to have a lot of information about small penises.


Lmfao! That is a very astute observation!


FRanKiE Grande is a GOD and the hole house should start praying to him and worshipping the ground he walks on! So maNY H8tRs! N E 1 dAt dusent lUv FRanKiE an Ari GranDe can SuCk TURDS! LMbO!


ThUmBs DoWn iF uR #TeAmGrAnDe! L0L! H8trs gunNa h8!


Sheer conversations of retards.I’m not sure Victoria is the lowest though .


Dawg you didn’t post that when Fakie jumped into bed between Crazed and NoBalls he started rubbing Crazed butt. Crazed put a quick stop to that. So then Fakie grabbed NoBalls d!ck and NoBalls stopped that. Fakie then went upstairs alone while the others chatted and laughed. Very telling social dynamic.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Didn’t Production have to “counsel” Victoria about giving guys elbow jobs? Shouldn’t they tell Frankie to stop grabbing butts and dicks? Caleb has now told him more than once to not touch him like that. How would Production handle it if anyone was grabbing a girl’s butt or copping a frontal feel?


Caleb and Cody simultaneously,
“Nobody gets between me and my Man!!!”


While I appreciate a straight man who doesn’t cringe when he receives affection(appropriate affection) from a gay man, if Frankie pulled this shit in the real world he’d be accused of sexual harassment. I would never grab the crotch or massage the butt of a straight man, even if asked to do so. It shocks me how much he gets away with in the BB house.


He would get his face punched in. You’re right, it’s sexual harassment and I think all those guys in there are too chicken to go off on him either for game reasons or because they don’t want to be branded as homophobes.


The picture The Humping Pervert laying between Caleb and Cody is so disgusting. Frankie looks like a predator on the prowl. When he starts rubbing Caleb’s butt and is told to stop it – Frankie tells him that he did not realize he was rubbing his butt. What a lying, repulsive idiot. That comment by Frankie shows that he has no respect for anyone or their personal, private space. He needs a good swift kick to his crotch by one of those guys or even Victoria on the general principal – that he is a NASTY pervert. Maybe if he is laying on the floor grabbing his own b-lls for a change, he will think twice about grabbing someone else’s without permission.


Or at least the perv in between the two straight hunks should be a hunk himself. LOL
only kidding – it really really is so distressing that this pervert is just allowed to run rampant. Has nothing to do with gay. Has all to do with skanky behavior.

But I would also say that this is skankishit’s only chance of ever being able to touch anybody remotely as good-looking as these guys. He probably is use to having trolls for sex


his unwelcome touching needs to stop.


He really needs to stop touching these guys. That’s disgusting. I hope Frankie get called out for all the male fondling that he does. If the guys in the house are expected not to touch the girls than the Frankie needs to not touch the guys.


It’s because girls have always more rights then the guys.It’s all about “the protection of the week”.




I knew sooner or later the guys would get sick and tired of Fakie groping/touching them inappropriately. I’m a gay man and I would NEVER disrespect a straight man like that! I have a good amount of straight guys that are good friends of mine, we always hug each other, laugh, talk about everything, but not to the level Fakie has done. My straight guy friends told me that if Fakie would’ve done that to them, they’d be ejected from the
BB house because they’d beat the living hell out of him for touching them inappropriately; and I told them that I DO NOT blame them one bit. Fakie, stop touching guys like that because you’re making decent gay men look bad, you’re so starved for attention that you’d do anything for it, and you’re disgusting! Just quit it!!!!


I had a lot of gay friends in high school, and as a straight male, I received some heat for hanging out with them. NEVER would my friends have started touching me, or putting me in the exact position they fear people are always afraid will happen. its why my straight friends had issues with it, they didn’t like the idea of being alone with them because oh gosh, they must want you. well…if they DO make the advance like Frankie, it does not help anyone. I know my closest gay friend didn’t EVER want to be alone with me 1 on 1(like me and all my other friends would do no problem) because of the perception of it, its sad that Frankie is the reason stuff like that happens.

Frankie IS the gay stereotype


And this all falls on CBS’s shoulders. Blame them for casting Frankie knowing it’s a big crazy queen. They might not of known just how disgusting he is. But they continued to give him good edits to make him look like something that he is not.

I understand why the gay community would be upset as he said he represents them. I don’t think he represents anybody except maybe sexual predators. And I do not know one gay man, and I know plenty, who wear anything close to what he wears, acts like him, or wears make up etc. He IS the stereotype (and an old outdated stereotype) and it’s a shame that CBS continues this practice which demeaning and insulting to most gay men.


I wonder now that they are down to the final 5 if Frankie isn’t doing all that unwanted blatant groping to try and get either Cody or Caleb to punch or assault them and thus, self evict. One way to get rid of his two toughest competitors. I wouldn’t put anything past sneaky lowlife Frankie. That kind of action by him that has obviously escalated from what it originally was seems like taunting to me. Meanwhile, he’ll try to come off as the victim of an unwarranted assault.

Roisen Dubh

BK48- You sir, just plain Rock!!!!


Thank you kindly…big hugs!!!!


What feeds time is that at? That f’ing Frankie…


found it…. 9/6, 3:14:40AM

Seems like Frank has replaced Zack with Cody.


Glad the guys had enough of his inappropriate touching. First Caleb moves Frankie’s leg off him, then twice has to remove Frankie’s hand from rubbing his butt. So Frankie moves his hand to Cody’s crotch, now Cody has to remove it.

Derrick's funky flip flops

Albeit that Caleb asked Frankie to stop rubbing his butt and Cody asked Frankie to stop stroking his penis…l cannot for the life of me understand how 2 heterosexual guys could be so calm. I would have punched the guy in his grill and so much more. Why is his groping so lightly tolerated? I don’t get it. He is beyond disgusting, there are no words. Ugh!


Yes, and he’s starting to look older by the day. Would not be surprised if he was older than 31, but I think all the makeup he puts on actually makes him look older.

Derrick n Victoria

Looks like their relationship was taken back a knotch or two after hearing Christine get boo’d.

Caleb or Cody for the win. Derrick has had it wayyyy to easy til now. Never on the block??? One second Caleb says derrick’s sitting pretty off the block then he says he hopes derrick wins HOH. These guys are fools

waka waka

I really don’t want Cody winning this season. Aside from the fact that he has won a couple of competitions, he hasn’t really made a presence in the game, unlike the other three boys.


Although it would be all too predictable to evict Victoria, if i was one of those guys i would be quick to get rid of her. She is the perfect final 2 opponent, which is they might opt to take her instead of their own. Which is why they should let her go, before she takes one of their spots in the final 4, then final 3, and then before you know it, Victoria is 50,000 dollars richer.


If Vic made it to f2 then she might actually have a good chance at winning the $500,000 cause I think it would be a bitter jury lol.

joel f.

That’s what I’m hoping for!!!! 🙂


BOO TEAM AMERICA!!!! I hope these motherf*ckers fail. If this season couldn’t get more useless. So they say “Hey I seen a rat!”, so you got to stay up until 6am. If I was in there I would say GO TO HELL I”M GOING TO BED!
If they told me there was a rat in the house I would think it was Andy from last season. Team America doesn’t exist in my eyes without Donny because I’m TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This TA crap is total bs. No one even knows this is going on? In previous seasons people would get targeted for winning even 5k. They win over 20k in secret??? Are you kidding? Let the other hg’s know they’re guaranteed money already and see how long they last.

Losing Interest

I agree. If they get the money for this mission, Donny should too. America choose him, America didn’t kick him out. He is still TEAM AMERICA.


Motherf*ckers? Why all the hate? It’s CBS’ money, they can spend it how they want. “Fans” had the choice of 2 tasks to vote for, and this is what they chose. The Beard, if he was a better player he’d be crawling under beds looking for the fake mouse just like the other 2 TA members. He’s not a saint, even if he says he is.

Victoria FTW

I am so glad that the rewind twist will save Victoria this week.
Who would do the important job of checking the mirrors to make sure they work?


I don’t think it’s going to save Victoria. Since Derrick can’t play. I believe it’s gonna be a waste of air time. If Frankie wins it will be the same noms. If Cody or Caleb wins Frankie goes up with Victoria. The ONLY way Victoria is not going home is if she wins the HoH.

Best case scenario

The best case scenerio for the reset would be to have Cody win it, put Victoria and Frankie up and have someone won’t the pov and not use it and send Frankie home. Yah, the reset seems like a waste, but it’s definitely the most disadvantageous for Frankie. Yah Victoria is useless, but at least she’s not a scumbag like Frankie.

Useless Victoria

I know it’s not going to happen but I so WISH Vic would win HOH and POV…. then maybe just MAYBE we will see Frankie get out of the house!! Can’t wait to see him get booed!!!! I liked him at the beginning of the season… but as it goes on I am wishing for his eviction… !!!!!!!


hopefully Frankie will try to convince caleb to vote cody out with the vote 1 to 1 Frankie breaks tie and then Julie says it doesn’t count rewind and then it on Frankie caleb paranoid derrick sucking seat cody knowing he has to win or hes gone and Victoria says lets play this thing bitches

Countdown until Frankie gets screwed over



I cannot imagine being the only girl stuck with these guys. I would LOVE to Victoria start winning comps and take the $500K.


Quick question. If the entire week is on rewind, does that mean DePrick and Skankie will NOT get the TA money? Going by Julie’s description that the ENTIRE week will reset, than TA should be considered as a non-event.


So if Frankie’s HOH and noms do not count then I would think that Skank and DePrick would not get credit for TA mission — the rewind would make it as though it never happened. I thought that by giving them the mission, Julie can then say ” but as we had a rewind, the mission that Derrick and Frankie were given ( to catch a rodent ) does not count and therefor no money”. This would be one way of exposing TA to the others and watching as D&F lose it completely.


Maybe they will have to re-do the TA mission too and that is why they are do the “B” mission now because by most social media post it seemed everyone was voting for the “A” mission. So after the reset they will have to do the “A” mission if they want the $….wishful thinking I know on my part.


Then Derrick had the worst/strangest hoh of the season. A reign of 15 minutes, No HOH room and not able to play again for two weeks? Are we sure about this? Makes sense if it’s a pure rewind but it kind of puts Derrick in a weird position, no?


I am pissed that the TA mission is the rat one. The no eating one would of been harder. These people stay up all night already. I don’t want them to get anymore TA missions. That alliance was a fraud. Victoria, don’t talk about sex with 4 guys – you are the only girl and it makes you look trashy. Especially with this group of freaks.

Why I don't like Derrick

Notice I didn’t say hate! I do believe that of everyone in the house, Derrick is playing the best game. He has manipulated everyone into believing what he says and doing what he wants and pretty much getting no blood on his hands. Also very smart to keep Victoria. But….I don’t care for him as a person. I don’t like how he tries to manipulate the CBS viewer with his diary room comments or voting comments and I hate how he talks directly to the camera and the live feeders. But when he sat back and allowed the other guys to continue with those nasty comments about f*#**ng Victoria and not shutting the conversation right down (except the half hearted comment about her dad watching), I lost all respect for him. To say or do nothing when someone is being degraded is like you are doing it yourself. So that is why I don’t like Derrick.


He has a good plan, but he’s extremely transparent to anyone who watches the feeds. Not as likable as he could have been.


He’s no Dan!


“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing” – Edmond Burke

joel f.

I agree with all you said but I truly HATE Derrick!!!! In a perfect world he’d get booed too for being the puppetmaster of a BORING season.


What a pathetic looking cast left in the BB house. I only tune in on Thursdays (dvr) for the live Eviction and next HOH.


WHEN Donny wins AFP, I would love to see the cheque presented by Kellie Pickler. Donny is so proud of the fact that he is the grounds keeper where she attended school and to have her make the presentation would be wonderful for Donny and send Caleb over the edge. If anyone follows Kellie on TWITTER, maybe you could make the suggestion.


Kellie Pickler would be a great idea to hand him the check. That would be a wonderful surprise for Donny. He deserves the all the good things that are going to be coming his way after BB is over. Team Donny FTW.


Once again… CBS has already given out $45,000 in TA money and could potentially give out more for these lame tasks. There will be no AFP this year. I am upset that the money is going to these douches for lame TA tasks but every twist CBS has done this year has been lame. On that note I do think it would be cool if we could at least vote for an AFP even if know money is awarded so that these delusional egomaniacs would know the truth on finale night about how we feel.


Ha.. I mean no not know


I absolutely agree. Even if BB is too cheap to give Donny some $ for it, they can at least let it be known that DONNY is our favorite by a Landslide. That ought to send a message to those who think THEY are the favorite….like ridiculous skanky Franky and clueless Caleb! I think Christine already knows what America thinks of her and her behavior.

just wondering

wanna do my own poll. if you voted for team America mission A vote thumbs up (MISSION A
Wear down the competition by convincing everyone to fast for 24 hours while Team America secretly eats.
or if you voted for mission B (MISSION B
Wear down the competition by convincing everyone there’s a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it. CBS said mission B won, I just would like to see how accurate the votes are compared to what people here think. thanks

just wondering

So, Just I thought, this show is so rigged its pathetic, Production thinks we are all idiots, Just hand Skankie or Derdick the check and lets get this Production train wreck out of its misery, Wanna bet poor Donny wont get his just reward of AF???PRODUCTION WAKE UP AND HEAR YOUR FANS, YOU DESTROYED THIS SHOW!!!


im sure dawg would agree there is good and bad to the show but at the end of the day its like crack you got to have it


I like to know what cleaning did Frankie and Caleb do? I seen Derrick, Victoria and Cody cleaning but didn’t see Frankie do shoit, seen Caleb gather towels. again what did that pink hair freak do?????


Im confused, why is Derrick not playing for hoh Wednesday?


Its not that difficult… the button RESETs the week so it is as if this week doesn’t exist. It goes back to as if Christine just got evicted. This means Derr was the last HOH and is not eligible to play in the next HOH competition, just like he didn’t get to play in this last one that Frankie won.


Here is clarification from Julie Chen :
[UPDATE: Julie sent the following update for clarification …: “To clarify: All the Houseguests, who competed last night, will play for HOH all over again. Sorry for any confusion. Chenbot malfunction.


God id hate to be watching these feeds. Hooray for cancellations


I’m so over Frankie and his “know it all” attitude!! Saying Christine was boo’ed because she probably talked bad about his mom and sister was like saying to the other houseguests the game is ALL about him! He is just so full of himself! It’s annoying listening to him talk about himself all the time! Cody, Derrick, & Caleb are gonna regret not getting him out when they had the chance and I hope he really is playing for a charity and not just saying that to gain popularity! I just don’t trust him! He’s thrown all of them under the bus at some point during the game so how can they trust him! These people are crazy for trusting him!! And also Im so glad Christine is gone and I would just like to say if I saw my husband behaving on tv like she did with Cody my marriage would definitely be impacted by that!! Game or no game you don’t ever put your morals or your marriage on the line to play a game! I feel so bad for her husband!! No amount of money is worth risking your marriage over and the other house guests keep telling Cody it’s not his fault, but I don’t agree with that!! He knew she was married so he should have respected the fact she was married and had a husband and told her she was out of line!! He knew better! You can’t put all the blame on Christine just because she’s the one thats married! Derrick is also walking a fine line with Victoria! If I was his wife I would definitely be upset by some of his behavior with Victoria! Just saying!!


see that is where you are wrong. divorce rate being as high as it is, if you can’t control yourself in the BB house to that extreme, maybe you shouldn’t be married

honestly, people value marriage a little too much. especially when its obvious she doesn’t give a bleep about what her husband thinks of her touching another man on television. he told her to do what it takes, I think its over the line, but who are we to say what is right and wrong for them? for all we know they are swingers, and the reason Christine laughs when its brought up is because she knows her husband is turned on and is going to ask cody for the 3 of them to have fun together

I am just saying, we list in a world where some live as nudists and swingers and marriage isn’t what it is to people who say “500k isn’t worth risking your marriage over”

June Bride

I’m sorry, I disagree, 500k is not enough to lose respect for yourself, spouse and family. I don’t care if you are swingers, why, get married if you want to still continue to have sex outside of your marriage, that’s not what marriage is about. I’m all about flirting and being sexy to whom ever floats your boat, but once a couple is a couple then have respect for one another or split up. People need to stop making excuses to sale their souls, that’s what’s wrong with the world today (it’s ok for 500k). Next, time something else, where have our morals gone?


Maybe marriage should be valued more. I am not talking about divorce rates or swingers or whatever. If you make a vow to someone else, you should hold try to hold to it. Even though most people find it an old fashioned concept, there is such a thing as honor. It’s 3 months, people can’t ya just keep it in your pants?

pants on fire

Frankie’s ego is as big as his word vocabulary is small…me me me me me me me me me me me me me!!


I agree with you! Victoria is no better, latching onto Derrick and making ridiculous statements to him about her ‘affection’ for him, as though his wife doesn’t exist, even though he corrects her, he sometimes acts like he encourages it too. Our culture always blames the woman, in these situations, and I find it ironic that Christine gets ALL the blame and Cody is just as responsible, but there is little discussion over Victoria rubbing against a married man! Victoria herself judges and condemns Christine because she is married, but prefers to forget that Derrick is married as well. Sad commentary on people’s respect for marriage and common decency.

I don't really care

Honestly I think they’re both to blame for their behavior. It just comes down to morals some people don’t have them. Cody is a young, immature, single guy who is use to women throwing themselves at him… Yes he should tell her to back off… but like most young immature men his age he doesn’t care… Honestly do blame Christine more because SHE is the married one.. SHE is the one who took wedding vows to be completely faithful to HER husband. She should know better and and shouldn’t be hanging all over another guy.

I don't really care

I always blame the married person first because that’s just it they’re married if not him then some one else…. I’m sure this behavior isn’t just for game purposes and it’s probably not her first time acting like that with another guy that will show her attention


For the 3rd time.How does the rewind work. Will there be no eviction on wed. Or will they play a hoh pov and have an eviction all in one night.


Scroll up and read word for word that Julie said. That will be easier than typing it all in here. It is right above the poll.


No eviction. All in one night.


My “UNDERSTANDING” is that this Wednesday’s show will be a TOTAL reset with an all new HOH, veto, and eviction completed in one night. Everyone will be allowed to play in the HOH.

The main reason for ALL of this (including the twist) has to do with SCHEDULING. CBS has the Thursday night NFL games this year. (Last year it was NBC and the NFL network.) There are no more Thursday BB shows this season. Next week the BB schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday. (Wednesday the 17th is a live show.) Then the 90 minute live finale is Wednesday the 24th.


That is actually not the impression I got. From my understanding it will just be as if the week didn’t happen. No one will be evicted and then they will play for a new HOH and probably do noms also. But I don’t think anyone will be evicted on Wednesday.. it is kind of like a bye week. I could be wrong and really hope you are right and it plays out like a DE scenario.


Here is the NEW schedule as announced by CBS:

Sunday 9/7 – Taped show (Nominations and Jeff and Jordan engagement)
Tuesday 9/9 – Taped show (Veto)
*Wednesday 9/10 – Live show (LIVE EVICTION)*
Sunday 9/14 – Taped show (Nominations)
Tuesday 9/16 – Taped show (Veto)
Wednesday 9/17 – Live show (Live Eviction)
Friday 9/19 – Special show (Final HOH rounds 1&2) – No show on Sunday 09/21
Wednesday 09/24 – Finale night (Includes HOH round 3)


Taken from the CBS press release on the recent schedule change:

“Wednesday 09/10 – Live Show & Live Eviction”


Your second guess is correct.


Nope. There is an eviction on Wednesday.


It will start all over and be played in one night. Derrick cannot play because he was the outgoing HoH. So pretty much everything this week is a waste of time and weds will be to with the rewind unless Victoria wins HoH, the only thing that will change is who is on the block. If Frankie wins, he will do as he did this week and if Cody or Caleb win they will put up Frankie with Victoria. The only way that Victoria doesn’t leave is if she wins HoH Wednesday night or POV.


I hope you are right that it is played in one night but how do you know this is the case? The quote said “Will another houseguest be evicted OR will the game stop dead in its tracks?” … Makes it sound like if the button is pressed no one will be evicted that night.


They all get to eat chocolate cake & ice cream with forks. The last two who finish are the new noms for the week. Julie clearly explained this on the live show 🙂


The HG routinely go to sleep around 4:30 every morning. So in order to win $5000 TA only needs to keep every one up another 90 minutes? This season sucks.


Why wouldn’t they make a move right now a 1 n 4 chance at the final 4 veto or a 1 n 3?


Maybe I fell and hit my head… but of the remaining HGs, I’d almost like to see Caleb win. I know he’s goofy – but that kid is fiercely loyal; he loves his mom and wants to find a good Christian wife – after he’s slept with half of Nashville – or wherever it is he’s going for his singing career; you don’t wonder where you stand with him because whatever he’s thinking comes out his mouth without censor; he could really use the money (though not sure what he’d spend it on; he played the game his way – and has made it as far as the others; he’s sincere and he makes me laugh, even when he’s not trying.


Thinking about rubbing Caleb’s ass and Cody’s dick is one thing. Acting on those thoughts is something quite different. Skankie have some respect and keep your wandering hands on your own stuff and just fantasize…


The TA mission stated to wear down the competition by keeping them up all night by saying there is a rodent in the house. They are doing the mission after the veto competition, so I do not understand how that wears down the competition when they already competed.


I think what is going to happen is that after the reset, is going to be interesting. I am predicting that after the reset, Derrick will start to unravel, especially if Frankie or Caleb win the post-reset HOH. I think you are going to see a big move against Derrick and he won’t know how to handle it. You can already see him starting to become more unstable over the last few days and his game is looking a lot sloppier. Frankie smells blood in the water and has been on to Derricks game for the last week for sure. I think the week after the reset is going to be pretty different than the last few weeks and less predicable.


Frankie has been a name dropper since he came into the house. He continues to do this because he has a captive audience who don’t know any better. For the names he puts out there…is there any that would come forward to verify his stories? A lot of us can drop names and we can back it up but I wonder if he can. Are these his sisters stories? Poor Frankie….He wants to be liked so bad…..Once this show is over these people will stay far away from him. They will realize what a fake creep he really is.


Caleb is either naive or narcissistic. What makes him think that everything in the house revolves around him? What fantasy land does he live in to even think that the guitars were put there for him?
He says he’s sincere and loyal, romantic, ex-military, ex-military academy, a beast, talented enough for Hollywood, ex CIA, irresistible to women, an experienced hunter, blah blah blah. All of this convinces him that he deserves to be America’s favorite player.
He has a real problem with reality.


Me & Thor grabbed a beer once


I hope the mission fail


Does anyone think that Team America will end up being the reason why Frankie or Derrick might not win. Donny’s in the jury house and I’m pretty sure that he’s telling people about Team America. If Team America isn’t against each other then they might lose, because the jury will feel that they already have money.


no, its a darn excuse is what it is. Its what America wanted, they didn’t chose to be part of the team. its just another way production handed Frankie a scapegoat for all his BS behavior. his sister is famous and its eating him up inside, he HAD to play on Team America or the game would have ended early for him because Donnie and derrick would have wanted him out for shorting them the money. get the drift? its all about giving Frankie this night little cushion.


He can’t tell about TA! Donny can tell others he was in Team America but he cannot say Derrick and Frankie are in TA and have been getting money for missions. So no, I don’t think this is happening.


Victoria thinks her parents have nothing to be embarrassed about? Umm. . .how about your language and throwing yourself at a married man, for starters?


Dawg: What happened to my comment about the TA mission? It was a valid point and one that BB needs to clarify before Wed.


Since we have had a lot of talk about the “terrible” season I thought it might be entertaining to discuss BB game at it’s best….

Classic(Alliance and social) – Brigade was a classic alliance and Hayden’s social game was on point when he won. This is definitely the most obvious and direct path to getting far in the game consistently season after season. Lots of great alliances and several excellent social players as well over the years.
Mastermind – A combo of Dr. Will, Dan and Evil Dick. Each are argued by their fans as best ever. I’m a Dr. Will fan myself. They all have the ability to manipulate others to do what they wanted. None would be considered a pure comp beast. Dan is remembered for his horrid BB 14 morally but his “season” he was a terrific player(7-0). No saint but he played his azz off. Evil is as Evil does. Evil Dick never makes apologies for his game play. What they all have in common is a high sense of self worth and the later 2 no conscience.
Comp beast- Combo of Rachelle and Janelle. Funny it’s 2 girls that come to mind for me not the guys. I could add in Frank if you like but he is the equivalent of Janelle not better IMHO. With the exception of Rachel’s win it’s hard to win BB as a comp beast. Social or alliance needs to be part of it for cover and support.
Social- This would be Jordon! One of the truely most loved people in BB history. Add Donny this season to that list. Donny isn’t in the finals because he never had an alliance like Jeff giving Jordon protection. I know this is social and the cast think Donnie’s social was terrible. I disagree strongly. He got stuck with HG’s that shut his social game down with their clicky 20 something’s alliance of the majority. Put Donny in a different house I think he’d shine. Loved Jordon every season.
Notice how comp beast or social needs a second supporting element. Good lesson for any HG.
Floater- Floater is not a do nothing lay about but rather an active player that moves from HOH to HOH chasing the power/safety by being a guaranteed vote to accomplish the HOH’s goals. Non better than Shelly in my opinion and she didn’t win. I might be missing someone but I can’t think of a pure floater winner. And please do not say Andy. He worked with Amanda/McCrae reliably until it suited him to get them out. A decent social game allowed him to set up his end game. With that house he couldn’t of asked for a better F3.

Other than Donny all these people are memorable more for their flaws than there strengths this season. Derrick being murky depending on your interpretation of his game play. A couple seasons removed who is going to remember Cody, Victoria and so many others. I know the theory is Kasting makes BB all stars. I think there is an element of pure luck. For example I think Donny plays differently with out America’s team. He’d of had a heighted sense of urgency sooner. The BOB made it so easy to keep that alliance together. An unintended consequence of a really bad twist IMHO. It’s stumbling to the end the next 2 weeks and brings up the question is BB ready for retirement or is there a drastic refit that can revive the franchise. Status quo just is not good enough for BB 17.
PS…. it feels like an all stars temporary fix. But if you take every multiple appearance player out as eligible What is left to put in the house a second time. Would we really want to see Dan, Boogie ect in again? I think not.
So Frank, Helen(waiting to make a move), Donny, Nicole, Zack, Hayden, Danielle(need a pimple popper), Shelly(why not a complete douche) and a few hot girls and guys. Less like all stars but maybe a good train wreck. I’m truely reaching this time.

As it stands my odds to 500K/50K
1) Derrick – 1:1/0%… he gets F2 he wins versus anyone hands down. He isn’t winning 50K it’s F2 or bust!
2) Victoria – 0%/2:1… Never wins 500K but Derrick is still trying to get her F2. After the POV is played and before the reset we’ll see if she is done or F4. 5 left so 2 votes plus Frankie breaks tie. Derrick needs to convince 1 to get out Cody or replacement. She is golden F4 down they’ll all want to sit beside her.
3) Cody – 5:1/7:1 still playing Derricks game. Frankie would target him if he survives this week. Could be at risk if F4. He’d triangulate with Derrick/Caleb. Frankie being the target. If Caleb and friends evict Frankie Caleb will play F2 and might choose who sits beside him. I think Cody is picked by a hair but close.
4) Caleb – 10:1/20:1 Tough spot for beast mode loyal cowboy. He needs to win out in my opinion. Not even Frankie will take him unless the choice is Caleb/Cody. Gets F4 has a shot but 7 questions I don’t think so. He’s 3rd at best
5) Frankie – 3:1/3:1… I see this not as a BB fan but rather house perspective. .If the reset doesn’t send him home he might get F2 on comps. Luck box 7 questions you never know.
Beats Victoria and likely Caleb, perhaps Cody but he won’t take Cody and Cody won’t take him. Derrick beats them all F2.

F2 Derrick versus Cody….. 7-2 Derrick wins, versus Victoria 9-0
“nyet………… the man his money”


You talk too much

Another Anonymous

I know right!?!?!
Don’t people realize most of us just scroll on by those novel long posts.
He/She might be making a valid point, but I don’t feel like reading a book about it…

Mean Girls, BB Edition

So do you!

smh donny is NOT one of thebest social players

just because Donny is a nice guy that America loved because of his beard and friendly behavior….does NOT mean he had a good social game.

tell me about his allies in the house, what he was able to do with those allies, the moves he made….I am waiting. all he did was alienate himself more and more.

will just get a bunch of neg votes because for whatever reason no one is willing to look at Donny objectively. he was a nice man, who won some big time POV’s, but as a social gamer on BB? fail. total fail. I think he has a social game that fit survivor better. a little less to it, he would have been liked and taken to the end. as a player of Big Brother, his social game sucked. it took him at least a month too long to make the moves he needed to socially.


Just get rid of Frankie and everyone will be happy!


I have to disagree with you. To win, Derrick has to prove he did something. We know and he knows, he manipulated to get almost every one of the jurors out. But the jurors do not know it. The only obvious one is Christank. If they are bitter, and Christank most certainly is, they will vote the 500k to either the lest objectionable or the one who stings the others the most. If Derrick is sitting next to Victoria, she wins.


Does anyone know when during the vote on Thursday the rewind will be revealed? Will it be after the votes are announced or before? If after, it could make for some interesting TV.

Kathie from Canada

Not Thursday … football. The remaining show will be on Wednesday.


Looks like Derrick is not only going for the win but for a record of most money won by an individual player. Production has used TA as bait to keep Frankie & Derrick from trying to take each other out. Too bad the rules didn’t include keeping Donny!


So…..if the reset is really a reset, won’t TA lose the $5,000, if they win it. It will all be for nothing!
And FYI Team America, America thinks you suck. This was Productions idea, not ours.


that is exactly my thinking. It should be as though the mission was never even given and they should not get the money.


If Cody is eliminated this week and joins Christine in the Jury House will their “friendship” continue or will he get a clue from the booing and drop her like a hot rock.
Anyone want to make a bet?

Good question!!!

I think that if Cody gets booed it will change their relationship in the jury house. If Cody doesn’t get booed the relationship may continue in the jury house.

DK for the win

Why would Victoria choose this time and place to ask questions about personal sex?? She had a house full of girls, she has girlfriends back home to ask these questions to, why bring up this when you are the only girl in a house with guys? Some girls have no pride I guess. She thinks she hasn’t did anything for her family to be disappointed in her, well girl you just did it plus your elbows jobs you give out. Just can’t understand why she didn’t ask these questions to girlfriends or girls in the house but waits till now—-not guys!!!

Kathie from Canada

Wait until Victoria learns about the disgusting display by Frankie with her other ‘friends’ laughing it up at her expense. She will want to just dig a hole and bury herself! So humiliating!


Well she’s trying too hard to play the innocent virgin. How would she even know about fingers inserted into the vagina? Really a skank choosing to bring up sex in a room full of guys.
Maybe she should lay off the skintight clothing, the rubbing on the guys, touching them (a little less lately) when she tried with every one of them and the ‘aggressive cuddling’.
I personally think she’s trying way too hard to appear like she has no clue. Questions like these are for health class or your mother.
I can’t wait until Zach rips her a new one when he sees her and hopefully cameras will capture it for us to see.

I got fooled!

I sincerely thought Vacancy was an innocent young woman until last night. That s3x convo made it soooo obvious she is playing an innocent virgin. I learned more about the birds and the bees in my 6th grade health class then what she knows at her age.


It would be great if they separated them after the reveal of rewind so they could not get their plan together. Just a thought……


Donnie was such a nice guy, but I don’t get the Fav Player thing. I think it should involve actually playing the game, Donnie never got that chance, won some POV’s. OK, but was far too late in trying to get Zach away from the alliance that was obviously against him, it was all just too late for Donny. I don’t get why he is THAT loved. I understand thinking he is this nice man, but a run away fav for the best player? I don’t get it.

but hey, Dr Will didn’t win fav player in all stars, so…I guess I never will get the voting


Donny won POV’s to save his butt (especially in the DE against a bunch of fit 20yr olds) = impressive. Also Donny won BOB all by himself (granted Caleb/Cody were morons for not separating from each other and instead played as one person) but still = impressive.

If there were actually a AFP this year who do you think deserves it then? Just curious.. and if you say Zach then you are worse than the people who think Donny should win it. Like Zach and all but he was a TERRIBLE game player.

On another note.. (and I, myself also have a hard time putting it into this perspective) but it is Americas Favorite not MVP. So it really is a most likeable award, not best player award. I too as a fan of the show want to see someone who was a good player and likeable win it, not just likeable but when I remind myself of the title I am ok with a Donny or Zach winning it. On that note I think Nicole is the most deserving as far as likeability and gameplay combined… but once again I don’t think it will matter because I don’t think there will be an AFP this year.


wrong, Zach was playing the perfect 2nd place game. he made his target so big it was disappearing. he put his trust in the wrong person. if Frankie was loyal, he is still in that house right now instead of Caleb most likely.

I’d vote Zach. most entertaining by far. naïve as heck, and he will learn from it, but I feel like Donny was just as naïve for most of the season. Zach started multiple alliances and put himself in a spot where he was going to be a lot of people’s choice to take to the final 2. he was very close to a Dr Will type game where they weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of evicting him.

of course, yeah I am so wrong, its not like Rachel, Dr Will himself, and many other great BB players came out in big support of Zach and his attack style game. the only part where he messed up was the stupid speeches, the two he gave especially that were egged on by Frankie and derrick, two much older people who had a massive advantage in the game of being in a forced alliance. if Zach had been in TA, its a completely different story, he is still in that house.


Actually no I think you are wrong (in part). I do agree that if he was in TA he would still be in the game… which is the only reason Frankie and Derr are still in the game. If it weren’t for TA these two would have gone after each other much sooner and may have actually made this season interesting.
I do think Zach started out in a great position… He was in the detonators and was set up perfectly to go to the f2, having f3 deals with both sides of the detonators. But why he wasn’t very good is because he opened his mouth way too much. He should have kept his mouth shut to both Frankie and Derr/Cody. He set himself up in a perfect position and then blew it on his own.. had nothing to do with Frankie. If he wouldn’t have been going back and forth to both sides I do think Frankie still would have gunned for him but then he could have gone with Derr/Cody. Derr/Cody stopped trusting him because of Zach’s big mouth. = bad player

I do agree that if Zach were to come back he would learn from his mistakes and be a good player… the problem is after his display I don’t know if anyone would form an alliance with him.


Frankie talking to Derrick about the TA mission (I’m really pissed they have a new mission after evicting one of their members!!! Should be null and void now…) and where to “see” the rodent. My immediate thoughts? Look in the mirror, boys; you’ll see at least one!

Irritated that this season has been ridiculously predictable. I can’t watch the CBS edit any longer because every time I see that overly dramatic and annoying Frankie, I literally shudder and then mutter that I can’t stand the guy. His fakeness is nauseating!


Cody says, “I think we’re the coolest cast ever.”

Victoria says, “If he (Tim) were cool with this, she wouldn’t have gotten zinged so hard.”

It’s official, Victoria is more perceptive than Cody. Between the two of them, she’s actually playing the better game.

While both of them are trying to skate by on their looks and think they just deserve to have the game handed to them, they both are largely depending on Derrick…and which one of them will Derrick actually take to the end? Victoria. Victoria may be completely reliant on Derrick, but she’s been right to so far…Cody is in for a rude awakening if they get to final 3. Of everyone left in the house, Cody is playing the worst game, and deserves to leave next.


I think the fans of this show have gotten just as worse over the seasons as the casts and production. This is a form of entertainment people, we are all doing just as much, enough more judging and belittling as these HGs are. Watch it if you enjoy it, if you don’t there’s many other ways to fulfill entertainment for you out there.


Quit judging and belittling us.


I am so glad to see Madam (from solid gold) finally gone!! Her boos were well deserved and I’m still laughing. I am not a fan of Deprick but I have to give it to him…he played the better game. Hoping there is an AFP and Donny wins it. As far as Skankie goes, hope he grabs the wrong d*ck one day and gets punched in his face.


The remaining guests talk about Christine s boos on her exit from the house. I hope Frankie Gets booed also. Right now he thinks he’s the cute gay man that everyone loves….especially since he has a semi popular sister. I hope when he hears the audience response to his vile gross behavior he might realize his actions can not be accepted. Of course knowing Frankie he will feel the people hate gays and it has nothing to do with him. I’m sure the gays and lesbian do not support him….He is making it look bad for them. Instead of helping them….Frankie is hurting them. They are not all vile creatures and they do not think it’s ok to molest others. I think the gays need to join together and send Frankie a message…..He does not speak for them and they do not approve of his behavior. I have alot of gay and lesbian friends….they respect boundaries and would never act as this creep does. If Caleb and Cody don’t like Frankie fondling they need to talk with production about sexual harassment case against Frankie.


I HATE Victoria. She actually believes she is a good competitor yet she has no strategy whatsoever and hasn’t really won anything worth mentioning. People want to give her credit for comforting Nicole when she was on the block for two weeks in a row—don’t ! The only reason Victoria was kind was because she knew she was safe and nobody else really enjoys talking with her.
I’m also really sick and tired of Vitoria’s irrational hatred of Amber and fear of Devin and Donny. Several times she has stated that she believed they( Devin and Donny) were both going to physically attack her. Statements like that can harm their reputation in and out of the house. Ironically its the 4 men that she is now alone with who joked or shared in the laughter about raping her and have spoken to her or about her in the most degrading tones.
Victoria is an embarrassment to female competitors. I cant wait for her to see how it was precisely because of her lack of skills that she was able to stay in the house for as long as she did. She is not naïve, she is just very self centered, entitled and woefully ignorant. There is zero motivation for her to change because apparently she always gets what she wants. I hope they send her packing soon so I no longer have to hear her horrible voice or look at her vacant stare or watch her parade around in those tight skimpy outfits or hang all over Derrick with her “virgin” like sexuality.
Looking forward to next season when they bring in some some hard core female players with integrity.


now I get it. if you are that much of a sheltered child, you should never have been cast. I am sorry, if you don’t understand simple sex stuff, it makes me seriously question if you have had any interaction with teenagers ever.


I’ve missed something, why are people saying there will be no America’s Favorite this year?


The fact that fans are hoping that Derrick gets evicted soon just goes to show that the quality of not only Big Brother but its fans are continuously decreasing. Don’t get me wrong, this season has been a complete BORE, but that is only because every single strong player aligned together this season, and every single one of them were loyal on some level. Yes, loyalty makes for a boring game, but my goodness have they gotten far. Say what you want, but those most likable to the public always seem to have the worst game and while I may like them as a person, I can’t root for them game wise if they bring nothing to the table. Take Zach for example. Fans loved him, rudeness and all, but the guy’s game flat out sucked. He had none. His game was to talk crap and latch onto Frankie, and this is coming from someone who cannot stand Frankie but let’s all be honest here. Zach dug his own BB grave and had no clue about the game. He gets the chance to come back and says he’ll target Victoria and throw HOH? Bye Zach. Now Donny. Donny was a competitor, and I don’t think that he’ll ever be given the credit he truly deserves for that simply because of his appearance. Now, Donny’s social game? Sucked. Was there much the 40 year old could do in a house full of 20-30 year olds? Maybe not. But he gave up at some point and when he did try to make a game move (Turning Zach), it was already too late + Donny said he’d vote for Frankie if he made it to Final 2. BOO. Nicole was an okay competitor, but for some reason, she gets more praise than Donny in that field and more sympathy than people like Amber (who she also talked down to and completely shitted on, let’s not forget how horrible she used to be) which I will never understand. Now, Derrick is definitely not the most entertaining or the most likable, but he is a great manipulator. Frankie is scum and a flat out pervert , but he kills everyone competition wise. These two, whether we care to admit or not, are playing the best game. To say that Vapid Victoria, Cody NoBalls, and Crazy Caleb who have done the equivalent of squat this season should win over them is a bit much.


Calling Nic a horrible person because of what she said about Amber is ridiculous. First put yourself in all of the houseguests shoes.. they are locked in a small house with 15 other people. They are bound to not like everyone and to get on each others. (This is part of the reason I don’t hate Chris as much as a lot of other people seem to). Nicole is like because she was REAL. No she wasn’t always the nicest but she was honest. And as nice as Amber seemed to be.. I don’t buy it was real at all. She came off as extremely fake. (Not to mention she talked trash about Zach but then as soon as she saw Zach’s twitter following became a Zach supporter.. give me a break).
Best players in the house: Derr, Frankie, Donny, Hayden, Nic… as far as having a strategy and being able to read people. The reason and ONLY reason Derr and Frankie are still there over Donny, Hayden, and Nic is because of the bomb squad COMBINED with BOB (bomb squad never would have worked if it weren’t for BOB) And TA. 2 HUGE advantages given to Derr and Frankie’s game. (I will say Frankie may still be in the game because he is a strong competitor so he may have been able to save himself).


If you are one of the few people not offended by the HGs comments then that comment wasn’t directed towards you. It was more so to those that complain, “OMG they’re bashing Nicole…OMG they’re bashing Donny…OMG they’re bashing Zach” as if each one of them didn’t do the same to players that left before them. Yes, including Donny and especially Nicole + Christine women bashing sessions (but Derrick’s the misogynist), and Zach’s constant shit talking about others. There’s so much hypocrisy among some BB fans, it’s insane. Also, Nicole was real and honest? Why? Because she’s southern and cute? Big games were spoken by nearly everyone in the house, including her, yet when provided the opportunity, each and everyone of them fell flat. The only person I truly believe would have made any big move was Donny, and that was because he was truly alone. Anywho, Amber gets the “fake” rep in the HOUSE simply because of her looks point blank period. She had a Barbie-esque look and was sweet which will always equal fake in people’s minds. Because how could someone like that not be a b*tch/stuck up, right? No. Now, in terms of her switch up outside of the house, I completely agree. Fake fake and more fake, and I say this only because of her new found views on Zach, but that also goes toward every other evicted HG, as well as HGs from other seasons. We could even include the HGs in the house. They are ALL rolling with whatever the fans say, and it’s unbelievably weak in my opinion. Look at how they’re all bashing Christine now that they know she wasn’t well received by the fans? WEAK. Also, how can Hayden be one of the best players if he just barely played the game? Seriously, he just grazed it. His biggest move was The Rationale and that didn’t last long. Caleb did more in his game than him. Hayden definitely wasn’t on Victoria level but he wasn’t that far away either.


I am so distressed that Production keeps interfering. They put games they know Frankie is good at at pivotal times, let him get away with horrible behavior towards the guys and the rape jokes against Victoria were unacceptable-and no reprimand! Donny, besides Jordan, was the sweetest, honest player ever. Yet he is extremely observant and picked up on Derrick’s game way before anyone. For that, he was evicted. He’s got to receive AFP. I don’t know how much more of Frankie I can stand. He really is so insecure and needy yet his abrasive, sexual and crude behavior should be dealt with by Production. Why do they want him to win, especially after the abominable people from last season? And don’t reward those two with another 5k-let it reset and all be for nill.


The women in the house played a stupid , foolish game, next year put in 3 men and 13 women and they will still lose to the men…it’s in their nature, even my wife agrees with me, for instance; every year I go fishing with about twelve of my buddies for a week we never have a problem. My wife goes to Vegas with women friends of hers and it turns to crap and cattiness almost immediately……every time!

I'm a woman

You are completely right. I even told my husband this cast of women would never work together, even if thier life depended on it. They were too young and insecure! I think the only way to get women who can win is to put mid 30s and older women who dont take chit from anyone. Put some biker chicks in there with some hipster guys. THAT is the ONLY way a woman will win at this point!


I completely agree. The women were either young, insecure, or a mixture of both and that never bodes well when working with other females. I see that when the guys give each other direction, they all listen, and if it sounds like a good plan they go along with it. If they have issues with one another, yes they talk shit (Cody to Derrick re:Caleb running to Frankie). An argument happens? There’s no “I’m never working with him again!” tantrums. They suck it up, and move along. For whatever reason, that would not be the case with women. There’d be a million “Why are you so bossy/such a b*tch?!” arguments, my brain woudn’t be able to deal. Then they’d go and run to their closest male friend in the house to vent. Sad but it’s the truth.