Caleb thinks Andy’s coming to host. Derrick says He’s not a celebrity like Jeff & Jordan, he’s not at their level.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria
Have Nots ?

10:20am – 10:45am Up in the HOH room – Frankie and Victoria are getting ready in the bathroom while Caleb is dancing to Frankie’s sisters CD. Frankie comments the he’s (Caleb) lost his mind. Victoria says MmmHmm. Frankie asks who do you want to walk through the door? (To host the veto competition) Victoria says who I want it to be won’t happen. Kim Kardashian .. I’m obsessed with her. Frankie says different network. Frankie and Caleb head downstairs. In the bathroom Caleb is all fired up yelling and screaming. He flexes for the camera and tells the camera to zoom in on his “America” tattoo. He says made in America born and raised! I can’t wait to get made in above it! Caleb yells somebody coming on up in here today! We’re about to find out!!

10:45am – 11:10am In the kitchen – Frankie lays his head on Caleb and says we done so good. Caleb agrees. They talk about how a number of the house guests had no idea what they were doing. Caleb says I want to look good for whoever’s coming (to host the veto). Frankie says probably not for anther 4 hours. Caleb says you never know when it will happen. Frankie asks how went home because they weren’t ready for this game? That lost their minds because they weren’t ready for this. Victoria says Devin, Zach, Joey and Brittany. Caleb says he thinks Andy will come in to host. Derrick agrees. But says that he doesn’t think he will come in through the front door. He’ll come in the way Ian did in the backyard. He’s not a celebrity like Jeff and Jordan. He’s not at their level. Caleb asks Frankie if he is going to jump into Andy’s arms. Frankie says he will. Oh my god another gay man! Caleb says I don’t think Andy is anywhere near your level. In terms of looks and stuff. Frankie talks about how attractive Kenny was from Big Brother Canada. Victoria asks BBcan is only 100K?! (She gives a look like its not worth it.) Derrick says Canada’s big brother isn’t as money driven as ours is. Frankie says figures. Frankie heads up to the HOH room to lay down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 10-45-57-415

In the kitchen – Derrick and Caleb are talking about Christine. Caleb says maybe the crowed just thought she was playing a horrible game. Derrick says I think she was playing a pretty good game .. she aligned herself with the biggest alliance in the house. It could have been one comment she made. Caleb says it could have been how she’s a superfan and she walked out she just looked down and didn’t say bye to anyone. Those guys carried you through the game and you didn’t say bye, you’re a poor sport. When you’re this far you have to win to stay in the game. Caleb says I don’t think she would have gone lower than what Aaryn Gries done. I don’t think she would want to be remembered as a racist or whatever. Caleb says literally she’s done nothing in this game. Derrick says she only won for herself and never won for the team. The one time we asked her to lose for us she won. Derrick says he was never a fan of Christine’s from the start. I just thought she was fake.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 11-14-13-100

11:45am – 12:55pm All the house guests are now napping ..

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 11-45-16-268

BB16-2014-09-06 13-09-17-051

1:14pm Nothing..

2:20pm All the house guests are passed out. This is playing right into Frankie and Derrick’s Team America plan to get the HG’s to sleep all day so they’re more likely to stay up all night looking for the rat.

2:40pm – 3:05pm Victoria heads up to the HOH room. Frankie asks what time it is? Victoria says 2:40pm. Frankie says we should get up, they said it would happen at 3pm. Frankie tells Victoria he’s so glad she’s in the house. Victoria and Frankie start getting ready for the day. In the kitchen Frankie says 3 o’clock… ding dong! (They’re waiting to see who will host the POV competition today.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-06 14-44-32-430

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The button

Wait Simon or dawg aren’t the nome safe because they pressed the button? Like after the Pov and stuff aren’t the noms gonna be safe from the rewind?


Hey Dawg,
All of the Houseguests who played Thursday night will be playing for the HOH all over again, according to Julie. She corrected herself about the confusion of who is in and who is out on EW.


come on dawg get on your came


Dawg I believe you’re right (please, please be right). If Derrick is allowed to play that means Christine is back in the game and nobody wants that shyt to happen, especially America, they booed the crap out of her. When Julie corrected herself she still confused the hell out of people.


Wonder if it will be the same competition?


Do you mean the one that was rigged? yes.

Mtn Feet

If the rewind is to replay the whole week, why wouldn’t the TA task be null and void too.
Would love that, Derrick and Frankie thinks America still loves them, hope they have to
forfeit the money if they win it!!!! Can’t wait to see their faces if that happens!!!!!!


every year the ones that talk about what America thinks of them are wrong everytime if they are a fan they should know


You left out Caleb. He seems to think he will get Fan Favorite LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon and Dawg

Could you please move that big red cross so that it blocks out Frankie’s face?

Thanks for the amazing updates!


Why without Derrick?? Frankie is current HOH not Derrick.


That’s because it will rewind back to last eviction. The new HOH had not been crowned.


Victoria will end up right back on the block and unless Frankie is sitting beside her she will go home…ssdd…nothing new.


I just want to see the jury house. At least that will be some excitement.


Excitement left the BB house weeks ago. All they have now are wannabes. Who think they are going to come out and get guest appearances galore.


Derrick trying everything to say nice things about houseguests. After Christine got evicted he thought he better clean himself up or that could be him. Guess what douche bag I hope you get the same. Oh such excitement.


I have to laugh when I read anything about BB HG celebrity status. These people are not celebrities and are only recognized by BB fans. Most just go back to where they came from and fade into obscurity. That’s the main problem with this season, many of the HG are much more concerned with becoming a celebrity than playing the game.


When The Humping Pervert yammered on about being a “broadway star,” and working at The Box – a place where he met and hung out with all the “world’s celebrities,” Caleb asked him if he was a bar tender or server. LOL…. Maybe The Delusional Cowboy is NOT that delusional about Frankie.

Roisen Dubh

Caleb’s not as dumb as everybody makes him out to be. I think he’s playing a character. I know Victoria is. Notice how she lost her accent on the DE episode when she was pleading her case. These people have been playing America the entire summer. that’s what Julie’s talking about when she says it’s twisted. This is a definite read between the lines season.


I agree with you. They all talked earlier about being certain characters in the house.
Caleb is very difficult to read, sometimes I think he has a good idea on what is going on in the house, and then he will do or say something that is really stupid. {I have wondered if he falls out of character when he said something intelligent}
I also think that Victoria is not as dumb as she is pretending to be. I hope she starts doing something in these competition. I think it would be hilarious if she won HOH and put Derrick and Frankie up. If she went to the end I give her the money for that move alone.


im telling you as soon as Julie says none of this counts Victoria will jump up and tell the guys its on now bitches shes secretly a mossad agent from israel

Michael Angelo

And here I am thinking that Victoria is actually dumber than I originally thought. You see strategy and cunning. I see a big, fat blank.


Seriously, she’s an anachronism. Also a paradox. I’ve never met a 21 year old who is so young for her age. I’ve met 11 yr olds more savvy than Vic. And she’s a fashion photographer? I don’t get it.


Yeah they do play characters to an extent but you are still seeing who they are. Caleb, victoria and Cody are really that dumb. No question in my mind. They show their stupidity too much for it to be an act.


No, Caleb is pretty dumb kiddo….Poor guy.


Now that’s worthy of Zingbot!
Great 1 liner! hehehe


broadway star in his mind he was never a lead guy he was one of a hundred dancers and others in the back ground good lord


According to what I googled Frankie was co-producer for three of the four plays he was in. In Mama Mia he was a replacement dancer and a replacement understudy. Far from being a Broadway star.


And to get a producing credit you just have to put up money.

Not a lot of twinkle to that star.....

The replacement to the understudy??
I think the guy who hands out programs is more of a star since he actually was needed for the show!


Frankie is a big nobody except in his own mind. The funniest thing about this, he honestly thinks that America loves him and is rooting for him to win in his small mind. I just cannot wait (Schadenfreude) when reality smacks him in the face, and he sees the distaste everyone has for him. The boos cannot be loud enough and the silence cannot be deadening enough when he walks out or unfortunately if he wins the game as the others cannot touch him in competitions going forward. It will take a lot factors aligning themselves to get him out going forward.

Gays Against Frankie

Love the Schadenfreude reference, this is a perfect example!


Now, THAT is a word you don’t here very often: schadenfreude. Nice classing up the joint, eh? And speaking of ‘eh’, to the fellow Canucks here – what do you suppose Frankie meant by “figures” with the comment about BBCan being less focussed on the money? Like he needs to give us another reason to waterboard him with maple syrup and real beer?

Canadian Bel

Why waste good beer? The light crap is good enough to use on the likes of Frankie. Save the good stuff for those watching the water (syrup) boarding.


Doesn’t shadenfreu mean being happy for bad things happening to a friend? Frankie is your friend? Seriously. 🙂 lol


Frankie keeps mentioning his sister so America is fully aware, hoping in the very least he gets America’s vote for favorite HG. I sure hope his SISTERS fans, don’t vote for him. He needs to stop riding on his sister’s coattails and rely on himself to win money, which he won’t because he is a self centered, delusional narcissist, in my opinion. He will do whatever and say whatever in order to look like he’s the big chief amongst the little indians. Gosh I can’t stand him.. to think I actually liked him in the beginning, want to shoot myself! My bad!


if you look Frankie up the info they get is from him one guy commented said he was on broadway before Frankie was born he said I know the scale pay for those he said he never heard of him if he was someone I would have heard of him but he did say most of those shows have dozens of so called producers it to go out and raise money for the show 75 percent of them lose money all 3 Frankie were in lost money his credits are self proclaimed and not big money things look up how long the shows ran it tells you


TOLD YA! This is what a Kardashian Family fan looks like-Victoria! Also, I know I’m gonna piss off all the cat ladies, but, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jeff & Jordan. So they’re getting engaged now? What is this gonna be the world’s longest engagement? I have’nt liked that guy since he said he would’nt want a gay teacher for his kids, and , he was a fucking bully on the show to boot. I guess he’s AG’s wet dream, in my book; he’s just a tool.


Yes Patrizio I agree with your post……Jeff is a charmer so everyone has forgotten his homophobic rants. They were mean and ugly. As for proposing on a network show….what a set-up. Pleeeze give us a break……ugh.


Homophobic rants? I’m so sick of all this crap. Listen, if the man doesn’t want his kids to have a gay teacher, that’s his prerogative. I’ll tell you what’s worse than a homophobic person, it’s a person who thinks that nobody else can have an opinion if it’s not popular. Jeff never said he hated gay people, he never said he was anti-gay. Give your heads a shake and stop finding something to complain about in everything.


So if Jeff had said “I don’t want my kids to have a black teacher” or “I would only want my kids to have Christian teachers,” would you feel that spoke negatively to his character? IDK what being gay have to do with a person’s ability to be a good teacher anyway but sure Jeff has a right to his opinions, which coincidentally make him an asshole, in my opinion.


Good point! Jeff was a bully on both seasons; especially the one where he bullied Kalia and Danielle. He is the most overrated player in BB history. If he looked liked a Devin, people wouldn’t give a rat’s arse about him. Thank God he was blessed with all-American blonde hair and blue eyes – which made people that look like him adore him.

GodSbabygirl Rollins

I just like the fact you said, “Thank GOD…”

That’s all.


Blonde hair ? He has brunette hair that grayed prematurely. Idk about blessed. I personally like the salt and pepper look but I don’t think most guys are happy when they gray young.

What Size Shirt Do You Wear Jeff?

Right there with you gamer, dead on the money! It seems that if anyone besides the member of a minority group expresses any reasonable opinion or preference then they are fair game to be called homophobic, racist, sexist, religious hater or worse. Yet the minority can exhibit criminal behavior and joke about violence, rape, euthanasia, suicide encouragement & it’s all covered by the 1st Amendment.
Here’s three facts that ain’t gonna change –
1. I like Jeff, I don’t care what his preference has been, is now, or ever will be about who teaches his kids.
2. Until CBS puts out a statement that says “all of the houseguests behavior was scripted and fictitious, these were all actors playing roles”, Frankie is a proven & admitted sex offender and I don’t want him, or anyone like him teaching my family, & he won’t be on a TV or computer in my house while the kids are around.
3. I don’t want self righteous idiots like MJ teaching my family that their preferences are not allowed and they’re gonna force their opinions down someone’s throat, and question their character and insult them if they disagree.
I do know what being a sex offender has to do with a person’s ability to be a good teacher, and hiding it behind
being gay or racial or religious minority or self righteous Nazi idiot who wants to decide everyones preferences doesn’t make it acceptable. Big Brother indeed, 1984 thinking at it’s finest.

eXtra GFY thought police assholes…


I get the feeling you wrote this while wearing a tin foil hat.


Who you want teaching your kids should have nothing to do with race, sexual orientation, etc. It should have to do with their credentials, values, and heart. People too often induce that one unlikeable person represents the whole of a community of people. Just because frankie is a dick doesn’t mean all gays are. Frankie is ONE person within a huge community. He does not represent the majority of gays. I agree you shouldn’t want someone like frankie teaching your kids. I sure wouldn’t. But that’s bc frankie as a person is sexually aggressive, misogynistic, delusional, nasty, etc. That has nothing to do with him being gay. It should only have to do with who he is as a person not his orientation. Don’t hate a group of people just bc one person within the community is a dumbass.


Wow you’re ignorant. It’s true some people have preferences for teachers. I know sometimes in college I’d think I’d prefer a male teacher in some subjects and a female teacher in another subject. But I never once thought I don’t want a gay teacher! His reasons for not wanting a gay teacher for his kids come from a personal dislike if gays not simply a personal preference. He doesn’t want a gay teacher bc he is homophobic and misinformed. I believe he also said something like dumbledore from HP was gay and he’d be afraid a gay man would molest his kids. He has a very skewed and narrow minded view of gay men.


I think it’s absolutely fitting that they would get engaged at the Big Brother house. Thats where they met. I say good for them. Congratulations, Jordan and Jeff.


and him calling jordan fat all the time. he’s the worst. i think he is just stringing her along till this big brother wave he’s on finally ends. And Jordan is nice, but she is one of the dumbest people I think I ever seen on reality tv (which says a lot), and that is not something to like about a person.

Roisen Dubh

It’s funny how a lot of people don’t want to remember that about Jeff. That season had it’s fair share of controversy. But to be fair to Jeff, I think he’s grown up a lot since then. He’s still a meathead, but you can tell he learned from that stupid outburst.


Jeff/Jordan was the first season I watched of BB. I like Jordan but never cared for Jeff. I watched his exit interviews this season with Hayden, Zach, Donny, and just finished watching Christine. I hope Zach replaces Jeff. Jeff makes everything about himself. He keeps talking about himself in the game. You can definitely tell that Jeff was threatened by Zach. Probably knows that he was looking at his replacement.

Wish Jordan/Jeff the best but she deserves better.

incredibly wrong:

Jeff was wrong for his homofobic comment but he was sincere..he has grown up since then…alot of people including me have felt that way at one point or another in our lives…straight heterosexual males have to have alot of interaction with gay men and women to figure out that they are rational sane good people before they understand its not contagious or wrong its just life. Jeff and Jordan are cool they will or could have an amazing life and bb did that for them. People can and do grow or evolve the more you are exposed too…my thoughts and feelings from when i was 16 and naive are 360 from who i am now so are jeffs…they are a cute adorable couple how can u hate on that. I support gay marriage i know why its important…same reason it is for straight folk..being gay isn’t a stigma it was some years ago. truth is you can be gay or straight and still be a bad person (no one has a patent on that) Pretty sure the best anyone can do is be and make other people happy the short time they have on this spinning ball


he’s grown up since then? He was well into his 30s when he made those remarks.

Right On

I completely agree with you about Jeff! He is a total tool! And… Jeff and Jordan are not cute. They look so typical. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder because I think they look so average. I wouldn’t give two shits if I saw them walking down the street


no they are not beautiful people but definitely above average, i never thought people liked them for their looks though but more because they come off as very all-American and relatable but truthfully, jeff seems like any other shady, opportunistic guy and jordan seems just like any other dim-witted, submissive girl who lacks the self-esteem to leave a man who doesn’t treat her as well as he should.


Wow! Your assessment is dead on! I thought that I was the only one that saw them that way!


Uh Oh , you done pissed off the Cat Ladies talking about Production’s most popular creation Jeff and Jordan. Nobody ever gave a damn about what the cat ladies say, all they do is defend their favorites, when the truth is said about them..

Nobody started giving a fuck about Jeff until he was handed Coup d’Etat on a silver platter by production in season 11. America’s Vote only counts when they’re choosing what the Have Nots get to eat, game changing decisions are production’s control, and they chose whoever are talked about the most. It was that power the opened the door of Jordan winning, nothing else, neither one had a inch of a chance before that, so no wonder why they played terrible in Amazing Race and BB 13, it’s because without production’s help they SUCK, and are nothing more than an Adorable Idiot, and a Douche Bag, America’s Sweethearts is just an illusion to push that “Showman” BS that ruins every season.

Most recent Showmances, shoved down our throats as entertainment, but was anything but. All got the infamous “Golden Edit”, so only the Live Feeders got to see their true selves.
Jeff and Jordan (Adorable Idiot and Douche Bag) America’s Sweathearts
Rachel and Brendon(Drunk Whore and a Narcissist) America’s Most Hated
Amanda and McCrea(Demanding Whore and a Pussy)

Need I say More?


Omg I died at America’s Sweethearts!! Best laugh I’ve had in a while. But hey, for a drunk whore, she sure did win a lot. Love her or hate her, Rachel will go down in BB history as a boss a$$ bitch!

Mean Girls, BB Edition

You’ve said way too much for quite a while , Anonymous. You’re overloading this open forum with too frequent comments often filled with your personal “brand” of vitriol. I’m not trying to offend you; that’s not my intent. It’s just my opinion. Maybe you could use a day or two away from all things BB.


Lol there are a ton of “anonymous ” people on this forum so how can you tell if that anonymous is the one who has been making all those comments you’re talking about?

joel f.

I agree… GREAT post!!!!


I agree, Who cares about Jeff any Jordan? They re boring has been s ! CBS stop bringing back past players nobody cares about


I agree, who cares about Jeff and Jordan? They’re 2 has beens, . CBS needs to stop bringing back these 2 idiots nobody cares about.


Exactly. They are nobodies. But is this the level of “fame” all the HGs are talking about??? What contestant on BB has ever went on to really being famous? Maybe there is one and I just don’t know. The problem is that these dumbasses don’t have any obvious talent for anything…they just want to be famous. They are all ending up just fodder for us fans to make fun of them. That’s about as ‘famous’ as they will ever be.

Production Sucks

Hey Dawg. Earlier someone post a very interesting question. Do you think America really voted for option B? From the “thumbs up vs. thumbs down, it clearly showed that your viewers on this site clearly voted for Option A. Could you do a poll? Again, I think production gave these two idiots an easier TA challenge despite the results of the poll. I am very bitter with production’s involvement in their favorite players……..great edits for Deprick and Fakie.

Hey Dawg

I think you should include the ants in your pool of who is playing the best game,
because I’m too embarrassed to admit that I keep voting for the hair extensions! 🙂

The grill for the win

Don’t forget the grill! It almost single handedly evicted the houseguests when it caught the wall on fire, plus the numerous times it burnt Frankie and his tuna.


Floaters but they are definitely winning.


‘just cant get rid of them’…………….just like Frankie !

The Thought Police

Production is- has – and will always be in control – to the extent they can – this is nothing new – that’s what G. Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is all about.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

Frankly, at the end of the day, Frankie’s boasting about Broadway and ‘the box’ are literally, 150% unbelievable. Crushed it. Done.

Straight Guy

Things I don’t want to see after BB16 is over:

1. Victoria’s hair extensions
2. Skankie’s gross blue shorts
3. Donny’s beard (I hope he shaves it off for the finale)
4. Derrick’s eyeliner around his chin (his pretend beard)
5. Nicole annoying nasal twang (I don’t want to hear it anymore)
6. Jocosta’s demonical dedede, dadada, dedede, dadada
7. Jocosta’s demonical eyes rolling back inside her head
8. Cody’s cotton balls
9. Skankie’s 150mm butt plug
10. Caleb’s bare chest (does he wear his shirt unbuttoned at church?!)
11. Christine’s stupid grin
12. Zach’s ugly pink hat (oh yes, 24 black areola hairs took care of that)
13. Skank’s perturbing sexual assaults and molestations
14. Jocosta’s unfashionable bowties
15. Hayden’s stupid earring (It doesn’t befit him)

Those are just a few things, there are many more, but don’t want to take up to much space


#4 is hilarious!! Derricks eyeliner, Wow, you nailed it ! You had me laughing soooooo much on that one 🙂

Least Mode Cowboy

I am still laughing hard, my tummy hurts, shaaaart, shaart, shart, oops! That was a wet one!


Those aren’t sharts, those are called Hershey squirts!


#4 … spot on !

Dr Will

I don’t want to see anymore of Frankie after this BB season is over. He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Little does he know that not only is his sister a bimbo who can’t sing, but he’s not broadway material and the reason America voted against his play is not because they’re homophobic of his drag character. It’s because his play sucked and he is annoying and a sexual predator. FRANKIE IS A PERVERTED SEXUAL PREDATOR!!!


Frankie is always playing the “gay card” for his convenience. I am about 99% certain he is going to blame the backlash against him on American being homophobic instead of taking accountability for his horrible actions in the house.

Staight Guy

O.J. Simpson: Race card
Frank the Skank: Gay card
Victoria: Imbecile card


You forgot one:

Cody: White Flag


Let Donny keep the beard for awhile. They’ll want him to keep it for B&B. Then he could do a Pop Tart commercial. Let him make a little money off of Fear the Beard. He’s earned it.

Zach's infected anus from letting Skankie pack his fudge

Yes, Donny was the best player left before he got evicted, if you look at the poll, the toaster just passed Victoria’s hair extensions to take second place the best player in the house!

Instead of Victoria’s hair extensions, it should read Victoria’s 2 dozen bristly black hairs, ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Goldblum

That’s good because I don’t think that anything associated with Victoria should voted best player in the house.


Toaster for the win! Team Toaster!


I voted for toaster also, go toastie!


gross. and I think victorias extensions did a damn fine job

Anon # 2

Is it Violet, or Vanessa, or Vicke, or Vangie, or Valerie, or Velma, or Vana, or Victoria, how bout Vain !!!


You’re a marketing genuis! Of course Donny should do a Pop Tarts commercial! Somebody get Kellogg’s on the phone!


i dont get # 12. the brackets i mean

Straight Guy

Victoria cut up the pink hat that Zack Attack was wearing. (It actually belonged to her and she cut it up on live tv). Victoria has 24 black hairs on her areolas according to someone else who posts on here.

Kathie from Canada

Valerie is always plucking away at herself. If was just one of a bazillion jabs taken at her. 🙂

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Did somebody mention my name?


Amen to Frankie the perverts molestations!!! Why does CBS put up with that and not stop it? If it were a guy sexually molesting women in the house they would’ve put a stop to it long ago!

Just goes to show Ms Grodin is a misandrist… Shame on you Ms Grodin.

Amanda Zuckerman's Yeast Infection

LOL, I especially don’t want to see those awful blue shorts, where’s Victoria’s scissors when you need them!

Pink haired turdlet

So true. Yank those schmelly blue shorts out of your crack already Skankie.

Josh B.

put a pink Mohawk and blue shorts on the Holland tunnel and what do you have?


Would that be Frankie the Skank? The most repulsive human being?

Mr Logic

You call that a human being??? More like a biological petri dish full of chlamydia!

Tim's divorce lawyer

You didn’t mention Christine’s wedding ring, because she hasn’t been faithful to her vows and my client has instructed me to serve her divorce papers,


I have seen Donny without his beard in images on Google, and he looks a lot different without the beard. I think if he went in without it, maybe things could of been different – maybe not. People judge a lot on looks. I like Donny either way, but I do think that they did fear the beard.


I would be happy to see Donny win the 500k, but he will win America’s Favorite and that will make me happy, especially watching Frankie pissing in his blue shorts from surprise.

No Apple Pie for the Have Nots

I like #10, think that’s what turned Amber off…….well that, and Caleb’s metro(homo)sexuality


Gross, who wants to see Caleb’s man boobs all the time.

Jordan's huge rock

I’d rather see Victoria’s man boobs all day.

She’d have to shave her areolas first.


I’d rather see Janelle’s Pierzina boobs all day long.
Not to mention the amount of milk I’d consume even
though I’m lactate intolerant.


LOL….@…..your sign-in name, I first read Jordan’s huge…but I misread something else instead of rock. I thought to myself, Jordan doesn’t have one of those thingies, but then I realized it said rock instead of ****. And yes, Jordan does has a huge rock from Jeff proposing to her today. He gave her a huge diamond. Maybe they’ll get married in 2022, if their engagement is as long as it took them to get engaged!

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

Numero Ocho 8, huevitos de algodon


In these last days it is even more obvious that Frankie is just a child in a man’s body. He is acting just like my nieces who are 5, 4, and 3 years old. Always hanging onto someone, dancing around, still looking for everyone’s attention and love…if it wasn’t so revolting to see it would be down right sad. He believes he is entertaining and going to be the same caliber as his sister. No Frankie, you’re not, your just looking like a fool. And as far as Andy coming into the house and you jumping his bones, at least Andy showed some decorum and I couldn’t stand his gossipy little self!


Frankie suffers from chronic Norma Desmond syndrome.

Norma Desmond: All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

Norma Desmond: I’m going to be bigger than peanut butter!


Andy generated a lot of negativity at the end of the season, but he is an infinitely better person than Frankie. He has substance. He cares about his career and truly enjoys working with students, whereas all Frankie is interested in is fun and fame and feeding his ego. Andy got a lot of fire for turning on people, but he never did it with malice from what I remember. He did get crass at the end, I believe b/c he was holed up with GM and Spencer and they began to rub off on him. I was just as annoyed at him at the end as everyone else, especially b/c I was rooting for McCrae. But Andy really is not a bad guy, and there’s no comparison when it comes to Frankie’s deep flaws.


No Andy was pretty vile with his mouth ….. that’s what turned me off. He did play an awesome game. It just amazes me that these people say such nasty things about people knowing everything is on camera.

Team Veronica

Freakie is just reliving his girlhood on national TV.
After experiencing Freakie, I think America should go back and apologize to Pee Wee Herman who is a fashion icon compared to Freakie, & besides Pee Wee got in trouble for only molesting himself.
Come on America – it’s time to apologize now that you see how bad it can really get.

So Agree

In a couple years he will be dancing on the beach singing “I’ve written a letter to daddy…”


THAT is hilarious…

Pink haired turdlet

I keep bringing it up but it but it is astounding the guy is 31 years old. Talk about arrested development.

Brittany for the win

Frankie said “I would love to be the last girl standing.” As soon as Victoria is eliminated his wish will come true.

How many Days til BB17

The reset button means nothing at this point All They are potentially doing is rearranging the current household crapgroup. Too bad they didnt have a “season reset” button. CBS owes that to the fans like Us who were mercilessly tortured by this pack of idiots. SOCK MONKEY FTW


Derrick suggested to Cody that if he wins POV he may want to take Cody down and force Frankie’s hand to put up Caleb and vote him out. If he follows through, Caleb would probably figure it out (although you never know, Derrick might mist him) and be gunning for Derrick/Cody at the reset. But yeah, it’s not likely. Derrick would have to trust Frankie to not put him up as the replacement nom. Plus, Derrick’s knows there may be a bad turn with the button pushing, and he’s not likely to take a chance on it. But it’s possible.


Sock Monkey should follow BB 15 Clownie and try to off himself after being stuck in the house with these Stooges.


Unfortunately, Skankie will win HOH and POV again. I just don’t see anyone stopping him in competitions. The rest of the dunganoters really miscalculated this one (especially Derrick) of not evicting Skankie when they had the chance. Cody will be kicking himself out the door when he gets evicted next week after Skankie puts him again and sends him packing. This shows you how the indecisiveness and fear of making big moves will bite them. Cody seems to be very lazy in playing this game. I do not see him having any serious motivation to make F2. I only see that fire in DePrick and the Skank.


“B!tch none of u are even a celebrity”


The best form of FLATTERY Is IMITATION – TY.


I can Imagine Derrick in a pig costume


The best form of FLATTERY is IMITATION – TY.


Frankie: Caleb’s not your boyfriend, or a trick you picked up in the bar. Knock it off. Go take your medicine. Veruschka: Derrick’s not your boyfriend, or your daddy. He’s not carrying you to the win. Nicole: Christine’s not your friend. Christine: No, our booing had nothing to do with Nicole, but nice try passing the blame on to her again. And, “I’m a Christian who hates everybody” is an oxymoron. (And stop laughing; that wasn’t a joke.) Derrick: You can stop pontificating to the cameras. It’s not working; we’re not Cody, Nicole or Vitriola. Cody: Go ask Derrick.

Mt Feet

Should have known Victoria would be obsessed with Kim Kardashian, She is also
obsessed with her butt, she can’t walk past a mirror without looking at it. She is so
dumb, she thinks she has out-played all the other girls that played, too dumb to know
the only reason she is there is Derrick. Can’t stand to watch her eat either, smacking her
mouth and chewing so fast its a wonder she doesn’t choke, I think Derrick will be in
some trouble with his wife too, Vic says he like a brother to her, what kind of sister
rubs her brothers legs and arms or back like she does, Derrick should be held to the
same scrutiny and Christine was, married is married, you don’t cross any of those lines.


Christine might have appeared smarter than Vanessa, but really they both played the same “game,” or lack thereof: let the boys carry us. And it’s taken Vanessa farther! But it’s shortsighted gameplay at best, because sooner (Christine) or later (Vanessa) of course the boys would drop them. To Nicole’s credit, and despite all her faults and missteps, her game play was never to let the boys carry her.


Who is Vanessa? Are you sure you have been watching all season?


The question is where have you been all season? “V” has been so vapid the entire game that it’s a running joke on this site that we are unable to remember her name.

Kathie from Canada

Anonymous made a mistake. She was referring to Veronica. lol. But then again you probably have not been posting all season. Go Anonymous!!

Pink Skunk

they must be thinking about Voldemort?


Mikedubb thanks for the correction. I meant Vaselina. (Or was it Victriola? Ack! I really can’t recall.)


I think the best one came up on yesterday’s feeds: Evictoria. Mad clever, that.


Of course Victoria’s obsessed with KK. The only ones that would be are people like Victoria. Self-absorbed clueless bimbos just like KK herself. “Look if you’re a spoiled brat with no talent or brains, you can be rich and famous too!” Yay!

List of BB "Celebrities"

No Andy is not on the same level of Big Brother “Celebrity” as Jeff and Jordan are. But not many are. Here is my list of those in that category:

Evil Dick
Dr. Will
And even though the other houseguests will blow a gasket when they find out, we can safely add Donny to the list. As far as who is the most beloved houseguest(read GAME SHOW CONTESTANT) of all time; until this season I didn’t Think anyone would ever compete with Jordan for that title, but it sure looks like Donny does. If he had made it to the F2 without an alliance, outcast and shunned by the power in the house, and simply winning all comps to get there: well he would be #1 of all time.


Julie said that Donny has the highest fan rating of any HG in the history of BB. I think we’ll see him back for an All Stars and many former players said they’d love to play the game with Donny.


I hope that in the season finale, Julie points out the fact that Donny has the highest fan rating in BB history. The look on Skankie’s and Beast Mode Nothing’s faces would be priceless!


i think J& J “level’ so to speak means that a former HG, winner or not, be asked to do OTHER shows, not just BB US. So Rachel appears on BB CAN, and Jeff and Jordan have done other things, including Bold & Beautiful i think. Dr,Will appeared on RHOC as himself (obviously lol), and Dan also had a lot to do with BB CAN 1, including coming into the house.

Neda of BB CAN2 didn’t win, or even get 2nd, but she is the one hosting a BBUS recap show on GlobalTV where BBUS 16 is airing in Canada.

Other BB HGs show up at BB casting events I think, and that’s about it.


oh, and Rachel went on a bridal dress show, and then later on after winning the BB, returned to the same show to buy her sister a dress. i don’t really count the Amazing Race or Survivor people who cross over, because i kind of think it is like casting on BB, they don’t really earn their way there by applying, someone comes up to them and asks them to participate for cross over ratings.


Don’t forget Boogie!

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Isn’t he currently incarcerated?


Here’s hoping they send Amanda back in as Bibby to chase Victoria around.


Amada and Sock Puppet for the win!


Derek is in such an awesome spot. Is he trying to keep Victoria not matter what? It seems to me that the rest really want to be known as the alliance that made it to the end with the execption of Derek who wants a sure win. Like someone said this season they are just concerned about being famous …. in truth only a few get “celebratity” status from playing in reality games. The only one that isn’t concerned about being famous is Derek and I think he will get the most opportunities. He sure lucked out with the crew that were selected to play the game with him made it so easy for him. Christine could have been the Andy this season but so missed the opportunity, was too involved with Cody.


Ratine couldn’t play RatAndy’s game because everyone liked and trusted RatAndy. By mid-game no one except NoBallsCody like Ratine.


yup, derrick has always been concerned about playing BB. The rest are playing TV.


Someone please send Frankie some boxer shorts in his HoH basket.


Or bermuda short length boxers. Add exhibitionist to his resume of perversion.

Pink Skunk

Or Crusty’s witch leggings

Team Veronica

Victoria, I will pay you good money if you will cut up those blue shorts of Freakie’s and hide them until you tape your goodbye message for him. PLEASE!!!
I WOULD EVEN FORGIVE YOU FOR WANTING KIM K TO HOST (with my fingers crossed behind my back)


Good idea. I hate those blue shorts, especially the way they climb up his a$$.

Roisen Dubh

I give Caleb a lot of credit for not knocking Frankie’s teeth down his throat. When is this guy gonna stop playing grab ass? Frankie’s got some really bad wiring, this guy is just gone on so many levels. CBS knew this guy was a maxed out cretin, what were they thinking? Christine and Cody get put on blast, but at least their touching wasn’t considered an assault. For God’s sake they put Vic on blast with her talented elbow jobs, but nobody says anything about this guy?


Imagine if it was a straight guy doing that (putting a hand on one girl’s ass, then another’s crotch). Frank’s behavior is unacceptable and BB is allowing it for some reason.


Frankie probably wouldn’t change his actions if BB did tell him to stop. He is a creepy perverted person. The guys probably are not complaining to DR, so nothing is done about his behavior. The guys are finally telling him to stop rubbing and touching them on the feeds, so it is getting out there how repulsive he is and they want him to stop.

diane ask

If everything is cancelled does that also mean the TA mission?


Someone please tell me what Victoria’s elbow job was?


Thanks and ewwwww!

Victoria's counseling session...

Why was Vic called to the DR for counseling on her Hayden incident, but Frankie has yet to be “counselled” on his sexual harrassment of Caleb and Cody? hey If one of the boys walked up to Victoria and touched her breasts they would immediately be called to the DR, yet Frankie has touched Cody’s genitals!!! and never got called to the DR. Why is there a double standard of homo/hetero from production?


I think TA missions should be over

diane says

Thanks Dawg!

Just a Fan

Dawg is right, the rewind starts back when Frankie won HOH. Derrick did not get to play in that, he was the out going HOH. If Derrick were to get to play they would have to bring Christine back in. Now we don’t want that do we.

I vote to evict Grodner

I hope the dog takes a big shit in Frankie’s HOH bed…. either that, or keep humping his leg the whole time so Frankie will finally understand how the other guys feel when he keeps draping himself all over them. Worst and grossest HG ever!!!


Frankie will probably hump the dog. it wouldn’t surprise me any.

Mister E

I am curious on how Derricks game would have gone if Devin stuck around longer. Devin was power hungry and would not listen to anybody but himself. I think Derrick would of had a hard time with him. Not a derrick or devin fan, just was thinking out loud.

Roisen Dubh

That entire house has been playing Devin’s game the whole time. I think if he stuck around an extra month, it would’ve drove Derrick into a tailspin only because They’re both control freaks, but Devin wasn’t as sneaky about it.


There was a reason Devin locked the HoH door…..
He was not gonna have Frankie laying eggs in his nest.


I wonder what the houseguests will think of Derrick when they find out that he is Team America and then he is an undercover cop. Wonder if they are going to feel betrayed that they were so close to someone who was lying to them actively (moreso Cody and Caleb).


I think IF they have any brains, they will be like wow, we got played..good for him- as that is part of big brother.. I want them to bring Will back to talk to the jurors again. And remind them not to be a bitter jury but to vote on who PLAYED the game. Seeing as how only one of them is really playing

Roisen Dubh

If it’s a bitter jury, then it shows sloppy gameplay on the part of those who put them there in the first place. Convincing the jury to give you 500k is part of the social game. Maybe you should not piss off the people that control who gets the money? The game doesn’t end until someone’s holding that check.


Good point Roisen! It’s not just who can trick everyone the best, but who plays the best social game.


When they find out they still will not believe it. Just like Cody seen the photo of Derrick in his police uniform. These kids is in the twilight zone.


First of all it hasn’t been proven what the picture depicted. The camera didn’t zoom in enough to see. It may not have been him in his uniform. Secondly, please work on your grammar, it looks like something caleb would have written. It’s saw not seen.


Derrick says ‘Canada’s big brother isn’t as money driven as ours is. Frankie says figures. Frankie heads up to the HOH room to lay down.

Totally the reaction I would expect from Frankie. So busy acting like a fool doesnt even take the time to learn about other countries or cultures. I am sure he thinks Canadians live in igloos and depend on dog sleds as our only mode of transportation…..I would be happy to call him an egotistical, self absorbed lunatic, fool but that would hardly be Canadian…!

An American

I’ll say it for you – Frankie is an egotistical, self absorbed lunatic, fool.


Stellar comment! As a Canadian I found this exchange between Derrick & Frankie so ignorant.

Winnie from Winnipeg

I think F. was dissing America, as in, “it figures Americans would be more into the money.” But who knows ….


Oh. Well. I’m sorry. All right then. I’ll tell the dog sled team to stand down, shall I?

Another Canadian

Oops, my bad. I have been calling him that, and worse all along. Even Canadians have their limit on what they can tolerate. 🙂


Canadian BB only needs a $100,000 prize because we don’t have to pay taxes on the winnings, so we get to keep it all…..US only gets about 1/2 of the prize after taxes are paid.

Frankie's Agent

Say, couldn’t you guys use a Broadway Star to help build igloo schools?
(We’ll even keep Bieber if you wanna trade)


I’m sure my fellow Canadians will feel the same as I do and vote no to both. How about we send both of them to Alaska? Still US but far enough for most in both countries. Or if that’s still too close we could send them to Siberia maybe? Will be too busy trying to stay warm to cause too much trouble.


Hi Mel. I’m a Canadian who recently moved to Texas and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people here that don’t even seem to know where Canada is.
Usually when I tell someone that I’m Canadian, they give me a really strange look because I don’t ‘look Canadian’.
I’ve had people ask me if I know John B because he lives there too! Like we all know each other. Lol
I’ve been asked where at in Canada am I from, then if I ask them if they know any of the provinces (Ontario, B.C, etc) I am met with blank stares.
I usually laugh it off and ask them if they think all of us live in igloos and use sleds to get to work. The most common response is, ‘How do handle all of the snow and cold weather all year?’. Lmao

I laughed so much last week when someone here asked KathieFromCanada if she knew MichaelFromCanada because of how often I have recently been asked similar questions.
I find it amazing at how little some Americans know about Canada.


I found the same when I lived in the US. Where I lived in TX I didn’t get as many of the igloo questions as I did in MA & NH. Would have thought the northern states would know better lol.


Lol damn, I’m curious what little backwoods communities you guys moved to. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know where Canada is or at least one province. Those would be some pretty ignorant people.


I am so happy they cleaned up! It looks so much better in that house now. That was pathetic before.


It’s amazing they didn’t clean up until Jeff called them out about the house being so disgusting and stinky. He SHAMED them into cleaning up after themselves. Bunch of kids having to be being told to clean up by Dad! LOL


The house is gross and I wouldn’t want to go in there for that very reason. Or it’s one of a few reasons. It does look better and I’m sure the atmosphere is different. They should think about making some type of rule where they clean on certain days or something. They halfway torture them with slop which binds some of them up or messes up their digestion, uncomfortable havenot sleeping arrangements (the cold room was ridiculous, and cold showers. Which is probably is possibly worse for women who have menstrual cycles etc. But than they are lenient when it comes to the house being kept.


Who wants Big Brother 17 to be an All-Stars season?

It depends

I would love an all star season, but CBS would have to allow America to send in votes for their picks.
And with CBS, we all know they will just pick their own, no matter who we want or choose!
So it would be another season of recycled hg’s, giving them yet again, another shot at money.
Example: Rachel & Brendan WERE PUT ON Amazing Race and came way too close to winning,
not to mention the final pit stop was Las Vegas. Come on CBS, obvious much?
Even though they didn’t win, (thank God) it still drove me crazy mad knowing how many people apply,
and truly care so much on getting a shot to be on these shows.
And unfortunately, CBS has control over all three of them…


I hope Vic wins HOH. I know it would be Derricks HOH but at least it would cause a divide with the boys. Wishful thinking though lol


Just had to vent! BBCANs prizes are tax free……we do value money & entertainment. If your play was cutting edge art…..well perhaps that is why you are not on Broadway! Was not cutting edge, was not entertaining……no apple pie for you

Another Canadian

Also part of the prize was a $25,000 Brick card and a $10,000 trip. Hope Jon and Neda are enjoying.


Yeah, it may not be 500,000 (but taxed to death here ). But I would think 100,000 tax free is still a a good prize unless you are leaving something worth much more. And you may have a better odds than playing the lottery or getting a scratch off with the prize being worth that much. Which I’ve wasted money and done. lol.


Derrick never seems to tell anyone what he really wants to happen til the last minute. He goes with the flow until he suddenly has an interesting idea he plants in their heads before the vote. He could want to keep Valerie or boot her for a jury vote, though she wont be able to sway any jury members. Difficult choice but would be smart to keep her around.


That’s because he doesn’t know either. This way he can take credit for the eviction if it happens and telling the evictee that he was trying to save them if it doesn’t. If nothing happens then it was his plan the whole time to get rid of the original evictee. Is this not obvious to people?

devin says

be careful im 100 percent sure Victoria is sand bagging she is really a mossad agent from Israel ala ziva david that was on ncis

Bob addict

Oh god! When will this season be over?

Moo Point

Please Lord not howdy doody Andy. I couldn’t stand that kid. I don’t even know how the hell he ended up winning that season. I would rather see Brandon and Rachel.
Jeff & Jordan are cute. How very shallow to say they are “average”. WTF do you expect? If they were Ken & Barbie I am sure you would run your mouth about that too. People hate on shit that’s not even important just to hate. Get over your sad selves and stop the shallow BS.
Projection Much.


Well it looks like production wants Team America to win this mission, the houseguests are sleeping at 3:00 PM so they can stay up all night.


Tbh Derrick reminds me a lot of Dan Ghessling. NOT because of his game play (Dan was much better) but because of the reception he’s getting. I can only speak for myself but I REALLY hated Dan in BB14 (?). He swore on things that were sacred and went back on them later on. But after the season I realized how bad of a position he was in at those times and his only choice of making believe him was to do those things. He obviously should’ve won his season and I’m sure that bitter have to think so by now. I don’t like how arrogant and smug derrick is and I don’t like how plays with peoples emotions but he played THE best game by far all season. There’s absolutely nobody that deserves to win the money as much as derrick does.


Totally agree. You have to sometimes play with peoples emotions because that’s what you have to work with. You have to pit others against each other in order to gain trust from people who don’t like you. I agree with everything you said and I always liked Dan. I do think he swore on things he shouldn’t have but who the hell am I to say anything about “swearing on things ect” I don’t know if I would do that in the house or not but if I did, I would know there was no other choice or I would be out of the game.
Its been others who have compared Derrick to Dan, not Derrick and when whoever said it to him (maybe it was Victoria?) “you remind me of Dan”, Derrick seemed to be humbled but impressed you know. I like him and I see nothing wrong with his game play.
Absolutely nothing.


And this season Derrick’s doing all those things because he’s in as bad a situation as Dan was … Because he’s never been on the block and never gotten any blood on his hands … Oooooooookkkkkk. I don’t recall Dan being afraid to make big moves or change his mind just because his alliance didn’t agree with him. I don’t recall Dan trying to take credit for other people’s actions. I don’t recall Dan making light of rape, cheating on his wife or bullying weak players into apologizing to him. I don’t recall Dan talking to the viewers like they were stupid and don’t see everything that happens in the house. Derrick’s “game” is only good to weak minded individuals that he can prey on, including viewers.

Toe Cutter

@ Anonymous “You don’t recall Dan and you don’t recall Dan and you don’t recall Dan”, are you having a stroke man. Take it easy its not that serious. Yes Dan did do the same shit that Derrick does but he did it even worse. Not sure WTF you remember but Dans # man was kicked out week one. Dan had no choice but to do what he did….Just like Derrick their both playing a game. Dan is a teacher/coach and not held accountable because you like him but not Derrick?
How about stop the name calling and grow the fuck up and let people have their opinions with out having the know it all “Anonymous” come at them and call them weak ect ect. You are the only one who thinks your opinion is more valued then anyone else’s.

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Toe Cutter, thanks for pointing out to Anonymous it’s time to chill! He does enjoy his rants for sure.


I honestly feel like Dan swearing on his religion when he read the bible everyday in front of everyone while wearing a cross and then going back on it was worse than anything Derrick has done so far in this game. Btw Derrick DID NOT cheat on his wife. Don’t exaggerate things like that. Also, he strong armed Nicole Because she was a vote in the jury house and he couldn’t let her walk out hating him. That’s just him being smart and knowing that Nicole is naive enough to believe him which is EXACTLY what Dan did several times in his season. The fact that he talks to the camera as if we don’t watch is very arrogant of him which is what I was referring to in my comment.


So if someone has a different opinion than you, they are weak minded? You need to get over yourself.

Roiseb Dubh

IMHO Derrick is playing a good game, but so is Frankie and Caleb. I want to see Caleb win the money because the more I think about it, he’s made some good moves in the game. When Amber left, they were waiting for him to explode so they had justification on bouncing him. He never gave them that, he just said, yeah Amber sucks and his target shrunk big time. When they wanted Zach gone the first time, he convinced them to keep him because he was the only one that realized that Jocasta would never be a vote for them and it was still at a time when they were in danger of losing the numbers. He reminded them that Christine is a floater and will turn on them. Then when they for sure had the numbers, he strong armed both Frankie and Derrick to bounce him and they whimpered and just said okay. When they gonna back door Frankie, he ignored Derrick and kept him off the block and then went and told Frankie the plan. That itself was genius because that took any ammo that Cody and Derrick would’ve had to go to Frankie down the road away, it put Derrick and Cody in a bad spot because of the way they reacted when Frankie confronted them, and it showed his “loyalty” to the alliance. Caleb’s game is a Fist Full of Dollars style. He started a war between Derrick, Cody and Frankie. And the best part is, he hasn’t pissed off anyone in that jury. He makes F2, he takes it all.

Love my BB

Except for most of those decisions were instigated by Derrick.


Umm yeah you must be watching a different show than me, I can’t think of one good decision caleb has made. He hasn’t made a big move and everything he has done has been puppeteered by Derrick. Caleb isn’t playing strategically and doesn’t have any thoughts in that hollow head of his that revolve around game moves. All he’s thinking about is his delusion of becoming AF country singing, action star ninja extraordinaire.


I’m probably in the minority who isn’t enamoured with Dan. But I find him entertaining and I don’t dislike him and nothing he did bothered me on BB14. And I don’t care about Derrick’s manipuation per se But there’s something about Derrick’s play and intergerity that goes beyond game for me personally and isn’t in the same class of person for me as even Dan. But we all have all own filters and how we read people so what bothers one person may not bother another. I don’t think that highly of Derrick personally because of some things about him in there that are beyond the surface. And maybe if he owned some of it the diary room where you know it’s all game play it would be one thing. But he doesn’t he thinks people watching him are also dumbasses. And at this point people may dislike Frankie (I’m one of them) . But if you remove everyting but gameplay who is to say Franike’s game isn’t up there with Derrick’s? All depends on the criteria.


Wrong double wrong!!!!!!!!
Derrick is not anything like dan
his name is not even worthy enough to be in the same sentence as dans!!
Derrick is nothing but a pure devil
Dan was is the second to greatest player ever with Dr Will ranking #1
So people Derrick is a lost cause and I pray he gets evicted:)

diane says

Sorry Canada but Frankie thinks with his two big lemons!


And those lemons don’t have a SNOWBALLS chance in h-ll of impressing anyone in Canada, the USA or any other place in the world where decent folk live and breathe. Eh!!


Most of these people have just been tools and Derrick has been the machine. Doesn’t matter if people like him or not its a fact that he has had a hand in most everything and every decision being made.
Caleb is being lead around by the nose hairs by Frankie and he just doesn’t see it. Wait til he does it will be too late. He is (like I have said before) way to star struck to actually make a move against Frankie. I hope I am wrong about that because I would really like to see Derrick and Caleb at the end. (nice dancing Caleb lols).
I do like Cody and I have no idea why people hate him so much. He seems like a nice kid. People are treating him like hes some dirty little backstabbing weasel. Umm hello that title has been taken by Frankie.

Funny I remember first 2 weeks in. Frankie said to Victoria, “your like a sister or like my sister” something along those lines. Next thing you know, he puts her on the block. Hmmmm, was that (in his head) him acting out how he really feels about his sisters success. I say success because I am sure he likes his sister but I don’t think he likes the fact that’s shes popular and hes a dip.

You Uglay

Caleb was really trying to let everyone know he can “bust a move” (yes I said it) on the dance floor if needed. lololololol.


Remind me please…..what were the hoh and veto comps played right before the rewind button?


Last one disappeared

What were the last hoh and pov competitions (right before the rewind button)?



Kathie from Canada

Frankie won HoH and nominated Cody and Victoria. The POV will be played shortly and then the POV ceremony usually on Mondays. But none of this will matter after the rewind.


Yes I know part. But thank you:)
What I am wondering is what were the games. Were they the puzzle boards for hoh and TNT wire cutting for the pov? If so, Derrick will win the rewind pov because he has a photographic memory.


Amy, they didnt show the hoh comp that frankie won (Didnt show the comp on TV nor did they show the comp on the live feeds). Therefore, I dont know what the comp was exactly. As for POV, it hasnt been played yet. I dont remember them talking about what the hoh comp involved. Sorry.


Ok. Thank you vm 🙂


If I am not mistaken HOH had something to do with balls……. Fakie won….. Surprised? Not me 🙂


Hmmmm…In terms of Frankie’s unwanted touching and inuendos… seems too me that BB should be more worried about a sexual harassment law suit by one or more of the HG’s that don’t win the $500,000…CBS and BB have much deeper pockets of cash and would walk away with way more than the 500G’s…everything is filmed!!…just saying!


None of the house guest are complaining about Frankie’s touching and sexual comments. In fact, when he hugs up on them or lays in bed cuddling with them, they are hugging and cuddling up right back on him. No one has complained to Frankie or to production yet. I think the house guest like it.


This is my first comment although I am a BB fan and have been here all season. I totally agree with most of the comments except with respect to Derrick. He appears to me to be a decent person and is definitely the game player in the house, JMHO. As far as Frankie is concerned, I really have trouble watching his actions. I find this guy to be one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen on this show. Talk about a double standard; as I believe someone mentioned previously, if this were a ‘man’ acting this way towards women he would have been gone. My only hope that he is made aware of the publics’ true feeling about him and his behavior soon after the show. I know that he believe that he is America’s ‘darling’ and expects to see the offers rolling in after the show. I love this site and all of your comments.


He would be helped to learn another way of life other than lewdness. Yes, grabbing another’s genitals should be cause for auto eviction.


Geezus, production should screen these clowns better. If someone’s idol is a Kardashian do not proceed! It’s no surprise V is what a Kardashian “worshipper” looks like…and not to belabor the point but Frankie being cast was a s$&t move IMO. How can BB be saved?? The current “model” just isn’t making for good tv! I just feel like we are in for more of the same next summer if they don’t reconsider the way they are doing things..

You guys ROCK!!

Dear Simon & Dawg,
I loved you guys already but the picture of Victoria putting a Fruit Loop in her mouth has made me love you both even more!

That picture pretty much sums up Victoria’s time in the house!




How is it that no one has punched Frankie in the face?


Don’t you think Derek wants to keep Vic til the end. Not sure how he could do that as I cannot wrap my head around the complexities of this game but as we know or could imagine if he were final 2 with Vic he certainly would think he played a better game than did she. And expect to win. Little does he know America is very disappointed re adulterous actions.
I believe Freaky’s disgusting behavior and crass comments are sexual harassment. ANY employer would or should take action in those cases and lawsuits soon follow. But his worst comment was re Victoria. If I were her mother I would already have the attorney working on this. I can imagine her parents are scared to death she will be raped one night. She nay not be great at winning comps but she is morally a good person and no one deserves to be even hearing such comments re themselves. But, God bless her, I doubt she would know what it means. Truthfully neither did I.
What I will say now is NO reflection to all gay men, only re Freaky Frankey. To me it seems, by his sexual advances and remarks he is trying to bed a straight man?


he’s got victoria so wrapped around his little finger, I’m sure he thinks he could get her to self-evict before the jury came back with a verdict.


I don’t think she would be raped but I can understand where you’re coming from, if she was my child with Frankie in there I would be petrified. I also believe Production should have pulled Frankie out of there for what he said regarding Victoria, I’m not sure what her parents can do, but I would not be sitting still with his arrogant, sorry butt.

Reading the earlier Post Caleb and Cody would have more to worry about with Frankie than anyone else. All that touchy feeling stuff is ridiculous, I would be like (get your nasty ass hands off me you pervert, we may be friends but I don’t play that mess, back -up off me) .


caleb can now add “almost got a girl pregnant” to his list of feats. he was only 18! what was he to do!

this guy’s list of things he claims to have happened in his life…you would almost need these events to happen on the daily for them to be true.


Caleb models himself after Forrest Gump.
A simple man with a low I.Q. but good intentions.


Skankie Retarde!