Big Brother 16 Week 11 Nomination Results “I picked you first I wanted to rip the band-aid off”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-09-05 17-50-56-994

5:50pm Caleb hears production talking in the Backyard, Cody hears production talking in the Storage room.
5:55pm Living Room Cody and Caleb (Frankie is walking around getting his hair ready)
talking about there’s no way Donny is going to win the America’s Favorite. Cody thinks DOnny was popular because he was the underdog.
They agree Donny’s game play was bad. Caleb – “He was on the block 6 times.. I believe with all my heart two of us are going to win and one of us will be America’s player”

BB16-2014-09-05 18-49-56-325

6:50pm Storage room Cody and Frankie
Frankie thought Cody was pissed at him because he never looked at him during the Ceremony. Cody says he hates his Memory wall picture. Cody isn’t mad. Frankie tells him he will win the POV tomorrow it’s all good.
Frankie – You’re not going to put me up tomorrow are you”

Frankie – We’re final 4 in this house
Cody – There’s the veto tomorrow I’m going have fun.. I’m just happy to have fun
Frankie- I thought you were mad at me you didn’t make eye contact with me> .. I picked you first because i wanteted to get it over with .. I wanted to rip the band-aid off
Frankie leaves says he has to now kiss Victoria.

Victoria and Cody are nominated.

BB16-2014-09-05 18-52-58-861

6:52pm They are going to clean up the house because Jeff said the house was really dirty and stunk

BB16-2014-09-05 19-07-21-814

Derrick clean the toilet the Cleaning party has begun.. ..

BB16-2014-09-05 19-15-19-247

Derrick cleaning up like a boss

BB16-2014-09-05 19-14-03-400

7:32pm Cleaning party continues.. Derrick says they will probably not pick white again next year. The Camera zoom in on a random white stain. Derrick points out most of the stains are from the girls from their makeup and tanning lotioon.

(Just want to point out I think someone has told Derrick that the Feed Fans are not happy with the season he seems to be giving shoutouts about Donny and Zach a lot. Frankie also.)


7:42pm Clabe pushing the button
He says he hopes it give them something good.

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BB16-2014-09-05 20-00-50-908

8:05pm The cleaning party continues.. Caleb and Cody are doing their “Judo Chops” in the have nots room.

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These houseguests are delusional, did they not get the hint that they’re hated when they heard the booing at Christine?


Caleb thinks he will be America’s favorite…..WTH? He is delusional if he thinks viewers love him. Frankie too thinks the audience will cheer him on….WTH? Then there’s Cody, who keeps saying that Christine wasn’t booed because of his cuddling……WTH? Victoria keeps saying she’s played the game the best out of the girls, just because she’s still there……WTH? Last but not least, Derrick keeps assuring everyone that he won’t win BB…..WTH? All delusional!

Was Team Donny Now Team Derrick

Derrick is not delusional he is telling them what they want to hear because he thinks it will help him get to the final 2 where he is pretty sure that he will win…. and I agree with him. He has been playing them all. Telling that what they want to hear, hedging his bets and making sure that he stays on everyone’s good side. He deserves that money just for listening to Victoria whine all summer. LOL He hasn’t been rude or stupid just cautious so I don’t get all the Derrick hate that I see on here. I was team Donny till he got voted out now I am team Derrick all the way. I would be so annoyed if Caleb, Frankie, or Cody (the three stooges) ended up winning when Derrick has been the puppet master all season… I will admit that I would find it amusing if Victoria pulled out a win. If Donny does not will America’s Player it would be a shame and if each of these numskulls (Caleb, Frankie and Cody) doesn’t get booed when they walk out it would also be a shame they need an ego check.

Don't Wake Donny!

I hope with all my heart that Frankie and Caleb are sitting with the jury at the finale, and when it’s time for Julie to announce America’s favorite she says “By an OVERWHELMING vote….Donny, you are America’s favorite.” haha

Team Anyone but Derrick and Frankie

I am going to continue watching this season just to see Derrick be humbled when he is evicted and Frankie lose AF to Donny. After that, I don’t care who wins 1st and 2nd.


I was team Donny & now team Derrick too. Very well said!


Derprick has been condescending not just to the female HG’s but to us feedsters. He’ll look at the camera and lie to us like we didn’t just see what we saw. We aren’t those idiots in the house. They way he attacked VapidVic and Nic when they even questioned him about something and made them apologize to him was disgusting. At the beginning of the season I would have never said this but since there is no one to root for only to root against = VapidVic for the Win!!

Team Anyone

Well…. I wouldn’t say Derrick is necessarily a Puppet Master, as much as, he is convincing. I mean his edits in the DR show him telling us, ‘Watch what I do now America’ and then he talks to the other idiots– I mean HGs and plays “Devil’s Advocate” with such authority, they fall for it every time. He has that Cop Authority, under the guise of being a straight up G. Caleb, being X military would have had that same persuasion, but he is such an idiot-stalker-egotistical-narcissist that no one listens to him. Derrick should start practicing his F2 speech now…


^^^^^ Police pa-troll !!!


Spot on, Sally, except for one thing. Derrick is only telling the others he won’t win. Strategy, pure strategy. The guy deserves to win. As for everything else, 100% accurate, especially Caleb – biggest tool on television.


Ugh. It makes me sick how production has manipulated the audience into rooting for such a mediocre player. I guess those of us that remember deserving winners of past seasons are few and far between.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

I think it’s really hard to tell if Derrick is playing a good game because he is with a group of egotistical morons. A smarter group wouldn’t take all of the “advice” from the guy who says he “knows he won’t win”, yet who is actually quite bossy in demanding who the target is each week. He is self-congratulatory for playing a flawless game, but I think he is playing a game that has revealed too much. He wouldn’t have been able to sell his b.s. to players from other seasons. Amanda would have seen through him in 10 minutes.

Alex C.

Derrick is not the all time greatest BB player, but he might seem so because he’s been surrounded by people so susceptible to influence to say the least.


put Derrick in the house with people who have seen the show before and see how he does

Alex C.

This is the definition of short-sightedness.There are many like them in the real life too.


Sadly I think you may be right about there being a lot of people like this in real life. Young adults who grew up in this world of social media, being famous for doing nothing (or making a sex tape etc), obsessed with trying to convince the world they are bigger then who they really are (I can only imagine Frankie’s Facebook page).

I honestly can’t believe that I can despise Frankie any more then I do but the more I read the more I see what a f*cking assh*le shitstain of person he is! He is an absolute mess! A Broadway “star”???

Okay I know for certain if I was in that house and I heard this knucklehead saying that shit I would think he is the biggest asshole I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t understand why these other houseguest think he’s something special! Or don’t at least call him out on anything?? I can’t believe he even compared himself to his sister. All my God how his sisters PR people handle them is beyond me. And his stupid boring disgusting story about him at the “club”. So embarrassing to be making such a fool of himself. “I’ve met every major celebrity” what a dick. Even if that was true so what. But obviously he is just so delusional. And the rest of them are getting just as delusional every day.

They have to make the show better by letting them get glimpses as to really what the public and fans of the show are thinking. We never get that satisfaction. A few BOOd as they come out is not nearly enough.

Karen S

I’ve met famous people in my life too… I leave them alone after introductions, because I want them to enjoy their time with their families and fun. Celeb’s don’t get to do that often if they go somewhere public. I appreciate that. Frankie is only worried that if the house guests don’t see him as a celeb, they will really start to think about ratings and whether or not this is a made game. So much more I could say.. but leave it at that. Big troubles in little frankie world this week. LOL *so happy*


I wonder if that club will ever let him back in the door?


Only if they want to BACKDOOR him. meow.


I agree, I don’t think Caleb will win America’s Favorite, but I am voting for him because he is a purple heart recipient, veteran and I feel I should honor that in my vote. Donny was a nice guy but did not do well in the game so he is not my favorite, I think Nicole would be most deserving, she was treated like crap thanks to Christine and Derrick. Derrick is a bit arrogant, but is playing the game best, he can’t help that the rest are stupid and believe he will be second, he thinks if he tells them enough that he would get second, they will take him to final believing they will beat him. Frankie is just a total JERK, his outing himself as a mega, mega social media mogul is a joke, does he know the definition of the word? I used to like him, not any more, I can’t wait to hear the crowd boo him, I hope they do. He thinks the crowd booed Christine because she talked bad about him and his family, right Frankie because it is all about you! Frankie is worse than Christine.

Big Sister

Caleb also called President Obama a “Muslim monkey” on his Instagram account as reported before BB17 actually began. His family is said to have taken it down. As a military brat of longstanding, I have relatives who were WWII,. Korean and Vietnam war veterans know that a true soldier would never publically refer to the commander-in-chief in this way. He must have made similar comments since he has been in the house, because I read on this site that Frankie made negative remarks about his beliefs about our government. IMHO, you can criticize political figures, but the racist characterization is inexcusable. .


Vicblob is right she did “play” the best game out of all the girls. If you look dumb, talk dumb and you’re a dumb dumb with self-esteem issues, what guy trying to win 500,000 won’t use that to his advantage.


AT THE END OF THE DAY..and quite FRANKly……..I loathe that Attention hungry POS..Frooster. He’s SO uncomfortable in his skin..and so DESPERATE acting. He makes my skin crawl. When he makes that heart with his hands at Julie Chen…..and screeches….I just cringe. reptilian is he? Look at how many times his tongue comes in and out. He really doesn’t have a clue who he is..hence all the characters he * tries * to impersonate. He should just take a sh*t…look at it..and see his reflection. THEN he’ll know what and who he is.


My sentiments exactly. Cringe is the word for that stupid heart he so conveniently and disingenuously sends out to Julie….and that ridiculous accent – biggest cringe ever.


Awesome! The reset button was pushed. And Derrick can’t play in hoh competition. Sure hope he is nominated and voted out. I can,t wait to see their faces when Donny gets America,s favorite player!!!!


Noooo! Can’t wait to see Frankie’s face when he is denounced from hoh. Hope frankie leaves! Derrick is the only one left that deserves to win. After zach and Donny left I unfortunately had to root for Derrick. Best of the worst.




I want to see Derprick’s face when he leaves before her–VapidVic for the Win!!

Team Anyone

I bet Cody wins this next HOH.

Reset them fools

I hope that Cody whines all week and burns some bridges with Frankie (who reciprocates) and then surprise…reset! Cody wins new HOH and send Frankenweenie out the door!!! CBS created reset to save Frankie, but it ends up destroying his game

We Want to Watch The Jury House

I am not convinced that giving this group a do-over for the week will affect the game. What’s the definition of insanity? Oh yeah, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If Caleb hadn’t shared the plan to backdoor Frankie with him, that could have been a possibility. Let’s see if Derrick can drum up any support to keep Victoria around. This will really be the first opportunity to see how good his game is. Right now, the boys are talking about keeping Derrick because they can all beat him, so why would they need Victoria, too? Or, if they keep Victoria, Derrick will have just made himself expendable.
Derrick does not appear to be in the same physical condition as the other guys and he is going to have a hard time winning an endurance like the wall, or those comps flying around on harnesses. I would be amused if Derrick was able to convince the others to keep Victoria and vote out either Caleb or Cody. It goes without saying that they will try to take another shot at Frankie if the opportunity presented itself. It would be downright hilarious if Derrick found himself sitting on the block next to Victoria!

psv thinks derrick has played a great game.

I guess my question is this: Is it Derrick that wont get to play, or Frankie that wont get to play, or neither, or both?

Did they specify?


Frankie is awesome for the show

Perfect Scenario

and you’re awesome for ruining the high IQ on this site, moron.


Woah, i don’t think name calling is necessary… geez.

Really dude?

Calling people morons for their opinion isn’t cool. Maybe you should change your name to perfect jackass.


you do realize that you called him a jackass because he called someone else a moron. Hypocritical much?

Really dude?

Not hypocritical at all. He called a poster a moron because he disagreed with poster’s opinion. But I called him a jackass because he calls someone names cuz he didn’t agree. And I actually disagreed with the idea frankie is good for the show. But he has a right to his opinion. Even if it’s totally wrong. 🙂

Yes, really dude

That’s all they do. A lot of the posters don’t understand it is a game where lying and manipulation is part of it. They do personal attacks on house guests and their family all the time. Not right to attack family but houseguests is more acceptable.

Perfect Scenario

Anybody that roots for this ugly pink q-tip deserves to be called a name, it should even be legal, but seeing how you you are defending the original moron, i can see why you would relate to that.

Really dude?

Defending Frankie? Hell no. Nobody can’t stand that vile, disgusting, pathetic, worthless piece of crap more than me. He makes my skin crawl. I think house guests are fair game. But posters shouldn’t be harassed (and not saying you harassed him) for having a different opinion. Like I said, even if the opinion couldn’t be more wrong. And he was wrong for saying Frankie is awesome for the game. Wrong doesn’t equal moron.


Frankie is the best play8r of b1g br0+h3r history! Hope he win$ this season and he returns to an all stars season and wiNs tHaT sEAS0n 2!! #TeamFrankieAndArianaGrande
No thumbs down h8teRs! Ur juSs JeLLy!

Check the Dipstick

dO yOu WrItE kIdNaPpInG rAnSoM leTtErS mUcH?

Frankie Grande is a WITCH

🙂 are you trolling us right now?


I know you are just trolling, but that is the most down votes i’ve ever seen on a comment. I hope CBS is taking note…

Zing Stimg

Frankie is so condescending.


One of MANY things that Frankie is. Add it to the running list of negative adjectives that one could apply to that horrid pig.

Capt Obvious

Can’t production mute their mike when they’re eating?!? If I was TVGN, I would make it a rule that while After Dark is on, No Fuckin’ Eating!! I can’t find the remote fast enough when they start chomping on shit.

Big Sister

Who raised these cretins?? I have muted 90 minutes of BBAD tonight. Seeing (not even hearing the smacking) Frankie stuff his mouth is disgusting. The rodent idea is their new mission. They are so excited about this bit of foolishness. Can’t take much more of this…Donny for AFP!!!

Victoria HOH

Hoping Victoria can win the HOH from the rewind to ensure one of the boys goes home. Its time to see something not go their way. Time to send Frankie packing

Unrealistic though because Victoria is almost as bad at comps at POW POW…


she can hope for a true false that’s about it


If Victoria wins HOH, it will be the 1st truely “unexpected” thing to happen in the last 5 seasons, a real history maker..

Jimmy 64

Maybe they can come up with a contest that favors Victoria
like looking in a mirror or putting on make up although Frankie
would give her a run on that one . Come on everybody give me
your suggestion’s on how we can get Victoria an HOH win.


Hmmm well I’m pretty sure victoria could win a staring contest! Last person to blink wins. I’m sure everyone on here has noticed Vic’s constant glazed over, unblinking face over the weeks. Disturbing.

I know, I know!!!

Victoria would absolutely win a cereal eating contest. In fact, she wouldn’t just win it she would decimate everyone else. For those of you with live feeds you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t have the feeds then trust me…Vic can PUT AWAY bowl after bowl of cereal.


Kardashian Family trivia.


fake smile contest


The one comp that Victoria could the photo morph. As a photographer..( I’m a bit shaky on this, though)..she could pull the rabbit out of the hat. Natch..Derrick will lead her as to the noms…but that’s OK.
Anyone notice that poor Cody has been *frozen* since Christine left? Derrick has Victoria..Frooster has Caleb. Cody really has no one, Cody is shaken to the core. Mostly because of the Booing of his main squeeze. Is he worried? Ummm Is the Pope Catholic?
When people mentioned Christine’s * possible * mean DR sessions….Victoria was so unaware..that it shot right by her. ( because hers have been consistently snarky)..but no…she is only thinking..Yeah..I’m the last girl standing.

I imagine the *boys*..will be doing major sucking up…to the cameras…because there is that little niggly feeling that Christine is hated because of waht she said.

Earth to Frooster….* maybe you’re remembering the Victoria slam bang..thank you m”aam…..scenario? Not to mention all the other dirty plays?
Just wait until he realized how much Zack is liked. Donny….well…an underdog..yes…….but not exactly memorable. I sensed Donny’s anger…………But what really struck me was……..when he was leaving..he wanted…REALLY WANTED……the door to stay that the HG’S could hear the applause. Donny threw Nicole under the bus..understandable. He was on the block. But..Donny was no shrinking violet. He could turn those tears on. Was he ignored? Yes. BUT………his social game was Merde. His pal was Jocasta. Err…not exactly a powerhouse. To be a favorite player..because you’re an underdog..does not a winner make.

In a strange way..I’m hoping Caleb wins. He’s a doofus…blindly loyal…but there’s an honesty there that I admire……* AT THE END OF THE DAY *..( LOL)…….Caleb for the win.


I’m such a fucking asshole for expecting anything different…

Countdown untill Frankie gets screwed over

Except you’re forgetting the SHOCKER!! of Frankie when he realizes his pussy nominations don’t mean shit !!!


skittle me pink

I can’t wait to see Frankie’s hissy fit when he learns he is dethroned. I hope its a good as when he learned his play sucked and they failed TAM. The meltdown will be epic if he loses HOH after the rewind


My dream: Frankie’s dethroned, Cody wins HOH, puts Frankie and Valencia on the block, and then Valencia wins the POV staring contest and takes herself off.

Another Anonymous

As much fun as that would be I don’t think the reset button will matter this week at all. My bet is that Derrick gives a lot of subtle hints this week about how Cody is a threat to win the whole thing, how much the girls like him, etc. That will all fall on deaf ears because Caleb is so caught up in getting to the final 4 as a group. Frankie could go either way but will probably side with Caleb since Frankie feels like he is closer to Cody than Victoria. Yet another twist that fails miserably.

These people are just so unlikeable and boring. I don’t want any of them to win.


Join the club,this show has become ridiculous


Weak noms even for the fake week?
At least put up Derrick and Cody, Frankie… ROLMFAO

Note: this will be the noms for next week also, so don’t expect fireworks, ppl..


Unless this week lights a fire under Cody’s ass, realizing that he was going to go next and he wins HOH. “Frankie & Caleb, pop a squat.” Yeah, I’m a dreamer…

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

Right. At least now Cody knows he ranks 4th in the Misogynists–er, I mean Detonators hierarchy. And Victoria will know she’s getting betrayed and Britneyd.


not necessarily. Someone had to go up. Golden boy Derrick isn’t and Caleb Frankie still tight. Betting if there had been no reset Derrick would have convinced Frankie to backdoor Caleb and keep Victoria.
I’m ok with Derrick winning unanimously and I don’t like the guy. But Victoria getting 50K would have me doing dry heaves!!! If there was ever an unworthy winner of 50K it’s Victoria.

On a lighter note I expect Frankie to win again. But Derrick will have worked him on back dooring Caleb by the reset. New noms Caleb and Victoria. Caleb doesn’t see the Mack truck coming his way! Frankie will effectively lost his 2 best allies back to back and will need to win out.

Dear Derricks Wife

I know you want to go shopping. Don’t buy the house til the old man has a peak at it. Pick out your new car but wait til he test drives it then buy it. Make sure the cheque is deposited into your account. By the way he’s a totally believable liar. What’s your marriage based on? I’d be very uneasy if I was you.


Friends of Donny and the BB game

PS AG time to get another job your BB production has gotten tired, old and predictable. Give Kasting the boot as well.


Simon since these idiots don’t listen to production so we see almost as much of the fish as we do the HGs, what do you and Dawg think about bringing back The Rules? Something like 4th stop singing gets you a lost vote, 3rd unanswered call to DR gets you 24 hrs isolation, talk about throwing a comp gets you a penalty nom or loss of HOH. Any of that sound good to you guys?

Grammer police

I think you meant ROFLMAO! Sorry couldn’t resist. 🙂


Grammar Police failed misseibly, go find another job..

It can be ROLMFAO or ROFLMAO , but ROLMFAO is used the most….google it..



DERP for the "Grammar" Police!!

I think you meant Grammar! Sorry couldn’t resist. 🙂



Johnny C

Will the rewind be announced before or after the eviction vote, and will the results be revealed?

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

I think it should be after the votes are read and the person is fake evicted, then Julie could shock the other 4 by sending them back in.


That would be awesome. He’d get boo’d and then would have to go back in and he’d be pissed at everyone. He’s still a pussy and probably wouldn’t call anyone out still. Lol


“By a vote of two to zero, Cody you would have walked out that door if the reset button had not been pushed. NOW DO SOMETHING!”


How about keeping the door locked so the evicted HG can’t get out then Julie can tell them?


Unfortunately, it sounded like the “live votes would be stopped during the live show & the 2 noms would immediately come down.” So I don’t think we are gonna get to see who would have been evicted. I wish we could though, it would certainly make it more interesting.

Quotes from Simon & Dawg

If That button is pushed in the coming days then next weeks live vote will stop live on the air The two nominees Will immediately come off the block The Game will rewind and the entire week will be replayed that means next week’s nominees could go from being on the block to becoming head of household.”

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

How would you fix Big Brother so we don’t have a repeat of this year’s Expect the Expected and all-male (almost) finish?

I think I would have a drawing between the players in the first week and 2 captains would be chosen who would pick teams. Each week, an HoH would choose 2 players from the other team to go up. This would have the opposite effect of Battle of the Block, which made everyone afraid of the comp beasts and wanted to pick the girls so their nominees would lose.

The teams format would make the HoH want to put up the big players so the other team would be weakened. Every couple of weeks they could switch the teams up so we don’t have another season where a big alliance of guys forms on Day 1 and somebody like Derrick decides who goes home every week with no power shifts. People would constantly be forced into different alliances until final 10 or so, when the twist hopefully will have served its purpose and no solid group will have been able to take the suspense out of the whole season.

Plus, select stronger females in the casting process. Ask them if they would join a mostly male alliance like Christine and Victoria did. If the answer’s “yes,” reject them. They haven’t learned anything. Ask the men if they want to be part of an all-male alliance. If the answer’s yes, reject them.

Any other ideas?


Reward 5k for each HoH comp wins and 2k for Veto comps. HGs might stop throwing the comps and force some game plays.


I see where you are going with this but this would make the season just as bad because all of the strong competitors would be gone the first half of the season and it would be a house full of pao’s and vic’s with one or two good competitors if they win enough hoh’s and vetoes.

Really there is nothing wrong with the original format of the game… no need to change it at all, except for the order of when they do things so it isn’t so predictable for the houseguests. The problem with the game the last few seasons is the casting. Half of the people they cast have never seen the show and are recruited and only care about fame afterwards. Get people that love the game even if they are ugly and let them play the game how it is supposed to be played.


When you say “stronger females” in the cast I think of Amanda from last season and shudder.

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

Hmm. You’ve got a point there. I was thinking more like Janelle or that Parvati girl from Survivor. I wasn’t crazy about Amanda, but if it was down to her vs. Frankie, Caleb & Derrick, I’d be rooting for the bitch.


1. No one can say who they voted for, and Julie does not give a vote count.
2. No alliance can be more then four people.
3. They give them an IQ test, must be 100 plus to enter.
4. Ages mixed, not 80% in twenties, no more then 30% under 32.
5. No BOB


Those are pretty good. I think there has to be some form of punishment for unanimous voting and the closer the vote the less punishment is. There needs to be a way one person can upset the order without being exposed. It’s so f*cking boring when voting is constantly unanimous.


6. Must not look or act like a Frankie or a Christine.

kevin mitchell

age is not the problem at all seeing as legends like dan and dr.will were amazing gameplayers under the age of 30 when they won there seasons. it comes down to casting at the end of they of for a few years now they’ve blown it. i dont see why they can’t a group of determined ambitious people willing to play hard and do whatever it takes.


I never heard of Arianna Grande either…but then again I’m not 12 years old. I did watch her on the music awards though. I’m still not 12. She will go out as fast as she came in…..I wonder if someone from CBS is her agent. Why would they help promote her if they didn’t have a dog in the race. This season of Big Brother is all about fame and glory once the guests leave. Frankie will be less popular than he thinks he is. Caleb will never be a singer or an actor….he’s too creepy. Cody will still be doing parties but after seeing him with Frankie I believe the party goers will be different than what he’s used too. Victoria will surprise everyone and let them know how smart she really is….she will be the most financially set out of all. Donny will always be America’s Favorite.

I vote to evict Grodner

Step one, before all else: fire Grodner and hire the producer of the British version.

Step two: completely renovate the house itself. It hasn’t changed other than the decor since they added the second floor in BB6. That was almost a decade ago. Yawn… boring.

Step three: keep the gameplay of the current format, but have the rest of the show emulate the successful twists of the international versions… i.e. “rich side/poor side,” the Intruders, Evil Big Brother, opening night twists, etc. That being said, don’t use the twists to blatantly rig the game and play favorites. Also, instead of slop, bring back the food budget from BB1 and have them do tasks that they can wager the budget on. And come up with some new competitions, the current ones are predictable and houseguests have found ways to bend the rules.

Step four: actually put effort into casting. Stop lazily resorting to stunt casting. No more Russell Hantz’s brother, Rachel’s sister, Ariana Grande’s brother, etc. That kind of crap ruined Survivor and it’s now ruining BB.

Step five: stop forcing previous houseguests down our throats every season. We’ve all had enough of JeJo, Brenchel, Boogie, Janelle, and Dan. Let each year’s crop of newbies be the focus of the show.

Step six: stop trying to micromanage the live audience on eviction night. One of the best parts of BBUK is how brutal and unforgiving they are to houseguests that nobody likes. How great would it be if, when Julie appears on the screen in the living room, if she was immediately drowned out by raucous “GET FRANKIE OUT!” chants. Frankie would shit himself, right? Well, that’s a common occurrence on BBUK.

Step seven: get rid of Julie. It’s season 16 and she’s still as robotic, uncomfortable, and stiff as ever. I feel like she doesn’t even really pay attention to what’s going on in the house, as evident from how she’s talked about how much she likes Frankie during interviews all season. Bring in a Davina type who’s funny and won’t toss softball questions at the contestants. Sadly, because Julie is married to the boss of CBS, this is probably the least likely change of all.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

You are pretty much describing BB Australia–which starts on Monday! That house has been totally redone for this season–lots of pink with a distinctive Miami vibe on the exterior. It looks like they are going to have some sort of a two-by-two/Noah’s Ark type of twist happening there this year from the promo that is out for it.


Any links to BBAUS? Never saw it but heard great things about it. I’d be willing to buy the feeds. Simon/Dawg can I get the feeds from you guys?


No offense, Julie Chen, but it is time for you AND Allison Grodner to be evicted from BB. A new host would be refreshing, someone who acts interested and is funny. IMO, Sheryl Underwood, another co-host of “The Talk” would be perfect.


Things do need to change in order to keep people watching. Maybe allow the two people on the block to each choose one person of their choice to play for veto. Take some of the power away from the HOH. Have more rewards to entice players away from the big prize, this will also allow the observant players to see who isn’t afraid about going up on the block. They should have more puzzle mental games, this helps the smarter- less physical players. I hope they have more endurance comps next year. I like watching the players making deals in order to get the other players to give up. I think production got tired of the weak players advancing further in the game than the players that were really playing the game, so they wanted to even the playing field.


Right now the nom picks one name out of a bag, but that person playing is NOT playing for that nominee. I think that if names are being picked by individuals, then in at least the first half of the game, the person picked if they win the VETO, they have no choice but to use it on the nominee. They are both safe, and it is required so they can’t get backlash for using it.

name picking gives an illusion that the nominees are getting help, but all they are really getting is 5 people versus one (themselves).


How about if you talk about throwing a comp you get a penalty nom. If your the HOH and talk about throwing a comp you are dethroned. Cast women who aren’t young and have worked and advanced in male dominated fields or are/were athletes who are going to run to the guys to protect them. And no more Fame Hos!!

The Mist

Frankie is so damn fake telling all of them “I love you”. Please that dude only loves himself ohh and by the way as long as I have a vote in AFP Donny will be my vote so boom!


One can only hope that Julie Chen digs into them saying ” By an overwhelming majority Donny wins America’s Favorite Player”


I hope they announce the top three like last year, and I hope it’s Donny, Zach and Nicole.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

I hope Zach wins AFP, he was really screwed over by his alliance. Love Donny, but he has already won quite a bit of money.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Donny is still on Team America and should still get $5K/mission since it was TA that voted him out.


Zach was part of the Mean Stooges before they turned on him. Donny had to endure that nightmare all season and had no one to watch his back. Donny for AFP!


Sorry, but as much as I would LOVE for Donny to get A.F.P.,there is no way it will happen. Unfortunately, Ariana will tweet for her followers to vote for her brother( can’t stand to say the name) and they will by the millions, even if they have never seen BB.


This season is already over for me however I continue to watch in hopes of Frankie being evicted soon.


At least the toaster is not on the block, so there might still be a chance for this season people!! TOASTER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!


Toaster is the big twist! The sleeper of the season. Now that is really unexpected.

Boreal Bag Lady

LOL!!! Goooooooooooo toaster 🙂 TFTW, yeh!

J sizzle

I wonder how many days it will take for these delusional people to get over the fact that Donny is Americas favorite come finale night




Why are you laughing? Where are you going? Where were you? Did I look good? Strategy to getting this far…..please get rid of this pile of drain hair disguised as a girl.

Mister E

Clever name


Don’t forget the ever popular No body is allowed to talk with them…Have I mentioned how much I hate these people?

Kathy B

So they finally decided to clean that sh#thole house, which probably smelled like a frat house after an all-night kegger , with a healthy dose of locker room thrown in. What a bunch of pigs – I would have been embarrassed when Jeff walked in, but as Julie says Expect the Unexpected. Unfortunately, instead of something integral to the game, the “unexpected” was a visitor.

Maybe I can pay Jeff to tell my kids their rooms are disgusting, and they’ll clean them.


In the early seasons the HGs had to clean the house everyday. They should put electronic locks on the fridges like the storage room and between certain daytime hours if every room in the house isn’t cleaned = no access to food except slop for the day. It would keep the house clean, they would turn on the lazy, may see potential alliances with others (bonding over cleaning the bathroom). Maybe even have a drawing for who has to clean what each day (pull Skittles out of a hat?).


Tell your kids nothing. I need Double J here to give me a slap up the side of my head. I normally keep a clean house — not easy when you live in the tropics at top of mountain where dust swirls non-stop. Unfortunately all cleaning has hit full stop during BB. Heck, even the dust bunnies are fleeing the rabbit hutch for their own safety. The dog has stopped rolling on the floor as he picks up more hair than he sheds, the house lizards are finding their feet full of dust and cannot run from the dog as quickly as they once could. I blame this sorry state of affairs solely on Simon and Dawg. If these boards weren’t so much fun, I know that my house would not resemble the BB house.


OMG!! LUV it – too funny!!


Tropics sound good to me right now…living on an Island here,but it is the end of summer in Pacific Northwest! Rain, mud, snow about to be dragged into the house by cats, dogs, visitors, and the occasional curious chickens! But, the BB houseguests sit around bored, nothing to do!…Why Not Clean? The women were worse than the guys this year…every year they should have one Shelly, the cleaning machine.That would be me…cleaning, cooking,laundry! Toaster for the Win!


Derrick is defiantly doing damage control with his wife, I hope she has watched and read this site and doesn’t fall for it, make that boy pay!


Derprick hide his disrespect of women in the beginning but it keeps coming out. I’m wondering if Mrs. Derprick watches the way he talks to VapidVic and Nic when they even question him and says OMG!! that’s what he does to me!!


Yay for jeff and jordan! The rest is just dull!! Thanks Simon and Dawg for your dedication to this site! Love you guys! Tip coming your way very soon!


I think they should just cast 16 blind people.


No doubt DONNY is AFP. These guys have NO chance, other than DERRICK

I vote to evict Grodner

America’s Favorite Player is really just a codeword for “Grodner still finds a way to reward her pets if they don’t win.” With that in mind, there’s no chance in hell of anyone other than Frankie getting that award. What, you actually think they count the votes?


Lol that’s funny. At one point I would have agreed. But frankie had given them bad press and in pretty sure production have opened their eyes (albeit too late) that frankie is not liked and never will be. They have been giving him a bad edit (although not as bad as if should be) . That indicates to me they aren’t on his side. Donny for the win! And I think they actually do count votes correctly. There are strict laws on these type of things and they would be in deep shit if they didn’t follow them.


wouldn’t it be nice if those votes were real, and the results were showing as people voted? Yup, there are many many online polls that are set up so that you can see where the votes are going. Who knew?

i always think it is fishy when a result is posted when the majority of people talking about the choices are saying the complete opposite of what the show announces was chosen by the voters. HARD to believe.


Julie has already said that Donny is the most loved player in the history of BB. Donny will be great for the franchise where Fakie is universally disliked if not hated. Think about the difference between a cross promo with Letterman? Donny vs Fakie who do you think Letterman would rather interview? Dry Wit vs Fame Ho?

Twisty Twist

This latest twist had potential, but is being done too late in a season and nobody is making a move anyways this week so its more of a redo than a rewind…
My question- Will there still be an eviction this Wednesday (DE style, whole week of BB in one night) or is it basically that this week just never happened and no eviction until the following Wednesday?

Also… I know WE all see that Derrick is playing a great game… but is it just a $50,000 game?
Derrick has made a point of downplaying his accomplishments, ensured nobody knew he was the ‘mastermind’, and avoided all big moves or taking a stance during any eviction… Even the people in his own alliance feel he is the easiest to beat… Christine in her exit interview said Frankie has been the brains/ muscle behind all big moves and ran the detonators alliance… Everyone even thinks Cody/Caleb have done more this season… If the evicted houseguests don’t know it was Derrick, and his closest allies don’t know it was Derrick… how will be convince the jury?


My guess is in his final speech if he makes it to the end.


I was thinking that too but after seeing what has happened the last two weeks I really don’t know what he can say in his speech other than I never went on the block because I lied to you all, feigned weakness (which will only work if he pulls out a lot of wins over the next few comps), and made everyone trust me by making f2’s with the entire house.
What else can he say? I convinced you all to not make big moves??? But even that isn’t the truth… he wimped out of saving Donny because he didn’t want to get Cody mad.. he tried extremely hard to get Frankie backdoored but failed. He won HOH at DE and had the opportunity to make a huge move but instead got rid of Chris (which I admit was the best person to get out for his game, but still wasn’t all that big of a move).
I still do think he has a shot because of Donny and that wasn’t on purpose. I think if Derr wins it will be because Donny talked up his masterful game to jury.. but Derr did not do anything to create that with Donny, unlike his work with NIc.

Twisty Twist

Yah obviously that’s where he will TRY to convince them…
But do you think Frankie or Caleb will believe him when he tries to say that he was their puppet master… their ego’s will not allow it… And its not like he hasn’t left a bad taste in the mouth of Hayden and Donny (and assuming Nicole once she gets back to Jury)… I think it’ll be hard for him… But maybe he can pull it off.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

It would be epic if Derrick winds up on the block with Victoria during the re-wind and gets voted out! Then when all of the cast members watch the season and hear Derrick giving advice on “how it’s done” and bragging about his flawless game, they will just shrug and think he’s delusional!


Frankie has no intention of evicting Victoria. He wants to backdoor Derrick/Caleb if veto is won by Cody or Victoria.
But SURPRISE!! Rewind!!!!!!!!


It will make me so mad if Caleb and Frankie make it to final 2. Then when Donny wins AFP Frankie and Caleb will be convinced the only reason one of them didn’t win is because they’re final 2


I honestly think this resetting thing is totally unnecessary and annoying. If they are to rewind or re-set the week by making Derick HOH—thereby dethroning Skankie, then they should bring Christine back to the house since it was through Derick’s winning HOH and nominating her—for her subsequent eviction! Am so over BB16.Its boring, predictable and stupid.I really don’t get when these guys are supposed to be using their IQ to reason and make BIG moves but ends up kissing asses! They’re lunatics. Frankie new he was about to be backdoored when Derick won HOH and nominated Christin and Victoria–so he needed to win in case Christin wins, for which he did successfully. He then went ahead to win HOH. The most annoying thing is that, thinking he was goin to nominate two guys (Derick and Cody)–because Vic can never win any comp, just as i thought, he went ahead to nominate Cody and Vic–with the intention of evicting Vic. It hurt so badly that these guys don’t have a mind of their own. Haven’t they come to the realization that Derick has never-ever been NOMINATED the entire season?If you’re a HG wouldn’t you stop for a minute and reason through and come to conclusion that that guy (Derick) is PLAYING THEM? I rest my case.


Please vote for Donny for favorite, I want Julie to say, by an overwhelming majority Donny you win fan favorite . Ps I hate Frankie


Everyone keeps talking about who to vote for as far as Amer’s Fav goes… Has it not occurred to everyone that there is a VERY likely chance there will NOT be and AFP this year??? I am almost certain there won’t be with the whole TA dumb freaking “twist”. I think TA IS the AF this year. Hate to burst the Donny and Zach fan bubble.


The AFP voting is closed and has been closed for a while now

A final twist?

Hopefully this week Frankie will finally leave, but still we have to deal with Victoria’s weave. Oh, alas Cody is now a loner. No more Christine to take care of his boner. Poor delusional Caleb, thinks he’s America’s favorite player. He has just as good of a chance becoming mayor. Derrick has become quite the dictator, just one of the many reasons I’ve become such a BB16 hater. Looking forward to this golden button twist. It better stir things up or I’m going to be really pissed!


why can’t Derrick play in the HOH? Did I miss something or was that note from before Frankie got HOH?


Because they are resetting this week, and Derrick was the HOH last week.


I read elsewhere that Julie said in an interview that they will all be able to play in the reset HOH.


Please send Frankless Packing!!! I am so over this dudes fake hugs, & I Love You’s is Annoying!!! His mane goal was 2 get All the Women Out the house ,so he could have all the attention~! Ewww!!! I can’t wait tell they all get together & Amber revels what Frankie really did! Frankless might have 2 have protection!! I was reading her blog & she says she sees more attraction in him… U never know, any way 4 Frankie 2 think he is Americia’s Favorite is ridiculous!!!! He might get more boos than Christiana did!!!

Frankie is a Turd Burgler

Since we all “love” Frankie so much I gotta say that his sister sang the national anthem at the Seattle/Green Bay game last night and she totally sucked. If I didn’t hate her already I do now. Actually I never knew who she was before her brother was on BB. Regardless their whole family sucks. As much as I hate to say this I’d be happy with Victoria winning just so that loser Frankie doesn’t and knows how much we “love” him with all our “boo’s”. Can’t wait to see his eviction! It can’t come fast enough!


The crowd at the game didn’t think she sucked as well as the announcers…your blind delusional hatred for Frankie has also made you tone deaf.


They liked the song not how she sang it. If u paid attention you would have noticed that she took breaths at the wrong time. I think it’s obvious from others on this site that our hatred for Frankie is not delusional.

yes really breal

Totally delusional. You all act as if these people aren’t humans. If you can sit here and say you hate someone because of his/her actions in this game what does that say about you. If any of you were honestly upset by the things these people do you wouldn’t still be watching since you’re all angels right? They lie? So what. They talk about someone behind their back? So what. Its a fucking game. Most of you do those things on a daily basis at home and at your jobs. Id love to see you on camera 24/7 so you can be judged by the world. This is for them all not just Frankie. You all love being able to point the finger at someone. They were chosen to be on this show for entertainment and that’s what they think they are doing. You people who try to make them feel bad by attacking them behind your computer are the assholes. I hope it makes you feel better about yourselves. Hating Frankie or Derrick or Cody or any of them is DELUSIONAL! Really


I have a strong dislike for Christine and Victoria, because they said they “HATED” Donny, they couldn’t stand him and he got on their nerves, they talked so much unnecessary, BS about him. Another reason I don’t like Veronica, is because she is a waste of space. She has done nothing in the comps, She has floated, And Christine’s actions with Cody were just wrong, Frankie tells Cody the crowd probably booo’d Christine because of their relationship, but he shouldn’t worry because he was single. It takes two, and he was not innocent. But it is a game you have to do what you have to do to win.


Whoops I meant Victoria.


I can’t stand frankie. One of my least favorite HGs ever. Can’t wait for him to be booed. And also not a fan of his sis who is quite a diva too. Not a fan of her music either since I don’t like that style and I find her voice boring. But with that being said she didn’t suck at singing the anthem. Not the best I’ve ever heard but it was definitely no slouch performance.


I missed the part about Derrick’s picture that was in his HOH basket.
I know that he brought the pic back to the diary room. Can someone please tell me what that was about?


Does anybody know if Frankie will be able to play in the upcoming HOH for the twist considering he is HOH right now???

Ariana Grande stinks

Unfortunately yes, he will be able to play. Derrick won’t. It’s rewind, not reset.

Frankie hater

The only hope for a successful reset is Cody/Caleb winning HOH and putting up Frankie and Frankie NOT WINNING THE POV. A girl can dream!!!! Love that Jeff/Jordan are engaged!!!


The only way that golden button could have salvaged this season was if…when pushed…it automatically evicted everyone left in the house and brought everyone currently in the jury house back in to play out the rest. The Ol’ Golden Switcharoo would have gone down in history as the twistiest Sir-Twist-A lot ever…


Hopefully victoria will win the veto and Frankie will have to choose someone else for the “fake” eviction, then there’s motive to kick Frankie THE HELL OUT OF THAT HOUSE!!!!! …….. of course if victoria realises she’s at a game and not Barbie’s Dream House…….. and 4 anvils fall right out of the sky and crush the other contestans………

I’m just imagining what Alison Grodner is thinking right now “….. well, I guess in 3 weeks i should apply to work at McDonalds………”



I LOVE when you say “1 Hundo” ……*winky smile*


Hate to say it, but caleb the idiot will win HOH and do the same thing stankie did. Same noms. Business as usual.

Mister E

Now Victoria will win veto. Frankie will put Derrick up on the block. Derrick gets evicted and then the reset happens and derrick realizes he is screwed. Would really shake some things up, but I don’t see Victoria winning anything so probably will not happen.

echo 1

All we can hope for is Derrick and Frankie be put up one has to go this round and the other the next round. Wishful Thinking!!! When will they figure out its best to keep Victoria to ensure winning the 500K!!

bb fan

I was wondering if Derprick gets nominated after the veto, will he be able to play since hes on the block with the rewind twist???

I vote to evict Grodner

Hopefully the dog that’s coming into the house will take a nice sloppy wet shit in Frankie’s shoes!

echo 1

Best would be hitting the Buzzer bell and they find out this was all a dream!!!


heard Derrick has a micropeen Simon and dawg can you confirm?

Art in the Dark

Frankie is unique. He knows deep inside that people don’t like him because he is used to seeing it from his peers. Definitely playing it up after he won 2 comps in a row, riding that ego. Walking around in his underwear and a towel after he called the bluff of the production by coaxing everyone push that button as he whined like a child who gets what he wants. He knows whats going on. Dislike him but he knows he’s in a corner and he must play this character.

Hmmm… Derrick, Derrick, Derrick. Playing the game by using what he is trained to do, get confessions by manipulating people into thinking a certain way. Derricks job has allowed him to deal with and talk to every different type of person and he is using that to get through this game. He has the best understanding of the house dynamic with Frankie right behind him. Will D take F(rank) with him to the finale 2 knowing he would win hands down with the jury. Don’t be surprised



Finally Jeff popped the question.

Confirmed!!! Both Jeff’s and Jordan’s twitter pages have been updated with photos. Jeff popped the question during the taping and (of course) Jordan said yes. It looks like Jeff’s proposal will be aired on Sunday’s show.


If there is an AFP, how is it not going to be Frankie? All his sister has to do is send all her followers to vote and he will get it. Am I missing something? Please tell me. I do not want him to win it but it seems like a done deal to me.


I’m hoping Ariana stays out of the vote. She’s already had to give a “No Comment” to what Frankie said about Victoria. I think it could generate ill will for her to get involved with AFP vote. (A guy can dream . . .)


I hope she stays out of it but I just think we are giving that family too much credit to think that she will.


The only fair way, would be to take an average of the popularity week to week. If they pop a poll that lasts the last week, you can bet Little Miss Diva ( have you read the Diva reports?) is going to put out a massive vote campaign. That is the crux of the whole process. They get someone famous involved helping one player, while the other players are average Joe’s and Jane’s, so the latter cannot compete. Nicole made it very clear to point this out in a Diary session one night. AG of production should not do this, and its extremely obvious CBS has ties to the Grande’s. Its NOT just coincidence, because the odds of it just randomly getting paired like that are astronomical. No, CBS knew who/what/why/where they were getting from day one, and Producer AG totally disrespects ethical rules of fair play over trying to pair up stereotypes, grasping at straws to produce drama which has failed horribly this year.

If they do run a poll for AFP, someone famous needs to take up the cause for the highest rated player among the blogging sites. Be it Donny, or Zach, or whoever. The voting needs to be fair, and CBS is not going to ask Miss Diva to not skew the results.


When I first read Jeff’s comment that the “house was really dirty and stunk” referred to the types of players left in the house, not the physical house itself.


Jeff finally proposed to Jordan! Yay!
Congratulations to the happy couple. As far as I’m concerned they are meant for each other. They’re both decent, kind people and I wish them every happiness.
P.S. I hope that’s what Julie Chen was talking about for Sunday’s show.


There WILL be a segment on Sunday. Jeff’s twitter page has the link to a preview, with him picking up the ring. Square cut. Just like Jordan asked for (joking at the time) on BB 11.


If there is America’s Favorite, I cannot imagine it not being Donny. I liked the one comment about switching the houseguests with the people in jury, since the golden button was pressed. And Simon, I love the John from Big Brother reference of “1 hundo percent”. That was the saying of that Canada season. Loved John and Adel.

Nichole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

The biggest and best “move” of the season just might be Jeff’s proposal to Jordan (She said,”Yes!”). Congratulations and best wishes to two of the most appreciated BB Alums, great players as well as great people! Why don’t you get married in the BB backyard during next summer’s season? (After all it is where you met, fell in love and became engaged.) Maybe friends, family and fans would finally experience what “expect the unexpected” is all about. Do you need an Event Co-ordinator? I’m available! Much happiness to you both!

Production Sucks

I must admit that the only thing I am enjoying this BB season is……….ALL OF THE VIEWERS COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you….ALL OF YOU!!!!!!! I no longer watch the CBS show, BBAD, and the live feeds. It is….YOU, the viewers, that makes my day!!!!!!!!!

Derek banged Victoria

Wait, does Frankie get to play for the HOH again? And is this all happening in 1 night again? I would take Frankie with me to the end. Everyone in jury house hates him.