IZZY enters the house! Caleb “She looks like a catch dog.” Frankie “Oh yeah you going to teach her how to kill hogs?”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 09-04-22-545

9am The door bell rings! All the house guests gather in the living room. Cody asks do you think they did this to get us out of bed? Derrick says no. The door opens up and in enters a dog The house guests rush to greet the dog. They read the tag and find out the dogs name is IZZY. They all pat Izzy and then show her the backyard. They comment on how she must be a rescue dog. Caleb says my question is where is she going to go to the bathroom? Derrick says the backyard. Derrick says well this has definitely never been done before. Derrick says my hope is that she’s a rescue dog and this is a way to adopt her out. As a live feeder this is there way of telling us to get the f**k out of bed. Here is something for them because they’re boring. Caleb says she looks like a catch dog. Frankie oh yeah you going to teach her how to kill hogs?! They think they’ll have her until about 5pm. (Izzy is only staying for the day) Caleb says up anther reason for DR’s. Caleb says he though Channing Tatum was going to walk through the door. Frankie says I thought it was a malfunction.

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9:25am – 9:30am The show Izzy the house and the havenot room where the reset button is. Derrick says yeah pee on the buzzer! Go ahead! Caleb asks imagine if we had a dog the whole season. This has never been done before. Frankie says they had a pet dog season 1. Derrick says I hope we find out more about her back story. I know Jana would take her. Frankie says oh I already know we’ll take her.
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Out in the backyard – Cody and Derrick are b***hing about Caleb. Derrick complains about how Caleb was hinting for someone to make him breakfast. And then he still wouldn’t clean up after. His f**king cups are all out here. Cody says that’s what I am sick and tired of and his long stories.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 09-53-22-801

10am Caleb asks Derrick did you talk to her last night? Derrick says yeah. She cried. Caleb asks did she understand? Derrick says yeah she knew that she was going she’s just upset that I am the one sending her home. Caleb says you’re not. Derrick says she just didn’t want me to be the one to vote her out. But I told her we had a gentleman’s agreement to go to the final 4. They thank the feedsters for Izzy. Caleb says they’ll throw anything through those doors for us to talk about.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 10-03-47-582

10:05am – 10:55am In the kitchen – Cody is playing with the dog on the floor and he farts. Frankie asks was it the dog? Now we have someone we can blame our farts on. Cody says yeah she’s going to need to flow 3 feet behind me. Frankie finishes making pancakes and they eat. They all head outside Cody and Caleb play a game of pool. Derrick, Frankie and Victoria hang out on the backyard couch. Big Brother plays Zach’s holla. Cody says wow, Zach its been crazy long since we’ve seen him. I miss the f**k out of that kid! Cody says don’t I look like a second cousin to Jeff. I’ve got to get that salt and pepper going.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 10-04-35-762

11am – 11:35am Victoria heads inside talking about doing laundry. They comment on how its the first time Victoria doesn’t offer to do Derrick’s laundry. Caleb asks she hasn’t even said… she aint going to do nothing for you any more! She’s not even going to say goodbye to you. Cody asks has she said anything to you today? Caleb says not a word. That’s childish! Derrick say you guys just moved up on the totem pole. Cody says big time, getting that vote! Derrick says she’s going to cut my laundry, throw it everywhere. Derrick and Cody start playing pool. Derrick comments how irritated Frankie and Caleb are getting with each other. Derrick says and Frankie is still going to drag him to the end. At the end, Frankie’s going to say the Bomb Squad was dismantled week 4 or 5 and that’s when decisions started getting made. We’ve been slow playing him. Derrick and Cody talk about how Caleb will be crushed when he finds out. They talk about how the jury will be spiteful. Caleb is well liked. They think Caleb will win. Cody says Zach knows Derrick and Cody kept him that week and not Frankie. If Hayden and Nic talk.. Derrick thinks they’re boned unless they get to the finals together. Cody says we’ve played such a good game that people are going to be hurt by us. Derrick says you nailed it we played such a good game that they’re going to stick it to us. Cody says he doesn’t care, we are the Hitmen. Derrick heads inside lays in the fire room and then lays on the living room couch.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-09 10-58-31-703

11:40am In the living room – Frankie talks to Derrick about the schedule change from Thursday to Wednesday. Frankie says it has nothing to do with the button it has to do with Football regularly airing on Thursday in the Fall. They talk about how Victoria hasn’t talked to Derrick today. Frankie tells Derrick that he will talk to Victoria. Cody and Caleb join them.

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169 thoughts on “IZZY enters the house! Caleb “She looks like a catch dog.” Frankie “Oh yeah you going to teach her how to kill hogs?”

    1. I just love Izzy! This will be my favorite memory of this season. If anyone has room in their heart and in their home, a rescue dog or cat is a way of giving these little furs a great life and a family. And if you’re not careful, they will steal your heart. I have two rescue dogs, and they both wear a charm on their collars that say “I rescued a human”. Best gifts I have ever given myself…

        1. I voted for the rabbit….

          because I knew it would shit all over the house like these jamokes shit all over the season…..

          1. I thought that then the Stooges broke the button and I was afraid they’d play football with it or something stupid that could kill it…can’t fix stupid but protect the bunnies!!

        2. BB AU had a rescue dog in the house for a good part of the season last year. His name was Mr. Clooney. The hgs had to get all dressed up, there was champagne and there was red carpet laid out in the backyard when he arrived. They were told Mr. Clooney was coming to visit and they all assumed it was George Clooney. I think they wound up enjoying the dog more than they would have enjoyed a celebrity visit. He was naughty and nice. He got scolded by Big Brother. He was an asset to keeping things interesting in the house. BB16 should have named the dog Mr. Tatum or Markie Mark just for Caleb. It would have made Caleb happy & he never would have seen the irony in it.

          1. It was hilarious every time Jade tried to get Ed romantic in bed and Mr. Clooney would jump on the bed and settle down between the two of them. Ed thought it was funny, Jade was not impressed.

      1. What a great idea to have a charm with – I rescued a human. I have a little rescue pup (I love so much) and would like to know where to get that charm.

        1. I would also like to know where I can get that charm. All of my dogs over the last 25 years have been rescues. Just got another one last month. They give back so much love and ask very little in return.

          1. Hi taylor, I responded to MO about the charms, theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com , repeat, but I would like to add that I just now looked them up and they are on sale for $4.99!

        2. I got the charms at theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com that say “I rescued a human”. Every purchase made helps feed shelter dogs that are still looking for a forever home. You can also click on the site every day for free and food will be donated. I buy gifts for family, friends, pets and of course myself. Great cause…I love to read the rescue stories everyday. Try it MO, you’ll love it!

          1. Awwwww!!! Thank you so much for the information. Will go over and check out the site. Will start supporting it by buying the charms for several family members who all have rescue pups. Sounds like they make great gifts. My little gal will be wearing her charm soon.

      2. Thank you for rescuing. I like to thank everyone that rescues an animal. We have 9 rescue dogs. 2 we got from AC, the rest just showed up. Rescue animals are the only animals we have.

    2. LOL Jake!! That was my very first thought too (evidently, everyone’s else too)!! But you know of course, that now Vic won’t be the “last girl in the house!”

        1. Ditto Jake! Hope you’re doing well too! We have a rescue dog -& like everyone has said – they def. make the most wonderful pets. I’m gonna have to get our doggie one of those charms that the poster mentioned above: “I rescued a human” – that is so true!!

      1. Izzy is only in for the day; as for last girl standing are we not forgetting that Frances is still in the game .. dang he acts and squeals more like a girl then Vic… as for the prettiest girl standing I will still have to give that vote to Vic. even tho I think she is far from pretty considering the other girls that were in the house . Frances makes one major ugly chic.. no makeup can help that fruitloop of a chic..

    3. OMG, how could BB subject a poor innocent dogs to these repulsive people. What a cute dog with such a bunch of disgusting people. Hope someone calls PETA!!! BTW, hate that repulsive degenerate Frankie!!!

    4. Coming from a Veteran of Afghanistan here; there’s one question at the very TOP of the “Do Not Ask A Vet List”, and that’s if he/she shot and/or killed someone. Derrick should know this, so I hope it was Cody who asked that dumb question.

      1. A lot of Veterans have fought for freedom.
        If that is true, people are allowed to ask whatever they want. It would be incumbent on said veteran to say I don’t appreciate that question or choose not to answer.
        What is the point of freedom if we can’t use it?
        To those who would say it is offensive? The world could use a little offensive discussion
        PC is simply thought police in a kind form. Those people would have you all believe we can pick up poo from the clean end…

  1. What’s the deal with Caleb and Channing Tatum? I think he has a bigger obsession with him than he did with Amber.

    1. Caleb thinks he can beat Channing in dance moves.

      I like the dog, i remember one coming in a prior season, but that’s about all i remember about it. they didn’t seem to repeat the experiment at all. If this is a rescue dog, they don’t seem to be announcing anything about any organization it belongs to.

  2. I would vote izzy to win the whole season this year .. Man this is turning to be soooo boring .. All we are gonna get is one week were it will be entertaining (when it is down to final 4) and only entertaining because whoever wins the comps actually won something (secure spot in final 3) .. So Izzy .. Sorry you are hanging out with this bunch … To bad you can’t stay and compete !

  3. For heaven s sake….don’t let frankie take that dog! He can’t take care of himself so why put all the misery on this dog. Frankie is delusional and not trustworthy. I would not let him near my dog.

    1. He’s not going to take the dog once the cameras are off. Like he’s donating his money to charity which he’s gone down to saying now it’s 10% of his winnings.

      1. I bet Derrick would take her though, I can tell the way he interacts with her that he loves dogs for real, not just for the cameras. Who would subject a poor sweet innocent dog to live with Frankie anyway? He is way to selfish and self absorbed to love anything as much as he loves himself. I wish Cody or Caleb would have had the balls to backdoor him, and Derrick hadnt stopped them, it might be his doom. I am worried that little sucker is going to go to the end, would be hilarious if Victoria won HOH and anyone but Frankie POV I want to see the audience boo him so bad!

    1. The house is already full of clowns. Sloppy ones!! Izzy is there to teach them how to sit, stay, leave the other HG’s alone, clean up after themselves, and come when called to the DR.

    1. I can’t stand Frankie as a human being or as a BB game player. But you guys are as bad as he is, advocating so much violence against him. He said that awful thing about Victoria and rape, but you guys are advocating a dog ripping his balls off, and getting AIDS, and making just about every nasty comment possible.

      Next time you talk about wanting Frankie to die, look in a mirror–you’re as bad as he is. It’s getting hard to read this site. The hatred is too vicious and self-congratulatory. Don’t throw stones at glass houses.

      1. Maybe you just need to stop reading the comments, if you find them THAT distressing. You’re not going to be able to change the behavior of others who comment here.

  4. The dog is there so we have “something” interesting to watch. These people are sooooooo boring. Victoria needs to grow up. I am sure that Derrick’s wife does not approve of her relationship with Derrick. Yes they can be good friends but she is over doing it. Victoria, Derrick is USING you. Have more respect for yourself. I am saddened by the actions of the women in this house. They act subservient to these idiots and I mean idiots. Women you have been an embarrassment to all women of the world!!!!!

    1. I agree with you on the subservience. Caleb: “Dang, she ain’t even gonna wash your clothes no more???” Pshhht. As for Victoria and Derrick being inappropriate I don’t see it. At most she has a schoolgirl crush and he has taken advantage of it emotionally–a bit icky–but nothing even close to Christine and Cody’s inappropriate behavior. Or Frankie and Cody. Or Frankie and Caleb. Or Frankie and Zach.

  5. I love dogs but this is obviously to bring some entertainment to a boring horrible final 5.

    At this point the only thing left to cheer for besides boos is that Fakie doesnt win the show so that he will be eligible to get a landslide loss to Donnie for AF. And I hope Chenbot says how not close the vote is

  6. Caleb is subhuman trash. I can’t stand people that hunt animals for sport. Hogs are super intelligent, they have more smarts than Caleb and that’s a fact.
    “These beautiful creatures must die, it’s death for no reason and death for no reason IS MURDER”
    – Morrissey

    1. Are you a vegetarian? If not, you are more in support of killing animals that are raised with the purpose of being killed for your dinner? I am not a vegetarian, but I also would not make a comment like you did. I also don’t like Caleb, but don’t be hypocritical if you aren’t a vegetarian. The death of an animal, is the death of an animal. Some people kill the meat they eat & some people buy it from the grocery.

      1. As a vegetarian I agree with you. I don’t tell others what to do, I have loved ones who hunt and who respect the animal and the sport, and use all of it. I feel worse for animals festering in factory farms than the ones that get to live their lives in the wild and hopefully die quickly. The meat is probably a lot healthier to eat too. Caleb’s stories sound particularly torturous to me though, like killing a hog with a stick, and it’s a bit psycho imo that he enjoys that so much. Sorry for the late .02

      1. Some parts of the southern states are over run with wild hogs, they destroy crops and kill small animals. by hunting them it thins there herd down, I know a lot of hunters also donate the meat to homeless shelters and such. I wouldn’t judge him on that, without knowing the whole situation

    2. Hog hunters around here do it for the meat and much like deer, hog herds have to be thinned or they become extremely bothersome to people in the area. They will tear up gardens and attack pets. While hog hunting isn’t for me, I understand why people hunt them.

  7. Well my goodness production will stoop to anything to make this house more likeable! It’s clear to me they only brought the dog in to soften America’s disgust at the remaining HG. Love the dog, still can’t stand the HG. Fail.

  8. Since Izzy’s growing popularity Cody tells the other houseguests about how he is going to confront Izzy and how much he hates Izzy. And Frankie says he’ll be damned if that dirty dog gets Americas favorite houseguest. They plot ways to secretly vote Izzy out. IZZY FTW!!!

    1. Gettim Fido, you need to see a therapist about your Frankie fixation. Come out of the closet already. You’ll be much happier being gay than spending all your time on the Internet commenting on Frankie’s every move. The more anti-gay you squeal, the closer to gay you are.

      1. Cheer against the Dallas cowboys are actually REALLY Cowboys fans?
        that is just stupid.
        Most people who don’t support homosexuality are not homosexuals.
        Not supporting the other comments but your logic is just not sound

  9. The producers know that no one in the house is liked and they are all totally boring, so they threw in the dog to (hopefully) humanize them. Don’t you just want Derrick (or Frankie) to win because he’ll take in a rescue dog? Not.

    1. I have a feeling Victoria is going to be scared of the dog, and start saying she expects it will stab her in the back while she sleeps, or throw boiling water in her face, or something similar (things she claimed she thought now evicted HGs would do to her)

  10. Yes Caleb…Channing Tatum has absolutely nothing else to do. ..he is probably on his way there now to meet you. I’m sure he can’t wait to ask you to star in his next action movie with him. Dingus.

  11. Big Brother Australia always brings in a dog at one point during the season. One season the dogs name was George Clooney lol.
    Btw BB Australia just started yesterday, you can find vids on YouTube. The house looks awesome this year!

  12. Just wanna play catch with !zzy all day long.

    They should at least give !zzy a chew toy or two, like the kong toy, so she can play catch or keep her occupied. Pups need play time.

    I should know, I’ve dogs all my l!fe.

    *!zzy makes the house worth watching =^.^=*

  13. This group of posters on this site are the most negative human beings on earth. Can’t see a can half full at all. Everyone here should be ashamed of themselves. You want something different, apply for BB. Then we’ll take turns bashing u. Fruit loop dinguses. Derrick and Frankie F2.

    1. Considering that most people on here LOVE Donny, Nicole, Zach and a few others I’m not sure what you mean by negative. Oh, you mean we don’t like the mean girls club that’s left in the house? They brought on all the negativity by the disgusting comments they’ve made and their unnecessarily cruel treatment of the other HG. You can be a cutthroat player in this game and still be a decent human being. Haven’t you been watching at all?
      As far as our comments go, this is a forum that Simon and Dawg have let us use to express our opinions. don’t like what you read? Maybe you should just stick to watching BB then.

      1. ‘Most people’, ‘we’, ‘our’… You represent no one but yourself Cece. You are not a spokesperson for this site, BB viewers, or live feeders. Keep your opinion just that, your opinion, and stop lumping other people in with your absurd comments. If you don’t like his comment, take your own advice. Stop reading and commenting and stick with watching it

        1. I think I speak for “most” people on this site based on what I’ve read in the comments. “MOST” people seem to love Donny as well as Nicole and Zach to a lesser degree. If you go on a reality TV show and engage in the behavior and comments that these HG have, you will get negative feedback. I’ll continue to express my opinion here and if YOU don’t like it, too bad.

          1. How have you come to this conclusion, that you speak for most people? Have you read every comment posted this season and counted how many people share your exact opinion? What’s the percentage? How many people read this site? What percentage of readers actually comment? What is the opinion of people who don’t comment? I have zero problem with people voicing their opinion, regardless if agree or not. I have a problem with fabrication and falsehood. I have a problem with people assuming an imaginary of mantle of leadership. If you can’t answer the questions I just asked, then you don’t know who you speak for. And if you don’t know who you speak for, you don’t speak for anyone. Just you. It matters not whether you like or dislike what I’ve said. What I’ve said is the truth

            1. Oh brother, angry much? Get off your high horse, you’re not running for President nor is this a court of law. YES, I read all the comments. YES, I believe I speak for the majority based on what I’ve read on this site and many others. NO I do not have statistics, I have my eyes, a brain and a fair bit of common sense.
              At least I’m not afraid to put my name to my comments nor do I get as infuriated as you seem to be right now on a reality show forum.

              1. There ya go. Now what has changed? Anonymous, NathanR, Frankie’s cameltoe, yousuck, what’s the difference? You keep jumping from one thing to another hoping you can latch into something. There is no defence for ignorance. This started because you think you speak for other people. I called you out. You stand by it. You say this isn’t a court of law or election, yet that’s exactly what you claim to be. A figurehead. You are either delusional, lack self awareness, or both, to even realize this. Logic and truth don’t require emotion. You require neither the patience nor aptitude to ruffle my feathers I assure you. :) … See? I even said it with a smile on my face

    2. Yo, Zane or whatever the hell your name really is, we can say what the hell we want up in here; and if you don’t like what we all have to say about anyone from the HGs, then get to stepping and STFU!!!!!

      1. Agree, Zane we and most of America at this point HATE the remaining house guests not because they are Gay or anything else as stupid but because they are repulsive degenerates of society. There is no excuse for Skankie suggesting that A VIRGIN BE GANG RAPED WHILE DRUNK AND LAUGH ABOUT WATCHING HER BLEED or the other thousand of degenerate things these “so called” men have said and done. They are the scum of society and hope they all get what is coming to them when they get out!!!

        1. “How have you come to this conclusion, that you speak for most people? Have you read every comment posted this season and counted how many people share your exact opinion? What’s the percentage? How many people read this site?” <——— YET you claim to know that America HATES this and that and MOST of the people yadda yadda yadda . You like to read your own words way to much dude. Again as usual with your f*cking hypocrisy.

          1. You also represent yourself when commenting Anonymous. When you speak for “Most of America” and saying what YOU think THEY hate, im pretty sure THEY might beg to differ. I know I do.

          2. I have claimed nothing of the sort. I’ve already posted before that only 2% of the population even watches the show. So this whole ‘America’ concept is absurd from the get go. I’ve never stated anything that could be misconstrued otherwise. I try not to even include my own personal opinion in the majority of my posts, much less claim it to be the opinion of anyone else. The facts I’m presenting, just don’t jive with your personal opinion. The truth sucks sometimes. You want this site to be a unanimous agreement with your personal opinion. I want this site to be a discussion on game strategy and psychology. You obviously seem to be closer to your objective. You say I sit on a high horse. I say I’m the voice of reason and logic. That was my personal opinion ;)

  14. That’s the first thing I’d given her, she’s panting alot.

    I know these numbskulls have the minimum common sense to give her fresh water all the time, in fact to leave several bowls out, making sure they are clean and fresh and full.

    Knowing whatta bunch of f@ark!ng lazy ar$es these house guests are (frankly as a girl, I’m ashamed of V!ctoria) I will not be surprised if they don’t water n feed !zzy well.

    I don’t feel good about leaving !zzy in that bloody house full of f@rking lazy bums!!

    *lemme take scrupulously good care of !zzy instead*

  15. This bunch is so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!! Frankie the fruitcake needs to go!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of him. Live shows are sickening with his fakeness. It is so obvious. I can’t imagine him getting more followers like he thinks he is going to get after this show. He is so into himself he cannot see what a fool he is making of himself. It is not his over the top gay act that irks me alone because my gay friends say he is a sad mess and not representative of them at all. Frankie wants to be an entertainer but has no talent. I hope they boo the hell out of him. He needs a reality check.

  16. I love dogs, but this is just the sad equivalent to when those old sitcoms used to add some random new character to the show to change things up, the shows just went downhill from there. Lookup Cousin Oliver Syndrome.

  17. why do that to the dog? we have a hat that was ATTACKED this summer and cut to pieces! we have a poor dog thrown into the same house as “pink hat” and forced to suffer through listening to Frankie? and letting Frankie….TOUCH you?

    what did this poor dog do to deserve this? give the dog the remains of the pink hat and let him leave. why are we making the HG’s happy? you should be torturing them for our amusement not giving them a dog.

        1. I actually didn’t vote on anything thank you. I just meant seriously? you’re a little too into it to me. Torturing people for our entertainment, just sounded wrong to me that is all, no sense getting all fired up.. :)

  18. The dog is adorable, but they didnt have to do this last season, or ever, if i recall. Season 1 doesnt count. Once again, a stunt to fill in episode time.

  19. I remember a dog (very small) coming in the house in the first BB. (remember the pig lols) .

    I also can see Calebs one boob/nipple and it looks like it is a little swollen.

  20. I think its interesting that people would call Derricks wife “chunky” among other things and even use that as a name to comment. Im sure if someone made fun of Donnys family like that it wouldn’t be as funny would it. Why not stick to the players in the game and stop insulting these families of the HG’s.

      1. Derricks playing the game, not his fault Victoria didn’t show up to play.. Are people not supposed to deceive or lie to ONLY victoria because shes too “naive”? its ok to lie to other houseguets though? If Victoria wants she could actually wake up and realize whats going on.

      2. Are you saying that you’re one of the ones who is insulting Derricks family? You’re self importance is gleaming assuming my comment was all about you. I’m sure you give that much of a shit about Victoria. You seem like such a tool. Have a nice calming camomile tea. It helps ;)

  21. I hope Frankie or Caleb goes home next week. Both are equally delusional and annoying. When Caleb starts telling one of his stories it feels like torture. I don’t understand how a grown 26 year old man who’s served 4 years in the military and worked elsewhere can be so clueless. Its really disturbing how few social skills he has. If Amber is smart she will be very firm and clear when she sees him at the finale and tells him to F$%K off.

  22. I don’t even have anything to say. I am just excited about tonight and thought I would share that. :) Should be fun. I think I remember a chicken in the house at one time but I could be thinking about another show.

  23. How the hell is this show supposed to go on 2 more weeks. I heard the production staff has fallen asleep behind the windows and were reprimanded !! Also they were scolded for trying to lock the dr door from the inside. Not a good sign !

  24. I am hoping on Cody, Derrick or Caleb. These are the only 3 that I think would be good winners and they all need the money which is nice. Nothing worse then someone who has a shit load of money and they win the game. I know that shouldn’t be a factor but it is.

    *What the fuck are you, cops or doormen*

  25. Go Frankie!!!! We all know he’s going to take this whole game because that’s what production wants. So might as well start cheering for him now. You will all be disappointed. It will be HILARIOUS.!!!!!!

    Go Frankie he deserves it and you all know it.

  26. Call the SPCA… I’m sure this is animal cruelty. Poor innocent dog having to spend the day with that lot. Cody is going to call Izzy out tomorrow.

  27. They traded one b**ch for another
    I hope Izzy has a canine chastity belt on, Frankie is on the loose with that come hither look in his eyes.

  28. yesterday Derrick talked about a cut finger and being afraid of infection because the conditions of the house. Jeff told them that it sinks in there and how dirty it was. Why would they bring a poor sweet little dog into those conditions. I have had dogs my whole life and I would never let them in a place like that.

    Don’t let the likes of Shankie have that sweet dog, we all seen how he is in the house

  29. Derprick keeps talking about a Gentlemen’s Agreement. Why would you brag about a secret agreement to discriminate? Because that is what a Gentlemen’s Agreement is…oh wait Joey said it–if you don’t have a pen!s they won’t let you play the game. BB 16 is the season of women haters(with the exception of Donny).

    1. He may have sent Izzy to the jury house, but I don’t think I’m barking up the wrong tree when I say that Derrick’s wife will most likely send him to the dog house

  30. Why does everyone care so much that Derrick is leading Victoria around by her nose hairs. From what I have read , people don’t seem to like her and call her shallow and she looks in mirrors all day (lol) ect ect, which she does btw. If she came into this game to sit around and look at herself, that’s her problem if she gets played. Its the name of the game and most of the people who didn’t get that, are now out of the house. You have to be willing to do things you don’t necessarily want to do and are out of character. Its the only way to get any where with these jackals.

  31. Frankie deserves this game over Derrick. His social game was better, his comps he won and everyone likes him. Derrick has lied where Frankie hasn’t. Derrick stabbed people in the back and Frankie hasn’t. Frankie has controlled most of this game and Derrick has just sat there winning nothing.Derrick has talked about his daughter where Frankie hasn’t talked about his sister to get people to like him. Derrick wants money for his family and Frankie wants to build schools. Come on, he’s a much better player and they respect him in the jury house more then they do with Derrick.

    1. Some of your points are valid but who cares if Derrick wants to win for his family? I guarantee you at least 95% of people would use the money for their family if they won $500,000. Frankie is fortunate enough where his family does not need the money.

    2. Hmm…Frankie’s social game has been horrible. Everyone dislikes him. if he sat next to Vic in F2, the jury should give to Vic just for the poor social game he has played. You cannot piss of the jury and still think you deserve the win regardless of comp wins. Judging the game has to come from all aspects (comps, social, likability, etc.) So the Skank should be sent packing. America despises him so that should tell you about his social game.

    3. I can’t tell if you are kidding or serious… Frankie has lied a lot and has made up lies for no reason at all (derr has lied plenty too). No everyone doesn’t love Frankie, Nic, Donny, Jo, Vic, Cody, Derr to name a few. Next he hasn’t backstabbed anyone??? Umm Zach ring a bell? Christine? Nic? yeah you are right.. never backstabbed. He has never used his family.. that’s all he does! In fact that is one of the reasons Caleb didn’t bd him last week. Trust me I am not saying Derr is much better and lying and backstabbing is part of the game. And I do think Frankie is a comp beast but overall Derr has played a better social game and those are the facts.
      Frankie is just a vile person (completely unrelated to the bb game I understand).

      1. Yes WakeUp I was totally kidding. I like Derrick too but I knew that that douche Anonymous couldn’t resist talking about Derrick no matter what I said. See how he picked only that part to talk about. As if there was any valid points there. Everyone has told fibbers in that house.

        “Look Mac, I caught a dirty old carp, you know, bottom feeder”

  32. Everyone keeps mentioning Donny. Is he still in the house? That’s a dog not Donny. He had an okay game but it wasn’t good enough. He won some competitions but his social game was not good. You need a little bit of everything. Your social might be good but you don’t win anything and vice versa. I think Donny should win AFP because he was a nice guy. Doesn’t mean I liked his game but as a person he seemed nice.

  33. I hope that when the reset happens tomorrow, BB takes it as far as Julie telling a HG they have been evicted and only have a few moments to say goodbye and leave the house. When the evicted HG gets to the door, it is locked and they can not leave! And THEN Julie tells them what the button meant.

    And I hope it’s Cody that gets “evicted” tomorrow, after Caleb and Frankie have turned on him. I am doubting that is what is going to happen, but it would be great to have them stab him in the back and it be revealed, then they all have to remain in the house for another week.

      1. Season 2 it was Monica’s friend. She really seemed to like it. Remember Hardy getting out of the hot tub………..Drool.

  34. Season One had a dog that was a rescue dog with three legs. The guy guy who one Big Brother that year was an amputee and he adopted it.
    They should have pets for the House every Season. I would have loved it if Izzy came in earlier so Donny could have had someone to hang out with and lift his spirits.
    rescue dogs are the best.
    I adopted a rescue dof through Rocket Dog Rescue, in San Francisco when I was visiting my parents.
    I love my Loki, he is half Jack Russell Terrier and Pit Bull an odd combination… but cute and adorable little guy full of energy, total lover and strong for such a little dog. Personally I love mutts more than pure breads they are smarter and cuter with less health issues.

  35. Vic and Izzy sitting in the chairs on finale night. Izzy pulls out a narrow victory despite a bitter jury of Frankie whom she stole the spotlight from.


    1. I really wish people would refrain from calling others “idiots” if their post includes misspelled words and a lack of punctuation. Jeeze, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      But yes, Donny may very well deserve to win America’s Favorite Player, unfortunately it comes down to opinion. Also, it may hurt that Donny and Zach are going to take votes away from each other.

  37. Production seems to be keying Skankie into everything such as Thursday Football, etc. I am sure he will soon know that the week has been reset.

  38. I just have to say even though this BB season has been dull, I have enjoyed coming to this website, and reading everyone’s thoughts and funny comments. Dawg/Simon do you do this for Survivor as well? I am eagerly waiting for that to begin. I do love Survivor, but I’m the only one in my family that watches it, It’s fun to have a place to get others input. Thanks again for all the hard work. Job well done.

  39. Caleb is so embarrassing to watch. He his so arrogant, thinks he’s such a stud, claims to know super famous people although was bored at the Cowboys training camp because famous people & athletes don’t impress him. But he’s all up Frankie’s ass about 2 teeny boppers Justin B Ariana G. Everything in the house is about him!

    Also sick of Frankie theatrics & accents and jumping up & down like a 12year old girl over everything. Even when Jeff & Jordon was there with family all you could see was Frankie hopping on his heels trying to get attention!

  40. I would like to think that a pet in the house actually has something to do with the game, like the next comp. If this is just a one day and for nothing thing, it’s pointless. Weird. Rewind. Pet. Not, getting it.

  41. Next Season I think it would be great to have NO SUPER FANS or fans in general. No All Stars. A house of people that never watched the show. I think it would be great to have people that have never watched Big Brother. I think the thing that makes a Season like this is the predominant amount of Super Fans. In the early years Super Fans got the boot early because the other Housegusts think that they had an unfair advantage.

    Make the “Have Nots” as a punishment for things like not cleaning, not waking up when they wake up the house guests…. something
    The thing that made those old Seasons Great that we all reflect back on is that it was all fresh. They had to develop their own strategies. Make the game fresh and do real twists. A complete Newb Season.

  42. In my opinion as a girl
    I really don’t think Victoria is a virgin
    #1- talks sex to grown men in bed
    #2- dates 33-40 year old men
    #3 – obsessed with a married man look people if u want a married man then s@x is going to happen
    I hope I’m wrong but I that’s just my take
    But either way the Frankie/Derrick convo was crossing the line and they should have been disqualified !!!

  43. Izzy is definitely the best and most likeable HG of the season, not to mention the cutest. Everyone was thrilled to have izzy except victoria. I think it says a lot about victoria that she spent the least amount of time with izzy. She’s already admitted she dislikes animals, which makes her a complete crazy person to me. I think there’s something wrong with a persons character if you don’t like animals.

  44. Good to see that everyone is promoting rescue animals. All three of my animals (1 dog 2 cats) are rescues, one we got during the hurricane warnings in north Carolina, the one cat found us during the winter, and the second cat found me during a stormy day and ate all my french fries and fell asleep on my ATV.

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