Victoria says I just did a diary room session about cutting up the pink hat and they were cracking up!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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1:30pm Caleb joins Donny out on the backyard couch. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Victoria joins Christine. What they says Tuesday? This for sure making the Wednesday episode. (Her taking back the pink hat from Zach and cutting up it up.) They called me in first thing this morning. Christine says I wish they would ask me about it but they won’t. They don’t care about my opinion on anything. Victoria says maybe they will. Christine says no trust me they won’t. They don’t care. I was standing right there when you did it! I want to talk about how cool it is and how hilarious it was when you did it. Frankie joins them with the HOH camera and they start taking photos. Christine looks at the photos and says my double chin looks amazing!
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They head into the kitchen and Caleb lifts Frankie. Christine and Frankie head to the bedrooms to “Do inappropriate things to the boys”

1:44pm – 1:55pm In the kitchen – Victoria talks to Caleb about how she is just stringing Zach along making him think that she will give the hat back to her so that he’ll be nice to her. He doesn’t know that I destroyed it. Caleb says on Thursday right before he walks out you should put it on his head.. oh no wait you can’t. Victoria says I just did a diary room session about it and they were cracking up!
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 13-45-08-269

2:15pm – 2:25pm Caleb, Frankie, Christine and Victoria continue to take photos with the HOH camera:

2:35pm Frankie tells Donny that he mentioned his girlfriend in his HOH blog. Donny says thank you. Frankie asks Donny if he is going to move in with his girlfriend when he gets out. Donny says well maybe marriage. Frankie says I want to ask you how you would do it but you probably don’t want to say. Donny asks Frankie if they can talk (game) later today or tomorrow when no ones around so that no one suspects anything. Frankie says okay, I would love that.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 14-38-35-897

2:45pm – 3pm Derrick, Frankie and Donny take a few team america photos. Derrick asks how long did Zach go on his rant for was it longer than 20 seconds. Frankie and Donny say yes. Derrick says that Julie said sorry that wasn’t for 20 seconds. Derrick looks at the camera and says bullsh*t Julie! Derrick says I am pretty sure we have $20,000 in the bank. They talk about possible blaming Zach in future missions once he’s gone just like how they blamed Pow Pow. Frankie says they (production) will tells us if there’s a problem with us completing the missions but won’t contact us if everything is fine. Derrick says okay so no news is good news. Derrick says like that tiger thing. They told us about that and we fixed it. The conversation turns to talking about the people yelling outside the house last night. Frankie says all I heard was Cowboy, Zach we love you, and .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Derrick talks to Donny about how the people yelling came back last night at 2:30am. As much as we want to hear how much people love us ..its hurting us because we get locked out of the backyard. Derrick & Donny talk about Caleb eavesdropping on their conversation.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 14-43-57-968

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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181 thoughts on “Victoria says I just did a diary room session about cutting up the pink hat and they were cracking up!

  1. This will keep the house reeling….The Rats are already getting worried on how they look to the viewers and this can change the game for once.
    We were promised a different BB, now is the time to shake things up production!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I guess we will see a different house when Zach finds out Victoria destroyed the hat he had been wearing. I know it wasn’t his but still pretty sad she did that.

          1. TO THE FOLKS who think Vick is giving Zach what he deserves: You REALLY need to go back to last night’s blogs. The hateful venom that spewed from her mouth about how she’s afraid he’ll throw boiling water on her face ( out of nowhere), how she ran to the DR to tell them how afraid she is of a physical assault (out of nowhere), how he’s going to be handcuffed and arrested for these assaults ( that were NOT) threatened and giggling about it all….. Read first, comment later. It was beyond ridiculous. Period.

        1. I know 7th graders who have more common scene then VapidVic. She was walking around saying she was afraid Zach was going to throw a pot of boiling water in her face…where does she get this stuff from?

        2. What was it that Victoria said about Brittany and Amber when she was evicting them? Something rude for sure – something to the effect of being fake and nasty. I still remember her intro to the show about being the prettiest. She really has a healthy but a bit unrealistic view of herself, extensions and piles of makeup on.

          She’s also made very nasty remarks about Donny and Devin. And what’s is up with her saying last night that she’s afraid of Zach throwing boiling water on her?

          1. Faketoria said she was voting to evict the fakest one of all – Amber. Really? Amber wasn’t the one with a rats nest of extensions!!!! Unbelievable.

      1. Victoria is so childish, and yet she wonders why the house doesn’t take her serious. She thinks what she did was a fun thing to do to Zach to get him mad, but I can’t wait for her to see how she is being portrayed and how Derrick is playing her. She thought she was crying before when Zach told her but wait until she finds out. She is going to wish she had listened to Zach instead of trying to get him to go off on her. I would love to know what’s going on in her and Christine lives that they try to aggravate guys to the point the guy puts their hands on them in a bad way. Christine said the same thing about Deven. I don’t believe in men putting their hands on women, but listening to these two talk about taunting men so they can get locked up or evicted is ridiculous. They literally want a man to abuse them just so the men can go to jail. I mean how stupid is that. Maybe when they get out they need to meet some battered women and realize what they’re saying they shouldn’t even want to provoke a man to do that because for women like that that are abuse I am sure they don’t provoke their men, but are just beaten or hit anyway. So I wish production would tell Vic and Chris there’s no place for that, but why wait for it, they allowed Aaryn to get away with the things she said and let her walk out the house to endure things she never thought she would face. Hopefully Vic and Chris will get a life lesson too when they leave because they are petty, and really need to grow up.

        1. Wasn’t it Victoria, in a full-scale meltdown a few weeks ago, who thought Devin was going to kill her? My question still goes unanswered: Where does casting find these people?? This is the best they can do?? Most of us would have been fired from our jobs for such incompetence!

    2. Yes for sure they are worried. Frankie just ask why Caleb is depressed and that perhaps it might be about the shout outs. Lol
      Thank you to the persons that did the shouts. Gj

    3. My name Jocasta!
      I’m the Minister Mama,
      God is my father!
      Jesus my savior!
      I’m a bow tie maker,
      Word to the haters!

      ps. I’m returning ok bye

    4. Hey BB- You can tell by the chants outside that Zach is one of the fan faves. Maybe have a comp with all existing and evicted houseguests and the four that do the worst go to Jury. That would redeem this season for sure.

    1. You obviously do not respect nor care how hard Simon and Dawg work on this website,
      to let alone have to deal with stupid sh*t like this!
      So please stop and go away?
      You don’t have to go away mad, just go away…

      1. We should ignore all of the “First!” ass-hats. They just do it for the attention. Don’t give it to them. No thumbs up. or thumbs down. Just crickets…

      1. I want to know did I read correctly about Christine? If I did since you told us that much – it would be nice to know who the recipients are – might as well tell it all. Damn, ya’ll will earn your money this year.

          1. Oh, I see. It’s the “do inappropriate things to the boys” comment. I think it’s Dawg’s great slant on things. My take, anyway. But, I seriously hope you don’t really want to know. ‘Cuz whatever it is, would be gross.

      2. Or maybe the glasses with no lens are magic glasses? You can only see VapidVic while wearing them otherwise she just appears as vapor.

  2. Victoria is a vile vile woman. She needs to go…like yesterday. I bet she just continues to float right by…winning no competitions and being vain.

    1. Her behavior is vile, but I think it’s because she’s EXTREMELY immature. She is very childlike in many ways. I kind of feel sorry for her, because she is going to be destroyed when she sees how poorly she came off on the show. Also, I hope she’s not harboring any delusions that she and Derrick are besties and will be in touch after the show ends.

  3. Victoria looks naked in that picture…..oh well, a diva has to do what she has to do! Wait! Caleb’s not looking! Poor, pathetic little debutante.

    1. LOL. Hilarious…I think after that “game changing” move she might just win hands down! LOL. I think she lied to production about her real age. She acts like a 15 year old.

    2. Says a lot about this season when one of the big hilights and a possible hilight that may make it to television is Victoria cutting up her own hat! ZZZZZZZZZZZ….dont wake me up until it’s over!

    3. She should of cut up that glob of a mess hair clump
      Doesn’t she know wearing hair extensions causes hair loss?
      All I know is it looks so unnatural.
      Team Donny FTW!

      1. I think she was confused about what production was laughing at. I’m pretty sure the real reason was because you resorted to cutting up your own property that you paid money for to prove some kind of point that no one really knows or cares about???

  4. Victoria is being pretty immature. Seriously? You had to cut the hat? It’s like they keep kicking him while he’s already down, and it’s annoying. I feel bad for Zach. First they blame the stealing of the items on him, and now this? I hope he comes back, if not him, Hayden, or Nicole.

      1. The girl destroyed her own property to get back at someone else??? You tell me where the intelligence is in that move? Way to get him back dumbo! lol

      2. Right on, Jimmy. I don’t understand why there is so much Victoria bashing. There have been a lot of coasters in games before that have laid low and a lot of them have gone further in the game than those that put themselves forward. We can say the same for Cody as well? Zach has been mean to Victoria and has made her the brunt of his jokes and crude comments. How come most of you think what Zach does is okay and feel sorry for him when the tables are turned. I like Zach better than most of the other players except Donny because he is funny and entertaining, however, he’s a big boy and needs to suck it up. I hope he handles it well – I really do.

        1. The first week or two I thought badly of Zach. But, I realized that EVERYBODY ELSE says and does foul poop too. They just do their poop behind the backs of everyone else. Zach just tells his in front of your face. And he does it as a laugh and moves on. Not like everyone else who talks so hatefully BEHIND everyone’s back. I thinks he is just a young and overactive jokester. He does things to people he can rile up. He didn’t play that stuff with say Jocasta because even he said that she would put him in his place. If they didn’t pay him any mind, he would get bored and move on.

      3. Maybe she should have thought about all this when she had two chances to vote him out but instead took her orders not too! I have zero pity for her.

      4. Torture? Telling her how vain she is and that she’s completely irrelevant. I get that Zach has a way of getting under peoples skin and says outrageously rude things to get a rise out of people, but most of what he says, he says to their faces and is the gods honest truth. She hates him so much because he told all those “lies” about Derrick and made her cry. Seems to me he’s been the only one that has been completely honest to her. The rest of them just talk shit behind her back. The fact that she is so proud of her adolescent behavior just shows you how immature she is on top of being shallow, vain, delusional, paranoid, clueless and yes irrelevant.

    1. You do remember that Zach took that hat from her and rubbed it all over his crotch? Cuz it wasn’t that long ago. So I could care less about Victoria, but gees you people and your victimization.

    2. Speaking of blaming Zack for the missing items….he has been blamed for 3 of 4 missions the TA has done so far. Zach should get part of their TA winnings.

  5. Wait a minute, what is Christine and Frankie doing did I read correctly wasn’t she just crying the other day about how they made her look bad; Are they doing what I think they are doing passing out Bread and Jam sandwiches’. OMG

  6. Earth to Victoria… no one cares what you do. The only reason you are still there is because you will be easy to step on for everyone else to get the money. America doesn’t think it’s funny for you to cut up Zach’s hat especially since he’s being framed for Team America to make 5k. Zach did try to warn you about Derrick and that you really aren’t in his alliance but you were too blind to listen. It’s cruel and you are a jerk. Maybe production laughs because it makes for good TV but I personally think it makes you look like an ass.

    1. Kind of sums up how boring this season is that we are discussing Victoria’s antics as interesting. Next thing we will be debating whether Derprick is more like Chief Wiggums or Officer Barbrady.

  7. Is anyone else sick of those stupid fake glasses everyone is passing around!! It’s just so stupid! I would love it if we could keep Zach, bring back Hayden, and the two of them could create an alliance with Donny. They could call it… Timex.. yeah… “Takes a licken and keeps on ticken”… I don’t care what they call it just as long as they can take out Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Christine. Beast Mode Dumbo is irrelevant at this point. He found out about the detonators…didn’t care/believe it… Found out about the Amber situation … didn’t care/believe it… Found out about Frankie telling Christine and Nicole to put him on the block …didn’t care/believe it…Like I said Beast Mode DUMBO!!

    1. Speaking of boast mode, what’s he doing laying under Amber’s picture? Dreaming of their reunion? AND, is that a little shrine he set up under it? A kitty and some red thing? Offerings to his Queen? Has he no shame? Where O where do they FIND these people?

  8. Donny should go right up to Derrick and Frankie and tell Derrick he knows that he is the head of the snake. If he gets voted out he will tell all of the jury members that Derrick is controlling everyone. The sooner he gets voted out the longer he has in the jury to influence the vote. If Derrick keeps Donny until the final three, Donny would not be able to influence anyone in the jury. This could make Derrick think about the harm Donny could have in the jury house. He just might consider keeping Donny longer because he is the only one smart enough to talk about this in the jury house. Remember Donny told Nicole he would vote Victory over Derrick if they were the final two. There is no way Donny will let Derrick have the money and the more time in the jury house, the more chance he would have time to explain everything he knows. No one in the jury would have any reason to be afraid to listen to him.

    1. yeah, people always say stuff like they’ll vote for a Victoria versus the other guy, but they never do.

      One thing Derrick tho is going to start letting people know he is the one making decisions and getting people to do them. right now he isn’t doing that, he’s trying to get other people to come up with an idea, then all he does is ‘go along’ even tho he’s the one who put the idea in play. He’s still going to be seen as a floater next to Victoria if they were the F2, especially since he’s never playing in comps other than HOHs.

  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring when will they bring someone back next week? Feel like this house needs some real excitement! Also I was just thinking isn’t kinda stupid Frankie is going around the house saying Zach’s game is over when they all know someone is coming back maybe not Frankie!

  10. Poor Victoria. She has no idea that production was laughing at her, not with her. Zach has been living rent-free in her head all season.

    1. THIS THIS A MILLION TIMES THIS. ‘They were cracking up!’ I can just hear her talking and it makes me want to cut up my face. Production knows she’s a joke, that’s what’s with the laughing. Unfortunately I think she’s too delusional to understand that basically no one liked her in the house/out of the house/probably in her own house, and she will have a few people that worship her just because she was on tv. Heaven help us. (btw, LOVE your name, lil’ sebastian! RIP!)

  11. Vic you are a stupid, vapid, and useless player. Just self-evict already so you can fix your extensions and go to the spa.

  12. Oh wait what in the Hell is wrong with Victoria “Pink Hat” cut it up – she’s been in the house tooooooo long. I was giving her hope but ………………. Who picked these people – who ever interview these HG and figure they would be interesting to put on BB YOU need to be fired

    1. Bigbrotherfan, you can’t destroy someone else’s property. The hat belongs to Victoria. Zach went through Victorias things in the beginning and took it.

    2. I’ve been trying to find where Victoria actually GAVE it to Zach instead of just letting him wear it/borrow it.

      If someone could find that clip and Victoria doesn’t get a penalty nom, then I would think that’s proof positive that the rules are only enforced based on whether or not AGrodner’s in a good mood.

    1. If they wanted to make things interesting, they would allow 2 HG’s back into the house and have them be the dual HOH’s for the week. That would make this upcoming week very interesting and almost a guarantee something entertaining will happen.

  13. when your chin and your nose are trying to meet somewhere in between your face, it means you are ‘give-the-woman-a-broom’ ugleee – some women need crows to take them away, while others need brooms…

  14. And now the True Victoria! Never did I think she was the victim she portrayed. Scissors, knives, boiling water..WARNING..keep all cute little white bunnies away from this Wack Job!

  15. Why is Victoria getting so much shit for cutting up Zachs hat. He was talking crap about her and has been making fun of her this entire game. It’s about time she stood up for herself.

    1. It wasn’t Zach’s hat, was it? If it was Zach’s hat, she would automatically be a nominee for destroying someone elses’s property.

      It was her own hat, which is what makes it so ridiculous. Zach got into her head so much that she destroyed an article of her own clothing just so he couldn’t wear it. I don’t care who you are, that’s hilarious (and not in the way Victoria wants it to be).

    2. I agree CC. Zach may be entertaining, but he enjoys inflicting emotional pain on women. Plain and simple. When Nicole left the house, he looked at her picture and said, “see you never!” Now she was already gone from the game, so why the ugly comment? Cause that is Zach. I’m glad Victoria did what she did. She is feeling empowered for the first time in this game. Hopefully it will help her. She will need it. And BTW, this is her third week on slop. Caleb complained all the time he was on slop. I don’t think she has complained once about being on slop. I wasn’t a Victoria fan at first (she smacks her lips a lot) but I’m liking her a little more now. JMHO

    3. I agree. Although my opinion of Zach has certainly improved in the last few weeks (ie. when he is honest it’s almost heartbreaking, the big teddy bear) he has been relentless at times to Victoria and Nicole for no good reason other than that he could. I think it’s good that Vic is actually getting some moxie and gives back a little.

    4. Agreed. Zach hasn’t been that nice and this is her way of crushing him. She’s destroying her own hat because obviously she doesn’t care about it the way Zach does and won’t miss it. Of course Zach will get over this but I can’t fault the girl for doing it.
      People are mad at her because they like Zach and they hate her, so his own ‘transgressions’ are overlooked and they get mad at what’s happening instead of WHY it’s happening. If she is mean then Zach is mean too for what he’s done to other houseguests. That makes them even.

              1. LOL, well I guess I certainly pushed the right button. Geez, take a deep breath, step away for a while, it’s only a game.

    5. Standing up for herself would have been taking it back and saying it was hers and she’s keeping it. And then wearing it everyday. But cutting it up and hiding it is the childish act of a vapid person.

  16. all heard it here either zack or Donny next hoh In they want put each other up if zack wins hoh
    cleab Victoria goes up with Frankie or Christina replament nom
    with Donny derrick and Christina goes up with cleab the nom
    please please Donny or zack hoh this week when zack comes back
    if hyden back hoh
    then derrick and cody goes up
    with Frankie the replacement
    if Nicole comes back hoh
    chrsitna cody
    with derrick replacement
    if jocasts comes back hoh
    derrick an christna
    replacement be cleab
    that what us fans want Donny safe this week

  17. Here Zach, I wrote you a poem for you to use…

    Roses are red, violets are blue, you said you loved me, well Frankie eff you
    I’ve mostly been loyal and had your back like no other, now it’s time I be loyal to the rules of Big Brother
    You told me I was going up and definitely going out, well that’s against the rules so just sit right there and pout
    Cody I think you’ll be safe a few weeks to cuddle with Christine cause I feel a penalty nom coming to Big Brother 16

  18. Victoria is purposefully trying to egg Zach on so he will assault her and get expelled from the house. She and the rest of the HGs (besides Donny) think that Zach is some overly violent Tasmanian Devil that will assault anyone and that makes me sick that they think that because Zach (and Donny) are hated by America and they are doing America a favor and that they think Zach is some sorta woman beater. Newsflash! That role is reserved for Caleb. Have the HGs not heard the outside-the-house messages? America loves Zach, enough to announce it twice! And the fact that Freakie thought they said “Frankie is the best” makes me laugh because America hates him SO badly for what he did/is doing to Zach. And another thing. Frankie in the HOH told Zach (a couple nights ago, Friday maybe Saturday?) that getting him out was the best thing for his game and then just yesterday he is quoted saying that he doesn’t even know if getting Zach out will help his game. Could he be anymore wishy-washy. And calling Azch a prolific liar and then right after that calling Zach the saboteur. Really? REALLY?! And saying that Zach brings things up from weeks ago and won’t drop them as Frankie proceeds to do just that and far more than Zach ever has. Frankie is projecting his mental malfunction on to Zach and it f*cking disgusts me. I hope that he gets booed at his eviction and starts crying. That would be justice for #ZachAttack fans everywhere…

    1. Aw, poor you your imaginary boyfriend is leaving.

      And speaking of “projection” – don’t tell us what “America” thinks. That’s arrogant.

      Frankie sucks, but Zach is a terrible GAME player, even if he’s an entertaining personality.
      Too bad you don’t win this game with aligator hands and annoying the hell out of everyone around you.

      1. While it seems everyone hates on Zach for talking to Nicole before she was set to leave, I thought it was a good chance for Nicole to gather information, go compare and get back to Zach. But NO, another Zach lie that had to be taken to Officer Derrick.

        I also wonder if Frankie understood the depth of Zach’s love/friendship. Or Frankie measure love in inches of d*%&. He had a mostly uncontrollable friend, but that friendship should have been harnessed not pushed away. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF FRANKIE? Can’t handle true affection? If one is lucky in life they might count on one hand someone who deeply cares for you. Zach was one. You should have used that positive energy to help win the game. Instead Frankie, you surrendered ONE loving friend for 5M haters. YOU MADE THE WRONG TRADE!

      2. The majority of people on the feeds are huge Zach fans. Same with Twitter, and any other Big Brother site you can find. Zach and Donny are definitely the two fan favs. Former Big Brother HG as well. He may not be the best player but he is definitely loved by the fans. So he wins regardless:)

  19. Zaaack!!! I’m here…buried alive at the bottom of her smelly clothes. You can still wear me…hurry Zack..she is one Scaaary B—-!!

    I Love You #ZackAttack!

  20. Sounds like Frankie being in her ear really pumped her up to cut up the hat he wears of hers um okay Victoria. If you were more pumped up about that instead of actually listening to Zach when he told you about an alliance that Derrick was a part of as well that’s on you girl. Hope you feel better about yourself by cutting up your own hat, not hiding it and teasing him about it, but cutting it up. Got you. lol

  21. I really like Zach, he’s my second fave after Donny, but both his social and strategic game play sucks BIG TIME, so I’m okay with him leaving.

    Donny’s social game is, well, non-existant – if he can secure a few good wins over the coming weeks then I think, even next to Derrick (who’s strategic game has been stellar), he has a significant chance of winning if he makes it to the final two.

    As great as Derrick’s game is – it’s too predictable with him still in the game as he’s running the show. So I’m really rooting for Donny to become HOH and somehow take him out. Even though I do think Derrick clearly deserves to win.

    The only three in the game currently who have played significantly enough for me to actually be okay with them winning are Derrick, Donny, and Frankie (in a distant third because he’s too blind to Derrick and should have taken him out this week).

    No one currently in jury deserves to win, so when someone returns, I hope they shake things up a little and then are swiftly kicked back to jury (esp. Nicole – what a dingbat!)

  22. dawg a poem from the fans here goes hope production reading too
    oh Donny boy they against you but we got you
    you the reason we watch
    with in hoh this week big brother fans base grow
    with eviction this week big brother will cancle
    oh Donny boy please win hoh
    the fans loves big brother
    with you there
    if you gone
    we leave in never watch again
    to a good person to the next win for the fans
    oh Donny boy we got your back
    so production please oh please
    save Donny for your true big brother fans

    1. What a dumb poem that doesn’t make sense nor rhyme. I’m guessing that English is not your first language.

      …….. Do you see those little dots? They are called periods, use them.

  23. WHO CARES if she cut up the frickin hat!!! Get real. Would you wear it after that Jamoke has worn it for the past 60 days? Personally I’d cut his balls off. He is an immature oaf with a mouth like a guttersnipe. He can’t keep his mouth shut and you all want to turn him into a saint? PLEASE!!! He has harassed just about every person in that house, and I am completely enjoying him getting some of his own medicine. Pay back is a bitch.

  24. Dawg, excuse my ignorance what inappropriate thinks was Christine and Frankie doing and if the hat was Victoria’s and Zach’s been wearing it since the season started will they still consider it hers?
    I really feel for Victoria Bless her Heart she thinks she made a big move and she’s not realizing how immature that silly move is making her look OMG!!!! Victoria, Victoria

    1. They really didn’t do anything inappropriate like they said they were going to do. The only think Frankie did was hold the sock monkey’s leg near Cody’s face like it was his c**k.

      The hat would still be considered Victoria’s because she never actually gave it to him. He took it and she never bothered to take it back. I think she talked about giving it to him but I dont think she ever said it was his.

  25. Donny is never going to talk game with derrick… lmao they are just sitting in the backyard and having a random chit chat… I wish Donny would be the one to take out Derrick in the game… Donny don’t trust your ass Derrick….. this is the main reason Derrick wants Donny out so bad, its because he cant manipulate Donny the way he does with other house guest. Im kinda hoping that this game would be Derrick vs Donny…

  26. please tell me why Victoria was picked for this game ? so dumb and useless . Can’t pass a mirror without looking at herself, get over it girl you are NOT that pretty. And mercy when the camera catches her just sitting and starring at people or off into space she is major creepy. If she even makes it to the final two and gets 50K then BB is a lost cause. She is acting like a teenager with the hat cutting , who gives a s*** ??? Trying to get Zach evicted from the house by production , God she is a joke. She just tries to fit in with the ones running the house and she is too damn dumb to know they think she is TOO DAMN DUMB> Can’t wait for her to find out how Derrick has played her stupid a** the entire game. I was feeling sorry for her at one time thinking she would be an emotional mess but now there is no sympathy at all for her, she deserves what she gets

  27. How many competitions has everyone in the house won?

    Victoria – 0 HoH’s, 1 POV?
    Caleb – 2 HoH’s, 0 POVS?
    Zach – 0 HoH’s, 1 POV?
    Christine – 1 HoH, 0 POVS?
    Cody – 1 HoH, 0 POV?
    Donny – 0 HoH’s, 3 POVS?
    Derrick – 1 HoH, 0 POVS?
    Frankie – 4 HoH’s, 1 POV?

    Was this right or wrong? Also didn’t count Battle of the block wins which I think Donny has most of those but not sure.

    1. Based on this (including BOB), it’s safe to say that both Donny and Frankie have, at least, put a little effort into securing their places in the final four. Caleb in a distant third.

    2. Caleb – 2 HOH, 0 POV
      Christine – 1 HOH, 1 POV
      Cody – 1 HOH, 0 POV
      Derrick – 2 HOH, 0 POV
      Donny – 1 HOH, 3 POV
      Frankie – 4 HOH, 1 POV
      Victoria – 0 HOH, 1 POV
      Zach – 1 HOH, 1 POV

    3. Victoria DID NOT win a POV. She was “given” the POV by Caleb (who won the competion) but chose to take $5,000 instead of the POV.

  28. They should bring a pet like a dog or cat for them to take care.

    Or having them do some kind of small work for charity etc.

    Just something for them to do… is so boring

    1. that is what they do on BB AU and I think it makes everything more interesting. Also, hgs are not permitted to sleep during the day.

  29. Two chins for two faces, Crust’ine! Just like your friend Frankie – he is such a dirty old man- his immaturity does not make him look young – just obnoxious and gross – as a gay guy I’m embarrassed how production encourages him. They actually should be called reduction (as they reduce him to two cultural stereotype) on one hand he acts like a modern day Richard Simmons- with that fakey bleeding heart emotional care to ones face but then turns into his actual modern day backstabbing self: Jeffrey Dahmer- hacking people while he creepily winks at the camera! His poor sister what an embarrassment!

  30. I hope that Zac is able to come back in the house to come back at all of these morons. This has been the most boring worthless season I have ever scene . A bunch of morons and Derek. Caleb is the dumbest person I have ever watched play the game with the exception of Victoria who isnt even in the game . And all I keep hearing these people say is how they’re happy that they’ve made it this far .Its like no one’s actually trying to win the game except Derrick and Donny. If anyone had a clue they would make a move and do something anything!!

  31. Personally I feel that Donny continues to be a little stupid NOT to have approached DERRICK before now and talk to him. The ONLY reason Derrick wants Donny out so badly at this point is the fact that Donny refuses to talk game to him and has since the beginning. Every time Derrick has asked him a question Donny answers with another question. How do you get close or trust someone like that. Donny has talked game with Frankie, Caleb, Zach and Cody lately, and Derrick knows this, yet Donny refuses to talk to Derrick about anything game related. Wouldn’t you be suspicious. Derrick knows that Donny wants him out, and has known this for the past 6 weeks. I would want him out too, and am getting tired of the same old “feel sorry for me because I am an old man” speech. You are smarter than anyone in the house for crying out loud. So glad to see you finally got around to playing the game Donny!

    1. Donny knows that Derrick is smart enough to see thru any move he might want to make and clearly has known that Derrick is the ring leader

    2. I noticed also no one said a word yesterday about Donny is always saying he is playing for good TV and everyone else is playing for their self, well hell I guess I had it all wrong, I was thinking that’s how you play the game is for yourself, but he always mentions good TV.
      I really think that is Donny’s game to win the viewers over with his pity stories and always poor me and everyone falls for it. looks like all he is there for is to win Americas player vote and that’s it, just work on the viewers, every game he has won production has rigged it for him-and Frankie. He isn’t a good game player, he is playing the viewers. pay attention people it comes right out of his mouth everytime the camera is on him and he speaks.

      1. Newsflash! Donnie just won the BOB-by himself. Actually, it was 3 against one as Christine was trying to help the other team! And he still won.

        Try again cause that dog wont hunt.

    3. You’re entitled to your opinion but in actually Derrick wants Donny out because he can not manipulate Donny like he can manipulate the other HG (Frankie and Derrick considers themselves the HG daddy) that’s what they said. AnyWho, that’s the way I see it Derrick and Frankie are professional manipulators.

  32. Victoria is most definatly a child. destroy ur own shit because u want to pretend u mean something in this game? HAHa. Sorry little princess you’re still completely useless. ROLMFAO at people who thinks she’s sticking up for herself. Nah she’s dying for attention like a 5 year old girl… Pathetic.

  33. Victoria brings her cheap pink Walmart baseball cap into the house and never wears it. After July 9, Zack wears it all the time. On 8/12 2:32AM BBT Cam 2, Zack tells Victoria “There’s no way you’re taking it back.” Victoria replies “I’m not taking it back”.
    Who baseball cap is it?
    Thumbs up if you think it became Zacks, Thumbs down if still Victorias.

  34. If Zack goes in front of Julie I hope like hell she has a pink cap to give him, and if he comes back in and wins HOH I hope he has some in his basket. This was one of the most child like things I have ever seen and she’s so proud of it. She has a loud mouth and can yell she was doing that in the HOH room not long ago, so why not stick of for yourself in words, What a joke and you know darn well they were laughing at her not with her,

    1. If production does not step up and enforce the RULE that was broken by Frankie, then I would hope that EVERY member of the audience greet Zach with a PINK HAT!

  35. Just want to make sure that everyone on this board does realize that Victoria is going home with $50,000 for finishing in second place, right? We don’t yet know whom she’ll be up against, and who’s winning the $500,000, but it’s pretty much a done deal that everyone else left in the house wants to be in the finals against this dimwit. Has there been a more clueless player in the history of this game to come in second place? I don’t think even Porsche was as oblivious and just plain useless as Victoria.

    1. I would HATE that!!! Can you see her now in all her interviews bragging about how good a game player she is? I would hate the winner that would take her to F2!

      But she has been talking the last few days about how bad her scalp is bleeding and hurts from wearing those extensions all day, everyday. With over a month to go maybe she will have to self evict for medical reasons if production still insist she wear them like she said they were doing. With that long to go she is risking an infection and/or even permanent hair loss.

  36. As a gay man, I’m all sorts of offended at the clear profiling BB use to cast the gay men that have on this show. They feed into the worst, most base negative stereotypes people hold of gay people, and this is been a pretty consistent tactic of this show through its entire run.

    1. The show has also edited the program in the past to make the HGs (particularly of color or gay) fit certain roles. A lot more harm has been done to certain HGs in the editing room than on the live feeds!

  37. I wish someone would get a bullhorn and go outside the fence and tell all that’s going on with Derrick, Frank and Christine. That may liven up the house.

  38. Derrick is a jerk, Victoria is so self centered, Cody is too quiet, Frankie is ….well he is Frankie, Christine is two faced, Caleb is arrogant, Zach is rude and Donny should win it all.

  39. Victoria… Victoria… You know you should go apologize to Zachary while you still have the chance. You know it’s the right thing to do.

    Christine On Her Other Shoulder says:
    No Victoria! F**k Him! Now go cut up all your other clothes and stuff them in his suitcase before he gets evicted. That’ll teach him to mess around with you!

  40. Frankie’s either prancing about and carrying on like pre-teen girl or he’s feeling up the male houseguests. I really don’t much like either side of him. His over-the-top performances lost their charm a while ago.

  41. What are we 60+ days in the house and Victoria’s only game play thus far is her destroying her own hat. Cute. I still think Vic is not aware she’s on big brother but whatever. Unless these lame brains smarten up Vic may be sitting in that final 2 (I will be furious)

  42. Hey guys. I am still confused as to why zach read the rule book. He hasn’t caused terror so I don’t believe the theory that he was reading it to see how far he could harass people. Think about it this way, what are the odds he reads that book the day after social media blows up #renomination rule. Call me crazy or a wishful thinker, but I don’t think he flipped through it by chance. Simon, dawg, or mike boogie I would love for some input on this. What does everyone think??

  43. Whatever happened to Rockstar? Ill Will amd Chloe only occasionally post. This season sucks so bad that the oldtimers hardly write. Sad.

  44. Derrick Congrats you have won $500,000, the rest of these Houseguests are clueless heck even as there walking out the door Zach is like is there anything I can do to help you Derrick. Derrick’s mist as some call it on here is unbelievable!.

  45. In a way im hoping for a vic and cody final just to here zach rip the two apart for there awesome float to the end game.

  46. I posted this comment on the CBS big brother site, but wanted to post it here.

    Dear CBS, Rich M., and Allison G.,

    I also like many have watched BB since 2000 and am a super fan. However, I have been disappointed in things the last few seasons.

    1. Brendon had to follow the rules and nominate Ragan instead of Brittany, once he told Brittany in advance she was going up besides Lane, it was then redone for TV to make it look like the conversation never happened ( At least the rules were followed)

    2. When Porshe had to reverse her nominations of Rachel and Jordan because of Pandoras Box, and had no choice but to put up the only ones left eligible to be nominated.

    Now these last 2 seasons the constant racism and hatred of the houseguests towards others was almost unbearable to keep watching. But there is no rule stating that a houseguest can’t be racist and hateful. Actually I am surprised Allison G. and Rich M. still had a job after that season.

    This year is taking all the above and do nothing about it!

    1. Caleb should have not been allowed to go on the reward once he decided to sit out the competition.

    2. Christine cheated and handed Caleb a bone in the last BOB, an obvious example of cheating and then bragging about it in the DR, she should have received a penalty nomination for cheating. What if that had been the bone that would have helped Caleb and Cody win the BOB.

    3. Victoria GAVE the pink hat to Zach, essentially making it his property. Then production telling her it was ok to destroy it to piss of Zach, which was his property at that point. It is also worth noting the feed was blocked when she asked for a knife and began destroying the hat.

    (Last time someone played with a knife, they were removed from the house, (Re: Season2).

    4. The constant bullying of others in the house, to the point it has become difficult to watch. In case you didn’t know bullying is a big problem right now and those watching it on BB just encourages this problem. There is a difference in lying and backstabbing in a game like BB and actually bullying people and their reputation to be seen by millions. I realize this is more of a houseguest problem, than production but some of the bullying tactics have included threats.

    5. Allowing team America to use Zach constantly to accomplish their missions, encouraging him to start arguments, blaming him for everyone’s items being taken and so on. On the mission to steal items and start a patrol it never said to try to convince the missing items on a houseguest.

    6. Lastly, but most importantly, the whole Renom controversy. Not directly telling a houseguest they are going to be the replacement nominee for the veto and would be voted out by everyone. It’s one thing to be vague and say you don’t know what you are going to do with the veto while you are also HOH, and directly breaking the rules by saying you are the replacement and leaving, and production doing nothing about it. ( Production at least corrected it in season 12 with Brendon telling Brittany)

    If you read ANY BB message boards you will see just how many of your viewers are furious with how nothing is being done to resolve these problems. The whole Renom thing was the leading message on twitter with over 32,000 just hours after Frankie broke the rule by telling Zach he is going up and leaving.

    Allison G. and Rich M. do the right thing for once and fix this problem Thursday by having Zach come off the block and have Frankie have to nominate either Derrick or Victoria for eviction, or have Christine put up for cheating and Victoria for destruction of property which was no longer hers.

    All of us as fans are hoping that production finally starts doing the right things when rules are broken. These rules were enforced in the past and should continue to be enforced. Otherwise it becomes an unfair playing field for the houseguests when rules are ignored and things changed at the last minute to give production favorites an advantage over others. ( Ex.Rachel and Jordan)

    I sincerely hope you are listening to the viewers and reading their comments. If not then hopefully CBS will fire Allison G. and Rich M. and find producers that will start making things more fair for all houseguests.

  47. I don’t believe people in DR where laughing hysterically at Vic’s childish prank. This is like cutting of your nose to spite your face. It would be great if everyone in the audience is wearing pink hats when Zack leaves and that one brings an extra to throw to Zack. If Cody is evicted, not that he will be it would still be great to see a sea of pink hats. Maybe then he will see how wrong he is about Zack. Doubtfull he will, he’ll think they’re mocking Zack. It’s a difficult cast to like. I stay so far away from commenting on Christine because I would have to stoop to her level.

  48. let.s be honest zach is not the only one to talk shit about victoria,every one of them except donny has talked shit about her especially frankie and christine,only difference zach,s not a rat that does it behind your back like these other losers,he tells you to your face.

  49. Cody just told Derrick he had to talk to him later about a conversation he had with Donny. WHY DONNY? WHY?? Why did you talk to that doofus?!! How could he not know Cody would run right to Derrick? Other than Donny and Zack, I really hate this cast.

  50. hey guys it look like cody going to tell derrick about the talk him in Donny had
    cody is a joke he need to go all he do is report back to derrick what happening if he
    win the whole thing he might no will give the money to derrick
    men It just a grown men with no brains why would you tell waite after the comp see who win
    if Donny win then what you going to do if derrick tell him about the talk the other day in Donny will know
    it true cause he only talk to you cody just go home please

  51. Donnie telling Zach about the HOH camera this afternoon. Once again Frankie like Chris last week ask Donnie to take all the group pictures leaving him out of them. Those 2 make me SICK!!!!

    1. Seriously? They live together. They’re family. They’re close. She called it “their” house, herself.
      Hate Frankie all you want, but keep it in check – and preferably focused on him as a HG and the game.

  52. If Victoria makes it to the Final 2, she really deserves to win. It will be the first time in history that anyone had LITERALLY done nothing for themselves and actually make it to the final. If I were her, my speech to the jury would be:

    “I’m here, you’re not, the end”.

    My answer to every question would be: My strategy was to look pretty and get carried to the end by a man. Even if his name was Christine (Zing). My biggest move was not getting evicted.

  53. Victoria is NOT pretty. She’s a hideous, sheltered, shallow, privileged mean girl. Her beady eyes are empty and souless. Most worthless player I ever recall.

  54. Zach is the only one that will give his opinion of Vitriolic to her face and to speak for all feeders. No lies, no backstabbing, no BS under the bus sh|t. Kudos to Zach for telling it like it is. The immature girl has never heard the truth from her little protected island she lives on

  55. My last two comments haven’t been posted. :( how do you guys decide which ones to not post? All I said was that I think Victoria is a vile person….. Who isn’t doing anything in the house.

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