Big Brother Spoilers Frankie to Caleb “I’m excited I got to win it so I can use it on you”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-16 21-22-49-113
9:20pm Zach and Christine
Zach – how the hell are we going to get out of the house..
Christine says it will be awkward with Victoria
Zach – not for me i’ll be laughing in her face
Christine – I think she knows.. Awkward..
Zach – you better tell her to look extra pretty on MOnday she’ll be on camera
Zach – He’s using it on Caleb.. not that it matters..
Zach – Immagine if it’s double evict and it does VIctoria and donny
Christine there might be a buy back and Hayden comes back
Zach – theres no buy back it’s impossible. (THere is and chances are you’ll be in needing it) Christine tells him she’ll be fine with no girls in the house.

BB16-2014-08-16 21-27-11-095

9:27pm Group Dinner Caleb gives a prayer.. Amen..
Zach – What a day you guys.. Kathy Griffin.. she’s a smoke bomb
Caleb tells a story about his brother getting a new Duramax truck and doing donuts with it. THe found a giant mound of snow in the middle of the parking lot. They rammed into the snow mound and it was a yellow poll in concrete.
Caleb – it put a dent in the bumper.. wasn’t that bad”

Zach’s story. He went to chipotle restaurant the guy in front of him asked for Cheese and they were out of cheese ‘If they don’t have cheese for their burritos I’m going to make a scene” Zach was getting really angry and the employees and people in the line. At the end of the day they were open for 20 more minutes and they didn’t have cheese. After they prepared more cheese nobody was at the cash register for Zach to pay. Zach complained to the manager and he told him to get lost if he didn’t like it.

Donny was driving a tractor with front end loader he was going to fix some erosion. he had to drive it near a ledge and almost flipped it when he was about to ball out his legg bumped the lever that lowers the bucket and it saved the tractors.

Zach tells them another story about a baseball hitting him right in the a$$hole.

Cody shares a story about pooping at school something he never really did much. Cody adds that when he got up he caught the toilet paper on his pants and dragged it out of the stall and into the hallway.

Caleb – You guys know about my brother p**ping on his wife.. Blake.. the pastor. His wife wanted to wax his butthole. They make a deal she will put a handful of Deer guts in her mouth for 30 seconds he would let her wax his butthole. Caleb says his brother was purposely waiting until he had to poop. His wife poured the wax in his butt hole and it was nruing him. SHe was blowing in his butthole because it burnt him. At that point he p**ped all over her. Caleb says the wax had hardened his butt cheeks together. caleb says it was on youtube.. . Caleb clears up that she never got poop in her

BB16-2014-08-16 22-26-21-688

10:18pm Kitchen table
Caleb talking about meeting the owner of the cowboys Jerry Jones.
Frankie says Kathy Griffin come on on their show to promote herself means they are having really good ratings.
They mentions Derrick’s Zing was really mean something like
This house is filled with Attractive men. All of you are so attractive.. ohh sorry Derrick didn’t see you there ZING. Christine would have rathers the Jenn City Zing they teased her about than the zing she got.
Donny’s zing had something to do about Duck Dynasty your’s social game is suck dynasty.

BB16-2014-08-16 22-38-32-650

10:26pm Frankie to Caleb
Caleb saying he hopes the next HOh is endurance so he can go all “beast Mode” on it and win it.
Caleb – If you weren’t going to win it I would have won it simple
Frankie – I know.. I’m excited I get to win it so I can use it on you
Frankie tells him he has to win the HOH next week and return the favor.

BB16-2014-08-16 22-48-47-333

10:48pm Donny talking about his brother who has one hand with just two fingers on it.
Zach – so he can’t play video games
Donny – He beat Mario one two and thee wit his feet.
Zach – No way that’s crazy
Donny – he uses his chin like a thumb.
Donny says his brother likes MMA fights, Football and Reality TV.
Zach – this might be too personal but can he wipe his own a$$
Donny – he finds a way.. he’s very creative.
Donny says his brother never dated any girls. He just moved out from his parents house but still in the same neighborhood.
Donny mentions his brother broke his collar bone 4 times from riding his bike because when he fell he never had the hands to break his fall.
Donny goes on about all the things his brother can do even though he’s go a disability.
Zach asks if there’s anything he physically can’t do.
Donny – he wouldn’t want me to say the only thing he cannot do is tie his shoes while they are on his feet.

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BB16-2014-08-16 23-03-51-893

11:03pm HOH Christine and Frankie

They are saying It wasn’t Derrick and Cody that screwed them over it was NIcole.
Frankie – just so you know everyone has come to be asking me to do something big
Christine – really I’m so happy
Frankie – I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.. I’m using it on Caleb.
Frankie says Caleb, Cody and Derrick want Zach put up.
Frankie – I don’t want to blindside him.. we’ll have to call a meeting.. I want him to know there’s no hope it was a group decision.
Christine says she 100% supports getting Zach out this week.
Christine – That makes me so happy everyone is on board.
Frankie – I as thinking about just doing it.
They agree there’s nothing for Zach to blow up. He could tell Donny but what can Donny do.
They agree that Caleb is so different now he’s funny and happy..
Frankie has a issue with Zach bringing up them trying to get him out two weeks ago Frankie never mentions last week anymore is worried Zach will once he wins the HOH.
Frankie says the worst thing wit Zach going home this week is if there’s a buy back and he comes back. They joke that there will be a slouching competitions and Jocasta will come back in.
Christine says her and Cody hang out all the time but they never talk game.
Frankie – I calculated I’ve won 1/2 the competitions I’ve played in
Christine – Cody doesn’t win anything
Frankie – Donny’s close to my record but he’s played in a lot more
Derrick joins them they agree getting Zach out is the best thing this week.
Derrick stresses how Victoria is a waste of an HOH.
Frankie wants to be the one that sends Zach home.

BB16-2014-08-16 23-36-09-879

11:37pm Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Christine
Cody complains how he sucks at Veto competitions. Frankie wants to have a meeting and tell Zach there’s no hope. Frankie is still worried that Zach will blow stuff up.
Cody – at this point no one is going to care what he has to say
Derrick’s main concern is Zach tells Donny and Donny puts him and Christine up if he wins HOH because of the plane to have Christine throw the BOB

BB16-2014-08-17 00-12-26-141

12:10AM Caleb talking about coming back from Iraq.

12:20AM HOH Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Christine
Frankie – so you’re a you tube star, congratulations on achieving the same amount of fame as Dancing cats
They agreeing that their show is getting crazy good ratings for Kathy Griffin to be on it.
Caleb joins them.

12:23AM Living Room Victoria and Zach
Victoria is worried she’s going to get Booed when she leaves.
Zach says she’s not going to get booed DEvin didn’t even get Booed .
Victoria saying that everyone got personal Zing’s hers was game.
Zach reassure her she’s playing a game , “At least you are being true to yourself.. you’re reserved and passive.”
Zach – I’m an instigator
Zach says personally if he doesn’t win the 500 grand he’s going to be upset.. Adds that he’s already picked the house he’s buying.. two bedroom apartment.

BB16-2014-08-17 00-49-25-124

12:43AM HOH Derrick, Christine, Cody, Frankie and Caleb.
I wouldn’t put it past him honestly.. he’s not going to be happy and he’s not going to be quiet.
Caleb – Donny is not dumb..
Derrick – Doesn’t really matter Donny is going to put two of us up regardless..
Frankie – He’s not a number for us anymore
Caleb – Victoria is more of a number.

Going through all the reasons why they want Zach gone….

(On a side note Frankie’s pop star sister has been tweeting that she wishes she could telepathically tell Frankie to Backdoor
Derrick not Zach)

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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When I thought I couldn’t possibly hate Frankie and Christine more………….


I know right. Every new week makes me hate them more.

Hermione Cumberbatch

I know..I’m, worried for Zach..but at least I can like Frankie’s sister..she has been tweeting. She wants Derrick backdoored!


She is tweeting in the hopes of saving Skankie’s backside.


Loved listening to Donny talking to Zack about his/Donny’s brother Tommy. Another reason to want Donny Win. His good people and comes from great stock. His eyes lit up when talking about his older brother. Probably one of the more interesting stories I have heard this year on BB.


You mean you didn’t like Caleb’s story about his brother sh*tting on his wife, when she was waxing his butthole.


Very few things leave me in disbelief, but that whole Caleb story is one of them. I find it hard to believe its true. I find it equally harder to understand 1. Why a man’s wife would be so preoccupied with his hairy a-hole. 2. Why they would agree to an audience when he said she could wax it. 3. Why anybody with an ounce of decency or sound mind would allow anybody to record it. 4. Why anybody would repeat such a story to millions of viewers.

pants on fire

I agree…just listening to the compassion Donny has for his handicapped brother was inspirational!! This man has more love in his heart than all the other scum bags combined.

Hypocritical Much?

I love how everyone bitches that the producers set the game up but ten when things dont seem to be going their way, they beg the producers to intervene. I hope Derrick continues to dominate this game! He’s the only one playing a GAME.

Finally some who gets it

They are playing Big Brother. Derrick is the best player in the house by far and deserves to win the game. It isn’t his obligation to make the game interesting. He’s in it to win 500,000 dollars. Guess who’s there for the same reason? Everyone’s beloved Donny. He’s a nice guy. I like him personally. I still would rather have Derrick win.


Why can some people not see that Donny is also playing the game? Is there a set-in-stone playbook for BB and one cannot deviate from those rules? Donny and DePrick are using two different methods to play BB. DePrick has been aggressive, greedy, in-your-face, back-stabbing and controlling. Good for him, that is how he chooses to play. Donny made it quite clear from the start that his game-play was to remain low-key, be observant and remain quiet. He has won comps and has remained in the house. Unfortunately the self-entitled brat packers do not wish to listen to logic, they prefer using a knife to the back. Certainly the TA and the greed of DePrick and the Pink Poodle have played a small part in keeping Donny but it is an alliance. No different to the Bullsh*t alliance, the Detonators or Hitmen with the exception that these alliances last as long as a New York minute and for the majority, do not have a pot of gold at the end of Frankie’s rainbow coloured hair.


No lie detected !


No lies detected !


I found some of the questions Zach asked to be borderline rude. I get the curiosity, but some seemed unnecessary.He’s college educated, certainly he could’ve figured out some of those answers on his own.


If Frankie backdoors Zach he is crazy dumb. Getting rid of someone that has your back over someone that is going after you.. What an idiot.


it’s dumb, you’re absolutely right! but let’s face it he’s not going to do it, he’s too scared of the “house” might putting him up next round


Breaking news, Frankie! There will only be 7 people in the house. Of course you are going up -especially if you keep bragging how many competitions you’ve won.


Even dumber, they know derrick has victoria in back pocket and she will not put him up, why would he want her to stay as a vote for derrick, so dumb, they are letting derrick win and it is boring.


Frankie better brace himself when Zach goes defcon 1 on his ass for placing him on the block for the backdoor. Zach is gonna EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE!


I almost wonder if there is more to it. Maybe Frankie tried to take it a little too far with Zach and holds his rebuff against him. Just seems like it went from Zack sleeping up in the HOH to all of a sudden Caleb is now his sleeping partner.


I thought the same thing a while back. The “girls” had a lover’s spat and Skankie, The Pink Poodle, cannot take rejection. This is his way of exacting his revenge, similar to what young lovers in junior high school do. Poor Skankie is going to have a rude awakening when DePrick tells him to ” get a prancing”. And how can Skankie possibly think that a visit from a true D-Lister like Kathy Griffin means the show is popular. Kathy would turn up to the opening of an envelope.


Yes, I’ve been wondering, too, if maybe Zach rejected Frankie, so now he’s moved onto Caleb. If Frankie knew America loved Zach and would hate him if he backdoored Zach, knew Zach had his back and could potentially come back to haunt Frankie if there was a “buy back,” wouldn’t it be obvious to put up Derrick? Can’t he see that Derrick is playing the best game and the opportunities are running out to get rid of him? I don’t get it! Obviously his sister, Ariana, has it figured out.

Zach Attack

R.I.P Zach :'( I had this gut feeling at the start of the week he would get backdoored. What hurts even worse is Christine and Frankie having some epiphany that it was Nicole and not pig face and cry baby 🙁


Even Zach gets evicted, he still has good chance to come back. He has won more challenges than hayden and jocasta. His only challenge is Nicole. So 50/50 chance, hopefully…


I know. It just proves how dumb these people are that they haven’t realized it is Derrick that is pulling all the strings. He really doesn’t hide it that well but these people are so self-centered and oblivious.


F**K Frankie,,,Zach? Go ahead and help Derricks game, I’m sure he will do the same for you (not).


Oh, Zach’s alliance trying to get him out again…color me surprised. Poor Donny has now seen out all of his friends and allies to this group of punks.


Punks? For what? Playing the game? Derrick made smart game moves. Zack is standing in Derrick’s way so Derrick is setting it up so he’s not in his way anymore. Derrick has had in nearly every single eviction and the people who were evicted have no idea. It’s brilliant if you ask me.


You are 100% right. Derrick has clearly studied this game and knows the formula for winning. He has chosen two weak players as his primary allies: Cody and Victoria; he has been a member of many alliances, enough to have a hand in every nomination/eviction; his social game is so strong that no one sees him as a threat. Frankie’s sister wants him out because no one can win against him, except maybe Donny, who has played a better social game just by virtue of his kindness and honesty and technically a better physical game in terms of challenges bc he’s a genius. Really, the final two I’d most like to see is Derrick and Donny. They are the only two who have done the game any justice and are both utterly brilliant.

TA Sucks

I hate you Frankie.


Done. Cancelling my feeds. I hope Zach gets back in Thursday, but honestly this season is over for me. Frankie is an idiot, and these people are awful. No wonder Donny cries so much, that place must be Hell.


If Zach leaves next week I hope that Frankie is the next to go.


I agree! Frankie next week and Zack comes back…I would love to see Zack come back get HOH and backdoor Frankie, then Christine. Leave Donnie in the game, he deserves it because he has been battling all season.


I only caught the last part of Donny’s story, but it was very interesting and uplifting story. Just shows what a person can do when he or she puts their mind to it. Handi capable NOT handicap for his brother. Back to the game, If Zach gets evicted then the house finds out their is a “buy back”, those douchebags(excluding Donny) are gonna $hit bricks. That good for nothing worthless POS cop will be scrambling for an excuse if Zach comes back. He’s a natural liar. He’s a fu##ing cop

Zing Sting

OMG Frankie. Grow a pair a make a bold move. BB16 is really getting so predictable. Yawn…


If the shoe was on the other foot Derrick would be getting rid of Frankie in a heart beat


Noooooooooooooo! Not zach!


let’s face it, Derrick is safe, and there’s no way in hell that weasel is going to nominate him
A Zach eviction exchange for a Hayden return into the house is great for Donny!
Hayden is ready to get his hands dirty and target Derrick and Cody

Sorry Zach but you’re not that good of a competitor, you came close this HOH but you blew it again, sorry you have to go
Team Donny!


As a Donny fan you’re not very bright. Zach is the ONLY person in the house willing to work with him. Even if someone from jury comes back, they will STILL be greatly outnumbered. Need Zach to stay, along with whoever comes back from jury, in order for Donny to even have a remote chance.


I know having Zach here with one of the returnees would benefit Donny’s gameplay, but ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Zach is going, sucks but I don’t see any other way …Frankie is not going to nominate Derrick, nor Victoria


Just when there was a ray of hope, Frankie blindly follows Derrick and is now going to put up one of the few people he could have worked with. If Zach does go, I hope either Derrick or Cody win the HoH just to put him up the next week and let him realize what a bone-headed move he is making.

Hate Cody and Der

What a bunch of d bags


Frankie has to know that keeping Zach helps him control thsevote, whereas eliminating Cody or Victoria would send Derrick into spiral mode and BDing Derrick would actually be a big move. Eliminating Zach is NOT a big move when he himself acknowledges that he is the low man on the totem pole in his own “alliance”!

Straight Guy

Official Zingbot zings:

Derrick: The Police Dept called. There’s an I.A. investigation to find out where you put your morals. ZING!

Victoria: We have a prize for you: a fur coat made from the hair you plucked from your upper lip and chin. ZING!

Caleb: You need to stop using the prefix “metro” and insert “homo” which describes you better. ZING!

Christine: Your marriage license is suspended for DUI; going Down Under Instantly on Cody as soon as Brittany & Amber left the house. ZING!

Donny: Duck Dynasty called, they want their beard back. ZING!

Cody: Did you enjoy the bowling competition? Cause those are the only balls you’ve ever had. ZING!

Frankie: You can’t visit that Africa school you lied about giving money to, they have a protective order against you for molestation. ZING! After you finish BB 16 you can start in that reality show you wanted: BB16: “Blowing Boys under 16”! Zing!

Zach: You’re leaving the house this week! ZING!


Frankie is not my fav either but I thought calling him blowing boys under 16 might have crossed the line too much…


Didn’t you know that it’s okay to say disgusting things about people we don’t like on TV? It’s how we express how much better we are than them.


Zings are supposed to be mean and funny. You have the mean part, but you missed the funny.


Making jokes about pedophilia is never funny. Stick with the players actions and make fun of that if you wish. Don’t assume that all gay people are pedophiles.


I agree with that Branded. There is PLENTY of material to work with to Zing Frankie using his own actions. He’s definitely a sexual opportunist! He’ll never get this much ‘play’ in real world.

He was ridiculous at the NFL training camp.


Very mean. Not very funny.


Not that I’m in any way a fan, or supporter, of Frankie but why are you confusing Homosexuality with Paedophilia???
You do realise Mr Proudly Straight Guy that Homosexuality and Paedophilia are two VERY DIFFERENT things right?
FYI the absolutely overwhelming majority of Gay men are NOT paedophiles, but the overwhelming majority of paedophiles are infact straight men! Yet in society we don’t make jokes accusing all straight (men) of automatically being paedophiles because a few are actually paedophiles do we?

While I don’t care for Frankie morally at all (nor his game) but where has he ever stated, or has it been shown, that he has paedophilia tendencies and goes for kids?

I get that most of the comments on this blog are abit of fun banter between fans/non-fans about different HGs (based on behaviors/comments we’ve seen on the feeds) but I find your comment the most fricking ignorant and disgusting I’ve read on here about BB16 and without any basis in fact to boot!!!
Sounds like StraightGuy needs to get his facts Straight!!


I just want Donny to win HOH this wk so he can put up Frankie and Derrick. Forget the rest of those idiots.


I agree except the vote would be unanimous to evict Frankie. Nobody sees Derrick as a threat. Derrick would stay against anybody. He’s basically won the game.


What’s really f*cking disgusting is that Zach started to actually trust Frankie and now Frankie goes and does this. Zach will have the biggest true tissues ever and it breaks my heart because Frankie Grande is a soulless piece of sh*t that needs serious psychological help. Zach has his back 110% and he goes and does this. If Zach gets out then I hope Frankie gets out the next week and Zach returns. Serves that Sparkly Succubus right… Destroying his image only to have all that image destruction be for naught. If Zach goes home then CBS has lost a viewer because I can’t watch the rest of these f*cktards anymore (besides Donny), they are sick human beings and they only think one step ahead. Hello! This is Big Brother! Grow a brain and BD the Piggy Puppet Master!!! Rant over

Second worse season

I have tried really hard to stay with the live feeds. But this season is just too horrible to watch anymore. This cast of babies is just so weak. Season 15 was the worst season ever, however, this season comes close. Frankie is calling his nomination of Zack a “Big Move”? Are you kidding? His only prayer for staying in this game was to keep Zack, along with Christine and Caleb. How can all these dummies just blindly follow Derrick? I am wondering if Big Brother has run its course. I hope not! But production needs to really step it up when casting. Thanks to Simon and Dawg, I will continue to follow the show through this great site but I just can’t watch these fools anymore on the live feeds. Thanks Simon and Dawg for you great work every year!!!!!!! If donations are accepted, could you please pass on that info. You deserve it!!!!!


Yep, well said.


You say it so well here and I, too, no longer watch the feeds. Hurts my stomach….. I CANNOT understand (getting stressed out here….) why Frankie would backdoor Zach??!! I think it’s something personal and not game play!
Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping us informed! I will support you on Amazon!

Guliana from New York

I have never seen a more spineless bunch if players. Their basically writing and handing Derrick the check. OMG. I don’t ecen watch the show anymore, I come on this site for the news. Frankie is such a coward, they all her. It’s annoy also that Julie doesn’t ask the tough questions when the show wraps. Worst case ever, even worse than last season. I’m done with Big Brother




Bye Felicia…


See ya Mattie

I'm A Bomboso Baby...

There’s Nothing Like A Party Down South !!!
Can you imagine if Mattie was in the BB House?
And when Martha comes out, woo hoo hoooo,
Boys, She’s Comin For You!!! LOL 🙂


Zach should’ve went up initially like they wanted him to–he could’ve been safe with Donny. Frickin Frankie!


Then they would’ve saved the whole charade of trying to throw the BoB. All paths lead to Bomb Squad/Detonators trying to evict Zach. That’s why he expressed huge doubt about volunteering to go up. He’s always been low on the totem pole. Some days you think Zach realizes it, other days he seems clueless about his station in the ‘alliance’. It’s almost poetic how he was making fun of Victoria going on the block last night and not realizing he’s the marked man.


Oh well Zach is out. Go out with a bang!


Poor Zach – if he goes home to jury house – let’s hope he comes on the buy back and not Hayden.


nicole is the only one that can make an impact due to her comp wins.


Relax everyone diary room is going to change Frankie’s mind…. they are going to save zankie because that’s good for tv…… when Thursday comes Cody or Caleb will be evicted…


I hope you are right. But I still think he will pull Caleb off anyway. The change would be putting Victoria up instead. While that’s not the best thing, it’s a HECK of a lot better than Zach going out.

I hope that:
1. Zach stays.
2. He forms a GENIUINE bond with Donny.
3. Nicole comes back in.
4. Donny gets a special power. (Golden veto, Coup d’etat, et.)
5. Donny, Zach, and Nicole are the final three, and fight it out for the win.

One can hope! 🙂

Hate Cody and Der

Frankie says he wants to stab Zach in the heart and pull the dildo out of his ass so he can bathe in his blood. Seriously! These people r f n tools!


They might as well just write Derrick the cheque. How is it that everyone ends up doing what is best for Derrick and none of them realize he is playing them all. I can’t stand him and especially the head nod and the hand motions to the camera. Why are none of them comparing notes?

Unless something crazy happens with whoever comes back in its going to be Derrick dragging Cody and Victoria to the end and heating Victoria in a unanimous vote.


Oh noooo. This is making me hate Frankie and Derrick more. What a pussies!


“Great stock” implies a fine healthy lineage, with limbs intact lol

Capt obvious

I was going to rip on this comment for being absolutely rude and inappropriate, but I think the fact that it was even approved for viewing is more disturbing.


In Frankie’s words about Zach I want to put the baby to sleep and stab it in the heart. I think Frankie’s true colours are shining through.


Frankie is a legitimate insane person. He was telling Christine he was excited to tell Zach that he has no hope for the week. I’m really creeped out ugh.


As a #ZackAttack & Zankie fan/shipper I cringed hearing some of things that Frankie has said about Zach. I am hoping it is all for show and that Frankie will wait until the last moment to pull Zach aside and tell him he is going to work with him to get to the final 2. If Frankie follows through though, then he lost one fan in me. I don’t mind Frankie’s over the top attitude, or apparently using his sister to impress others even. But I draw the line at him trying to humiliate and further hurt Zach who has been nothing but a loyal friend to him. Even Ariana wants Frankie to put up Derrick instead of Zach. So at least we know she is a fan of Zach’s.

Donny ftw

I HATE Frankie and Christine. I hope they get backdoored next.


Imagine if Frankie was actually baiting the others to say they want Zach out and outs all of them out to Zach and Donny. Then he teams up with them two and go after them and hopefully Hayden
This is just me hopelessly wishing lol


Frankie keeps telling others that he wants to be the one to tell Zach he is going home and it is a house decision.. I am hoping that Frankie will tell Zach that he is planning a stealth move and tell him that he is using him as pawn to get out Derrick instead. I can’t see how Frankie actually thinks if he gets rid of Zach that he will be seen as trust worthy by the rest of the house, if he is willing to back stab Zach who everyone knows was his closest friend/ally then surely he must know that everyone else will think that he would turn on a dime against them as well. Frankie is being stupid if he thinks that he will have any close allies left once Zach is gone. But Caleb is a wildcard and may just side with Frankie, that is still too early to call.


If Zach goes and doesn’t come back, I’ll wait til next season. Too obvious it will be Frankie and derrick final 2… Too predictable.


This feels too scripted for me. I think this plan to backdoor Zack is designed to create a buzz/excitement for a few days before Victoria goes up. I just don’t see production letting Zack go; he brings in too many ratings. Victoria does absolutely nothing for the show.


PLEASE! I would much rather CBS make us cry than Frankie make Zach cry!


Here is one idea that I have on how production can possibly save Zach, introduce the Pandora’s Box, and when Frankie opens it, let there be a Diamond Power of Veto inside, but the twist would be that it would be awarded to another player instead of to the HOH. Then a mini comp would be done for it. This way Frankie can keep his POV but could possibly have it backfire on him if he uses it to take off Caleb and if he puts up Zach, of course that would waste his POV if Zach had won the Diamond Power of Veto.


BB Canada 2 introduced a secret POV that was hidden and found by Allison and the rules were that it could be used for 3 nominations and could also be used even after the regular POV, as well it had to be kept secret from all other house guests.. Now if production borrowed that idea combined with a few tweaks then Zach could possibly find it this week and ensure his safety for at least a few more weeks, thus keep viewers happy to see him stay and wreck havoc upon the house knowing that he would safe with that power. That would be ideal for the viewers seeing Zach unleashed in the house with little to hold him back. Seeing Zach leave would upset a lot of fans who know he is the most interesting player in the entire house.. Production is probably tearing their hair out right now trying to think of a way to save him.

Frankie is the worst

I really hope Zach gets the buyback, since he has no hope of staying this week. Hayden and Nicole would be good too, but I would want Zach to come back in order to get revenge on Frankie. It would be great.


But Zach needs to stay and join with Donny and whoever comes back in to stand a chance. The odds are long with 3 but just 2 is impossible.


production all we want this week is for a Donny hoh please
for us big brother fan please Donny hoh for us

Cody Punched Me In The Face

Zach made the fatal mistake of speaking to Donny. Derrick will not allow anyone to do this. Brittany, PowPow, Jocosta, and even Devin made the same mistake. I hate it, but this is how Derrick thinks. Donny needs to start talking to Victoria, Cody, and Caleb 24/7 and mention that he is in an alliance with them.

Derrick should just tell Donny to his face that he is running everything and Donny should not even try to win the game. Derrick could hack off Donny’s beard while he sleeps and put it in the recycle bin with the other HGs clothes. Donny did not want to grow the beard anyways.


I think Derrick wants to play ball with Donny, so to speak. Remember Derrick realizes that Donny is well liked outside the house. He got that clue the other night in the BoB when Production cheered for Donny and, being the unbashed panderer that he is, he’ll talk less about getting Donny out and more about working with him (even using the Team America thing as a shield).

Derrick is attempting to cover all the bases. Obviously he wants the $500K, but if that doesn’t happen, he’ll take America’s Favorite Player (in his mind, not mine) and any money he got from the TA challenges. Bottom line, he does not want to walk away without an appreciable pot.

Roisen Dubh

Give Caleb credit for getting rid of Zach. He basically strong armed Derrick and Frankie into it and they agreed.

Roisen Dubh

He did. Go back and watch the feeds. He was the one who brought Zach’s name up and didn’t waiver. These other D-bags just agreed and started throwing him under the bus again. Caleb is the top swing vote in that house right now.


this shows a snore


Then don’t watch it…

pants on fire

OMG…Frankie has got to go…as much as I despise Derrick…Frankie is absolute scum!! Frankie, Christine and Derrick…I don’t know which one I hate more!! For Frankie to turn on Zack again, Derricks ass must smell like roses, how else can this POS keep skating by?

Derrick sucks

Frankie’s big move should be to backdoor Derrick not Zach!! I’m so sick of him planting seeds and the houseguests watering them. I love how all if a sudden Victoria isn’t even an option to put up. Derrick is so obviously running the house it’s unbelievable how no one is picking up on this..even Donny’s not sure which if the guys is the decision maker because Derrick has these kids fooled.. He’s everywhere controlling every conversation and move in the house. He needs to go and the only person that would maybe consider taking him out is Donny.. Slim chance. Derrick’s winning this and I don’t think he deserves it his game was pathetic and he had it too easy. Fingers crossed for Donny!!


It’s not Derricks problem that he’s playing with a bunch of idiots. No one deserves the 500k more than him at this point. Honestly they should give him the 50k for second place as well bc no one else can even come close to his gameplay. Derrick for Allstars!!!!!


I watched the live feeds of first Christine and Frankie maliciously discussing how they want to make sure Zach has no hope for this week. And then I watched Donny/Zach’s convo and kept smiling at how proud Donny is of his brother. I love that Zach is the only one that cares or listens to Donny, even though he tries to portray himself as an a$$. Please Please Please, everyone vote for Donny/Zach as fan favorite, so we can see Frankie’s face when he realizes he is not loved.


frankie is the biggest idiot.cant wait to see him evicted.


He could redeem himself by putting Derrick on the block.


I feel bad for Donny, because he’s stuck in a nut house with a bunch of fame addicted rejects. I love hearing Donny talk about his family and life back at home and I could do without hearing about Caleb’s deer gut / ass / wax story. Chrustine is on top of my sh*t list, because of the way she runs Donny down all the time.
Fear the beard! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankie is a RUTHLESS S.O.B.

The words he used to attack Zach are simply appalling, cruel and I humane.

I can’t believe someone like him build schools for Africa. My frens n I sponsor kids from Africa, and we don’t feel Frankie reaally has a real heart to do charitable stuff like what he said.

He’s for sure putting a front. FARKING HYPOCRITE!!!


everyone needs to relax, Ariana grande has spoken and she does not want Frankie to backdoor Zach.. Im betting my house Zach will not get backdoored , all production needs to do is show Ariana’s tweet to Frankie and Frankie will backdoor derrick… there is plenty of time for dr to make sure Frankie changes his mind…


101% I Agree on you.


101% I agree on you.

Cody Punched Me In The Face

If Ariana tweeted this, then Frankie will see it. He is allowed to do anything that he wants in the house.


Derrick’s zing was not accurate. I mean, sure, Derrick is not cut and shredded like Caleb and Cody, but I still think he is an attractive guy. He’s cute and has pretty lips.

Must Be Derrick's Mom

Only person that would ever oppose the zingbot.

By the way, the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree! ZINNNGGGG!

Holy Cow

Maybe you are right. Baby pigs are kind of cute !!!!!lol


Well I wouldn’t go that far but he’s certainly not uglier than Frankie for one. My reaction was – is that all they can come up with for a zing on Derrick? Pretty poor.


might be done with this show permanently if frankie does this to zach. his language is disgusting and uncalled for. I thought Aaryn was bad ( and she was) but d@mn…


Agree Aaryn was bad but just think her stupid comments came from a place of total ignorance and honestly her age was a factor in just not getting that her comments came off racially charged and Julie ripped her too pieces in her eviction interview, but Frankie is a 31 year old person living in one of the most diverse cities in the world and he makes comments about killing Zach with a slow drip and the way he talks about others and the sexual acts he tries to perform on the other guys makes him so much worse than Aaryn could ever hope to be. Bet money Julie does not have the balls to give Frankie the riot act on national television when he is evicted. Of course BB’s pink haired cockatoo will get a pass for all of his actions. Frankie is a disgusting vile example of a human being, and he should know better!! Gag he makes you want to vomit!

Roisen Dubh

Wow, Frankie’s a real tool bag. Now he’s talking about wanting to be on Celebrity Apprentice and dancing with the stars. I thought Caleb was delusional. They need to put him on Survivor, he wouldn’t last 1 week and that would be great television.


Lol wow, not surprised. He should go on a show called Who the F*ck Are You? He doesn’t have enough notoriety for either show otherwise he wouldn’t be on this one. I guess he wants to ride his little sister’s coattails to some sort of Z list fame where he can be seen instead of doing something behind the scenes.


I’ve been thinking for a while now that Frankie is even more delusional & narcissistic than Caleb & I didn’t think it was possible to be originally.


This is connected to nothing going on in the house tonight. I want to slap those tweezers out of Victoria’s hand. Leave your face alone for 30 seconds please. I think we need to take up a collection and buy the girl a No No.