Christine “Day 59 up alone with my mortal enemy as a havenot! ONLY known enemy!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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11:55am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Christine is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Donny is out in the backyard doing his laundry. Big Brother states Did you know that Sweden is slightly larger than California. Christine says no I did not know that! Big Brother Attention house guests Did you know that there 121 marble slots on a Chinese checker board. Christine says I did not know that either. Remember house guests to swim 1 mile you only need to swim 141 laps in the big brother pool. Donny joins Christine in the bathroom. Christine says remember only 141 laps. They talk about Chinese checkers. Donny says its stuff to get us up. Christine agrees. They head to the living room. Christine and Donny talk about the havenot room and havenot food. Big Brother says hey everybody it’s photo booth time! Donny grabs the fan photos from the storage room and they head to the bee hive room to take photos. Christine says I guess I’ll do my usual s*xy photo shoot! Donny and Christine finish taking photos and leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 12-39-08-046

12:55am Donny asks so you don’t think this Thursday will be double? Christine says no, if they hold true to last season it won’t be and so far they have been. Donny heads outside. Christine talks to herself. Day 59 up alone with my mortal enemy as a havenot… ONLY known enemy!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 12-49-11-876

1:10pm Cody joins Donny out in the backyard. Cody says he just took a sh*t ton of photo booth pictures. They talk about how hot it is out today Donny says if I was the type of person to take my shirt off I would. Cody says sitting on the block sucks! Donny says yeah I’ve done it 5 times! Do you know who he’s taking off? Cody says he’s taking off Caleb. Donny says well its a good opportunity to say nice things to your family. Donny and Cody question how many laps big brother said it takes to make 1 mile. They can’t remember exactly. Donny asks if Cody’s hands got cut up from the black box? Cody says yeah. Donny says they’re definitely not ribbed for our pleasure. Cody laughs. Big Brother says House Guests did you know it takes 19 and 1 quarter laps around the backyard to equal 1 mile?
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1:40pm – 1:50pm Cody and Derrick head into the storage room. Cody says he got up and sat with Donny because he felt bad he’s always outside sitting my himself. Derrick asks he’s still not trying to talk game with you? Cody says nope. Derrick asks do you think they’re lying to us or do you think he actually is coming.. Cody says I think he is gunning. Caleb .. come on. Frankie maybe. Here’s the thing look what he said to Caleb. What he said to Caleb was an exact spin off of that! Derrick says we’re not in the best spot any more as far as like numbers wise but we’ve got to get some other people out because like you said with Christine.. you never know when she’s going to go. Cody says heres the thing with Christine once Frankie goes .. you know where she’s going to go. Derrick nods. Because you know Frankie ain’t going to let go of Caleb. They’re me and you. Cody says 100% but I don’t think we’re in a terrible spot. Derrick says no. Cody says because we have Victoria and if we are in a situation we do have Christine. I don’t think Christine will cross us. If we’re sitting next to Frankie then it could be bad. Derrick says especially if Donny is still in the game .. who do you think Donny is voting to keep if you or me are sitting next to Frankie if he is trying to work with him. Cody says for our game to be most benefited .. Frankie’s got to go! Derrick agrees. Over Donny. We’re going to have to put them up next to each other. Cody says we’re going to have to make a move soon. Derrick says I was thinking if Frankie is up next to you or me .. he possibly has Donny, Caleb and maybe Christine. You only need 3 votes to stay now. Cody says after this week you’re going to need two then it goes back to the HOH. So if we’re up there next to him and Victoria’s off the block we would get him out. We’re not in the best spot but we’re not in the worst. Cody says if we aren’t sitting next to each other we automatically have two votes to stay. Derrick says we’re so close it would suck to go out now. Cody agrees and says I am sick and tired of sucking at the POV! Cody questions why Christine is sucking up to Frankie.. she’s safe this week. Derrick says just in case Caleb wins HOH next week.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 13-50-31-030

2pm Caleb and Frankie are taking photo booth pictures.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 14-07-28-150

2:15pm – 2:30pm In the kitchen – Cody tells Frankie about how Zach was asking him last night if he was going up. Frankie says I keep going back and forth about whether to tell him in a group or alone. I don’t know if he’s going to go off or not. The thing is with putting him up its not like you can explain it away. You’re going up, you’re going home. Cody says if you talk to him alone you can calm him down and stop him from going off. Frankie says its just sad because he’s just so oblivious. One of them I have literally no beef with in this house and he literally tried to murder me in my sleep. He literally gave me the reason to put him up in the HOH room – “you guys could want to send me home because of how untrustworthy I’ve been.” Donny joins them and Frankie goes to take photo booth pictures with him. Meanwhile out in the backyard Christine is suntanning.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 14-21-14-870

2:30pm – 2:40pm In the backyard – Christine talks to Cody by the pool. She says that she has a lot of gay stories that she could have shared with Frankie that would have helped them connect. But I’m glad I didn’t because he is doing a lot of damage and he could have put my stories on blast. Christine says she used to get in a lot of trouble with her parents because of it. Cody asks because they’re so Christian? Christine says yeah. They talk about how people believe people who are gay will go to hell. Christine says if you really believe that why wouldn’t you let them get married on earth, like what does it matter if you already believe that. Frankie joins them. Frankie asks what do you think I tell Zach just me or in a group. Christine says I think he will respond better to just you. Frankie tells Cody so we haven’t talked about who I’m using the veto on. Cody says Caleb told me. Frankie says I was thinking of using it on him because he was so close to winning the veto. Do you understand that? Cody says yeah as long as I don’t go home. Frankie says Caleb is like a little child he runs and tells everyone. I was hoping to have a strip off! Cody says hey man, I’ll still do it! I’ll put on a bunch of layers and get right into it. Donny joins them.

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Boreal Bag Lady

I went back to read the cast bios because the words they spew for their initial interviews look a whole lot different after we’ve watched them in the Hamster House. Here’s a few things that really struck me about particular people: (I didn’t do everyones)

Amber: “Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I like Howard just because he was good looking. At the end of the day this is a game, I just like pretty people!” *Guess Caleb wasn’t pretty enough, haha….shallow much, Amber?”
Caleb: “Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Yes I have a strategy, I will make sure I have the ladies in my pocket.” *Caleb should have worn bigger pockets as not one lady climbed into them, lol*
Christine: “What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I would use it to my advantage and hopefully become a casting director” *Christine could legitimately get Cody on the ‘casting’ couch then* (omfg)
Cody: “Cody is a Seventeen Magazine “2014 Hot Guy Panelist,” where he gives young female readers advice on dating and fashion.” *You’ve got to be effing kidding me hahahaha*
Devin: “Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Of course, it’s all about making friends and not enemies at all cost. Not everyone will like you, but you have to try to bond with your housemates to build trust. Also, you have to rule very politically if you’re at the top so it may be beneficial to lay low in the weeds until the final five.” *Oh, Devin, you were all talk you dumbass*
Donny: “What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: I’ve lived alone for over 21 years so living with a large group of people would be a huge adjustment.” *This explains some of his being a loner type….apparently doesn’t live with his girlfriend*
Frankie: “Occupation: YouTube Personality” *wtf kind of occupation is that ????someone is paying his bills and supporting him I guess*
Hayden: “What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I would exploit my fame for money and success like any other reasonable person would.” *What an awesome answer, love this kid lol*
Jocasta: “Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Yes.” *That’s it…that was her answer LOL…wonder if she’s got it figured out now after chillin’ in the jury house*
Joey: “What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Not being able to poop because there are men in the house. I guess I won’t be pooping for 3 months.” *Joey got to poop since she was out of there in a New York minute, hehe*
PowPow(Paola): “What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I hope that I would gain more social media followers. “ *She’s 27 for gawds sake and this is what she’s striving for????*
Victoria: “What would you take into the house and why: Hair extensions, I don’t go anywhere without them. Makeup, I like to be dolled up and presentable no matter where I am going.” *There ya go….she wears hair extensions always, not because Big Brother made her, as she claims lol…poor shallow, naïve, Vic*
Zach: “Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Money over everything.” *sigh….no depth here either, but at least he’s honest haha*


shut up


At least you got the “Bitch” part of your name right, bitch.


owwwwwwwwwww YAWN boring now begone ..anonymousbitch


You made me laugh out loud!!! Too funny!!!!


WTF is Frankie and Caleb doing? Frankie’s mission must be to turn some of the men out. Look like it’s working.


Broke back Mountain with Zach and Francie. Francie turned two of em’. WTG


Derrick: My strategy involves three phases. First, attempt to find common interests with as many houseguests as I can, while developing a profile on them. Second, start using the facts I learned about the houseguests against them. Finally, if I’m able to win a few HOH’s/POV’s late in the game, I can make some moves that will determine the winner.

Umm yeah makes sense just by looking at the answers y he is the one that probably the one with the biggest chance to win.

Boreal Bag Lady

I didn’t post Derrick’s bio thing because he’s probably the only one that did what he said he was going to do in it lol…I’m not a fan of his personality but he’s got Team Bozo pretty much figured out (he’s the head clown)!


I’m thinking of all of those you listed Zach has grown the most. He wants the money for sure but I think his bonding with Donny has helped him grow up a little.


like I looked up frankies net worth says 1.5 million that is total wrong another site said 500k wrong again and he told them in the bb house when he disclosed his secret he was asked how much he made a month from you tube he said 300 to 1200 a month that’s not even a decent part time job oh by the way in his pre interview with jeff he said he lived paycheck to paycheck think he likes the popularity part fakes the money part

I love Frankie

FYI: you tube is just one of his sources of income. He is a host, he performs on and off Broadway – he has a popular one man show in NYC and he was just in a show called Pagaent. He also produces Broadway shows and much more. Frankie is amazingly talented. And – so what if he is proud of his sister….it’s his baby sister and they are the very best of friends!! It’s sad how much energy people put into trying to find reasons not to like him. Yes he is honest about donating his winnings to build schools in Africa….he has been part of the organization for years and was honored with a big award from them. Yes he has a huge social media following and he had it before his sister’s career blew up. Yes – he is crazy and outrageous and hilarious. He is also positive and kind and generous…..and an amazing friend to anyone who needs one. For everyone who wants to hate him….take a breath and instead acknowledge that – just like everyone else on the show, he is giving 100% effort and playing the game the best he can. Stop the hate.


Always nice to hear from Frankie’s mom!

Who cares...

You’re kidding…..right?!


he hasn’t been on broadway for 3 years and ariana is his half sister bet you didn’t know that and the few things he says he produced was more for experience very little pay but keep believing everything you hear its not hard when you truly want to believe it


So, who cares if they are ‘half-siblings’, ‘full siblings’ or ‘step siblings’. They are family!! Pretty offensive remark to those of us who have ‘half siblings’. Implying that they are somehow not real family. Idiot!!

Nobody said

They were not REAL FAMILY
But they are not the same…
Half are not the same as whole and STEP don’t count as family
I have all so if you don’t like honesty too bad!
People can feel however they want
You dont have to love your halfers as much I don’t
My step brother and sister are 30 years younger than me that is just nonsense


Just because you and your family are broken doesn’t mean everyone’s is. By your idiotic way of thinking I suppose that adoptive kids and parents shouldn’t even be allowed to call each other family, huh? It’s not all about blood, family is way more than that and I feel sorry for you for not experiencing a true family bond.

I love Frankie

This is exactly the hate I was talking about. 1. I’m not his mother nor am I related to him. 2. He produced Jude Law in Hamlet and Jim Belushi in Born Yesterday. I highly doubt actors of their caliber would put their career in the hands of someone incompetent. 3. He just started in Pagaent earlier this year and I bet will be back on Broadway in the fall. 4. I don’t have to believe what I hear – I live in NYC and am very active in the theatre community….so I know personally. 4. Again – so much effort into hating and disparaging someone. Makes no sense. So proud of Frankie! And…all the haters – all you are doing is helping him. Controversy makes for great ratings!


Also, I read somewhere that Frankie actually got FIRED from the Broadway show because of his attitude. No surprise there that he got fired because he does have a nasty vile attitude. Bet he is broke and lives off his half sister LOL!! A 31 year old man living off a Nicolodeon teen hahaha!


not hating just calling balls and strikes I have nothing to do with the pitch


I don’t think people have to find a “reason” not to like Frankie. He’s annoying, disgusting, attention whore, a liar, and he acts like a teen age girl. I have no respect for anyone in their 30s who feeds off attention the way he does. He must only associate with teenage girls in real life because I couldn’t see any adult standing to be around him for more than 5 minutes.


Shut up Arianna. Frankie is malicious and has made very ugly comments towards other’s for no reason. A prime example: When Nicole was on her way out Derrick talked about her being an intelligent woman, top of her nursing class and graduating from a top program. Frankie….called her a wet condom…..There is no reason or excuse for that. He is shallow and a fame wh*re, trying to live off your fame and always will. Zach FTW!


He says so many offensive things. Last night he said he would like to stab zach in the heart and watch the blood drip slowly out of him. What kind of person says that.


Oh Frankie……and you kiss your half sister with that mouth?


Two words to describe Frankie, bizarre and annoying. Please feel free to insert “F” bomb infront of either word.


I know this is a show and how they act is not an accurate portrayal of who they are on the outside, with that being said their true personalities eventually come out the longer you are in that house. It’s unrealistic to think you can go that many days putting on an act. I believe the vile things that come out of Frankie’s mouth are truly how he feels. The show edits him not to show how repulsive he is. As much as this is a show it is also a peek into people’s lives and how he truth comes out eventually.


I was watching all of Frankie’s Vine’s the other day.
I don’t know if he owns it, or if it belongs to someone else… but he was driving a Maserati.
He’s been entitled his whole life, so it’s not a surprise at how full of himself he is in the house with common folk.


Frankie is most likely a trust fund baby.


Well it makes sense Cody would be giving advice to FEMALE readers because he shares the same anatomy with them. I can’t imagine what advice he could have for anyone.

It seems BB is casting people these days more interested in twitter followers than actually winning the game.


Please tell someone to shut that bioootch Christine up. I hope zack tells celab about the detonator alliance that he wasn’t a part of when he’s put on the block. Bring Donny, Christine and celab in a room and tell them everything. #Zackattack! Hope he gets saved.


It was Ratine that started with a hatred of Donny. I never understood why Can anyone tell me why Ratine has always hated Donny?

Boreal Bag Lady

‘cuz he wouldn’t let her pet and grope him, or his beard? I think possibly she knew Donny didn’t care for her too much and he directly saw that she was using Nichole and teamed up with Team Bozo right from the get go…who knows though?


Donny told Nicole on around week 3 that Christine was his target and Nicole told her


Okay that makes sense. Donny knew Ratine was in the BS Squad and tried to protect Nic.


I swear, Christine is THE most miserable bitch this season! No one told her to be all over Cody like a bitch in heat; and now she’s worried about her reputation? She hates Donny because he’s playing the game alone and doing well; and made Nicole see her for what she really is. She has a lot of damage control when she get home and I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear her bullshit excuses. What a frigging loser she is!!!


When is someone (besides Donny) going to wake up and realize Derrick has no blood on his hands. Could easily win at the end.
If Frankie back doors Zach the only persons game he’s hurting is his own, because Zach would have stayed loyal to Frankie.


And he would let derrick keep victoria, knowing she has derricks nack, it is so stupid like they want derrick to ein, to convince us that they had such a great player on their season, it sounds so scripted, the undercover cop got us, he must be so smart, no, they are just idiots!


Just saw Derprick and NoBallsCody plotting to get rid of Fakie next week. So if Fakie doesn’t make his move against Derprick this wee he may have lost the only shot he’ll get. Any true fan knows when it comes to taking out your biggest threat do it when you have the numbers. It’s never too soon–right Helen?

Obnoxious Much

Nah, even Helen thinks it’s still too soon to make a move. Poor thing doesn’t realize her season is over.


Come on Frankie, why do you think it would be a good idea to put Zach up, especially when he has a chance of comming back in! If it where me Caleb would stay on the block, after he sat there while he played and won by himself! Why can’t anyone see that keeping Victoria is playing right into Derriks hands. They are so worried about Donny scheming by himself!


watch someone like caleb that has actual been clueless about what is really going on end up there in the end because others trying to get each other out hate Frankie but if he took out derrick he could be new leader he would have caleb Christine then would suck up because of caleb and Frankie thinks he could manipulate zach

Caren in Canada

Ok so we all agree how if any of these hgs had half a brain it would be lonely, but here is just another issue that stumps me, they are all aware of a possible comeback from jury house, and if they know the game so well they would know it always happens with the first four hgs! That being said, why the fluck would you send a strong player, that you know is well loved into one of the first four slots! They know how much people love Zack by the people outside the house constantly yelling “we love you Zack”! Just another of many reasons this crew will go down as the most clueless cast in BB history! Who the hell picks noms by the colour of the rainbow! lmaooooo

Nana B

Dumbass your true mortal enemies are still asleep. Too bad you didn’t choose to have Donny as an ally…oh well you reap what you sow.

Kathie from Canada

I think Christine’s own worst enemy is herself!!


Exactly. Stupid woman. Does she think she has a chance with those boys to get into final 3??? Man is she dumb.

I was kind of disappointed reading the Caleb is fine if he got booted and just making it this far is enough. I’m wondering if Christine is like that too? I’m thinking only Derrick, Frankie and Donny really want to WIN!!


I think Caleb only said that to Zach because he knows Zach is going up and is hoping to soften the blow when Zach finds out.


the girls just never trust each other that’s why 3 out 4 times guys win only the hot and smart make it to the finals look back if your not both you don’t have a chance


Perhaps the others do not care if they win ( except Donnie ) as they only came on the show for a paid holiday. They are arrogant enough to believe that they will be so popular after BB that Hollywood producers will be falling over themselves to sign these crazies up.

Oh boy

I think you are right! Very delusional.

But they also seem to equate twitter followers with ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’. They always talk about how many followers they will have… even Derrick. Of course Donny doesn’t even own a computer. Love it.


Caleb said that to zach cause zach is the secret backdoor and trying to be a friend and mentally get zach ready


What a bunch of imbeciles. Does she understand what a mortal enemy is? This is big brother where you’re scheming and lying to win $500K not mortal combat where the prize is your life.

BB15 was rampant with bigots and racism. BB16 is rampant with idiots and ignoramus.


Just listening to Donny talk to Zach about his brother. Derrick just sitting there not saying a word as if they both were talking game and he had to make sure. Derrick not everyone talks game in house 24/7 Just nice to see how sincere it was between the two of them. In opinion I thought.


Derrick is going to be up Zach’s azz so he doesn’t tell Donny any more details of what alliances they formed. Seems like Derrick May be a wee bit scared now.


Derprick then ran upstairs and used that convo to throw both Zach and Donny under the bus to the rest of them. It proved they are working together. It proved how smart Donny must be because his brother is so smart. Have I mentioned how much I hate Derprick?


yeah, but later he’s going to say ‘oh, donny was talking game to Zach right there on the couch hahaha’ that’s why we have to get him out.

why he has such a hate on for donny will always mystify me. It started well before donny showed he could win vetos and bobs didn ‘t it? and after derrick found out about TA, didn’t he ever clue in he should scale that hate back a lot\? You rarely see Frankie with that kind of blinders on focus for one guy. he’s more like sure sure, he needs to go, but let’s get some of these other folks out, lets work with him to keep getting the 5ks, let’s use him to get our closer allies out, because if we don’t keep him to do that, then we have to do that ourselves, and that makes us targets not donny.

derrick is so focused on this, i think it will be his undoing.


Maybe it really bothers Derrick that Donny was chosen by the fans to be a part of TA.


He knows Donny is a like able person and he hasent really burned any bridges except for maybe Christine. If you look at the jury votes Donny might get compared to Derrik, Donny will win! But if Donny took Victoria to the end no deneying Derrik will win.


I think Derek’s problem with Donny is that he can’t read him. Every one is so easy to read. Mostly because they it so. And I think he mistakes his kindness for hiding something because he thinks nobody is that nice.


I think in derricks case he doesn’t like Donny because he views him as his only real competition. Donny wins competitions, he’s not in his alliance and of they make it to final 2 Donny could win BC pretty soon all the detonators are going to turn on each other and derrick may not have their vote in the end. So far everyone in jury would vote for Donny.


If Frankie was smart, he wouldn’t backdoor Zach, who is probably the only hg that has his back 100%. Instead he should either take out Derrick (one of the best players left who is aligned with basically everyone and probably the one to beat), Cody (Derrick’s number 1 ally and who Derrick would take to the final 2 over anyone else) or Victoria (Derrick’s number 2 ally who Derrick would take to the final 2 over anyone except for Cody). If Frankie decides to backdoor Derrick this week, and made it to the final 2, he would have a good shot at winning because the jury would see that he was the HOH who evicted one of the best players this season. It would be the biggest move of the season so far if these house guests would just smarten up and take out Derrick.

If Zach does get evicted this week I hope he wins the spot back in the game, realizes that the Detonators don’t have his back, team up with Donny and maybe Victoria to pick the others off one by one.



Victoria is not smart enough to leave Derrick, she has no game.


Frankie won’t take out Derrick – I’m betting it hasn’t even crossed his mind. 1-he’s on America’s Team with him and that would probably cost him $$. 2-even if he considered it, he wouldn’t have the support to do it – no one else, except Donny, has yet figured out that Derrick is running the whole game. 3-he doesn’t have the b**ls.


Zach admitted that he would backstab Frankie though.. and even said to Cody that it would be smart if Frankie put him up…


Zach knows they don’t have his back and he’s worried he’ll be voted out this week. He and Donny talked about it before the POV. Donny was trying to win it so he wouldn’t use it and Zach would be safe. Donny told him to stay calm and play along with them and don’t talk to him when no one else is around because they’ll think they are working together.
But of course this morning Derprick and NoBallsCody were plotting to get out Fakie next week.


I so hope zach doesn’t leave frankie is a idiot hes gona lose a vote by even putting zach up…zach should definitely explode on him he is such a pos…if he was smart he would put up derrick to get rid of his biggest competition but lets be honest hes a moron


U pple need to shut up donny is great but his game is awful compared to Derrick and Cody


Really?? Cody???

Boreal Bag Lady

hahahaha! I can’t believe you’re using Codys name in the same sentence as the word “game”….teehee!!

Cocoa Puffs

Donny is playing game. He has a pretty good sense of what is going on in the house. Only talk when needed and he keeps his eyes open. So we people think your not watching the same BB we are. We people think Donny will make it much farther in the game.


When will people realize that there are many different ways to play this game. Many different strategies have won the game so saying Donny isn’t playing as well is just plain ignorant.


Derrick will not take Cody over Victoria in final two…he is close to Cody in case CODY decides who to take to final two. Derrick will screw over Cody just as quick as anybody else.


And btw derrick is so much more attractive than donny r u kidding me smh he’s so old lol


Donny’s kindness and personality make him so much more attractive than Derrick (and most everyone in the house).


Donnie is 42 years old. That might be “old” to a 20 y/o, but that isn’t old. He has proven he can compete with men in their early 20s, to early 30s. Don’t let the beard fool you.


It all boils down to Frankie is still butthurt that people yelled “we love you Zach” over the fence. How dare anyone be more popular than Mr. Mogul. They have got to go.


… so you’re saying that from Frankie’s perspective, it’s wrong to assume that Zach would come after him as soon as he’d get a chance?
If that’s the case, then many people will disagree with you – including Zach himself.


production one word form your biggest big brother fans please save zack this week in please Donny hoh this week too please cause if Donny not hoh he could go home in we will be sad I love watching Donny do comp
please for us save Donny next week in zack this week


All of the house guest have to count jury votes because none of them would get any unless derek Donny or even zach makes it to the end


Does any one know what would happen if the jury decided the final 2 was not deserving of the money, what would happen then?


Hey, if we didn’t find out during last season’s F2 (Andy and Gina Marie), then it’s never going to happen.
Can’t get worse than that.


Sports analogy:

If Big Brother was the NY Yankees:

Donny would be Derek Jeter. The older guy who has earned everyone’s respect. A fan favorite. Talented. Likable. A decent human being.

Frankie would be Alex Rodriguez: Self absorbed. In denial. A punk. A complete an total horse’s ass. The fans can’t wait for him to just “go away.”


The house needs a flyover with a banner attached to the plane saying:

“If it looks like a pig, it is a “pig”. Derrick is a cop”

Problem is when the flyover occurs these morons will probably be either sleeping or talking about how wonderful they all are.


OMG. That is the BEST post this season! Spot on!!

echo 1

If Frankie would start thinking about the game instead of who will pick him up after the finale and make him a celebrity even bigger than he is now that is!! Needs to seriously change the game plan and get Derrick out. This is the right opportunity and time.


know why they are taking photo booth pictures this year always holding those other pictures up? I hate it.


Let’s be real here. Donny/Zach could tell the houseguests that Derrick will murder them in their sleep if he’s not evicted and they still would keep him.

Maria L.

Well, Kelly…I just had to reply to this; I actually spit out my water, while reading it! Best laugh of the day, for me! LOL


So it looks like Zach is going to be evicted. It is a virtual lock. Don’t worry too much #ZachAttack fans, he will get voted out and 30 minutes later he will win the comp that gets him back in the game. Him being voted out is bad news for Nicole and Hayden cause one of them would have come back if Victoria was evicted.


Zach hasn’t exactly been performing well in competitions… He’s lost every one except OTEV and the buzz-in HOH where he only had to press the buzzer twice.
If it’s mostly physical, I’d say Hayden has the best shot. If it’s mental, I’d give it to Nicole.
If it’s a “BB makes sure the comp is riggeable”, then yes, I’d say Zach will come back.

Something stinks

On the feeds at about 12:45pm, Classy Christine smells the ear wax she was picking out. Thank you Simon and Dawg for not posting that picture!!

Wake up and Smell the Bacon

Frankie is such a backstabbing schmuck. I guess he thinks if he kisses Derrick’s a$$ he will get in good with him again, while kicking his ally to the side of the road. Getting rid of a big threat would be taking out Derrick, everybody knows that he will win the money if he goes to the end. He treats Zach like crap, and is enjoying his demise.


Frankie is a despicable person. If he backdoors Zach then he can add deplorable game player to already lackluster resume.


Frankie is giving gay people a bad name.


No matter what happens, victoria will never go against derrick in this game. Just watch the way she looks at him. She will never go with another alliance or vote against him, she is to far gone, way to brain washed!!! This clueless girl is actually going to be devastated when she is home watching the show & sees how derrick played her, especially the horrible things he has said about her. His condesending attitude towards her. Thats why I dont like derricks game, he is toying with her & he knows it & knows whats it going to do to her.


Remember Danielle? Dan’s second Big Brother season……..


VapidVic is not emotionally prepared to deal with what she is going to see. Then again maybe her family will just tell her not to look at the show/feeds/blogs and she won’t.

Irked by the stupidity!

Not really Derrick’s fault Victoria is infatuated. He told her, point blank, “that will never happen” when they were discussing the Hayden rumor and he used the two of them as an example. Victoria is young and dumb if she thinks this married man is ever going to make the move on her. She is getting played and is too dumb to see it. Crying because she feels like he “cheated” on her. She is too immature to be in this game and her feelings getting hurt is just a casualty of war. She should smarten up…she was told by “the blond bombshell” and still chooses to run behind him like a puppy. She needs to grow up… the big dummy.


That is why I don’t care for Derrick at all. Yes, he has a successful method for advancing in the game. He uses people to get what he wants, but then talks so cruelly about the person he’s just manipulated. Being hateful isn’t necessary to winning this game.

I heart zach

Noooo please don’t go zach!!!
I absolutely can not stand to even watch Derrick he is !
Wish zach would stay and take them all out but Donnie leaving them f2 .


I dunno, I think when she’s sitting back watching this season she’ll have 50k for doing nothing but nodding and agreeing. Her best case scenario is second place and if she keeps playing Derricks game her odds are better than I’d like them to be. She’s also so delusional about herself that I’m sure she will talk herself into believing she was being the master manipulator the whole time and really deserved to win it all
That empty head has a lot of room for self indulgent thought.


I’m SO glad Derrick is still targeting Frankie… it’s funny cuz they are ALL playing the heck out of Frankie right now in order to get Zach out so that Frankie will lose a number and they can get HIM out NEXT week! I love it! Finally the “big boys” are going after each other.. it’s about time – final 8 people! Now’s the time to make the big moves and do some MAJOR manipulating!!!

Victoria FTW

I know it’s looking bad for Zach, but production will save him.
Forget what we see on the live feeds, just watch the story line on the CBS show.
Frankie’s everpresent eagerness to be the first to betray Zach is never shown.

On the show Derrick is shown as in control, running the house. He is the villain.
Zankie are an off-beat couple, who having a serious setback in their relationship will finally
reconcile after finding out that their falling out was caused by evil Derrick. They join forces
with good hearted Donny who also is being bullied by Derrick and his “pepper-sprayed” minions.
Joining this intrepid group is the cute but socially awkward girl-next-door Nichole. Having been
betrayed by Derrick and a mean girl posing as her best friend, she returns to the House.
Can this group prevail against Derrick and his pepper-spray? Tune in and find out.


“I know it’s looking bad for Zach, but production will save him.”
For the record: I gave your post a thumbs up because it’s true. I still don’t like the fact that it’s true. :p


Victoria, I hope that you are right. Frankie looks to me as though he is trying to make Zach zealous with Caleb. I think Frankie wants to hurt Zach, not get him out of the house. I think Frankenstein wants to make Zach grovel so that Frankie can continue to tell Zach “the only reason you are here is b/c I saved you.


Fuck off Frankie #TeamZachAndDonny


Screw Frankie #TeamZach


production dream come true for your big brother fans
please make it happen for us Donny hoh this week save Donny


What exactly did Donny do to Christine? I’ve read in another post that she said she hated his guts. What the heck?


I’ve been asking the same question. She has hated him from the beginning but I could never figure out why. Does anyone know?


She hates him because he knows that she’s rotten. Donny has a good read on people and figured out early on she’s a piece of shit.


Any normal HGs who backdoors the only person that has their back would get bitten by karma in other HGs taking them out later, but this is Production’s Pet, who’s sister is helping CBS get ratings, they will keep Frankie safe for a while, they’ve done it many times before, and they’re doing it with him… What Frankie doesn’t realize is, eventually they always let go of the strings and let their fate fall to the jury… Derrick will end up winning… Taking Zach to the final 2 would be his only shot at winning, as the house dislikes him more than Frankie…

Have fun living in your sister’s shadow, Frankie, you’ll be there for the rest of your life.


I think what production is trying to do is make it where Derrick and/or Frankie will not have another chance to get back in. Like you and everyone else said it’s a bad idea. Not in less he plans to backdoor Cody that would be a great plan, he’s not doing anything but keeping Christine warm and Tim psssssst.

Why oh Why

do they take pictures this year holding up the other one’s in the photo booth??


I think it is better with Derek in the house because he will be able to take out Frankie. I am to the point of not caring who wins as long as Frankie and Christine do not make it in the final two. I hope Donny Zach or a returning player wins. I would like to point out an observation from the double eviction. When Donny was having trouble staying on his feet afterthe vveto comp, it was Derek and Cody who shoes the most concern for him. They helped him back into the house. Frankie would have left him laying in the yard. He probably would have walked over him on his way back inside. Frankie is an attention who’re who would use the team America money on the school and the rest on trying to fund a movie which he could star. He seems to be smart so I am sure that he realizes that his sister cannot always put him in the spotlight. She can only stay on a teen mag for so long. Hillary Duff is not as popular now that she is older. Sorry about my phone spell check.

pants on fire

Seems to me that whoever comes back in will still have the numbers stacked against them. I can’t believe that Frankie is that stupid that he doesn’t know that he is playing right into Derrick and Cody’s hands. Whatever happened to good old fashioned eaves dropping?

fashion police

Seriously Christine? My grandmother has a sexier swimsuit .

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

I really don’t think it matters who Flakie thinks he wants to put up as a replacement nom. Production is going to tell him what is best for THEM! They saved Zach/s ass once before so I think it will happen again. Derrick really needs to go out NOW, but I don’t think that production will agree. It will probably be Caleb that goes. He said he would be happy to go now to get a chance to see the jury house and be happy with his 18K so that is who they will let go. This week is def not a double elimination week because Julie said that whoever gets voted out this week gets to play with the other three jury members for a shot to come back into the game. I’d love to see Porkprick (Derrick) voted out. We all know that he sucks at comps, so Hayden would be the one to come back. Then he can team up with Zach, Donny, and maybe Victoria (If they get to her RIGHT BEFORE the vote) and take down the others! Double elimination next week… would like to see Donny as HOH, Cotex and Flakie voted out! Then out goes Vaintoria and it’s Donny and Zach for the win…Donny really needs the money so he would win, with Zach in second. I’d love it! Hey, a girl can wish, can’t she?

Boreal Bag Lady

I’m having a good laugh here about Cody’s statement from today, talking to Derrick……Cody says “we’re going to have to make a move soon.” lolol! The only movement Cody has made in the whole game was a bowel movement….what a fruitloop dingus.


Ah. Don’t worry Christine. Donny may be your only known enemy in the house, but when you get out of that house……you will have thousands more.

Love BB

Well, Derrick & Cody want Frankie out before Donny?! Good news for Donny!
I don’t think Frankie understands what voting out Zach will do to his game. Not too bright.
What I’m really interested to see is the returning player. If it’s Hayden…look out. He can win HOH easily & won’t put up Donnie.
BTW….Julie said on Thursday nite that Double HOH is over with this next eviction. That will really screw up the numbers game. Can’t wait for that.
Donnie FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Derrick is so stressed about this meeting to tell Zach he’s going home. Frankie is not as worried b/c he cleared the air with Zack weeks ago. Derrick still has a lot of game Zach can blow up, especially to Donny and Caleb. Derrick was hoping Frankie would just backdoor Zach per usual and play the ‘we don’t have the votes game’. Derrick is going to have to get blood on his hands for once , albeit indirectly.

Beast Mode Donny Ftw

Is it true what Christine says? That Cody is married?


Sure looks like Caleb is going to go to Brokeback Mountain w/Frankie!!!

Retired teacher

At least Frankie is openly gay & not afraid to admit it. Caleb, Cody, and Zack (who at least admits to the sexual attraction to men) appear to have some hidden homosexuality that Frankie is helping them come to terms with. OR, is Caleb thinking that ‘doing’ Frankie might get him closer to Ariana Grande?! Who knows what runs through that Beast Mode’s brain?!


Derrick trying to sound like he’s concerned for Frankie’s safety by offering to be there for him. Please. He just wants to make sure he has control of the situation and that Frankie doesn’t say anything that’s not part of his approved script.

Black Hammer

Wow Derrick thinks that Zack might hurt Frankie when he tells him he’s going up.


Derrick wants to control what is said, so he needs to be there when Frankie tells Zack. He is worried that Zack might change Frankie’s mind (or open his eyes) and Frankie’s light bulb goes off and puts up Derrick.


Too bad Frankie’s main goal seems to be to be seen and make games moves that really show he’s not thinking ahead in regards to wining by being strategic but some other reason. Because what would be hilarious is if they held that meeting to let Zach know he’s going up. But Frankie warns Zach ahead of time so the others could expose themselves and then doesn’t put him up but backdoors one of them.But of course that’s not going to happen.


It almost seems as though Frankie believes Zach was his boyfriend, they broke up, now Caleb is his boyfriend, and now Zach needs to move out of the house. Frankie said “should Caleb be there?” Almost sounds like Frankie is satiny “should my new boyfriend be there I don’t want my new boyfriend to be upset that I am talking privately with my log boyfriend.” When Frankie was dancing around saying “I am so happy” Zach should have asked Frankie for a dance. Had Zach acted like the remorseful and jealous (of Caleb) boyfriend towards Frankenstein, I doubt Zach would be going up. I want Zach and the only source of entertainment to stay in the house. Hopefully Zach can “pull” Frankie back in.


Should read
Frankie is saying, not satiny
Old boyfriend, not log boyfriend
My apologies. Am using an IPad and am not used to it. Not even sure I like it. Does a person get used to typing using touch screen?


Derrick – “Obviously, if I win HOH next week I am not putting you up.”
Red flag, Frankie. Derrieck isn’t even that smart he is just playing with a bunch of idiots. Why would he even say this? How can Frankie not pick up on this. People say things like that to over compensate for a guilty conscience cause he will put you up Frankie if him or Cody wins HOH next week.


Zach had one chance, a SUPER long chance. It’s Victoria. He needs to get in her ear and make her realize Cody’s closer to Derrick than she is. Derrick will take Cody over her in any vote. If she gets rid of Cody, Derrick will only have her and he’ll likely take her to final 2. No one else would take her except Derrick but only if Cody’s gone first. If Zach could get Victoria to flip and he’d have Donny’s vote, he’d only need one more. Christina could be convinced because she knows Zach would take Frankie’s head off for her and Zach would be a huge distraction from herself as a target.

And yes, I realize this is all as likely as a snowball fight in hell… Victoria has ZERO balls to vote against the house so Zach’s fully screwed.


If by some miracle this happened, Zach still wouldn’t have the votes. He’d just have Donny and Victoria. That leaves Caleb, Derrick and Christine voting for Zach to be evicted. Christine hates Zach a d wants him out and Caleb will do whatever Frankie says since he is saving him from the block.


So Cody partially realizes he is skating by. Heard Cody say he has participated in 12 competitions ( he hasn’t won any).I will be pissed at the Jury if he ends up winning since that would mean they are voting on emotion and not by gameplay.


I wasn’t a fan of Donny until last week. Zach is kind of a nice idiot. Frankie, I used to like but now what a snake he is. Get rid of him. Take down the head of the snake and get rid of Derrick.