Vic “You don’t need to lie.. just play the game you don’t need to do that extra sh1t”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro Austin
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : Ro used the veto on himself. Austin nominated as replacement.
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

Bit of a scramble this morning before the Power of Veto Ceremony. Ro will use the veto on himself down. Austin going up as the replacement. Kyle the target.

Feeds were down for over 12 hours. They had a party with booze. Kyle still the target.

10:00 am Austin and Kyle
Austin – Kiefer still hasn’t talked to me.. he told me would if I went up
Kyle – you are
Austin – I know
Kyle – you still going to talk to me this week
Austin – I’m not going to abandon you

10:05 am Ro and Kyle
Kyle says he’s going to pull Vic aside after the Veto “I already told here there’s a lot more here than you think”
Kyle- say.. here’s what happened all week. First thing that happens we go talk to Ty and Jed about the vote they tell us right away that you (Vic) are trying to pin it all on us. You were blindsided. we say NO NO NO we said it was her HOH her target went home.. Of course we still anted Latoya to go home.
Kyle – Ty and Jed go to Ro before the veto tell him that they do not want to win this veto they want one of us to win this Veto take them off and both of us to stay
Kyle – Jed comes to me before Veto says he’s going to throw it to me the only way that I stay is if Vic goes up. Beth then comes to me wants to work with me and ROhan and wants to set herself up because she only has Ty and Jed
Kyle – She’s also going to throw it (Veto) and we need to get Vic up that’s the only way either of us stays.
Ro – everybody is saying that we HARD pitched VIC .. we need to downplay that.. Her name came out of my mouth once.
Ro – apparently Tina and Tera came up to Keifer and told him that we told them to go and HARD PITCH Vic
Kyle – really ..
Ro – yeah. That is why they are so f***ing shady about it

10:45 am Kyle and Ro
Kyle – so you be Kiefer
Kyle is practicing what he’ll say after the ceremony.
Kyle – WOW Kiefer for a guy that always gets to talk about how good of a guy he is all the time and how much his word means and how respectful he is he puts up the only girl he said he wouldn’t this week YOU ARE A CLOWN, a pretender, a JOKE… DONE

10:40 am Vic and Breydon
Vic is pissed at Kyle and Ro. They were up pitching her name to Kiefer all while telling her they weren’t
Vic says people need to be called out for me “that FAke”
Vic – You don’t need to lie (LOL)
Vic says she never pitched anybody to Keifer.
Breydon – we said everyone pitched two names..
Vic – me and Austin
Vic – Ro, and Kyle only pitched me I’m pretty sure.. The game is a game but they went too far.
Vic – yesterday kyle gave me a hug.. Fake sh1t.. just play the game you don’t need to do that extra sh1t
Breydon – act f***ing normal.
Vic – I am saying something after the POV. Now that your a$$ is grass would you like to explain to me what the f** loyalty means to you

10:40 am Kiefer, Beth and Ty
Kiefer – me and Vic on the block isn’t a bad scenario
Beth – you can handle it
Ty – that would be great
Keifer – let’s not say GREAT here..
Kiefer – if they were targeting me and Vic and Vic didn’t win the POV.. WOW.. damn I might be in this game for a long f*ing time..
Beth – we all are going to be.. buckle up

10:55 am Kyle and Tera
Kyle practices his speech – Ro show ever since day three I knew you were the bromance for me I let you win this veto cause I didn’t want the calmest coolest guy in this house coming after me
Tera – that’s really cute.. Your hair looks really nice..

11:00 am Ro and Tera
Tera says he’s safe with her if she wins HOH.
Ro says Vic is pissed at him and Kyle.
Ro – step number one after this POV is to get VIC back on our sides.. this is what the boys wanted.. they wanted us to go to Kiefer and pitch Vic. They had intended the whole time not to put Vic on the block.
Ro explains they wanted to pull their side apart by saying they “hard pitched” for Vic to go up.
Ro – her name came out of my mouth once to discuss options.. her name came out of my mouth once that’s it.

11:36 am feeds down for Veto Ceremony.

12:21 pm Kyle and Ro fill Vic in on what the other side is doing to pull them apart.
Kyle says he knows he’s leaving he wants to help them get set up so they can take out the other side.
Ro tells Vic she’s his number one now that Kyle is going. “I really really hope you see that I don’t have anyone else”
Vic says the Keifer told her the only reason she didn’t go up was because of how hard the two of them were fighting to get her up.
Vic – I was going to be so loyal to the oddballs it makes me sick..
Kyle – Don’t mak the mistake of going with them (Sunsetters)
Ro says that they came to him and told him everyone in the house including VIc wanted him on the block this week.
Kyle says Jed and Ty are really playing into Keifer’s need to fit in.
Feeds cut.
When we’re back Ro is pleading with Vic to believe him he knows it will take time for them to build trust but he wants her to know person to person he’s telling you the truth.
Kyle – it needs to be your two as a duo, Austin and Breydon and Tina, Tera that’s six
Vic says they never came and talked to her like Austin and Breydon did.
Ro – we didn’t know
Vic- should have been just like this
Ro – I know
Vic – I’m not going after you.. I saved your life.
Vic says she needs to think about things and see who has power next.

1:28 pm Keifer and Austin
Austin says all is good she understands why she’s nominated
Kiefer tells her she’s safe Kyle will get just one vote from Ro

2:20 pm Vic and Kiefer
Vic filling Kiefer in on her talk with Ro and Kyle in the ballroom.
Kiefer – you should have seen how SHOOK Ro looked when I told him you weren’t going up.
Kiefer – all we have to do is say Hey Austin and Breydon are throwing you under the bus Ro
Kiefer – if we get power those people will be scrambling.
They agree whatever Ro is doing he’s doing the wrong thing
Vic goes on about Austin and Breydon wanting to take to the boys out.
Kiefer says he trusts Jed and Ty “you and I will go REALLY far with them. I’ve picked my side”
Vic – me to I’m done
Kiefer says he broke up the second biggest duo in the game. Adds he wants Austin gone next.
Kiefer – if we play our cards right we’re guaranteed final 6.
Vic says her loyalty is with Jed, Ty, Kiefer, Tera, Tina. she says Beth is at the bottom for her.

4:48 pm Kiefer, Jed and Beth
Beth saying she wants to separate a pair.
Kiefer – I did joke with tina/Tera and say I have to put Tera up
Kiefer – and Tina looked SHOOK.. look like she has just seen the devil
They wonder what would happen if Victoria wins HOH.

Kiefer says they will be “gravy” if Vic won HOH.
Jed – I don’t want her to win but if she does it’s not the worst.
Kiefer – we would just have to be up in her room all the time telling her what she wants to hear. Jed would have to walk around with his shirt off all the time. Even more so. Same with Ty
Jed – bath in here..
Beth – that’s what she wants. She didn’t like that Latoya wasn’t sucking up to her she didn’t like that.
Kiefer – I know.. we would have to do the behind the door selly (HUH? not sure I heard him right)
Beth – she wants all that sh1t on TV
Kiefer – I don’t know if she’s had a behind the door selly
Jed – maybe by herself
Beth – the first one she was by herself
Beth says people play dirtier every week
Kiefer – like Kyle and ro right now.. that’s F**ED. Why is Ro digging himself so f**ing deep
Beth – he could be making the craziest alliances right now. (LOL sure he could)
Kiefer – he should be trying to. I feel like I don’t even want to be caught alone talking to that guy. That’s how I feel.
Kiefer says Ro is going to try to go with Tera, tina, Austin, and Breydon. Make like a 5 person thing. Little do they know we have Tera and Tina. I think we do especially if we have HOH.
Beth – we need to keep them close until Ro, Breydon, and Austin aren’t left. That’s our biggest bet right now
Jed – they’ll make final 6
Kiefer – I set the ball up now we just need someone to hit it out of the part. We win HOH again we take out another competitor another good social player. We just steamroll everybody that’s all we need. (sounds like a fun season)
Kiefer – it’s almost set up like our enemies will take out our enemies..

5:00 pm Ro, Kyle, Austin and Breydon
Mostly chit chat. they are agreeing that Ty has “more game” than Jed.
Breydon mentions Ty has more confidence.
Ro mentions Jed telling him earlier he has more game than TY.
They are talking about M@sterb@tion feeds cut every couple of seconds.. Only Kyle has had the “urge” so far.
They think if Jed wins HOH he would put Ro and Tera.
They discuss if Breydon wins HOH he’s taking a shot at either Jed or Ty
Kyle – as jacked as they are they’re not doing that well at comps

Breydon – I just hope for once they can squirm. (Jed/Ty)
Breydon can’t understand how quickly Ty and Jed were accepted back with Keifer so fast after they spent a whole week ignoring him.
Breydon – all of a sudden he’s best friends with him
Kyle says Keifer told him “I didn’t sign up to Big Brother to win the only way I came on Big Brother is to advance my career”
They mention voice acting.
(so there you have it)
Kyle calls Kiefer a clown.
Breydon – I knew he wouldn’t switch over.

6:51 pm Ty and Jed
Ty and Jed say he doesn’t trust Austin.
Ty- she just rubs me the wrong way.. From day one. I don’t know what it is. something’s is off
Ty – the fact she was tight with Julie just rubs me the wrong way
Jed – yup

7:24 pm Austin did Kyle’s hair

8:38 pm A bit slow on the feeds.

10:30 pm Feeds down
11:36 pm No Feeds for you

1:45am Still no feeds..

9:30 am Tuesday Feeds return . They had a party last night with booze so of course, we don’t get to see it on the feeds. This isn’t BBCAn1-2

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Has anyone kept track of the number of times Vic or Keifer have said “I’m going to go off on …” and then whether they actually follow through?

So POV currently happening with potential ^^^ for fireworks from these two but definite fireworks from Kyle …

Leading up to the POV Keifer BURIED Tina, Tera, Jed, & Ty stating they ALL told them to hard pitch Keif on putting up Vic. He also told Ro a bunch of things Vic said – about how they all turned on her immediately.

Recency bias for Keif & Vic….

Vic DID target LaToya & it WAS her plan all along – the 6 kept that quiet while Vic was the one lying saying it was Austin’s plan & that Austin also pushed for Ty/Jed as re-nom & she “had no clue”.

Also- Keifer TOTALLY keifed by telling Kyle (or Ro) that he was ‘only playing a part’ that he knew all week he was never the target & only played it b/c Vic told him to. (Jed/Beth/Ty are unaware of that fact). It exposes how shady Keifer is.

Speaking of which Keifer has a BAD case of HOHITIS that is getting worse as the week progresses & he’s now amping up his chest puffery & lies – telling Vic “he’s heard from MULTIPLE people that Aus/Brey would put them on the block. Unless I missed something this was NEVER said. He only remains relevant if there is a tie.

Regardless, if after today the house hasn’t figured out how much Vic/Keifer lie & manipulate they are playing the wrong game.

Jed/Beth are going to get exposed for telling KyRo they were going to throw POV so he could win & said the only way they both stayed is if Vic went up. Kyle is going to tell Vic – but will it be discussed publicly? (that’s important b/c they’ll just lie otherwise).

Tina & Tera have been exposed by both Keifer (to Ro) & Vic (to Brey) for the floaters they are. T&T were seemingly in a good spot in three different F4s as well as Sunsetters (Tina) +Tera. But b/c V/K outed that T&T were upset by KyRo pushing them to hard pitch Vic they won’t be trusted anymore. The entire week of T&T saying “he won’t tell us anything or give him a name got exposed by the guy they put so much faith in (Keifer) & the girl they think truly has their back (Vic). Doubtful this comes out immediately but now that quartet knows T&T are not true to an alliance with them & definitely can’t be trusted with game information.

Something I wonder is whether the trio (Ty/Jed/Beth) & the trio of Ro/Brey/Austin will ever come together to point out the middle of Keif/Vic plus T&T are clearly working together and they should make a pact to go to F6 and then gun for each other given that group will just float back and forth to take out the big targets so the four can sail to F4.

At this point even if they don’t like each other it’s a worthwhile discussion.

another name

If you go back to pm chats between Kiefer and the boys…
you’d honestly think HE had verbally defeated Kyle and Ro in the pantry.
you’d honestly think HE scared Austin into throwing a bad second throw (not that a deal was offered).
you’d honestly think nobody threw the first veto to him, he’s just a comp beast.
you’d honestly think instead of hiding in his HOH in delusionland that he had been walking around the house putting EVERY-body in their place.

His retells of conversations alone are twisted and skewed. It’s part of what I call Kiefing. Breydon let out information he only told him after 20 minutes and Ro came running? No.

  1. he talked to Breydon, let out Austin or Vic are the only names named.
  2. Then he talked to Kyle asking why Ro had not been to see him about the POV, and slipped out that there were only two options for renom.
  3. Then he talked to Rohan, who had spoken to Kyle.
  4. The hot tub / outside convo between Kyle, Austin and Brey verifies this. It happened concurrent to Rohan talking to Kiefer. It’s what led Brey to tell Austin his tea in the pantry / kitchen area.
  5. Rohan left Kiefer. feeds down for about 40 minutes, then we have the big scramble when feeds return. It started with Austin upset, shaking, and in walks Beth.

But according to Kiefer… straight line Breydon and chaos in twenty minutes. It’s the omission of details, and not tracking events, and forgetting what he said more than once thing that started his trouble mid week two. He took info from before the veto (friday night) and passed it off on Tuesday as current new information, reversing who said what (putting his words in Kyle’s mouth, and Kyle’s in his). That was already getting back to Kyle and Ro before trying to pin the almost flip on Victoria.

The combined forces to take out the floaters conversations have happened. It was part of the Bro Armistice Summit in the Expedia room. Wednesday of week three. Ty Jed named LaToya their untouchable. KyRo didn’t name an untouchable (said it’s just the two of them). Both pairs talked about combining forces to take out the middle. Nobody would verify WHO the middle consisted of. It was just “the three floaters.”

There is basis of truth in the Vic lies. Austin was the one to say to Vic first that Ty would be the best post veto nominee. But… LaToya was Vic’s target from the jump.
Kiefer told Austin and Breydon he was playing a part assigned by Vic last Tuesday in Expedia when he campaigned. He told Tina and Tera the same an hour later. He told Ky and Ro as well on Wednesday. The entire Oddball side knew that Kiefer was in on the LaToya plan. Hell, he spilled the LaToya plan to LaToya on Thursday night last week. That was the odd thing. She was told by Kiefer that he was told to act down and out, but he wasn’t the target.


Keifer in HOH talking to Beth/Ty — discussing it wouldn’t be bad if it is him next to Vic (meaning he’d stay).

Ty: “oh man, THAT would be GREAT!”

Keifer: well… not great… (um you figuring out precisely how disposable you are Keif?

allison thompson

This picture said it all to me

Screenshot_20210321-212607_Samsung Internet.jpg

Whos the target Austin or Kyle?


Watching the interaction with Tera in the bedroom with Brey/Aus/Kyle – the looks are telling especially from Breydon who CLEARLY is not impressed by her unnecessary “loyalty” chats all week.

The funny part is both KyRo have said they respect the game Ty/Jed are playing. So the implication from the two duos which will lose a member (for now it’s Kyle) this week are essentially implying they DO NOT respect how T&T & Keif (maybe even Vic) are playing the game.


Vic “I never turned on the oddballs once” LMAO – really? you said the 6 were the ones who made the decision & you had no idea & that Austin (you’re FIRST alliance) was the one who pushed LaToya. So many other lies too — I can’t

Gotta hand it to her though b/c most people never call her out for her lies.

another name

Optics and Skew.
Yeah. I check out the global statements on the website that inform nonfeeders about what is going on in the house. They inform me how the show is spinning things in terms of who they are pushing as the heroes and who are getting the villain edit.
Global statements are very nerdherd2.0 are the heroes. Like we didn’t know that from the show edit already. But, they are. Bigly.
Newest leaked preview has Kiefer “discovering” the expedia 2 room. playing up a home alone Kevin running up and down the halls aspect. Absolutely and completely staged… but will make all the episode onlies say aw what a charming and funny little fat guy. He’s a comedic delight. I want him to do well in the game.
D/R content in shows also adds to the optic and skew. The more D/R inclusions, the more the show is pushing those figures as essential. The only time a main figure isn’t given a lot of D/R time is if they are playing up the dark horse / invisible threat until jury starts angle (think 7’s anthony, who had almost NO D/R until somewhere around week 6). By this indicator, right now Kyle is in trouble. lol. Tina isn’t doing much better (I guess goofy-newfie isn’t as funny to them as it was in season 2?). Ty is the dark horse until jury guy right now. These three go episodes at a time with ZERO D/R inclusion. CLEAR front runner at this point is of course Kiefer. He’s tied with Vic as of Thursday, but HOH’s get more D/R content usually. So, he’ll get an even BIGGER jump.
If a power comes… Kief will somehow find it. Unless they hid it in HOH, little chance they unveil it this week (this is another reason the expedia discovery is a joke, unless they put it in the HOH bathroom, No way Fizzle the Explodey Dud was going to find it).

Why do I always hate the optic/skew treatment they come up with every season?

another name

Oh yeah. Big time.
I’m interested to see how they portray under the busgate.
For some reason I’m getting the sense that they will actually make it look like everyone turned on poor Vic and she had no choice but to deflect. Easy enough to do, but sounds like a reversal of timeline.
I’m also getting the sense that Breydon, before eviction, was cornered and hinted that LaToya was going.
The steamroll happens every year. We can never have nice things when it comes to a battle royale that goes for multiple weeks. That went out once they started scripting D/R and the guidelines between gameshow and reality entertainment programming were decided.
Really.. I dislike the edit that Kiefer and Beth are getting. Their in feed personalities are not what we see, at all.


UGH why must TPTB ruin what could’ve been a great season. I can’t even watch him on the live feeds – & we all know if one of the trio R/A/B wins HOH he’ll be panicked & right back into victim mode again.

another name

Breydon, yes. I’m not sure about Austin.
I think production would be thinking that Breydon kid is funnier when he’s not with her… but think of how he’d be with Vic…. or would he increase Beth’s profile?
Austin from the edit feels like the player that goes out early.

another name

What do you do with Tera?
You can’t talk to her, because she takes offense to something in EVERY conversation.
You can’t work with her because she doesn’t trust anyone but Tina.
You can’t have a social game around her, because if you talk to anyone else instead of just sitting in your assigned seat, you are playing both sides (like she isn’t?)
It’s Christmas waiting to happen, I tell you.

another name

So far, rumblings of a possible vote flip have been heard from Tina, Tera, and Kiefer. It’s only been a couple of hours since the veto ceremony.
Basis IMO:
Kiefer knows he’s going to be in danger. Thinks little of Austin, having called her a bitch and a frantic woman. Can’t hold a conversation with her. Thinks Breydon comes to their side if he is responsible for getting rid of Austin (logic stymies me on that one, Beth had the same thought).
Tina wants the alphas out, but has less trust for Austin since Vic went around saying Austin is play acting being emotionally weak. Thinks the boys together might be a bigger shield for the two sets of alphas to keep targeting each other. Would prefer to split her and Tera’s votes this time possibly so whoever stays they can say we knew it all the time. Gives Kiefer a deniability, because the tie is averted with whichever way Kyle’s impression of the vote goes.
Tera because she was also nonplus about Kiefer saying Vic told them Austin playacts. She thinks she’s closer to Kyle, who wisely started calling her mom a week ago to manipulate a manufactured closeness. Fears Austin is swayable by the boys flirtation. Wants to get closer to Breydon.

The talk hasn’t gone anywhere. But it is talk. Expect more.

Just Sayin'

I legit forget that Breydon is in the house during the episodes since they do not show him at all lol. And then I kind of remember that he’s on the show when I read this blog, but honestly I thought he was going to be a bigger player in the house than he is. At this point he should easily float into the final 4, but will never win


Wait- — Did Vic really say “what Austin did to me is worse than my foster parents not wanting me?” OR did Keifer make that up?

I can’t keep up with the number of times Keifer has lied today.

Either way that left a really bad taste in my mouth. especially when Vic DID plant untruths & lies about Austin. I haven’t heard Austin pin any untruths lies on Vic (although they all lie so I could be wrong). The most she has said is to be careful how much you share (rational statement). And that was after Vic threw her entire team UTB claiming innocence over the LaToya vote & the 6 all backed her up saying it was a last-minute decision. After Vic said LaToya leaving was all Austin’s idea & that Ty should go up as backdoor.

Just like I never liked Johnny Fairplay on Survivor or Matt lying on BBUS about his wife being ill there are certain boundaries you don’t cross.

If someone knows for sure can you please clarify here whether Vic said it or Keifer made it up. (brutal either way, and dirty game play)

another name

Would not surprise me at all if she did.
She’s been using her backstory as emotional blackmail for three weeks.
It’s part of the whole chaos gremlin say/do anything you can to win.
Starting to become more sure that by Tuesday, the house will have decided Kyle is the devil you know, Austin is the devil you don’t. And most of that comes from Vic throwing Austin under buses.

another name

A few days ago, My thought on what Kiefer was attempting was to break down the big group into 2 little groups and the other side also being a little group… then act like he’s part of all of them to get every group to go after each other while he skates.
He’s now telling Ty and Jed that Tina isn’t a sunsetter anymore, it’s just the four of them. The three guys decide Tina and Tera are just harmless floaters that wouldn’t nominate any of them.
So. This is his picture of what he wants:
team one: ty, jed, beth, kief.
team two: vic, tina, tera, kief.
team three: the house targets of ro, brey, austin. tell them it was all Ty and Jed’s fault.

Problem: Tina and Tera only want two sides, with the two of them in the middle.
Problem: Kief doesn’t know tera wants the oddballs to join back together. If the oddballs do get back together, Tina can’t run interference for Kiefer.
Problem: Vic is on nobodies side but Vic.
Problem: he’s disposable to his primary alliance. They’ve told him so a hundred times.

The biggest problem on an ongoing basis: Kiefer has kiefed so many kiefs in three days, that one long conversation between any two people from different factions is going to kief him but good.


Kyle looks like a serial killer lmaoo idk if anyone hasnt noticed that


Kyle kinda sexy i love the bad guys but sad hes a bro


This cast its way better than that trash robyn picks every year for BBUS


Seriously BB22 was a joke lmaoooooo


about half the cast was a joke ya, but it was in the middle of a pandemic. several people couldnt come or tested positive. im just grateful we even got a 2020 season.


How rich is this conversation with Ty, Tina and Tera saying how it’s so “not cool” not knowing where Austin stands or who she’ll put up.

Really Tina & Tera? Where DO YOU STAND? WHO would you put up?


another name

Reason for showmance roulette to land on Jed:
Ty’s girl back home talk added to Ty and Beth’s this is going nowhere once the show ends talk a few days ago. Means that she doesn’t have a high level of control or priority.
Jed however, with his egomaniacal desire to be the absolute? Putty. Wait and see. All she has to do is whisper in his ear that he makes the best kraft dinner she’s ever had. Of course, she’ll also throw in a “omg, it’s so biiiiiig” to make every lie more believable. Putty.

Besides, he was the storyline authorized showmance with her. She and Ty both said production likely wasn’t pleased about the two of them.

Just Sayin'

You’re so right. Also eyeroll and ty and Jen talking about something not being right about Austin. Could it be that she was not charmed by their fuukboi level of flirting….? Big man babies

another name

Yeah, when Vic told Ty that Austin caught on to the entire flirt with her to manipulate her thing immediately, Ty (who thought she was the dumb girl that would fall for anything) was nonplus in facial expression

another name

recap sounds like we will get aftermath. we’d better. but will it be skew?

Vic’s mistake being played as genius part of the plan (she mistimed by 3 hours). btw, it wasn’t 30 minutes before eviction, it was 30 minutes before feeds cut. There’s a difference.
She throws Beth under the bus. Beth didn’t deny. Damn Vic was hoping for denial.
Ty asks about going on block. Beth denies the Ty conversation.
Vic says she didn’t ask Brey and Austin about targeting LaToya (oh…. she mentioned it a lot in week two).
HOH comp rehash.
They’re playing the coming for you talk without the make a deal for safety part? oh subtitles but hmmm.. he mentions as safe with each other, but we don’t get parameters. SKETCH ALERT.
Kiefer chooses have nots Tera, Vic, Tina, Ro. NO for LaToya/Cappy inclusion.
Kief pumps himself up.
Kief justifies working with the people that voted against him.
The ‘they’re going to think you’re an idiot for staying with the people that voted you out.’ line is out already. Well, is bottom of the pecking order worse than totally expendable? Debate amongst yourselves.
Meanwhile the oddballs are wondering wtf. What is Kiefer doing? being Kiefer.
Room reveal. I personally get SO BORED by the room reveal schmultz. I eyeroll and gag my way through it every week. So much I don’t care, get back to the game.
This is bullshit man segment. The boys need to talk to the other boys.
Who pitched? answer: Vic made it apparent the vote was flipped. Vic said she didn’t know. answer: she knew we were following her lead.
scheming it up bro? answer: oh noooo bro. ummm. so much fake bro energy.
Kiefer trying to gather information
KyRo. having the pantry talk come up Uhhhh-gain. With the Pantry clip… Uhhhh-gain. And i’m so over it. Kiefer victim whines as HOH. poor me everyone betrays me. eyeroll. Okay, I’m done with his HOH already.
TnT. They’re good with whatever Kief wants. Leaning KyRo. Tera brings up Brey/Au.
Under the bus hard.
Vic. Everyone is coming for you talk, you’re save with me talk.
Doesn’t show Au/Brey talk yet. Ummmm… so not revealing the deal in the edit again. Not telling her she’s safe this week. SANITIZING? Keeping a sunsetter with a Golden Edit looking like an honorable player? shocking.
Kief wants to take out a couple. Avoids the trio as a thing.
After the commercial: The Throuple talk. Isosceles.
WENDY’S Meal with Tina. Pull the wandering sunset back in.
Tina and Kief talk. KyRo campaigned. Says they can’t read Au/Brey. Says he talked to Jed/Ty… lies about that.
After Wendy’s, Tina and Tera chat KyRo. Joke about how silly it is to backdoor Au/Brey after Tina says the targets aren’t necessarily the targets…
It’s mix and match convo in the wayback machine… but hey that’s episodic big brother.
The Expedia clip. Kiefer almost has a stroke from running across the house. Cardio dude. please. Cardio. Cardio is important. For Everyone. No matter what size, don’t neglect Cardio. Good thing BBCAN doesn’t do slipnslide.
Get Austin out talk from when feeds just started. Post HOH.
They think Austin is dangerous and a mastermind. The backdoor talk.
Kiefer saying nervous that the 4 boys are together. The episode is already giving an Austin is toast edit. Interesting.
Austin hears her name being tossed. Ballpit. The house uses the ballpit as stress reducer. Throw in any Austin’s happyplace is neck deep in balls joke you want. Maybe it was advice from Beth. Or a fantasy of Jed.
Kyle flirts. Austin flirts. aw they’re making the broken showmance idea happen.
ROHAN goes to Kiefer. Rohan is now saying he was on the block and afraid of going home, he was in on the plot. Rohan knows this. It’s a rough cut up edit of the conversation.
Why isn’t anyone saying lay off the self pity Kief, you told everyone but Jed/Ty you were in on the plot. That would shake him to his core.
Kiefer indecisive. Kiefer knew what he was going to do from the first “this is for you Cappy” to the 1047th “this is for you Cappy”. Eyeroll.
I didn’t know that this edit would have made me nopelist Kiefer if I hadn’t already nopelisted him. I’m actually hating feed Kief now because of the comparison to edit Kief.

Kiefer plots to take out a duo (blindly avoiding a TRIO).
Rohan and Kyle get ur asses on the block you mean old meanmugging meanboys.
Rohan, you’re insincere. Kyle, you’d save Rohan.


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Passing Thought.
Her plan post eviction was to say she had nothing to do with the vote flip.
How is that loyal to her alliance, the ODDBALLS.
And, given that she told 5 of the 6 Oddballs that was her plan… why didn’t anyone stop her and say check yourself, we’ll stand with you, but we ain’t taking ALL your heat.


Is Austin part of the LGBT community?

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Not that she has stated.
All i’m aware of is she’s of Egyptian / South American mixed ancestry, has a couple of sisters. But nothing has been stated about her being LGBT. Ally maybe?

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anyone checked out the twitter war going on over skip the slop on twitter?
Sweet thunderin Beel-ze-bubba.
This is how partisan things have become? A pissing match over 2 days of food?
Eyeroll to end all eyerolls.

But really. if someone looks, check some of the hashtags…. i…. whuuu? I sincerely doubt taylor swift cares.

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I look at it when there is a fanvote, and when a member of one side says something i know is going to trigger.
Thus far there’s been Bethgate. Vic death threats. first slop pass war. second slop pass war (including vote to give a 50k scholarship to underprivileged multiple kids single mother living on the streets TIna).
Pantrygate and petitions to remove at least 5 houseguests.

Add that to the usual vitriole.

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Why are feeds down you ask?
gee. Maybe production is giving them some notes:
1) don’t put the guy on slop for another week or we’re going to put it in the episodes that you’re saying it, and you’re going to look like satan.
2)we need a big argument to happen. Right now you’re all too kumbaya.
pantrygate is wearing thin and people are starting to notice how contrived it is.
3)if you’re all good and stop being such little shits, we’ll give you a meal and maybe even some sparkling water hooch from that sponsor…. but we can’t air that we’re global.
4)okay, we’re leaning in pretty far that the sunsetters want to take out Austin. I need you guys to really start amping it up by wednesday morning, or our edit is going to look pretty stupid, because we ain’t airing that ‘this is for cappy’ bullshit, and we didn’t bother to tell them that rohan was a fake out, Kyle is the target.
okay guys. good talk. oh look, bedtime.
bwahahahha. no feeds for you.

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1) Ro got slop pass according to vote. did it.
2) not yet.
3)did it.
4)feeds come back to just this. in progress.

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feeds return at 910-915 am Eastern.
house standings and situation from my perspective
They got booze.

bbcan9 WEEK FOURC.jpg
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They gave Jed and Beth the defender room to themselves last night? Really? Yeah, push that showmance envelope…. we all looooove showmances (if anyone didn’t slip in the puddle of dripping sarcasm… i don’t love showmances).
Ty slept on an hoh couch.
Brey slept in destiny, he woke up early (doesn’t drink / never been drunk).
Ty says he dreamt that he and Jed fought over Beth. Kief says not worth it. Kief is NOT encouraging Ty to pull back from Beth when Ty mentions he should. Yeah, about what I’d expect of Kief. His soul almost left his body at the thought of the trio not being the house big target if anyone wins HOH next week.
Kyle choke holded Ro last night. context unknown. fratboy crap.
Jed reports he was drunk. Ro seems hung over… and bitchy. Beth and Austin say they caught a light buzz, but Vic was pounding back wine.

Tera’s passive aggressive this morning has lost some of it’s passive about prodo not letting her go outside and smoke. Expect a 72 hour lockdown from going outside for that one. Prodo is petty that way.

Jed ate a ton of watermelon last night…. oh. no. WATERMELON??? Not ready for watermelon again. Going with his flatearther comments yesterday… not one bit surprised.
Of course Ro hopped the line and started eating pad thai before they were instructed have nots could eat. he’s lost somewhere between 15-20 pounds for god sake.

remember when Beth was using the same tools to pedicure both guys without washing her hands or the instruments? Jed has athlete’s foot. shudder with me now folks.

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The fact that we missed a spread eagle Vic asking Ro to stretch her?
And yeah, there it is.
Beth goes to Ty about flipping and getting rid of Austin.
Then she goes to Jed and Kief and says the 4 have to talk today.
She’s unhappy that Kyle hasn’t campaigned against Austin. She thinks she gets Breydon if Austin leaves.