“A Big part of me wants her to go home instead” Next week “Boom Kyle and Ro again”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro Austin
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : Ro used the veto on himself. Austin nominated as replacement.
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

Party last night + Alcohol = Everyone got sauced no feeds for you. There wasn’t much game talk if any. It was more like lapdances, Beth ‘sleeping’ with Jed, Kyle/Austin flirting, and Vic getting some sort of spread eagle. Looks like a flip is in the air again which should make for some interesting waffling this week.

10:29 am pumping iron.. (Ro curls more than Cody deadlifts)

Tina joins them. They’re laughing at things that happen last night. Feeds cut between sentences..
Kyle – stretch me
Kyle – oh were you there for the lap dances
Ro – right near the end of it.
Cut ..
Ro – there’s too much going on.
Tina – she did a lap dance with Tera.. (Austin)
Tina – oh my god I forgot about that, that was a long night..

Kyle says he’s not doing call-outs during evictions. He feels he’s gotten it out. He’s planning on going the “heartfelt” route.
Tera joins them. Ro’s knees are a bit banged up from the POV competition
Tera – was it worth it
Ro – yeah because I Would be F**g going home Tera
They laugh.
Kyle says it was nice there was no game talk during the party. He thought there might be.
Tina – it was nice to just have fun
Kyle – like a house party

10:31 am Beth and Ty agreeing they have to shift the focus on Austin, Breydon, and RO as a triple to keep the heat of their love triangle (Beth spent the night in a room with Jed alone but she’s also kissing Ty…)

Beth – it wouldn’t be the worst thing to let Tera win HOH. Unless she goes back on her word. Like making other people do our dirty work is such a good way to play Big Brother
Ty – I agree, I still think it’s really early for one of the three of us to have HOH (Famous last words)
Beth – it is early.
Beth says the house doesn’t associate Kief with them but if one of them wins HOH the blood will be on all their hands.
Ty – If I won HOH who else do I go for other than Austin?
Ty – Tera?
Beth – you can’t. that chat was good unless she was insane. (HA she’s insane)
Ty mentions how if Ter or Tina wins the house will be pushing hard for the three of them to get broken up.

Ty says Kyle is really taking this laying down.
Beth goes on about if she’s on the block against Ty she will campaign against him “100%”
Beth – I’m not here to F*** around (LOL)
Ty – you’re not here to lay down and die
Beth – I bet you if Kyle started talking and came up with something really really good he could flip
TY – people would think about it
Beth – I wouldn’t do the work for him.. I’m so scared of her.. A Big part of me wants her to go home instead, to be honest with you.. but that’s between me and you
Ty – that’s how I felt from the start
Beth – they are both so dangerous.

Ty says Austin is more dangerous than Kyle. “I’ve said from the start”
Beth – but Ro will f*** this place.. I feel like we are missing a big opportunity right now. Kyle is not even good..
Beth says it will make the nominations easy for next week “Boom Kyle and Ro again”
Beth – Kiefer will be pissed but I dunno he might want to go all the way.. Austin’s a target for Kief now.
Ty – let’s think about it.
They talk about how they talked to Ro and Kyle before the veto and told them they want to work with them.

1:18 pm Feeds have been down all morning..

2:36 pm Sunsetters + Vic in the hot tub area chatting about the vote.
Sounds like the Flip is off the menu now.
Kiefer doesn’t think he’s going on the block next week if the other side wins Jed/TY will go up.
Kiefer – I’m not scared of Ro.. I said right to Ro’s face I would rather go against you Breydon and Austin than Vic

3:10 pm Kiefer and Tina
Tina – are you leaning more toward Kyle because you think that is what the guys..
K – no, I just think that.. part of me I did tell Austin she wouldn’t go home on my HOH
Tina – would she keep the same thing for you?
k – no not a chance
Tina – I am good with whatever decision you decide. Just keep it here in the back of your head you are here to play your game.
K – this move in the end will benefit me
Tina – Kyle or Austin
K – Kyle evicting Kyle will benefit me in the long run I really feel that. Him and Ro are too dangerous together
Tina – they are. their game is transparent right now
K – Same with Austin people are realizing what a target she is.
Tina – the problem with Austin is you don’t know who her targets will be.
K – I really think it’s Ty and Jed. Why wouldn’t it be
Tina – I don’t think they would want to take a big shot.
K – I have a gut feeling.. I feel like it’s a bad idea to switch it up.
Kiefer isn’t sold on Austin being a great competitor says most of the comps have been chance.
Tina – if you eliminate Austin you still have Ro and Kyle but you know the game they’re playing. You don’t know the game Austin is playing.
Tina – the guys will start taking shots at the guys. You’re damned if you do damned if you don’t

Kiefer – I still view you as a sunsetter
Tian – I appreciate that I don’t know how the guys feel about it.
Keifer – they feel really good.. they think you’re doing a good job. They want to go for Austin and Breydon BAD.. but after Kyle
Tina – they want Kyle first
K – yes, there are discussions happening just because of how comfortable she is and how comfortable she is lying to people’s faces. Vic told them that Austin was saying they needed to take out Ty next week.
K – how much can I trust Vic?
They agree Vic is closer to Jef, Ty than Kyle/Ro
K – She hates them right now (KyRo)
Kiefer says the rest of the sunsetters + Vic all think Austin is more dangerous than Kyle
Kiefer says Breydon todl them if he won HOH he’s putting up Tina and Tera
Tina – I know. I felt that already
K – I heard that out there.. it could be a lie I know Beth is working with the guys.. I don’t know why Beth thinks nobody knows that. I’m like Beth they know they’re feeding yo information.

Kiefer – we need Vic
Tina – I agree
Kiefer – we need to protect Vic with our f**Ing life.. when it’s a double we need her to take a shot. I can’t do it I’m in too deep it would sour my game HARD.

Kiefer says he can’t take a shot at them there’s no chance “there would be a biter Jury”
Kiefer – they would GUN for me with everything they have
Kiefer – I keep telling the guys.. Like guys honestly I don’t think anyone will put me up next week.. and they say you don’t think Austin will
Kiefer – Maybe.. but why would anyone keep you guys together? it would make no sense.
(Guys = Ty and Jed)
Kiefer – I think they know.. especially Ty
Tina – I don’t trust Austin
Kiefer – I don’t think you should
Kiefer – her and Breydon made a final three with me..
Tina – if they did that why put you up

3:22 pm Ro and Vic
Ro solidifying that when Kyle goes all he has is Vic.

5:26 pm feeds down yo. They return at 5:48 pm after being down for over an hour.

Hot tub area, Ro, Breydon, Vic, and Kyle
Chatting about who Kiefer picked to be on slop.
Vic is complaining about being on slop

5:54 pm Tera and Tina
Tera – we could lie to the other side. If we get rid of Austin then if we win we can put up Kyle and Ro
Tina – it’s an option
Tera – it’s an idea worth trying for
Tina – he (Breydon?) would be pissed

6:00 pm feeds down again.

6:43 pm Tina, Kiefer and Tera
Kiefer says he’s got a gut feeling that Kyle needs to go “I don’t know why”
Tera = both options suck, I think for us three Kyle is safer than Austin and Breydon 10000%
Tera doesn’t think Jed gives two sh1ts who goes. Tina agrees.
Tera says after hearing everything she heard today she wants Austin but if everyone else says Kyle she’ll vote Kyle.
The girls tell Kiefer Austin would put them up but Kyle and Ro won’t. They tell him what’s best for the three of them is for Austin to go.
Kiefer – maybe we flip the vote.
Kiefer says he doesn’t care who goes, “In my eyes, they’ve both wronged me”. If the whole house wants Austin it is Austin.

(flip is back on the menu folks)

7:07 pm Vic and Kiefer
Kiefer fills her in on Tina and Tera suggesting Kyle stays.
Kiefer – my way to show loyalty is to take out a big target for Jed and Ty. In the back of my mind (LOL)
Kiefer – and I just don’t like Kyle on a personal level
Vic – I know, He needs to go
Vic says if Tina and Tera want Austin out then next week they win HOH they can put her up
K – exactly
Vic – the plan is to get her out next week. We just all need to band together and make sure he’s going this week
They agree to get Kyle out this week and next week they fight
Vic says if she wins she’s putting up Brey and Austin.
K – f*** yeah, it would be such a nice week for me to chill.
K – I feel best with you and Ty, Jed, and Beth. I’m all in on that. I feel great with Tera and Tina but at the end of the day I think we can really make it to the final 5.
Vic – I want to work with you right to the end. You are exactly the person I want to work with in this game.

Feeds down for 30 minutes.

8:36 pm Vic, Tina, and Tera
Vic now talking about voting Austin out. They ask Vic who on the other side should they talk to. Vic says Jed he’s pissed at Austin right now, “She lied straight to Jed’s face”

Vic – if Kyle goes who’s going to make BIG moves.. If Kyle goes there will be no one to take out these boys..
Vic – I’m telling you for our game Austin needs to go for so many reasons.
Vic says people have had this same conversation throughout the house today.

9:25 pm Ro and Tina
Tina filling him in on a possible Flip.
Ro says they’re either sincere about keeping Kyle or want to pin us against each other. They might want Tina,Tera and Vic to be after Austin and Breydon and vic versa.

11:09 pm Jed and Ty don’t want Austin go this week. They want Kyle evicted.

11:40 pm Vic, Tina and Tera
SCheming about the vote flip.
Vic says if Austin goes Kiefer will be invisible in the game, “I think he wants Kyle gone for personal reasons not game reasons”

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another name

Is it odd that I set up next week’s alliance chart already based on yesterday’s show edit?

another name

well. here’s the prediction.
IF I”M WRONG I”M WRONG, and it’s like i’m back to week one where the consensus of the people i was chatting with at the time was Ro or Josh.

bbcan9 WEEK FIVE.jpg
another name

i put it up as a stand alone right after reading.
This prediction sets up a pretty strong “this is for Austin” raison d’etre that bonds Kyle and Ro to Brey.
Thinking everyone leaves Vic out on the flip talk, drawing her back to the Oddballs if they win hoh.

Guy From Canada

Remember when John drank that 26 to himself……or the drunken challenge ha ha. Loved season 2 for that.

another name

Prediction for week 5.

bbcan9 WEEK FIVE.jpg
Mr George H Lewis

I hope you are wrong plus the boys making a move on Austin would be done as they are probably slightly closer with her than Kyle and they need to leave a bigger threat than them in the house.

another name

Beth wants a house full of Beth and a bedroom ballpit.
That’s her game.
You think she wants a woman on the block to stay, ever?
And now all she has to say to Jed is “do it for me and what we shared last night”.
If Kief doesn’t agree, she’ll just say well Kief isn’t really one of us, Tera and Tina will go for it. five votes. no tie.
Beth already lying to Kief and saying Austin and Brey said KIEF told them that Beth and Jed threw the veto.

another name

Remember during Austin’s HOH (either the friday or the sat in hoh) when she was talking to Beth about Kyle?
Austin said Kyle was flirting with her. Beth was offended and said “well….he hasn’t flirted with meeeee.”
From that moment Austin was frenemy territory.


Is it just me but Im not a fan of Beth’s game like she’s messy. Also me as a black person is happy ty and Jed are working together and no one is making them them the numbed 1 target like usual on big brother but disappointed that they believe Beth after all the stuff that ppl said she said and they know she said it cuz it’s right.

ideal situation tera wins puts up Austin and Beth I don’t care who goes home but I’m leaning towards Beth.


I think Beth offends a lot of women. She’s using these guys as meat shields, then turns around and criticizes her sisters for flirting. I don’t respect her game at all. I think both Ty and Jed are using her but dang….why???


I don’t think they’re using her I believe they are lost in her sauce. I never hear ty or Jed have a convo with just them or with other ppl talking about cutting her later on or anything and they fill her in. But she has convos and doesn’t fill them in sometimes. Soo they definitely are lost in her sauce!!

another name

Beth wants a house meeting?
Oh prodo gonna put a stop to that idea right quick.
Can’t Paras Edit a house meeting…

BUT that would check off the part of my prodo meeting speculation list last night: pantrygate is getting old and contrived… we need a new big fight.

another name

KARB changed their name… to the NERD HERD.
oh. no.
The other side already Cappy’s Latoya.


Vic is telling SOOO MANY lies to the Sunsetters in the backyard. It’s… ridiculous.
What is she accomplishing? Getting Ty riled against Austin. Making the question of Austin before Kyle even more of a thing.
Kief right now is stuck on Kyle going. Kief doesn’t get a vote.
Jed wishes Kyle were already gone so they could just vote out Austin.
Ty thinks if they take out Austin, they fire up Kyle to come for blood at taking out his showmance.
Beth is… i dunno. Fantasizing about eggplant?

After Kiefer says I don’t really care what we do, let’s just decide tomorrow…
Kyle and Austin are searching the newly reopened house for a super power.


Ok so now I’m on the side of which ever HG has the cajones to win the next HOH and put up Ty and Jed to backdoor Beth. What a wasted HOH Keifer! They leave their foot skin scrapings in your tub, drink your booze, play flip flop in your bed, tell you how the weeks going to play out. Enough already. I’m hating all the players I started out rooting for. Go Breydon!

another name

Flip talk back on but only in the weighing options way.
This time between Kiefer and Tina.
Getting rid of Austin is better for Kiefer’s game… Tina agrees.
But Kiefer’s ego REALLY wants to split up Kyle and Ro.

Tina… thinks she and Tera are closer to Kyle and Ro than Brey and Austin is my angle here.

another name

Silly situational conundrum:
who goes to Breydon first to say there is talk of a vote flip? Think Thursday.

  • Vic saying it’s all Beth?
  • Beth saying it’s all Vic?
  • Tera saying it’s all Jed and Ty?
  • Jed saying it’s all Tera
  • Kief saying they’re doing it and he can’t stop them.

Why aren’t they campaigning? Kyle thinks he’s dead man walking (at least until Wed. pm).
Austin thinks Beth, Vic, Tina and Tera all promised her their votes this week before she went on the block (because they did).

Little flies in the ointment that could or could not affect a vote flip:
Ro repeatedly saying with Kyle gone you are my number 1 to Vic.
Tera telling Beth that Austin and Brey are afraid to go for HOH next week. Makes Austin a sitting duck?

What they are failing to consider (Beth and Ty) after learning that TNT want Austin gone… is what is TNT’s motivation? D’uh, because they KNOW that Ky and Ro would target the boys, and they don’t know what Austin would do. Instead they want to bring TNT together with them in their fake final 6 and lay down the law of the target order.


Kief is my guess. So much for respect for his HOH.


I’ve already soured on the season.

I’m exhausted by the level of cruelty Keif has shown to some all while either playing the victim, grandstanding, or as Another Name says “Keifing”.

I’m not a fan of Beth or Vic’s lies and how hard they try to take out the other young female – the only reason they haven’t gone after T&T yet is b/c Austin is in the house. For the life of me, I don’t understand why females can never figure out to work WITH each other instead of cutting each other’s throats.

It’s bothersome to me that both Vic & Keif use personal things to advance their game & go after their own allies. Beth is the wannabe Survivor Parvati & it’s working for her. I’m not convinced Ty/Jed are that inept that they buy all her lies — Rather, I think they realize both Beth & Vic are liars but b/c they get intel that they can spin into workable narratives & use them as numbers it’s useful to them.

Ro & Kyle are straightforward with their true allies (to a fault – see T&T and Vic) as are Brey/Aus (especially within that 4-some) BUT they often underestimate how brutal the level of lies are & the damage those liars are causing. For example – Vic seems to have Ro convinced she’ll work with him & the quartet all buys it. Can someone explain to me WHY this is being accepted w/o question? They watch her run straight to Ty/Jed/Keif after every conversation so what part of this isn’t telling you precisely what she’s doing just as she did last week?

I used to like Tina & Tera but they are also wearing on my last nerve. Are they that susceptible to Keifer & Vic’s lies? Haven’t they BOTH said the guys (Ty/Jed) have to go? Don’t they also recognize keeping Keif/Vic over anyone else doesn’t bode well for them b/c they have stronger allies in the house who’ll protect them ahead of T&T. Don’t they see keeping Brey/Aus/Ro closest would behoove them more than Keif/Vic who that trio will target ahead of them (especially once Vic’s lies get spilled).

I’m hopeful that somehow the 4-some discusses how they had a F4 with T&T & then they figure out they prob also have one with Keif/Vic (and possibly the boys). Then that leads to a sit down with Ty/Jed with the quartet where they expose that ^^^ fact as well as how Keif & Vic are bamboozling them. That would blow up T&T lies of “I didn’t know until the day of- & I made my vote based on LT not pitching me– call out the BS & how that four are sitting pretty.

More importantly, they need to point out to Jed/Ty — you realize once Kyle or Austin leave this week & if you take another one of us out next week YOU TWO are the priority boots every week thereafter? And just so you know they’ve ALL said you guys have to go. AND your boy Keif KNEW ALL WEEK he was staying – and told each pair including T&T that fact.

Get J/T thinking.

They should offer to call it out in a casual setting where everyone is there -like outside tanning. Get Brey or Ro to say “you are pursuing acting, right Keif? So last week would be a great audition tape for you – convincing us all you didn’t know. I was so surprised when you said you were just acting & KNEW ALL WEEK!. That’s impressive” Keif is so caught up in his narcissistic self he might not even realize how that would expose him. & then turn to T&T and say – “didn’t you say you were surprised when he told you he knew the whole time like we did? — I think Vic should also take up acting – b/c they snowed everyone which takes talent.

Then watch the scrambling.

Sadly, it seems TPTB are more desirous of this nonsense outlandish retells, lies, cruelty, meanspiritedness & Nerd Herd 2.0 than actual Big Brother strategic gameplay.

It already seems the season is going to continue spiraling downward WHY can’t we have nice things? lol

another name

Between Austin and Kyle leaving, in terms of the dynamic of the game, it’s somewhat irrelevant.
If Austin leaves, and kyle, ro or brey win hoh: sunsetter 4 are the target.
If Austin leaves, and tina tera win: 4 alpha boys are target.
If Austin leaves and sunsetter wins hoh: kyle ro brey.

If kyle leaves, and austin ro or brey win hoh: sunsetter 4 likely.
if kyle leaves and tina tera win: Austin brey and jed ty again.
If kyle leaves and susnetter wins hoh: au brey ro.

Here’s the thing: Tera keeps saying I don’t think Au and Brey want to win HOH next week.
That should delight the sunsetters. Beth (I think) already told Ty that TNT want to keep Kyle to go after Jed/Ty for them.
But… I still get the edit feeling from last night’s episode that Austin goes.

another name


If you get weirded out when people don’t campaign…


TBH, I marginally enjoy Austin more in the game, but see the storyline value of taking her out more than I see the storyline value of taking Kyle out. Her leaving cements Ro, Brey, Kyle. Him leaving continues the inept and unbelieved float routine that Austin and Breydon have been attempting.

flip flop

every week theyre like fish outta water

another name

lol. There’s a reason he was first nope on my nope list.
some of the things he’s said and done piled up in a 24 hour period and my brain said nope.

the fact that LaToya had to council both Kiefer and Jed to stop calling Austin a bitch so much… and they’re right back to it?

another name

Mr. Attempt to Grope a girl while she’s trying to sleep and said no? Then called her a bitch for a day after?
Yeah, I want to see him on the block.


can someone pls tell me where he said that, i know he did but i dont remember when

another name

did… Rohan just say to himself he’d prefer to keep Austin because she’s better at comps?
did… Beth just say she doesn’t want to work with girls because they’re too emotional? (here i thought it was because they didn’t have…. libidos to grab for the purpose of manipulation. And btw, that’s not me slutshaming, I’m slutcelebrating…. if the men are stupid enough to fall for it, do it).

another name

The Tera Ty conversation is an abject lesson in how NOT to flip a vote.

Why does she consistently tell her enemies that she does not trust them and they are her enemies? Every. Time.
My impersonation of the conversation at this point
Tera: dafjlatrjapgnvojgseofjga;fjd;oghsg
Ty: yes dear.
Tera: fdsjaf;ojzo;nj;jvglfksngl;fgnalkvnclvmnskjglh
Ty: I get it
Tera: fajsfdofijeorgnclkmv;fngsfgn
Ty: I know.


ABSOLUTELY — if the Austin flip ever had any traction Tera absolutely killed it. She pushed so hard for it to happen all it did was reinforce to Ty (and by extension Jed) why they had to get rid of Kyle.

Did you notice Ty’s face when Tera said well Austin said she’s good with you guys? And something else about her enjoying their company? — Tera was trying to get Ty to commit to her saying “we’ll vote out Austin to prove our loyalty & how much we want to work with you”. Instead, again, all it did is reinforce why Austin has to stay & Ty seemed pleased to learn Austin isn’t dragging them.

Another faux pas (especially since she lied about other stuff) Ty threw her a hanging fastball– that he heard when they were all in the room that Austin was the one pitching him as the backdoor target (what Vic told him). Instead of hitting it out of the park, she said “no, that wasn’t said — you were never going to go up — it was only ever discussed that would be the threat so Jed wouldn’t use the POV”.

So basically – Tera protected Austin unwittingly, AND by saying that ^^^ she also essentially confirmed the group was discussing this as far back as pre POV ceremony whereas the 6 had all implied they were only in the room all together the day of? or night before. If Ty is quick enough he’ll realize Vic has been lying to them. To that end, now if it comes out that Keifer knew all week & that LT was always her target it could have ramifications.

As for Tera’s face, it was hilarious watching her Ty convo,(during & after) — at the counter — upstairs with Kiefer & Tina & the scowl on her face. While you were playing Xmas carols I was envisioning bubble captions over her head as it suddenly occurred to her that she had pitched this idea sooooooo hard & given up so much information that an HOH win by Aus/Brey/Ro will inevitably lead to them learning how TNT tried to flip the vote (and might anyway if Ro tells Kyle who undoubtedly will tell Austin.

Tina side note.. She told Tera/Keif she asked Austin who her targets were –Austin told her it’s obvious we keep the numbers (ie the 6 or 7) and when Tina pushed Aus literally said the 2 guys but when she repeated the conversation she flat out LIED saying Austin told her she had no idea. Since Tera/Keif are her top 2 allies I found that choice very interesting — WHY LIE? (esp to them?) Is she doing it to keep the target on Austin? or to save face with her for down the road?

another name

Tina NEVER gives out names people have said.
Never to Kiefer. She chooses her words 99% of the time.
It’s her way of giving just enough but not too much information in what she realizes is a house that talks too much.
Notice: Tina never goes out and pushes the agenda. That’s Tera.
Tina is MUCH better at passive float than Tera.
Tina has doubts about Vic, and where Vic wants to actually stand in the house.
She hasn’t mentioned this to anyone after being told by Kiefer how close Vic is trying to get to Jed and Ty.
Tina is playing for Tina and always has been.


Wait- so Vic’s logic for getting rid of Austin is b/c she’s a comp beast but her logic for keeping Kyle is he’s a comp beast that will take out Jed/Ty?

TNT needs to realize Vic is playing them — she thinks TNT is safer than she is with Brey/Aus than KyRo (and she will use this conversation to throw TNT UTB to both duos anyway — you wait).

Question– who thinks Vic even tries for HOH? I don’t — b/c she knows she safe with KyRo, Aus/Brey (if Austin stays), TNT/Keif & also THINKS she’s solid with the Sunsetter version she’s in. With the caveat that voting out Austin will turn Breydon against her & if he wins I could see him going after the quartet of Vic/Keif & TNT especially after he learns from Ty/Jed/Beth everything Vic said about her. So it’s a small risk but a risk.

Also — little does she know Ty/Jed/Beth already discussed putting her up as the replacement next week b/c they can’t afford to piss off Tina by putting up Tera (this was in the event they put up Austin/Ro & Brey won POV & took one down.

another name

Vic is telling TNT she’d throw it to them.
Vic is telling sunsetters she’ll gun for it.
TNT are saying they’d throw it to Ro.

I suspect it’s buzzkill this week. The one that, if you are over 6′ in height and stare into the window, you can tell by the reflection when it’s going to buzz.


Which of them are over 6′? I’m thinking Kyle, I can’t tell for sure but I’m guessing Jed is more lie 5’8 or 5’9″ (especially since he brought up a past player being that height). The other possibilities I’m assuming are Ty & Brey (but again I thought they looked under 6′). Of the ladies – Austin looks tall but not sure if she’s 6′ (if not & wore heels she maybe would be).

another name

house said yesterday how is a 6’2″ guy like brey invisible. so look at others standing close to him to get a height comparison.

another name

Would it surprise anyone to know that I’ve been playing Christmas Carols to go along with Tera’s crusade to flip the vote?
It just seemed… fitting.
Boris Karloff doing You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch goes especially well when the conversations inevitably end and she gets that who next look on her face. oh. it’s Ro or Au/Brey’s turn before bed.

Kief kiefs to the camera alone (he’s mentioned he has to up his camera time 4 times in conversation today). I tried to listen to all of it… but i think i rolled my eyes until i went deaf. Is that a thing? If it wasn’t until now, I suggest the medical term Kiefaleptic temporary deafness.


I just started watching having to catch up, may I ask where is the have not room? It’s not that ball pit?

another name

they only have to do slop this season. they get to sleep in normal beds.
this is, in part, due to the letters and complaints at the very start of covid about the worry for people’s health sleeping in an unheated room on a cold floor in the have not room.