“I’m taking out LT’s biggest enemy, Kyle. that’s who she wanted out. “

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : ??????
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

9:40 am Tina and Tera

Tera warns that they are going to be thrown under the bus hard today by Kyle, Ro, and Austin
Tina – why would they
Tera – if we don’t go along with our sabotage Vic. It doesn’t matter because Kiefer is HOH. It will only make them look worse.
Tina says they’ll just tell them they will go talk to Kief and “just leave it at that”
Tera – we have to try and figure out how we handle damage control and the conversations. I want to talk to Austin and Breydon but can’t because Kyle is in their ears
Tina – they are really close
Tera – if Kyle stays they will have a showmance. which is really cute.. but c’mon Kyle.. I can’t believe people are sticking that the only option is Vic. there are still so many outs.

Tina – they are saying the only option is Vic
Tera – you and Ro storming into the pantry was not good for our alliance but we were still there.
Tera – you telling us we shouldn’t talk to the boys while you can doesn’t help you. You mean the only play is VIC after you built an alliance to go after the big guys
They agree if Kyle/Ro are gunning so hard they should pitch their plan to Kief themselves.

Tina says Jed has little trust in her now after the Latoya vote.
Tina says the two of them need to talk to Ty and Jed to “break that barrier”
Tina – we are going to need something to help us through.
Tera – what we need is a goddamn win

10:00 am Kiefer, Tina and Tera
Kiefer – every day you get a little bit less soft at this point I don’t even care everyone is telling me not to get blood on my hands so I wore red today let them know I’m the f***ing butcher
Tina – saying not to get blood on your hands? You’re HOH who are you not going to get blood on your hands.
Kiefer – I was told I was the pawn twice I’m still pissed
Tera – have Breydon and Austin pitched you anything?
Kiefer – no they are very comfortable. They came up to me yesterday before the POV and made a final 3.. yup.. lets go all the way to the end of the game Kiefer no one will see it coming.. we don’t have to talk that much all we have to do is keep each other off the block, Kiefer..
Kiefer – yeah let’s do that. lets make a final 3 on day 22.. like While I’m HOH..
Kiefer brings up Austin, Breydon, Kyle, Ro turning on Vic so fast.
Kiefer – I’ve been told they have a four-person alliance and they have a name.. do you guys know?

Kiefer – pecking order changes every week.
Kiefer – so say RO wins HOH next week is he going to take a big shot at Ty and Jed?
Tina – the guys aren’t going to attack the guys. No
Kiefer – do you think there’s any work you can do to get that to happen? Is there any seeds you can plant to get that to happen. that is what you have to do if you want to survive
Tera – the proper way to smooth this over when Kyle goes with Breydon, Austin and Ro
Kiefer – Ro is a logical guy you can say everyone is throwing out Vic.
Tera – he is also pushing us
Tina – oh yeah BIG time
Tera – they keep saying that is our only play
Tera – what do you mean we all agreed we were going after these big guys and it’s not out of the realm of possibility and the fact they won’t even campaign for it
Tera – now I’m like Ohh great.. so you want me to do it? it’s exactly what it was
Kiefer – it’s also ha;f a move for LT. I’m taking out LT’s biggest enemy, Kyle. that’s who she wanted out.
Tera – more than Ro?
Kiefer – way more than Ro
Tera – really? I thought she didn’t like Ro more
Tera – just as a person because she thought he was slimy
Kiefer – that’s why I put Ro on Slop knowing he would stay and Kyle would go. My worst-case scenario was Kyle winning the veto
Kiefer – Vic is going to go CRAZY after the eviction
Kiefer – Vic told me from the very beginning when I was on the block that I was going to stay by a 6-3. The night she put me up she told me that the day LT left she told me that again. She told me to act and convince the whole house I didn’t want to be here. (he did a good job at this it was the perfect Role for Kief)
Tera says Latoya only didn’t hug, Vic, Kyle, and Ro.

Tera – there is a play on (makes quotes) our side that won’t screw over Vic, If Breydon, Austin, or Ro won we could be in some hot water
Kiefer – there are so many targets for them to go after..
Tina doesn’t think Austin and Breydon will make a move. Keifer agrees. He’s only worried about Ro winning.

Kiefer saying that BReydon and Austin offered him a 3 person alliance. says he loves Bredyon to death but he would put him up in a second. Kiefer is suggesting the two of them work on Austin today.
Kiefer wants Kyle to go home this week. He doesn’t think Kyle Ro is as tight with Breydon and Austin.
They wonder if the Veto Ceremony is today. Kiefer comment that it’s not on the TV screen this AM but last week that was the same then they were called that the veto ceremony was in one hour. So they have no idea.
Kiefer – keeps us on our toes.


10:32 am Kyle and Ty
Kyle telling Ty his pitch to get Vic on the block.

11:41 am Ro and Jed

Missed a bunch of feeds. Van works 😉

3:00 pm Vic, Kief and Ty in the HOH
Vic – they think I’m on an island but I’m on an island with the best Big Brother players
Kief – I was born on an Island.
Vic – do they think that is a bad thing?
Kief – I’m an islander that is what we call ourselves.
They do a quick ‘circle jerk’ about how they don’t turn on their people and tomorrow is going to be a blood bath.
Vic – I can’t believe they think I’m that stupid (Kyle and Ro pushing to get Vic up). Once Kyle goes Ro will be like a chicken with his head cut off.
Kief – exactly then we take out Austin or Breydon. Preferably Austin then they have nobody.
Ty says Austin scares his more than RO. (because you and Jed through your best flirt at her and she batted it away unlike Beth)
Ty mentions that Austin acts like she doesn’t know what is going wrong and is all innocent.
Vic says Breydon follows Austin around like a puppy dog “it’s so hard to watch”
Vic – she gets up he gets up.. it’s sickening
Vic – he does a lot of the dirty work for her..

(So looks like Austin still the renom and Kyle is the target)

4:30 pm Jed and Kiefer (Kiefer is a Ginamarie or enzo caliber noise eater)
Jed saying Kyle told him he has Jed’s back and he’s the type of person he would want to keep in the house.
Jed – You’re throwing my name out there how do you have me?
Jed – as soon as you put Austin up I’ll tell him brother you are going home
Kiefer – Vic is going to do it first.. I can’t believe they think Vic is so dumb that they think she doesn’t know they are throwing her under the bus
Jed – they also used her hard

Jed goes on about how their side stick together whereas the other is so quick to turn on each other.
Kiefer – they pitched VIC before they were even on the block..
Jed – that’s nasty
Keifer – that is a quick turnaround. I could never ride with people like that
Jed – I would rather go home. 1000 percent would.
Jed says Kyle and Ro are “so scared to be separated”
Jed – I 1000% trust Tina and Tera over Austin

5:00 pm Showtime
Kyle – if I end up staying we need to win HOH and put them up just for F** you sake
Ro – mmhmmm
Ro – I do hope we’re not getting f***ed by Austin and Breydon
Ro – we do know Austin and Breydon pitched Vic so that’s not the case.
Kyl – I don’t know how we got in this position.. I just wished Vic was a shitty person
Ro – yeah
Kyle – I guess nothing we’re saying is false except with the thing Breydon forced her hand with..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Showtime is in the bedroom chatting being sad..
Ro – it’s the nerdy boy that gets played by the hot girl .. dude look around they’re doing it for one reason to get answers for the test.

8:30 pm Kiefer and Austin
Kiefer tells her she’s safe this week she’s not going home.

10:11 pm Tina, Tera and Kiefer
They are telling him Austin is super scared. They told her she’s safe
Tera – she just didn’t stop crying then I couldn’t stop talking. I thought is this game?
Kiefer – we’re playing for 100 thousand dollars we’re not playing for feelings. She’s crying because she’s losing a potential showmance.. I told her what she did to Vic was dirty.
Tera says the only way for Austin to go is if the other trio flips it.
Kiefer – they wouldn’t ..
Kiefer – Maybe I haven’t cried the most in this game.
Kiefer – I’m just going to tell her You’re going on the block.. you signed up to play everyone is going to have to do it. She’s going to have to grow up and handle it or I’m voting her ass out.. she told me she was going to play this soft innocent girl and that is her only play..
Kiefer – Put me on the block I don’t f***ing care..
Kiefer tells Tera there’s zero percent chance she goes up against Kyle.

Kiefer – Kyle is walking around here like a zombie.. and I don’t care what they did to Vic was dirty

10:47 pm Showtime..
Ro – Keifer is straight BS.
Kyle – I almost want Kiefer out next.
Ro – he told me today he was doing that I want to go home I want to see my family because Vic told him to act like he was going home
Kyl e- oh my god this guys a dirtball
Ro – he said he was really playing it up and he told the other three that so they were voting to evict him.
Kyle – the guys a dirt ball

11pm Kitchen. Austin, Beth, Ty, Jed and Breydon are sitting around the kitchen table chatting.

Kyle – I think I am just going to start playing the game like I played the big brother camping game. Like I don’t give a f**k! Ro – yeah. Kyle – because honestly it should maybe be played like that because what’s the end all to win.. 100 grand I guess but is that everything and why you’re doing it.. you know what I mean? Is that the only reason you’re doing it? Or is it just because you like the game? I respect the game too much to go out not trying. You know? Ro – yeah. Kyle – I just don’t know what good it does for Keifer, TY and Jed to be telling her that we were the ones.. because all that does is piss her off. I think they know that if she goes up, she goes home? Don’t they? Ro – yeah. Unless they are telling them that they vote you out.. which they could. Maybe they will have to pick a side if Vic goes up. Kyle – it will be interesting to see what they do. Ro – the reason I am not faulting them for doing what they’re doing is because I would do the same thing as them. Kyle – they’re lucky we’re understanding. Ro – oh for sure!

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and ya might be Kraken methinks, go for it

another name

So. 11:45 am eastern or so:
What was the point of the Jed conversation in expedia2 room with Au/Brey?
It was a really off and sus conversation with lots of innuendo and no substance whatsoever. Thought: he’s trying to make them stress out. lowkey trying to come up with a reason to target Austin or make her beg to him.

Afterwards, Kiefer tells Ty that targeting Austin might have been better for him, but they have the final three deal (that never actually occurred, i checked, no final three was proposed, just watch each others backs, we can go deep, nobody would suspect us watching out for each other, and we can keep each other from the block). He says Kyle evicted is better for everyone’s game. Ty isn’t too involved in the convo, other than making fun of the final three.

Kiefer talks to Austin (who he told was safe yesterday)
Asks what she would do. She lists off the house members that Kiefer is good with, and says so you’re good with all of them, and since they’re duos, you don’t increase your target. The only option left over is Vic.
She says she loves Vic, but the sloppiness of accusing others of saying things they never said is concerning and something she can’t deal with. Kiefer is taking notes mentally, and saying he’ll put up the person the who the majority says should be nominated. Kiefing error in the convo: says nobody has talked to him, one minute later says that’s what everyone is saying, then back to nobody has talked to him. that would hit my bullshit radar for consistency.
When his lies catch up to him…. he’s in some pretty deep hot water. He’s, like, Kiefing big in the past two days. All it’s going to take in the next three days is two people comparing notes. Just two, and the house of Kiefing loses it’s foundation.

The house seems to think noms are today. I don’t.
Last week’s nom ceremony was an abberration because of content overload, because of atmosphere and tension growing, and because Paras Edit offered to volunteer for the block mistakenly.

Kief whines to TnT that nobody is coming to pay homage to him and beg for their lives. Tera and Tina are now considering going after Ro, Breydon and Austin next week if they win HOH. Okay, they’re Kiefed. Next step… koolaid. I DON’T understand how they are snowed by the guy they said last week was on a trial basis to prove himself because he lies a lot… and now they buy every word. Wow. And he’s Kiefed his story with them so much since Thursday that I thought for sure they’d conclude he was being a huge sketchball. But Nope. They’re thinking nobody will take a shot at the big boys, but not acknowledging that includes Kief… who is protecting everyone that voted him out. Tera and Tina have no clue that Vic ran back to Beth Ty and Jed and blamed the others for giving her false information. They have no clue, and think the others just tossed Vic utb without any warning.

Somewhere in the area of 12:20pm Eastern
Kief has already told Vic she has no fear, though everyone in the house is saying her name, he’s her savior.
Kief one on ones with Brey.
says the house impression is Karb is a 4. Breydon eyerolls an “oh, of course” and says, but he IS close to Austin. Kief tells Brey that the renom is safe and a pawn. Brey says they just hang out because they were all have nots last week, and all of the Josh stupidity. Breydon finds out the choices are between Austin and Vic. He’s pushing between the two he’d prefer Vic. She’s on an island, so not many people would be pissed off.
There is an opportunity for Breydon and Austin to squeeze info after she’s on the block from Kiefer’s patronizing commentary. He Kiefed at least three times if Breydon picked up on it. He’s actually getting sloppier as the day goes on. He’s dropped at least a dozen inconsistencies in his story.

Jed Ty and Beth (outside) sort of wish that Kief would just put up Vic and avoid all of this unnecessary crap.

Ro is telling Kyle he thinks Au/Brey are playing middle of the house and good with everybody… eat something Ro, Au just told you how she thought the house was aligned, and you have totally skewed it. Ro still thinks Ty and Jed are in their corner.
This will lead to Kyle trying to make a deal with Kief. and there’s Kyle entering the HOH. Scratch my back i scratch yours… he’s going to propose a deal… what is it?
Kiefer seems perturbed that Rohan hasn’t come to him to talk about the veto. What’s to talk about, Kief, you already put his duo buddy on the block, you have no leverage.
The deal was if he stays it’s water under the bridge. boooooo-ring.

About twenty minutes later:
Ro/Kief. Kief pulls the feels intimidated by people pushing for renom. eyeroll. While the rest of Karb is talking about how Kiefer has said “house consensus” will be the choice.
Ro doesn’t want to put up Vic the lonely island because then he’ll be the last lonely island in the house. Kief lies and says the house decision is split on who goes up as replacement and 2 names are being said equally. Kief says whichever way Ro goes, a group of people will be pissed with him. Does Kief think this patronizing eeyore talk is the way to go with Ro? He’s trying to pull jedi mind tricks on Ro that would never work on someone non slop brained. He implies that ONLY Ro, Kyle and Austin named Vic. He says there is HUGE pushback in the house against putting Vic on the block. He again says completely a numbers decision. Ro says fine, we’ll get the numbers.

Austin and Brey talk about whoever goes up, Kiefer says they are a pawn, and Kyle is going home. He says Kief said everyone sees Karb as a four, and everyone is pissed, so they’ve been saying Austin. They had just talked to Kyle about the renom being house consensus. Brey knows better. Austin is pissed, and will be pissed if she goes up.
1:45pm Eastern. I’ve got a few things to do shortly.

KARB error. Nobody coordinated with Tina and Tera. All of them used the word ISLAND in their plea to describe Vic. Unforced errors.

If Austin stays: Kiefer moves ahead of Beth on her pecking order. Breydon will agree. That will be a big jump, he was low on the list, so low he didn’t make the list.
If Kyle stays: Kiefer becomes target number one of Kyle and Ro.

So, will Kiefer still be the butcher when it’s his blood? If he goes through with saying his renom is based on house consensus… at least there will be small amounts of drama.

Kiefer’s plot here is to try to put himself in the middle of the house where Vic sits now.
He’s attempting to be good with Tina Tera and VIc / with Ty / Jed/ Beth… and blame the other sunsetters for Kyle’s eviction, so that he can eeyore attach himself to Ro Brey and Austin. Kief does not have enough Kief to Kief Kiefing enough Kief to that level.
Biggest Kief: If he says house consensus was that Austin should go on the block, what leverage does he have to make a deal with her that she is safe this week? Ty and Jed told him he’d have to ensure her she was safe before she went on the block, before they decided no…. let’s make her sweat. That make her sweat part is an error.

The result of Kief playing house consensus instead of playing need a team player to put up and take one for the team to get rid of Kyle is that Austin’s reaction will end up making her the new target.


Pig is so dumb take austin out

Guy From Canada


I eat a lot of pork that’s mean to such a tasty animal.

another name

Feeds return after an hour or so? 225pm or so Eastern.
Where it started: after Brey told Austin she was being pitched, she asked Tera if Tera pitched her name. Tera began to spaz.
Beth is scrambling because Breydon confronted her about Austin being the renom after Kief made a deal in the HOH comp that she was safe if he won.
Ro talked to Christmas waiting to happen Tera….. she’s spazzing on slop brain people, get your favorite carols ready….
She spazzed and went to…. VIC.
Ty and Jed are miffed that Beth is worried about staying on the good side of Au/Brey.
Kyle and Austin think they are being played by Ty and Jed, who are pinning everything on Tera. Or Ro is playing them
Everyone is spiralling.
Vic confronts Ro. Ro denies. after he leaves Vic hisses LIIIIIAAAAARRRR.
While KARB thinks Jed and Ty are trying to get Austin out… Tina and Tera think the prettyboys2.0 is a thing. She’s told Vic to watch out for all the men, keep your lips sealed with them.
Austin is shaking and says she has to go vomit. The expedia waiting KY RO are miffed.
Austin is still spiraling. verge of tears.
VIc goes to Ty and Kief and says KARB are her targets forever, and they encourage her to confront Kyle and yell he’s going home. Now she wants to confront Breydon and Austin and they encourage that too. Vic said Austin just plays innocent, but says the Ty Jed flirting thing doesn’t work on her at all. Ty is surprised by this.
So KARB seperately went apeshit… and the whole house is scurrying and scrambling.
Ty and Kief are keeping a wide berth and sitting back encouraging the scramble… which is both smart and dumb. Post scramble people are for sure going to compare stories. Will the last two days of Kiefing get exposed? Probably not yet.
Ty and Kief celebrate as:
Vic finds Ro and Kyle. she was trying to lay low, but things are getting sketch. They profusely say that Tera is being set up to take heat but it’s really Ty and Jed pulling all the strings. They say they aren’t after Vic, and know she took all the heat for last week (she just told Ty that it was the others pushing for the Ty move at veto, not her).
Vic tells Kyle one of the two of them goes home this week, either Vic or Kyle, and that she was loyal to their pact. She says whoever is going up, if it isn’t Vic, is a pawn to get rid of Kyle.
Vic tells Beth she’s going to go off on KARB after the ceremony. Beth tells her that Austin is already crying right now, because she thinks the house said her name as renom. Vic starts to reconsider.
So Vic is playing the gonna explode game to the sunsetters, but playing the calm conversation to the KARBs.
Tina is on Beth now about how she’s trying to weed out the sneakiness. They agree, right now they’d get rid of Kyle.
Meanwhile Vic is telling Kiefer that Austin is a threat, Kiefer says no, she’s the next one out the door. Vic says she’s going to go talk to Austin and Breydon now. Kiefer is getting a little full of himself in these Vic convos. It’s actually like week two when he thought he was the most amazing double agent ever and got cocky as hell about it…. and Kiefed.
Victoria has been playing up the renom role very well.

Austin is pulling tears to Jed now saying she’s crying because she’s stressed out. while first off the shouldering her sweater, then taking it off, leaning forward and showing cleave. When it isn’t working she dries the tears and puts the sweater back on. Her logic to Jed, if Kiefer wants to be good with all five of us (ty, jed, beth, brey and austin) why is she the renom? When Jed says what if Kief promises you’re a pawn, and Austin says after the last few weeks that’s not even something you can say anymore (the vote flippings). They might have gone too far and accidentally made Austin the new target though… depending on how Jed digests and relates the info. After Jed leaves, Austin and Brey are happy with their performances. Aaaaaand stupidly? They still want to fly under the radar and not win HOH next week. Or go after TNT and or Vic to stay in good with the others. Bless they’ve reentered their oblivious zone. oi vey.

And as Kiefer again goes on with how this is for LT, he has hit my nope list for the rest of his stay in the big brother house. I gave fair warning. I hope he and mr. gropey have a good time on my douchecanoe list. Ty wants to win HOH and nom Austin and Breydon next week. At this point… just send her out. The obliviousness is ridiculous.

It’s been a MESSY HOUR and a bit.
Popcorn scattering everywhere.

another name

canada. because half of these bozos are slopped out spiraling, and the other half are split into strategically oblivious, or egomaniacal already.

another name

Okay, they’re starting to pull it together.
depends on which side of the house you’re into.
If you’re a sunset fan: Ty most likely is your best bet.
If you’re a goofballs fan: Ro and Brey will actually target the sunset crew now.
If you’re a who cares let’s see more chaos fan: Vic.

Some of the notes comparisons on what the sunsetters have been saying has begun between Au/Brey and Ky Ro.


Tera or Tina lol


Ty or Jed…I really want to see what they would actually do if they could choose!? I would hope they would put up Vic… Kiefer for the win!!

another name

The only reason renom is an issue this week is because of the stupidity of calling a renom a backdoor. The sunsetters confuse the two words consistently. They mean very different things.

Guy From Canada

Austin played in the veto so it’s a re nom. If she didn’t it’s a back door?

another name

renom in this instance means veto is being used, someone has to go on the block.
backdoor in this instance means preplanned shift in target.
ONLY because they were talking about having a backdoor in mind this week if veto gets used…. not we have a renom already in mind if veto is used.
The fact that they said backdoor consistently to people implied there was a plan to take someone else out of the game from the get go.

but yes, you are correct in saying a true backdoor is when you target someone, and have the “good fortune” (considering production decides the veto players before friday night comes to a close) that they are not picked to play veto. Again, because they were skeleton crew for season 7 and some errors were made, we got to learn that veto players are predetermined because they made the mistake of delivering veto costumes in named garment bags the night before the veto players were chosen. The veto pick segment is a fake production tool.

another name

Kyle plans, if he thinks he is leaving, to make up as many lies as possible to blow up the sunsetters.
Truthfully, any lie he comes up with will actually be something the sunsetters have said during their bathtub ritual.

in the backyard chat between KARB:
So far they’ve exposed the offers to throw veto from Jed and Beth.
They’ve exposed that Kief said Ky Ro offered a 5 with Tina and Tera, and Kief said no way. (we only have kiefer’s word this convo happened. it was during a feed block).
They’re slowly starting to piece bits together, but aren’t getting to the meat yet.

another name

Personal Thought:
hem hawing and dragging his heels about just telling Austin she’s the renom (after she’s been told she’s the renom by Beth) is just going to be problematic.
Realistically, his total fear of confrontation is something else compared to his bravado.

Missed opportunity:
A logic exercise:
Kiefer says if there was an inclination or a reason, he’d never risk putting her up.
Inclination or reason: house consensus. If the person named by the majority of the house is being put up, isn’t that the last person you should nominate as a pawn…. the biggest flip temptation?
Total missed opportunity.

another name

final thought before crashing.
The middle game of Tina and Tera.

I have no idea who they are legitimately with. Other than each other. They have Kiefer’s back, but they’d never stick their neck out for him.
They’ve figured out that they don’t want the alphamales steamrolling the game.
but… Tina is still an unofficial adjacent member of the sunsetters.
They’ve figured out Breydon and Austin also recognize the trio as dangerous.
but… they don’t know if they trust them.
They’re in with Vic and Kief.
but… they know Vic and Kief will NEVER take a shot at the alphas.
They’ve in with Ro and Kyle.
but… they think Kief has decided Kyle has to go, so they are coming up with justifications to vote him out.

So literally, they are going to go with whoever wins power, and probably avoid getting power themselves for as long as possible. They are classic term floaters of the passive variety.
Problem: If they keep being friend with everyone hoping to avoid notice, they are going to piss off a member of every pair every week. That’s going to add up to people that won’t save one or both of them when the time comes.


I can’t backtrack in the feeds to find the conversation between KyRo & Brey/Austin —

If possible can someone please recap it?

Also, based on the above KyRo conversation — to clarify — I assume they believe Ty/Jed/Beth/T&T would all vote out Austin when the reality is (at least for now) they would vote out Kyle.

another name

In the hot tub, Ky and Ro were back on the delusional train of thinking there was still a shot that Vic was going on the block.
They believed the house would keep Kyle over Vic.
Kyle has said he really doesn’t want to be on the block against Austin, it would suck.
He’s been told if it isn’t Vic on the block next to him, the other person is a pawn and he is going home 100%. By Vic, this afternoon after Kief and Ty encouraged her to go around the house going off on people.
Kyle has said he’s going to play the game to stay, because he respects the game too much not to try, but Austin is as bad as Ro to go against on the block for him.
I don’t remember him actually doing the bbmath on his votes against Austin. There is a chance I missed it.