Vic “I have a better chance at losing a comp than he [Corey] does at winning one!”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 03-40-11-851
12:10am HOH room – Vic tells Paul that he is so pissed at Nicole the he thought of making a passing comment about how long it was that someone make up that rumor of he asking her on a date. And she would be like oh yeah.. NO but it was you! And be like I’m trying to get between you and Corey, no but really!? With him right there? Like what is he going to do .. lose a comp? I have a better chance at losing a comp than he does at winning one. Paul says ohhh.. when did you say that? Vic says its just something that’ boiling in my head. Paul says do it, say it! That would be hilarious. Vic says I just want to add that salt on the open wound. They decide to drink calf and stay up all night so they can sleep all day and not talk to anyone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 03-46-41-937
In the kitchen – Paulie says I can’t wait to not locked behind friggin’ walls. I really hope it doesn’t drive me crazy. Michelle says its not. Michelle asks how did you do in sequester? Paulie says it was different because it was in anticipation of coming here. Michelle says then think of Jury as anticipation of seeing your family.

12:55am Nicole and Corey.
Nicole says I need you here. Corey says I know. Nicole says I want us to be in final 5, that’s my goal right now. That’s not too far. Corey says that’s going to be tough. If we did that we one of us would have to win. Corey says I feel like this is just like my real life. A buddy owes me $2400 and hasn’t paid me in 2 years. My ex screwed me over.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Corey says hopefully I stay. Nicole says you’re going to stay. Corey says hopefully James, you or me win HOH and keep us safe. Then get Paul or Vic out next week. Nicole says someone is coming back. Corey says maybe we’ll get a rewind. Nicole heads to bed in the havenot room.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 03-53-01-712

1:10am – 3:50am Paul and Paulie in the safari room. Paulie asks is it even worth it to try anything dude? Paul says ahhhhh. Paulie says because I’m looking at a 5-0 vote unless of course you hook me up. Paul says I haven’t talked to anyone yet. If you don’t think you’ve gotten to anyone yet. Its just fuel to the fire. Paulie asks would you hook me up with a friendship? (Vote) Paul says oh yeah if I heard that it was going to go that way. Paul says I think Vic made his point pretty clear that he wanted you out and at the end of the day next week he is still here so I don’t think anyone would go against it. Paulie says the only reason they would is to keep a bigger target to him in here. That’s what we always spoke about if you keep a bigger target in the house they won’t go after you. I really want to stay another week just for my sanity. Paul says if you’re telling people that. Paulie says I’m really not. Paul says people will think is it really fair to take Corey out just so you can have 1 week of sanity? Do you follow my logic? Paulie says yeah. Paul says maybe a different approach might be better. Big Meech joins them. Meech asks why type of makeup they like on girls. Nicole and Corey join them. Paulie says I can’t wait to interact with people outside. Paul asks who are you excited to see. Jozea? Paulie says I feel like I would vibe with most of you outside of here. Michelle says if feel like I could hangout with anyone from here. Paulie says he’ll never get a long with some people like Bridgette because of her feminist comments. She will never see my side of the argument against a woman because she is a feminist at heart. I can honestly say all 16 of you .. if I say any of you out there getting disrespected, even if you were wrong .. I would stick up for you. Like the way I was raised with my morals and stuff. Meech asks so you’ll stick up for me on twitter? Paulie says yeah. I’m that family protector. I have a code I live by. Corey and Michelle head to bed.

3:50am – 4:50am Paulie tells Paul that the only reason why this week has been rough for me is because if I go I am separated from you and Corey. The only incentive that would push me to want to stay is if Corey goes .. I at least am still with you and hanging. That has been the only battle in my head. The thought of going to jury without one of you guys there.. you guys I have connected on levels for everything. Its a game, sh*t happens. Paul says I wouldn’t be sitting here if I was a butt hurt Betty. Paulie says my game got opened up because my alliance had two sides. You and Corey knew I wanted things a certain way. Who is going to beat Vic? You can’t stay and take that shot because then your hand is shown. Once you do they he will be like you’re my next target. What reason is it for people to keep me? Paul says at the end of the day you’re a strong competitor and Vic is .. so why would you not link up and run this game. I’m just playing devils advocate. Paulie says if I stay my only shot is to take a shot at him. If I miss then you win you take take me out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 04-53-29-456

5am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:38am Paul and Natalie
Paul warns her that Michelle threw him under the bus to Paulie saying that the confrontations they had before the HOH was planned.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 12-12-49-101
9:32pm Paulie and Natalie
Paulie goign on about helping them take Victor out, “I want o take a shot at that person and keep the target on myself.. I’ll take a shot at Vic”
Paulie – use one competitions beast to take out another competition beast.. use me as a weapon.
Paulie- if I take a shot and miss the heats on me

Paulie says he’s trying to get a vibe won the people in the house he wants to stick to his word and to his family
Paulie says if they are not attached to a plan they can all get into a room and come up with something. Paulie
Natalie says she can’t even move her neck she doubts she’ll be competing in tomorrow’as HOH.
Paulie – i Can handle physical and mental
Natlaie – ya
Paulie – thanks for hearing me out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 12-24-30-051

9:40pm James’s country kitchen.. making deviled eggs for him and Natalie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 12-26-06-629

12:24pm Security checks
Paul, Michelle and Victor whispering.. Paul confronts Michelle about telling Paulie that the plan was to call Paulie out and blow his game up before the HOH to rattle him and that Michelle knew about the nominations.
Paul – I think he’s just saying that to fish..
Micehlle says she swear to them she never told Paulie that
Michelle calls Paulie a SOB

(Another slow morning most the house is sleeping )

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Sniff*sniff*. Is that desperation I smell?

Pinocchio Obama

Tick tick tick Paulie. Jury here you come.


What’s the matter Paulie? Can’t believe that FT Natalie and Crybaby Meech are making it farther than you in this game? Fool’s getting evicted…

Andy the Red Rat

Paulie and Vic are welcome to join my posse.

evil dick

anyone else hate evil dick. im happy the guy has aids and is gonna die slow. he’s such a prick the way he treats women. total karma. a piece of shit wanna be rocker with a ego like hes a big celeb what a cock sucker . i brought him up bc i saw the figth with zach and cody online. fucking goof

The Calafiore Men have Manginas

It’s sickening that you’re actually wishing death on a man simply because he doesn’t like the way the Calafiore clan operate. Totally classless! No wonder Paulie acts the way he does. Shame on the entire Calafiore clan. They are disgusting. Maybe this will teach CBS NOT to bring back family members. Never know what crazies come out of the closet!

Never in a million years

I grew up in a loving Italian family. I too, have a brother and a sister, and let me just say…
if I ever treated a woman like Paulie treated Zakiyah and Natalie, I would be disowned. We were taught to respect women, not beat them down with words (or worse), and degrade their bodies. He has abused just about every woman in the house. CBS should have booted his ass long ago. That disclaimer they show doesn’t make these actions ok. Please ladies, don’t judge all men by the actions of Paulie Califiore, we are NOTHING alike.

Powder Puff Cat

I hate to break it to you, the new antiretroviral therapy treatments will prolong Evel Dicks life. He could die of a heart attack, cancer or other illness before he dies of HIH/AIDS. I have to give Dick props for speaking out about AIDS/HIV. Easy solution to your problem do not read his tweets if he offends you.


Even for a troll you are below pathetic. Karma can get you too, you know. It’s a horrible disease that should never be celebrated and only a pathetic lost soul would do so.

Califiore bullies

This must be Cody or his dad. We all know you guys have to pretend to be someone else cuz everybody is disgusted by your entire family for not speaking out against your sons behavior. So you must condone it. Evel dick owned Paulies dad on Twitter yesterday.


For one he does not have AIDS he is HIV positive and may never become full blown AIDS so that point of yours is idiocy. Actually Dick is a great guy and just very honest. He called out Paulie for being a fool and dumbass Cody attacks him at a charity function ( really classy Cody) and their dad (head dumbass) starts beaking off at Dick for no reason. Dick has every right to slam that family, they deserve to be exposed. I used to like Cody but he is turning into such a dickhead too. Maybe he always was but I just didn’t notice.


We all know this is Paulies family! Lol! Grow a set & tell who you really are. If I wanted to take up for a family member I would not be scared to admit who I was!

Nicole's v@g!na

No it’s me.


This username was censored enough.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Derrick : These are not the droids you are looking for
Derrick’s housemates: These are not the droids we are looking for
Paulie : These are not the droids you are looking for
Anyone else: Dude, those are exactly the droids I’m looking for


Even the 4 year olds playing in the sand box would tell him to go away and grow up.


I always say that CBS should cast all Returners, all Siblings or all Newbies. It’s really not fair otherwise. I also hate when they play teams, it may have been a whole different house if not for being safe as a team. Putting siblings on must have added extra pressure to them because both Tiffany and Paulie have just completely melted down. Looks a whole lot like Paul is going to make it to final two with either Michelle or Natalie.

PP is dead

Paulie is such an entitled jackass. He can’t even come up with a coherent argument for keeping himself in the house that doesn’t involve the phrase “I want/can’t/won’t”.

Reality Check

So I heard that the live eviction is on Thursday night but the Friday show is about the Marley concert that was held in the backyard a few days ago. If Paulie is evicted on Thursday night, he cannot be on the Friday show…man this sucks if indeed Paulie had the card to go back to the game.

Thursday should be the concert show and Friday should be the live eviction. Let the conspiracy theory begins with Paulie lol

Andy the Red Rat

They are going to waste an entire show on Marley? I guess that will be better than watching James kiss butt and Paulie whine.


Chit, chit, chit. CBS is showing pre-season football in my neck of the woods on Friday.

Paulies morals

OMG! Paulie is beyond annoying! I’m not gonna campaign against Corey, but then I am campaigning against Corey, but I keep saying I won’t campaign against him…so it doesn’t count.
How many times does he have to be told he is going home and that nobody is voting to keep him before he grasps that reality?!? He is exhausting….


He’s the type of guy who talks big. He’s all about loyalty and honor, yet his actions show the exact opposite. Scumbag.

Paulie is the worst

Something tells me that Paulie’s parents are the type of parents who eventually give in if you just plead long enough.

Sad face Paulie

Vic pretending to be asleep, so He doesn’t have to talk to Paulie, is hilarious.


I would pretend to be asleep too, to avoid the endless loop of Paulie. At least Victor has had the HOH room for a couple of weeks. Nice, neat, laundry service… I feel sorry for the other slugs that have to listen to him drone on about how he just needs one more week before he has to make the dreaded arrival at the Jury House. He just wants Corey to get there before him. Scared of those women…

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

So Paulie tells them he probably wouldn’t hang out with Bridgette after the show because of her feminist views and how she would back a woman no matter what. Then he turns around and says if any of the 16 were being disrespected even if they were wrong he would still stick up for them. What’s the difference? He was raised an idiot just like his brother.

Paulies morals

Exactly! He’s so against Bridgette being a “feminist” because she wants a girl to win. Who started an ALL guys alliance to pick off ALL the girls? Another double standard…he loves to cry about double standards!


But you’re even giving his position too much credit: Bridgette’s feminist remark was her refusing to listen to/judge the merit of his fight with Nat because he brought her body into it….that’s what she was objecting to, not blindly siding with women, but siding with them when the man decides her body is fair game for derision.

Obviously Paulie’s not smart enough to understand…but I think it’s selective hearing and his anger is a classic example of hating our own qualities in other people. Paulie was all about the “bros”, a final 4-5 of all guys, and the girls were just there to be used and discarded. So when his child-like mind misinterpreted Bridgette, he was hearing that men are just there to be used and discarded, but at the end of the day, the it’s “hoes before bros”…..


What would you do if you were in Paulies shoes? Ya that’s what I thought same thing Paulies doing you moron

Paulies morals

Moron? Wow…first off I WOULD NOT even act like the little cry baby bitch he is! I’ve been watching this show from the beginning and have never seen a “man” act the way he does! He has no shame and no class…

Sad face Paulie

I was actually surprised that he is older than Cody. He’s pretty immature for a 28 year old.

Paulie's Psychiatrist

“Disloyalty doesn’t count if you start a sentence with, “from a game perspective”, or “Honestly, bro…”

Victors big ass head

Does victor really think that he is the only one in the house that can will a comp? Didn’t Corey just win HOH and the veto? Cocky is one of the things that got him sent out the first time…


Corey won the comps Vic didn’t play in.


That’s true, Vic didn’t play in that comp or the POV
But at least Corey was loyal to his Alliance and put up Michelle and Bridget.
What happened to loyalty with Paul and Vic. Guess out the window.
They are playing the same game that Paulie was playing and unless the other people in the house wake up, it will be Paulie and Vic in the end for the $$.
So sad


Let’s back this bus up a little. Corey wasn’t loyal to P/V. They were working with Bridgette, she went out b/c Paulie felt threatened by her and if you really paid attention it was Nicole that said “let’s get her out of here”. Everyone else including Michelle wanted her (M) to go. Bridgette was another casualty of Paulie running things. No one else ever had a choice. Corey was a like a deer caught in the headlights when he won HOH and veto. He needed someone to tell him what to do and the only one he listened to was Paulie.

Sad face Paulie

Yeah, Jazzy, I believe Corey basically said, “I don’t know what to do”.

Houka Inumuta

Michelle is a cry baby,James is 2 faced,Natalie is a floater,Paul & Victor are idiots,Nichole is annoying,Corey not doing much.Paulie is the only one who playing the game. BB has been getting boring & the ratings probably have fallen. They always have someone in the house look bad! It’s a tv show! Team Paulie.


And Paulie is a cry baby, tantrum throwing brat, annoying, AND an obscene idiot. Truth!


You are living in bizzarro world! Everything you said is simply wrong. Paulie has been unbearable; he’s a narcissistic, spoiled bully, and has proven to be a pathetically poor loser. Also, BB ratings have been great!


Oops…I do actually agree that Nicole has been annoying and Corey hasn’t done much 😀 But everything else was bass-ackwards!

Sick of BB

Paulie is a huge whiner and suck!!!!!, The only ones I can even stand are Paul and Victor. They have at least played the game. Paul had to restrategize after Victor and Josee were voted out He brought himself from the bottom of the house to the top. Victor has done the same thing…..he won his way back into the house and keeps on top by winning competitions. Paulie was the one that got Victor voted out the first time….no friendship there. Meech is so busy crying all the time almost like she’s bipolar. Nat is annoying and does nothing but lay in bed all day whining at James (who has no backbone or strategy). Nicole is so wrapped up in Corey that she doesn’t realize she threw her game out the window day1. And Corey was so wrapped up in Paulie that he never had a game. Definitely Paul.or Victor to the end.

Powder Puff Cat

Natalie was the one that lead the charge against Pauli (w/Bridgette/Meech). She was the one that strategized to get James to use the care package against Paulie.


What show are you watching? Paulie can take the credit for his breakdown and looking bad on TV all by himself. He thought he was in total control and could tell others what they can or cannot do. He thought he was the Godfather and everyone had to kiss his ring. Thought he could speak anyway he wanted to others and still get a good TV edit. He was raging the moment the house dared go against him and his lack of morals and threats bit him in the ass big time. As for the ratings, they no doubt went up the very moment NaPauleon showed his true colors to the house and all except for his two idiotic lackies (Nicole and Corey) revolted against him. Again, keep off these boards Cody. We know it’s you! At this point I want anyone BUT Nicole, Corey, or Paulie winning!

NaPAULeon got GOT

What show are you watching? Paulie can take the credit for his breakdown and looking bad on TV all by himself. He thought he was in total control and could tell others what they can or cannot do. He thought he was the Godfather and everyone had to kiss his ring. Thought he could speak anyway he wanted to others and still get a good TV edit. He was raging the moment the house dared go against him and his lack of morals and threats bit him in the ass big time. As for the ratings, they no doubt went up the very moment NaPauleon showed his true colors to the house and all except for his two idiotic lackies (Nicole and Corey) revolted against him. Again, keep off these boards Cody. We know it’s you! At this point I want anyone BUT Nicole, Corey, or Paulie winning!

Paulie's Quivering Lower Lip

Pfft! The ratings shot up the moment Paulie started crying like a b$%ch! Seeing his lower lip quivering when he was crying in the DR about his boy Corey was f$@king PRICELESS!

Floating around so throw me a life vest

Your stoopeed username made me LOL at the office. “Legal work” has never been so funny.

Ino Yamanaka

ZINGBOT!!! Hey Nicole, the Bachelor called. They’ve rejected your application to be on that show again. I guess you better keep your fingers crossed Big Brother has another season with returning players or else your dating game is screwed. ZING!!!

I love it!

I almost peed my pants on your comment! (or should I say hottub? ) hahahahaha


This is priceless Ino! This season has proved that she really is remarkably stupid.


That’s what Zingbot said? He always hit hard with the truth. Can’t wait to see the show tonight.


No not quite I thought I heard it something about asking her back because she gave up her game for a showmance…….oh wait that was THIS season..ZING
From what I heard they were all pretty lame and PC correct. He did swear (which of course will get bleeped) to Paul about all of his catch phrases “pissed” “friendship” well here is a catch phrase for you “shut the F up”
All in all very lame and tame compared to what he could and should have said. Maybe it sounded lame in the HGs retelling and it will be better on the show tonight with proper delivery but I doubt it.

Skips Mom

Funny stuff. How disappointed her fans must be that every time they put the feeds on she is laying in bed whispering. Waste of a returning vet choice. Did anyone else see her true colors when Z went to her before the Paris room incident and she played it down and kind of turned on Z when talking to Paulie before he went in Paris? Or how she thought Paulie yelling at Natalie was so funny when it was happening? I know James caught it and won’t forget. Mean girl.


So true Skips Mom. I feel kinda bad for Nicole’s parents. They probably told everyone that Nicole is making a second appearance on Big Brother. Now, they told friends and family to watch a whiny, lethargic girl lay in bed ALL day with Corey. Shaking my damn head…

Ino Yamanaka

This is big brother so I don’t mind them using and playing each other. Natalie has flirted and thats ok. But she has NEVER said anything disrespectful about James. Paulie has the most filthy mouth towards women in general. He disrespected Z on a daily basis. Used her body for his pleasure, laughed about it, then made her feel like trash and she goes back for more. That is not cool!


Sad thing is Z is waiting in jury to give him what he wants all over again. She isn’t the brightest bulb.


Depends on what the highlights show when he comes in. Each house guests comes and they get to see the highlights of the week…

sunny dee

at this point, i can’t see the show including the part where he tells everyone he had ssx with her 5 times without using protection. she’s going to have to find out when someone evicted after paulie tells her what he did.

now what it might show is his crying or talking about the ex, that will sting more probably.

i think nicole was always always bad for whispering so low that even the mic can’t catch it i think she did that in her season. some of these superfans as well must start thinking about their viewers, because i think nothing irritates us more (or the 24/7 feeders) than knowing they are deliberately talking so low they can’t be heard by the viewers. now them talking strategy, if you want to impress me or make me a fan or have me on your side, you better know that will turn me right off you. If i go to feeds and/or after dark, i should not have to wait until the show captions what the heck you are saying for me to learn what you were talking about.

paul’s strategy of rattling nicole and corey is working tho. altho, i doubt nicole needs a push into the paranoia zone, she would do that all herself. funny how she thinks that nat and james would ‘have to’ work with nicorey, while in the other room jamalie is talking about how 100% they are putting up nicorey. Then dragging them selves into the room, paulie trying to get them working together, and staying what 10 or 15 minutes? i know nat got called to DR, but still, nothing says ‘i don’t want to work with you and i don’t like you’ more than being joined at the hip and not interacting with anyone 95% of the time, then when on the block suddenly act all concerned.

Nothing really irritates me more tho than the socalled nurse who doesn’t lift a finger or take a look at someone else’s injury. The fact that the same one doesn’t lift a finger in the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms for cleanup either. she has had her care package for 5 days, and the box is just sitting on an empty bed for how long? moved it last night, but why is it there, why isn’t it with her things,

clutter doesn’t bother me, but being to lazy or too ‘preoccupied’ to pick up after themselves does


I agree with you. Rumor is that Nicole is not allowed to do any “nursing” inside the house, but how about a simple, “How are you?” It’s called compassion, which I thought nurses had. Also, I know Geography is not a requirement for a nursing degree, but to not know Hawaii is one of the fifty states. . . come on! “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” Sadly, in Nicole’s (and Corey’s) case, the answer is no.


You have to have a license to practice. Johnny Mac in his season said he’d pull Steve’s tooth if they got him a Californian dental license. The same goes for Dr. Will and the nurses. Even the ER doc on survivor only offered simple advice and pointed them to the medical folks. It’s illegal to practice without a license.

TX raa

2 more days of Paulie whining is going to feel like it is America’s punishment. Worst BB player ever!!!!

Andy the Red Rat

Where does CBS find these losers like Paulie,Vic, Frank,Evil Dick and Frankie?


Again Nicole saying James “threw away their alliance for Natalie”…What alliance? Did i miss something? As far as i know the only Alliance they had together was 8pack and they have thrown half that Alliance out already. Was he one of their 5th wheel members, that the 5th member was always changing? Does she think she was an “exec”? LOL. Nicole was the worst alliance member of this season. Part of the reason why 8pack didn’t last and the main reason Fatal 5 didn’t last. She doesn’t realize 5th wheel wasn’t a real alliance. It was a fake alliance to keep her and Z under control of Corey and Paulie. Nicole is a hypocrite she’s thrown away way more alliances to please Corey than James has. And even if her & James did have an alliance, how is James throwing it away for Natalie any worse than her throwing away her game for ANOTHER showmance.


I still believe James, Paulie and/or Nicole all knew the others were coming on and had some sort of alliance before entering the house.


Then why did Paulie wait until he saw Nicole to let everybody know he’s Cody’s brother? Potentially putting a target on himself because the shady way he came out with it after. And she put him up 1st week. i think this is all conspiracy talk. And when Nicole said “their alliance” she was talking to Corey.


How does Paulie live in his own house? It has walls.

John Windsor

Paulie reminds me of Devin I think he was in BB16…they both thought they were going a long way! Both were too cocky…anyone else see the similarities!


Devin and Chima too. He’s a sore loser and plain ol loser. He better how Z’s family don’t come looking to fight. I hope so tho. I can’t stand him!!!!!

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

If Nicole and Corey were smart they would put their friendship with Paulie aside and start hanging out with the rest of the house. Good on Paul for telling Paulie to quit his bitching about being stuck in the jury house and his mental health.


Paulie says that is the code he lives by. The way he was raised. The morals he has. OK! Some of the crap that comes out of his mouth is mind blowing!


He’s extremely ignorant and i feel sorry for him because he doesn’t know the true meaning of those words.


Paulie’s entitlement is unbelievable!!!

Cry me a river

The only reason Paulie keeps saying that’s he’s not going to campaign against Corey (while he IS campaigning against him) is so that he can say he got kicked out of the house bc he couldn’t campaign against a friend & if he could of he would’ve stayed. He’s setting it up so it makes him look better & saves face. We all know he’s full of it, but he can’t take losing & has to place the blame on someone else.

sunny dee

How scared he is. He is all but saying outright that he wants to be evicted next week because if corey is evicted this week, then when he goes there there will already be a guy, He cannot stand the thought of being in a house with women for an entire week? wow, shows the true motive for going for a F5 or F6 with guys only alliance, and how frantic he was to remove all traces of women in the house as soon as possible.

Funny, not one of the remaining guys has a problem taking a woman to the end, or keeping them in the house going forward. Paul said it best when he mentioned that it was dumb to go all guys at the end, and think you are going to win the comps you need to stay in the game. who does that.

oh, and shortly before after dark ends, michelle is talking with Paul and Vic about this and that, then says ‘we’re like sitting ducks now’, and you can see them looking at each other, laugh as well, as they both think that’s funny she would say that exact thing.

Pauls lies

Paul loves to sit and make his life sound grand to Michelle. I guess he thinks she is naive and believes his crap. He really amps up the lies whenever talking to Michelle.

Why do Paul and Paulie live at home if they are “balling so hard” in life and making so much money? And what the fk are they doing on BB for a check of only 300 grand after taxes? Paulie claims he makes 5 grand in a hour. lol.

Paul if you believe his Michelle stories has a huge world wide clothing line that he has top world renowned artists and designers hand making all his product. Actually it’s clothes with skulls printed on cheap t shirts it looks like he bought bulk at Sams Club. He has no sales of his product. Again, he lives at home lol.

Oh and Paul at 5’5 looking like a midget Bin Laden is a famous model that LIVES AT HOME. 🙂

Vic also balling living at home with his mom.

Also the BB big ballers thinking you doing “meet and greets” after show. Even the most popular former house guests if they did a meet and greet after the show do it for free. No one pays to have these people at their bar. It isn’t even a high demand thing for the top former houseguests.

This cast. LOL.

Only can wish

Agree with you on everything except Victor never bragged about having money. He admitted he was broke, living at home. He trying to make money after the show.


Ok, so Paul talks incessantly about his tee shirts. At least he’s doing something, as opposed to living off his parents. And he’s only 23; many 23 year olds live with their folks, especially now with the economy. I don’t see anything wrong with that. And Vic has said flat out he’s got no money. Believe me, in this day and age, tons of adult children are going back home to live with parents.

Andy the Red Rat

I’m shocked! Paul is 23……I thought he was 40. That beard is terrible.

sunny dee

i don’t know about Paul (but look at the episode with his mom, what momma’s boy would leave home when mom takes care of him like that),, plus he is young and doesn’t have an actual regular income.

With Paulie, I think he was living with the EX and when they broke up, he moved out and probably spent a couple of months assuming they’d get back together, then the BB thing shows up and he’s not going to go look for a place until he knows that is either done or not done.

I wouldn’t work myself up about living at home, not in this economy, and really, maybe victor lives at home because it means he can contribute to the household expenses which is a help for his mom and family.

nicole and corey are starting to remind me of Amanda and whats his name, who spent all day every day in bed.

Get a career

Sounds like a few of you live at home too sticking up for these cast members who brag how they are big shots in the world yet live at home with mommy and daddy.

They young? Paulie is late 20’s. Paul and Vic mid 20’s. If you still living at home past 21 you should admit your loser and move on.

Sticking up for losers living at home. You need a life. Bahahaha! Sorry for your struggles in life. Get off your ass and go change it!

sunny dee

Paul is 23 and i carry the rent for two places for myself and an older relative, thanks for assuming.

BB Curious

In some cases it is cultural. Kids don’t move out til they’re married. Paul said that was the case in his Armenian culture.

In Paul's Defense

Geez you are a little hard on the guy. I guess I applaud Paul for actually doing something whether it’s successful or not at least he took a chance. For being as young as he is he strikes me as a hard worker, willing to take risks and who was taught good work ethics and the value of a dollar by his father. Listen to him talk about some of the lessons his dad taught him and it will make sense to you.


Hey Paulie…You say you are a competitor…Maybe after you are gone you should Enter one of your pies in a Betty Crocker Bakeoff……ZINNNNG!!!!!!


LOL he’d never win leaving those peelings on the apples!


Paulie has a code he lives by all right and here it is: I’m the only important person in the world, cater to me or I’ll throw a tantrum and insult you to your face and threaten to punch you behind your back. Meanwhile, if things don’t go my way I’ll make sure everyone is as unhappy as I am. Also, you have to sit there for hours while I have nonsensical monologues about how wonderful I am.


VICTOR …. before you ask… NO, the CoHOH Care Package does not count as a comp win should you receive it


I wonder who sleeps with Paulie when he is at home? Is he afraid of his dreams or the dark, i wonder.

Anonymous 100

I too wonder the same thing .I have three boys who probably would cut off their own arms if I made them sleep in the same beds . When they have friends or cousins sleepover they better bring a sleeping bag. Yet this grown a@@ man needs to sleep in the smallest bed in the house with another man and my boys are teenagers. What does he do at home sleep between mommy and daddy?


Plus Corey is 6’5″, that’s not a little guy. At best those beds are queen sized, they may be full sized.


I’d like to see comps that are not geared to the athlete, mental comps that aren’t 50/50 crap shoots, and comps that are all about your desire to win like the button comp.

Leopold Stotch

Thankfully, there are only 2 more days left before Paulie’s ass is booted. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have the round trip ticket!

We need to be organized for this America’s Care Package. At one time, I was glad Victor got targeted and voted out, but I feel different now. He has proven himself to be a good and strong player. I trust him with this ACP, and will vote for Michelle or Paul for next week.



Wish the poll here could be reset for today. Right now it’s showing Vic and Corey neck-in-neck after Meech and Paul. Gut feel that’s not a current reflection of how voting is going.


poll has been reset above.


You’re the BEST!


Hasn’t CBS been collecting votes all week?

sunny dee

i’ve seen corey a close second on a poll on another site. it might be a case of vote splitting, there seems to be some issues about should vic, paul or meech get it, which only means that default is corey/nicole fans are going to be the decider.

don’t let the vote go like Canada politics 3 plus 2 other party system, which can often result in the least popular actually winning due to vote splitting!! lol

@Reality Check, nicole is not spending the night/sleeping with corey in Tokyo room. she goes back to the Have NOt. One of corey and paulie’s punishments is that they have to sleep together in the same bed each night, not sure if it is like the pie making comp for the rest of the week or the rest of their time in the house.

nicole is not allowed to fall asleep i don’t think, but maybe have nots can nap during the day as long as they are in a bed. michelle got called out a couple of times, when she was outside, production saying you can’t sleep unless you are in a bed, they don’t restrict time of day


Sunny Dee, I’ve seen you state false stuff on here many times. They do NOT have a punishment forcing them to sleep together. You made that up. Paulie said he didn’t want to sleep alone and has chosen to sleep with Corey. And many of us know that.

Gloria Steinem

I don’t think Paulie knows the meaning of the word feminism.

Nana Jo

Paulie ^s definition of feminism is any woman who dares to have her own opinion or question his deluded ideas or image of himself. He is terrified of any woman who shows intelligence and innate confidence.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Bridgette will never understand the point of view that it’s okay to sexually harass women and yell at them for telling you to stop, because she’s a feminist at heart. No, it’s because she’s a decent person.

Only can wish

This is becoming the Paulie’s Show, not The Big Brother anymore. He’s making the show all about him with his antics. Why is Production allowing him to get away with so much? It’s entertainment? IT’S REALLY NOT!!! Who want to see him baking pies naked(only apron on)? You all flipped when Z was in that red see-through outfit. I bet the Finale is going to be all about him and not about the winner.

Please just stop it!!!! We have suffered enough of him contradicting himself every time he open his mouth. He refuse to respect their game to evict him. I guarantee however, he gets back into the house and win HOH he will be gunning for Victor and Paul. If one of them get POV James or Natalie would be renom.

Eventhough, I don’t care for Nicole, I’m disappointed in her game. She’s a poor representation of a VET. She haven’t done anything out of the ordinary (lied and relay info to Paulie). At least James did switch it up alittle with the votes with Da’Vonne(I’m still upset about that), used the care package wisely and voting Paulie out. Yes, he could have done more, but Nicole could have done alot more as Vets.

Too Many Egos...

I was so happy that the tables have turned on Paulie, but now, I can’t even watch the feeds… Paul is more annoying than Paulie could ever be with his rambling of what he has and does. Hours of pointless crap about himself… It’s as though he only went on BB to boast about his label, it’s sickening! Victor would be awesome if he just stopped bragging about how many comps he won and what he will do..


What is Paulie’s code? Treat women like cr@p? He totally badmouthed Z when she was there and now jokes about having sex with her while “crying” over his ex who he allegedly cheated on quite a bit. He verbally attacks Nat by calling out her fake boobs which by the way he was already talking about previously like some high school gossip girl: “She tried to keep it a secret but they are fake!” He won’t stop talking about Bridgette calling herself a feminist and now he considers her scum. And finally he keeps trying to rope the guys into keeping him so they can all go back to bros vs hos. Is


Honestly, you gotta understand bro, Paulie didn’t cheat on the girl. Honestly, he’s literally too much man for one woman, honestly, he saved her life by literally spreading the Paulieness around. Honestly, she should thank him for allowing her to bask in his awesomeness and share the limelight that reflects off Cody and him. He’s just too good for us!

P.S. just a smidge of sarcasm in the above…and I think Corey would like a shot at handling the manchild that is Paulie.

Just Sayin'

Bridgette couldn’t see ‘pauline’s’ point of view about his woman-hating because she’s a feminist?! Attacking a woman because of the way she looks is bullying pure and simple. Making someone cry and saying you feel nothing, ‘pauline’ you have the worst morals!

An ornery mouse

Had Bridgette admitted to being a Nazi instead of a feminist, Paulie would probably be less upset. He’s an idiot.


He has deeply rooted issues with women. I think he’s been rejected way too many times and he’s only been able to “bone” sleazy girls like Z. I think that’s where his resentment towards women comes from. He can’t stand strong and classy women.


Be very careful! You called Max-Z sleezy. You will be branded a racist. Someone mentioned her and welfare in the same sentence yesterday and a sh*t storm erupted. Sad but true. 99% of us know the is not what you said but the other 1% is looking for a fight no matter what.


No racist call on this one. Just misogynist, for the sleaze label. I won’t bother explaining, b/c you won’t get it. The ones who get it, don’t need an explanation. And the welfare comments definitely came from racist suppositions. But go on, please continue enjoying your privileged vantage point.

Z sleazy?

I am a black woman, and I don’t immediately find your comment to be racist. However, I wouldn’t call Z “sleazy.”
She seems to be lacking in self-esteem, easily influenced, a little iimpulsive, maybe even the other S word – although I wouldn’t say that I would think that before sleazy.

But, unless I’m mistaken, other than that she actually behaved pretty decently – definitely not like a sleaze. What I saw was a very emotionally immature girl who genuinely convinced herself that she would be in a relationship with this guy. She put him on a pedestal due to wins and whiteness (not an assumption, I say this because she dogged black guys a bit so she obviously has decided white guys are better boyfriends… wait till she sees the feeds.) Her idealization of Paulie (who isn’t even attractive but that’s a different story) made her literally transform and get tunnel vision, such that when he started to back off, deep down she felt sex would keep them close. Tale as old as time.
Especially in a powerless position, the sense of giving that bliss feeling to a man can give you the illusion of empowerment and more control in the relationship. It tricks us into thinking that we’re making the man like us more, but it’s important to realize that even if they keep coming back for more, it is literally meaningless if they are not treating you with respect and valuing your mind and soul just as much as your body. Z will learn that eventually.


For me, someone who spreads her legs for a douchebag like Paulie on national TV and acts like a dog in heat 24:7 is Trash.

Since somehow race got into this conversation, let me say that Day is a black woman too and she is 100 times more dignified than Z. Race has nothing to do with my comment.

Yes to No Strong women for Paulie

Everything else you said is correct. I said it right away that Paulie is not going to be like Cody because of how much less hot he is. #1 Being that hot in such an effortless way usually changes the way you move be default as a man. You really have less to prove. He’s also so likeable. But he really is kind of beautiful without trying.

#2 – Having a brother like Cody yet unwilling to recognize your insecurity, preferring to mask it with major effort and ego…. gives you Paulie basically. He’s not all the way shitty when he’s up, but he’s super shitty when he’s down.


Sorry, Z is sleazy. When you do what she did “on camera” for all to see, even if she is green, it’s sleazy. The maxi-pad thing was just gross.


Guess I missed something early on – seen other comments or user names about the maxi thing? What happened?

Friendship... Never Cared

Paulie says he doesn’t like Bridgette because she is a feminist but his dislike really stems from her calling him out as a bully to women (and stood her ground, refusing to be intimidated) That’s what he can’t handle because it’s true. She really got under his skin because she got to the root of what he really is: a cowardly bully hiding behind his “boys”.

Reality Check

Do not get me wrong. I like Vic for his game and splitting up Paulie and Corey. That was a powerful move in the game. Vic may be competition beast but he is not the smartest guy.

The idea that Vic wanted two girls up as HOH this week before Paul interjects.

The idea that Vic let James take the $5000 and he gets the veto. I hope you know that you are broke (Vic said it) and that $5000 will come in handy for you. Plus the fact that James (also working with you and kept nominations the same) is getting double in stipends as a vet prove that you should have took the money than bragging about getting the most HOH and veto wins in big brother history.

Vic is thinking he could go all the way to the finale. This is Big Brother. Anything can happen. With Paulie putting seeds of doubt (on Vic and Paul) to the houseguests, they sure can flip right away.

The other thing I find puzzling is Vic telling Paul to do his social game. Meaning telling the houseguests what his intentions are. That is risky considering Paul could flip you like a pancake. But for now so far so good. With that money on the line, I can never let someone discuss my strategy to others.

Yes Vic you deserve the fifth care package (next week). Where you get $5000 to do something. Let get Vic some money for himself.

Vic needs ACP this week

Because all the rest can compete. I don’t get the love for Meech.


Why did they invite Nicole back? xD Bitch done nothing but try get in with the ugliest guy this season, what a waste.


Does Nicole sleep with her glasses on?
Ìt would have been much better if the Care Packages were allowed to go to whoever we wanted even if they’ve won already…they should have announced Bridgette won but since evicted Nicole got by default.
or had Bridgettes name on it crossed out and then Nicoles lol…
***also it should have had the option to share what the package is or to keep it secret until used.***

Jeff Jeff

Okay…I think BB contestants need to go on Who’s smarter than a 5th grader first. Really!?!? is Hawaii part of the US, is North Carolina close to Texas? I love the (comments) made by Simon/Dawg. They’re from a flipping other country and know this. I have to admit, if I was going to be quizzed about Canada, I could probably only name a few territories (providence?), BC, Alberta, Ontario, and the Yukon. Yukon only cause I crossed into Canada while on an Alaska cruise. Can name a few cities and point to them on a map, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, and Winnipeg. But as an American I at least know all 50 states and point them out. Don’t let these fools give you a tour of the states hahahaha

Jeff Jeff

Oh and what made them think weed was legal in Vancouver, (obviously I’m playing catch up)


Because Prime Minister Trudeau is planning to make it legal come Spring 2017 – they may have thought it already happened.


I THINK, not positive, what was meant by the “is Hawaii in the US” comment was can the trip be used outside the Continental US. At least thats what I’m hoping they meant.


Providence?!? Haha, lmao! I think alot of it has to do with the American education system. Just look who’s running for President, that’ll explain everything.

Stupid is as Stupid does...

That doesn’t even come close to when James and Natalie were in bed (around the third week) and she didn’t know the difference between, “assault” or “insult”, and this came from a girl who studied Journalism…


‘Murica! We don’t need ejukashun.

Just me

Personally, I think Paulie doesn’t want to be the first male Juror. From what I remember from past years, the jury house is like a huge mansion, nothing to be claustrophobic about. Not to mention, he would be able to be with Z without having cameras watching his every move and wouldn’t have to fake “spooning”. It’s a macho thing – He will be the first male evicted since jury started and he’s embarrassed about it.

Powder Puff Cat

Paulie loves the camera in jury there is very little. I think this is one of the reasons he does not want to go to jury. He said he did not want to go to jury to be with the pawns and feminists.


I have no idea what people are thinking wanting Michelle be co HOH. The pressure will put her over the edge.
When she has to pick someone to be put on the block she is going to cry all week on how bad she feels and how sorry she is.
Next week will be just like this week difference being a different cry baby.


No, trust me, Michelle would enjoy very much putting Snakecole up on the block and her going home on Michelle’s HOH.

Michelle has fake cried some this season as a lame game move but she hates Nicole with a passion and will love sending her home.

I still watch on a loop when I need to be cheered up the double eviction episode speech when Michelle called Nicole a snake and said Tiff, Day and Frank all said not to trust her.

Nicole hates Michelle and Michelle hates Nicole. Next week will be wonderful if Nicole and Corey are on the block. Meech would be perfect person to put ’em there.

I predict even a Nicole and Corey spat while on block together.

Love this show!

Foreign observer

… just saying, it would make much better tv giving it to meech than anyone else. Girl might be nuts but it’s entertaining… give her the confidence boost and she might cry less for the week… not like she’s gunna win literally anything else the entire time she’s there. When the bigger crybaby Paulie goes we will need some unpredictable emotional wildcard action. Just saying.


VICTOR … with so much focus on winning the comps, you may miss the big picture. You can win the battles and still lose the war. That guy you are so close to, the one with the pelican … he sees the big picture and you have only replaced Paulie as his shield.


Sad thing is…. Paulie will learn absolutely nothing from all this experience.
He will not learn humility, he will not feel compassion, he will not have respect for the opposite sex, he will not be giving, he will not be self reflective (self aware).
Back to being Paulie from Joisey!!
“Eyyy yauu Paulliieee”


He is still young and can mature and learn to be honest with himself (no one is perfect). A lot will depend on how much those closest to him will coddle him and continue to enable his delusions of reality. I hope you are wrong but time will tell.


Problem is it probably won’t happen till his second childhood

BB Curious

He will learn how to bake a pie.

Is this correct?

If Paulie’s ticket is a one-way and he goes to jury this Thursday, there will be 7 players left. On 8/25 there will be 6 left after eviction. After 9/1, five left. After 9/8 eviction we get to F4, after 9/15 eviction we have the F3 for the 9/21 finale. Therefore no jury battle back.
Another DE would be required if Paulie has the RT ticket.


People just start rumors. CBS has never said anyone is coming back.


is that why there’s a special episode on Friday


Probably to show Marley concert and the Mr. pectaculer show.


The episode is most likely about the concert and such.


That sounds like a crappy episode.


I can’t access the polls. Where do I find it?


The OBB poll is just above where comments start on this site.


Yeah, it was there last season but my new computer doesn’t show it. Also, likes and dislikes don’t show.


It’s not your pc, it’s your browser. I don’t see the ups/downs and polls in Firefox, but can see them in Chrome and Safari.

Paulie, this is the DR calling

How is Paulie getting away with everything without any repercussions from the BB staff?
– naked pie backing & strip down searches
– threatening “punch in face” if this or that happens
– refusing to do his punishment at times (pies)
– refusing to go to the DR room
– admitting to lying to get on to BB
– etc etc (I am sure there are more that I am forgetting at the moment)

Haven’t houseguests gotten evicted for less in the past? Why is he getting special treatment? They need to put him in his place since he is being a poor sport at the game. Because they are not doing anything, they are setting the bar for future HG’s attitudes and actions.

Maybe there should be a ‘cell’ within the house. Where BB puts them when the rules aren’t being followed. They lose certain privileges and can’t participate during functions. Food can be bread and water – A less than comfortable lumpy bed – and maybe make them do chores (clean bathroom, do dishes, mop the floor, etc) while wearing a striped prison jumpsuit. If they aren’t going to evict when they should, put them to work and ‘ground’ them. Come on BB make some penalties for bad game behavior. This could make things interesting.

Paulie, this is the DR calling

Oh, and Zingbot can be the wardon! LOL

Only can wish

You really thought of some very good ideas. I hope someone from BB production read these comments. They do act like they are on vacation in the Bahamas. They need to clean up to get their food. Some of these HGS would starve. Lol

Simon Rocks!

I’ve been wondering if he’s trying to get kicked out of the house, so that he will get out of going to the jury house without looking like a big baby.
But I think that he thinks there’s a chance that he can talk multiple people into giving him a “sympathy” vote – with each person thinking they are the only one…. and accumulating enough that he’s not evicted. So he’s not going full steam on getting kicked out? Just a thought. It’s impossible to know what goes on in that brain of his.


Paulie is lying on Zakiya. He probably would have thought about sexing her up for a split second if he had known that she was getting evited beforehand. And even if he had known beforehand he would have done what he has been doing as of recent and Zakiya would have been thrown over under behind on the bottom and side and top of the ???? ???? ???? ???? Paulie would have rolling her way. What a douche


Paulie is lying on Zakiya. He probably would have thought about sexing her up for a split second if he had known that she was getting evited beforehand. And even if he had known beforehand he would have done what he has been doing as of recent and Zakiya would have been thrown over under behind on the bottom and side and top of the ???? ???? ???? ???? Paulie would have rolling her way. What a douche


Paulie has the round trip ticket, and if his side wins HOH and Corey also happens to win CO HOH i’m done watching this season.


I’ll send an angry mob to Grodner’s studio if that happens.


… and miss all the drama that will follow? sure …. um hmm … okay


I wish that every time Paulie gives a campaign pitch and then turns around to leave the room, the person he campaigned to would just sit there and start doing the slow clapping with an evil smile on their face.

Reality Check

Where is the penalty on Nicole?

She is a have not and should NOT be sleeping with Corey in the Tokyo Room.

The Have Nots are getting everything away with murder. What is the use of being a Have Not?


I don’t understand why is she a have not? I thought her care package made her safe from everything????!?


Okay so for some reason, I don’t like this season of BB. Not crazy about the houseguests. The only person I’m rooting for is Vic, not because I like him (although it looks like he’s the only one who cleans up after those slobs), but because he battled back and played strategically since he got back in the house and I don’t like showmances, don’t like that gameplay. I do think though he should watch out for Paul, I don’t trust him and he just might want to go to the end with Meech — having a better chance of winning the grand prize.


I recently realized that Meech can only beat Corey and Nicole. If that were the final 2, Corey or Nicole would have each other, Paulie, maybe Z, and potentially Vic (but more so for Corey than Nic). Meech would have Da’, Bridgette, Nat, James and probably Paul. But against anyone else, she’d get crushed.

Power Of Vito Corleone

Michelle’s convo with the Little Man was priceless. He’s getting NO sympathy from her lol!
Way to go Michelle. Got in multiple digs for the price of one!

Paulie says I can’t wait to not locked behind friggin’ walls. I really hope it doesn’t drive me crazy.
Michelle says its not.
Michelle asks how did you do in sequester?
Paulie says it was different because it was in anticipation of coming here.
Michelle says then think of Jury as anticipation of seeing your family. (HaHa!!)

Only can wish

Now that was funny!!!

Power Of Vito Corleone

If BB really wanted some drama they should have brought out the old 24-hour lockup in a room like they used in past seasons.
Put Paulie in there.
I guess it’s too late now unless the little weasel lucks out with the RT ticket.
But if he does, bring back the lockup and put him in there!

Dear Uncle Vito

What an excellent idea! They’d have to have a straightjacket and a sedative ready, because he’d freak the hell out.


Wow. Paul’s so nice to help Victor with his social game! So hilarious! Friendship! I sincerely hope this is it with Paulie- just stop with this fool. He’s pathetic. If I were his family- shame.


These people aren’t that bad or they wouldn’t be on the show, we act as if talking shit in private is some awful sin. Saying U r as fake as your the things on your chest is degrading to women wow, especially when it’s true. She was saying in one breath Paulie is a good person and then going behind his back saying he doesn’t like u like that, as if Natalie would know that is called being fake. They’ve all done stuff that is forgettable but this isn’t a game built on morality since being honest will get u directly sent out the door .


How long did it take you to type that with one finger, Cody?


I can’t take Paulina nagging any longer! I hope like hell he doesn’t have the round trip ticket, if so he’s gonna go right back to being the jerk that he is!!!!

Desperate times

As a long time BB fan. I do not want Paulie gone. He brings so much drama to the game, which makes me as a viewer excited to watch. I don’t agree with most of the things that fly out of his mouth. With that being said. Why do most of you want him gone? Do you want to be entertained or watch a bunch plants (besides Paul) be evicted?


I’ll tell you why rigjt now people are going to thumbs you down. The only people commenting on this bored right now are vic/paul supporters. Oh and people who don’t understand the game from reality and believe that these people act the same in the real world. That said I don’t hate Paulie but if I was in that house I’d evict him only because he is good at comps and it would be even harder to get him out going forward…btw the same reason I’d go after vic/paul. The best players in this game never allowed emotions or friendship get in the way of winning. It’s just the truth.