Nicole – “Paulie won’t leave their side tonight.. I don’t trust that side”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 20-16-51-973

8:05pm Natalie and James. Natalie working down a package of soda crackers in the LOndon room
James is saying he’ll tell Corey that Paulie is campaigning against him.
Natalie wants to be the one that sends Corey home. James say if he wins HOH he’ll nominate Corey in her honour.
Natalie – You don’t win you get put up
Natalie says Nicole and Corey know what she did to Paulie so they see her as a threat. James says Nicole is pissed at Victor because he put Victor on the block, “I would be mad if someone put you on the block with the intentions of you going home”
James says Corey and nicole are not targeting them they are going to put up Victor and Paul
Natalie tells him it doesn’t matter don’t throw the competitions.
Natalie says she’s been trying hard in all the competitions and it pisses her off everyone’s been throwing this all season. She knows it’s part of their game but it’s not part of her.
Natalie says people are probably talking about her right now being all busted up. James says nobody is talking about her especially after he drops this bombs on Corey
James – unless Victor and Paul have some crazy deal with them I don’t seem them putting us up.
James – I doubt they are secretly working together
Natale – they are straight shooters.. We have a solid team to make it to 5 and 4… I know Paul wants MIchelle out before us
James- these next HOH comps.. Probably a egg comp.. You take a egg through chicken wire all the way on top of you.. You’ll be good at it

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 20-14-49-981

8:14pm Corey, Nicole and Paulie Kitchen
Nicole asks if they should be hanging out in the London room Natalie and James. Corey doesn’t want to ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 20-28-05-879

8:28pm Nicole and Corey Tokyo room
Nicole is rubbing corey’s head telling him he’s a well rounded athlete he’ll do well in the physical competitions. Paulie briefly comes on his way to the London room. Nicole says they should go. Corey doesn’t want to says it won’t help anything.
They go to hang out in the London room . at 8:42pm the conversation is around the Orlando Night club Massacre being the last thing in the news.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 20-36-30-075
James – that’s why in Texas we pack so we can fire back
Paulie opens up the conversation around gun control and how people may have a second thought before they opened up if they thought some people would shoot back.
James – in Texas I guarantee you outta 20 people 5 are packing.. A lot on their hips..
Jame s- you can asks Corey people carry on their belts..
They mention a Open carry law passing last year.
James- you gotta have a C.W.P though

8:36pm Paul, Victor and Michelle Safari room
Random chit chat about one topic French workers getting 3 weeks paid vacation..
Michelle talks about starting a youtube channel, Paul talks about his clothing company..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 20-37-34-071

8:55pm Chit chat..
James comments that the PTZ cameras inside the house have good “Angles”
Paulie – hopefully they didn’t get my angles.. My cuddling angles
James – spooning angles
Paulie – ya
Paulie starts clicking with his mouth “Angles” click Click “Angles”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 21-11-57-068

9:10pm Safari room Paul and Victor
Paul and Victor talking about Meet and greets. Victor says paulie was telling him his dad turns people down if they don’t pay enough (Paulie/Cody’s dad is the BB meet and greet manager for all the Hitman broys) . Victor doesn’t care about the pay. Victor says Nicole never did a paid meet and greet she said she didn’t feel special enough. (We hate on Nicole a lot but this was cool of her) Paul says they should get paid for their time at least. Victor doesn’t want the people to pay he wants the establishment to pay. Paul agrees there’s a lot of kids that watch this they don’t want to rule them out.
Paul can’t wait to work with the kids, “Yelling Friendship friendship”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 21-29-00-369
9:27pm Victor and Michelle
Victor says Corey and Nicole backstabbed him hard that is why he doesn’t feel sorry for them one bit.
Michelle tells him the main people that wanted him out were Frank and Paulie.
Michelle regrets Jozea leaving so early “It would have been interesting to see him play”
Victor is insulted that Nicole thinks he was going to put her up. Why would he waste all this power on Nicole she’s not a threat to him.
Victor – “I love her to death as a person but in this game she is sketchy”
They agree Nicole is pathetic laughing every time Corey says something. Victor points out that the Zingbot got Nicole good.. Something about throwing away her game for a showmance
Victor says he never asked Nicole on a date. He confronted Nicole about it and she confirmed he never asked her on a date.

Michelle says Nicole was the one going around the house saying Victor asked her on a date,.
Paul comes in they tell him about Nicole.
Victor – Ohh you son of a gun,…
Paul – that’s f*****g hilarious you got boned..
Michelle – I believed it ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 21-43-46-420

9:33pm Nicole and Corey
Getting paranoid that paulie is campaigning, they heard 3 comments from James about going after the showmances. Corey thinks “Strategically” it would bne a dumb move getting rid of Corey
Nicole – I need to drill ion Michelle’s head that Paulie will get a care package, ‘All cody’s followers, Derrick’s followers and Frankie’s followers .. I’m playing dirty this week you are not leaving this week”

Nicole – there’s no reason for James to vote you out it’s against everything he stands for
Corey – Paulie’s done a lot
Nicole – Paulie won’t leave their side tonight.. Everything is strategy.. He didn’t even want us to go in that freaking room

Nicole – I don’t think you’re the target at all..
Nicole – all we need is James and Natalie.. if they lied to me again.. i’ll be completely over him.

Nicole – Paulie is getting on my nerves..
Nicole says if Corey won the the Care Package James would be pissed because, “He wants to be America’s guy sweetheart” Nicole – honestly you are like very sweet.. I assume that’s your spot on the show.. (Good grief is she in for surprise)

Nicole – he’s not from Texas either.. he just moved to Texas a few years ago yet he works it into everything.. you’ve live there all his live you’ve lived there for 25 years and he’s lived there 2 years..
COrey – he says the south
Nicoel – where’s he from
Corey – south Carolina
Nicole – is that close to Texas (ZOMG)
Corey – no

Nicole says the problem is Paulie is such a big target..
Nicole says Paul, Victor and Michelle are the biggest threat in this game.
Nicole says she doesn’t trust that side of the house to keep Corey
Corey says Michelle and PAul won’t vote him out and neither will James.
Nicole is thinking Paulie offered them something..
Nicole – I don’t think it’s smart for Paul to keep Paulie at all
Corey says Paulie would not be cool with him going under these conditions he would Gun for Victor and Paul if Corey gets out.
Nicole says it’s probably legit that Corey is staying.

Corey says Paulie might be trying to get 1 week of safety.
Nicole – he really doesn’t want 1 more week though
Corey says if paulie does that he’s a terrible person
Nicole won’t vote for him no matter what.

Corey – James freaking almost kissed me on the lips
Nicole – he loves you as a person that the thing.. he starting to separate his strategic.. that was his excuse for blindsiding us.. I absolutely know he thinks the world of you he thinks you are a great guy. He plays emotionally that’s good for you because he loves you a lot
Nicole – he threw away our whole alliance for Natalie
Corey – I know I can’t believe that

10:10pm Nicole tells Corey that the Mihcelle, Paul, Victor group is tight.
Nicole says it makes no sense for Michelle to vote Corey out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 22-46-58-638

10:47pm Damn tasty Victor
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 22-55-03-089
10:56pm bros..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 23-15-55-304

11:16pm kitchen
Corey says it would be funny if he had to walk out to see Julie in the costume.
Mihcelle tells him he’s not gettign evicted adds that Frank went out in the carrot costume.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 23-17-30-872
11:18pm Safari room Paul and Victor
they agree Paulie will be a “pu$$y” and try to Backdoor Victor if he gets the round trip and HOH.
Paul says best case scenario a girls wins this week. They agree James will throw the HOH. (Thrusday HOH, the plan is to get Corey out)
Paul – this week is fine
Victor agrees, “Next week… .it’s touchy
Paul – you got to be careful Natalie and JAmes are smart..
Paul says if there was another double eviction they pull the trigger on Nicole and James.

They wonder if they have haters out there. Victor says the type of game they’ve been playing isn’t showing they are bad people. What he’s doing is sweat Karma..
They talk about the final 2 who would have the most wins. Paul says he’s got the social game and Victor has the comp wins. Victor – neither of us would be here if it wasn’t for the other.
They agree there’s nothing bad to say about each other.

Victor – we’re always on the outside of information..
Paul – yup, man we got to be lucky these next few weeks

They start talking about after the show. Paul says even if they don’t win any money they get the stipend which is a years worth of rent. Paul says they should really embrace this year and Big brother and try and do as much as they can.
Paul – plus we’ll make money from the meet and greet
Victor mumbles 6 grand Paul says no no more
Victor says he’s going to give Acting one more real good shot

12:00pm kitchen J
ames, Corey, Michelle, Paulie and Paul
Paul is saying that marijuana is legal in Vancouver. (It’s not)
Michelle – thanks to Trudeau

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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Usernames will have to be a bit more PG please. At the least censor them with @*(#^%_

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Got a really weird thought…….

Paulie gets voted out this week. So wouldn’t it be a smart idea for James & Natalie to make a deal now with Nicole & Corey to keep him (already happening) because Michele is getting really close to Paul & Vic. If James & Natalie have Nicory then they have one more person to vote out Vic or Paul. If next week they get rid of Corey, then Nicole will just float to power (Vic & Paul) & that’s it for James & Natalie…………….


not gonna happen…nat hates nicole and vice versa

its going to be the 5 of trio paul/vic/meech…with duo nat/james targeting nicole/corey


Honestly, I don’t think James/nat are very strategic thinkers. Nat plays on an emotional level alone and James will, at this point, do whatever she wants. I don’t really see how the rest of the house is going to find a way to take out vic and paul without working together. Like I said, they don’t think that way. Vic or paul will deserve the win if the rest of them don’t come together.


They don’t have Bridgette anymore to fill them in on what’s going down. The reality is Bridgette had been trying to get Nat to play, to see what was happening for weeks, and Nat just “yeah yeah’d” her….until she felt threatened, then she decided to play. Without Bridgette around to point out how close Paul and Paulie were, to point out he can’t be completely trusted, to establish relationships so that she can sell moves, Nat will walk right into a trap.

But luckily for her James is dumber and will likely go before she does.

Powder Puff Cat

The plan is to take out Nicole and Corey, then Michelle, final 4 Paul/Victor/Nat/James. Bad time for James and Nat started making deals with Nicole/Corey. It is getting down to the wire you gotta stick with the plan unless there is a double eviction. If they started making deals, got caught it they would be out before Nicole and Corey.

From what I understand, James is just pitting Paulie against them saying by saying he is campaigning to get Nicole and Corey’s knickers in a twist. The group wants to cause some havoc before Paulie leaves. They also wanted to make Paulie feel safe only to let him down.

I do not get the feeds only AD and follow the GREAT information/feeders on here. Things change daily so please correct me if I am wrong.

Powder Puff Cat

error: *Bad time to start

Hope that reads right with the correction. I know James and Nat are NOT making deals with Nicole/Corey.


Are you Podet Puff Girl’s cat?


I thought a day or two ago on the feeds there was a plan to put out some uncertainty to Paulie, Corey and Nicole on who was being voted out so they could try and shake Corey up the night of the eviction and put him off balance and under more stress.

I think they did the same thing by fighting with Paulie the day of the POV to keep him off balance, and that seemed to throw him off for comps, so I believe they’re trying the same kind of thing with Corey.

So it’s less then likely any deals or convos with Natalie and James to keep Paulie are real.


Of course you sheep flip flop every week. 3 weeks ago all I heard is how paul being hoh has ruined this season and now yall riding his jock like it’s a mechanical bull at the county fair. Smh pick a side for once


James: that’s why in Texas we pack, so we can fire back!” Lmfao!!!
This guys suck a wanna be American sniper douchbag. Yeah, that strategy is really working out for you guys. He’s a typical Trump supporter, I remember in his season, that he was sticking up for Bush going into Iraq. Honestly can’t understand how anyone can stand this goof!


He served our country for six years. He can support whoever he wants. I may not agree with him but I respect his right to do so. He f-ing earned it.


he’s still a douche with a gun.

Sabs Story

And you’re still a douche with a keyboard!

The Canadian from USA

Sabs story you made me laugh so hard with that comeback line! A douche with a keyboard. Good one!


Chaos can be entertaining. We like the shifts every week.


Nicole burnt all her bridges with the girls a long time ago when she thought she was with the invincible boys. It’s too late now to pick up those pieces, she was quite snotty in those days. They never learn.


I just realized something. It’s gonna be one bitter ass jury!

Franks fumes

Paulies dad doing meet and greets for the hitman boys….lol… there really a demand for these guys three years later…. I cant remember any of those guys clearly and I’m happy I can’t remember that POS season……it was like watching paint dry while pig nose and idiot Cody coasted! Maybe thats why Paulies constantly bring up those guys to drum business for Daddy Douchebag!

Powder Puff Cat

I could not stand Derrick’s game. Cody running back and forth to him, while Derrick lounged in bed, surprised he did not feed him grapes and fan him like in a scene in Caligula. You are right, boring.

Powder Puff Cat

FF why was Paulie’s dad doing meet and greets? I know nothing about meet and greets do they travel around the country and get paid for it? Meeting a BB cast member or any reality star would not make my bucket list.

Min O'Pause

Meet and Greet= traveling side show with the carnival….it is carny season after all. And if all else fails someone needs to run the Tilt O’Whirl.


Probably some 12 year olds.

m-v-p for final 3

im rooting for the players who werent reliant on being in a showmance

mvp for final 3 (m)ichelle (v)ic (p)aul!


Vic and Paul are in a Bromance which is just as strong as a showmance between James and Natalie. Vic and Paul are 100% together just as James and Natalie are till the end.

Franks fumes

Pauls in the middle of another long winded infomercial about Dead skull merchandise……..Enough already I know the whole line by now…..The great Mel Brooks said it best in Spaceballs” The real money is in meurchendizzzing!”


I think if Corey or Nicole win HOH it could be a Mexican standoff with this special package. It will definitely go to the other side, so either Corey or Nocole will be on the block with a nomination from the other side. Things could get sticky if Corey or Nicole win Veto. The other side will end up with two people on the block.


It was hilarious! I had tears rolling down my face!


I think you mean August 16


Its Official: Friday’s episdoe is a Jury Battleback.
(Thursday) Paulie gets evicted.. Paulie dont have the RT ticket.
(Friday) Paulie wins Jury Battleback.. comesback to the house
(Saturday) Paulie wins HOH!
If this happens I will fly to USA and vote TRUMP!!!!! urgggghh!!!!!


Im so happy you replied to me hehehe


Provide a link to this “official” information. Personally, I think you’re like Paulie, full of $#it.

About to upset people

Let’s be real here as lame as Nicole and Borey are, if one of them wins HOH they will put James and Natalie up. They will not make a good game decision.

Why did they bring Nicole and James back? Was this season hosted by

Lamest house guests ever. If people must come back please stick to the Danielle Donato type please.


Dani showmanced on both of her seasons too!


Dani was also a comp beast. She played the gamed


Unbelievable!!!! corey and Paulie are up for eviction. YAY! One of them is definitely gonna be evicted. Yay again!!!

Paulie is campaigning hard to stay. Nicole and corey are still isolating themselves from the house. Corey not campaigning or doing anything to ensure he stays. They should be playing BB right now and atleast make an effort to secure votes to keep Corey in the house.

For the love of all things BB …. Nicole you’ve played before!!! How can you be surprised and feel blindsided by the current noms?

Your comment about playing dirty this week to keep Corey in the house is ridiculous if your play is huddled in bed with Corey and not securing votes with the other HGs!!!!

Can’t wait for you to be gone!!!! Have no idea why you came back since you haven’t done one damn thing!!!

Eviction hit list:
Nicole (it’s her hell for two weeks without Corey)

I want Paul, Vic, Nat and James to battle it out for the win.


Paid Meet and greet? Lol who do these people think they are? Such a scumbag thing to do to make a few bucks.


Who are the losers who go to a meet and greet?

Undeniable bro lust!

I find it interesting that Paulie claims he suffers from claustrophobia (as a reason for leaving the jury house), yet with all of the empty beds in the house he sleeps with the biggest guy in the smallest bed! If I was Nicole, Natalie’s flirting with Corey would be the least of my concerns!! Skeeeettcchh!!

TX rar

Seeing Paulie & Corey in a twin bed is just odd. Does Paulie need someone to keep him calm? Why are they in the twin bed again? Odd!


Probably a suicide watch.


nicole is a real waste, criticizing others when all she does is hide behind cory and pauline


The most critical person in the house is Nat, not Nicole. If I hear her say again how kind and wonderful she thinks she is I am going to vomit. She has neck problems because she keeps kissing her own ass.

Slicer rocks!

Lol and then she threw up from being so nice. If I hear her say how nice she is one more time, I may shoot the tv. She’s the meanest girl in there and Michelle is hard to beat.

Cut to the fish please!

Paul no one cares about your music entertainment rant! I would rather watch the fish or even Michelle shoveling potato chips in her face!!!


Simon and Dawg…
this was hilarious…
That’s what Nicole really needs-A Mannequin.


LOL that’s how Corey looks half the time

Basil Jenkins

Not hard to figure out how Paulie became such a a$$hole…..their affectionate daddy is the same way! Would not surprise me one bit if vold man cauliflowery stepped out on the old lady and bragged abt with those boys. These douchebots have really tarnished NJ….Paulie’s latest dig on the North Jersey Jews being a$$holes another low… This turd will need to go I hiding after the show…. Little mf’r!

Butters Mom

yawn….. I cant even watch after dark tonight it is so boring. After Paulie leaves we are faced with a snooze fest… sorry simon and dawg… you guys need energy drinks to watching this stuff. BORING!

Powder Puff Cat

Paul saying marijuana is legal in Vancouver. (It’s not). When the Olympics were here, I walked out among the throngs and all you could smell on Davie Street was pot. I had a good laugh about it. Maybe he thinks it’s legal because you can casually walk down the street smoking pot without being bothered.

Franks fumes

Corine talking to Meech about moving to Dallas saying it’s such a happy place….better than Michigan …….I live in Dallas and can tell you have to be a idiot to believe that …..its like LA without the movie stars…the ocean…the sunny perfect weather …..but we sure have the DOUCHEBAGS!

skeptical onlooker

Classic tonight on Live feeds. 2 *gotcha* moments.
First)…Paulie is whining about how he will have to be in an Hotel for a night before Jury..BY HIMSELF!!!
Meech comes back with: *so, How did you manage in Sequester?
Paulie..looking like a goldfish..with open mouth..manages to get out..weakly * Well, it was different. I was anticipating *.
Me thinking *Err..OK. But..claustrophobia isn’t selective. how convenient.
Second)..Paul and Paulie in Safari room…* Paulie saying he hasn’t really spoken to people yet. ( Me..frown)
Paulie says..* Do you think I have a chance? I just want to stay one more week for my sanity*.
Paul immediately responds * Do you think it’s fair to Corey…being knocked out of the game..just so that you can have one extra week?
Ooooohhhhh…errrrr. Paulie can say NOTHING. I quietly salute Paul…with a Bravo. Perfect.


True claustrophobia should have reared its ugly head in the DR. Past guests have disclosed that it’s basically a broom closet with a camera. Please Paulie, get your stories straight.


Friggin victor and the puppet show was freaking funny.


Watching BBAD and Michelle/Paul/Vic in room talking. Vic says just wanna get this game going. Michelle says yeah I know, feel like sitting ducks right now. LMAO Paul & Vic’s reaction is pretty hilarious – esp Vic’s face & then lie about why he started laughing!


Paul is a snake!! Big buddy to Paulie- til victor comes bac into house. James is a puss- floaters..paul is so into himself. Such a back stabber..they are blaming Paulie for taking out Victor – well , excuse me the whole bunch voted for Victor..snakes!!!! If i were Nicole, Corey and Paulie i would NOt talk to the rest of them at all. Victor and Paul make me sick.. terrible season. I hope Paulie has ROUNdtrip ticket gets bac in and wins HOH- and puts up victor and Paul’s Ass!!!!! When Corey won HOH- did he put up those two dildos– NO— BIG mistake!!!!!!


Well first of all Paul was the 1 vote for Vic to STAY so you are wrong there. Second what else was Paul to do when he was public enemy # 1 except align himself with the guy who at the time was running the show. (smart game play) and third even if major Tom (to ground control) won HOH this week or Nic-worthless you do realize it is a co-HOH week and only 1 of them will end up on the block? But relax, it happens, things don’t always go your way. Be like Paulie-na and take your toys and go home. (when you get there eat a cookie you will feel better)


Victor was evicted 9-1. The one vote to keep him came from Paul. When Vic returned, Paul was the one who convinced Paulie not to send him back out.
PP was strategy on both sides, Sitting Ducks is #Friendship.
Vic said it best: neither of them would be where they are now without the other.


I may not have liked Paul at the beginning of the season but he’s played a smart game. He allowed Paulie to use him, then they became PP, then after Natalie came to him and he realized he wasn’t really going to go all the way to the end with Paulie, abandoned Paulie and formed an alliance with Vic. Paul is just playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. It’s gotta be hard to know who to trust and when to jump ship and I think Paul has done a really good job of navigating difficult waters.

Marvin Gaye

Nicole is looking more and more like the DUMB BLONDE….( is South Carolina close to Texas) if she knows Corey is staying why aren’t they working angles for Next week instead of laying around in bed…. They should be starting a beef between Paul, Vic, Nat and James… .. Plant a seed of doubt and make both sides paranoid. Thing is Nicole has been too much up the boys butt and a snake to the girls to even try to work with them… Corey has no idea how to strategize without Paulie telling him what to do next…. I’m still laughing at him meeting with the boys during DE saying let’s do it, lol! He should have been pissed at Jsmes and Put him up.

Marvin Gaye

Who will be more Happy to See Paulie walk into the Jury House Da, Z , or Bridgette?? That’s a tough one, lol!


I cannot wait for BB to show the Jury House!! It would be so epic to see Paulie walk in and burst out crying. Of course Z would be there to comfort the little twat.


Too bad Nicoles lack of geography knowledge wasn’t discovered sooner, BB could’ve put a dang globe in her care package.

Howard's gonna rape me

Nic is a product of the great Michigan school system. To put it into terms that she could understand: Michigan is right next-door to Mississippi.

Nicole Pure Michigan

Gosh, Howard’s potential victim, please be safe so you can become more educated about the vast difference in educational opportunities in Michigan and Mississippi. I’m not sure if you consider yourself an expert on the K-12 school systems in those 2 states or perhaps the rest of the U.S. (I’m not an “expert” myself.) It just seems that teachers in our nation are frequently underappreciated and stellar school systems are often not recognized. Yes, there are too many school districts and teachers who make he nation’s schools look abysmal, but they’re in the minority. In MI,where I live, I’ve observed far more positive outcomes in our schools than negative ones. (Sorry about the rant; now back to the “insanity”(entertainment) of the BB house. So long,Paulie! Your “Farewell Tour” awaits you!


Simon, Love those pictures of tall dude! Tell us tall dude what do you see out there? I have never in my life seen someone who stares off into the distance like that. totally freaky!!

Marvin Gaye

I miss Da with her sexy chocolateness… I just wanna eat her up! Eat the attitude right out of her…. I know she got that owwwwweeeeee!!!


It would have been alot more interesting and increase more jealousy if the Care Packages were able to be voted to anyone, multiple times if that was what we wanted!
Also..the houseguest having the option to keep what the power is secret until it is used.

liar alert

Cory, Nicole, Paulie- put everybody in a room together and call them all out on their lies. Get Michelle on your side and vote out Paul, James, Natalie, Vic. (Vic only for believing everything the other liars fed him.)

James- stop being a yes man and believing everything Natalie tells you. Tell her to get over herself and stop hiding in the bed because she got caught lying about Paulie and Nicole and now Cory. She’s making up every excuse to stay away from everybody because she’s embarrassed. Oh it takes 4 days and 21 seconds for her neck to heal. When is that? After the eviction. Grow up James, you may have been voted America fav but you’re letting America down by supporting your girl that kicks you out of bed every night until she wants info.

Paul- besides James, Natalie, and Da, you should get the biggest liar and backstabbers award.

Peep not to trust outside the house- list is large.


Lol seriously Nicole, I would be scared to death if she had to assist my operation in the emergency room.

Move Meech

Michelle should move to Syria, then Trudeau will let her live in the utopian nation of Canada.

Pickle Incident

Victor is Paul’s muscle. Victor will do Paul’s dirty work until he coasts to the end. Ahhh true friendship.


James already peeped that Paul and victor are a strong duo and he expressed that to Natalie. He isn’t making any moves until Paulie Nicole and Cory are gone though. He is such a pushover for Natalie. I know she’s not feeling well and all but i can see James getting annoyed with catering to her after a while and getting absolutely nothing in return. She kissed him on the lips once to give him hope but he kept hinting at doing things for her for more. She could at least make him a meal or massage his shoulders or something nice as well, besides blowing his head up with words and faking dumbness. Nicole is an idiot and such a jealous girl that’s scary like a nervous Chihuahua but talks much crap. Cory has become the only utmost best in her world unfortunately for her.


VIC for the WIN !!!!! Watching Nat cry about her weight gain and then seeing her slam down crackers in bed with a giant jar of peanut butter on the nightstand is hilarious.Just shut your yap and go move around for a change!!Jamesey is her slave.What a fool!!! He has a better shot with Corey….

Wouldn't pay a pretty penny

Wouldn’t pay to meet these yahoos!

Froot Loop Dingus

How does James propose to get Vic and Paul out once Paulie Corey & Nicole are gone? His only support will be Natalie and Meech.
If he had any game he’d be roping in Nicole and Corey. (Tell them he’ll save Corey this week if they target Paul and Vic. ) but he’s too afraid Paul and Vic will hear about it.
In my mind James should go next after Paulie. Nicole is useless and Corey has no strategy.
That leaves 3 groups of 2 but Vic and Paul are closer to Nat & Meech, so they are sitting pretty.
Vic or Paul for the win!


I didn’t hear anyone saying they had to say goodbye messages yesterday ?Did anyone else?