“There’s a better chance I’ll lose a comp than you win one.. Statistically Speaking” – Vic about Corey

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 12-55-51-559

12:56pm Paulie listening in on Michelle and Victor’s in the safari room.. (can’t hear what they are saying)

After he leaves we get to find out the conversation is mostly chit chat about Diary room session frequency.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 12-56-03-550
Michelle – the tables are turned I vote to evict Paulie
Victor says he doesn’t want to be the type of player that’s never shown on the show.
Michelle brings up Jenn City being almost completely left out of the show adds there was time when the houseguests forgot she was there.

They chat about their nomination speeches for Nicole and Corey.

Michelle – Corey it’s obvious you are throwing competitions Nicole coached you
Meech – Nicole you like to play sneakily and dumb you’re a liar and you’re strategic
Victor – mad about the whole rumour Nicole was spreading about him
Victor thinks that Corey and Nicole were trying to make him look bad.

Victor – we had a conversation at the pool table and a flirty conversation but I never asked her out on a date
Meech – ya
Vic – she was saying i’m not your type of girl
Meech – she said that you said she was his type of girl
Vic – I said no necessarily not my type of girl I like all types .. I can’t remember all parts of the conversation.. It was flirty in nature but I never asked her out on a date.
Meech – she said she told you I’m not going to date for a year .
Victor – I might have said something like ohh maybe we’ll go out on a date in a year
Meech – we’ll she turned around and told everyone you asked her out on a date

Victor brings up that Nicole and Corey thought he was trying to be malicious by spending time with them in truth he was just trying to be nice

Victor – “You have a better chance at winning a comp than I have at losing a comp .. ”
Victor – “There’s a better chance I’ll lose a comp than you winning one.. Statistically Speaking”

Michelle says Corey got pissed when Victor said he had a wet dream about Nicole and her BFF Mariah
Victor says he was just joking around, “fool makes jokes they get pissed”

Michelle – What was the most difficult comp this season
Victor – Hide and go veto
Michelle agrees says dizzy dog was hard
Victor agrees

feeds have been off on fish when they come back Michelle is saying this bast week she thinks she’s getting the villain edit.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 13-09-52-133
1:11pm PAulie making pies

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 13-22-56-759
1:22pm James and Corey
James is saying that PAulie is campaigning for votes and he’s going to try and get Nicole to throw him a sympathy vote to stack them.
Corey – you voting for him
James- no Texas honour man
Jame s- at least talk to Natalie
Corey – oh really.. So I do need to do a bit of campaigning

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 13-35-08-721
1:34pm Have nots Nicole and Corey
Corey says James told him he’s voting to keep Corey. Corey says James is telling him to talk to Natalie.
Corey – Michelle, Paul and Natalie can still vote me out.
Nicole says Natalie will do whatever he tells her to do
Corey – that’s why I thought it was weird him telling me to talk to her
Corey – he said Paulie is coming to you for a sympathy vote

Nicole – I have no sympathy at this point.. he saying he’ll walk away from Jury.. everyone else here would stick it out
Nic – Michelle said you’re good too.. You’re fine.. honestly you’re fine
Nicole says she’s just laying in bed to avoid Michelle and Victor she doesn’t want to talk to them. (Great social game)
Nicole goes on about James controlling Natalie and only telling Corey to talk to her because he wants to make it look like he doesn’t, She adds that Derrick did the same thing about Victoria.

Nicole whimpers that she doesn’t like anyone in Jury and doesn’t want to spend time with them. Says last season she was on all her friends were in Jury.
Nicole – when I got out I talked to Jordannnnnnnn she felt the same wayyyyyyy .. I didn’t understand thaaaaaatt
Nicole – Victor, Michelle and Paul they have a good group they are strong

Nicole says something about Victor not using the Veto on Corey as a strategic blunder points out that James will not look good taking the $5000 over the veto. (she is in for a big surprise)

Nicole counts the votes says he has her, Jame and Natalie but he should still talk to Natalie and Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 13-52-44-323

1:53pm Paulie and Michelle bathroom
Paulie says he’s been thinking about what she said and “I think I am going to campaign for myself.. if I’m going anyways why not”
Michele – good

2:31pm Everyone sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 15-41-01-476

3:34pm James and Natalie

Natalie says her neck feels a lot better. James says it’s from his magic hands (See image)
James- you’ll be feeling a lot better by tomorrow..
Natalie says she had a dream that Corey won the next car package

James – I told Corey.. he’s goign to be coming to you..
James adds he told Corey that Paulie is campaigning for votes he’s trying to get Natalie and PAul’s vote and ask Nicole for a sympathy vote.
James – he was like i need to talk to her I was like you need to talk to her.. he went right to the have not room and started talking to Nicole.. I knew he was talking to her
James says he knew Nicole and Corey were talking about the conversation because production called Corey out for obstructing his microphone.
Natalie wonders if it’s going to get back to Paulie.
Jame s- I don’t care he’s going home… SEEYA

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 15-38-32-377
3:38pm Corey and Paulie (Feeds keep cutting in and out)
Paulie may have told Corey and Nicole that the other side of the house is trying o talk him into Campaigning.
Paulie – Anytime they ask me to campaign for myself..
Paulei – lucky number 10
Corey – or number 2
Paulie – I think 10 will be case
Talking about having 2 or 3 beers tonight to sleep.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 15-41-57-468

3:42pm Paul, Natalie and James

James and Paul want Natalie to start messing with Corey and Nicole. “Say I feel bad for Paulie.. plus Paulie’s cutting some sweet deals”
Natalie says Paulie has been bringing up his Aunt dying of Cancer she went through that last year. (Feeds cut to the Tokyo room)
when we’re back..
Paul start impersonating Nicole “Hey guys… uhhhh… .”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-17 16-28-27-533

4:30pm Friendship…

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

[polldaddy poll=9496376]

Usernames will have to be a bit more PG please. At the least censor them with @*(#^%_

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paul memory wall

memory walls rigged for paul to win look where steve and derek they were both same postition!

Huckleberry Hillary

Do you think we will see Paulies tears on tonights show?


We saw his tears but they still didn’t show him threatening to leave if he had to bake that pie.


Wow what happened to Zingbot? He was really weak tonight.


Yes, they portrayed him as a sore loser, but not as the complete douchebag we know him to be.


I don’t think Victor needs co-hoh. Say Corey wins hoh and Meech wins co-hoh and Corey puts up Vic while Meech puts up Nicole. It’s very unlikely that Nicorey will beat Victor at the veto and Nicole will most likely go home. And this hypothetical is a worst case scenario, there’s a good chance Nicorey won’t win hoh. Victor will most likely be safe if Meech gets co-hoh anyway, so I say give Meech a boost. Meech for co-hoh!


The point of Vic getting ACP is that he can’t win HOH. If people split votes between meech and Paul and one of then win HOH then it goes to 2nd place person which could be Corey with Nicole supporters likely voting him. So there’s a chance Corey and Nicole could be the 2 HOHs next week….and no one wants to see that.


First of all, you said that Corey would only get it if the first place vote-getter won HoH, so there’s no scenario in which Corey and Nicole will both be HoH. I know Vic can’t win next week, but I’m saying with Meech he’ll be safe anyway. Don’t split votes, everyone cast all your votes for Meech!


Ok. Say meech gets ACP and Corey wins HOH. Corey puts Victor Meech puts Nicole. Corey or Nicole win POV Nicole goes down…Vic goes home. So he’s not safe next week.


That’s the exact hypothetical I gave, and my point was that it would be unlikely! I think you missed some of what I said…


Vic can’t compete in HOH but he can get co HOH if he is given it.


and if Corey wins the veto he saves Nicole and who goes up?

Tiny Trump Hands

Then Jamesy goes up

Big Sister

Please vote Vic for ACP. Giving it to Corey will NOT make things more interesting. He is as thick as a plank and dull as dishwater!

Oh Canada

Dawg, do you know what the special episode is on Friday night? If it the Marley concert that means that Pauline will still be in that episode so I would have to assume he has the return tkt?! Thoughts?


I know that now that you’ve said it it’s official, but I’m still holding out hope for a jury comp because EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! And I’m still sore from Da’vonne’s eviction… Besides, that kind of seems like a boring episode. Why would they schedule a whole episode on a different day for something not particularly game changing? Unless the prizes they won are game changing… I don’t know what to think!

Tiny Trump Hands

Could have scheduled the Friday episode earlier when production knew Paulie had the RT. A couple weeks ago Paulie was sitting pretty and everybody thought he was Derrick 2.0 cruising to F2, so no chance the RT would be used. Friday was likely going to be a Battle Back with the 4 jury members. Now that Paulie has RT, there’s no Battle Back, but there is still a hole in CBS’s Friday schedule. Ziggy Marley lives in Beverly Hills and kicks off a 2 month tour – starting tomorrow. He gets a free plug for his tour, and BB gets a “special event.” I’ll probably be watching the feeds Friday night, going to be way more interesting – Paulie back in the house and Vic with CoHOH.

sunny dee

they’ve already had it, filmed it, and broken down the set. there isn’t going to be anything added to a Friday show when thursday night is eviction night. they could air the show without him in it, but they wouldn’t edit a show set to air the next day waiting to see what happened on Thursday.

if paulie has return ticket it isn’t going to look out of place for him to be in it, if he does not, then it will. and they will show him baking pies and corey in the patriotard. they’ve had one extra episode already, my guess is there is a spot open on the CBS schedule, and so they opted into 2 extra shows. the battle back was completely separate from the other episodes, and i assume so will the carnival. they’ve done a good job of not talking about it tho. i expect it will be promoted on tonight’s episode, and friday.

nicole so funny, says she has no sympathy for paulie saying he doesn’t want to go to the jury house, he’ll walk away then 15 seconds later she’s “whimpers that she doesn’t like anyone in Jury and doesn’t want to spend time with them. “


Ratings maybe? Is that the night of the closing ceremony of the Olympics? It doesn’t matter who goes home Corey or Paulie they will both be in the episode.

Oh canada

I was under the impression that the carnival has already happened on Monday night and Jesse also returned for the show and prizes where already won.


And they’re airing it on tv this Friday, so that’s what people are discussing. 🙂

Good Lord...let's hope not

Oh Canada, I hope that’s not what happens.


So today Corey thinks about campaigning. I hope next week is Corey or Nicole as planned.

Michelle the Single white female

I think Michelle wants to be Nicole. Last night she said she wants to dye her hair blonde because she will look like Nicole. I remember Paul saying Michelle had a creepy obsession with Nicole. She knew what clothes Nicole was wearing on bb16? It’s like that movie single white female. I think she’s really creepy and probably mentally unstable. She’s the reason Nicole became jealous of Natilie. She called Prince Charming a few times and asks him to massage her back a lot. A few weeks back Michelle was playing with Corey’s hair and called him cute and later that day she told Nicole that Natilie and Corey were flirting like crazy. Michelle is jealous of Nicole and is painting Nicole to be a bad person. Natilie hasn’t been flirting with Corey lately. Michelle is the type of friend you don’t trust around your boyfriend.

Cabbage Patch

Michelle is a blonde. She died her hair dark shortly before the show and has regretted it. She has a lot of issues but that isn’t one of them.

sunny dee

she’s a super fan, she does the feeds, the tweeting to BB former HGs, and talks about that just yesterday a bit more with Vic, because he is also a fan, but not that far. on BBCAN, Zach was on the show, and it turned out he’d been doing twitter arguments with Peter Brown up until he got casted, so these things do happen. I imagine seeing her social media helped get her past the casting process as well.

She talked about how she died her hair dark on one AD episode, If i remember correctly, she is actually a blonde, but the show got her to keep the died dark hair rather than switch it back to natural.

I'm not so sure

Just my opinion – but I don’t think that Michelle is a natural blonde. If she was she would have some serious outgrowth of blonde hair coming in. She would also have lighter colored eye brows and lashes – and even without makeup, that’s not what I’ve seen?
That being said it’s very possible that she’s always colored her hair blonde and that she prefers it and misses it.

Rayvyn Riley

Why on Earth would she be jealous of a girl who has does have proper hygiene,
however, makes sure she pulls her hair up into a rats nest on a consistent basis?
– every 5 mins, she just rearranges and redoes and re-rats-nest’s it into the same “Hair Don’t”
I’ll never understand how this floater has any fans …

Michelle is evil

She said she gets jealous easily. What kind of person makes up a pretend boyfriend to make another guy jealous or TPs their own house because everyone else does. Her behavior is manic depressant and crazy. Her parents must of spoiled the shit out of her for her to be so dysfunctional. It’s weird to photoshop your face on people’s faces. She’s like the weirdos on catfish. Michelle had a weird obsession with Bridget and Frank. She had a crush Frank and Frank turned his back on her. So she got even by being a bitch to Bridget . Her family trashes her online there must be a reason why. She’s really is an insecure evil girl without any real emotions. Everytime she cries it’s fake and all for attention. Michelle is very manipulative and will stab you in the back in the bb house or on the outside. I don’t see why people like her when she’s really a mean girl. The things that come out of her mouth are mostly disgusting She doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with a care package. Victor should be the only one since ,he wins comps.


I agree


although I might agree with you on Michelle being creepy and maybe needing some psychiatric help. Nicole painted herself out to be a bad person. She is the snake that Michelle called her out for. She had more final 2 deals then anyone in the house. She turned on the people she claimed to be her friend. Look just today she says she doesn’t want to be in the jury house with any of THOSE people. Wasn’t she and Z close? She knows her ass is going to get called out that’s why she doesn’t want to go.


Mr. Pectaculer is there too. I’ll pass.


At Friday’s summer bash that is. I could live the rest of my life without ever seeing mr pectaculer. Just saying. Him and Paulie should hook up.


While Paulie cries and complains no one good player got screwed over harder in two seasons than jesse


Couldn’t of happened to a better person unless it was Frank. Two of the biggest aholes in BB history.

Reality Check

Does Nicole talk to anybody besides Corey and the odd time with James?

How dumb would Nicole look when she does not win Big Brother 18 or win Corey? Nicole would say “but I am tryyyyyyyyyyinnnnngggg.”

Such a waste of a houseguest. She does nothing for the show and yet she still have fans. What gives?


She is the most unsociable person. First she only talks to Corey but if you listen to it( barely can stand it) they sound like like they are 12 yrs old. They both sound so uneducated. She calls Corey a real man. She doesn’t know what that is obviously! I wish she would be kicked out with her goat boy!


She was kind of a cute personality last time and played. This time, yuck. The stuff she does with Cory under the covers is sick. It is obvious by his facial expressions what they are both doing to each other. Cory likes, but doesn’t “really like her” likes she likes him. Her reputation is destroyed and online for ever. Search her name on You Tube and they pop up. Poor sillllllllly girrrrrrrlllllllll.


FYI, your “poll” vote on this site for the Co-HOH care package does not count. You have to vote at CBS

Rayvyn Riley


Only Simon knows for sure

Correct. The poll here is simply a way to gauge who we are casting our votes for at CBS. Earlier today, Simon did a reset. The results of that reset are on the post prior to this one where Meech and Victory were virtually tied for first at 29% each, followed by Corey in third with 19% and then Paul with 17%.
It looks like the poll on this latest post is the earlier one with results from Friday through around 8 this morning, prior to the reset.


seriously??? “Paulie says he’s been thinking about what she said and “I think I am going to campaign for myself.. if I’m going anyways why not” As opposed to what he has been doing all week?? Liar liar pants on fire!!! of course he needs to put some on first! So much for saving his “boy”


Paulie has return ticket, wins HOH. Soooooooo I can’t decide whether to give my 20 votes to Michelle or Vic today. Hmmm.




Could Vic be any more petty? He’s really into holding grudges for people he thinks “make him look bad” … First Natalie now Nicole and Corey. Where do they find these people?!! Please tell me this is not the majority of What’s out there for that generation! And another wise observation from James and nat last night (very sarcastically speaking!) ” that there’s no way Vic and Paul are working together. :/ that’d be crazy, they’re straight shooters… ” just go back and cuddle some more in the bumper cars or bed like y’all have done all season. This whole group is embarrassing.


I think you might have misread that thing the James said. He said there is no way that Victor and Paul are working with Nicole and Corey.

Why Corey?

Can someone explain to me why Corey is suddenly 2nd in the polls for America’s Care Package? Also, what happens if the person who receives it is already HOH? Or is the HOH played after and they are not allowed to compete?


Corey is 4th. Package is dropped after HOH.


Where do you see the poll tally? When I vote I get a message but no vote tally.

Acp for cory

Vote Cory
We need the drama!!
Let’s make it hard on them


Absolutely not! He would just sit there and someone else would make the decision. Voting for him is an absolute waste

Big Sister

I keep saying that the poll here is NOT the one that counts!! Go to cbs.com—-And vote for Victor. Only way to deal with Paulie if he has the return ticket.


We know. The poll is just a reflection of this site’s preference. It makes it easier to coordinate if we want.


I don’t know why everyone thinks that Paulina will be coming back in to the house when he is voted out. I seriously don’t believe he has TRT, especially after they changed the table in the House ( to a smaller one ) and after his Proper Edit ( his break down ) this last Week. – I also don’t believe they have any Buy Back. They already had Vic come back in to the House this Season!
Paulie’s ass is going to Jury, where he can have a Panic attack for 5 hours with all the women he evicted! – Then he can sit in the sun by himself while the other 3 ignore him for the rest of the 5 Weeks !!!!
I for one hope he gets tongue whipped in his goodbye messages when he leaves the House in front of the Live audience !!! – Oh and Booed.


what in the world does changing the table have to do with it? there are 8 people in the house with that table. if he has the return ticket there will be 8 people in the house with the same table.

sunny dee

one of them mentioned the table, that it was supposed to be smaller at 8, and since it wasn’t, that meant there was a jury back. yup, a jury back after having a battle back, and given that there are only 3 plus the recently evicted, all of whom had return trip tickets chances to get back in the game. so we are going to see, according to the paranoid nicole who is probably still going on about the table theory, paulie given two chances to get back in, the return trip ticket chance, open it up, nope, go to the jury back comp, and get another chance or two, get the return trip ticket, and then there is a jury back with 3 people, and one of them also goes in, and now we need 2 double evicts before the end of the season?

no, i don’t think so.


the table is at 8. there will never be more than 8 in the house again until the next season buy back or not. and 4 people will compete for the buy back IF there is one. Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Paulie but still someone was evicted and if there is a buy back there will probably be another one out there competing with them b/c they aren’t going to do it this week and it will probably be an endurance HOH competition.


Michelle is a snake and Paul says trash about EVERYONE since day 1. Hate both of them. Victor has no idea of what he is doing, Paul just tells him everything. Paulie is freaking nuts. Corey is Victoria Rafaeli 2.0. Natalie is playing too much the victim. I honestly only like James and Nicole.


Whyyyyyyyyyy would uuuuuuuu liiiiiiiiiiike Nicoooooooooooooooole?


Because she never made it personal as other people had (Meech, Paul…)

Tweedledee and tweedledumb

Yeah I agree I don’t like anyone in this cast besides James, Corey, and Nicole. They arent trying hurt people on a personal level. Although I don’t agree with Corey’s political views, burning a goat and laughing at Natilie Fts. I think he is really calm compared to the rest of the bunch. I like Victor because he he reminds me of Caleb a little insane but has a good heart. I wish he wasn’t so close to Paul because Paul is manipulating him. Paul and Michelle are basically the same person both like attention except Paul is really loud. They both have become really cutthroat lately with talking crap about people that has nothing to do with the game. I hate when the cast gets smaller and everyone says personal stuff about someone they don’t like or about there appearances. I would like Natilie better if she wasn’t using I’m a flirt thing and hurting people emotionally like splitting the other showmance. If she was smart she would go after Victor who’s a bigger threat that tweedleDee and tweedledum. Natilie is becoming a mean girl hanging out with Michelle and Paul. All they do is talk shit and it’s rubbing off on both Victor and Natilie.

Misty Beethoven

Nicole doesn’t want to go to jury because she doesn’t like anyone there? Guess what, sweetheart, they don’t like you either, but they will be so happy to see you!

Franks fumes

So Pauline continuing his ripping of his home state NJ by adding that what assholes North Jersey Jews are……. Now he can add the anti defamation league to the women of NJ condeming this asshat….So funny how unself aware a narcissist like him can be……I hope his ass is sent to jury buyback or not….cant stomach him another minute.

Fuzzy Num Num

At least he’s not a feminist.

Type thing

Has anyone noticed Michelle and Nicole now say “type thing” a lot?

Every season the houseguests start using the same lame lines.

Derrick started “100%” in season 16 and that is so over used now it’s close to “blood on my hands” in over use over the years.

Let’s hope “type thing” dies with Paulie’s death Thursday.


michell was bad at the beging but I think she change a lot her in bridget work thing out before she left
my America care packages going to michell I think Nicole will win hoh an michell America care packages
I got a filling

I love this game

CBS will make sure that the audience is filled with Paulie supporters, so he won’t be booed. If he did come out and got Boooooooed he would crumble on the stage and have to be taken away with a straight jacket. He is hanging by a thread mentally in my opinion


So glad I didn’t get the live feeds. More exciting watching my grass grow.


Did I hear that one of them has a special advantage from the carnival but they don’t know what it is yet?. What if someone gets to pick who they want to come back out of the jury. That would be a new twist.


I know it’s probably too late at this point, but it would be cool if Simon/Dawg posted a handful of the best comments each year, near the end of the season. There are always a few funny observations/one-liners peppered in the sea of nonsense/drivel.


There’s no way they can trim down all my gems to just a handful of comments…I can’t but then I can’t remember anything about most of mine except explaining how the comments are moderated.


Who are you guys voting for?

Thumbs Down

Thumbs down to NBC coverage of the Olympics by not making it live in the west coast

Thumbs down to CBS for having live coverage on preseason NFL football preempting Big Brother tomorrow night on some US cities.


wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby


Is there a link to east coast feed?


Since Paulie and Corey are sharing the bed, I wonder if we’ll get treated to the further sexcapades of Paulie.

Unfair to Frank

So Frank didn’t get to go to Jury, and he was the only pre-jury player to not be able to battle back. Seems a little unfair to Frank! Especially if someone comes back from Jury.


Frank’s an ass. I thought he was an ass on season 14 and I still think he’s an ass. Definitely not deserving of AFP.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

The look on Paulie’s face lately has the tell tale signs of Thorazine. That boy is medicated.

Unfair to Frank

So Frank didn’t get to go to Jury, he is the only pre-jury houseguest not to be able to battle back!
Seems a little unfair, especially if they have a Jury member re-enter the house. I would rather see Frank come back than Paulie. Especially since once Frank left Paulie’s ego doubled.


So tired of all the made-up “buy back” comments. There is no basis for believing anyone else will come back if Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket.

Unfair to Frank

Don’t you think it’s a little unfair that that Frank is the only Pre-Jury member who didn’t get to battle back? I know he had a chance at the round trip ticket, but if a Jury member comes back, it’s a little unfair. I would rather see Frank come back than Paulie.


I’ve been a fan of Frank’s since his first season. But he is not coming back. Get over it.


Bahahaha Hey Cody I hope you read these blogs your such a bitch Good for Vic only one to have the balls beside to put them up. I can’t watch him anymore I want to know what spots he played field hockey Tennis Maybe actually sorry girls field Hockey looks brutal to much for sissy ass Paulie. I didn’t care for Victor at first but now He’s the man Goooo Vic


Can we now say that Paul is playing like Evil Dick?


And Oscar for best dramatic performance goes to…. PAULIE!!!

Dude was CLEARLY crying for the cameras. I’m convinced he has the roundtrip now more than ever.


Love the nat hate hate, she deserves it, she a bad communicator and actually thinks she did something to get to this spot the only two in this house than think strategy is meech and paul

Oops - Dropped the Soap

Who saw Corey spooning Paulie when the zingbot entered the house tonight?! It would make great television if he would just come out and declare his love for Paulie before he got evicted!


Oh wow, I just had to rewind it to see and you are right. I still don’t understand why they are sleeping in a twin bed when everyone can have a bed to themselves – or at least sleep together in a full bed lol


I think the zings against Nicole and Paul were the best ones

Sick to my stomach

So…do you believe me now that Paulina has the RT?? The complete 180° on the feeds, and now a darn near perfect edit?! FML…truly frustrated with CBS!!


lol. darn near perfect edit?

Big Rach

So Nicole is complaining that she likes anyone in jury but just a couple weeks ago Z was her girl. I’m sure nobody likes her either. I honestly can’t stand Nicole , her whining voice and thinking she is this amazing player and Corey loves her. He could care less about her and she sucks as a competitor. She sits back and thinks she is amazing but when you keep your nose up Corey’s butt you can’t play a game. I wonder if Hayden sits back and thinks good Lord what was I thinking. I hope she is gone out the door next week

Skips Mom

Why didn’t CBS air at the veto meeting Corey or Paulies speech? Did they have to leave it out because on purpose? Vic said on the live feeds that he brought up his dying aunt in his plea, so I wonder?

CBS Pauliegate

Yes in tonight’s episode they completely left out Corey and Paulies speech asking Vic to use the veto on them. I know for a fact on the feeds Vic stated that Paulie brought up his dying aunt in his speech. I don’t know if in big brother history they ever left that part out. Plus they didn’t show any of Paulies fits not baking pie or going to diary room when instructed to do so. Hope he gets booed when he leaves and doesn’t get a voice track of an audience cheering but I wouldn’t put it past CBS now. Maybe Paulies bully dad called Allison Grodner

Save Paulie's Mom

Preface: Thumbs down me all you want.
I believe all things happen for a reason. This may be the disclosure Paulie’s mom has been praying for. Can you imagine living in a house with 3 (THREE) misogynistic men? If this is true I hope she is now free (as well as her daughter)……….if not WHAT THE H#LL were thinking allowing these three to get away with their misogynistic ways???????????

Kathie from Canada

My goodness, Paulie got a great edit tonight. Very little of the real nastiness. If I didnt know better, I thought he came across as a very sympathetic character. No defiant actions were aired. I had sort of expected CBS would reveal more of his childish behaviour and contorted lying about his circumstances. I guess he must still be the fair haired boy in their eyes. That was disappointing.


Did I miss something? I thought that Corey and Paulie were sleeping in the same small bed b/c of a punishment from the veto competition. You know usually they have someone chained to someone else for 24 hours or so. Why are these 2 grown ass men sleeping in the same twin bed when there is an empty bed in the room? This makes no sense. Or does it?


The past couple of nights Corey was complaining to Nicole that Paulie won’t leave his side. He got irritated that he’s sleeping in his bed. But didn’t say anything because he’s a pushover. Corey doesn’t like confrontation. He’s basically a little bitch. He said his friend borrowed $2500 from him over two years ago and still hasn’t paid him back. He says he has the worst luck. Corey said his ex girlfriend screwed him over too and kept taking her back. He can easily be taken advantage of.

About to upset people

Let this be a lesson people in their adult lives. Throw a tantrum, threaten the producers and act like a complete d bag and not only will CBS not show it, they will make you look sympathetic and let you back in the game.


He’s not coming back.


Let this be a lesson people in their adult lives. Throw a tantrum, threaten the producers and act like a complete d bag and not only will CBS not show it, they will make you look sympathetic and let you back in the game.


My Hmm…has 3 dots, like anyone cares=) I was confused for a second because I didn’t make the above comment.


Yes, Skips Mom, apparently he did plea regarding his aunt having cancer, plus he also needed to pay for his parents mortgage. The houseguests were shocked and annoyed that he used that tactic. Personally, I wouldn’t have been shocked at all. What he should have said was that Corey and Nicole haven’t gotten out of bed nor spoken to anyone pleading Coreys case so he doesn’t really deserve to be there. Nicole is the first one to get bent out of shape if the person on the block doesn’t come to her asking for her vote, but in Coreys case, tells him to lay beside her and not to worry about it. I think Ubley is missing their Village idiot this summer. Nicole is pathetic this year.


Times are hard all over. Some worse than for others. Disease,starvation,mass shootings,and in general man(or women) mistreating his brother( or sister); I can only hope God can take time away from these problems to answer Nicole and Corey’s prayers! Forget all the worlds problems Lord and get that care package to Corey in the Big Brother 18 house. Nicole and Cooorrrreeyyyy lets leave God out of this; he’s disappointed in all of us!

Sick to my stomach

And if the battle back rumor is true…I would love, LOVE to see Bridge beat Paulina…just to dig it in a little further!

Paulie's Dad

I’m willing to bet my big Calafiore schnoz that my son has the round trip. That’s not fair to rest of the houseguests, I just want my boy to come home. I need that neck!