Austin “There’s never been any affection the other way its been her using her looks to spellbind me.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 09-57-01-660
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9:40am HOH room – Vanessa and Austin are talking. Austin says Liz made me feel like a fool last night. For the first time it made me feel like an idiot for protecting her. I feel like I’ve made a mistake this whole time. Just because I saw something in her that pissed me off. Just her actual self and where her real loyalties lie. It just reminded me of girls in the past that I’ve liked a lot that f**ked me over and it was just like a flashback and I felt really stupid. She sat down and was like why did you leave me down there?! I was like what are you talking about?! She said I’m scared and then five seconds later she went to SEE YA! And she went down there to go get in bed with James. Okay if you were that scared why do you want to be down there? Do you just want attention from me right now?! I was thinking Oh my god its been a one way street this whole time with me just helping her and its never been anything the other way! Like there’s never been any affection the other way its just been her using her looks to spell bind me. Is how I feel. That’s how I feel. Vanessa says well I’m glad you communicated that because its definitely .. I don’t think its as bad as you think but I don’t think its as good as you’ve thought before either. That’s the way I view it. Austin says okay. Vanessa says I will tell you that my lens is less cloudy than yours. Vanessa says people really don’t want to be the Cody / Christine (BB16) situation. Austin asks what?! That’s why I didn’t watch by the way I couldn’t watch by the way. It was too hard. Vanessa says last season someone was married a guy was flirting with her. And they got boo’d when they left because of being unfaithful and they got a lot of bad press. So I would be really skeptical of anyone wanting to to be doing anything with someone that’s in a relationship. Austin says Oh HHmmm.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 10-07-42-243

Vanessa says she’s mentioned that oh he’s (Austin) in a relationship. So if anything that might be the vibe you’re picking up on. Austin says no yeah okay. Vanessa says I think she is a very loyal and honest person. She is not a scheming dishonest person. You are either on her sh*t list or she loves you. She is not a gamer and is following our lead. Not a lot of self control. Someone who likes to party. I think we need to be careful of how much we rely on that. Vanessa says I read people really well. I trusted you from the beginning and trusted Liz through you. As far as does she like you, does she not. You’re a great guy. You’re older, more mature. She is probably slightly intrigued but you being in a relationship is probably a deal breaker. Austin says I’m not trying to showmance her. What I told you yesterday, I told her that yesterday. There’s more to what I said coming into the house. I thought that would lighten her up. Austin says I know the real story, like that she (his girlfriend) isn’t going to be in my packages and like that. Austin asks will you approach her? Vanessa says its her right to protect her image or not. I guess we should give her the benefit of the conversation. And let her know that we’re putting our game on the line for her. Austin says I’ve 100% put my game on the line to sacrifice for her. I would stand in front of a train for her. It reminds me of when I was younger chasing the wrong girls. And its not even a romantic thing its more game wise. Vanessa asks why was she sleeping with James .. like literally our main target right now. Austin says I feel like we need to talk her because I am really offended right now. I don’t want to be f**Ked over.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 10-31-29-230

10:20am – 10:45am In the kitchen – Austin tells Liz that maybe she should talk to Vanessa. Liz heads up to the HOH room. Liz tells Vanessa we’er switching today. I haven’t even been here for 24 hours and we’re switching. They talk about the things they need to fix or keep aware of so others don’t notice the differences. Vanessa asks where did you sleep last night? Liz says in James’s bed. Vanessa asks did he say anything. Liz says no. Vanessa says there is no f**king way they would take Johnny Mac off. They’re telling you to tell me. They want me to think I have more votes than I think I have. Austin joins them. Austin says why did you go down there. Liz says what do you think he is going to do lift up my shirt. It wasn’t Jeff it was James. Austin says they’re interchangeable! Austin says my game is basically sacrificed keeping you here. Liz says I am staying down there to try and take the heat off you guys. And just so you know if they try to trick you and say that I told them.. don’t fall for it. Its not true. Austin says he was upset last night trying to process a lot. Liz says you don’t know how hard this is. Vanessa asks are you upset she slept with James last night? Austin says it made me feel dirty! The two big main targets we have right now. It made me mad. They talk about Liz switching beds to sleep with Steve. Liz says if anyone touched me in my sleep I would f**kin kill them. Austin asks would you though because you seem to let Jeff do whatever he wants to you. I’m just sick of watching them harass you. Austin tells Liz to be more like Jackie. She doesn’t really talk to people or give out information.

Big Brother calls Liz to the diary room (time to switch!). Liz says they will probably want her to play in the veto if I’m picked.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 10-46-10-668

10:50am – 11am Vanessa tells Austin that when he gets out he will have the pick of the litter. If you want her, someone else or your girlfriend. Austin says its not that I want to do something sexu@l with her its about finding out whether or not we both have the same connection. Vanessa says right now we have to concentrate on our alliances because right now we have close to 10 alliances. Lets not take away our edge by being distracted. Vanessa says she’s been switching out every 3 days .. you don’t know who your feels are drawn to. I think she isn’t looking for any kind of relationship. Austin says neither am I. Vanessa says I think Julia isn’t into you. I think Liz is intrigued by you. Just play it cool. Austin says I can’t believe you’re giving me love advice in the big brother house. Vanessa says I see you pushing forward and her pulling back. Vanessa says right now its great because we have all these alliances with sub-alliances. Lets go down in history with making amazing game moves. Once they’re (twins) are in here we can not be on such high alert.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 10-51-06-547

11:15am Audrey joins them. Austin and Vanessa tell her that she is good. I hope you get picked to play today. Audrey says a good reason why I would stay is that everyone is aware of that I have no one. Vanessa says worst case scenario we might get you to do a house meeting to say you’re sorry. I have nothing against Jeff but I do against James. He lied to me about Jace. Austin asks what could you say about Jeff. Vanessa says I literally have nothing. Audrey says that Clay is really on board with wanting to get out Jeff. No one knows where your head is at. Vanessa says well they should have figured it out from my noms. Vanessa confronts Audrey about Jason says she was the vote to save Day. Audrey says that is 100 million percent a lie. Vanessa says basically the rumor is that you were going to vote to evict Meg and then fame us into trying to flip the house. They decide to do a private meeting with Meg. Vanessa wants to do it so that it a reason she can use to justify wanting to keep Audrey because she believes her. (The Twins have switched) Julia joins them in the HOH room. Vanessa says the optimal thing to happen is that you win the veto. Austin and Vanessa talk about trying to throw it to her if they can. Austin says if your chip gets drawn to play. Everyone will freak out. Vanessa and Audrey decide to pull up Meg after the veto picks to confront her about the issue. Audrey leaves.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 11-08-08-052

11:30am – 11:45am Austin tells Julia that Liz has been pissing him off. Julia asks why? Austin says that she slept with James last night because there wasn’t any room. Vanessa points out how Julia has the same two moles on here forehead. Julia says no, Liz just drew that on. Vanessa and Austin fill Julia in on the alliances they’re in “Freaks & Geeks” / “Sixth Sense”. Austin fills Julia in on the nominations / battle of the block competition. Julia says I hate James …I would never get in a bed with them. Why would she do that! Austin says I trusted you guys and you betrayed me. Julia says no we didn’t. Austin says I felt like I walked in on someone cheating on me. Julia says I don’t think Liz knows the extent to how mean they were to me. I loath James! Austin tells Julia if she gets picked she should try and win it. Austin asks how you feel about Jackie. Julia says I hate her! She’s a bimbo she’s a topless dancer. Austin tells Julia about how they’re working with Audrey and trying to save her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 11-30-19-207

11:50am Vanessa comes out of the diary room and says hey everybody its time to pick players for the veto competition! Soon after Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 11-45-10-882

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Austin “more mature” my ass what a self absorbed child! Vanessa needs to stay above all the drama and stay focused.

Middle school guidance councilor

Poor Vanessa, she saddled herself with some very unstable folks. She’s the plate spinning act and has to keep spinning them to keep them going. She’s right about Liz not being a game thinker, and had to stoke Austin’s very fragile ego, gotta deal with Clay wanting to have his say for absolutely everything, and she’s gotta figure out how help Steve not add to his creeper vibe. It wouldn’t be bad if they hadn’t linked him to Audrey.

Vanessa must be getting some serious meds to help her deal with these people.


Poor Austin! Smitten with Liz, losing control of his game.


Austin is the new idiot Cowboy from last season!


OMG! This is rediculous. Austin is a creeper. What a strange way to act on this show……


the other nite on the feeds, jeff was talking to jackie and said “steve is a f-ing nerd and that hes trying so hard to be like him, wearing his hate backwards, not shaving etc.” He also talks to everyone and makes up stories….he really is the male audrey


Audrey doesn’t shave either?


Wow Jeff is a self absorbed little bit*h! Like he’s the only person to wear his hat backward. What an idiot. I hate him even more now. Big nosed tool.


Don’t forget to take your medication.


Becky was telling Clay this morning that she has no one in the house and that she talks to Jackie all the time but never about game. How is it possible to hang out with anyone and never talk game? Clay advised her to confide in Shelly. Shlay are in the best position in the house by far.


Yes, they were very lucky that somebody with balls won HOH this week. Everybody has forgotten about them for now, and if Jeff goes up next to James – Vanessa/Austin are going to be public enemy number one for the bulk of the house. Jason is really the only person they need to watch out for right now. Shelli and Becky both seem to be in a great position (better than Clay, I think… once the strong men start getting picked off- it’ll only be a matter of time before Clay is back on the radar).

Eric CA

Nothing like watching Big Brother feeds to make you eternally grateful you are not in High School anymore… ugh. That was so SoCal High school drama it was drama. poor Vanessa…. I feel for her.

Hopefully they manage to win the PoV, Take Johnny Mac off… best case scenario is Johnny Mac wins… then the can say… promised Clay and Shelli safety for keeping me safe, Promised Shelli I would not put her up for not putting me up, promised Jackie safety of I am HoH because she was the week one pawn…. Not to mention… somebody on your side said something that worried me about you guys… here is a hint it is not anybody I already mentioned and it is NOT Audrey Steve or Jason… I never listen to what they say anyway. Sorry Jeff… one of yours says your the male Audrey and you think I am Americas Player… James… they told me you are gunning for me also. This is just business gentleman.


Austin, Jeff and James are too busy competing for women that they’ll take each other out.


So i guess we won’t have another male dominated alliance this season unlike last year, so that’s a good thing i guess.

Butters Mom

Good Girl Vanessa! Im so glad she realizes they are using Liz to give her false information about playing in the veto. I just hope John realizes it as well and doesnt pick Jeff or Clay to play for him. He needs to pick Becky!


Austin is an idiot!!I I so know the type. If this were the real world these girls wouldn’t give him the time of day. There are some men you can not be friendly with they take it the wrong way. He is so the type. Poor Vanessa has to deal with this on top of game. Austin is gonna ruin it for her. Thought she handled that really well.

Eric CA

To be perfectly honest that is a totally kind of crazy that Austin is doing right now. Trust me I am a gay man and there are friends with women (1 was a lesbian) that I have had to break off because of that… and they knew I m gay. The weird part is that the way Austin is talking is so much like a woman in that position…. Caleb last year was the guy you are talking about.

Butters Mom

I can’t figure Austin out. Sometimes he comes across gay and now he’s desperately wanting any girl in there to want him. He seems really confused on all levels. Where does BB find these people? I think they need to put them through many psych tests just to ensure the safety of others in that house. Several of them come across crazy.


Laughing hard over here when you compared Austin to Caleb…exactly what I thought of too! Definitely got another Caleb to rein in for now then evict!


Poor Vanessa? The poker expert? You must be joking. This is child’s play for her!


Damn Liz has a nice ass, in the picture where she is cuddling Austin on the HOH bed. ^.^


I really wanted to like Austin, but he keeps letting me down. Vanessa’s alliance is falling apart, she will have to be very astute if she wants to come out of this week without being the number one target. Austin is behaving like a teenage girl with a crush and he was the very last person to know what’s going on with Liz. In general he has no idea what is happening in the house unless someone clues him in, and then he is shocked. If I were Vanessa I would be putting some distance and rethink the whole Jeff backdoor idea. As much as I can’t stand Shelli, she is the most rational of the 5 people that Vanessa has aligned with, and Clay will do what Shelli wants. They are the best hope Vanessa has right now, but long term she needs a better alliance. I am hoping that she can get something happening with Becky, Johnny and Steve. Liz/Julia is a mess. She doesn’t try very hard to cover the twin twist and then expects Vanessa, Austin and Shelli to cover for her. At this point she should just tell everyone because she knows that everyone knows. Not telling just makes her a bigger target. With Liz gone, maybe Austin will wake up and realize he is playing big brother. I don’t hold much hope for that, it seems he is content to make jury. If I were Vanessa, I would just make the house happy and put up Audrey, because she can’t rely on anyone in her alliance. The best thing for Vanessa would be Audrey winning POV and taking John down. Then she can put up Jeff without it looking too shady.


Chloe you are dead on! I am done with Austin. You have called them out nicely.


You guys all said when Jace was around he was the problem and now Liz is? Austin’s an idiot and he fooled us all with his pre-season interviews. If a woman had acted just like him, she would’ve been hated but Austin continues to get a pass.


Austin: don’t get the love. i find him extremely annoying and i don’t even have the feeds!

Audrey: hope she stays at least til mid season.

Jason: hope he stays for a couple more weeks.

James: hope he goes home thursday.

Jeff: i want him there a few more weeks.

Shelli/Clay: please let one of them go home after james.

Vanessa: probably has a bit of a crush on liz/julia. for a gamer she’s letting her hate for james get the best of her. what’s up w/that?

Steve: i want to like him but i don’t.

John: like him and the one i’m rooting for.

i think i got em all ๐Ÿ˜‰


Becky? Jackie? They are hard to notice. Ha Ha. If they start playing, we might be surprised.

Eric CA

I agree with most of what you said… but honestly the Vanessa has a crush on Liz thinkg.. nope, not true. Vanessa is pure business. No fraternizing allowed. Beside Vanessa is a grown ass woman… none of those girls are her type at all… none of those boys are her type at all. That girlfriend must be a strong woman, because she is not built for the weak. That is why I can not see her with any of them that way.


Oh Austin… What a disappointment you have become.. Get it together man!

This season is great though- reminds me a lot of season 11, especially with the Austin/Jeff saga (remember Jeff and Russell- they were allies, then enemies, then allies/friends… Then BOOM massive explosion between the two when the trust finally dwindled). Can’t wait to see what happens when Jeff goes on the block! Very happy with the group of people… I had almost given up on big brother, but this has been the best group of people since Season 11 (which in my opinion was the last ‘solid’ season… Season 12 was sort of the beginning of the end – in my opinion). Here’s to hoping the ‘big’ game moves continue! Great part of this season too is that while there seem to be two major alliances, both sides are fickle and there are a lot of great people in the middle who have the potential (and the backbone) to shake things up/create a new superpower. Very curious to see what happens with Jackie… She is definitely a lot stronger of a competitor than she is leading on.

Delta 231

i kind of feel sorry for Austin, because he does have feelings for Liz, but he needs to keep his head. Liz on the other hand is sending mixed feelings towards him. For crying out loud, tell him you love him as a big brother or something to get him on the right page.


Liz is being Liz. It’s not her fault these guys have it in their heads that she has to pick one of them. Austin and Vanessa should be happy she can get close to these guys, it benefits their game in the end.


Vanessa is delusional. It is so obvious Liz and Julia are playing them (Vanessa and Austin). If Liz does not need them to protect her right now so that her sister can enter the game, there is no way on earth Liz allows Austin and Vanessa talk to her like that in real life. As long as her sister enters the game, they will hang out with each other. No way on earth they both listen to Vanessa and Austin who they should sleep with? At that time it is too late for Vanessa and Austin to realize that they need to win 6 comps and votes and twists (in their favor) to get Liz and Julia out. If Austin still thinks Liz and Julia like him, he is even more delusional. It is creepy for Austin to target straight males in the house so that he is the only one with Liz. In BB history, every player tried to break the couple but Vanessa and Austin tries to unite the couple. I do not know what they are thinking. Maybe Vanessa thinks she can manipulate both Liz and Julia to turn against each other and take her to final 2? I think Liz and Julia will distance from Vanessa and Austin very soon.


This season is such a great season, but I have to say I’m really disgusted with the guys. I really have liked Austin throughout this season, but the conversation he has with vanessa makes me feel almost gross. It’s almost like he feels like he owns liz since he’s helped her out. He just seems really possessive and it just seems a bit creepy. Jeff and james are just disgusting. The guys can flirt with whomever they want, but the girls can’t do what they want as much. The other guys seen nice, it’s just those 3 that creep me out a bit.


Yep, I agree with you. Knew James and Jeff were creepy pigs but had better hopes for Austin, that is until he got his HOH. This Liz thing is plain crazy and his feeling of entitlement is so unbelievable. Vanessa has got to thinking WTF, she is sure to cut him loose as soon as she finds a firm footing elsewhere.


Austin wants the twins and Jackie all to himself. I am surprised he hasn’t tried to get rid of Clay to isolate Shelly.

Vanessa may be overplaying right now making too many deals, but the one REALLY good thing she has done is manage the crazy that is Austin. I really believe that if Austin were to win an HOH with a pushover, it could be a disaster for their group. power goes to his head, he is really big and a bit intimidating and his relationships with the women are not good. people in BB who have had success like Boogie or Dan Gheesling have managed to effectively make someone of the opposite sex trust them 100 percent. (Boogie BB7, Dan with a non love interest but it might as well have been one in Danielle) Austin cannot play either of their games, he can’t be the guy hooking up with women in the house and still manage to play them, and he cannot be Dan who convinces you he is your soul mate and BFF for life.

Austin needs to just stop.


anyone else starting to think Jackie is going to sneak her way into the final 3? I know she is last in just about everyone’s poll in how they are doing in the game, I actually would put her in the middle, maybe upper middle. I mean she is boring as can be, she really has no interesting bits on the TV show either…makes me miss the Allison and Danielle(all stars, bb3) types of old Big Brother who did anything and everything to get ahead. that said, Jackie’s strategy is one that has worked before. She toned it down from Amazing Race, pretty sure the plan is for her to be the quiet one and Jeff to do all the wheeling and dealing while appearing completely separate. as many Big Brother players have said, the bond you have with someone before you go into the house is always going to be stronger than the ones you make while in the house.


Jackie was horrible on AR. She did not look good. She is using BB to try to change fans opinion of her.

April in Paris

Austin has said he’s not here to win, but for other reasons, whether that’s true or not, why even let him make it to jury? Ugh, him Jeff and James have to go. J-Mac all the way!!


Say I’m in that crazy house, I’m the HOH for one minute would I sit around all summer and baby sit a girl that has told me to my face it’s me and my sister all the way and all you people that has stuck your neck out for me–well guess who will be getting the last laugh after all?? I don’t care how book smart you are how about playing with some damn common sense once in awhile, makes life a whole lot better. That little girl would be sitting on the block this week and I believe I would have enough votes to take her right out.

Honey's Undercutt

Ace Nessa has her flop with the king and queen of hearts (C & S) but I’m really interested in seeing that turn and river card, to me, they are not Austin & L/J -they’re wild cards-!
It’s so cool to watch her as the cards shuffle and she is playing good with the deuces and jacks -but the man with axe is the King of Diamonds, and that in my opinion, is Jason! The kid is smart and has a pretty good social game!

Is Audrey the queen of spades? Is Jackie the queen of diamonds? Women have a chance this season most of the guys are horny imbeciles!
I’d love to see how ‘Nessa is betting on her hands, the percentages with and without the twin, the weekly factors and how those percentages change! She is so interesting to watch! Aces are high and this season is wild!!


Thank you! She is better off using Jason, who is up in everyone’s biz to report back to V,he sure as hell has B B insight to provide,he is basically alone,& would ride with her to the end. I realize she needs other cards to continue playing her game but definitely agree Jason is better than loose cannon,skeveball,love sick,unreliable Austin!


That’s why she wants to get rid of James I think to scoop up Jason.


Your comment? Jokers wild.

Jeff is a the show He goes

……..Austin tells Julia that Liz has been pissing him off.

Now THAT is funny


I think I’m falling in love with Vanessa. Now how do I convert her back to dudes? ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I should act all butthurt and creepy and cry about her being around other guys. Chicks love that..right Austin?:)


Austin is a joke plain & simple. Go on Eharmony if ya want to date girls jerk off. It’s an honor to be chosen to play the game,& this clown wants to act like a HS girl & wah wah over Liz sleeping in James bed please! Get over yourself loser. Austin said himself he came on BB to gain twitter/social media followers. Grosses me out that skeveballs like him think he is all that. Liz nor Julia want you dude plus you got a girl sum bag! Can’t keep his paws off Jackie or Liz/Julia. Poor V has enough of a circus going on without Austin’s b.s. boo boo poor me Dawson’s Creek nonsense! Seriously want this loser gone. Pick another reliable member for your alliance because Austin is here on the show to score a girl-loser!


i thought they had a firm plan, then vanessa wins the HOH and suddenly it is all about James? what happened to the Jeff deal that was the agreement. If Jeff is still there, he will be targeting vanessa’s biggest allie, Austin. I don’t think they can afford to keep two Audrey’s in place, it is tough enough to juggle one of them.

James just lost BOB like it sounds a seriously lame attempt to the point people think he threw it. winning a single HOH does not mean his chances of winning any future HOHs is that much higher than anyone else. i hardly think he is a threat to vanessa, or that he would have any plan at all to put her up. far more likely he’d be looking at clay & shelli, either of those

another name

it’s not really shocking that Austin’s behaviour is that of a pubescent goof. Think back to week one and the conversations / attitudes he had with Jace (we’re the cool kids, they’re the geeks and losers). Or his week one and two feud with Jeff (you’re not the alpha male, i’m the alpha male dick measuring contest). Add to that his reaction when Vanessa suggested Jackie as a tertiary target (no, there’s a chance she’ll bang me, she can’t be a target).
His reactions to Liz / Julia not paying attention exclusively to him is in no way, shape or form out of character to anything else that he has presented thus far.
Realistically, he’s been attempting to branch out and form bonds with women in the house (cough cough Jackie…), as well as feigning kinship to men that are his targets. Immaturity is the only reason that Liz / Julia are not allowed to do the same. otherwise it would be a case of goose and gander imo.


Austin is that type of guy that all fathers should keep their teenage daughter far, far , far away from…. Creepy is as creepy does.


Wtf is Austins deal, its like he’s obsessed with Liz… Get over yourself dude. You’ve got a girlfriend and Liz is obviously not interested. Who cares whose bed she’s sleeping in, not like she’s actually sleeping with him. Although strategy wise its smart, gotta keep those enemies closer.