Julia – “Dude I need to put her (Liz) in her place… Jeff is the one that is so mean to me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 14-18-42-411_jpg

2:09pm HOH Austin and Julia
Julia was telling him that Liz is the wild one. Her last boyfriend was a skinny DJ guy. Julia’s boyfriends are personal trainer types.
Julia says she’s been in the house more than Liz.
Julia – what’s the deal with Audrey we working with her
Austin – yes
Julia – We can’t tell her i’m a twin
Austin – yes
Austin explains that sixth sense and freaks and geeks are separate alliance.
Austin warns her Liz was saying Becky is asking her tough questions to reveal the twin. Austin says Becky is aligned with JonnyMac, “James and Jeff no way”
Austin adds Becky doesn’t want to talk a lot of game with “Liz” because she’s an emotional player.
Julia – I haven’t been emotional
Austin says Liz is and she is such a flirt
Austin – whens she’s here she has the guys attention and she loves it
Austin – Laughing looking in their eyes twirling their hair
Julia – She’s such a flirt she’s so bad
Austin – She’s so bad

Austin – She was doing it a lot last night, it pisses me off
Julia- Dude I need to put her in her place .. look you need to stop talking to these people..
Austin – Stop talking.. Jackie doesn’t talk to anyone do the same thing
Julia – she doesn’t realize how bullied I was those last three days
Austin – Can you slap her for sleeping in James bed.
Julia – Yes YEs .. because you’re sister HATES JAMES.. I hates him
Julia hates James he’s her number one target called her “hey Arnold” told her she was would be his weekend girl, he’s sexist and a horrible person
Julia wants to slap LIz, she’s not going to talk to Jeff and James anymore and next time they do the switch Julia is going to tell Liz to stop.
Austin about Liz’ behaviors It felt like a hit to the stomach I feel betrayed right now it really sucks
Austin tells her she needs to talk to Liz and put the brakes on it
Austin – It’s hurting my feelings really.. i’m like… what really, you’re being this kinda girl right now
Austin doesn’t like how Jeff treats her
Julia – Jeff is the one that is so mean to me
Julia is going to put her foot down with Liz tell her she needs to stay away from Jeff She the older sister LIz listens to her.
Julia – His voice annoys me his dad bod annoys me
Austin – it’s so easy to convince Jeff’s your buddies.. just chug a beer with him tell a crude joke and he’s like TOGA
Austin says Jeff is using Jackie right now. He was trying to get her to have a showmance with Austin to pull Austin away from Liz. Austin brings up Jeff saying that Jackie was really wild on the race. (He told them he was ‘banging’ her)

Austin starts taking about his thesis about Medieval literature Romance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 14-41-38-482_jpg
2:39pm Bedroom Meg, james and Jeff
Jeff – Dude I want to get a boat
James – Dude they’re chick magnets they are
Jeff now saying he needs to get a truck he’s tired of driving around in sports car like a douche

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 14-43-09-489_jpg

2:41pm HOH Julia, Austin,JohnnyMac, VAnessa and Clay
Vanessa says they are going to do something soon she has a feeling. Austin can still hear them constructing. Austin thinks it will be night club themed and it will be tonight.
Austin wonders if it’s a dance off who can dance the longest
They all start laughing
Austin – I’m coming up with ideas.. that was a bad one.. we’re each allowed one

Austin says this is his first Veto
JohnnyMac says he’s played in every competition
Clay says Meg is upset saying that Vanessa is defending Audrey more than her.
Vanessa doesn’t understand why Meg is worried she’s safe
Clay thinks it’s just Audrey running around talking starting stuff.

Shelli comes up tells Vanessa Meg jis really pissed about VAnessa.
Vanessa will confront that 100% she has the right to investigate when things are said about her.
Shelli – do some damage control
Vanesa – I tried
VAnessa says she couldn’t have been more kind and human to Meg. She was just trying to get to the bottom of what was said about me.
She wanted to find out if Audrey started the rumor that Vanessa was trying to flip the house.
VAnessa – I couldn’t have been any more kind.. I really wanted to know what was said
Clay – I know I know You’re right

Clay doesn’t think Meg is mad they are just getting paranoid incase Audrey wins POV.
JohnnyMac – That’s what I’m worried about is Audrey winning.

[envira-gallery id=”120605″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 15-10-02-627_jpg
3:08pm Austin, Julia and Steve
Talking about their studies. Austin’s undergrad degree was in History.
Steve can respect people who are into History but it’s not for him. Steve says taking a history class would be a unpleasant experience.
Steve’s education all the questions required math and physics to solve.
Jackie comes in.
Austin asks her if she’s going to cheer for him. Hints that he might win a margarita party and have to invite someone.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 15-17-01-082_jpg
3:12pm Vanessa, Shelli, CLay
JohnnyMac leaves the room. They all are relieved now they can talk game.
Shelli says Jeff is trying to rally the house and come up here and demand they put up Audrey
Vanessa hopes he does that it will make her decision easy she’ll put him up

Clay – “Audrey’s secretly against everybody”
He explains Audrey was agreeing with james about breaking up the power couples. (Speculation based on what she hasn’t told him and what he’s been told by a third party.. murky)
Shelli says it’s become apparent Jeff wants her out. He’s trying to plant seeds in people.
Clay – He’s told Austin he wants her out so he can work with me
Vanessa says the odds are 20% for Audrey to win the POV. Vanessa says it’s not fun to not have a duo. She worried after making this move people will see her on her own and target her.

Shelli asks if Audrey wins the POV will it be used.
VAnessa says no, Vanessa doesn’t want the POV it be used she wants James to go this week.
Her reasoning is it will create fewer enemies.
Shelli leaves.

Clay says once the Veto isn’t used and Audrey stays it’s cut and dry. the other side is going to band together.
Clay warns her Jeff has the ability ti pull Jackie, Becky, Johnnymac. James can’t do that. Argues Jeff keeps that group together.
Clay – JohnnyMAc I love him .. he so close on Jeff.
Austin joins them.. says he’s nervous

3:51pm Feeds are cut for POV competition

4:58pm No Feeds never

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Even though Steve and Johnny seem like geeky and not as “hot” as the other guys, I would take them over any of the others any day of week. They are kind to girls, don’t treat them as property, respect them, and don’t get really upset because a girl is talking to another guy. Austin wtf dude? You felt betrayed? You have a girlfriend you chump.


Trust me, I am not defending Austin in any way BUT I think when he says that, he is referring to everything they are doing to try to help Liz/Julia with succeeding in the twin twist, but then Liz is hanging with the “other side”.


They really aren’t doing much worth mentioning right now, other than telling her what to do. And they do it, because they think it will benefit them later in the game. Austin acts like he’s sacrificing his first born and that Liz should suck him off. He should really calm it down and remind himself that he’s a grown ass man. Right now he acts like a prepubescent boy.


I totally get that. But he also mentioned that he “had to know whether Liz had a crush on him” and he was trying to figure out how to talk about it. I think he has more on his mind than just protecting the votes.

Walt Kowalski

I don’t think he is referring to game at all. He may be trying to rationalize his behavior as game, but nah! Not in my opinion. He is coming across as a spurned high school boy who is lashing out cuz the girl he likes isn’t giving hm the attention he so desires. This garbage is quickly turning me. I was all for a Vanessa/Austin team from the beginning. Rethinking that choice. May just cheer on Vanessa!!


Totally agree. Vanessa may need to cut her losses soon. Although she’s gonna have blood on her hands and will need some allies for awhile at least. Austin needs to stop blasting Julia with Liz-talk–It makes me cringe. Reminiscent of Caleb for sure. However the worst for me was when Austin asked Jackie if she would cheer for him at the veto comp. dude, bro just stop. Lol


Here is the thing…Liz needs to play it cool to avoid making it obvious that she is not working with Van & the others. Seriously Austin disgusts me! Play the damn game you were fortunate to have been chosen to be in & stop trying to land Liz…never gonna happen! Austin is creepy & he is the one rubbing on Liz & trying to claim her. Don’t be fooled by his nonsense that he protected her & now gets to dictate who she talks or sleeps with. Liz/Julia would be smart b to associate with both sides to get info. Austin needs to go. Dude is making a joke of himself!


I am not adverse to a geeky guy-there is a difference between geeky and akwardly unaware, like Steve and creepy, like Johnny. Steve is adorable but I’ll bet that would get old real quick without some confidence. Johnny talks about not keeping girlfriends cuz they’re all golddiggers. He will never be happy. And that voice. Sorry JM fans, don’t get it at all, but hey, sing your own song.
I’m okay with HOH plan for the week but keeping Audrey is a dangerous game.


Lol yes cause i’d rather be with a guy that only thinks im a s$x object or wipes sp$rm on my back. Wow.


It is interesting to watch someone with such insecurity as Austin. He seems like a nice person but really insecure especially about women. He must have had his heart broken.

Jeff and James are so disrespectful to women it is disgusting. It amazes me that they think by acting this way it appeals to the women in the house. As for the claim the Jackie is wild, he is probably over exaggerating.


Vanessa is way overthinking this. If she doesn’t put up Audrey then she will have so many guns aimed at her it won’t be funny, if she wanted to take a swipe at Meg/Jeff/Jason/James then she should have let Austin be HOH.

At this rate the F3 be Jackie, JohnnyMac and Becky because everyone else killed each other.


I prefer that johnny mac or james to win pov to ruin vanessa plans of less blood. She should just put audrey up and create less waves because if she does not she will have meg, jason, jeff, jackie, maybe becky/johnny mac come after her. In bb16 derrick create less waves by putting up devin that what the house wants. But will see after the pov. I cannot wait to see more drama. Put honestly if audrey makes it jury she should be all star worthy because she was target from week 1 and she still in the house with the lies. Why is austin so dumb to have loyalty to steve knowing he could beat him in the mental comps and those are the most important at the final 5 onwards. I feel steve is the male version of nicole where they get to jury they will get him out at that point.


So Nessa and friends tanking to throw it to Audrey. She is a spineless turd. Johnnie getting thrown under the Fing bus by this gutless coward. Austin better run to James and Jeff and get Nessa out before Audrey. Hope she burned a bunch of bridges. Maybe I get lucky Johnnie wins and TrashNessa has to nom a new HG. ….. Put Jeff up with no HOH after hope you go before Audrey Nessa. All she had to do if not Audrey was keep her word to Johnnie but not this douchebag.


lmao I hope vanessa wins veto and doesn’t use it so johnnymac realizes hes a moron for throwing the botbs. Everyone loves johnnymac and at first I did to because hes funny but I have no respect for him volunteering to go up and throwing comps if he goes home this week it will be poetic justice for davonne

Tim D

I thought I heard at one point that Austin said he was only saying he had a girlfriend so the women in the house wouldn’t feel they needed to keep their distance from him.

Of course, he might now want to deny having a girlfriend so he doesn’t have to keep HIS distance from THEM!

Regardless, it’s kind of pathetic the way he’s acting toward Liz/Julia.


I can’t deal with Austin. How sensitive can someone that big be? Him and Liz are not a couple, theyre not together, they’re housemates. How he can legit say to her I felt betrayed and like she was cheating on him.. Wtf hahah. I love how Austin hates that Liz is talking to Jeff but yet is so adamant about thinking he can pull Jeff in. Austin wants everyone aligned with him and have no allegiance to anyone else, had big hopes for this guy but he is majorly flopping

Vanessa is legit the glue of this group. I can’t even imagine dealing with then all…
1) you have overcompensating Austin, the most insecure person I’ve ever seen.
2) Clay- Mr. Needs to have his opinions heard and validated every 5 seconds and constantly feels the need to voice his opinions and make that stupid face like the other person is an idiot if they don’t agree with everything he says
3)Liz- just too outgoing and is gonna screw herself over if she doesn’t town it down
4) Julia the twin that doesn’t even want to be here and hates everyone
5) Shelli.. I actually think she’s the most calm, level headed one of their group besides Vanessa.

I want Johnny Mac to win POV, Vanessa to convince Jeff she’s putting up Audrey, and then see the shock of Jeff’s face when he goes up on the block. I f*cking hate Jeff, horrible game play and his constant remarks and that whole thing with Liz in the bed , still the most f*cked up thing.

Audrey is a sociopath this chick needs medication. Hilarious to watch though

Johnnymac stopping being such a Lil bitch and volunteering to keep going up. Make a move do anything jeezes.

Steve weirds me out. Jackie/Becky are easily forgetful.

Jasons comments have definitely lessened since Da’s left and I wanna root for him but I can’t.

And then there’s Meg, no real opinion about her. But I feel like her HOH would be epic she wouldn’t be scared to do shit

I think final 2 will be Vanessa (who I honestly think has the best shot at winning this) and Becky.


“Mr. Needs to have is opinions heard and validated every 5 seconds and constantly feels the need to voice his opinions”….Uh hello Clay Kettle, I’m Thomas Pot… Have you read my novel today?




Did anyone see the confrontation between Audrey and Meg about 2 hours ago?


I hope Jonny mac wins veto then it will be Jeff and James on the block
Who will go


Clay said “Jeff wants to take Shelli out so that he can work with me”. So what is not benefit for Clay’s game? Both Shelli and Jeff wants to take Clay to final 2, why does Clay want to take Jeff out? Clay is dumb. In this game it is hard to find a person who is loyal to you. Is Clay playing the game for Shelli, Austin and Vanessa or for himself. I do not see Clay will have any relationship with Shelli after the game. Clay is even dumber to think his alliance is loyal to him. Clay’s alliance will get rid of him after they get out James, Jeff, Jason and Meg. Nobody wants to go with powerful couple to the end.

Freakie Gran dee sucks

“No feeds, never”, too funny!

Eric CA

It is taking forever… could it be endurance so James wins???? They are showing Jeff stuff on the feeds… They must love Jeff and James… ugh.


Vanessa is digging her own grave. She acts like she is in charge cause she think she has the numbers but wait till next week when clay and shelli turn against her


They got BBAD too it could be midnight EST before their back. lol


Vanessa’s game is going down hill. She exposed her alliance too early. Everyone knows if the other side wins HOH, Vanessa will be on the block (there is only four people the other side can put on the block: Austin, Liz, Audrey and Vanessa). Vanessa will have a taste of the block if her side does not win HOH next week. At this moment, the house is divided into 2 groups: Jason, Meg, James or Jeff, Jackie, John, Becky (John and Becky will find out Vanessa and Austin lied to them about their target this week and John and Becky will lose trust in them) versus Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz and Vanessa. Steve is playing both sides right now. If either side does not win HOH, their side will be on the block. I guess Vanessa does not see that is coming. Vanessa’s mistake is focusing too much this week to gather troops and divide the house. From this point on, Vanessa’s side has to win every week, otherwise her side will not able to get to the end. Instead she should use this HOH to raise up her relationship with the house, she goes on to expose immediately her alliance, lieing to the outsiders, breaking their trust in her.

Dr seuss

What happened regarding the confrontation between Meg and Audrey?? Hope meg put the freak in his/her place. Problem with some of u is that u hate normal. How many of u guys want to date a Da or Audrey? Then there’s Austin who is I’m sure is what all the women out there are looking for in a man. . But this isn’t the dating game it’s some version of what use to be big brother.

GeekSquad McGee

What’s the story with Jeff wiping his semen on some girl? That actually happened?