VETO Players Picked! MICHAEL is playing in the VETO!

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

PICKED Veto Players:

Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael

Veto Host:


1:53pm – 2:10pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the veto player pick. Alyssa – I think I am the only person… maybe Brittany too who hasn’t hosted anything. Terrance is the Host of the veto. They talk about how its freezing the the house today. Kyle – I’ve played in my fair share so yeah.. (Kyle isn’t playing in the veto). Alyssa – I’m excited to play in it.

2:22pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Alyssa – odds are I probably won’t win but if I do we can talk. Brittany – Tuner told me that under no circumstance am I going home this week. I don’t know what his plan is. I think its Monte or Michael. Alyssa – probably, that would make more sense. Brittany – I wonder what it (veto) could be? I wonder if its going to be, I just don’t know. Alyssa – I know and they’re trying to keep them up so it has to be soon. Zing-bot is going to come busting through the door any minute. Brittany – and you would think they would want the more day light the better.

2:35pm HOH room – Kyle and Monte.
Kyle – how are you feeling? Monte – I just want to knuckle up. I want to at least prove that I can beat Michael once. Kyle – Bro, yeah! He hasn’t lost a veto really. Monte – and that one to Brittany .. he didn’t lose that. I just want to knuckle up and give it the best go. Turner is in it too so there might be a chance that he. Kyle – Taylor, Turner Brittany, Alyssa ..everyone if they win its the best case scenario. Monte – because they’re going to take themselves down if its Taylor or Brittany. Turner or me win.. I think the whole house is recognizing it. (Michael is the target)

2:40pm Living room – Taylor and Terrance.
Taylor – do you think I should be scared? Terrance – I don’t think you should be scared but I think you should try to win. I think its important. A lot of things could shift if you do. Taylor – do you want them to shift? Terrance – they should shift. That is all I am going to tell you. In my opinion. Even though I don’t really have a big one here. They should shift. And if you win a lot of things would probably change in this house. Taylor – Okay well that is always the case.

HOH room – Michael, Monte and Kyle are chatting about random things like past seasons of big Brother. The house guests are waiting around for the veto to start.

3:40pm Bedroom – Terrance is talking to the cameras about his wife.

4:04pm HOH room – Turner and Kyle.
Kyle – BRO what if Michael clutches this veto! Turner – I will be just… my jaw will hit the floor. Granted we have someone that we can take out anyway.. that will just be what are the odds bro. Kyle – That will be some sh*t.

4:30pm Michael is laser focused

4:45pm Havenot room – Kyle and Alyssa.
Alyssa – if its Monte and Taylor on the block .. you really think we should vote out Monte? Kyle – not necessarily. I am open to whatever. Alyssa – I just have a really bad gut feeling that we would be his (Monte’s) next option. Kyle – for sure. I think I was kind of getting that feeling too.

4:55pm – 5:45pm Bedroom – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – Turner was like maybe we can all talk before or after the veto when the four of us were up in the HOH room. Like they’re not even trying. It will just be that much more satisfying when I win the veto… and those two go up. If I stay and I win HOH.. I am literally celebrating and acting a fool and being like Kyle and Turner pack your bags. Like you have nothing to say to me .. save your breath. Rest up for the veto. Brittany – yes, same exact. Michael – he came up to me and said that we were good this week. He was the one that said to me its Terrance and Alyssa without me saying anything. Like you (Turner) opened up all these conversations .. like you didn’t have to. You brought all that which is unnecessary. Brittany – he just didn’t have to do it like that. Michael – I think its me or Monte for sure. He didn’t have to do it that way. Michael – and I get if there is a backdoor plan you don’t want to reveal it but you can still treat us like people. Like talk to us and hang out. Brittany – things can change. Michael – he is just not going to use his HOH to take out Terrance or Alyssa. Brittany – no. Brittany tells Michael about how Taylor was just crying about Joseph because she thinks she really liked him and she is confused if he really said all that stuff. Michael – I don’t know if he did or didn’t. I am sure he said some stuff to try and save himself. Brittany leaves. Michael lays in silence. Brittany later returns. Brittany – I just want to know what the rules are. (Hide the Veto) Michael – I am assuming it has to be somewhere you can get it out from. Like behind the fridge. Or some rule about how high it can be. What were you thinking? Brittany – I would love to put it in the upper slotted cabinets in the kitchen. Or underneath rocks in the cactus thing. Or in the box on top of the dresser in the hallway. I don’t know if this is possible or not. I have my sticky bra tape .. I want to stick it behind the squares in the bed room. Michael – that’s a good one. I would like it to be the one with the giant dice. Brittany – oh that is a good one. There are so many good ones.

6:10pm Bedroom – Brittany and Michael.
Brittany – Kyle.. Michael – Yeah he dropped us real quick! Brittany – yeah. Michael – as soon as he didn’t feel like he needed us.. Brittany – I guess so! Michael – its all about how you make people feel. Brittany – right!? Michael – they will realize they made a mistake. Brittany – yeah. Michael – its called Karma. Brittany – I know the girls distrusted me and they weren’t going to have my back but I also feel like I did a lot of dirty work for people. Brittany – who would you want to go first.. Turner or Kyle? Michael – Kyle, he’s better at competitions. Brittany – Turners won 2 HOH’s. Michael – he’s won two vetos and name one competition he hasn’t been good at. Brittany – yeah. Michael – like he is always right there. Brittany – plus getting rid of Kyle hurts Turner and Alyssa.

6:47pm – 7:04pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Brittany – I think I maybe am the worst woman in America. Alyssa – no. Brittany – yeah. Alyssa – no freaking way. And whatever happens with this veto we need to get together and talk about how to move forward because something is going to happen this week and someone is going to go home.. and we have to move forward. You will be here no matter what. Brittany – that’s what Turner tells me. Alyssa – that’s what he tells me too. I don’t know who to trust anymore but why say it if its not your intent. Brittany – I know but he also said I was really good before going on the block too so.. I don’t know what is going to happen.. but I know Michael needs to win the veto. Alyssa – he can win the veto. Brittany – If there is one thing that man can do. Brittany – there is one other thing that Michael and we’re really struggling with who we tell because it crosses the line that impacts outside this house. Big Brother switches the feeds..

7:30pm Feeds switch to kitten cams… The veto has now FINALLY started..

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Big mama

I love a season where the veto winner matters so much! So exciting to watch everything unfold …


Same YO. This season has been so good.


I totally agree!


I hope Turner wins, tells Michael, Brittany and Monte what really happened. Takes Brit
Off and puts up Kyle and those three vote him out.


I like Kyle, so i hope that doesn’t happen, but that would be an exciting blindside!


Yuk. What do you like about man child Kyle? Thirty year old grown adult ass man acts like an immature 13 year old boy.


10 seconds too…. That’s not good


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

L.L. Bean Dip

To be fair, everyone hated Brendon and Rachel at first. But everyone loves them now. But yeah I don’t get Kyle at all. Not only does he not look 29. He looks more like 19 or 20. But acts like you say 13. Anyone think he might have aspergers?


I still hate Brendan and Rachel. I’m pretty indifferent to Kyle. I don’t love him but I don’t hate him either. I don’t really like joe or Taylor though so I’m inclined to favor Kyle over either of them. Kyle’s game is messy and could arguably be better, but Taylor and Joe’s game was flat out bad and quite significantly worse than kyle’s


Who cares? Since when is it a crime to not act your age?

Meatloaf steak head

Someone really likes Kyle. Yikes!!!!!


That would be a crazy flip. Would make for great feeds! I’m hoping somehow Brittany gets taken out in the crossfire.. Time for her to go.


I agree, she’s an albatross around Micheal’s neck! As much as he’s stick his neck out for her she has not done the same…he’s the reason she’s still there. She can go meditate with the jurors and think about what she’s done!


When the 5 of them were in the yard, did you see Kyle on all four’s pretending to be a dog !! I can’t stand Kyle for a multitude of reasons, he’s immature and lives 5 minutes at a time. Puzzywhipped Galore.


He was actually trying to be a gorilla. He’s stupid and immature!


Thx, I stand corrected. Gorilla …I guess he was trying to entertain his girlfriend. He does know, does he not, that million are witnessing his foolishness (?).


Well that would be a Joseph and die on his sword at #5. What makes you think Turner is high enough with Michael Taylor Britney Monte that he survives that fight


Nothing, but it would be fun to watch and i don’t think Turner will survive anyway.


I doubt Turner would do that at all !!!! Seems he’s really after party and not LO!!!!


He’s really Pound, not Afterparty. He needed Monte to feel comfortable taking the shot at Michael.

Either way, he’s not very likely to put up Kyle.


Yeah, but Monte is telling the inside LO that something is not right with Turner. He said he thinks Kyle and Turner are both in love with Alyssa. He told them that today.


expect the unexpected!


As much as I like Turner, I’m shocked at how he blindly follows Kyle. It’s like Kyle spins his story and Turner flips…just like that. Shocking!


That would be awesome! I really, really do not like Kyle. I still can’t figure out why nobody told Alyssa that Kyle was NOT going to use the veto to save her. Daniel was going to whether Kyle wanted to or not.

Tom the Canuck

To Ugh!
Joseph did tell Alyssa in the backyard while Kyle was present. She dismissed that info. Kyle apologized to her later. Used the Love word to distract her, and she forgave him.


It’s disgusting really!


I guess I should have said besides Joseph. I was just spewing and forgot to add that. I can’t wait until she finds out the truth!


Joseph told her but Kyle worked that magical 10 seconds on her! I feel bad for her, he’s gonna mess her up in the head before it’s over.


Joe told Alyssa about it being Daniel’s choice to save her, but she did not believe it. Kyle doesn’t even lie well.


That would be great! I am not a fan of Kyle at all, I would love for him to be gone.

Meatloaf steak head

For some reason I think Turner has a bigger plan in mind, that he’s keeping close to his chest. Maybe he feels deep inside that Michael would win this veto, and be like, I did put them up like I said.
I could hope right?


And then will have another boring season. Do some of you people not like drama


I think turner is done with the leftovers completely Kyle betrayed the group so if he keeps Kyle off the block we know there no loyalty


I am with you. I know this game is about lies and deceit but Kyle lies a little too good for my taste. It’s to the point of gaslighting. He telling everyone that if they hear stuff he said, it’s all lies. I’d be very suspect about that. I really use to like Kyle but he’s not loyal to anyone. I Pray Micheal wins and blows him up.


Get over yourself dude, it’s a game. Fkc the leftovers!

Dwight Crawford

I agree Kyle is a SNAKE…


Dang it! Maybe he’ll let Brittany win again. He needs to GO!

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

You have otev and cornhole toss and spell the longest word, but if they have and endurance competition where you slip and slide going back and forth trying to fill a large container with only a small cup at a time, Michael will surely win the veto. It will be taylor made for Mikey, pace the fudge.

Daniel Sucks

I think Michael has a good chance of winning the spelling also.

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

Where’s kyle, isn’t he playing veto? I think that the veto player picks were gerry rigged.

Daniel Sucks

Not surprising that you may be a conspiracy theorist.


Lol!! Thank you!


Why do you think that? Why would Kyle be playing? He’s not on the block or HOH

I Spy

Just MAGA being MAGA.




Post-veto feeds will be VERY interesting. If Michael wins, then HOH Kyle (that’s not a typo, Kyle really is running this HOH as Turner has relinquished his brainpower to the 30-year-old TikTok mama’s boy) will have to determine a new target. If Michael doesn’t win, then he blows-up Kyle’s past transgressions in an attempt to save himself. Either way, it’s good feeds viewing.

I think that Turner will regret handing his HOH over to Kyle. Yes, a shot had to be taken against his own alliance at some point, but as TTOTambz clearly laid-out in an earlier post, Monte and Michael are astute game players and they have figured out exactly what is going on. Alas, Turner has now made himself Target #1 for next week when he otherwise could have sat back in his casual way and watched everyone else go at it. RIP Turner’s Game.


I agree, Turner needs to lay off the coffee and get off the Kyle bandwagon, maybe he’s crushing on Kyke…he is Bi! I wish Turners letter would have come from his girlfriend and not his Mom. That may be what’s messing with his head.


If someone doesn’t get Michael out ASAP, you might as well write him the check. You won’t get a much better opportunity to take the swing.


There were probably 5 Michael chips in the bag thanks to production.


That is what Trump would say


Right, it’s rigged! They dumped a bunch of Micheal chips overnight by the thousands!


Michael has by far played the best game and deserves to win this whole season so I really hope he wins this veto!! Kyle would probably be second even though it’s messy at least he’s actually playing Big Brother, thinking ahead and making moves and keeping himself safe. I would definitely prefer to see Turner win over Kyle though. Just my opinion – nothing personal – just game


He played a good game and dont mistake me im rooting for michael on the veto, but he painted a HUGEEEEE target on his back by all of his totally unnecessary wins. So the best game not really – because everyone will be gunning for him from now on if they want to have a chance ton win the prize. Michael has to keep winning
From now on or hes out.


I absolutely agree that Micheal has played his but off. If he didn’t win all the comps he would have gone home. He doesn’t have the luxury of laying low and not winning comps, everyone has targeted him. He’s saved himself, that’s the one thing he can say. No one was his shield.


Michael has really dropped in my personal rating. I had him in my top 3, but I think he got cocky and I really don’t like how petulant he is acting at being a target. He made himself a target. He is turning into Paul.


Cocky? Interesting take…

Turner admitted the other night he shouldn’t have promised everyone safety. Pretty sure anyone would be upset if they became the target by someone who you’ve been in alliance with and weren’t planning on targeting them and they just walked up and said don’t worry you’re safe this week.

Humanity, need more of it in the world.


Michael’s gameplay has been poor IMO. He thinks he’s so smart and he’s big headed. He was stirring up crap between the LOs for weeks. He gets what’s coming to him and I hope it’s this week. He mentioned possibly taking monte out last week, which he and Britt could have easily done. Poor game move not doing that. Hey I wanted jasmines fake butt gone too but she was an easy target for later. He should have known crap was going down outside. His social game is poor – it’s just him and britt. he is willing to play both sides, backstab, and pit alliance members against each other just like joe. he just didn’t often get the opportunity.


I really hope Michael wins veto!!!!!


No way! Poor social game, planting seeds of deceit between LOs trying to get them to turn on each other. If he makes it any further it’s ONLY because he wins all the comps.


This is why he should’ve just nommed Michael with only 2 people sitting odds were in his favor to be drawn or Taylor or brit to houseguest choice him


This is exactly why Michael and Brit should have been the noms. Then if he won he had to save himself. Now he can save Brit and depending who Turner replaces her with all 3 can be safe. I would hope he would put Monte up to make sure the AP controls the vote but I’m not sure that would happen. Most likely he puts up Terrance and Monte flips back to that side and they vote him out.


Turner is going to carefully consider who to put up as renom. Alyssa and Kyle are already suspicious that Monte is not with the AP. Monte is very transparent.

I think Turner is too smart to fall for Monte. He’ll find some reason Monte needs to be pawn.


Yeah Turner seems to really like Monte so I definitely think Terrance would be remom and then Britt Taylor and Michael would work Monte hard and could get him to flip.


If veto down to Brittney and Micheal she should let Micheal win and he take her down. Otherwise if she wins they will put Micheal up. I’m so hoping this will happen.


At this point, I don’t trust Brittney to help Micheal out. As much as he’s saved her and protected her, she did make a final 2 with Taylor and final 3 with Joseph and Taylor. Then Taylor and Monte. She would vote Micheal out at 3. She never revealed to Micheal that Taylor’s plan was to vote him out at 4. I’m done with Brittney and Taylor. Micheal needs to worry about Micheal at this point!


Anyone cheering for a bitter jury is at fault for boring seasons in which everyone is scared to make a big move. If you want people to turn on their allies and create more drama in future seasons, you should be hoping for Kyle to win


God no…He has to go!

I Spy

Not a good enough reason to root for tik tok clown boy.


The classic BB showmance has fallen out of favor as a tactic in the BB house. If Alyssa and/or Kyle can make it to the end it could mean a return of the Showmance. That’s a loss BUT ifKyle can pull a win out of this season that will be an interesting game to watch. Plus the sweet sweet tears.

The Beef

At this point, after the last week and a half here and all the vitriol over a man making moves trying to save himself from an alliance that didn’t have his back, I’d absolutely LOVE to see a Kyle win! I don’t give a damn about the showmance, as to me, it’s no different from the Michael-Brit, Monte-Joe, or Joe-Taylor duos, only weaker competition wise.

And don’t you know BB Twitter would go absolutely nutz! That alone would make his win the best win to me in a very long time. Granted, I just don’t see him getting the votes, but he’s got 4 weeks to work on that and turn things around.


I’m at a loss of the perception of a showmance kyle and Alyssa vs a 2some with floater Michael Brittney. They both vote as a pair both share Intel both conspire for their best outcome both lobby others separately to get results. Only 1 of them at end wins. Jury must pick one of the two to win other is first looser. Just Hard for me to distinguish the difference


The main difference is that showmances hide from the rest of the house and bang. Non-showmance duos interact with the rest of the house and talk game. The non-showmance duos are way more threatening

Muppet show

Kyle making it to the end an interesting game to watch? No thank you. I’d rather see the sweet sweet tears of kyle supporters when he gets evicted. Also please no return of the showmance it never really was a tactic.

I Spy

Nah…imma pass on that dog. Not a good enough reason to root for tic toc clown boy.


Exactly I really don’t understand why Kyle is getting so much hate he saved this season by blowing up the left overs instead of letting them run things until f7. I think Monte is in the best position to win the game so Alyssa wanting to vote him out if he goes up is kind of smart but would also really piss Turner off so idk if worth it. But Monte is protected by both sides with the shwomqnce and Turner as a shield on oneside and the trio as a shield on the other if hes throwing comps and finally starts winning at f6 he’s got this


The way Brittany & Michael are talking I think the veto competition will be taking awhile and will be the one where the inside of the house looks like a tornado hit it afterwards


Hide the veto? Hopefully with Michael knowing the game he’ll have a good spot 🙂


Is the comics superhero zip line one an HOH or veto? I can never remember which game is for which comp.


The answer is normally veto but I think it was used one year in as one of the final 3 competitions




I hope Michael win the veto and throw a wrench in their plan!

Paul Sucks

Interesting that Michael is really looking for hiding places. Wonder if he had a DR session after the veto selection.

Daniel Sucks

Days ago, he was studying the pictures and putting his hands over parts of them for the face morph too. He is a super fan and knows what games are usually played. I bet he’s been counting things and going through the days also. If I was in the house I would prepare for all of the normal contests. There’s not a lot to do in there.


JFC! The boy sure does whine and complain a lot


So Michael is acting like a little bitch. You would think being a super fan he would appreciate a good game move. I mean, he was making final 4s with Monte & Taylor and talking about getting Kyle & Turner out next. He is a total hypocrite and is acting just like I thought he would when things aren’t going his way.


People are human and feelings get hurt, game or no game. All of them are dreaming about that $750,000 and how it will change their life. They are all thinking constantly about game moves and plotting 3 moves ahead. Does not make it any easier getting voted out or make him a hypocrite.


Why would he not be pissed? He at least had the balls to flat out tell Jasmine she was going on the block. Regardless of what he has said about possibly striking first he never did it, he stayed loyal. He could have had Monte out had he wanted easily last week. He never screwed anyone over he had an alliance with. He is perfectly within his rights to not vote for someone that screwed him over….thats part of the game too. Turner made it a point to tell Brittany she wasn’t going up, he could have told her prior. Hope Michael wins veto just to see Kyle and Turner panic


When he told jasmine she was going on the bloxk, he lied and said Monte was the target. Don’t be twisting things…


Yes but he didn’t tell her she wouldn’t hit the block like Turner did to Brittany…not twisting anything, and he wasn’t ever in an alliance with Jasmine


Exactly – plus Taylor, Brittany & Michael sat her down to discuss why she was leaving. They also treated her like a human being last week including her in activities, having fun with her.

It had an impact b/c Jasmine said she got to know Taylor more in the last week than the entire season & found out how much they had in common (and she still loves Michael – says her one regret was not working more closely with him from the jump & he’s playing the best game).

In contrast – Turner told Britt she would never be a pawn for him again (OTB as a pawn), told Taylor she was safe & he’d DIE for Leftovers (OTB), told both Michael/Monte they are safe BUT they’re his 2 re-nom options.

He’s acting distant & different with all of them – leaves rooms Michael walks into, won’t look him in the eye.

Bottom line – Turner won an HOH he didn’t need to win bc he was safe in the middle. Then he promised everyone safety using emotional sentiments when telling them why & bc he’s Kyle’s puppet went back on all his promises (well he still has to put Monte OTB as a re-nom to break all four promises).

Love her or hate her – Britt was spot on when she said he could’ve put up one from each side, both Terr/Ally or put them up telling them he had a bigger plan but he didn’t need to tell them they were safe with flowers & all the extra only to blindside them. Think about it- if he knew all along (or once Kyle told him) that Britt/Taylor weren’t going anywhere then why bother with the facade? Now he’s pissed them off, increased the target on his back & likely lost their jury votes unless he sits beside Kyle or Ally.

I’ve had Turner in my top two most of the season & saw him as the dark horse to win but he dramatically hurt his game this week. He called Taylor’s HOH messy (it WAS) but his was worse. Don’t make promises you can’t keep (or don’t intend to), be straight forward – you’re going OTB initially but not my target, continue to act like you normally do with people, AND if you’re going to let someone run your HOH to fulfill their agenda then DON’T meet with anyone until you’ve gotten your marching orders from them to nail down your plans for the week!

His instincts told him to take a different path – his obsession (or whatever this is) with Kyle altered what he ultimately did. Although everyone knows Kyle is pulling the strings he was already going to be in hot water with the four Brochella Insiders so this HOH didn’t increase Kyle’s target or end game result but it sure as hell hurt Turner!

UNLESS – operation get Kyle OTB works now that Michael has won his FIFTH POV!


Michael basically got Jasmine out and when she was talking to Julie she said how much she loved him…that takes skill. He has her vote if he is in final 2 and he got her out. Point is there are ways to do things and ways not to if you want to get far AND secure jury votes.

The Beef

Gee imagine that! A backstabber complaining about getting backstabbed. Next thing you know he’ll be complaining about the lack of loyalty, when he was purposefully playing both sides 2 weeks ago trying to create chaos inside his own alliance to “get Joseph and Kyle going at each other”.

Great to see players with such a high level of integrity, who would never lie, attack or be dis-loyal towards any other member of their own alliance – EVER!

You can apply these statements to every single player left in the game – not just Michael – with the one probable exception being………..Alyssa. I don’t think she’s intentionally done anything really (other than some innocent lying) that could be considered backstabbing or dis-loyal mostly because she’s not really even been playing the game. Her biggest transgression is/was running her mouth to Kyle and revealing too much information because she let her feelings for him get in the way of her game. I don’t think she intentionally ratted anything out – she was more or less just lonely, and felt that by sharing with him she could get closer to him. Just my opinion.


Totally agree. The best example of the high degree of loyalty thing was made y Joseph . He died on his sward doing just that and is third jury member rather than trying to change it up as others do to get to the 750000. He is a lawyer in real life so kinda important to go out that way for him in real life.
Alysia was destroyed first 3 weeks first final 2 with amar’e voted out then latches on to looser indy and jasmean and eventually learns those two are the wrong fit and therefore has to just float. Now that she is part of a true fterparty she has light up and is playing pretty hard reaching out to all people. Keeps drawing lies out of Taylor and Brittney about the past votes. Se shrewdly is asking questions she knows the answers to to test the answers on her bs meter.


People believe what they want to about this HOH bc they are so bitter about Kyle.

Turner had been engaging Kyle in very detailed analysis on what to do this week. He had felt that both options for and against the LOs were going to be tricky to navigate.

After Turner felt he got through to Monte, he decided to go for Ally and Terr. That really was a poor plan.

The whole of Turner’s game at his HOH start was dependent on getting Monte on their side. Simply by speaking to him about that. and against Taylor Brit and Michael, Turner was opening up that can of worms. Of course he had no choice, otherwise one way or the other he was on the bottom of the LOs once Kyle was gone.

At that point it seems a waste of HOH to then potentially alienate even more HGs, Ally and Terrance.

The biggest glaring point that Kyle made which is being conveniently ignored by the Kyle haters, is that Terrance had already demonstrated he is willing to be off the hook unhinged. No way he was going to not stir up more trouble, to spill on what happened outside last week.

Terrance was quiet and waiting to see what the buzz was. Once he got a whiff there is no way he was staying quiet.

There was no foolproof plan for this week.


I hope Michael wins the veto, so it screws up the party float(ers) plans up! He’s the one dominant chance to with HOH & he’ll boot Kyle’s or Alyssa’s ass out of the house.


Gah….. Brittany STFU.
She’s starting to be like Jasmine now. Saying things that she can’t tell the full story . Then shut your mouth. She said something to Turner about his rug shack business and he’s like oh wow, how did you know? She’s all “ I can’t say”
Now she’s doing the same with Alyssa.
Attention seeker bc she can’t think of anything else to talk about and she’s grandiose saying she’s the worst woman in America. Narcissist?!?
Oh she was a belly dancer too.
Imagine that ?????

Sic 'Em Bears

I would like for Michael or Monte to win and not use the veto. Then vote Brittany out. If Monte were to recover from this After Party hangover, then the show would get even more interesting! You’d have Michael, Monte, and Taylor vs. Turner, Kyle, and Terrance (Alissa is a non factor). They could suit it up and go toe to toe!!!


I like this season (especially now that Jasmine is out because she was seriously annoying to watch).

One thing about myself that I don’t understand is why I like some showmances (Jeff and Jordan for example) but absolutely want to gag when having to watch others. Alyssa and Kyle make me want to roll my eyes and fast forward through everything that shows them. I dunno… Maybe it’s the way they act like they are brainless or something.


I think Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendan, Tyler and Angela, etc. were more likable because both members of the showmance were playing the game hard. Alyssa doesn’t seem that interested in the game.


I’m sort of anti-showmance mostly bc I don’t like watching the PDA lol, but I get what you’re saying in so much as I love great duo’s in the game.

Usually, the duos I like aren’t showmances such as Janelle & Kaysar, Haleena & Kevin in BBCan this season, Tiffany & Haddah last year, Will & Boogie, etc.

Typically I’m drawn to the duos who strategize but sometimes it’s just people having fun. While some didn’t like last season I found that cast entertaining whether it was Derrick X & Claire in the hammock or them dancing or playing games or just having talks about life. We got some of that this season when the Leftovers first formed & we’d see Michael, Joseph, Taylor, Turner & sometimes Kyle hanging out at the hammock or in the bathroom. They were joking & having fun which we’ve had far too little of this season.


“Brittany – I know but he also said I was really good before going on the block too so.. I don’t know what is going to happen.. but I know Michael needs to win the veto. Alyssa – he can win the veto. Brittany – If there is one thing that man can do. Brittany – there is one other thing that Michael and we’re really struggling with who we tell because it crosses the line that impacts outside this house. Big Brother switches the feeds. ”

WTH is Brittany talking about here? It sounds ominous…something else he does well but it crosses the line that impacts outside this house. Her and Michael are having an affair? The fact that he’s an attorney and wants to sue somebody??? What could possibly impact somehow outside the house?


Has to do with a comment Kyle made about 2 groups of 4 forming. Kyle approached Michael and Brittney with a final 4 deal with him and alysia. Suggesting the other group of four looked like a cookout 2.0. Michael threw that option out and said he did not want his final four to look like what Kyle was proposing.


So Michael chose not to pair up with 3 other people of the same race because of their skin color? Hmm…


Kyle suggested that Monte, Joe and Taylor might be in an alliance with Jasmine and Terrance because they hang out a lot or get along. To this, Michael said that’s not the game he wants to play this year, as in, a game clearly split white vs. non-white. Brittany agreed. I’m paraphrasing here so if someone remembers the exact conversation which aired in a prior episode, please share it.


I think it goes deeper than that. From the jump Kyle was negative about Taylor & there were numerous occasions (I honestly lost count there were so many) where Michael & Britt kept saying no Taylor’s good, she’s loyal & trustworthy we can work with her. Kyle would deflect back & as Joseph & Taylor got closer he started this rhetoric that Taylor, Joe & Monte were the ‘aggressive’ people in the LOs always pushing their opinions on the other four (white people) who he referred to as the ‘silent minority’. It was NOT the case. All of the LOs have opinions — sure Monte likes to get his way & Joe was vocal about his desires but they were always open to a group discussion & doing what was best for the alliance as a whole.


I hope kyle goes to jury with Alyssa