Monte – “From what they are saying. Hard for me to trust a word right now”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany
POV Players: Turner, Brittany, Taylor
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

10:15 am Lights are on
Kyle points out that everyone has pictures of the family next to their beds, Monte, Turner, and Michael.
Alyssa – we’ll get there
Kyle – Maybe

10:44 am Waiting for Veto picks. in the bathroom Michael, Brittany and Taylor are getting ready.
Taylor says Kyle was moaning in his sleep
Michael – I heard him moan before I thought you’re either having a really good dream or a really bad dream

11:00 am Taylor and Kyle
Taylor – you know how I asked you to play veto for me. Was that a real yes or an Indy yes?
Kyle – I swear it’s the real thing. 100% I will win it and use it on you (Kyle’s position in the ranking increases)
Taylor – thank you
Kyle explains how Taylor asked him they were in private when Indy asked him they were in a room of 6 people.
They laugh.

11:13 am Monte and Brittany
Monte says the speed of the flip this week concerns him.
Brittany – in my mind I’m thinking this doesn’t have to happen
Brittany – it wasn’t their fault to send Joe out it was circumstance
Monte – from what they are saying. Hard for me to trust a word right now. I’m hearing all this.. Ohh joe joe joe.. I’m looking at his face I’m like NAH I don’t think he did that. I don’t think he would initiate that to save his a$$.
Brittany – I don’t think he would
Monte – not at all. Even if he saves himself what is he coming back to?
Monte – here we are
Monte – any ideas on the comp?
Brittany – it scares me because I think OKAY what are the iconic ones that haven’t happened yet and they involve spinning.
Monte – could be the domino one. Get some prize money too.
Brittany – yeah you’re right.. I think Sarah Beth.. was she there for that one?
Brittany – I’ll take every punishment
Monte – that is why the have not room is still open a 24 hour punishment
Brittany – there’s the Bowlerina one they haven’t done that
Monte – I’m a pretty decent bowler so I feel all right
Britt – how about spinning
Monte – pretty horible

11:22 am Taylor and Alyssa
Taylor – if you get picked to play would you take me off the block
Alyssa – Yeah
Taylor – I really appreciate that. I know I acted on emotion last week but when I picked you to play last week and I told you I wouldn’t put you up that was still the truth. So all I can ask for is you show me the same good faith. I won’t act on that emotion again.

11:33 am Taylor and Alyssa
Taylor – at that point I wasn’t planning on putting you up. I truly wasn’t trying to get you up until after the veto and even after that veto I was not going to put you up because of the trip. It was only after Joe started telling me
Alyssa – I thought we had a good relationship with the festie bestie I felt in my hear that this was Genuine
Taylor – it was not about you I was looking at Monte. Noms were supposed to stay the same.
Taylor – I’m being told over and over that Alyssa is …
Alyssa – all from Joe?
Taylor – from joe
Alyssa- 100% from him?
Taylor – he was the one down here talking with you guys
Alyssa – that is so insane
Taylor – I feel like an idiot cause again. Kyle was frustrated with me when I said could you use the veto.
Alyssa – Did he know that would have been for me?
Taylor – I told him I didn’t want to make a move not knowing.. He didn’t use it
Alyssa – well that makes me feel better
Taylor says the way you felt about Kyle how being with him allows her to decompress she felt the same way about Joe. Even if it might not have been romantic.
Taylor – I’m stepping back I know that wasn’t the case
Alyssa – he cared about you… I just think he played every single person in this house
Taylor goes on about how she never intended to put Alyssa until “I was told over and over that you didn’t care about me in the game you were playing to my power”
Taylor says when you have someone (joe) you really trust telling you this it distorts her thinking.

Taylor – Monte looked me in the eyes and asked ‘was that about me’ I said YUP but noms were supposed to stay the same
Alyssa – so he was never actually your target
Taylor – mmmhmmm
Alyssa – wow that’s kinda fun
Taylor – you get a taste of power and you think you can finally
Alyssa – you knew Kyle wasn’t using it so the yelling thing was that real?
Taylor – no A lot of it was about me trying to find a place where I was comfortable in the house and I had to tell a lot of people.. I had to parrot back to people what they told me so I could feel like I can finally show face in the house. That’s where the fauxmance came from even though I had to … whether it actually was fact for me or not.. We liked the flirting he would always tell me like DX and Claire set the best example they both end up in Jury this only works if it’s … totally not untrue right?
Taylor – the whole point of the fauxmance was so I could feel comfortable in the house when we got closer publically people started treating me nicer
Alyssa – really?
Taylor – jasmine stopped saying the mean things she would say about me to him. Indy stopped saying mean things about me to other people in the house
Taylor – Nicole and Daniel stopped badmouthing me to him. The closer I got to him the kinder people were to me
Alyssa – I’m sorry that was the case that’s not fair at all. It really makes me sad

Taylor – last week I felt I had to parrot back to people what people were telling me but it was really a lot more emotion than I wanted it to be. I was told that Terrance and Indy Not only had it out for me but made personal attacks against me.
Alyssa – Terrance and Indy?
Taylor – yeah .. now I know I was wrong because of the person who told me they were making those attacks.

They go back to talking about JOe
Alyssa – he told Kyle I said I would vote him out because I’m a Big Brother savage.,. I would stab everyone in the back (OMG I wish.. go savage)

They joke around about past events in the house.
Alyssa – I love you and Adore you and that will never change
Taylor – I feel the same way about you.. truly.. I hope my action other than trying to get you on the block action can show that
Alyssa – Yes and we no longer have someone that will sell you false information
Taylor – enjoy jury house BYE
Alyssa – enjoy jasmine and Indy

11:52am waiting…
12:40pm Kitchen – Monte, Taylor, Terrance, Turner are playing Chinese Checkers.

12:45pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Brittany – I hope Steven is proud of me. Alyssa – yeah, 100% he is. Its hard in this experience and its weird .. and like you don’t have comfort people that you feel like you should. Its very stressful in here. Brittany – yeah it is. Alyssa – I’m sure he’s very proud of you. Brittany – I hope he is. I just forget that the whole word outside is still happening. This whole experience wouldn’t be worth it if he wasn’t here for me. I just need a letter or something to confirm. I just need a check in like I still got you.

Bathroom – Alyssa and Kyle.
Alyssa – she was just crying to be saying what if Steven hates me for being a liar. I am such a liar. I hate myself. She was like really going through it. I was like its okay, he doesn’t hate you. Kyle – she just lied on Stevens name. I think its a sympathy thing. Like it could be real but… I wonder if they will ever tell you that they told me. Do you think? Alyssa – Brittany was like has Kyle said anything and I said no. She was like I am so sorry. I can’t believe he hasn’t. I was like its okay. Kyle – what should I do.. should I ask her? Alyssa – yeah.

1:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Veto Player pick is likely happening now..

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Wow, Taylor selling out Joe once again telling Alyssa he was the one pushing for her to go on the block. Can’t blame this one on anyone but Taylor as she is the one spilling it all.


taylor is bad at the game. it was pretty obvious week one, but the pointing out she was bad turned to bullying which got her a lot of sympathy.

kyle would likely be psyched if she goes to jury as she probably poisons everyone into voting for him to spite her.


I still feel bad about Taylor. No one else in the house is dealing with the emotional toll of the game like her. People are just straight up mean towards her, whether it is behind her back or to her face. I cringe every time she confides in Terrance, because that dude is disgusting when he talks trash about her behind her back. I was happy to see Monte’s conversation with her last week, that was genuine. I don’t think Taylor is the best BB player or that she deserves to win, but I do feel that she should be treated like an actual human with human feelings. Trash talking her, shunning her, is unnecessary. You can send her out of the game, but you don’t have to be a**holes about it.


Who is shunning her? Geez, it’s a game and she’s being treated no different than anyone else.


What?!?! Do you not remember the first three weeks? She was treated badly, remember when the LOs first started and when the veto was used to take Taylor off the block and put Ameerah up, one of the reasons was for the way Taylor was being treated. Remember Taylor crying by herself numerous times. Examples of her being treated badly: Daniel yelling in her face about Nicole when Taylor had Nicole’s best interest in mind and was praying w/Monte for her, Indy saying she was going to throw soup in her face, Paloma, Jasmine, and Alyssa constantly making fun of her behind her back, Nicole, Terrance, and Daniel calling her a bitch on multiple occasions. Who else in the house was treated this way? Oh yeah, NO ONE!!!

I thought this all ended with the start of the LOs. Things are starting up again. Alyssa was going out of her way to make her feel bad about Joseph yesterday, it’s not necessary. Today when Taylor was telling her about how people finally started treating her nicer once her and Joe started their “fauxmance”, Alyssa told her she’s sorry she felt like that. Alyssa also asked her if she was told that Alyssa ever said bad things about her, because she never did, that was complete BS.

Like I said, she isn’t the best BB player and she doesn’t deserve to win, but she shouldn’t be treated this way. Like you said it’s just a game, and it is, so people shouldn’t be a**holes to her. Send her out and treat her with respect.


Yes, and Paloma started the WHOLE JEALOUSY RIDE against Taylor. That’s her conscious got to her and had to leave for a mental health issue. NICOLE, Ameeriah, indy, and Daniel & Jasmine were the worst of them. Terrance right behind with bullying as well. I.have never seen such racist & downright bullying?? I hope BB vets future housemates for next year.

Steven Miglio


Steven Miglio

It’s time for the pity party to end. Taylor is not good at this game. It’s not because she’s a woman and it’s not because she’s a black woman. She’s just a bad player


Really ????? You don’t think Taylor was treated differently WOW what rock were you under???

Christime Ahrens

All this bullying with these girls. Shame on them and alyssa too she be hone thus week or next

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

If Michael doesn’t win the veto he is gone. Next in line either Taylor of Brittany, both are useless as f**k. I would like to see Alyssa and Kyle at the end, except that butt hurt jealous jurors would vote for Alyssa out of revenge. Turner and Kyle for the final two and Kyle for AFP only because his mom will vote for him over 1,000 times using dozens of burner phones.

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

I notice that the last two spots on the BB ranking grid have been shared by butt wiper and butt wipee.


she would have to… one else will!


Kyle needs to lose

I Spy

Monte is now the x-factor. Turner’s flip to AP only happen if he has Monte (Turner knows his game in Terrance, Ally hands is suicide).

If Michael can somehow win veto, Monte’s positioned to make a huge power move that I believe positions him to beat anyone in F2 (except Michael…but he closes the gap).

If Terr or Ally goes up, he should reconstitute the LOs to take out T or A. That would leave T/A and Kyle against Monte, Mike, Britt, Taylor. I like those odds (and that F4).
But for Monte to see all this and piece it together would be advance level game play. Maybe if he chats to Michael he can figure this out.


Monte, needs to convince Turner that Kyle’s only loyalty is with Alyssa get him to backdoor Kyle. Then they team up with Michael to eliminate the rest who don’t stand a chance. Monte would be in the best spot in the house if he gets rid of Kyle.

My idea exactly, back door Kyle, biggest move of the game!!!?

The Afterparty

Turner the past two weeks was mostly the #1 favorite. On the daily he drops to #9, Kyle #15,Terence #11, Alyssa #12. All due to a new alliance forming targeting Taylor and Michael? The real twist of the season is if your not doing everything in your power to help Taylor win. You’re not playing a good game. The new stan culture not wanting a split house is baffling!

Muppet show

I have nothing against a split house but Turner turned into a puppet and muppet for Kyle who is a muppet himself so that is really muffed up in my book.


the fans want the houseguests to play for taylor the way daniel wanted the houseguests to play for daniel.

I in no way want them to play for Taylor, she’s a floater and a boo hooer

Big mama

So true! This generation would’ve had Dr Will hung up by his toenails.


Anybody else continually getting the HORRIFIC ad with the scary diseased eye on this feed??? I keep clicking on the ‘do not show anymore’ but it keeps popping up!


YESSSSS!!! OMG make it stop! lol


Yes, it’s gross!! I have to hide it every time I read comments ??


Me toooo! I scroll slowly in case it pops up , ughhhh it’s so bad!


I use AdBlocker Plus on Chrome, I have never seen an ad while in the comments here.


I use Safari. I wonder if there’s something similar. You’re missing out on a real gross ad ?

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

I had a nightmare that I was being chased by two giant caterpillars and just when they had me cornered I woke up and they were Jasmine’s eyebrows. So I sprayed them with hairspray and lit them on fire. What a splendorous sight.




Oh my gosh, now I’m hoping Alyssa wins POV takes Taylor down with a I love you girl sorry for the trip thing speech while continuously knowing Michael is going up so now Taylor must decide which one of her final 3 is going to jury.


my take on where the houseguests stand and their avenues to victory:

turner – definitely in the best spot. if he takes out michael this week the only final 2 he potentially doesn’t win is vs. monte, and if monte doesn’t put a big move on his resume still maybe loses to turner. and no one’s targeting him. kyle and monte both look likely to stay loyal to him while being bigger shields. turner just has to be sure to win comps at like final 4 and final 5 to stay in the game but he has a lot of paths to the final and can win many of them.

monte – flipping to turner and kyle is mostly a pretty big positive for him. it allows him to stay “loyal” to the pound in joe’s eyes and he still hasn’t taken a direct shot at the leftovers. most players like him and if he can make good on winning comps to be the threat everyone thinks he is, he could go to the end. his social game doesn’t cause drama either so people are more likely to keep him over say kyle.

michael – needs to win veto to stay and needs his side of the house to win the next hoh. everyone knows he wins if he gets to final 2, and they’re not wrong about this. he’s proven himself strong enough in comps that if he can get to final 6 and guaranteed to play in every veto for the rest of the season, he could definitely win.

alyssa – the jury composition likely helps her a lot with who’d be left. indy, jasmine, monte, turner, and kyle all like her, so if they’re on the jury she wins. she also likely beats out kyle in a final 2 due to bitter jury.

kyle – at least he’s not a total waste of space like the houseguests i haven’t listed yet. his drama is likely to create a bitter jury. but it all comes down to how the jury gets formed. i don’t really think jasmine or indy really have much respect for joe’s game so they’re not going to be swayed by joe throwing kyle under the bus and i don’t particularly think whoever goes this week sways them either. the circumstances of the fifth juror’s eviction is what it will all come down to, and if that juror doesn’t blame kyle, kyle’s likely in the clear.

brittany – all she’s done is ride michael’s coattails all season. no one has any respect for her game, but they don’t think she’s clueless or hate her.

terrance – clueless.

taylor – hated. probably gonna take some flak saying taylor loses to everyone, but her hoh showed no loyalty and she’s done nothing to mend relationships (you can say they need to apologize to her all you want, but she needs to show some semblence of being forgiving to invite that which she doesn’t). in a final 2 vs. terrance, maybe terrance shoots himself in the foot so hard that she wins, but i just don’t see indy, alyssa, jasmine, or kyle ever voting for her and at least one of monte or turner likely vote for whoever she’s sitting next to.


Only 3 Veto players??


No, the players hadn’t picked yet when this post was out but those three are guaranteed to play. HOH and the two nominees.
VETO Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
HOST: Terrance


dang kyle, bro doesn’t get to play or host.


Nope, he’s been benched!

The Afterparty

Dawg we’re you a fan of Jeff? The profile picture is solid!

The Beef

BWAAAAHahahahahahahahaha! I want to hear Dawg say that!


HAha yeah its actually a full back tattoo JeJo for Life!


LOL thanks! Jejo were good times on the feeds for sure!

The Afterparty

I miss that season everyday amazing time it was awesome seeing Jordan win! JEJO one of my favs too! That image of Jeff smoking on that couch brings back so many memories.


Yeah good times! I miss the old seasons!

The Afterparty

The best ever. The show wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them.


Brittany’s voice drives me CRAZY! I HATE IT!