Vanessa “I’m not a dumba$$. I’m a loyal f**king person but at the end of the day I’m not a doormat!”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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1am In the living room – Liz, Julia, Austin, Shelli, Meg, Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac are playing charades for tv shows. Breaking Bad, My Cat From Hell, To Catch a Predator, Malcolm in the Middle, Days of Our Lives, etc.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 02-10-29-362
1:25am Bedroom – Steve goes to talk to Shelli and Clay. Steve says can I talk to you for a second. Just a thought so I can explain where I am to try and give you what you need. First week of big brother 12, Brenchel went up on the block. They were both close to a girl names Annie. What happened was one of them got house guest choice for the veto and picked Annie. Brendon won the veto and saved himself. People were too worried that they were too close with Annie and that she would vote to keep them. So Annie became the replacement nominee and she was the one evicted. That’s why I am nervous about the house guest choice, because she was evicted for exactly that reason. For you guys not only does one of you have to come off, you have to get the right replacement nom. I think a strategy that might be worth considering is there anyone you might be able to convince James to put up or someone that you might be able to throw shade on. If you pick that person for House Guest Choice, that could be the beginning.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Steve says if there is anyone that is riding in the middle (Becky) you could throw some shade on that very easily. Shelli says we were thinking the person we pick is someone that will help us and that people already know we’re with. Steve leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 02-12-07-293

1:30am Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that Steve was talking about Becky. She says that Becky would probably throw it so its actually a good idea. Shelli says it gives up more of a chance to win it. Vanessa says its a great idea, it plants the seed that you need. Shelli says she came down and told us everything. Vanessa says well if it’s between her or you guys. Clay says I would rather take my chances than throw her under the bus. Clay says I would rather pick someone playing for us to win to give us a better shot at winning. Becky throwing it doesn’t help us. Shelli says there’s more people fighting for us to win, is less chance for James to win it. Shelli asks Vanessa if she threw that fight on purpose at the nomination ceremony. Vanessa says only if I could get in your head and make you say that statement! Which means clearly no! NO I was f**king pissed. Shelli says that people are trying to pin us against each other and its making me mad. Vanessa says picky Becky casts doubt. You’re never going to get what you want without his co-operation. Shelli says there’s been a divide and I just don’t feel good about this group. I don’t think ya’ll have our back at all! I don’t feel like they would vote for us, I feel like they will get swayed. I feel like there is no loyalty being shown back after what we did last week for them. I feel it, just like last night when I felt I shouldn’t have made that deal with James. Vanessa says I can’t help you them! I’ve f**king done enough!! You know what I’m f**king done here! I can’t f**king do it any more!!! DON’T talk to me right now!!! Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 02-22-03-401

1:40am – 2am Shelli is talking to Vanessa. Shelli says Clay and I sided with Austin last week so now what are they doing. They’re hanging out with Austin and the twins when they never spoke to them before. They’re talking to Steve when they’ve been so mean to Steve. They’re doing things they’ve never done before because they’re trying to get numbers and I’m worried its going to work. They avoiding us completely. We jumped on board last week to save our alliance and now people aren’t even looking at us. We flipped on this entire plan to save Austin and would they do the same for us, I don’t think so. Vanessa says I am just trying to help and I am being accused of god knows what. If anything I have reasons to be mad. Not to mention you mad a deal for you two without mention of me. No one has your back as much as me and that’s a fact! Vanessa says if it was one of you on the block I would vote for you to stay. Vanessa says I have to tread carefully because he could put me up as the replacement. Becky is riding the middle and getting way scot-free. Why not sell out Becky who is betraying him (James). Shelli says betraying him to help us.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 02-43-43-085

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2:20am HOH room – Becky and Jackie are talking. Becky says this is the first week we can really feel safe about not going up. Jackie says the thing is if she (Shelli) wins veto and stays I feel like she is going to put up me and James. Becky says I think the best thing is for James to keep building relationships with Austin and the twins. Jackie says yeah he is doing that. Becky says at least its pre-jury. At least James won’t have to face the wrath of two and its only one in jury now. Becky says one of them will go home on Thursday and then next week will probably be double eviction. We just have to be super smart about target eviction. Big Brother switches cameras.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 03-02-14-875
2:30am – 3am Shelli says I have no problem getting Austin as the replacement. If one of us wins the veto we go up and tell James about all the occasions that Austin threw James under the bus. Austin is in no way repaying us for saving him. Clay says what if someone win but us? Shelli says then this won’t work. I just need to think about options that give us hope. Shelli says this won’t work unless one of us holds the power. Shelli tells that Vanessa is on our side You need to stop with the emotions because he is making people mad. Stop it! You can’t burn bridges right now. Shelli tells Vanessa if one of us wins then any deal we spin with him we will bring you up there with us. Vanessa says You understand I am just saying what I need to, to him. Next week he can’t play for HOH. I know where the lines are drawn, I’m not a dumba$$. I’m a loyal f**king person but at the end of the day I’m not a doormat! If you want to pick me for house guest choice I’m okay with that. Shelli says but you think they’ll come to you with a deal? Vanessa says of course. Clay says I can’t lose my peach! Vanessa says you have to understand I’m losing someone too. Shelli says if you play and win you could save one of us and you’re safe. Vanessa says you pick me and I will play as hard as I can to win. They consider other options for house guest choice if in the unlikely chance they both got it. Vanessa tells them to pick Austin. He is loyal and doesn’t want to get backdoored. Vanessa heads back to bed. Clay says lets just leave it up to fate. Clay and Shelli head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 03-12-07-125

3am HOH room – Becky and Jackie see Clay walk by on the spy screen. Becky says too bad, he does look good with his shirt off. Jackie says I know, he’s adorable. I feel bad. I hope he stays. I really don’t want him to give up his game for her. Becky says I don’t think he will. They bicker a lot! I mean I guess Brendon and Rachel did anyway. Becky says I wonder if they would figure out that Shelli is a more risk at going out. Jackie says she would probably figure it out because she’s won more than him. James joins them. Jackie says I can just picture one of them (Shelli & Clay) picking me (to play in the veto) and hating their life. James says Clay is going to pick Austin. How crazy is that!? Jackie asks but what if you get it first? James says I’m picking Austin. But that would be weird. Clay would be like what the hell. Jackie and Becky head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-01 03-24-33-334

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

8am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Meg, Shelli, Jackie, James get ready and go back to bed. Everyone but Johnny Mac are back sleeping..

10am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the picking of the veto players.

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This is GREAT!! I may finally subscribe to the Live Feeds….this is Nuckn Futs !

Clueless Clay

I swear Clay acts sooo dingy sometimes! Anyway, him and Shelly are grasping at straws. There done! I can’t see anything working for them at this point. And diva Shelly acting all whiney with Vanessa isn’t going to earn her any brownie points. Vanessa would be so stupid if she goes to bat for them and risks her game. The crap they pulled with Jason backfired on them bad!!!! If they had stuck to the original plan they wouldn’t be in as bad of a situation. If anything getting rid of Austin last week would’ve made it easier for them to work with James this week. But oh well, they’re screwballed now. The rest of their torn up alliance better be careful what they do because it could, and I hope it does, work out for Jackie or Meg to win HOH next week. Watching them scamper 2 weeks in a row would be a dream come true!!!


If you like drama, you have to want Shelli out. Meg and Becky will go after Clay like 2 dogs after a bone. But Liz and Julia, who have good Gaydar,and realize that Clay just wants a Zena he can hide behind, will move in. Vanessa will freak out because she will still be up against 2 couples [ AustinLiz and ClayJulia] and the twins.BB pharmacy will be working overtime trying to pump enough Xanax, Atavan, and Adderal into Meg and Becky to keep them upright. Jackie will still be on her period. Ratjohn and Ratsteve will intensify their scurrying.James will try to get Meg and Jackie to share their meds. So let’s hope Shelli gets evicted.

Name that three headed monster

Oooh, I want Clay Julia and Liz to be the next three headed monster. We could call them Cluliz.


And THAT wins the comment of the day for me. LOL x 1000!


This made me LAUGH!!! Except for the part about JMac. I hope everything else happens, word for word.


I bet the sixth sense didn’t sense this coming.

don't be dumb

vanessa has to stop saying. “im the mosts loyal person and thats a fact.” im a strait shooter. shes a professional bull shitter. why do u think shes so rich. shes a snake. she will rob u if she could and shes lying through her teeth. “saying what i need to say to him. next week hes going up” what a vaginal discharge


Ya she’s playing a game for money. She has to lie yet represent herself as a loyal person. Same as all the other game players like Derek. You’re just mad and jealous that she has money.

GeekSquad McGee

I’ve heard that Vanessa isn’t that rich anymore. She had a mansion and a lamborghini in Vegas but she had to sell both. She hasn’t had a big win in poker in a few years now.

She’s not poor but she’s fallen from grace quite a bit from what I understand.


I know this might be hard to wrap your brain around but…Vanessa really is the most loyal person in the house. I know this can be very mind boggling that a professional liar is more honest and loyal than Barbie and Ken… but she really is. She has made moves in the game that has benefitted her teammates way more than it has benefitted her.
Right now she is working out a plan to get Becky as the renom so that they will have the vote to save Shelli and Clay..WTF. Look back on the game as a whole Vanessa really is the most loyal person to the people that she is aliened with. You may not like that she had hand in evicting some of your favorite Houseguests…. but you can not say that she is disloyal.
This is just like rewatching Season 2 and realizing Evil Dr Will was the most honest and loyal player that Season… that is how he won… Nicole took him to the final two and screwed over Bunky her friend because she thought Will was more hated than Bunky and she wanted the money. In reality she would have won against Bunky.

GeekSquad McGee

Oh yeah Vanessa is really loyal. She was going to betray her closest ally, so she made a new alliance, and then betrayed them instead, like a day later. Clearly the most loyal person in the house right there.


What Eric CA is saying is that Vanessa HAS HAD Clay and Shelli’s back the most so far. Past tense. That is (l’m hoping) NOW changing, as you say.


Jackie and Meg need to attach themselves to James so he doesn’t do something stupid like put up a “pawn” as a replacement nominee. Vanessa or Liz need to go up if a replacement is required. Liz goes up only if it’s Vanessa using the veto.

Double D

James puts up Liz he locks in Austin and Julia’s vote


And even better, the Aus-twins know ahead of time about this possibility, and are on board.

Half wit Steve

Seriously Steve! I want to help you but this is what happened in season 12, so don’t pick me!!! He’s better off not saying anything at all. Poor guy is sooo socially awkward and sneaky at the same time! His and Becky’s game play makes no sense at all its like they just don’t know how to connect the dots, and it’s really not that hard. Have a feeling one of if not both of them will get canned next week if it’s double evict.


Actually he’s only 1/2 right about Season 12. Annie hosted that veto competition they didn’t pick her as houseguest choice. But they did think that she was going to be a vote for them, in the end it was unanimous vote to evict Annie who was the saboteur.


I don’t think he was speaking so much about not putting himself up, but rather, putting Becky up (who he’d be okay with losing) and protecting Vanessa, who he absolutely wants to keep. Regardless, it was good advice, this is something they need to consider.


Looking so forward to seeing Shelly go this week! No jury for her, I HOPE!


Please keep me the same!!!!


ugh, Becky. They need to get her out double eviction week or she’s going to ruin a lot of people’s games on both sides.

Just wondering...

Once Shelly leaves this week, and let’s hope she does, that back in the real world if she’ll wait for Clay or if she’ll move on once she comes to her senses.????

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I think Clay will say something during finale night to make it painfully obvious that he and Shelli have no future outside of the house. It will go something like this:

Julie: You and Shelli were obviously very close in the house. Do you see that relationship continuing outside of the house?

Clay: Well Julie, I don’t know what will happen. In the Big Brother house, you develop these strong bonds with other houseguests. What I do know is that I have made a life-long friend. She’s a special person.

Boom. Heartbreak.


I don’t think Shelli will be heart-broken; I don’t think she’s all that invested from a romantic standpoint. They probably will end up being friends.


Did Becky let Clay and Shelli know that Shelli would be the target and not Clay? I think Becky would be the best bet for Shelli and Clay for house guest choice, I think she would be the only one to use it on them. The only reason she wouldn’t use it because she might lose John or show her hand that she is in alliance with Shelli and Clay and throw it. I think she more loyal to them then the 6 alliance.


While I don’t really care for her, I DO NOT want to see Becky go any time soon. She’s going to play a key role in the dissension of the house in the later weeks of the game. I love a good X factor in the BB house and I see Becky filling that role way more than I see Steve. Steve is going to play right into Vanessa’s hand all summer and Becky won’t unless she needs to. X factor.


Becky:”This is first week we can feel safe about not going up” Oh u feel safe do you?

Time to send this boring bitch back to the mall. Maybe you can achieve that “store manager” status you act like is the equivelent of being CEO of Microsoft.

Nessa can get Becky out..but Clay would rather do the fake tough guy pathetic act to try and make Shelli think his balls have dropped. Which they obviously haven’t.

Team Edward

Whooooo. This is going to be good. I just can’t imagine the fireworks that will go down when they try to talk smack about Becky. It’s going to be epic.

meg's always laughing

Everybody cross your fingers and hope Shelli doesn’t win the veto. Time to start packing, Shelli.

Big bro

Vanessa is right she’s not a doormat cause shes a doorknob


Sorry but not putting Austin on the block = big dumbass.


Austin’s a moron who’ do whatever he needs to in order to keep Liz safe. He can’t think and the only people who’ll keep him wouldn’t be upset to see him go. Right now the biggest targets are Vanessa and Shelli. They have the most serious game and if you ignore them you are getting sent home.


I posed this concern before nominations that some in the house are very loyal to Clelli. JMAC went to Clay to let him know what Jame’s told him before noms. Steve wants them here it seems as a target kept in house,& Becky is loyal to a fault to Clelli. If Clelli (either one)wins veto, James will put up a pawn & house will keep Clay. Seriously hope Austin & twins play hard if picked to play. They def need the reassurance for their stay. Here’s hoping to Shelli on her way out-crossing fingers!


It’s only dumbass if you don’t wait either Shelli or Clay to leave. Are you 100% sure Liz and Julia would both vote to keep him? I’m not. If Austin is up against Shelli, he’ll stay I think, but if Austin is up against Clay, he might go home (Meg, Becky, JMac and Steve might vote to evict Austin, which would piss Jackie and James off because they both want either Shelli or Clay gone)/ Potentially, both Shelli and Clay could stay. NOT what many want to happen, least of all James. Putting up Liz as the renom is really his only choice…other than Vanessa. Liz would have both Austin’s and Julia’s locked votes.


The 6th sense alliance just showed how weak they are. All it took was for the other side to win 1 hoh for them to scramble and go against each other. The only reason they were “good at all” was cause they had power every week. A strong alliance doesn’t crumble when they have power.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Wonder how Shelli and Clay are feeling about their “tiers of loyalty” now. It’s a hard fall from grace when you think you’re better than everyone else and your shit don’t stink.


If Clay or Shelli wins POV James will have to put up Liz to secure the votes to evict Shelli or Clay, hopefully Shelli will be on the block to get her ass out of the house. If James does that they will have at least 4 votes, Austin, Twin vote, Jackie and Meg and hopefully they can convince at least one other player the the couple is very dangerous together. Shelli needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Jay

But if they have to convince another player for vote then putting Liz up does not secure the vote. Anybody but Vanessa as a re nom and Clay, Shelli and Vanessa all slide through.


Exactly my concern…!


Shelli and Clay can dish it out but they can’t take it. Don’t they know that eventually everyone will go up on the block? Sure hope they don’t talk James into putting up Becky as the renom. If he does that Shelli will stay in the house. The only way to get rid of one of them is to put up Vanessa.


The image of Shelli crying was laughable! “Why did they have to do this to us nowwww?????” What a crying, indignant little twat! You guys I am freaking out about Becky… what the hell is she doing? what is she up to? She is totally into Clay did you hear her? “Looks good without a shirt!” Hmm.. I am so worried that when Clelli tell James that Becky ratted James out, he will focus on getting Becky out instead.! Jason must be LOVIN’ this right now.. You knoooooooooooooooooooow?

B-bad owl

Wth is Vanessa doing? Is she just snowballing the King and Queen, or is she still drinking their kool-aid? When it’s her and Austin talking, she sounds like she legitimately wants to save them. But if the twins are near, her tune changes. They turned on you to your face!! In front of the entire house!!
That must be some powerful junk they spike that pitcher with.

Double D

James makes BB All Stars just for this move alone. Biggest move in years.

Shelly's bomboclat

Watch bbcan, this shit is amateurish


Six sense couldn’t last not even a day without power to crumble down. Lol. Go home shelli or Vanessa.. .austin.. the whole alliance just need to go home.

Big Jim

I wonder if James would put up Vanessa if Clelli won ?the POV. I doubt it but I didn’t think he would put ?the two up together so hopefully he would

Big Jim

I wonder if James would put up Vanessa if Clelli won ?the POV. I doubt it but I didn’t think he would put ?the two up together so hopefully he would

young jameson

OMG I really want James to pick Austin or Vanessa for houseguests choice, because that would be so bittersweet for Clay/Shelli. The alliance would never recover from that.


I’m so glad that they didnt intend on getting Vanessa out this week, because taking out Clay/Shelli hurts her more than it would hurt Clelli if Vanessa left.

If this week goes on as planned, then Vanessa doesn’t really have a strong grip on anyone really. Austin is with the twins and the remaining member of Clay/Shelli is going to be really sour with how the alliance votes.

I would like to say that I don’t mind Vanessa as a player, she is entertaining to watch. But her best option is to when to lay low and stop trying to control everything.


It’s really funny how these polls change so much each week with you people, stop jumping on the ban wagon people, you guys like whoevers in power or the underdog, it’s a joke. This week you all want to suck james dick and next week if clays in power you guys will be loving him. You guys talk about how bad people play this game but I’d love to see you guys play it, it probably be a joke watching you guys. I liked Vanessa all session so far, but now her throwing clay and shilli under the bus to the power side, iv lost a lot of respect for her, and I can give two shits about clay and shilli. I hope clay wins vedo they put up Austin and send that dumb ass home


I like how James is now the greatest BB player of all time now. Before he was a disgusting little man who was disrespectful to women. He made one of the few obvious moves he had (the other putting Austin and a twin up). It was a good play but not the best. The best would have been putting Shelli and Vanessa up. I do give him credit for getting along with Vanessa, He needs a strong player on his side. I can’t see Meg or Becky winning much and Steve and John are just floating. Plus can he really trust B S or J? This is just one week mid way through the game. The others are still in a tough position, as other than Jackie it does look like they will win much in the next few weeks and they still have A and the twins as wells as V to contend with and who ever survives this eviction. Once the emotions settle, the S6 will regroup and still target the others.


You have that backwards… Clay and Shelli threw Vanessa under the bus and Vanessa said it was a group decision and NOT just hers…. it was also Shelli and Clays that said to save Austin and put up Jackie or Jason… they then settled on Jason as a “Group”. Primarily Clay and Shelli… as you will recall Vanessa repeatedly told their team… let me run this by Clay and Shelli first…. when they were on the same team.
Clay and Shelli then went downstairs and lied to Megs face and got called out and said “… we didn’t think it was our place to tell everyone Vanessa’s plan… we did not want to step on her toes before the re-nomination.”… That is what actually made them the target… it was their lie, not Vanessa.
I realize that they kicked Vanessa so hard under the bus you may not be able to identify the body and think it was Shelli kicked under the bus… and it was really shady so you may have thought it was Vanessa doing the kicking (They are both tall blondes.) but if you are going to accuse people of backstabbing I think you should really check the fingerprints on the cutlery… Scaylli lied and Vanessa came clean that is all that happened.

GeekSquad McGee

All that he said/she said is irrelevant anyway. The onus is still all on Vanessa, because she’s the one that targeted Austin, promised the house he was going, and then broke her word and blindsided Jason. Clelli didn’t do that.

It’s not Clay and Shelli’s fault that that HOH was as messy as it was, so Vanessa should have owned it more than she did, but she never does.

Bunny Slipper

Ummm, what?

Say what?

You’re a walking contradiction. First, you are digging into everyone else for having a change of heart in who their favourites are, but it’s okay for you to go from liking Vanessa to not so much. Are others not allowed to do the same? In previous posts, I have read comments from people saying they want to root for certain players, but are wary because they haven’t really been playing. Well, now they are. Sorry, but you don’t get to decide how people should feel.


Me personally I am a Vanessa fan… and I really really really want a Vanessa and Jackie alliance. I also said Jackie was lying low but she will be a fierce player when she plays. I watched her try t coach Jeff… she is a smart player.

Johnny Mac is still holding back until the Jury stage… smart move for him.

Becky has been trying to play the game… but she is just overlooked more than not looking to play. She really isn’t that good at the game… but she is really trying…. being overlooked is what is saving her game so it is a double sided sword.

TBH I have never been a Clay or Shelli fan… I have a long standing BB rule. Showmance’s F’Up everyones game that is around them… and they are annoying and Never trust the man with the bible in his hand…. players that walk around like they re morally and ethically superior and say things like there is a Dark Side of the House and a Light Side of The House… really annoys me; it’s the hypocrisy of it all.

I have to say for myself… I do reserve the right to flip flop on any houseguest at anytime, as a fan I reserve to LOVE a big move even if done by a player I might be a little bit meh about.


Couldn’t have said it better, I agree 100%.


Exactly. Not a Shelli-Clay Fabian refuse to put their names together. I do believe she will be surprised that she is not a fan favorite when she exit.


Band wagon? It’s do or die every week in this game. People change their game plan according to their position or even their friends posotion every week. They make deals, lie, manipulate, and sacrifice to help themselves. So yes polls will change.


Just asking: can we have JohnnyMac/Jackie final two?


Shelli and Clay are nominated?



Although I am ok with Vanessa she is looking more and more like Squidward with that damn hat on. Does it ever come off, I saw her washing her face with it still on. So whenever she talks I hear sponge bob in my head.


Of course James would pick Austin… Austin is the perfect person for him to pick… next to Julia.
If you pick Austin or Julia the thing you tell them is you are playing to keep Liz safe, because if you win and you use it on either of them Liz is the one going up. If somebody picks Liz to play… tell Liz, you are playing to keep Julia safe because she will be the replacement nominee.

If Vanessa is picked… Vanessa you will have to choose between Shelli/ Clay and Austin/ twins… because Liz will be put up against whomever is taken off. It is just business. Only because that is the best way to control the votes…. you would have to choose between keeping a pair that has already kicked you under the bus or a trio… it is that simple… my advise to you is throw it.

If Johnny Mac is chosen or Becky… I would just point out that Liz will be the replacement nominee and that this is just going to show that you are not as neutral as you look because I am letting everyone know Liz is the replacement nominee now… before the veto is played. You will be choosing sides if it is used to save Shelli or Clay… are you prepared to draw that line?

You can pressure about everyone to throw it or not use it… you always have Liz in most cases and when you don’t have Liz…. you have Julia.

It is what it is… the line was drawn… you helped draw. Don’t cry just win or throw it.


Damn Shelli, maybe you should have stuck with Jason. You decided to choose sixth sense. All your lies stringing the other side along has caught up with you. Go home bitch. Come on James don’t fall for their BS, no Becky as a replacement. Only sixth sense members all the way.


Shelli started her downfall before Jason when she chose to NOT pick Audrey as replacement nominee and save Audrey. She decided to pick Da’Vonne as her target so she put up Meg to insure Da’Vonne went home. Jason was Da’Vonne’s biggest friend in the house. So having Jason as her target makes more sense as a target of Shelli than being a threat to Vanessa on some level all of them must have a sense of that.
Choosing Jason as a target only benefitted Shelli and Clay, because of Da’Vonne… these ripples all started with Da’Vonne. They should have just put up Audrey because if they got her out of the house at that point. Jason would still be focussing on the getting Austin and the twins out with Da’Vonne. Audrey would have never planted those seeds of Scaylli doubt in peoples head (James). Vanessa and Austin would have been the ones blamed for Jeff’s eviction and they would be going to the jury stage. they made mistakes and they made choices that now hurts their game.

BB17 fan

I have been wanting Shelli out for some time now.! I couldn’t think of anyone who would put her up. Now that she is on the block, I am so worried that something will go wrong and she will win veto or something awful. I want her gone. The game will change drastically, with Clay probably continuing to play all sides and claim to be in an alliance with everyone. What worries me is the girls in the house like him and fancy themselves in a showmance with him. Jackie, Meg, Becky…oh, I guess those are the only 3 that want him. I know the twins are not interested in him. It will be fun to see if he goes with a new girl or on his own.


If Vanessa wants to keep Shelli, Shelli will stay. Van can easily convince Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve to keep her. Becky is likely to as well. James may want Shelli gone but he doesn’t have the relationships in that house to make it happen. Then again, Vanessa might think it’s too good an opportunity to pass up to get rid of her now.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

We need to tone down our hope. History says the one we DON’T want to win the POV usually DOES win it. We need an upset and Shelly not winning is it. Let us all agree that we just need the “upset” lol, and hopefully James, Jackie or Meg win the POV. That’s an upset I can totally get with.


I wish they would let a fan come in the house and watch the fireworks. Although they wouldn’t be able to participat, it would be funny as hell. Please don’t screw this up James, and Johnny Mac its time to grow a pair and start playing for yourself. He’s been on the block so many times that he’s probably feeling a little left out this week. Gotta love his sense of humour though. Now if he would just MAKE A MOVE!


Johnny Mac teaming up with James would be a move.

oh my

It’s a long time until the vote. Vanessa has her thinking cap on. It’s looking bad for becky. James only has 2 votes, the other 7 decide who gets evicted. If vanessa convinces james to put up becky – oh my!


I really hope the nominations stay the same. James needs to channel his inner Evel Dick to make Shelli nervous for the POV. I would love to see both twins and Austin picked to play in the POV, they would all play all out to win and keep the noms the same. The Lannister twins are strong players when they have the power, but as soon as they don’t have the power, they fall to pieces. Looks like both of them are used to batting their eyes and getting whatever they want, and they just don’t get why it isn’t working now. If they were honest enough to admit that they put themselves in this situation, I could give them a pass, but even when its just the two of them they show how deluded they are in their own self importance. If they try to use the Becky angle I think it will blow up in their faces. James isn’t stupid and he has shown before that when he makes a plan he sticks to it. After week one he did a good job slipping into the background, and none of the people in the house were ready for him to emerge with the best move of the season so far. If this eviction goes the way he wants, it will be the most satisfying eviction since Brenchel got evicted in S12.

Angela M

6th sense didn’t use their 6th sense. Chelli before noms actually thought they’d be ok and James would honor his deal. Silly birds!!


The sixthsense didn’t sense this coming.


Not even when Becky and JohnnyMac told them.


Although I really don’t like the spineless snitches C/S who have made way to many
deals and due to their own mismanagement and it has bit them good. I think it would be great if they were both saved this week. Van is right about creating a target out of Becky.
But Clay/Shellie are not smart enough to realize it’s about their best bet.
Vanessa knows that James is about loyalty. If James caught wind of a trader amongst
them, he would put the trader (Becky) up as a replacement. Anyhow if they could pull
this off and save C/S this week it would be so funny to watch. Megs and Jackies heads might even explode on live tv.

James to win

I doubt James will put up Becky even if he knows she is a trader because he was the only one to believe Audrey about the alliance. I think he sees Austin as the replacement to get out the three vote block…He wants to see what happens if V wins to prove the alliance exists and show who it benefits…John and Becky are on the fringe and when they realize that things may change.


Calling Austin a moron is ridiculous. He is probably better educated that most of us. Is he acting like an idiot right now…….YES!!! He is loyal to a fault as far as Vanessa is concerned, and think he will also be loyal to James till he needs to do otherwise. He is not a vindictive person, and got screwed by his decision to tell Jason about the twins while trying to gain some form of friendship with him. Liz, in my opinion is leading him on by lying across him and rubbing his arm etc., and then going and telling everyone she doesn’t like him. She is showing everyone in the house that she has more miles on her than an old Studebaker!!! I would not be upset in the slightest if the twins were voted out. They are two spoiled brats who obviously think their shit don’t stink. Then he would get his head back in the game hopefully, and if he and Vanessa got together with James and Meg could make an honest run for final four.

Team Edward

Everything is going to happen depending on the veto. I just think this whole “put up Becky” is going to be transparent and fall flat. Becky is a good double eviction person, but now now. Remember, keeping the couple will only ruin your own game. JMac stated that last night when he said ” after one of them leaves the other will be so much easier to work with”

Becky looks like a dude

She looks more transgender than Audrey. Audrey is quite beaitiful. Becky looks like a man with a brown wig on. If I am man, I will not be attracted to her at first glance.
Maybe its because I am turned off by her personality. She is exactly like this one person I knew at a brokerage firm I used to work at in California – she kissed top management’s ass, and was a double-headed snake.
I can imagine how Becky operates in real life, not too different in reel life.
I hope she gets evicted soon, I can’t stand the sight of her!!


Jackie, Becky, Vanessa, James, Shlay are the POV players.


Damn, both Shelli and Vanessa are good at this. They are BOTH telling each other the almost complete truth, and Vanessa and Steve are actually giving them good advice on strategy. It IS what they have to do, just which renom is best? Vanessa DOES have their backs the most out of all other HGs, 2nd in that would be Becky (she’s a wild card in my mind, I’m not sure what she’ll do). My first pick for outcome is Vanessa the renom for Clay’s spot. I would love either Shelli or Vanessa gone this week and oh what FUN it would be with both of them on the block! Shelli is my first pick to leave this week..