VETO Meeting TODAY: Frankie “I wanted to say all this in the veto speech but I don’t want to stab her in the face!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

10:50am In the fire room – Frankie comes into the bedroom and wakes up Derrick to talk to him. Frankie asks should I say something about us working together? Derrick says its your game, I don’t know if I would do that. I don’t know, its up to you. It can’t help us. Frankie says because of Wednesday. Derrick says we don’t know what its going to be. Frankie says right. I’ll come up with something fake. I’ll come up with something good. Frankie says they told me… I think we’re getting locked in early this week. Derrick says wow, wow! Frankie heads out of the fire room and tells Caleb who’s sleeping in the earth room that the veto meeting in 45 minutes. In the fire room – Derrick tells Cody and Victoria that Frankie just told him they’re getting locked in early this week and that the veto meeting is in 45 minutes. Victoria leaves. Derrick tells Cody that Frankie said he is keeping the nominations the same and that we’re good.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 11-05-01-483a

10:57am – 11:10am Out in the backyard – Derrick tells Frankie that he will have to tell Victoria before the vote happens that he can’t vote for her. She is going to hate me but I will just tell her that I have to vote for the person that deserves to be here most. Frankie says I wanted to do a grand speech. Derrick says you can now with this twist. We don’t know what is happening this week. She could get some sort of power or something. Caleb joins them. Derrick says she is going to expect me to vote for her but I’m not going to blind side her. I will just tell her that I’m voting for Cody because he deserves to be here. It will be the worst conversation I will have had to date. Derrick tells Frankie to keep his speech very vague. Derrick says before the vote I have to tell her. I’ve been so close to her. I’m not going to let her go into the voting not knowing. Once again I am going to look like a schmuck. Cody joins them. Derrick asks why the f**K are they doing this?! Frankie says because everything is pushed up till Wednesday. Frankie says since I have the 4 of you here.. I just want to congratulate you all for being the final 4. I know we have all said this summer it would be a waste to use an HOH to get out Victoria but I do not think of it as a waste. Its our way of all getting to the final 4. I know I can’t play HOH next week and that terrifies me. There has been overwhelming pressure to make big moves and not waste your HOH. This is something that I am honoured to do and so happy that we have secured our spot in the final 4. I wanted to say all this in the veto speech but I don’t want to stab her in the face. Derrick says and if you gave a speech she could end up getting a power and say f**k you Frankie and send you out. They head inside. Frankie stops Cody and tells him that he loves him and that he’s good. Cody says I know. Thank you because I know they say things. Big Brother call Frankie to the diary room and tells the other house guests they’re on a backyard lock down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 11-11-36-346

11:10am – 11:20am Out in the backyard – Derrick and Caleb agree that they’re good. Caleb says he might still stick us in a couple of minutes. Derrick says he won’t because he wants one of us to take him to the end. Derrick says if he goes to the final 2 …ain’t nobody beating him. I’ve seen his whole game this season and he will beat all of us. Cody joins them. They all agree that none of them would beat Frankie if he was in the final 2. He’s got better than a 1 in 4 chance at winning that veto next week.

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11:20am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto meeting to take place..

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I wonder how Victoria will react. This should be good tv.


Don’t worry it’s all talk. Derrick will somehow smooth things over.


The first picture of Cody and Frankie looks like Michael Corleone telling his brother Fredo,
” I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!”


Get the tissues this could a heartbreaker. They do keep the knives out of sight right?


Production has already removed all live animals from the house and has also removed all large pots from the kitchen.

Wishing on a star

I wish Victoria could pull the HOH win on Wednesday – now that would be unexpected and make for great TV.


Get the Kleenex ready…. and psycho meds.


She’s played the entire game without a full deck. #Clueless. Remember, she’s the person who microwaved gummy bears to catch a mouse. Lol

Cough, Derrick!

Before Wednesday’s vote(not) Derrick will tell Victoria that he wanted to vote for her to stay, but is being threatened by others to evict her or else. Then next week, she’ll go up again and this time Caleb and Frankie will tell her there was a guy’s alliance for F4. She’ll know Derrick was lying to her all along, but it probably won’t make any difference, she’s in love.


Zzzzzzz… Seriously and what a narcissistic arse f$&@ face Frankie is. Of course he has a grand speech and of course he couldn’t spare us from hearing it one way or another. I think CBS is so not plugged in as to what the audience wants. Anyhoo, the fact that they didn’t get him out when they could have makes every one of those guys undeserving. The reset just added another week of one of the two worst seasons ever. Honestly, they should hire one of the guys (Simon? Dog?) as consultants to production. Now there’s an idea, lol! Let’s just say by some miracle of all miracles V does win. She gets Frankie up. It’s all but a guarantee he will win veto. What strings did sissy’s Ariana’s manager pull to get her skeevie bro on here? Scares me to think we could start to see more of this sorta shiz…Jessica Simpsons cousin?? Keisha’s (sp??) boyfriends sister? Brother? Can BB be saved??

BB Jon

Enough with all this hate of Frankie. Sure Frankie is vile, manipulative, disgusting, an animal, we heard it all before. My real issue with Frankie this season is that he is Derrick’s puppet. He is trying too hard to fit in with the guys when they are plotting to kick him out. True, Frankie has an enormous ego, he is hard to watch and listen to but this BB, people shouldn’t invest too much emotion on one specific house.
PS: I am a Zak and Donny fan, just tired off all the negativities.


I just hope he gives his little speech to her before they tell them the noms don’t count. Then she’ll really know what a liar he is.

Anyone but Derrick

I just want someone to make a move against Derrick. Don’t care who but hope Cody wises up quickly and realizes that if he makes a move against Derrick, the jury would vote for him to win. Cody would be a legend if he ousted Derrick at this point in the game. I can see Cody and Caleb taking out Frankie and then Derrick.

Cough, Derrick!

Not a chance. Cody was recruited. Plus he’s totally bought into the Hitmen. Now with Christine gone, he has no other ally.


Cody has bought into winning 500 large. He could care less about Hitmen T-shirts at this point.

How long til BB17 ???

It is appropriate that this week Frankie has all the power, after all ;like Frankie, it is basically useless. I WILL tune in to see the look on His skank face to see it was all for nothing. I am still shocked they fell for the imaginary rat Even a rat would avoid being in that House Meanwhile SockMonkey is considering a Clownie BB15 move to get outta the house


But this twist is so stupid. So they’re going to reset it and it’s going to be the same situation. Whoever wins are going to put up Victoria and one of the boys. And Victoria will get knocked out. It seems like all wasted time. Like they just had a fill up the week.

The only way this should be interesting is if Victoria wins HOH. But how likely is that?


Or, if they had the b@lls to vote out whatever guy was up against Victoria. But that is unlikely. It seems the “twisted” season is that they twisted the nutsack off all the guys.


Now is the time to sack sad sack Cody, now or never.

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

How long till BB17? Agreed. I feel like they should cancel the rest of this one and go ahead and start another one this week. Not one single dramatic eviction night all year.

The bad news is BB16 has turned into a He-Man Woman Haters gay frat club with Frankie running around groping a house full of men.

The good news is that Utopia starts tonight. There’s a rumor that there’s actual women in it.


If Frankie loses, he will use his screen persona to become a female impersonater, and give us his best Ariana Grande performance to keep us entertained in ad nauseam.

Reset the whole house!

They all make me sick to my stomach. Watch, the reset will occur and Frankie will win again and Victoria will STILL go out. Expect the expected… I also expect production to tell Frankie what is going to happen Wed before it happens

Feeaking get frankie out no one wants him there.

I thank he knew from the start;they do games that he can win at.he just a pansies.

pants on fire

Do you really have to post the pictures of Frankie in his little boy panties!?! Ugh!!


Yeah guys…LOVE this site but

Lil' Sebastian

They will unanimously send Victoria out and no one will be upset. They reset the game and someone other than Victoria wins HOH, which will send Victoria out again because there’s been no conflict and Victoria has zero fight.

We are basically going to watch the same thing 2 weeks in a row. Could this season get any worse?


Oh yeah, it could get worse, just you wait !

Lawon's Special Power

Frankie making it to finale night and not hearing the boo’s he deserves because they filled the audience with “friends and minions” so that he comes out with an over-inflated ego.

Of course, once he’s out and he sees how much he’s hated would be nice to watch.


Frankie is gonna get screwed! Getting what’s coming to him!


Could you please clarify the TA mission……….I thought they had to keep the houseguest up for 24 hours????
Why all this talk about 6am like it’s a deadline? Weren’t they asleep till around 11am-noon today???
Please help???


No I looked, it just says keep them up All Night. The other one said keep them fasting for 24 hrs.


I don’t think anybody would care if you never put up anymore pictures of Frankie. I think I can safely say we have all seen enough of him.

It’s really not good to see pictures of him if you just eaten a large meal.


I want Victoria to be the one to evict Frankie, just to see that smug face try to hold in his humiliation.

Lawon's Special Power

Helen stood outside the house last night and with a megaphone said it was still “Too Soon” to vote out Frankie.


That’s some funny $hit right there!!!


Does anyone recall who the advertisers are for the network broadcast on CBS? Complaining about Frankie’s sexual antics (verbal and physical) to BB or CBS appears to have had no affect. Maybe we need to start complaining to the people behind the $$$ (the advertisers).


I’ve written a few myself. I think it would help if more people write them. All businesses care about is money and the only way CBS and sponsors will listen is if we with held our money. CBS /Sponsors feel they have all the power but they don’t we need to tell them that the watchers/ buyers won’t


But if we stand together CBS/Sponsors would have to listen.

Off to jury Frankie

Can’t wait to see Frankie’s face when he finds out what the consequences are for pressing the button. He is the one that convinced everyone that they should press it. So, it would be great if he ended up going home due to his own game play!!!! Will laugh my a– off!


They already told FRANKIE about Wednesday, See they tell Frankie everything before it happens!!!!!

A Memory from Frank

You would think that at least one of the HG would remember the reset button was used on few seasons ago – and that it reset the week and I didn’t go home – I’m guessing Derrick remembers this.

Not a chance but.....

Can you imagine…Derrick tells Victoria he is keeping Cody over her before the vote, then it resets, Derrick showed his cards to her. If somehow Victoria would end up winning HOH she seriously may put up Derrick for lying to her and Frankie for nominating her. Caleb wins the veto and doesn’t use it. Caleb and Vic vote to keep Frankie and Derrick is evicted.

I think I would laugh for a whole week if it happened. To see the look on Derricks face….hahahahahahha


Victoria winnning hoh…that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.


Caleb would never keep Frankie over Derrick. Derrick would only maybe go home if he was up against Caleb. Even then he has Cody’s vote as a lock and just needs Frankie’s TA vote.

Derrick haters just need to get use to reality and Derrick is not going anywhere. He might go out 3rd at worst. Final 2 is his immediate goal, against whoever.


It’s a nice thought, but you overlook one thing – this is the twist-free season of “expect the expected,” where Frankie can’t lose even when others around him try to throw comps. Which means Frankie will win HoH and POV again, and nothing different will happen. Sorry.


Boooooooooooooooooo Hsssssssssssssssssss

diane says

Yes it could get worse Frankie could win!!!


While I find Frankie…disgusting; He had played very well in comps, and I believe if he makes it to F2 he has a very good chance of beating all the other boys. (even Derrick) With that stated….Not sure how this weeks twist will work out…if by some miracle…V…wins HOH…Frankie or Caleb…will be on the block. I am just wanting one of these guy to have the guts to make a big move…and turn on each other….Donny for America’s Favorite Player!


“Frankie is a beast” Pfftt I have never heard such tom fuckery. Hes such a beast yet he runs to Derrick to ask him what he should do!!!!!
Derrick is boring because he squashes all the drama about to go down in the house (I hate that too cuz hello, we are watching for the dramz!) BUT lets look at that shall we. Out of all these people that were in the house, Derrick was able to calm them down and kill the drama. That is really something I gotta say. Maybe not a beast at the comps, (still handing an HOH over to Frankie btw) but he sure does have game and some sort of respect there.


If he won the HOH again and the Veto, that would really suck. I think Derrick should be allowed to play if its a restart button. I hate the “rewind thing” and it just goes back a week. How about a do over and everyone gets to play. Seems once again making it easy for Frankie.


OMG Im so done with this season , IF VICTORIA DOESNT WIN HOH Its going to be the same situation as now.