POV Ceremony LIVE FEED LEAK! Frankie “I’ve wielded a tremendous amount of power in this game!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 12-03-32-653

11:20am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto meeting to take place.

12pm LIVE FEED LEAK OF THE VETO CEREMONY – The live feeds come back during the veto ceremony. Frankie says Cody and Victoria you have been nominated for eviction this week but I have the power to veto one of those nominations. Now I would like to give you the chance to tell me why I should use the veto to save you. Cody you go first!

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Cody’s speech: You know this is an amazing game, I love being a part of it and I would love to come off the block and be safe this week but honestly looking out at the replacement nominees. These are two of my best friends in the game and I would not want to see one of them sitting in my spot. Umm.. I would love for you to use the veto on me man but I know you’ve earned it. You put us up here and I think its only fair that you keep the nominations the same. I don’t expect you to use it but I would really appreciate it if you do.
Frankie says Victoria now its your turn to speak.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 12-12-30-924
Victoria’s speech: First I want to say congrats that we made top 5 and I’m very grateful that I’m the last girl standing with you guys. You guys are like my older brothers. We’re like family and I don’t expect you to use the veto on me. You won it fair and square and I’m very happy for you and I wish me and Cody the best of luck. It is with a very heavy heart that I’ve decided not to use the power of veto.

Frankie’s veto speech: Frankie says I’ve wielded a tremendous amount of power in this game and never more than this week. But there comes a time in this game when there are just too few people and too little power to keep everyone that I love and everyone that I trust safe. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 12-19-16-787

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12:08pm In the fire room – Victoria is crying. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Derrick speculate on what the reset button twist means. Derrick says that he thinks all the mirrors means something to do with reflecting on your game. Frankie says the fact that it ends at 5:30pm on Wednesday during episode time I think we have a live show that night. Cody says there could be a eviction on Wednesday and another on Thursday. Caleb says the fact that the word game is spelled right side up and upside down it could mean your game is turned upside down or remains the same. Meanwhile

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 12-15-32-224
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12:30pm – 1pm Derrick, Caleb and Cody head up to the HOH room to talk. Caleb explains how Frankie got nervous last night when I said if I get home and find out people were talking sh*t about me in the diary room I would delete their phone number. He tried to justify that everyone talks sh*t in the diary room. Caleb says he is definitely talking sh*t about us. They talk about how many competitions Frankie has won. Derrick says that Frankie is definitely coming back for all-stars. Cody says looking back on Frankie’s game he hasn’t been a competition beast until now he’s gotten lucky. Derrick says one of us has to win the HOH and then if we win the veto he (Frankie) is going. They agree that if Frankie pull a shiesty move and we wouldn’t vote for him in the end. Derrick wonders if he reset button brings the Battle of the Block back and then Cody & Victoria have to compete against me and Caleb. Caleb says that wouldn’t be fair to not be able to compete in the veto. Derrick says and you know what they would say … you pushed the button. Cody says but that would be predictable. Derrick says and Frankie needs to be worried too because in the BOB the HOH isn’t safe. Cody says I just don’t get why today we had the veto meeting. Expect the unexpected. Frankie joins them. Caleb says whatever it is, it ain’t changing. It’s set in stone. If its a game changer and it gets one of us sent home .. its just a game. Derrick, Frankie and Cody head down to the kitchen to make something to eat.

1:15pm In the kitchen – Frankie asks Derrick we should give her a little hope right? Derrick says she could be staying and one of us could be going home. Frankie says its very possible. Frankie says he thinks his one idea is possible that big brother changed the veto day to today to increase live feed subscriptions. People could be mad that they bought the feeds just to watch on Sunday and all we do is sleep. Cody and Victoria join them. Frankie tells the others that production told him in the diary room before the veto ceremony that it was going to be live. (So it wasn’t a live feed leak it was intentionally aired on the live feeds.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 13-09-01-731

Caleb asks name one person that have ever won America’s Favorite and has only won 1 competition. Cody says Jeff hasn’t won much and he won. Just because you call yourself Beast Mode Cowboy doesn’t mean people love you. Caleb flexes his American tattoo and says American made. Cody flexes and show his chinese symbols. Caleb asks what’s that?! Cody says it means family. Caleb says let me see your barb-wire. That’s what I really like Cody rushes at Caleb and Caleb goes to grab the fork but misses. He says if I had grabbed it I would have stuck it in your jugular. Caleb asks Cody if he’s got a staring problem. Caleb says I’ll hit you so hard my fist will show up on your drivers licence. Cody says cops wouldn’t like that one! Cody gets ready to run in the backyard. Victoria asks Derrick if he’s going to come nap. Derrick says yes.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-07 13-28-08-228

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See yah Frankie!

I really hope Cody wins HOH and sends Frankie off on Wednesday. That’ll make for at least 1 good episode in an otherwise boring season.


I hope Cody wins HOH after the reset and sends Derrick out to the jury. That would be the only way for Cody to win and he wants that 500 thousand!


I think he’s screwed with either Frankie or Derrick staying in, honestly. He can’t win against either of them in the final.

Team Anyone

The only person smart enough to send Derrick home is Frankie.

Frankie Smart?

If Frankie were smart enough to send Derrick packing, he would be on the block right now! duh…. I personally think he was thrown my the boos Christine received and now wants to present an image of a “loyal” team player to win over America…He can’t play next HOH and trust Derrick not to vote him out. lol…


I don’t know why so many comments are against Derrick..If you notice the poll of who played the best game it’s Derrick..I don’t think any of the people who leaves comments understand the game.because the majority think you’re wrong.


Derrick has played the best game so far when it comes to manipulation and never being on the block, however Frankie with his 9 competition wins has proven himself over and over again that he is capable of winning and taking himself off the block. The two best players are Derrick with his social game and Frankie with his physical competition wins. This coming week one of the two must be put on the block, in order for one to advance.. At least that’s how Derrick sees it. As for Frankie, he has yet to come to that realization that Derrick is his biggest threat. If Frankie waits too long to wake up to that fact, then his game will soon end.


Well we are choosing who played “the best game” from the players (massive alliance?) that is still in the house. With the game Derrick has subtly played within the alliance basically ensuring the most number of final two’s and having the jury like him, IMO he has played best this season. I would have loved to see the alliance on it’s heels, and although it was in power almost every week, he did a good job keeping trust and tossing other people under the bus in week’s they were not. That being said I personally find Derrick’s game boring and his personality hard to tolerate. But his personality is so much more tolerable than basically all of the remaining houseguests.


U MAD? L0L! FRanKiE 4 da WiN! ThumBs DowN if U PRaY T0 FRanKie and acCepT hiM as uR L0Rd aNd SavioUr! LmB0! #H8trs

~*SHiNE BriTe liKE a FRanKiE*~


Are you for real? My first thought was how old are you. I get this is a forum but come on

waka waka

Is your keyboard broken?

Frankie Grande is a WITCH

I think that 🙂 is just a troll, and as much as I refuse to feed the troll I must admit that I am amused by it. But for the record, I have a terrible feeling that this twist has meant nothing and that Victoria will still be going home the following Wednesday. PLEASE GOD let the HoH comp be “who has gained the most weight since the beginning of the season”

That Is Pure Blasphemy

Of all the nerve – using a Rihanna song on Frankie, c’mon!
“Shine brite like a Frankie” HAHAHAHAHAHA…………I hope to God Rihanna doesn’t have a brother for BB.
UR one sick bastard! LMFAO


Statistically, it’s just very unlikely that Frankie is going home. Whether you believe in the conspiracy theory that comps are set up for him, or that he is just really that good at comps, it doesn’t look likely that he would lose the one that he really needs….just like the lone veto competition. ..he is in the final two…guarantee it. *sigh*

I actually think because of this, that Derrick’s odds of going to final two are slim. He made a grievous error keeping Frankie. Hope the 5K was worth it, dude.


Ok, I’m confused it does’t take much to confuse me – turn me around in my house and I think I’m outside, but enough about me: Does, everyone get to play or is it just; Frankie, Caleb, Victoria and Cody, if that’s the case Frankie will probably win it again. The only way I see them taking Frankie out is if he’s not playing for HOH then you got the POV. So, someone help an admitted confused person.


The game rewinds back to right after Christine got evicted. Meaning Derr was the last HOH and cannot compete in the HOH competition. In essence it is like everything that happened after the DE didn’t happen.

Kathie from Canada

And yet the Team America farce does count? That is the part that annoys me!


You are so right Kathie. I have been banging on about this since the mission was revealed. If the entire week is to be rewound then no way should the TA mission be included. I have sent a couple of emails to CBS but I know it will not do any good, just a way to relieve my frustrations about the entire pitiful season.

Cough, Derrick!

If Cody happens to win HOH, which he could, Derrick would convince him to put up Frankie and Caleb, hoping to get Frankie out, but if Frankie won veto, they’d send Vic home. Great for Derrick because Cody is too dumb to see that it would put a big target on his back.


That’s not the most entertaining possibility though. The most entertaining possibility, and the thing I want to happen is: Victoria wins HoH and makes everyone scramble.

psv thinks derrick has played a great game.

I would LOVE for Victoria to win. That would be so awesome… But… i mean… i think the Cowboys have a better chance of winning the super bowl than Victoria does winning a competition…


On tonight’s episode, while speculating about the reset button:
Caleb: “What have we gotten good though this season”?
Frankie: “Nothing”.

Nailed it! That’s exactly how we the fans of Big Brother feel. Such a disappointing season.


What BIG MOVE has Cody made all season that would even give you such a false glimmer of hope? Cody get rid of Derrick? Sure. Just like he called Donny out.

And I hate to say it but I feel like Victoria is such an imbecile. She keeps saying “I am the last girl standing”. Every time I hear this, I want to punch a puppy. WTF are you saying? As a woman, the biggest accomplish is being the last woman in the house? Is that an accomplishment? She is as delusional as Sabrina from BBCAN2. It’s hard to watch. Well… Congrats Vic, on your major accomplishment. You’ve made history. No woman has ever made it to final 5. You earned your spot! (Sarcasm)

It’s official, Victoria is dumber than I thought (which I didn’t think was possible). And the fact that they recruited her for the show makes me want to kick an endangered birds nest. Get it together BB!


Leave the animals alone

Frankie is Grand(e)

Welcome to another episode of Frankie kicks butt. Victoria looking as lovely as ever and the games are being played behind the scenes.

My man Frankie has owned this game and not even you Derrick lovers can do anything about it but weep. Cody, Caleb, go meet Julie, Victoria, sit your pretty butt down and prepare to be spared this week.

I am curious, can Frankie win BB and also be eligible for Americas Favourite? Can you imagine the schools being built in Africa if that happens? One thing for sure Frankie knows schools as you can all tell he is schooling the houseguests this year.



You’re dumb!! Who are you Frankie’s lover!!! The Pink Pansy power means absolutely nothing this week!! & no dummy he can’t win both!!!

umm...your stupid

Frankie is a dick!!!


Hayden moss won big brother and also Americas favorite on his season.


Ooooops sorry- Britney won AF season 12. BUT I think you can win both $500,000 and AF.


“Pink Pansy”??? I wondered when the homophobes would come crawling out of the woodwork like the cockroaches they truly are.. Some naive people actually have the nerve to say that homophobia has nothing to do with Frankie being disliked, well it’s homophobes like you that prove them all wrong. There is no denying the facts that Frankie has won 9 competitions so far, perhaps those last two wins may end up having an asterisk next to them if this week’s wins and nominations are voided, but even with 7 wins, that would make Frankie the #1 male house guest with the most wins in BB history beating Frank Eudy from BB14 with his six wins. As of now he is tied with Janelle Pierzina whom many consider the greatest competition winner of all time with 9 comp wins in one season going back to her second appearance on BB7 All Stars which is a record to this date that no one has ever been able to beat.. Love him or hate him, Frankie Grande has earned his place among the best players in Big Brother history with his 7 or 9 competitions wins depending on if you count this reset week or not. Facts and numbers don’t lie.


I don’t think being gay has anything to do with the hate for Frankendouche.


Your man is a jerk.


The next place he’ll be schooling anyone is the jury house bc that’s his next stop.


You must be Ariana because no one in their right mind would take up for this POS of humanity. I cannot even call him a human being anymore because humans respect others and do not continually sexually molest other men on a television show much less suggest that gang raping a girl who is passed out is a funny thing. I feel so sorry for the guys on this show who have been totally molested by Frankie time and time again after they have asked him to stop. If this had been in a outside job scenario Frankie would be terminated and be sitting in a prison cell. There have been many gay men on this show and have known many in real life and none of them have acted like the sex crazed psycho that Frankie has and he blames it on him being Gay and in a house with good looking men but his actions are not normal!! It is almost frightening to think what he is like outside of the house and what he could of done to other young men because he has no boundaries or morality whatsoever. Hope they sue CBS/BB for not doing something to protect their rights just as a company would of had to of done in the outside world because they are in essence employees of CBS and his actions are just WRONG!

BB Jon

Enough with all this hate of Frankie. Sure Frankie is vile, manipulative, disgusting, an animal, we heard it all before. My real issue with Frankie this season is that he is Derrick’s puppet. He is trying too hard to fit in with the guys when they are plotting to kick him out. True, Frankie has an enormous ego, he is hard to watch and listen to but this is BB, people shouldn’t invest too much emotion on one specific house.
PS: I am a Zak and Donny fan, just tired off all the negativities.


Sorry BB Jon, but Frankie deserves every bit of the hate he is getting and a LOT, LOT, LOT MORE. That thing, Frankie, suggesting euthanizing Zach, wanted Jocasta to kill herself, wanted to punch Nicole in the mouth, wanted Donny to die, and suggested gang raping a woman passed out and watch her bleed because she was a virgin and that oh he does not deserve the Hate. SERIOUSLY, you think the HATE for FRANKIE IS ENOUGH ALREADY NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE FOR HIM I SUSPECT WHEN HE GETS OUT OF THE HOUSE. Even news and social media outlets absolute hate this thing. His coming on this show is not going to be a positive for either him or his family!

Franke is a narcissistic arse face

Well said.

Frankie is not so Grande

Methinks the troll is strong with this one. I will sit back and enjoy the carnage (better than these morons in the house). Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the hard work. Great job as always!


He’s already said he’s not giving all the money. First he said he was only giving the TA money. Then when the TA money hit what they thought was 20k he said he’s only giving his stipend. He’ll only give what the family tax accountant says he needs to give to offset his taxes

And its about time Caleb and Cody put a stop to Fakie’s groping and grabbing their private parts. He’s always talking about sexual acts and humping anything that moves like a dog. So ready for them to give him the boot and watch them boo him.


Sooo, you haven’t watch BB before? Because those of us who do know the winner doesn’t get Americas favorite. Plus, have you notice, maybe YOU haven’t, poor OLD (looking) Frankie, cannot seem to find a good camera angle? Every time he’s on screen he looks horrible. Maybe poor lighting, maybe old makeup, probably the evil oozing from his pores. Ya just know when he says he loves someone, he is really thinking “die die die!”

No Way

There is no way that Frankie is going to win Americas Favorite lol. That old man Donny has it locked up, but even if he didn’t….Frankie sealed his fate when he screwed Zach over and then made the rape comments and then of course he can’t keep his hands off of any of the guys in the house. I don’t care for Frankie at all….he sucks. However, he is playing a good game and I hope and pray that he goes home this week. But I stand by the fact that he is not going to win Americas Favorite.


If Ariana tweets to vote for Frankie for AFP, he’ll win.


I think you’re the sucka if you actually believe Frankie is going to give his prize money (if any) or stipend to building schools in Africa. He was in the backyard one night a few weeks ago and he told Derrick that he won’t actually be using that money to donate for his charity. He said he might use a bit of the TA money, but nothing else. Those words came from his own shitty mouth.

Waaaaait for it!!

Yes, I’ll be holding my breath for these imaginary schools Fakie plans to build in Africa! Newsflash,Frankie and his family are already very well off/rich and if he was gonna build schools in Africa it would’ve already happened!!! Pretty crass using that as a ploy to have America rooting for him, but of the many things Fakie is…. stupid isn’t one of them!


I can’t wait for Wednesday when Frankie realizes non of this matter and he gets evicted live haha


Derrick will be evicted after the reset.


I can’t see that happening but if it does to would be a shocking episode

Is it just me...

Victoria keeps looking hotter and hotter each week. She could be the prettiest house guest on BB from what I remember. Maybe Rachael in her first year was a bit prettier but Victoria is smoking hot lately.


Whatever drugs you are taking they must be very powerful and mind altering because Victoria is not even in the top 50% of the best looking women that have been on the show. Perhaps the bottom 25% at best and that is stretching it quite a bit.


I think Victoria without makeup is extremely pretty. With makeup, she looks older and very plastic.
If only she would go the rest of the season sans makeup and hair extensions….


Its just you, there have been way hotter girls in the house. Brittney and Amber this year!

Team Anyone

You wouldn’t be saying that if Brittney was still in the house… And btw where is Victoria getting all of these crazy necklaces and dresses? Did she really pack all this crap for a HOUSE show? wow. And someone please tell that girl to get rid of those white shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Hefner

She’s barely in the top 8 this season. She may beat out Christine

Michael Angelo

My rescue mutt would beat out Christine. Lose the “may”. Victoria is attractive until she opens her mouth.

Team Anyone

And if Derrick is truly like her big brothrer, what’s up with asking him if he’s “coming to take a nap?!” Wtf? My girlfriends don’t ask their brothers to take naps with them and then crawl in bed with them. She is a little girl with some serious probs. i’d probably keep Derrick up all night bitching that he should have tossed that girl outta bed- if I was his wife…


Uh, yes. It’s just you.


Well Frankenstein all of your power means absolutely nothing this week..I just hope & pray he doesn’t win HOH or Veto again!!! These other morons better step it up & send his ass out the door this week I bet Cody wished he would’ve listened to Mr.Oink!




They others have at least one more half chance to get rid rid of Frankie before the final two. Since he cannot win back to back HOH’s if he wins this week. he can’t play the week after. The best bet is to just stick him up on the block and get him out of there. No pussyfooting around waiting for the perfect backdoor opportunity to present itself because that ship has already sailed. Just keep him from winning the POV dammit. PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS


Agreed! But it is amazing that Skankie keeps winning all these comps. The question is he that good or are they letting him win? I don’t know the answer, but it seems strange that the three stooges (C, D, C) cannot beat me. It makes no sense unless it was set up by BB who has had enough of the Skank, to see him fall big time on Wednesday. Priceless!


So tired of Dubdick and his braying to to the cameras. He’s like donkey from Shrek. But at least donkey was funny!

Prince Aanchu

I know it seems redundant as hell voicing one’s displeasure of how this season has turned out.. but honestly, Frankie is a little bitch who is a sexual predator disguised as a YouTube ‘mogul’.. so much for the most twisted summer ever.. Thanks cbs


I agree I think he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR also. He just cannot keep it in his pants and no gay men act like that but sexual predators do! Mothers, I would lock up my sons because something is seriously wrong with Frankie!!


Derrick acts like a sexual predator with Victoria. He first groomed her than fondled her and now he wants to dispose if her.

Puff Daddy Derrick's Pig Nose (oo)!!

Yes it won’t be long until Chris Hansen from ‘To Catch a Predator’ is talking with Derrick!!


If CBS thinks this is a good season, I will not watch next season. They have allowed this sexual pervert to get away with things that should land him in jail. Do the viewers have to expect this behavior from now on? Is CBS doing a reality show where they allow molestation, perversion and threats of physical harm? Do they have the contestants sign a waiver so they are unable to sue afterwards? Victoria should file a lawsuit. …Cody and Caleb should file a lawsuit. Just think…Frankie will be the first BB contestant to come out of the house with multiple lawsuits. If CBS allows this for future BB shows than it’s only fair they have a lesbian who can molest the girls. After all if they don’t then it sexual discrimination. CBS SHOULD be sued. I hope Frankie Gets more boos than Christine. ..of course Cody will probably have some too.


That was my point…anyone who did not win the $500K will be in line for that lawsuit!…Actually…I might get into that one too…I am offended that I had to watch that!!!… 🙂


Jan, one of the best posts I have ever read on here. Parents of these house guests need to contact their attorneys asap and on finale night hand the sexual pervert, Frankie, a whole bunch of lawsuits right on national television. Now that would make for EPIC TELEVISION!!! If he wins BB like Production wants him too, he will need that money to pay off all the lawsuits coming his way and CBS will be fighting a sexual discrimination lawsuit if they do not put a lesbian on there who is touching and molesting all of the girls next year. It would only be exactly what both Sexual Molester, Frankie, and CBS so rightly deserve! I cannot believe that Julie Chen laughs when Frankie talks about her. I mean Chen did not find the gang rape suggestion utterly revolting. I do not care how much they paid me I could not be nice to that pervert after that comment. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH YOUR INTEGRITY and Chen sold hers down the river by being nice to him. She is no JOURNALIST because a real journalist would of called the pervert out for his comment!


Jan and Anonymous, you both are delusional. It’s a game. It’s a reality show. Get a grip!!
There will be no lawsuits and they will all be forgotten in a few months. Frankie will go on to be a pariah on his sister and will live off his family. The only worry any of them have are Derrick and Christine who may have divorce papers waiting for them. Where is your concern over Derrick’s wife and Christine’s husband? Not to mention Derrick’s little girl.
I also think Victoria’ parents may have a conversation with Derrick about his actions on the show and that would be appropriate given his suggestive dialogue and physical demonstration of their daughter having sex with the Zingbot and his joining in Frankies conversation about their daughter being tag teamed by Cody and Caleb. That was pure filth and brought disrepute on all involved while degrading a young girl. Shameful!


Laughing at Frankie’s speech about all this power he has and really he has none. Someone take him off this week


Casting casting casting
If big brother wants to make a good season instead of the crap we saw this year, they need not cast ringers like Derrick into the game. He should never have been allowed on this show with that group of naive hgs.
If the really want to make a mark and relaunch BB, they should cast the following type of people all on the same season: psychiatrists, used car salesmen, undercover cops, televangelist, personal injury attorneys, us boarder patrol agents, circus carneys, insurance claim adjusters, survivalist moonshiners, PTA moms from Orange County, arbitration consultants, local news weathermen and any other profession where lying to someone’s face and refusing to take any responsibility for your actions are a necessary requirement for your job


You are giving Derr way too much credit. Derr did one thing well… stay off the radar and get everyone to trust and like him. Other than that he really hasn’t had that much power in this game. The first half of the game Frankie made the decisions and Derr just backed him up. The second half of the season he has helped make the decisions but they were TERRIBLE decisions and that is the reason he won’t make it to the final 2. Derr has done nothing of relevance other than keeping the target off his back.. that’s great but it won’t win you the game. Where they failed in casting is not with Derr but with Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, Amber, Pao, Joey.. they are all fame whores or completely oblivious to how to play big brother.


I agree with you that Derrrick won’t make it to final 2. He has not played as good as a game as people are giving him credit and the last 2 weeks have shown the weakness of his game. He has bought into his own shi6 and that will be his downfall but I think he is clueless that he is in trouble. I think he gives himself so much credit that he can’t believe that anyone can beat him.

Michael Angelo

I disagree completely. If we are talking about flaws in casting, Derrick isn’t the problem…not even close. The problem is that they cast a throng of pretty idiots who could be manipulated by Derrick. Had they cast a few people other than Donny who actually had a brain in their heads, Derrick would not have been able to gain control of the house and keep it for as long as he has.

The problem is that most casual viewers, the largest portion of the BB audience, want dumb, pretty people. I’ll take a Derrick over a Victoria and Cody any day of the week.


I don’t think you read my post very well so let me point out the 2 salient points:

1) Derrick was a ringer: they should not cast people with Derrick’s training on the show without casting other people with similar training. Thus the list of people who are similar in skill sets as a police officer who would have been more evenly matched with Derrick in the manipulation department.
2) Casting dropped the ball this season by casting naive people in too great a number than usual. You can have good looking and interesting people who also are strategic. They got it wrong early on and that ruined the season before it even started.

I think a season that comprise a house full of people from the professions listed would be over the top. They could throw a few naive people into the mix as floaters but how much fun would it be to see a group of A list manipulators battle it out in the BB house!


Ariana grandes new album is sooooo good it’s called my everything


So? What has that to do with Big Brother? Does Frankie mumble on it too?


who is she? never heard of her


Thank you, Ariana. You run along now…

Butters Mom

and every time she comes on the radio, I think of her disgusting brother Frankinshit and change the station.

Cereal Commercial

Boy, General Mills should get in on advertising on this show, all these monsters do on feeds is eat cereal, often with almond milk. That is other company that should get in on this. In other words, most boring season EVER if that is all I can seem to retain from TVGN and live feeds.


I’ve love to see Donny in Pop Tarts commercials. America would love that.


Word is “Silk”, the maker of the almond soy milk that they’re drinking will be filing a cease and desist order in the federal courts on Monday.

Nana B

It amazes me that the HG’s cannot figure out what is going on…all of a sudden Derrick notices things missing. He and Frankie decide to do a neighborhood watch…after 24 hours it is all over and forgotten.
Now these same two see a rat running rampant through the house, of course no one else sees anything and after 3 hours we all just go to bed and not think about it again.
Come on people…get real!


. Yes! lol.
And I thought Caleb and Cody heard someone scream Frankie is the saboteur but dismissed it. They act like if they aren’t group thinking than it’s not worth rationalizing or considering things on their own. I think people like Caleb and some others aren’t intensely motivated to actually win but seems to infatuated by the other stuff like being popular blah blah blah. You have them mentioning whether some is being asked back for All Stars. I mean really?

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Brains for Sale. $1.99 and up. Batteries not included.

Team Anyone

Or how Cody suddenly sees a photo of Derrick in a cop uniform (allegedly). Derrick says, um, wait, um… let me explain that… sends it back to Production, then Cody forgets all about it. No one brings is up ever again.


Yeah, it is strange how they seem to be oblivious to the clues that are given to them. They don’t even question what is going on. I really think Cody and Caleb are clueless or afraid to question the alliance. I hope that they are asked about this behavior and why they just let things slide.


Did they really pass the mission last night by pretending they saw a mouse for 2.5 hours..?!?
They didn’t wear down any competition because they did it after veto (should of had to do it before)
They didn’t stay up long… people were napping up until midnight and all said they were going to stay up all night anyways before the mouse bullshit even began (should of had to carry on the charade for x number of hours, 12+ at least)…
So basically these two get $5000 for saying “i think I saw a mouse, we should try to catch it” and playing along for 2.5 hours… WTF?!??!? how is this even a mission or a team America challenge… it has made an already pathetic season just unbearable!!! (Plus made Frankie/derrick think they are still loved, where America wanted to let them know they are hated!) This might be where big brother finally jumps the shark 🙁

And this twist!! Could have been okay if done weeks ago when Nicole/Donny on block… waited to long… but then to make matters worse they THEN screw it up by revealing the twist too early… Of course they won’t make big moves playing scared of the unknown… They won’t even tell Vic she’s the target they are so scared (what the hell could she do about it anyways)… I think they shouldn’t have unlocked the room/ button until AFTER the Veto ceremony… Letting them know about the twist before Veto ensured another lame ass week in the big brother house! Unbelievable!!


Have any of them mentioned or talked about the rodent today? Just wondering (not watching the feeds).

Teri B

This show jumped the shark for me weeks ago, yet here I am, still lurking on the board. LOL (I also had to watch Crustine getting booed the other night.) Mostly it’s just a yawn-fest and I read here.

I agree with TA Sucks that these idiots did nothing-to-little to earn the money last night. Ridiculous really. Seems like they are just trying to give the boys money for whatever reason (other than Frankie and Derrick are Production’s little darlings…excuse me while I puke).

Also while I’m venting, I have a suspicion that Production has told at least Derrick what the reset button means. And also, how do they know it’s even a “RESET” button to begin with? And what does “reset” ever mean in BB but resetting the game? Just sayin.



I doubt Derrick knew or he would have been talking them INTO pushing it instead of playing devil’s advocate. Caleb and Cody were trying to figure out how much MONEY it could mean for them! But what I found odd was that when they were deciding whether to push it or not (like there was any real possibility that they would NOT push it) I distinctly heard Frankie say “It could be a RESET BUTTON, I won’t be HOH anymore and we have to start over!” How would he even suspect that?


becuase they did the reset in bb 14 when frank was about to get evicted and the coaches played the game, that was my first thought when i saw the button (before julie announced it) so its possible..they dont come up with any real new twists these days, just slightly change them from years before and make them worse lol


The only All Stars on this season that could possibly come back are Nicole (for being willing to make big moves & for being a fan and past house guests favorite) & Donny (for obvious reasons).

Victoria you got two more chances to save your self HoH isn’t that hard to win.

Big Baby 16 has been a super boring season.


I agree… Nic’s biggest weakness is her emotion and allowing people to use that against her (aka Derr), however after watching the season I think she could learn from it. Derr wouldn’t last in all-stars not only because his game wasn’t that great but because everyone would know how he works so he would be out in a heartbeat. I can see CBS bringing back Hayden just to soak up the whole Nic/Hayden showmance. Frankie has the potential to be an all star but after all of the backlash he is getting it won’t happen (Thank the Lord!). I can see them bringing back Zach because of the following he has gotten and like Nic I do think he would learn from his mistakes and become a better player but I don’t see him lasting long because anyone who watched this season wouldn’t want an alliance with him.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Donny for All-Stars. Maybe Zach. No more Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Christine, or Nicole.


all stars isnt about favourites..Nicole got evicted twice her game wasn’t good,she did try to make a big move but she wasn’t good in the social aspect at all. I could see Donny coming back just becuase hes likeable, but i would actually like to see derrick in an all stars. I am a Derrick fan, I would like to see if he would kick it up a notch and beable to play the same game( would just be harder for him) You can;t hate on him for being casted with a bunch of idiots


What do you mean they dont cast fan favs as all stars?
1- Rachel
2- Daniele
3- Dick
4- Dan (best player ever)
5- Britany
6- Jeff
7- Jordan
8- Brendan
9- Janelle
10- Mike

Ok there all Fan Faves and all came back. I wouldn’t put Derrick/Frankie on that list at all.

Nicole & Donny would bring viewers people like underdogs no one would watch Derrick and root for him against people like Daniele or Jeff.

As far a fan Favs Nicole & Donny are in the mix with Britany or Jeff.

As far as great game play Derrick is bottom of the barrel against Dick or Dan.


I can’t believe that Derrick is drawing attention to the MIRRORS, like uh, weren’t those there in the HN room already? Aren’t those all over the fricking house already? You really want to focus on mirrors, and not the rest of the wall or whatever?

Caleb as usual stumbles onto the real reason while suggesting a number of possibilities, and still the only guy who actually does come up with the real effect of the gold button lol.

Altho i actually really like the idea that it should be a BoB situation, they’d have to win BoB or the noms are completely switched, and if they are switched, another POV and Frankie is open to going up as a replacement nominee. I think that is a better idea actually, plus draws in the BoB from the beginning of the season to the ending of the season with just enough HGs to actually do it.

I'm Telling You

Derrick knows the twist – he’s already planting seeds to get Frankie out – he knows he won’t be able to compete for HOH – I’m not saying I like him – but he has studied the game and knows what happened the last time there was a reset button. Remember Nichole went home because she compared his game playing to Dan’s – and Dan played the season that had the reset….

Watch Sesame Steet

You know reading about how “boring this season is” from people, is boring in itself. If its so boring WTF not watch something else then. Don’t you think you sound like idiots continuing to watch something you constantly say is boring. Especially when there is only 5 people left. Guess what, season is almost over. You know the one you have been watching the whole time. Soo boring. How about STFU and enjoy it or bugger off.

Team Anyone

Well, it IS boring and I still watch… Hell even the HGs are bored! Wth we are watching Cody, Caleb, and Frankie comparing their asses!!

Lawnmower Man

People have been saying it way before it was just the 5. Reading spoilers and then calling the show predictable. This part of it is slow because its only a few people in the house, but to keep on about how “boring” it is , is more monotonous to read then watching just the 5 hgs.


It’s boring seeing simple minded writings from simple minded people like you. If we’re so boring then quit reading the comments or STFU douchebag!


Victoria why r u crying? UGH–what a spoiled brat! You ‘re lucky to have made it this far and b/c this week is null and void you’re going to make it even further—for doing absolutely nothing.


The only reason The Princess Cried runs off sobbing all the time is because she hopes that pasty turd, Chief Wiggum will go after her to console…which is funny because he never does, usually…

Thor's Sister

Im sorry but I don’t think Frankie has been a beast this season. I personally think hes a real ass. What I actually LOL about is when they said they think he might be back for All Stars. Hahahaha could you imagine. Chicken George was bad enough (for ALL Stars I mean) but imagine watching Frankie again for another season. I can not wait to see his face when he hears his “power” is gone.

Jody H

Actually, the only reason I might want Frankie for an all star season is because if he tries any of his grabbing crap, he will DEFINITELY be put in his place. No one else but this group would put up with it. Would be funny to have him learn he’s not all that…


You can not rape the willing and Cody and Caleb apparently are standing in line for seconds.

Jules Winnfield

No one was paying attention to Caleb when he was talking about the words in that room. It was really a smart guess (and right too) but he was kind of brushed off. Hes sometimes like rainman.He has a good thought and then it just flees into the wind like it was never there. I can almost taste it when Julie tells them what the button was for and Frankies standing there with his jaw on the floor. Better then a cheese burger.

*Check out the big brains on Caleb*


This is why people are so confused about Caleb, whether he is the dumbest player, or a smart player. I am going with a smart player, playing a dumbbell. There are too many times he has reasons things out over the others, and then of course he will say something stupid right after that. He has said before he is playing a character, I have decided to believe him.
Now if things go as in the past, the others will think on what Caleb told them about the gold button, then {usually Derrick }they will decide that Caleb is probably right, before the day is over it will be Derrick’s idea.


What Cody said was very sweet. I really like this kid. Considering the kinds of people in this world this kid seems like a good one. Regardless of things that were done in the house. I do feel a small level of guilt when judging other peoples actions even though I know they put themselves out there and they know whats going to happen and they will be judged. I could not tell you the things I would do or not do in the house to make sure I made it to the end. Shameful yes, truth, also yes.

Anyway cant wait to see Frankie out on his blue shorts 😛


It is just so obvious production is cluing Frankie in on everything. He’s constantly letting that slip . You don’t hear Cody or Caleb revealing production tips. They are in the dark, & I don’t think it’s just that they are less intuitive.
Also they haven’t been given practice setups for the comps this year. I didn’t want to believe this bb was set up to be the Ariana/ Frankie show, but now that’s pretty obvious. Please prove me wrong!!! Last year’s winner was totally unlikable, but Frankie is flat out disgusting & despicable.


Listen I dislike Frankie just as much as anyone but you can’t discount how many competitions he’s won. I mean holy shit lol.


It is easy to win COMPS when they are tailored to your particular abilities. Have you not notice that BB has not had ONE endurance comp this year and they usually have a few because Production knows SKankie could not win an endurance comp. This entire season has been about keeping that deviant skank on the show!! Endurance comps would of helped Caleb and Hayden, but Hayden was not one of the chosen few. Do not give Skankie any credit on comps because it really is not deserved when Production tailors them for you!


I actually think you are wrong.. a lot of the typical endurance comps like the wall are better suited for females. However, Frankie has more of a smaller body type and I therefore think he would crush a comp like the wall… unless his poor body has circulatory problems with the cold water and he wimps out.


Theres been multiple endurance comps this season lol

Any mouse

Yes that’s true, there has not been a long endurance, sprayed down with cold water comp yet. Usually there are a couple of those aren’t there?

I vote to evict Grodner

His competition record is grossly inflated. Not only did production cave into his demands about not having any endurance comps, the Battle of the Block added in extra opportunities for him to win competitions compared to previous seasons.

Winning lots of competitions is also overrated. Dr. Will didn’t win a single HOH competition during BB2, and there was no such thing as a POV yet. Nobody cared about how many competitions people won until Rachel started up with her obnoxious “floaters get a lifevest” schtick towards anyone who wasn’t winning competitions. Yet another reason why Brenchel ruined Big Brother.

Any mouse

Caleb actually did Frankie a huge favor by not playing/throwing the POV with him, that comp was easier for 1 player to do it than 2.


Yawn… The twist of the summer will save Victoria. I was looking forward to not having to hear her chew her food like a cow chews on its cudd.


Wouldn’t it be wild if Victoria won the next HOH and put up Frankie and Cody

Victoria wins HOH?

Victoria wins HOH, and that’s the one that sends Frankie packing. That would be the most important move thus far in the game! Sounds hysterical, and the guys would probably pee themselves. Now that is worth watching. Make it happen Victoria!

Mtn Feet

If that happens and Vic sends Frankie home, it’s just another example of someone doing
Derrick’s dirty work for him!!!


Not likely Victoria is going to win HOH. If by some miracle she does, Derrick will BOWING down to her highness – Princess Clueless. After she asks Derrick what to do to please him and his game – she will definitely make the biggest move of the season and put up Frankie and Cody. If one of them win POV, Caleb goes up. So, one of the three guys will go home if she is HOH. She will have done Derrick’s dirty work and once again – no blood on his hands.


why do they need more live feed subscriptions this late in the game? Maybe what is actually happening is they make $$ when people click onto the live feed site, (advertising) and that is what they are trying to do.

However, isn’t it the obvious thing that they did the Veto meeting today because the show airs on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. It isn’t actually rocket science, other things will take place one day early because of the schedule changes duh.

Frankie wants so bad to tell Victoria to her face that she never had a chance, i just think that is just more about him and his desire for TV time. After all, the most likely person to do this is Derrick, not Frankie. Just another example of being mean for mean’s sake.

Victoria is seen as saying it already, to Derrick, it’s not like she’s doesn’t notice there aren’t any other females in the house, or that they’ve been picked off one by one, to the detriment of many people’s games actually, especially when it came to sending Nicole home rather than putting up Frankie to go home.

Lawnmower Man

I cant believe he actually thinks he has “wielded tremendous power in this game” Dear Lord the man is diluted. I cant believe there is any more room in that big head of his for any more thoughts about how great he is and what kind of person he actually thinks he is.
He acts like a 12 year old kid. No not young at heart, a big old grown ass immature man child. I cant believe that over the years no one has told this person to keep his friggin hands to himself.
This is usually the point where the HG’s want someone out so bad and that person starts to win things to save themselves. Usually when I say, “Okay I guess this guy/girl has earned it and you start to root for the underdog. This is the first time I have wanted this underdog crushed under a pile of bricks. (not literally of course) Someone needs to tell this guy about himself. He obviously doesn’t know.


LOL…. Frankie was actually paraphrasing Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln. Frankie I have watched Daniel Day Lewis perform and Frankie you are no Daniel Day Lewis.

Michael Angelo

I don’t think that I could possible concoct a scenario where Frankie was the underdog. More importantly, someone who has managed to be so horrid for 30+ years isn’t going to listen when he’s told that he’s an evil douche. He has conditioned himself to buy into his own hype for way too long. He seems like the kind of person who would respond to criticism with…”you’re just jealous.”


Here is the conversation when Derprick tells Victory-less that he isn’t voting for her:
Deprick (cupping his hand aroudn Vic’s hands) – You know I want the F2 to be you and me babe. You know that right? You believe in us, don’t you?
Vic – (Looking lovingly into Der’s eyes) I do (wedding bells ringing in her head)
Der – But the house, the house, Caleb and Frankie want to keep Cody. (big sigh).So, so, so I got to, I got to vote with the house. You see that don’t you?
Vic – Starts to cry; What sea? You mean the Pacific Ocian? looks around for a mirror.
Der – Dont cry. It’s just a game. But it’s game you want me to win, right? Didn’t you say you wanted me to win?
Vic – Nods her head. So Derrick will you help me pick out a dress for the vote?
Derrick nods as they walk hand in hand into the mist.
Vic – I do. I mean, I did.
Der – Then, for us, you understand I’m doing this for us. I’m voting to keep Cody over you.
Vic –


FRANKIE….Time out..plop a squat face first in the corner and STFU!


Why is Derrick worried about telling Victoria he’s going to vote her out??? For crying-out-loud, all he has to say is, “I have to vote with the house” – which has been said for every other vote this pitiful season.


Because he’s worried about her jury vote!


Frankie is a total douche bag just for the fact of wanting to tell Victoria that she has/had no chance. What a total prick. He just wants to hurt her for no reason.Hes not doing it so shes not “blindsided” he just wants to do it because. Im pretty sure she will find out anyway . I think its terrible how he is looking so forward to hurting someone. Wow, especially someone he said was like a little sister, very nice Frankie. Great Tv you fame whoring little shit.

Mickey Mouse

The “rat” jeez man where are they New York?


Why do producers cast despicable homosexual men into the BB house? It gives us, gay men such a bad name. I’ve never hated a BB houseguest as much as Andy and Frankie. Can’t wait for this pink peacock to gtfo.


JMO I think being gay has nothing to do with them being despicable. They would be just as hateful if they were straight.


Simon and Dawg,
Thank you for operating this website keeping us up to date. I just purchased something using the Amazon link on this website. Will this link always be here or just when BB is airing?



Yup that link will be around and active year round.

Any mouse

Simon, when do we get to vote for America’s favorite?


Sorry I Don’t know

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Good to know that your link to Amazon will be up year-round. I buy stuff off of there, but more around the holidays. I bought some rockets from there via your site earlier this summer, and will send a direct donation soon, but if every Amazon purchase I make can also send a little more your direction, I am all for that!!! 🙂


Derrick – I have to vote for who played the best game.
Victoria – But that’s me!
Derrick (angrily) – I’ve been a grown ass honest man! Are you trying to grow a brain?
Victoria – I’m sorry Derrick! Of course you have to vote me out. Thank you.

Oh Cody.,.,

You are such a diva bitch it’s ridiculous how you call Frankie’s wins lucky… LOL WHAT WERE YOURS ?! One POV you had thrown to you, the HOH was a lucky guess omg princess floater you are the most idiotic loose cannon in the house that thought he was going to wheel your cuddling buddy crusty to the final 2 with…


Hey simon dawg will you guys be coving the new show utopia ne where if u have answered sorry been away for a bit????


No not at the moment. We probably won’t have the time.

Frankie's Life Coach, who is Christine's pastor

I love how F. proudly announces “I’ve wielded a lot of power in this game!,” just days before the reset. If the HGs weren’t aware of his sense of power in the game before, he’s made it clear for them now. (BTW you can think F’s game is great and root for him for the win, that’s fair … but you won’t convince anyone who’s actually been watching the feeds that he’s a decent person, whether gay or straight, based on what he’s chosen to show us all summer. Totally different thing.)


like I said before when Wednesday comes Victoria will be on the block but she has on jeans and her hair is ratty Julie says the week will be replayed Victoria will jump up and say to the guys in on now bitches on live tv hey you wanted ratings then Victoria says little shout out to all the fellow bird abductees hoola lets do this


So TA is still under the delusion that they are not allowed to tell anyone about TA or they lose all the $$ (not true), and that they’ve won more tasks than they actually have.

Awesome, looking forward to illusions being shattered.

mission 1 pass
2. pass (tho it was lame, and production obviously gifted them being able to use Amber)
3. FAiL (no argument happened, altho it was a good try)
4. FAIL (wouldn’t vote against the majority of the house — this is the point where America’s votes were obviously trying to hurt TA (D&F’s) personal games, but D&F are still clueless about that fact)
5. FAIL (D & F refused to get anyone other than the nominees on the block, another attempt by America to get D&F into some trouble with the HGs)
6. Pass (but to be honest this is the kind of option that all TA tasks should have been, not the other ones)
7. Fail (overwhelmingly)
8. probably will pass

So 3 out of 7,= $15K What do they think it is so far, without #8? $25K?



Derrick’s a pig, frankie’s a ham, caleb’s a swine, victoria is a boar and cody has pork for brains.

Chief Piggums

Thanks Production for telling Frankie that that POV ceremony was going to be live. I can’t imagine how much more prancing Frankie did because he knew for a fact he had his moment to shine.

I vote to evict Grodner

Has anyone else seen the Facebook post Frankie wrote about one of his “charity” trips to Africa? Let’s just say, he makes everyone who was on last season look like the nicest, most tolerant people alive. Frankie is the most vile HG to ever be on the show.

gags Beazly

How insulting to think that CBS think we are that dumb to think that anyone cares about Jeff proposing to Jor-dumb Loyld. After a shit season they throw this at us to make up for a boring season.

There would only be one worse winner then Jor-dumb: Victoria could do it if she won.


What is Caleb’s Obsession that he is going to win America’s Player!?!?! He’s his own biggest fan… and probably one of his only fans! Ugh!


Because Derrick fed him that line and we all know Caleb will believe anything that strokes his ego. Derrick did it to make him focus on something other than F2.


Even with the rewind, Victoria still won’t step up to the plate to win anything or think for herself….she will rely on everyone else to tell her what to do, possibly even out the door. Hopefully, Caleb will listen to his gut instead of Frankie and Derrick stroking his ego to manipulate him. In hindsight, everyone is realizing Nicole did not lie, about Frankie and regrets not getting him out sooner….not a smart move….

new to BB 14

My only hope for this season is that Frankie gets evicted before the Final 2 and receives as many if NOT more boo’s then Christine!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Donny he has to live in the Jury house with Christine and his GF’s name is Christine!!

I do hope Donny & his GF Christine get picked for The Amazing Race I bet the two of them could make it to the last episode if not win the whole thing!!!!!!!!!

Calib & Frankie on Survivor PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEE!! Jeff Probst would call for a special tribal council where the other survivor members would be allowed to sacrificed them like in the HBO tv series Games of Thrones!!!!!

not gonna happen

Frankie would never be on Survivor…. There’s no HOH bed


Back to old tricks – I love watching Victoria’s two moves: crying and trying to rub up on any guy (which has become Derrick now that everyone rejected her aggressive advances – including Frankie).
I always nap with brother – don’t you? Kind of incestuous.
Stomps her feet and wants to smack people when she doesn’t get her way – classic diva, overestimating her powers of …..anything.
I hope she sits right back on the block after rewind – anyone but her taking money home is better than her behind the ‘black mark’ on this season for so many reasons.


There is only on America;s favorite and it sure as hell isn’t Caleb or Fakie, Donny all the way!! these people left are nuts if any of them think they will win America’s anything! Donny! Donny! Donny!

28-10 in favor of cody? what happened to this site?

you people seriously like cody now? because of ONE thing that weenie douche said?

wow. the memory. lets forget him being a pansy for the entire summer. he said something nice! he is like Donny then! I mean cmon people.


The two people I do not want to see win Big Brother are Cody and Victoria.


Is there any game Victoria can win?


Yes – real cheap imitation of Kardashian game show – coming to Bravo with Andy Cohen.


EVICToria LOL ahhaha good one!


Dawg: you are the best site to monitor for BB. You guys do agreat job of detailing and summarizing the events.

I stopped watching after Donny was eliminated because I could not stomach watching the remaining dregs of the houseguests, particularly Frankie and Derrick. I routinely check this site in hopes that something has changed to validate JC’s claims of most twisted season…. I expect the “rewind” to be nothing but another disappointment. Your site is the only bright spot in what is a very disappointing season.


Hey Saywaht, Thanks! glad you like the spoilers.