Meg won a cruise on Rob Gronkowski’s party ship. “I never win sh*t like that!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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9am – 10:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Julia, Shelli, Audrey, Meg are getting ready for the Veto Ceremony that will happen today. Audrey and Shelli comment on how the backyard door is locked. Audrey says maybe its locked so we don’t mess it up. Shelli says I think they’re setting something up. Audrey says I wonder what it could be. Shelli says its nice when its quiet like this. Audrey says I would normally agree but its judgement day. Julia comments on how maybe its a Gronk Party. They’re definitely building something. Jason joins them in the kitchen to eat breakfast. Jason says Gronk says he likes winners, so what are you going to do to reward the winner?!

10:15am – 10:40am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights. When the feeds return. Meg says it was so sweet. It was like 5 different juices. (They had to choose a glass of juice and chug it. The winner was the one with something in their cup.) It was like a jungle juice, just no alcohol. Vanessa says that’s exciting. Clay says Megs going to do a little tongue action on Gronk. Julia asks hashtag jealous! Meg you can come visit me and party before your cruise!! Jackie says Gronks family is going to love Meg. Meg says my family is not going to let me go. Just kidding. They tell her she probably gets to bring a plus one. Meg says I never win sh*t like that! Like chance sh*t like that. Meg won a free cruise on Rob Gronkowski’s party ship over the next yaer that sails from Miami to Gronk’s private island in the Bahammas. Clay says I really wanted to win that! That would have been cool!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 10-40-01-258

10:55am – 11am HOH room – Vanessa talks to Julia about what she will say during the Veto ceremony. Julia asks what is the compliment you’re going to say? Vanessa says this person is hysterical, fun to be around, athletic, intelligent, charismatic, persuasive, and has all the ingredients to win this game which makes him a huge threat and on top of that this week I did some fact finding.. Vanessa says ugh I’m going to suck. Julia goes to get Austin to help Vanessa with her re-nom speech.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 10-54-17-580

11:10am – 11:25am Jason and Johnny are in the backyard talking. Jason says it better to say what you’re going to do and stick with it because then people leave you alone and stop bugging you. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. Clay joins them. Johnny says if Audrey talks to me I just talk really loud so everyone can hear. Jason heads inside. Clay says I told Shelli it sucks we’re loosing one of our guys but.. Johnny says he talks to much. Clay says he’s in too many pockets. Johnny says my relationship with Becky .. when we talk we don’t mention names. She can keep her mouth shut. She would be a good replacement. Clay says that’s good to know. Clay says everybody likes her as far as you, me and Shelli. I don’t think she would ever throw one of us under the bus. But yeah we’ll look into that once whoever goes this week. Johnny says he just talks to much. Clay says that’s why I came to you and said talk less and listen more. Clay says you can’t burn any bridges because you don’t know who is going to be here and who isn’t.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 11-09-51-046

11:35am HOH room – Vanessa says I want to minimize people being pissed off. Shelli says I don’t think anyone will be surprise with what you’re going to do or pissed off. It’s obvious you guys didn’t have a good night. Vanessa says so I should take the opportunity to persuade people of the dangers of keeping someone in the game that will look you in the face in a room full of people and slander your name and let you take the fall for things for he’s done. Shelli says I would try not be too harsh. Because there are people that don’t want Jeff on the block. Meg, Jason and James. Shelli says its obvious that you turned on Jeff and that he is now your target. Everyone understands that Jeff is in the hot seat right now. Vanessa says last night Jeff built up this big thing on someone that betrayed me and it was Audrey. Shelli asks is that all he has?! Vanessa says I don’t trust Audrey but I don’t trust him more. I don’t want someone who is brilliant, talented, charismatic and has no morals to remain in the game. Vanessa says if I wasn’t HOH he never would have admitted it. Vanessa says he was scary in that moment. He lied in an attempt to make me become a target. Vanessa says that Jeff is implying that you started that alliance. Shelli says he is saying that I started that?! He started that! I never sent him to get other people because if he said that … that is some big a$$ bull!!! Vanessa says he was implying that you were the mastermind. Vanessa asks do you still trust Jackie? Shelli says I think I could. I think I could work on it. She doesn’t talk game but that’s kind of her strategy. Vanessa asks are you going to tell her you’re voting her out? Shelli says yeah I would be honest about it. Clay and Austin join them. Vanessa says I am like bathing in a bath of blood. I bit the bullet for the benefit of us. Public perception it can either come off as just me or it would make me feel a whole lot better if I had 3 allies backing me. I don’t want you to have this puppy dog look like you had nothing to do with it. Austin says that he apologized that it got to a blow up because I don’t like fights.

12:05pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights of the veto ceremony to take place.

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I survived last seasons BB

Hey Jeff……Your Big Brother race was not so amazing…Time for You to go

But My fav is definitely no longer Vanessa, She just works my nerves


so it sounds like the pov was the swap prizes competition. obviously meg, james, johnn, and vanessa played. do we know the other two players? anyone get a confinement or unitard punishment?

Doran Martell

I think they should have the buzz cut punishment like Caleb got from last season. Except this time hand it to austin/judas


Austin would self evict before he let them cut his hair.

Umm d

Ya d the pov comp was on Saturday wake up get with the program


very aware of that, but that post doesn’t contain results beyond john winning. used to be the veto players were listed in the header. mentioning it now because meg is discussing a cruise.


d, you are mixing two different comps. here is the list of veto players from Saturday I believe. (Scroll back trough the posts 2 page 2 “Veto players picked”

11:50am – 12:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the house guests to pick players for the power of veto competition.

Power of Veto Competition Players: Vanessa, James, Johnny Mac, Audrey, Austin, Shelli
Veto Host: BECKY

Today with meg there was some type of luxury comp related to the BB takeover with Gronk this week. She won a trip on his cruise to be used within the next year. Sounds like him and his family also attend. Not many details listed but I am sure it will be on TV Wed. or Thurs.

Hope that helps πŸ™‚


thanks for clearing that up. i realized i did know the veto players, i was just totally thrown by having an extra comp. no idea how they’ll fit that in unless maybe thursday is an endurance comp that they just start? i don’t think they’ll do a quiz until the twin twist is over as they’d have so much less to work with.


Actually not within the next year. The Cruise in question is Gronk’s Party Cruise. He just announced it like 5 days ago. From Feb 19th to 22nd is the cruise according to the website.


lol did you even read this post and HOW she won the cruise? lol -.-


Love that cruise, Meg should pick Becky!!!


She probably has some real life friends she could pick. Andrea Boehlke for example πŸ˜‰

Twistin' for the win

I so agree with you about Vanessa. So much so that when people refer to her as “Nessa” here it irks me! She ain’t no damn “Nessa”. Lol…it just irks the hell out of me…I probably need a pill myself!

can we stop

with the prizes? stop it! why are we not seeing punishments? the only good thing about the BB takeover is that awful takeover voice.

I want punishments. cmon CBS. Its not entertaining to watch people win stuff unless its at the expense of others….sigh. at least in early game that is.


It’s weird. Usually by now I have a clear cut favorite and I don’t this year. There is really no “jump out” personality that makes it fun.


I can relate. I want to root for Steve, but I’m just not there yet. Can’t get over how eager he is to please the comically convoluted and dysfunctional alliance(s) he’s tied to instead of creating his own strategy.


I agree! I initially thought it would be Meg, but she has certainly disappointed. I am now rooting for Becky!


Clay doing some scheming with JMac. i guess Shellie and Clay have something cooking outside the Austin and Vanessa alliances


It “irks” you I call her Nessa? Good to know. LOL.

I mainly call her that because it’s less letters to type than whatever weird reason you think it’s a positive towards her. But yeah I’m glad I hit a nerve. Shows u care:-p Joking..well kinda.:)

I survived last seasons BB

It kinda makes sense to call Her Nessa….As in Loch Ness(a) LOL


Can’t wait for Clay and Shellie to get caught in all their alliances. Vanessa won’t appreciate it.

Why ava

Vanessa has other people
She working with with to like Austin and Liz (threes company) so why can’t clay and shilli have other shit cooking


I think they would be smart to take out clay, after Jeff of course sooner rather than later. He is a threat, so is Austin…no real strong guys left after that.

free folk

clay giving jmac advice,..and saying jeff is over extended…can’t wait till he’s caught,oh what fun.


Clay, Keep picking JohnnyMac and throw competition. Let’s see how JohnnyMac wins HoH and puts up you and a pawn. You probably be stupid by now.



JonnyMac is the dark horse they don’t see coming. These idiots are going on emotion & paranoia. J-Mac is nice, friends with the house, doesn’t cause waves,can throw comps, win comps/vetos etc. He should pair up & make an alliance with Steve & Becky. They are a trust worthy group over all. Steve & them need to wake up! Those others offering them things, fake alliance’s, or wanting stuff from them will cut them loose or jeopardize their game in a heart beat. They are being used! Time to align, nobody would expect it either.

Dee says.

I hope Jeff leaves he has loose lips and he’s only wants too party and make it with every girl in the house,and why do people like v for vendetta she looked nuts in the second day crying to everyone about people being bully looked like bad acting to me..

not liking any of these people

this season is a real snoozer,so boring .

not liking any of these people

boring cast of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Angela M

I’ve got a serious headache from all this..


Really Vanessa?! You still have not put up Jeff yet?! Come on now! This BB season is a joke!


probably because the veto ceremony hasnt happened yet…


Becky, Steve, and Johnny Mac!


Just checking online. Didn’t realize Vanessa is among the top 5 of all female poker players, playing in tournaments in US, Monte Carlo, London etc. Career winnings over $3.5 million. Graduated from Duke in 2.5 years, a record. Then attended law school, in top 5% but left before graduating. Extensive wikipedia entry.


the one I hated the most on day 1 (johnnyMac) is the one I am rooting for.
WTF? haha that’s how bad these people are.

Go Johnny Mac you crazy loud dentist. πŸ™‚


“I bit the bullet for the benefit of us. Public perception it can either come off as just me or it would make me feel a whole lot better if I had 3 allies backing me.”
Alliance members – Nah, it’s ok, we’re good.

She’s definitely dragging her alliance down. Hopefully they cut her. Soon.


I’m ready for Thursday already!!! New HOH!!!


First pic may just be the way her pants crease but it sure look like Audrey had not had a change to tuck yet. Looks like her morning wood is showing. Or Shelli is turning her on πŸ™‚


Another gross comment from Dan.


I hope Vanessa wasn’t serious about not voting out Audrey because of the LGBT thing. It’s in fashion to be totally PC about trans gendering now. Not much was made of it, other than ridicule, when Chaz Bono came out. I guess you get no support unless you’re a “pretty” transgender.


To be fair, Chaz Bono was not really a great representative of transgender people. He said a lot of problematic things about women after his transition. He’s also leeched off his mother and has no real achievements of his own so what’s there to support?

I think Vanessa just hates Jeff, has to find a PC way. But she seems to have come out of closet earlier this year so I wouldn’t discount the fact that it’s a sensitive subject for her still.

GeekSquad McGee

Gronk: “Hmm I really like that Meg girl. Let’s set something up so she can win a cruise with me to my private island.”

tom t

dont you think its weird that it wasnt a contest but just luck? and the beautiful meg wins? i call bs…gronks cruise