Jeff called Jackie Easy “he was joking, but he was serious in his bro talk.. his frat boy talk”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-12-57-373_jpg

3:06pm HOH Austin, Audrey and Shelli
Talking about Jason, Meg, Jeff and James going around saying that the whole house wants Audrey out but in reality it’s just them bullying the outside players.

Austin – they’re trying to alienate and bully you (Audrey)
Austin says JohnnyMac’s game is to lay low and throw the HOH’s HE’s not going to be surprised if JOhnnyMac makes it to the end. At this point nobody would use a HOH to evict him.
Audrey says she had a dream that JohnnyMAc won.
Austin says they have to remember the parties for the HOH.
Audrey suggest they spread confusion about the Gronk party orders.

Audrey is worried if JAckie and Becky won HOH they would put her up.
Austin thinks if Becky is in power she’ll “Level” with him and he’ll be able to get some information. Austin adds that’s a tough pair for them to win HOH.
Audrey asks them if she has the votes to stay if she goes up next week. Austin says it depends who’s she up against. They agree as long as she has sleeper cell votes and Liz she’ll be safe.

Austin saying it’s getting harder and harder to backdoor someone, If Audrey is nominated straight up it’s not that terrible new she can now play in the BOB.
Austin warns them Jeff is going to go on a rampage this week. Jeff told him he’s going to out a huge alliance before he goes, something that will rock the house. Austin wonder what it’s going to be.
Audrey says it’s the Meg, Jason, James, Jeff alliance..

They agree Jeff is using Jackie as an object
Shelli – it sucks
Audrey – It’s pathological
Austin – It’s degrading.. it makes me really sick.. jackie is a nice girl and she’s caught up in something she has no idea
Austin brings up Jeff saying Jackie was EAsy to sleep with

Shelli suggests Austin to tell Jackie what Jeff’s been saying. Austin doesn’t want to says Jeff is such a salesman right now he’s going to be able to twist it around and Austin will look like the bad guy.
Vanessa comes in Followed by Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-21-22-377_jpg

3:19pm Jason BAckyard
(Prior to this Jason was talking to Vanessa and Steve.. Sounds like JohnnyMac was also near but Jason didn’t know. JohnnyMac sensitive information may have been leaked to him)
Jason talking to himself “Goddamn why didn’t I notice JohnnyMac over there.. and why are steve and JOhnnyAmc on opposite sides of the yard.. Steve is the rat.. that’s his game”
Jason – Please let him not hear all that
Jason starts studying..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-27-05-092_jpg

3:23pm Steve, Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Audrey
Vanessa asks them what has been going on after the POV ceremony.
Austin says after the veto he just works out immediately he’s too scared to linger around
Audrey ran up to listen to music
Shelli started doing laundry

Vanessa says John came up here and told her he’s voting to keep Jeff.
Shelli – Fine.. that’s fair.. I keep hearing what Jeff said about me so my vote is to keep James
Austin – Is johnnyMac being smart doing that
VAnessa doesn’t think so. They agree Johnnymac is in a good position right now because he’s been going with the house majority once he upsets that he might not become a target.
Shelli leaves

Austin brings up being in a moral dilemma if he should tell Jackie that Jeff has been calling her “Easy” (Among other things) .
Vanessa – that’s 100% your call
Austin doesn’t want it to be looked as a play to get him out.. It’s a moral dilemma.
Steve wants to know what Jeff said
Austin says it was sexual, “Some nasty things… he was joking when he said them but he was serious in his bro talk.. his frat boy talk”
Steve suggests Austin say it to her in the Diary room that way she’ll know it was said and on his mind but won’t cause a blow up in the game.
Austin – I feel like I have to say something.. it crosses the line especially because I like her.. She’s a great person.

Vanessa asks is Jason was implying he wants Jeff to go.
Austin – “to me Jason definitely is implying that but he’s also implying I orchestrated this with Audrey and Vanessa”

Austin says Jeff told him this is his hurdle if he can survive this week he’s going to make it far in his game because of all his connection. He wonders why Jeff would tell him that, wonders if he’s trying to imply he’s got the votes.
Vanessa agrees thinks that is why he was able to get JOhnnyMac’s vote.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-36-24-375_jpg

3:35pm Jason and Shelli
Jason asks if they want Jeff to go
Shelli yes
Jason – me to
Jason says he was talking to Vanessa and Austin and they want Jeff gone. Mentions that JohnnyMac may have listened in and he’s voting to keep Jeff.
Jason – Meg is saying she’s not sure now.. I know in the long run James will be more loyal to me..
Jason says Jeff tried to bully him, he’s the wrong person to be doing that to.
Jason – He can sell water to the ocean he’s such a salesman.. He’s in everyone’s ear
Jason – Too many hands in too many people’s cookie jars you dun bake some of these peoples cookies
jason – It’s going to be a close vote this week, Jackie, JohnnyMac, and Becky could go either way
Jason – I trust James more..
Jason says he’s not stressed at all it’s done.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-59-12-625_jpg

3:40pm HOH Audrey and Vanessa
Audrey will threaten to backdoor JohnnyMac to see where he’s at in the game.
Audrey starts analyzing Jackie’s horoscope she’s a Scorpio decedent with Aries moon.
4:00pm audrey saying that Meg is like this season Christine she’s centered around all these guys. Vanessa asks her what JOhnnyMac’s strategy is.
Audrey thinks he’s really smart, “I think he’s slipped up” Audrey brings up Johnn saying his assistant calls him Doctor Audrey thinks Johnny Mac is something else. Vanessa says Dentists are called Doctor
Audrey – Oh..

Vanessa says she heard JohnnyMac say “I’m dead inside”
Audrey – And he’s always saying he only cares about money
Vanessa – He seems like a nice guy
Audrey – You Know Ted Bundy seemed like a sweet guy
Audrey read about psycho path and they don’t blink. Tells her to notice next time she’s talking to John.
Clay comes in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 15-56-32-418_jpg
3:40pm Austin and Johnnymac
Austin saying that Jeff is throwing his name under the bus. Austin tells him all the people Jeff is saying are voting James out have told Austin they are voting out Jeff.
Austin says he’s telling the difference between the liz’ he’s drawn to one of them, “They’re like totally different people”
Austin brings up his moral dilemma should he tell Jackie that Jeff called her easy or should he wait.
Austin tells him James is going to stay the only guaranteed votes he has is Jackie. Austin points out that Jeff is a real good salesman he might be able to grab votes but that’s a lot of votes to get when you’re hand is in so many cookie jars.

Austin mentions Jeff calling Vanessa a liar when she’s HOh and has the power to put him up. They are surprised things went down like they did on Saturday and agree Jeff didn’t handle it well.
Johnnymac mentions Vanessa would have been stupid for not putting Jeff up.
Austin – You cannot throw the HOH under the bus
Austin thinks Jeff is a little bit jealous of him because Liz hangs out with him an Jeff likes Liz.
JohnnyMac agrees he can see that from Jeff.

Austin says Jeff is telling everyone the same story to get their votes. they compare some notes to verify. Basically Jeff wants to pull them in on an alliance but wanted to wait until Audrey is gone. etc.. etc..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 16-05-48-936_jpg

4:03pm Meg and Jason
Jason – You always loose one (member of their alliance)
They agree it’s going to make them and James stronger. James doesn’t go around talking to people.
Jason points out that voting out Jeff builds trust with Shelli and Clay
Jason says Shelli and Clay will start trusting them more, “I’ve already noticed a big difference in their interactions with me”
Jason – Clay makes me more nervous.. you have more of a latch with him and I have more of a latch with her

4:30pm (Feed cameras are flipping through conversations)
Meg says Jackie is on fire if Jeff leaves. She’s threatening to put Austin and Vanessa on the block and Backdoor Audrey.
Jason thinks there’s something more between Jeff and Jackie. He adds they could have picked so many other Amazing race players
Meg – the boys are going to knock themselves out
Meg calls the guys in the house “Little Dumb Dumbs” and “Lady Girls”
Jason – Bitchy snitches..
Meg – they’ve been doing the gossiping around the house
Jason now saying he thought he was going to be the big mouth but he’s not.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 16-26-08-529_jpg
4:24pm BAthroom Steve and JohnnyMac
Steve says get as much information as you can and use that to form a decision on vote.
Steve – Some Kids Grew up on Blues Clues or Hey Arnold I grew up on Big Brother

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 16-42-32-592_jpg

4:40pm Clay, Audrey, Shelli and Vanessa
Telling Audrey tonight’s is going to get crazy people are going to start throwing her name under the bus.
Shelli says in this house the name Audrey is starting to be funny and she’s tired of it
VAnessa – It’s an adjective to describe un trustworthiness,.
Vanessa says most of the Audrey bashing is coming from Jeff.
Vanessa called in the Diary room
Clay and Shelli telling her she is safe and doesn’t have to worry they are trying to improve her image but there’s only so much they can do.

4:54pm Audrey tells them she wants to go to final 3 with them because she feels she can beat them in the final HOH. Points out that nobody else in this house will want to bring a couple to the end.

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Jeff is a fkboi

Jeff i’m pretty sure you’re easier than Jackie

amandas dog woofy

Amanda sold me to rhonda rousey. she sez im gonna be a pitbull now.


When Jeff washes a couple of “loads”, we know exactly what he means


Clay is an idiot and when jeff goes then either james or jason will follow and then he has nobody to go after the other side to ride the middle. He is an idiot honestly. I cannot believe everyone is underestimating johnny mac he won two pov. he could win more if he wants. I hope they don’t put him on the block again it sucks, I think it vanessa turn or shelli.

team ginamarie

clay is a rat and a flipfloppa. clay is a flipflopping rat.


I honestly don’t know who to root for at this point. While I personally don’t like the ‘rat’ strategy, you can’t knock it. To play that type of game and play it well takes a lot of work. Not that Clay is playing it well lol. Just devils advocate.


They are all idiots. They don’t trust Audrey so they tell her everything? Morons. Audrey straight up tells Shelli and Clay she can beat them at final hoh. She’s an idiot. Austin playing both ends against the middle and he’s going to get nailed. Like Jeff, Austin can’t keep his mouth shut. Vanessa should have put Audrey up and covered herself with the entire house. I want that pig Jeff out but they have the numbers to save Audrey, send James home and leave Vanessa smelling like the proverbial rose. SMH.


Where does Audrey get off comparing Johnny Mac to Ted Bundy? If anyone is a psychopath in the house, it’s you bitch!!

slopballs is a chicken thief

Audrey is a big old dummy and a sociopath. PSYCHOKILLER


Audrey has made at least one serial killer reference every day. It’s starting to get very uncomfortable.


I agree. She should not be putting slander out there like that.

Ted bundy's ghost

I approve of the conparison … He does act like a psychopath just cause Audrey is playing a dumb game doesn’t make her observation any less valid .. It actually gives it more credibility .. Takes one to know one kinda thing … But really .. Can someone background check him ?? Psychopath !!!


Seriously disgusting & ignorant for you to spew such crap about someone-JMac has done nothing to be compared to a notorious, evil, vile mass murderer. Grow up! Saying such garbage says alot about you.


Audrey is a vile, disgusting,sick psycho. What sneers me more are that idiots like Vanessa, Shelli,& Austin have nerve to defend Audrey. Can’t wait for these losers to get out of the house & see just how friggin stupid & idiotic they truly are for defending her. Also,they will feel even more ignorant when they find out exactly how the majority of viewers feel about disgusting Audrey. Seriously sick for Audrey of all people to label/compare J-Mac to Ted Bundy!

Twistin' for the win

Clay, Shelly and Vanessa partnering with Audrey is comical and Audrey is going to get th last laugh.


I’m actually really enjoying Audrey’s presence in the house this week. I thought I wasn’t gonna like her much after the first few weeks. She’s still a threat to everyone’s game, but I’d rather see her around than these other invisible bitches this week. Who’s Becky again?


Oh now Audrey is being bullied because she is transgender. They want her out because she lies and loves to create chaos. Simple as that! I don’t know if it’s Production that is making them use the victim card on her. Society and the media is pushing this down are throats lately. People are being brainwashed!

amandas dog woofy

I used to be a cat


Yes! It’s really annoying me that Vanessa keeps coming up with excuses for Audrey. I realize that this might be a strategic move to solidify her decision to put up Jeff, but it still annoys me. I don’t get how Vanessa/they is/are sweeping the night Audrey pulled people from their beds to spew her crazy lies/theories about Vanessa under the rug. And Shelli seems to have forgotten that Audrey tried to get her to lie to Clay to create distrust between him and Jeff.
Audrey just IS a pathological liar (in the BB house). And she does it in a way that it can’t be empirically proven, which is scary. And even if it can (see above) they don’t seem to care. While this implies like Audrey is a great player, it does smell a little like producer manipulation.

JESUS CHRIST: Master of Cool

Can you say Da was right?


Johnny please goes hang out with Jackie and Becky. They are good people to hang out. Please do not hang out with the freaking liars Austin, Vanessa, Steve, Shelli and Clay. I hope Johnny, Jackie and Becky will protect each other.

I survived last seasons BB

Jeff may actually be the first person this season boo’d when He leaves Thursday night


Have to laugh, Austin thinks he is “God’s gift to women”, more like a “joke to women”. Jeff is a pig, but at least Jeff doesn’t have a girlfriend back home. Austin has a girlfriend, and he wants to have the women in the house fighting over him. I really think Austin is jealous of Jeff. Austin is very insecure and it shows more and more!


Lets smear johnnie Mac time. Audrey is just disgusting. Then she talks F3 without Vanessa who is protecting her. Cannot wait til that gets back to her. Johnnie better worry this kind of talk can lead to he can’t make the jury next week and exit. I’m beginning to think Audrey has the mist. These people are grade A fools. I’m interested in Nessa’s reaction if Shelli tells her about Audrey final 3 offer.

slopballs is a chicken thief

Audrey is an idiot. she is dumber than dirt. what a dummy. .d

free folk

i get austin wanting to tell jackie about the easy comment,mostly because he thinks he’s being her white knight and she will jump in his arms,but why must he tell EVERYBODY first? Wouldn’t THAT be more embarrassing for her?? He’s a tool.

B-bad owl

So Clay and Shelli, here’s the reason I want to take you to the end. I can beat both of you in final HoH. The reason I’m telling you this is because I know that you will just roll your eyes the moment I walk out of the room and think to yourselves “Audrey is crazy”. And then you will forget that part and only remember the part about I am the only one that will take a pair to final 3. Thank you for letting me talk you into that right now in this very instant.

I love to hate Audrey as much as anyone, but dang, I love even more watching someone pull off that great of a move out of the blue.


Jeff is gone and a total pathetic loser at life and not worth mentioning anymore. Next.

Audrey often talks how she studies serial killers and psychopaths. Why this creepy interest in them? Also she has expressed some interest in being like a few. She for sure is at the very least a person that needs some
serious diagnosis by a medical


I am missing Aquarius on NBC to watch Big Brother.

another name

I’m still not really liking the majority of the people in the game, i’m not a fan of their personalities. Only even partially liking the people that don’t seem to show up on feed or update more than as a footnote to show that they are still in the house.
Audrey will end up voting against the house. no surprise. she’ll bite the hand that feeds her. no surprise. that’s her game.
Jeff will cry foul, tell everyone he’s loyal while simultaneously throwing them under the bus. it’s who he is on a basic level.
Austin will continue to pick out targets, then act innocent while trying to get female attention and target any other guy that gets the attention he craves. He’s loyal until pov every week, then becomes the invisible friend.
Clay will continue to say the exact same thing to each side of the house as if its the first time he’s said it. he’s more polite jeff until the next hoh is won. Then he’s loyal. to anyone that wins.
the others seem to just pick their little clubhouses and act like nobody realizes they’re a team.
While i don’t really like them as people, of the ones that I’ve mentioned by name, Clay’s pandering is doing the best job of riding the middle. but with that, sure he’s riding the middle, but he’s near the bottom of the trust ladder for both sides. By week five, he’d better pick a side to actually go with, or become a casualty neither side is truly hurt by losing. he annoys me on a gut level, so i’m okay with that.
So at the moment, i’m team where have you been. i’m okay with steve, becky and john because they seem to be playing long game rather than week to week. I’d include Jackie, when she’s playing the not talking game card, but every time she does talk game, she’s far too definitive and deliberate. Those types of statements are short game and declarative. declarative statements always make it back to the other side of the house eventually (look at Jeff).
In my mind, thinking short game (what happens this week) instead of long game (how does this week get me to the end) is detrimental.


What is it with Austin thinking Jeff is jealous of him because of Liz. It’s the other way around. Austin is jealous and a bossy man. he wants Liz to do what he says and don’t want her around anyone other man but him. He has a girlfriend why is he so jealous and controlling of her? That is his only reason for wanting Jeff out but he doesn’t realize, he’s getting rid of one of his numbers, because Vanessa, and Shelli are only out for themselves and proved that with their HOH’s.

Pink Floyd the Barber

Shelli tells Austin to advise Jackie of the comments Jeff made regarding her “libido”. I think repeating the comments to Jackie is both foul and hurtful. It can be argued that she should know what a creep Jeff is, but she can find out when she gets out of the house. Telling her now seems more like trying to get her vote with little regard for her feelings. Shelli’s a bit of a bitch.


I would like to see Johnny, Steve, Jason, James, Meg and Becky team up for a week and take out Shellie or Clay.


Me too! Austin and Clay on the block next!!!


Vanessa is telling John that Audrey has to go out next week or the week after that. I believe that she is using Audrey, so that the target is off of her.She will throw Audrey under the bus next week. I know that Audrey lies, but feel bad for her. I think she is mentally unstable and not well.


Shelli, and Vanessa have set themselves up very well in the house, but Audrey is literally a ticking time bomb in the centre of it. I enjoy her for the chaos factor, but they may want someone like a Becky or Steve to bd her asap. The double evict will be safer for them, but tick, tick, tick.

Actually now that I think of it that could be a really good move for Steve to build bridges.


Wow, Audrey can get worse? Why is she even dissing JohnnyMac? He’s probably my second fav behind Vanessa, so dissing him when he’s done nothing against her just shows how evil she is.

She is not great representation for the transgender community.
This is like Colton being the first gay person on Survivor or something.


Simon, Dawg. Your GIFs make my day! Thank you!


I think Austin is more worried about getting the girls than playing the game. His ulterior motive for telling Jackie about things Jeff has said is so he can look like the good guy looking after her, when in reality he’s just after her and probably because Jeff said she’s easy he thinks he can score. These guys sitting around talking like teenage boys about girls is wrecking their game and I think it’s funny! That’s part of the reason Jeff is where he is now. If he worried less about hooking up and was more on his game he’d probably have a chance. Austin just wants Jeff gone so he can be the Alpha dog. It’d be funny if Austin goes on the block next!

brotalk to human dictionary

After reading about the actual amount of psychological testing that is done before, during and after a gender reassignment surgery, I’ve got to say: it’s very unlikely that Audrey is psychologically unfit. Like Sheldon, she’s not crazy: she’s been tested.
Even with the hormones she has taken or is taking, it isn’t a case of psychological or pharmacological imbalance.
Every move she is making is calculated. She just lacks long term strategy. Every move and calculation she makes is in the moment. She’s trying to be good tv. All immediate gratification, little long term planning. Don’t give her the out by saying she doesn’t know or isn’t responsible for what she’s doing because she’s disturbed. That’s not the case. She’s not crazy, she’s just playing the game in a really, really amoral way.
Not a fan, but i’d rather hold her accountable for what she does than make an excuse for her.