Veto Ceremony Results! Meg “Are you drinking her jungle juice right now!? Her Koolaid!?”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 11-58-06-637

11:10am – 11:45am Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto ceremony to take place. As the veto holder James used the veto to remove himself from the block. Vanessa then nominated Julia as the replacement nominee. Last night Vanessa practised her Meg replacement nominee speech with Steve.

11:45am – 12pm Meg is alone in the havenot room. James joins her and asks if she is okay. Meg says I am a bit more now. James says trust me it was a really hard decision for me. I did want to use the veto on you, I really did. Meg says you’re crazy!! James says I know, I know, I know I’m crazy. Meg says I would never let you do that! James says if it was just me single then I would have. Meg says I never would have let you. James says after if I had it would have been bad. James says I know you said you’re mad. Meg says Livid! James says I know you think your fate is sealed but don’t give up. Steve might want to get her out. He might. You don’t have any loyalty to her. You don’t have to be nice or anything. Meg says I just had to kiss her a$$ for 2 days and now I want to be like here is how I really feel!! James says I do believe she thought it was a good deal and that she believed both of us. Meg says its personal. James says I see how its personal but also how its a game move. She is with Austin and it would piss Johnny Mac and Steve off. I see it as you don’t have as much leverage because you haven’t won HOHs. If you had she would know that theres a good chance you could win and save her. Meg asks are you drinking her jungle juice right now!? Her Koolaid!? James says I am trying to look at it rationally. That’s what a good friend would do. You don’t know Steve might want to break then up. Meg says no her. Its not going to happen. Meg says she said I’m like her friends. Not to be a mean girl but she is not like any of my friends back home. James says I’m not like any of your friends either. Meg says your personality is. James says just remember its just a game. Meg says I know I just can’t stand I kissed her a$$ for the last few days!! Meg says “NEXT WEEK ON BIG BROTHER… James and Vanessa are in a new showmance not showmance!” James asks why would you even say that?! Meg says I just know she’s going to pull you and and try and work with you. She is trying to work with you. I’m not saying its a bad thing. James says if she is then you called it way early on. James says I wish I had some sort of a coup d’etat.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 11-58-29-852

11:45am In the bathroom – Julia says I am trying to act mad. But if I did go I would never ever forgive Vanessa. Just know that! Julia leaves. Vanessa joins Liz. Liz says Julia is acting mad. Vanessa says she is doing a really good job. I actually thought she was. Vanessa says the thought of her going up mad me almost cry. The words coming out of my mouth did not make me feel good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 12-00-07-017

12:15pm In the kitchen – Vanessa is talking about music.

12:25am Meg returns for the diary room and says everyone is best friends with Johnny Mac right now. James says they’re making sure they’re good with him just in case he wins HOH. You’ve got my vote! Meg says thanks James! James says I can’t believe its come down to needing 3 votes. Meg says and that seem like so many. I look like a dumb boat this week. I do. James says Steve is not going to vote Julia out. Meg says oh thanks for that! James says he and her have been hanging out a long time. Meg says I can’t get over we’re havenots this week. James says 3 more days. Meg says so dirty! So dirty! James says it doesn’t bother me. Meg says it should bother you. James says its just going to make you more mad. That’s what they wanted us to do get more mad and upset at them. They’re just a bunch of babies. You get more respect if you play the game.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 12-27-19-174

12:30pm Liz and Julia are in the storage room talking. Liz tells her about the conversations James had with Vanessa. James isn’t even going to campaign for her because it betters his chances once she’s gone. Julia says I am not happy about this. I didn’t want to be on the block. Liz tells Julia to tell Meg I am not going to campaign against you. I don’t think we should drag our names through the mud. Julia says I am not going to say that. I don’t need to campaign. I have the votes. Liz tells her to say you just hope you can do this amicably.

Julia goes to talk to Meg and tells her that she isn’t happy about being up on the block either. Meg says I know I campaigned for you not to be up there. Meg says Julia I have not thing against you. This sucks and she is just trying to finish what she started. You’re going to be fine. Julia says I know you need to do what you need to do. Meg says I sold my life way trying to make it not happen.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 12-36-26-713

12:35pm – 12:40pm Vanessa tells Austin that she doesn’t think James is going to even campaign because he knows its better for him if she is gone. If he does it will be a mock campaign. Even when he came up there it was like he was just going through the motions. Julia comes to tells Vanessa what she just told Meg. Vanessa tells her how she doesn’t think James will campaign for her. Its better for him if she’s gone. Vanessa talks to Johnny Mac. She says that James sees its better for him to not be a pair. Its better for him to be an individual. She was crying. It was hard for me to say no. This game is teaching me how to say no.

12:50pm – 1:05pm Backyard – Liz says I am just worried about Johnny Mac. We didn’t vote for him. Austin says yeah neither did they. I made sure I told him I’m not like Clay. I said I knew I wasn’t able to protect all three and putting up Julia shows that. Julia joins them. Austin says Johnny Mac said he is voting out Meg 100%! He is good. He wants to work with me. Johnny Mac knows Steve isn’t going to change his vote. James knows its not our fault and he won’t hold it against us. If I had the veto I would have officially had to betray them, so I’m glad I didn’t have to. If it didn’t happen this week it would happen next week. Julia asks what would we do next week .. John and who is the pawn? Austin says I could still put up John and Steve. They would know, what else am I going to do. If Meg goes Steve is in a really safe spot with no one after him. The chance of Steve leaving is zero percent next week. Johnny Mac is due to win HOH? Julia asks do you think he will go after James? Austin says I think he will, if he doesn’t he is really good at lying. Liz says if I hear her say one thing about my sister.. I will go crazy! I wanted to go to her and say you can’t flip the vote. Steve knows you tried to flip the vote on him last week so there’s no point in even talking to him. Julia says this makes me want to win HOH even more. I need to win this. I won’t make it to the end if I don’t start winning. Liz says you winning right now is the difference between 50k and 500K!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 12-50-11-890

1pm – 1:10pm James and Meg continue to talk. James says Austin was worried about me and Johnny Mac pairing up. If we did then it would be me, Johnny Mac and Steve against Austin, the twins and Vanessa. And Julia isn’t going to win HOH. They plan to talk to Steve & Johnny mac but so no one sees them do it. We can definitely talk to Johnny Mac in here but Steve you are going to have to catch him at 5am. Meg says I want to make it clear to them.. if its Steve and Julia go up. They’re (Austin & Liz) in control of the votes because all you need is 2 votes from here on out. I am going to throw Austin under the bus a little bit too. James says sell him on how its a game changer that would be a good selling point to the jury. We could make a big move here getting Julia out. Meg and James get ready to head outside.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 12-55-52-245

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AKA Twistin'...

A flip and Julia goes out – that would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only.


I am right there with you AKA Twistin. If only….


So, if Julia goes out, Van owes her $10,000 and she is still in for 25% of the big prize if Van, Austin or Liz wins. Not bad.

Phil Ivey

Vanessa Rousso is as honest as the day is long.


Yep, in Alaska in the winter.


Days are getting shorter check the window. 😛


If Vanessa would wear the spandex more she’d have more friends in the house and fans

Vince Van Patton

Vanessa can really bring the drama, she could segue to the Housewives franchise from Poker like I did. That is, once she gets a wife, a house and a town. Is there a Housewives of Crazytown?


She’s not honest in this game, Phil. She has lied, bullied, been truly cruel to people. If this is the real Phil, I know you’re a great poker player, but Vanessa has become a disgrace in this game…bribing people, threatening, etc.

Daniel Negreanu

I would trust Vanessa with my cat.

Tom Brady

I would let Vanessa inflate my balls.

Cait Jenner

Haven’t you heard the last million times she said it? She doesn’t like balls, Vanessa is gaaayyyy. But, you’re not alone Nessy, I would flirt with you.

Doyle Brunson

That Vanessa is a real straight shooter

Barack Obama

Vanessa Rousso is a great American poker player.

Mike Huckleberry

Vanessa has Good Family Values.

Neil young

Vanessa would be a great Canadian poker player, if she were Canadian.

Wayne Gretzky

She’s not Canadian?

Hillary Clinton

I would trust Vanessa with my Emails.

Vladimir Putin

Drorsten gestrunlig drastifl Vanessa Rousso!


No BB shut all the bribery down from Vanessa yesterday I posted the article. On my twitter. I can repost if anyone you like to read former he said it’s a no no.

Lance Armstrong

Take my word on it…Vanessa is not a cheater.

Richard Nixon

Trust me, Vanessa Rousso would never tell a lie.


vanessa’s gonna be busy. she said she’ll hook up jason with a job, school austin in fine points of gambling and going on gambling outings, and promises money and riches for all. vanessa has a big heart lol & she’s a good person. she’ll also be hanging out with meg and her two younger sisters, the twins. so what is steve, her son?


If Vanessa does split any money, she should be sued by the BB producers. And, it’s a federal offense. Read Section 43 on the Big Brother appearance contract. Even discussing a split of the prize money can result in being kicked off the show OR they don’t need to pay.


Well if that’s the rule then same applies to Liz, Julia, and James. Guess they should just kick half the cast off now.

Meg Pouts: Damn You Get More Respect If You Play

Holy crap, she finally gets it! You’ve got to play the game, not just out on a bikini and fight over boys all summer. Now she’s ready to suck butt and help get votes from Austin Steve JMAC to flip house on Julia. Vanessa is ready to go there too, or why else would she have offered Julia $10,000 three times if she gets evicted for taking that seat? Even Julia says sh*t I’m going really try for HOH now, I’ll go home if I don’t win. Another recruit from another game show who never saw the show. Uuuggghh.

Can’t wait to see the hair pulling cat scratching girl fights when these Twins go on the block, they’re getting nervous and seething. Grandma Meg better start knitting her flak jacket!

Houseguest wannabe

One could only dream that the Goblin Rockstars decide to form and take over the house.

It's now or NEVER!

If they don’t do it now then the Rock Stars need to change their name to Punk Stars! The 4 of them could take out Vanessa and Austwits!

Canadian Kevin

That last bit there – about what should we do next week?

That’s why the Austwins need to be broken up.

Right there.

James was

I hope James realizes that Meg is concerned about her game or why would she be mad if Van pulled him to the finale 2. I would be happy for my friend. I would like Julia to go but if she does James has to work with Jmac Meg is going to kill his game and if he listens to her he will deserve it. Why don’t they show how Meg is not all smiles on the TV edit


Vanassa thinks she’s made big moves. What big moves? I can’t wait for a James to evict her and listen to all the boos.


Ha, hate Van fine.. but come on! Van has had a part in every eviction except week 1. She took out Jeff and Jason. Flipped the vote to take out Clay instead of Shelli. Flipped the vote to save herself and take out Shelli. Planted seeds for Steve to take out Jackie. Got the Austwins to hate Jmac and Becky, taking both of them out. She has it set up so the Austwins will target James and Jmac and then Jmac and Steve to target Austin and Liz. She is running this game, like it or not.

And She Still Won't Win

Pleeeez- Vanessa was cast with a house of recruits from Tindr who never saw the show, so let’s not overplay her IQ or her gift for lying and conning. Even stacking the deck and cheating, Vanessa isn’t going to win.

Vanasty doesn’t need our respect, nor will she get it, when she cheats throughout, gets multiple warnings from Production for cheating, bribes and keeps bribing, without getting fired to save production money on twists, takeovers and real comps. She didn’t need to be so cruel, screaming, slanderous or resort to crime. Evel Dick didn’t use bribes, that’s not why they brought on poker player. Haves have rules she breaks them. She’s got the opposite of social game.

She needs the houseguests respect to win, she played too hard and nasty, and won’t even make it to Finals or get Jury Votes. She should just own it. AND so should you.


Wait what? Who has made more moves? Even the shelli and Becky said Vanessa has had her hand in almost every eviction. Just because she’s not taking the twins out this week, does not take away from her game play. She’ll get to them I’m sure.

Ian's lament

I want the twins out but it would be a bad move for Jmac and Steve unless Vanessa approves or they make an alliance with James and Meg. Unfortunately from Jmac saying on evition night he would go after Meg I doubt it will even be possible.


There is no “good move” for Steve and Jmac this week. Taking Julia out cripples Austwins and Vanessa will take the heat for that over the rock stars because she put julia up in the first place. Probably the better and bolder move. Letting Julia stay is the ‘safer’ move but still not the best because it doesn’t alter their fate in anyway. Rock stars will still be a target of the Austwins by proxy, even if James goes out next. By evicting Julia this week they increase their viability by taking away one of the Austwins crucial votes moving forward (more so with another Double looming), and is by far the better play.

#saveMegCity for lolz

don't bet on it

these people are too retarded to realize that golden opportunities like this one does not come often or only once. They are too stupid and dumb to make a big move they are all playing for jury house while leaving the chance to win to these Florida trash. I truly can’t stand this season but as a fan I continue to watch and check on this blog from time to time but they are truly disgusting, to say the least. They are a bunch of lunatic who cannot make up their damn minds for more than a minute.

BB Wars

I know we as viewers can’t understand some of the choices HGs make. We yell at them JUST DO XYZ!! But it is a social game. They can only go on what they have observed in the house. Meg can’t expect John or Steve to save her when she did nothing for them last week but sit around giggling like a fool. She has no power and never will. James only has power as long as he wins The numbers are dwindling and the Austwits and Van need to be taken down. Meg cannot help the resistance. James and Jmac are the only hope for the season. Steve has been too corrupted by Van but I think it would be an epic battle for Steve. Van as Darth Vader “Choose the dark side Steve” . Jmac is Obi1 and James is Han Solo. No matter what the Austwits need to go.


Steve thinks if they take out Julia, then Austin, Liz, James and Meg will unite making it a foursome vs Steve, JMac and Vanessa… So it probably won’t happen.
Monday 1:35am – 1:50am Backyard
Steve says that three person thing has to be taken care of. If this week we had flip and take out Julia .. then there would be Austin, Liz, James, Meg alliance. That’s why we have to vote out Meg. We have to. But ideally we have to win HOH.


It’s the argument in a nutshell. Taking out Julia is appealing but where would Goblins go. Almost guaranteed an unappreciative Meg would get James and team up with Liztin. Would be so bad for J Mac/Steve if they save Meg as it even allows Van to work with the other 4.
Then there were 7………
Numbers are getting huge as a factor. DE is a scramble and the HG’s seem a week off in their calculations. Van is set no matter who wins unless it’s James as next HOH. Presume Steve/J Mac target the twins/Austin. Austwins side J Mac and James nominated likely. Crap shot HOH like ball in a hole lowest number eliminated each round, True or False and perhaps the number days comp they have been studying for.
What’s AG want to happen next? Break up Austwins or lose J Mac or James. That seems like the most likely scenarios. This DE is also the last POV where anyone sits out coming up. You can control your own destiny barring an instant eviction after Thursday. No more pretending to play. Comp threats in order……………
1) Van- fit and good with questions/puzzles. Real shot at F3 endurance if she gets there.
2) James- Physical he’ll always have a shot.
3) Steve- Questions/puzzles he has the chops
4) J Mac- I’ve come to the conclusion he might be better than Van but he is to lazy to protect his own butt. I laughed when he asked Steve the other day if they should throw the next HOH. Shake my head
5) Austin- straight power comps are so rare now that muscle mass is less of an asset.
6) Liz- fit enough but lacks competitiveness. You can see the comfy life growing up come out daily.
7) Julia- Liz without an HOH or POV. The second self centered brat that never had to compete growing up.


well heres hoping meg and james follows through with talking to jmac and steve and convince them that they will team up with them not liztin

No More Bikinis, No More PotBall, No More Help

Can’t believe Meg is giving up on everything already, not the stupid games or summer camp but she’s not helping James flip the house to get Julia out. She’s too pissed at Vanessa to keep her own game or alliance going. She’s having a baby tantrum about kissing Vanessa’s butt: She’s not friend of mine. Well she’s not being a friend to James or herself if a pity party is all she can plan.

James is begging her to talk to JMAC and Austin about getting Julia out, James can’t get caught plotting yet or his game is over before he can exact revenge. Noooo, Julia blubbers you’re HER boyfriend now, you’re going to have a showmance with her aren’t you?? Seriously? That’s no way to win votes or prove you’re an asset.

Jeez Meg grow up! Maybe her privileged life as Mayor’s daughter, refusal to clean house, refusal to talk to others outside her clique, or work for her team, shows her entitled, elitest side. She’s expected James and others to play her game for her too and cries if she doesn’t get what she wants. This is the product of HER childish votes against Becky, Shelli, JMac.

But then again we must remember she was recruited while working as a waitress with producers at her table. She’s not a fan and doesn’t know how to play this game. Uuuggghh, what a waste of time & emotion for viewers.


Out of the thousands of aplicants they have to have recruits?
What BS … I think the recruits ruin the game for fans who really want to play
Not that all fans are good players (Jason for example)
But at least they want to be there,
unlike Julia n Clay who has zero apreciation for the game of BB
Of course CBS has zero respect for the game also by bringing in recruits and being
Lazy as Fu*k when it comes to creativity


Meg is pissed and hurt. She will be fine in a few hours.
Everyone who was on the block and knew they were going home took a day to sulk, bitch and vent.
At least she is keeping the meltdown somewhat private unlike Audrey.

Private Meltdowns

Audreys meltdowns were grilled cheese compared to Vanessa’s volcanic eruptions & Spanish Inquisition when she doesn’t like someone’s look, when she wins, when staging fights, when she’s lonely, on her period, when she wants a handful of meds, when someone else wins, when she enters the house day 1, when she loses, when someone speaks without permission, when she doesn’t get a hug, when she doesn’t get congratulations, when shes on the block, when BB won’t let her bribe, when someone wears sunglasses….on and on….


Austin would vote Julia out. He can blame Steve or JMAC for the deciding vote. He’s always felt Julia as a threat to him and Liz. He knows she would choose her blood over him in the end. And he’s a underhanded, egoistic jerk anyway. Wouldn’t it be great if he does vote JULIAAAAA OUT!

Houseguest wannabe

This is not hard Steve, John, and James. It is Big Brother. If you want to win you have to stab people in the back and forget what you promised to who. Vanessa, with the Autwins blessing just served you up the golden ticket to major power in the game. You take out Julia, you will have the other 3 wandering in circles wondering what happened to them. The Goblin Rockstars would control the house for once . Doit for goodness sake!!

Doubled D

Vanessa could win this game. But she needs help getting rid of Austin and the twins and she has it now. If Austin and the twins get past the double eviction the game is over.


I just don’t see Vanessa winning the game. She just might get to f2, the jury is going to be bitter


Jackie and Meg could possibly be bitter but judging by shelli and Becky’s comments I think they would vote for her if she made f2. They both said she’s “good” over and over.


I loved what Jeff said about Vanessa. “Lying piece of shit, emotionally weak”….. She said James attacked her venomously. Ummm…where have we heard her do that before…?


The Jeff from this season? Isn’t that a little hypocritical for him to say? He was a lying sack of shit as well, and the emotional/behavior of a teenage boy


Sounds like the bitterness of a 3rd week evictee.




Okay come on vanessa, flip the votes and send julia packing…. lol

Now is the time

to FLIP the house! 85% of what is said preveto is lies. Saying what others want to hear to influence usage or replacement. If James is smart he could recruit Steve and Jmac to go up against austin and the twins. Leave Vanessa’s name out of it. It could work. But then again I think Jmac has a crush on Julia so maybe not.

Beast Mode Cowpie

James is smart enough to know that he can flip the house if he gets JMac and Steve on board. The problem is I think JMac and Steve are both too chicken to do it. They will do whatever Vanessa tells them to do, like they have all summer. Hell, JMac is still doing it even though she got him booted out once already.


Steve is crushing on Julia. The flip isn’t happening simply because goblins would go right to Liztin. Meg hates J Mac and would forget he saved her in a heartbeat. J Mac/Steve would be done if they evict Julia.


This is boring. They need to have 32 contestants and vote 2 out each week…

Ms Chiff

“Meg says she said I’m like her friends. Not to be a mean girl but she is not like any of my friends back home.”

Meg and Jackie were super cliquey, and never talked to anybody outside their circle – if she’d just spent a little time each day with Johnny Mac and Steve, she wouldn’t be in the spot she is right now and Julia as the bigger numbers thread would be headed out the door on Thursday.

She basically treated her experience on the show like summer camp – no big deal to see her go …

Summer Camp

You are so right Ms Chiff, Meg and Jackie were nasty to lot of people and they totally isolated themselves. They did not even start playing until the second half of season. They could have been in a lot better place if they would have not flipped on Becky and got rid of Van. They also had another chance to redeem selfs and they could have fought to keep Becky over JMac. Meg’s game is weak at best, even weaker then Victoria’s. James has a better shot without her, I just wishes she went sooner before ruining Jame’s game.

A fan

I hate how Meg is trying to get James not to work with Vanessa. She should be telling him to
do whatever is best for his game. Grow up Meg.


Please get some gameplay this week James, JMac and Steve. Vote out Julia and keep Meg. She may not win anything, but she is a vote on your side. It is time to take a swing at the Austwins and break them up!


Steve is a pussy, he wants to split up the Austwins but “not this week”, taking them out know and having 4 people (meg-not really, james, steve and jmac) versus 2 (liztin) puts them in a great position going foreward


Shades of Helen.


so sick of people talking trash about steve. he is obviously a lot more intelligent than you. your point would work if meg and james weren’t complete idiots. guess what after julia is evicted they would go straight back to working with austin and liz…only complete morons would trust them at this point. they fucked clay and shellie and becky over hardcore. so once again the stupid first season fans mistake their personal preference for eviction with good gameplay…


If flipped, there would be 4 on the flipside playing HOH (Steve, James, Meg, John) vs 2 on the other side (Austin, Liz), giving the flipside a 2:1 chance of getting HOH power and therefore getting both twins out in one night. #asif

I survived last seasons BB

Problem is Vanessa sees it as 5-1 with James as the 1 if She stays with Her plan to evict Meg

Still…… leaving a three person alliance intact this late in the game is a poor move


Meg and James would go to the Aus-twins, not to the Rockstars. Meg hates Steve and Mac. The fatal flaw in your plan is assuming Meg would ever do something smart.

I survived last seasons BB

If I could caption the above pic of Julia and Liz it would be…A Pair of Piglets

As for Meg,,,Maybe if You would have not flipped on Becky, instead of being so jealous of Shelli, then You might likely be safe this week

Vanessa existence in the house is the product of Meg and James not following through on a plan..


lol vanessa’s HOH is so good. take out one of the worst players in the game. best case scenario, julia gets sent to jury and breaks up the trio. not gonna happen though. vanessa doesn’t see opportunity if it slapped her in the face.


Or maybe it is you that can’t see what a great move this is for Van. I get it, the Austwins suck and need to be broken up, but that doesn’t benefit Van’s game at all. Taking out Meg frees up James as yet another ally for Van, and if you listen to him it is working. Right now she has Steve and Jmac wanting to take her to f3. She has Austin and Julia wanting to take her to f3. She has Liz wanting to take her to f4. And James has 4 people he wants out before targeting Van. So explain again how taking out Austin or Liz over Meg (someone who hates her and has hated her all season) would work to HER benefit (not the fans).

No Favorites

Meg is about as dangerous as a butterfly to a wasp. I would take her to the final 2 to guarantee I would win the half million. Leaving a trio in this late in the game is dumb. Like someone else said, if the twins make it past double eviction, they win.


Nope they don’t want the player to do what’s right for their game, they want the player to take out who THEY want lol.

It sucks that meg struggles at comps and is deemed by some people as a “waste” of an hoh. But as far as Vanessa is concerned, that’s what is best for her individual game this week. Taking out one of the austwins (knowingly) during her hoh this week would be stupid. It gives her numbers especially going into the de. So now she has the 3 austwins, and jmac/Steve. With only one goblin out there floating around. How do you not see that as a solid move? It’s the best shot she has.

If she survives this de this Thursday, then she will just need to bring in James. And bye bye Austin or Liz. The groundwork is already being laid. Look at her convos with James, Steve and jmack.

I survived last seasons BB

11:45am In the bathroom – Julia says I am trying to act mad.

That would be a change from how You normally act…like a spoiled brat idiot

Hey Julia..How about some Root Beer to go with that Float ??


Hey Jmac and Steve Vanessa just served Julia up on a silver platter
Use it you TWITS!!!!!!!


Yeah, everyone is bitching about Vanessa still in the house when THEY decided to keep her.. lol

Steves pecker says

I can’t vote out Julia I just can’t or I’ll never get laid!


Steve, get Julia into Jury; she’ll be their waiting for you.
Just get to jury before Van does!

Clelli forever

I’m no fan of the austwins but meg is beyond useless & more entitled than I’ve ever seen anyone. She deserves to go more than anyone this week. Will be a party here watching here go.


Live Feeders please tell Austin to cut his hair, flatten it and shave his face so he looks like he did in 2009. I’d love to see the twins’ expression. He would look better.

skeptical onlooker

This may not be popular..but I’m telling it like it is.
Meg..( I’d like some her happy pills)….is useless.
It’s not just about winning nothing. It’s her so called game play.
She turned on her alliance….getting rid of Shelli..because she (Meg) fancied Clay and was jealous. True…Vanessa WOULD have come back..but Meg didn’t know that.
I can’t stand Vanessa…..but it’s that time of the game..where she needs (and is) aligned with strong players.
James showed his hand..and anger….and Vanessa knows that James and Meg would align with Austin and twins against her. They (Aus and twins) didn’t put them on the block..and that spoke volumes.
Meg feels ENTITLED!…which makes her just as delusional as Victoria…just in another way.
Why does she think she’s more entitled to stay..than let’s say..Shelli..Jackie or Becky? At least they won things.
Meg has done nothing but laugh at everything.
She’s dead weight. And without her..James would have been in a much stronger position. His fault I know.
I think we’re going to see Bitchy Meg.
And why does Meg want to stay one more week? Because of a reset, maybe. Because of a luxury competition?
Because she hopes the twins and or Vanessa will be the target..and she can swan herself to final 2.
MEG….you have to win things. Period. And..she wasn’t loyal. Not to Becky..Not to Jackie.
I think under the *Happy..bubbly personality is a jealous entitled woman.
I did like her. Not anymore. In fact..I think she’s a complete fake.
Meg is ticked off..because she thought her *lovely personality* would win the day. WRONG.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Meg tried to skate by, playing the “I’m not a threat” card because that is the only card she had (she wasn’t able to win shit). I guess she actually thought she still had a chance to win the game that way – totally naive. But I think the word “entitled” fits the twins much better. Ever since people started helping them get into the game together, they just seem to expect someone to help them get all the way to the end and win. At least Liz has contributed a few wins to the cause, but they are both just mean girl types who trash talk anyone who gets in their way. Can’t stand them.


I tried so hard to like Vanessa. But I just can’t stand her. She is really just awful.I think that she is a great player, and that she deserves to be there. But God she gets on my nerves.


How are these people this stupid? This is the first time in how long that any of the three headed trashbags have been on the block past POV and they are going to let them survive? This is their last chance to get one of the three out before they won’t have the numbers or power to do so. JohnnyMac and Steve can not be this stupid, I thought they were fans of the show. Team up with James and drag Meg along and you have the majority. The next HOH competition will have 6 players, 3 of which are Austin and his twits. It was too late weeks ago for them to still be there, its shocking that nobody has even tried on the weeks that they weren’t in power. They have shown they can win and with every passing week their power grows due to the dwindling numbers and their increase in probability of winning HOH/POV.

Vanessa tried to plant the seed in Austin’s head that neither twit would take him to the end but he’s too horned up to listen. He is terrified that voting out Julia will cost him Liz. Vanessa feels comfortable enough with Austin and the twits that she won’t want to get rid of Julia now (insert OVERLY USED blood on hands analogy here) and since she can’t play HOH she won’t want to make a move. Apparently James & Becky were the only ones all season willing to make a big move, even if they both failed miserably.

I can’t even watch the show anymore, I just read here. The recaps are great, this is such a fantastic site and the comments here are a hundred times more entertaining than the lame scripted DR comments they show on TV. This season had potential but it ended up being a one sided bore. They should have tried some more twists as the weeks went by when they saw how dull it has become. Some of the more interesting personalities went out early and we are left with creeps, annoying twits, nutjobs and weirdos. What a waste.


anyone think if meg had promised vanessa her jury vote and promised to try to convince the jury to vote for her that she would have a better shot at staying? vanessa knows the jury is against her… I wish meg had tried that.

Clelli forever

Couldn’t agree with you more Wakeup! She has turned it around for herself so many times now. Like her or not it’s impressive game play.


As much as I’d like to see Julia go this week, I can’t help but remember how Meg screwed over Becky by not getting rid of Vanessa… now she’s leaving at the hands of Vanessa! Hmmmm…I’d say it’s karma!

Clelli forever

If they are smart, van/Steve/jmac/James will team up to get out austwins. The four of them have won triple if not more comps than those three so it will now be interesting to watch. Actual competitors playing the game which is why we watch.

Chill this Town

OK Meg, stop it. you have been totally useless in the house, but at the same time have been the unofficial BB17 Saboteur.

don’t you dare throw more shade at J-MAC. stop it! she is the worst! still focused on the wrong things.


LOL…Meg is trying to cock block Vanessa. Now that Meg knows she is going.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Meg is acting like a big baby. All summer she has kept James at arms length acting like he has no shot with her, ever. And now she’s acting jealous of Vanessa because James might team up with her? Kinda pathetic.

Houseplant Meg

Sorry but who even votes for Meg in the polls? It’s such an insult that she is above more strategic players.


It’s because James & Dawg’s names aren’t there twice…. and the others are worse than Meg!

Houseguest wannabe

What strategic players? If Vanessa and the Autwins were truly strategic, Julia would not be on the block riight now. They would not be worried about Meg leaving. They would take out Steve or John again for the 2nd time. Completely stupid to even give them the opportunity to take one of their own and take a big majority right now.


Please answer this: why would Vanessa take out jmac and/or Steve this week when they are WORKING WITH HER?????

The twins and Austin? WORKING WITH HER.

Meg and James ARE NOT WORKING WITH HER. She can’t take out James, so she still has to take the other out. Why would she take out a number for her this week? Why? That is a serious question.

Honestly, It’s not rocket science.

Houseguest wannabe

Vanessa is #4 on the list with the Austwins. She would be the first to get booted if they get their way. She gets Steve, john and James to take out Julia, she throws them under the bus to Austin and Liz. Says they lied and betrayed her. She still has Steve and John but she gets bumped up in the Austwin trio. She has no chance if the trio stays together. Needs to get Julia out. That is why she put her up as the “pawn”


SO HAPPY …. a season finally that someone who has done nothing is voted out. I thought for sure she would end up in the finals!!! Julia is right behind her … I’d take her to the finals!!!


In all honesty, Johnny Mac and Steve should vote to evict Julia along with James….why not get one of the twins out now and break up the 3. They have the opportunity and will regret it later. I am no fan of Meg but is in their best interests to do so. Austin said he’s putting Steve and Johnny Mac up next week and I’m sure Liz would also. They need to get those 2 numbers down! Time to flip it and it would also leave Austin and Liz rattled for the next HOH!

At the end of the day

I think J&S will be the good little minions they said they would be is week and vote out Meg. Then they will join with James, stick with Van and wipe out the Austwins til final four.

Former Fan

I am aware of how Van manipulates, she especially “bully’s” Steve. That being said, I think she plays the game. Does not mean that I like her, I don’t! I’m hoping that James finishes this game on his own. Winning HOH, Thursday, and POV’s thereafter. He could possibly take the house down on his own. All HOH has to do is nominate house guests for eviction, I’d make my noms, then let the HG’s vote as they wished. I’d say I have no targets, I’m playing my own game. So STFU and vote.

Former Fan

Where are the twists. No fun watching pot ball or the headband game. Give the viewers some action.
Lame Lame Lame season.

skeptical onlooker

Remember when Austin told Meg that Vanessa would put Meg/James/Jackie on the block if she stayed and won HOH?
Then..James wanted to talk to Austin one more time before voting. Meg said *NO*. !!!
DON’T talk to Austin. let’s just do it..
Because she wanted Shelli gone so badly.
Meg bashed plenty of people. And…she is clueless. She thinks she’s a brill player.
When James talks about Julia not winning anything….Meg just changes the subject.
I know on physical comps she can’t win anything…but there were other comps where she could have.
She never tried…she thought she was a shoe in….the *cool girl*.

I survived last seasons BB

Great..On Thursday night,,the taped goodbye videos for Meg will include yet another Vanessa saying how She hated to do it,kiss azz to a Jury Member speech…another Austin playing an air guitar looking like He is constipated speech ..and yet another nasty Twin speech..yippee !!!!


These polls don,t show the real numbers anyway. Meg being the daughter of a mayor helps her numbers with all the little townsfolk voting for her. If she had not been so clique oriented in the beginning she might have had a bit better chance with people. I personally like her, but a BB player she certainly is not. I do love how Vanessa makes all these decisions and then you don,t see her ass for dust as she runs and hides in the HOH for days.

Don't Blow This

I have no interest in Meg staying in the house as I don’t think she tries to play game at all, but Vanessa (probably on purpose) handed them a chance to break up the 3 Austwins. Hate the way Vanessa bullies and cries, but this could be brilliant move on her part to break up the Austwins and not get any blood on her hands. Pretty impressed if it works. And if it doesn’t then these people are dumb and deserve to lose.

Houseguest wannabe

Only problem is, it does not look like she is suggesting it at all. Looks like she is campaigning against getting Julia out. I agree it is the Golden Ticket for the 4 house guests who are not an Autwin. No one, not even the Autwins have the cajones to make any kind of power move. Steve, John and James could destroy the other side on Thursday if they only had the fortitude to do so. If Vanessa were truly that great of a strategic player, She would talk to the 3 guys no later than Thursday AM. Not counting on it as she has no guts to make a big move herself. She still is pushing Meg out for no know reason on earth.

another name

If the things people in the last 24 hours are true:
James doesn’t want to align with Steve or Jmac. He wants to play the back against the wall lone gunman card. Gee, somebody trying too hard for that America’s fave award? Guess he doesn’t know just how golden his edit has been.
Jmac and Steve are afraid of a Austin Liz Meg James alliance. the one that already got them put on the block once this season.
Meg has yet to campaign after pov this season.
So as of 130 on feed time, it doesn’t look good for Meg.


this why there should been 3 people on the block instead of 2!

Houseguest wannabe

Then you would still have Meg go home because all of the players are weak and spineless. You win by making big moves. A huge move is there for the taking but alas, it appears that no one has the cajones to do it,


they gotta play one more hoh and that all! pov


Why would Johnny Mac vote to keep Meg?… last week he gave Meg and James a lot of good information and yet they had no problem voting him out… Bye Meg!!.. James will be better off without her!!!

Delta 231

There was just an interesting conversation between John and Vanessa in the HOH room where John says he needs to make a few enemies. he says so far he has been friends with everyone. Vanessa,s comeback was that her problem was she had no friends. I wonder if she will pick up on the fact that jury house is full of friends or votes for johnmac. if she is planning ahead like she should be, that possibly was the wrong thing for him to have said.

Backseat Driver

At this point of the game the only person deserving of AVP is James (my opinion). Steve’s pathetic late-night mugging for the camera seems to be his plan for getting it and he’s mentioned it more than once. Johnny Mac’s editing by production is NOT the player any of us live feeders see……. .

brotalk to human dictionary

I believe James will win AFP if editing and production have anything to do with it.
They’ve already called him into the d/r to adjust some of his more perverted comments and fouler language.
They’ve already called him into the d/r to adjust some of his less than pc comments (Steve has retarded strength got him chastised apparently according to James).
The guy he’s been since he started minding his p’s & q’s after a really long d/r session three weeks ago, he’ll get AFP.
The James episode-only people see will get AFP for sure. Every episode has had a minimum of 5 minutes featurettes about James the delightful scamp for 8 episodes now.
Yeah, i have no actual proof just suspicion and oddly timed long d/r sessions after his worst behaviors, and the glowing edit the episodes show. Remember the comments week one through four about James on here. Compare. It’s odd.
I agree he’ll win AFP if he doesn’t reach top 2.


Re: Julia
Liz says you winning right now is the difference between 50k and 500K!
( Me thinks someone is delusional! Make that two someones.) *slaps head*


here’s a thought….austin’s gf waiting outside studio for liz when the show is over lol

Meg sucks

So glad the show is finally getting rid of the most entitled (never cleans), egotistical, waste of a contestant this week. Come to think of the depths of how pathetic Meg is, how do you she compares to other recent floaters like Victoria and Adam. Maybe its just been too much time since they were on, but I don’t recall them sitting on their lazy asses as much as meg and them say its personal that Vanessa wants her gone. Its a good strategic move to get rid of the loser now so if anyone in her alliance is up against Meg they aren’t tempted to keep her. I realize thinking and strategy…kind of like walking or running in a straight line are beyond Meg’s skillset.

Twins'a Eye Spacing'a O.....^.....O

If they don’t evict Julia, they will take Cody’s place as biggest moron players ever. Vanessa was actually more concerned about Meg and James as a couple when there is STILL a trio left in the house this close to the end of the game??? REALLY??????


as annoying as she may seem, Vanessa Is the best player in this season by far she’s on the whole other level and she knows how to play this game well!!! Vanessa took herself to the point that she’s at in the game where everybody else had to help getting this far Vanessa is by far a genius she definitely deserves to win you can hate on her all you want but she’s the only one playing this game like a genius!!! if you Google her and you see how she is in real life you will realize that all of the way she’s being on big brother is just an act she’s acting to get this money and everybody is falling for it so in my opinion she definitely deserves to win!!!!