James “She better not get me to promise on my little girl or something stupid like that!?”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 03-12-23-991
12am Austin and Steve continue their chess game. Vanessa keeps giving advice and pointers. Vanessa says no no don’t do that. Is there any other move you could do!? Austin figures out another move. Steve says this is bullsh*t! I am sick of this Vanessa non-sense. Shut your mouth!! I do not have to put up with this! Austin says the boy suddenly has a voice. Vanessa asks Austin on his next move – Do you want my advice? Steve says I was playing Austin, not Vanessa! Steve says I want to says this .. I lost this game because of Vanessa. Johnny Mac plays Austin next. Meg joins them to watch.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 03-12-25-011

12:55am HOH room Vanessa asks Liz what do I say when they come to me. Liz says it reminds me of when James put Clay and Shelli up and they came up giving a plea of a lifetime.. throwing Austin under the bus and he had it in his mind the whole time what he was going to do. He just listened and then did what he wanted to do. Vanessa asks how do I end it though? Liz says I’m going to sleep on it is a great one. Just say I’m in a really vulnerable spot. Austin said that they’re both (James & Meg) willing to throw HOH next week. Vanessa says except James is out there pumping iron and going a million miles a minute on that elliptical. And when I came out he tired to slow down but couldn’t. Liz says they’re isolating themselves. Vanessa says when I was on the block I was begging people to hang out with me. Liz says maybe they won’t come up here. Its not even a question she (Meg) has to go! Liz leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 03-28-37-326

1:10am – 1:25am Steve joins Vanessa. He asks her if her speech ready?
Vanessa’s Veto Ceremony speech:

I made it very clear at the beginning of the week when I made nominations that there is no specific target in mind which meant that James congratulations on winning the veto and pulling yourself off the block. That’s very admirable that you were able to do that and honestly coo dos. Unfortunately that leaves me in the position of having to find a pawn to put up next to Meg and Julia I adore you but you haven’t been up on the block yet. I have no doubt that you’ll be staying this week. I’m so sorry Meg but its a game move.

Vanessa asks is that good? Steve says I would throw on something about how Meg doesn’t need too feel ostracised over the next few days. Vanessa says something like I think we should play pot ball every night. She is ostracising herself, we’re not doing it. Should I say something about the ball moving too far forward to change it. Steve tells Vanessa she stresses too much. Steve says goodnight and leaves. Steve rejoins the chess game. After he comes back to talk to Vanessa. She says that she was trying to sleep so that she didn’t need to scamper if the come to me I don’t have to talk to them. Steve says its the same thing I’m going to have to do in a couple days when they come to me for my vote. But I’ll tell them I already promised my vote to Julia which I did.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 03-43-12-806

1:35am – 1:50am Backyard – Steve joins Johnny Mac on the hammock. Steve asks how did your talk go with Vanessa? Johnny says I told her I would vote out Meg. Johnny says everyone is cool with everyone. Do we even need to win HOH? Steve asks are you going to throw it? Johnny says if I win it, then I would just get double evicted. Steve says by that logic you should never win HOH. Johnny says if I won HOH and put the twins up .. Liz would go. Steve says if the veto doesn’t change anything. Steve says that three person thing has to be taken care of. If this week we had flip and take out Julia .. then there would be Austin, Liz, James, Meg alliance. That’s why we have to vote out Meg. We have to. But ideally we have to win HOH.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 04-45-56-154

Watch the last month of the feeds for ONLY $5.99! Try it 1 week for FREE!

1:30am HOH room – Meg comes to talk to Vanessa and finds her sleeping. Why do I always interrupt you sleeping. Sorry this is so bad. I just wanted to come to you. I feel like its down to the wire and my back is against the wall. I just wanted to bring to you what I feel I can offer. Game-wise, deal-wise, whatever.. I don’t know what you’re necessarily thinking is the best move. I have a sense that you want me to go. Not go but you know what I mean. Was your plan to break James and I up. So that is why I am coming to you with the ideas that I have as to why I think you should keep me. Vanessa says I am happy to hear you out. I have nothing but respect for you and if you didn’t do this .. you would have to. Meg says first off I will throw the HOH .. which I don’t think I will win anyways but for me to say that I feel doesn’t really mean much because I’m not really in a position to ever really win HOH. So what I look at is what I can control in the game. What I can control in the game is voting. If for some reason you were up on the block I would promise you my vote. And why I feel like I would be a better contender to keep in this game over someone else is that I do think I can sway James a little bit as well. James and I usually vote together as a team. Numbers are getting very important and next week is 2 – 2, with a tie breaker. Vanessa says I believe you in that and I know your word is good in this game. Meg says I would not say this stuff if I was not willing to do it. Meg says James said that he will throw it to have me stay another week. For me I will not let him do that.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 04-07-06-508
What I will let him do is if he wins HOH he will not put you up, he will put me up. In replacement of you, no frontdoor, no backdoor. I will go up in your place, on his block. He has sworn up and down that he will do it. Vanessa asks why would he do that? So put you up as a pawn. Meg says he would put me up next to another target in the game and let it play out. But you would not be touching his block. Vanessa says alright and you’re saying he will confirm this? Meg says yes. I want to be here as long as possible. Give me another week. If I get through this week I would be open minded to work with you. Vanessa asks how do I know he would do that though. Meg says he is going to do what I want. He swore up and down. He will actually do it. Then it leaves it up to the house. Vanessa says its very compelling. Its a great offer. It comes down to whether I can believe it. I look at incentives. Incentively why would you be incentivized. Meg says I would intern be owing you. Vanessa says I will sleep on it. Send James up in the morning to talk to me. The one thing I am worried about is I said I would not put him up but then did so he will look at that as I broke that so he might look at it as a reason not to follow through with the deal. He also broke the deal with Shelli. Now if he will swear on something really important to him that might be different. But people have lied and I would have to go on my read of whether I could trust. Meg says he is also making a deal with me and if he goes back on it, I would not be okay with it. Vanessa says its a good offer. Meg says I feel like this is too soon for me to go out of this game. Give me a couple more weeks, another week. Vanessa says there are only 3 more weeks. Vanessa says I have made deals and so my options are limited what I can do. Meg says if James crosses me on not putting me up. I will go after him. Vanessa says okay that’s compelling, let me sleep on it. Meg says James is expecting to be on the block each week and know that he needs to win. He just wants to win vetos.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 04-07-09-967

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Nothing Personal

Meg the manipulator. Darn.

Austin's ponybeard

Meg was too much of a threat and the house has finally realized that she is tricking them all into pretty much handing her the second place prize.

Great Meg

She is finally playing the game now why???! only because she’s on the block. she should have made deal with vanessa a week earlier to keep her off the block!!


Meg was always playing the game.

JM on the other hand always had people playing the game for him. Hope he goes

The twins for the win

Pot Kettle Black

Meg has to go because Vanessa needs all the strong players for her safety. She is aligned with all sides. If she gets rid of Meg, then she can band together with James, JMac and Steve. Then she will have the numbers and she will let them destroy the Austwins. I can’t stand her or her gameplay, but she has managed to manipulate them all. She will be cashing that big half mill check. And Becky can say…”told you so”.


I agree!!


meg already had that deal with vanessa, via James’s deal with Vanessa up to F7, which is next week not this one. She made the deal, she refers to in this recap that she didn’t honour, to keep James off the block plus one person of his choosing. goes without saying one of those is Meg, so Vanessa now on record for going back on her ‘word’. oh well

Meg & James can say what they like, it won’t change the outcome because Vanessa has her connections with everyone she also wouldnt trust that james/meg would be on her side over austin’s. however, i guarantee if she really was a smart thinker, she needs someone like james/meg in the game to put up the austwins she needs out, because the way she is running things with different connections now, she’s pulling in Jmac onto the austwin wagon. so who exactly does she think is going to be putting up or voting out a twin? nobody, unless both james & meg are in, because she now can’t even blame steve/jmac for flipping on a twin she can only put up jmac and stick to everyone’s original plan to evict the returning HG, except, yup, she can’t because she won HOH by making a deal with only Jmac. once again,she has painted herself into a corner that ultimately will not benefit her over the long term because she is actually too scared to make big moves.

she will forever be known as the one who took out Meg. uh, wow? congrats?

Did Meg Have Help?

Meg & James have been up on the block 4 times, never came up with this one. Vanessa says I can’t believe you came up with this one. Meg was avoiding talking to Van, refusing to plot til her last visit to DR. She didn’t even talk like herself….what do I have to offer…control over James…2 votes. Where was this when their whole alliance was picked off? She hasn’t plotted a deal in 72 days. She and James don’t even talk strategy just complain together. So we’re to believe she spontaneously came up with this one after her last DR of the day, not having run it by James at all? Riiigghtt!

DR Strategy to Keep Likable Cast in Finals

Just like editing of last night’s broadcast proved, Production’s invested in keeping Fred & Ethel on board for Finals because no one can stand Austiz, Vanessa is likely to get herself fired for cheating before the Finals, and Steve doesn’t come off as cute, just creepy.

How does Production get themselves out of this mess and spike drama? Easy as 1-2-3!
1)Kill off all Jury members except JMac with a sketchy HOH ruling letting Vanessa cheat on swing & win
2) make a hidey seeky POV comp for James the hider to win, and watch Van scream sob cheating
3) help Meg plot strategy at last DR sesh of the night
4) Now the likable people have a shot again James, Steve, Van, Austin the big top contenders for Final 4


Meg probably had as much as help as, say, Jmac.

Jmac and Vanessa were helped by the DR. Jmac deciding to work with Vanessa. When did that ever happen? He hated her!

See how that works. Makes as much of a sense as your theory except that It’s been said by the houseguests how the DR is trying to steer them away from targeting Jmac. Jmac is the productions pet. How else will they ever get clever DR clips?

Nothing Personal

The Austwins haven’t complained about Jmac being in the DR this week. What happened, isn’t he favorite anymore?


Disagree completely, Jmac came to the conclusion, watch the Darn feeds, that Van was is only option after Meg through him under the bus. He even said it to Van I don’t like you but this is what it is. Jmac went to James and Meg last min so they could get turned by the Austwins and that’s when Meg went straight to the Austwins. meg is going to betray James she even told him that if he didn’t honor what she said she would go after him, this proofs to Van that she can trust Meg and Meg can manipulate James. Production does not want Jmac to win that comp with this girls was design foe someone like Jackie or Shelli to win. I don’t like production messing with it I wanted Jackie to win she went home fair and square not happy about that but she did probably because it was a double eviction and Dr did not have enough time to mess with it. Now I would like Jmac or James but I don’t like the help that they gave to James that comp was design for him. I would like them to leave it alone after Mega and Julia go up unless they have already changed that. Watching the feeds then the edits it does get depressing though.


Meg a manipulator? She’s an ANCHOR around James’ neck! James could do a heck of a lot more on his own w/o having to drag dead weight around who can’t win anything AND doesn’t know WHEN to keep her mouth shut (pretty much most of the time). If Meg wasn’t around James would hopefully be ‘male bonding’ with a someone other than Austin (i.e. JMac & Steve (unfortunately) and start knocking off Austin’s Balls (i.e. Vanessa), Snotty Sisters and Stinky!

Meg for Preisdent

Perhaps the greatest game changing conversation in BB history. I am in awe if this woman.


Meg telling Vanessa she will go after James if he doesn’t stick to this deal. James reaction of “what the f#@%” when Meg tells him this…..priceless.


trust me, it’s about to get cray up in this motherfucker!


This season is expect the expected.


Predict the predictable.


Vanessa should put up Julia. Shes already made good points to everyone why she has to be the “pawn” But Vanessa should make a deal with Gremlins & have Johnny Mac and Steve flip the vote. Vanessa plays dumb that way she isn’t targeted by Liztin after. Liztin will go after Steve & Johnny Mac. Goblins & Rockstars go after Liztin next week. Vanessa sits comfortably while each side takes each other out.


EXACTLY !!!! I think going after a twin was Vanessa’s’ plan all along. She had to know there was a high likelihood James would win POV. No way she is content w/ Meg going home as her #2 target. MEG?? Who hasn’t won anything and isn’t part of a trio???
How in the world did Vanessa convince her alliance that it makes sense to keep Jmac who is clearly after them and to get rid of Meg who not a threat ?? Also she is using one of her won alliance members to ensure votes aren’t flipped. How are the twins and Austin not pissed ?? How do they not see that Vanessa is keeping Jmac in the game a s a meat shield and as someone to go after them when the time comes. The fact that Jmac/Steve/Van are working together should be obvious to everyone.
If votes get flipped and Julia goes, Van/Seve/Jmac are the biggest alliance in the house. Steve is a complete fool for thinking the Austin and Liz would team up with James and Meg if Julia left. They would know those 2 flipped the vote.
I never seen so many cowards make so many excuses to not target each other. They don’t get rid of the twins this week, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Jmac and Steve are too cowardly to make big moves and like James said, just want to float to the final 2 w/out getting any blood on their hands.

James FTW

I kinda started dislike JM. Two weeks ago he was ma fave and now turned to a male Vanessa. I only hope he doesn’t start indulging in eating his boogers like Steve does every night…

All in all James is by far the best housemate in that house full of scam.

And yes, I wouldn’t waste even one erection I rather Liz or Julia. white trash to the fullest. they will end up as prostitutes in less than 4 years. Just watch it happen!


Give Van an HOH penalty for bribery. She can’t re-nom. As POV winner James gets the re-nom and he can re-nom anyone…now that would be fun.


Yah right. Then give 1 to James for offering a truck to Jeff & a years rent & gifts to Meg.


When did he offer a truck to Jeff?


The week before Jeff left. and then again they joked about what kind of truck while Jeff was on the block.


That was the dumbest plea to stay in BB history.

Vanessa had to hold herself back from saying. “Meg just leave you are embarrassing yourself with how stupid you are.”

Vanessa be like you woke me up for that? LMMFAO!

never liked steve

steve trying to keep julia around bc he swears he has a chance with her lol sad

Thanks for the updates...

I just want to thank you for your amazing updates, I have stopped watching the show for the sole reason of Austin ( I just can’t stomach him). If it wasn’t for this site I would have stopped having any interest in the show at all. I am hoping that once he is gone I can watch again. Once again, THANK YOU!!


That is the dumbest deal EVER!!! How does that help her or James??? James needs to let her go. MEG IS DUMB!!!


I have to admit, it REEKS of desperation BUT if Van goes for it ad this week being DE (which none of the HGs are expecting), Meg could possibly stay and either Van or Liz could walk out the door, depending on who won HOH.


Actually a couple them are half expecting the DE. Steve told Vanessa is has to be this week but they haven’t brought it up much more after that. Not that I saw anyways.

I’m not sure about Vanessa (even though Steve told her) but I’m pretty sure Steve is planning for it.

Bunny Slipper

I keep expecting Liz to lick her own eye. Maybe stick out her tongue to catch a fly.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Did Steve suddenly grow a set of balls.
Or did he find Clay’s in the trash can?


I wish it was Liz going up instead of Julia, but whatever. I really, really, really hope one of those cum-guzzling twins goes home.


lol…is there any evidence at all this year…to make a remark like that about the twins? really? cum guzzlers?

It's on the Feeds

I agree the comment is harsh but what they do on feeds is worse, we all have to fast forward. Feed updates also document blow by blow, her head is under covers, he’s arching his head is rolling back, it’s so gross. First it was hands then…well you get it. She’s is girlfriend and future wife. But to correct the facts, we only see one Twin doing it, while the other merely talks about it. Either way eeeewww. They lost fans.


There kind of is. There was the story about Liz blowing a guy while texting with her bf. Then there was that time Liz was blowing Austin under the covers. And there was the “rip and dip” story. Then there was the “girls won’t do that for free” comment insinuating that they would for the right price.


A proud Parents moment to read about their child doings on National TV, if they didn’t know but suspected it, Well, now You know and we all know. Now, put that on your big brother resume.


Steve, America’s Favorite Player finally got a backbone!! Lol


Pet peeve…I is used in the subject; me is used in the predicate.


I knoooooow. That’s the second time she’s done that. Annoying as all hell.


I’ve noticed it more an more in a wide range of both scripted TV and reality TV. I knows it’s minor but that’s my pet peeve.


I’m absolutely baffled that Steve/JMac aren’t going to flip.


They are both big azz punks. They r scared of Vanessa. If it was me I would only pretend to be on Vanessa side, not actually work with her. They r stupid. She going to screw you in the end. Vanessa thinks she can get rid of them after one of them gets rid of one of the austwins. I’m done with the feeds and are only watching show so I can laugh at the other cocky dummies cry when the table turn.


To flip and get Julia out would not be worth it. Now if van would put up Austin or liz…that’s a different story.


I agree. What’s Julia done? Not a thing. It’s Liz that needs to go and Austin. But first and foremost, Liz.

You take her out and Austin and Julia will go their separate ways.


It does but it doesn’t, Jmac said he’d go after Meg because he thought she was close to James and Austwins. And just for that reason Jmac should leave next week…or just walk out…. you’re to dumb for this game.

AKA Twistin'...

Meg and her shitty ass deal. I’m a Goblin fan but damn Meg – get your ass on the next thing smokin’ to the Jury House. She is a detriment to James’ game and he can’t even see it.


30,000 firearm deaths annually!! USA USA!! We’re Number 1! We’re number 1!! Anyway….go goblins go okay?


Don’t forget more incarcerated citizens then any other country in the world. But hey how else are we supposed to compete with the cheap labor overaeas.

BB Drafter

Don’t take the deal Vanessa. Keep JMac safe.


I hope James goes rogue & causes some drama


James: if Van makes you promise on your daughter…either say: “GO FUCK YOURSELF VANESSA!—- I am not like you…I wouldn’t gamble on my loved ones… or
do it and say after “my fingers were crossed” that will piss her off too lol


I’m a little disappointed in James, for not standing up to Vanessa when he went to see her. She had him apologizing, for WHAT! I just don’t get these mindless sheep falling for her tears, and her flipping to being a victim. It would have been either me or her long before this, because I would have put this delusional witch in her place so fast, whe would have self evicted.

Mina Harker

James, I love you, but get a grip. Let Meg go to jury – she’ll be your friend for life, don’t worry. You don’t want to swear on your daughter’s life? Don’t; tell Vanessa and anyone else that she is too precious to be used as a bargaining chip. Keep planting seeds of doubt in Austin’s mind that Vanessa isn’t going to take him to F2. Just keep chipping away at that level of trust.


Who here thinks JMac or Steve will try to win HoH at the DE?

Thumb up for yes
Thumd down for no.


Meg’s deal might have tempted Van earlier in the game if 1) Meg could win a non-fashion comp and 2) James had not proved that his word means nothing when he screwed over Shelli. I have come to like James’ tenacity and that he is a thorn in the Scamper Squad’s side but he truly F’d himself when he publicly went back on his wall deal with Shelli. Meg is as good as gone and so is James if he does not win HOH or Veto. Sorry you ruined your game by making promises you didn’t intend to keep but I am still rooting for you James.

Another Anonymous

Vanessa admitted to Meg that she broke her word to James by putting him (and Meg) on the block when she had promised him that she wouldn’t before final 7. So, James isn’t the only one whose word cannot be trusted. Vanessa, Ms. Integrity, breaks her promises, too.


So what if Van also broke promises to James. The point is that she has the power this week. Next week if James is HOH and Van comes to him with a deal and “promises” I would say the same thing-“do not trust”. However to his detriment James broke a more public promise to Shelli on the wall, not a behind the scenes deal. It has hurt his credibility with other contestants. I am still rooting for him but facts are facts. Win HOH or Veto or see ya.


So what. Vanessa is in power this week so her trustworthiness is not the issue.


Stupid people

This season is crap. Vanessa should lose her hoh or her ability to replace a nom for all this bribing.


James is the new Frank. Remember Frank? The wrestlers son? The fans were rooting for him and he kept winning when he needed to, however, there were just too many people against him in the end and he was gone. That is James. His time will run out, unfortunately.


Frank came in 7th, but was targeted for at least a couple of weeks before that. James might be in that same position now, but since there are less HGs now he does have a chance of powering his way to the finale. Esp since the others can be motivated to turn against each other pretty soon.


So right @Valerie. I had the exact same thought. After Meg goes James has nobody. He is poison unless he wins because he has proven too untrustworthy (Shelli/Clay) No one wants to tip their hand by not nominating him. If he can win veto again then we will see, depending on who is HOH, who blinks first Austwits or Rockstars with Van in the middle. The first time he loses he is gone just like Frank.


What absolutely needs to happen Thursday is that James needs to win VETO. He made an excellent point to Meg overnight: he doesn’t need to win HOH, just VETO. That is where all the power is now that it is every man for himself.
He is off the block regardless if he won HOH or not, forcing Van/Steve/JMac or Austwins to put either two alliance members on the block or one from each group against the other. (Meg is going this week)
James needs a side alliance with Austin…Meg’s leaving means he is all alone in the game. Can’t trust Steve….he is the one who broke the Goblin Circle. Can’t trust JMac…by not nominating JM (when he was supposed to be the target), Vanessa and JM tipped their hand to the Goblins.
Socially, Austin and James get along very well and their temporary alliances have served them both well. Also, Austin is so onboard with splitting the Twins (he approached Jason about it but Jason blabbed) AND getting Vanessa out…he simply doesn’t want to be the one to do it.


I disagree. It’s great to be able to win veto if you weren’t able to snag the hoh. But at this point in the game you have to win hoh’s. Not preparing for them by studying is plain stupid and lazy. What else do you have to do in that house? I’d be studying nonstop.


You have a good point, but at this stage of the game all of the HOH’s are important and it behooves James to be able to play in all of them.
Not excusing his not studying but in my opinion, James coudl study from now until Finale night and the only way he would win a mental comp is if it consisted of him, Meg and Julia.
And question…everyone seems sure about the days comp happening THursday but I thought it would be either Before/After or the A/B competition since time would be of the essence.

She's Gonna Go After James How?

What’s Meg gonna do if James doesn’t follow instructions, chase him with her lipstick? If James does the naughty thing, wins HOH and puts Vanessa on the block
A) he will be the hero even if he breaks a promise because van does it all the time they will just invent A REASON
B) if James puts Liz up instead of Meg, it’s too late, POV won’t save her, get her out, neither can vote to evict so block of 4 votes is cut down to Austin & Julia who will either split or keep Liz
C) Swearing on Bibles has been broken by Van so swearing on his child is nothing,
D) JMAC is more likely to win than James, who doesn’t win mental comps
E) If Van is stupid enough to agree she needs to make these 2 votes count and get her biggest threat out before DE Steve or Austin. Then she’d have Twins vote locked. They’ve already discussed how Austin is ruining their game.

Will Van take the bait? Will DR keep helping Meg with strategy? She only came up with this one after getting out of DR and never ran it by James? never crossed her mind after being on the block 4 times while her whole alliance is picked off? Fishy fish fairy fishy.


LOL chase him with her lipstick. Now that was funny


I would love for CBS to give us a reunion show a week after the finale. you guys?
the way the twins change their minds about who they hate or who they like daily…
Austin I think has reason to be worried about wrap party…Liz..will no doubt be flirting it up with Jeff and Jace….Austin just mite explode…
any other predictions with others?

Vanessa should...

Vanessa should put up Liz and say oh dang you guys look so much alike I got mixed up. Then the house should vote Liz out.
Sure it would be a flat out lie but Liz leaving is best for everyone in the house. They are ignorant for letting twins especially one with a showmance survive this long

Nothing Personal

I’ll be disappointed in James if he takes Meg’s deal. If he’s in the game for his daughter to put the rest of his game up for Meg, who only likes him because he’s with her, for him to give all his gamesmanship up for her would only give fodder to the usual haters and would kill not only his game but would lessen his chance at being favorite player.


If I was Vanessa, I will take Meg’s deal

Nothing Personal

Rereading the post, Meg also said, “next week is DE”. Is she actually referring to next week? Did the DR tell her?


Pretty sure she means the following week. Next week, as in the one after this week’s HOH.

I survived last seasons BB

Meg…..That was weaker than a thimble ful;l of guppy pee in the Pacific Ocean

Vanessa, as much as I do not like Her,,Is not going to do anything but vote out Meg..The way She sees it is that the following HOH,unless James wins, She has Him going out

I think it;s still a bad play to leave Austank Trio intact though…If they took out Liz that group is basically useless and James is better at comps than Austin and Julia times ten


JMac is the low man on everyone’s totem pole except Steve. If Jmac or Steve do not win HOH during DE then it is guaranteed JMac will be up on the block. So aligning himself with his enemy is the smartest move for him going forward. Smart on her part since he was the returning juror and no one else in that house even attempted to make it right with him before he left just in case he came back.
Taking out Meg is smart and if Steve and Jmac flip they have two people, who have won comps, coming after them immediately.
Regardless what happens this week if a Austwin is not taken out during DE, or the week after than the whole house is in trouble. I don’t believe one word of Austin trying to separate from those girls, and I hope the house isn’t falling for it either!

At the end of the dy

Meg is leaving this week. As long as Autwins are’nt winning in the HOH, best bet is for Steve and Jmac to throw it to James. James would not put them up, instead put up Van and Liz. One comes down, Austin goes up. Should noms stay the same, Austin won’t want to win veto and have to choose who to take down. Whatever the outcome, Steve, Jmac and James become the dominant trio.


The house figures double elimination isn’t this Thursday. They think it’s next Thursday.
Meg’s deal sounds pretty silly. If Vanessa takes a deal with James she deserves what she gets. The guy hasn’t honored a deal yet (James fans, sorry, it’s true he’s broken deals to Jace, Clelli, Becky and the brass tacks). The daughter card has already been played. He swore on his daughter to Clay and Shelli. That tire didn’t have any tread.


I’d love for the Hgs to actually be surprised this Thursday.


As much as I’d love to see Meg stay I hope James does not swear on his daughter. I’d rather see him go rogue on his own, win veto’s to stay in the game. Van will of course try to make him play that card at which point he should ask her to swear on her beloved Mel instead. No one holds Vanessa up to the same standards as she tries to hold them up to. And what’s with blaming James and Meg for Austin potentially sending Van home when it was Aus and Liz making all the decisions for the last two weeks. Van is playing an evil twisted game and only in her head does her decisions make sense. I would never vote to give her the money if I was in that jury.

brotalk to human dictionary

Lol. if the idea is to break up a strong pair, how is this deal going to dissaude that? Meg is making deals on James’ behalf. That means they are a really strong pair.
Why can’t she make him swear on his daughter, he’s the one that’s been using his daughter as leverage in the popularity contest, and as his reason for being in the game. Given that he’s the one that has made his own word crap by breaking his deals, seems completely fair.
If Vanessa was going to be a b!tch, her speech could be that she had already said she didn’t have a target, but as soon as Meg came to her offering a deal on James’ behalf to get her to nominate Johnnymac and send him home instead of Meg, she knew that Meg was James’ chess queen in fact as well as euphemism. For that reason, i nominate Julia because she hasn’t been on the block.
Nobody left to campaign to after that. James is already after her, so she isn’t burning a bridge. No way they can sway Johnnymac to flip the vote after that.


Dear Production – Wanna save this season? Explain to Jmac that he should wake up and align with James and Meg and use his influence to bring Steve in too and form a REAL alliance. Vote out Julia and go into a DE with a 4-3 advantage with Vanessa sitting on the sidelines at HOH comp. Even if Liz or Austin wins HOH, there’s a good chance all you will play for veto and one of you will win and be able to make a deal with the HOH to put up Vanessa and vote her out so the really “deserving” players can stay and “match wits” for a spot in the F2. Remind them that “Real” BB players wouldn’t have it any other way and this would be the ultimate chance to show even Dan and Dr. Will how it’s done Sadly, in spite of how everybody loves Jmac, he’d rather hang on to the coattails of who he perceives as the “cool” people than act like the decent man I truly believe he is. Can anybody say Stockholm Syndrome?


Dear butthurt
Here at CBS we believe that the deserving players are the ones who have made moves to stay in the game and did not require our assistance. Doing nothing all season except for impersonating the Joker does not make someone deserving nor a real player. Neither does acting like a 14 year old teenage boy who cannot think of anything else but sex.
We thank you for your input and would reccomend that next time you have a suggestion as to how we should run out show you kindly wite it on a piece of paper, place it in an evelope, and mail it to someone who cares.

Kind regards

CBS cares

what's up you bunch of idiots!

I was very happy with the way this was progressing until Steve and jmac said meg and James would go with Austin and Liz if they flipped on Julia. NO, THE WOULD FLIP WITH YOU, and you would take control of the house, you idiots. jmac, maybe it is time for you to see jury house.

another name

I don’t see any evidence that Jmac and Steve would have that would lead them to believe that Meg and James would ally with them.
From J & S perspective Meg and James weren’t even up for consideration to go on the block last week when Austin put them both on the block. That tells both Steve and Jmac that there is a stronger relationship between Austwins, James and Meg.
Meg and James refused to save Jmac less than a week ago.
Meg and James have never made any alliance with Steve and Jmac. Both know there was a deal with Austin and the twins.
From the knowledge that J&S have, it is a safer assumption that the Brass Tacks would reform (though i don’t think they know the name). They’ve never been given a shred of proof that would lead them to think otherwise.

take out BB17 Party....

I’m really happy for this site, because when the show gets old and stale and everyone is afraid to take out the 3 headed snake, I can always look to this site for people’s hilarious comments. I haven’t watched in over a week, but I always come here for updates…No one except James has any balls anymore, too afraid to take out big targets..I really think James should win for AFP..So much more gutsy than JMAC…There I started my own campaign! goo JAMES!!! BB use to be exciting, and unpredictable…Now people all huddle together like Sheeple….

Liz's mom

Liz have u gone “camping” on tv with that big ugly hairy ape!!!

disappointed BB fan

vanessa “she is ostracising herself, we’re not doing it” upon steve’s return to HOH. vanessa “she was trying to sleep so that she didn’t need to scamper if they come to me I don’t have to talk to them.” hmmmm a little contradicting i would say


James and Meg had every opportunity to flip on Austwins and explain to Vanessa just what the plans were the last two weeks with trying to get her out. Instead they played dumb. Proving they have some sort of loyalty to them.
Everyone wants to align with Austwins because of numbers. && everyone is scared to take them out because of numbers.

James and Meg are pushing for Jmac to go up because they know Austwins would keep Meg! Jmac knows this! Making it harder for him to trust or work with them going forward, especially since Vanessa is keeping him safe this week.

Come Thursday im hoping for a BB miracle to happen! They realize it’s DE before voting and Steve and Jmac flip and vote out Julia! The next HoH nominates Austin and Liz and either one follows Julia right out the door! Takes care of the trio in one day!
Wishful thinking!

The safest way to start going at the trio is to send Liz to jury first. Vanessa isn’t going to put her up which makes splitting them up this week much harder.