Julia “Obviously we’re on an even playing field, we both haven’t won anything”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 13-10-48-657

1:10pm Backyard – Julia says I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Last night they (James and Meg) were cackling. James is nice but he doesn’t have respect for other people. Liz says especially not for women. Julia says he’s said a lot of inappropriate things. Like with Meg. Liz says especially with him.. she is not giving him anything. Julia says and him saying he would go up over her.. like you have a kid! Liz says I know.

James and Meg come outside. Meg tells Liz.. obviously Julia and I talked and I fought so hard for us not to be in this situation. I don’t want things to be weird. Obviously I am going to fight my way just like Julia should fight her way. I am not going to campaign against you personally. I wish just one time I wasn’t on the block against a friend of mine. Julia says obviously we’re on an even playing field we both haven’t won anything. Meg says hopefully we can just all have fun this week. Julia says it just sucks we’re both havenots. Meg says I had some really creative plans and it just sucks it didn’t work for us Julia. Julia asks if Meg practised her speech a lot because it was really good. Meg says I wanted to work “camping” (code for $ex) in and “kick rocks” because that’s what James says a lot. Meg says James I am so pissed that we didn’t dress up. (Wear past comp costumes for the veto ceremony) The conversation turns to talking about past competitions.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 13-15-37-466

1:50pm Julia asks do think we will have interview right after? James says yeah, exit interview right here in the backyard. The conversation turn to talking about dogs and James’s cat. Steve finally wakes up and joins them. James talks about how he was campaigning to Meg last night with all the reasons why she should go camping with me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 13-51-56-629

2pm Backyard – Austin tells Johnny Mac lets do the crowd test. Austin holds up his hands and the crowd (Liz, Julia, Steve, James, Meg) boos him. Johnny Mac raises his arm and the crowd cheers. Austin then fake punches Johnny Mac. Liz says when I say Austin you say sucks! Austin! SUCKS! Austin! SUCKS! Austin! SUCKS!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 14-08-05-793

2:25pm – 2:30pm Meg and Julia play a game of pool.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 14-25-55-939

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JMAC – Don’t expect for the crowd to be cheering for you anymore especially after you have a golden opportunity to flip the vote and get Julia out this Week! I see all the hate on here directed towards Meg but equal parts should be directed to JMAC if not more for throwing comps and not even considering to flip this Weeks vote! The guy is a complete air head! I think he has been sniffing too much if his own laughing gas at his Dentist Office!


Nah. Steve is the key vote. Jmac would probably do it if Steve was really on board. And Steve recognizes Julia isn’t the one to target first in that trio. Now had Liz or austin gone up, I bet it would have flipped.


Just like Steve can convince Jmac, Jmac can convince Steve. All Jmac has to do is go to James and make the suggestion. Too bad he doesn’t have the balls to go up to people and talk game. He isn’t even thinking about flipping or the fact that Steve (who is afraid of his own shadow) really can’t protect him and Vanessa’s just telling him what he wants to hear. His head is too far up Vanessa’s ass right now it’s hilarious. This idiot is even talking about throwing the next HOH already. So get ready! Airhead Jmac is going right back out the door during the double eviction.


I don’t know about you but I’ll still be cheering :p

Liz Lover

Best player in BB history. Hands down. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

#purebeauty #insideandout #hatersgonnahate


I actually really like her and it annoys me how many people pick on her on the outside. She hasn’t done anything wrong at all in her game. I’d like to see her in the final two 🙂

Julia is Awesome!

I love Julia’s spirit. Yes she is being carried through the game but when she did a cheerleading move saying Life is Great!! in the house. Spontanious and Clueless but something about not feeling pressure because of it is awesome! Live in the moment Julia!


Someone needs glasses!!!!


Sorry, I put them on – what am I looking for exactly?

Biology professor

Time to explain Liz and Julia. Many have commented on their lizard-like appearance. In fact, they are derived from lizards. Many years ago, the being known as Montel Williams came to this planet. He was the original Lizard-king. He has been creating a race of lizard-people. There are many of them now. Look around you. They are peaceful now. But their intentions are not known. Be vigilant.

What's in a name?

BB History? As in Big Brothel, the new reality show where women pimp themselves and their sisters to win big money? Yep, best player ever.

Nasty twins



I expect that from a PARENT who child is so disrespectful to herself and family by having sex on National TV and doing other things under the cover. Yes, You must be a PARENT or RELATIVE. They are mean selfish twits.


Is Vanessa a vampire.? She never goes outside during the day..


She seems to have the ability to suck the life out of people…


Yes, she does suck.


She hides up in her hoh room plotting her next kill. Lol

True Blood on Her Hands

That’s it-she’s is Dracula! She’s batty, counting cards, staking the game, draining the fun out, bleeding the producers dry, cheating death, crossing partners, screaming drunk, burning the Bible with broken deals and she can’t see her own reflection in the mirror. Reminds me of all the crazy clues she dreams up in her sleep, HOH baskets, letters & in her beanie.


She sprayed her hair with disinfectant spray and even that didn’t stop her.


Something is really wrong with these two (Liz&Julia), they trash talk everyone, talking about inappropriateness from James because he has a child, but it’s okay for Liz to do what she does with Austin under the covers, and your Parents and friends are okay with that! Boy these two not only are shallow, selfish,snobbish, judgmental, but they share more than just the DNA, they share 1 brain cell between the two of them…….


Damn!!! You said a lot in a few sentences and YOU are so RIGHT ON. Thanks.


Someone anyone please get rid of those two (*^$(%&^$)& TWITS.
They constantly talk about bad things that others do when they do the exact same or much worse. James is disrespectful towards women? Weren’t you to twats making fun of him for having a small penis? Have they ever even seen it and how/why? James is no saint but neither are these two nasty admitted whores. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time was someone’s comment on here about them and those eyeballs, their tongue popping out to catch a fly. These are two of the worst people that have ever played this game, and that’s saying something with some of the trash they have cast in recent years. Bottom of the barrel these two, I can’t watch the show anymore because of their garbage actions and those whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining nasal voices that make Fran Drescher sound like an angel.

I survived last seasons BB

Yeah but how do You REALLY feel about the Twins ????


Really Liz? Really?!?

James is inappropriate about women? How about your “boyfriend” that you are happy to be sharing with another woman?


Don’t forget about Ryan in Miami. She was with someone before entering the house. She told Julia she was going to break it off when she got home. But he is a better kisser. Lol I’m sure he has moved on by now.

Ryan in Miami

Liz is a great kisser. Her tongue is eighteen inches long.

So After Plotting....

James goes in the backyard and lists all the ways he’s pressured Meg into sex…goodbye before eviction, thank you sex for trying to save her, Chloroform, hide in her bed, whisper a secret in her ear and throw her down, demonstrate favorite scenes in pornos, Glory Holes, date night, body warmth, massage her bad knees, rip her clothes off, take shower together, attack her in pool like a shark, catch her dressing (like he does at the Mall)…the list goes on…eeeewww. He actually told Vanessa he would have flirted with her if she wasn’t gay. Ugh. Pranks and sex the only way he relates to people to cover the true genius of being instrumental in the eviction of all his alliance members? Ick.

Does he think this is funny, winning AFP points, putting everyone’s guard down, distracting people from his real intentions? You know he harbors resentment for 3 months of rejection. That’s why he didn’t push keeping her with Vanessa? Who is left to root for? The #hillbillyasian gimmick not enuf. Sigh.

Lighten up pal!

James is joking…you know a joke…to be funny…that’s why Meg laughs…because she thinks he’s funny!
There is a huge difference in James jokes and Liz and Austin mauling each other while thier loved ones watch.
Not even a comparison…


So after— maybe in your next lifetime you will get a sense of humor. Not looking too good though.


I agree!

skeptical onlooker

Heh..good headline….NOT what Meg wants to hear though.
Vanessa..even though I can’t stand her..is smart. She knew something was up when Austin didn’t put up James and Meg. That was 2 more numbers for the 3 headed monsters.
Steve and Johnny Mac she had. She had to break up Meg and James.
Because in the long run..she has to get James/Steve/Johnny Mac to break up the 3some.
She knows she needs those 3 vots in Jury. Then just 2 more..then she gets the bucks…and she’s back in business.
The only problem with that scenario….is she has to not get voted out.
So..paranoia will rule…the victim card will be played.as well as the gay card…the I’m all alone card..the integrity card..the word is my bond card.
Btw..what exactly did Meg do btween her laughing and crying jags?
Oh right. Gave really bad advice about gameplay. That’s it.
After she leaves Thurs..she won’t be missed at all.
James will be trying to win….Vanessa will be scheming.
And Steve and JMac will be trying to grow some balls…
Austin and the twins will keep thinking they’re safe.
But…DE is going to throw a monkey in the wrench. Liz or Austin are going.
Then we’ll have a game.


She may be counting jury votes but we know she’ll never own her game. And when she starts her speech talking about Her Word, Her Integrity, how she was all alone the whole game but At the End of the Day she was a straight shooter…

How many jury votes will she lose?


Liz knows how it’s done: “Meg…she is not giving him (James) anything.”

I survived last seasons BB

Q……….What do Julia and the Pool Shark have in common ????


They’re both full of hot air!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZING

That's Easy...

Steve wants to have sex with both of them.


They’re both filled with hot air!!!!!!!!!!!ZING


they are both floaters

I survived last seasons BB



They are both FLOATERS


Meg, Meg, Meg, Meg, watch the feeds she turned on Jmac last week WHY would he trust her .


By that token JMac shouldn’t trust Van or Steve either because they both voted him out.


When did Steve vote JMAC out, what show are you watching ?


Yep! JMac tried to make a deal with them which would have changed the outcome of the game. Becky or Jackie would have been back in. But Meg didn’t want anything to do with it and ran to Austin. Don’t feel sorry for her one bit! She did this to her and James.


Jmac & Steve both know that there is a better chance of getting out the austwins with James on their side & that wouldn’t happen with meg around. She has been holding James down. She needs to go this week if there is any hope of getting out the austwins. Van/Steve/jmac/James are all comp beasts that could take them out. 4 to 3 with stronger competitors will give them a better chance to win. So hope they show the real meg on TV this week. She is useless, mean, jealous, selfish & clueless.


As someone who likes james, I am very happy Meg is leaving. She is a huge ball and chain to his game. He has a legitimate shot at winning without her.

Meg is an as*hole for trying to say he shouldn’t make deals with Vanessa, “don’t drink her koolaid”. If he wants to use Vanessa by making deals or even work with her, to further his game. Then he has every right to. She is being very selfish. Don’t let the door hit you in the way out Meg.


In order for James to win or let’s just say any of the players: You Got To Do, What You Got To Do, to win the game. Take one “TwinTwit” out and “Van” and will make it just a little easier. Team James Here!!!!


I don’t know want i would do if i was part of the jury and they happened to do a final 3 this season and i had to vote for either Austin, Liz, and Vanessa… that would be terrible. I’d probably vote for Vanessa to win and then find the nearest toilet and purge.


I do look foward to one thing. And one thing only . We crap on all the HG and their outlandishness. I’m also a huge sports nut, and never was the type to say stupid shit about the team I didn’t want to win, so fuckin 5th grade . But I want that fuckin spoiled brat, lizard looking, sasquatch hooking up, bitch Liz to get bounced from that house so bad I can taste it . I hope that cbs crowd boos her off the fucking stage . She sucks at life, all game play aside . I loathe her, and hope she reads every fucking comment on every site. Started out fine, but turned into a DOUCHE. Sorry . Not sorry


Hahaha seriously 😡 ! Her ability to turn the most zen person into a homocidal lunatic with just her voice is almost a superpower.


I’ve enjoyed jmac all year and was convinced he had americas favorite locked down. But its starting to seem like if jmac keeps this junk with Vanessa going, hes going to give james the votes :x. Letting julia get off this block safely would be as big a mistake for jmac steve and vanessa to me as james and meg not getting vanessa out over shelli during beckys hoh. If those twins make it past the 2nd double eviction intact they will control every vote until final 3. Really hope jmac and steve dont let that happen.

Team Camping

Meg & James for the next season of Amazing Race!!!

Grandma needs to start training immediately after BB though.


Amazing Race + Meg’s knees= DISASTER!!

Wondertwin Powers Activate

Shape of…An actual, cohesive thought! They’re like the pot calling the kettle black, such hypocrites given they talk about everyone.

Like oh my God, isn’t this the best summer camp ever! They’re in their own little sorority at the BB house.

They should get Vanessa to pledge Kappa Kappa Wannabe and haze her ass for the remainder of her time there, which I hope isn’t too much longer. That would be good TV!

skeptical onlooker

I must have missed things. I don’t know why meg and Jmac hate each other.
What caused this?
I was pretty surprised when John said in his interview that he would go after Meg.
And then Meg has thrown John under the bus endlessly.
Surely not because Jason and John didn’t get along?
It has to more than that.

another name

it’s not so much that he hates her.
it’s that he’s playing a low key game with the back up possibility of being taken to final two as a sure fire way for the person taking him to supposedly win. That’s what Meg is. sure fire second place holder. As long as she sits under a neon sign reading ‘take me along, you’ll win” she’s cutting one avenue of access to the final two. James won’t take him as long as there’s Meg.
Add to that he came up with a script flipper last week, and she shot down the idea.
Add to that they’ve had the least interaction of any two people in the house.
She’s a social player (read player that cries personal any time they are targeted, all the strictly social players do). She’s only social with some of the houseguests and ignores the rest.


If only this Scamper Squad alliance got booed when they’re evicted, that would make watching this season worth it.

Not a Julia fan but...

I kind of felt bad what Zing Bot said about Julia. That was nasty.


What was said?


How the hell is Meg still a 3rd place favorite. I guess for going down in bb history as doing the most jack sh*t.


I love the Liz bashing ! It’s all true . Funny thing is she thinks we like her . I feel the same as Toronto guy and big sexy 40. They not only suck they do nasty shit and rag on other people for doing the same type stuff. They both are not very nice girls, and I hope an ACME safe from the cartoons lands on their head and kills them .


Meg had some really creative plans but can’t share them now that she and Julia are up on the block, which is incredibly unfortunate because I would’ve loved to see these plans. I wonder if they involved more of Meg’s gut feelings or listening to plans to flip votes that would be in her best interest but then going and telling everyone in the house on the off chance her not telling came back to bite her at some point later in the game. Looks like we’ll never know 🙁

Nasty twins

Guys, today’s comments are hilarious. JMAC sniffing laughing gas, Liz being a pure beauty, Vanessa a life sucking vampire…. I’m enjoying this… carry on.


Goblin Rockstars!!!
comment image?dl=0


I don’t understand how JohnnyMac is a fan favorite. Is he even playing the game? What player who just got evicted would come back in the house and throw a competition?! Literally, he is the “throwing competition” master. Just because he perks up in the diary room doesn’t mean he should be a fan favorite!

And the fact that Clay/Shelli put him up on the block, and suggested he not use the veto if he won it, yet he was so torn up over them leaving (and was even crying about it), just shows how worthless he really is. Honestly.

This is honestly the worst season of Big Brother ever (well, behind Amanda’s season). I have never seen a season where so many people throw competitions, talk about “only” getting to jury vs. the final end, and string couples/groups along. Why on earth, once you learned about a twin twist, would you allow that twin to come in? And why would someone be so loyal (Vanessa) to a group of three? You really think they’ll take you to the end? Not to mention Steve is supposedly a fan, but why would he make the moves he did? Double eviction would have been the perfect time to target a real group (aka the twins/Julia, who have shown him no loyalty). He talks to the cameras like he is imparting some wisdom, trying to be Dr. Will, but guess what Steve? No one cares! You can talk up your game all you want, but your actions show you are spineless! There is no way you would be voted to receive the $25,000 as a fan favorite. No way.

These people would have been absolutely CRUSHED in earlier seasons of BB. Vanessa only looks good because the rest are SO bad. I wonder why this decline of BB happened. Is it because there are so many recruits?!


In 1 word I think it’s recruiters. The number of recruits and there lack of love/understanding of BB is making the game hard to play for fans. Then give the twins a free ride to jury and just listen to the fresh mouth. the twins are recruits by the way. Need a season where everyone applied and no recruits. At least get fans on the show.


Who is winning the game? Oh that’s right. VANESSA!

That is why all you haters are so mad.

I take it you all failed at life. This is why you hate Vanessa so much for having such a highly successful life.

I will pray for you all. I’m sure things will get better:-)


Who’s getting voted out at DE?
That’s right, VANESSA!
Keep praying for BB cuz God’s not busy.


How exactly can Vanessa win when she’s taking no shots at Austwins? Getting rid if Julia this week would be her only chance to make a statement and team up with James,Steve, and Jmac to systematically dismantle Austwins. Since she obviously not doing that, no way could she win, they will take her out because they will control the numbers.

June Bug

Really thought that Julia was the mature one out of the sisters. Watching her on After Dark.The way she talks out loud and her behavior is that of a child. She doesn’t act like a woman of her age.Liz is like the mother who is always disciplining her.


I cant believe that Vanessa doesn’t see it is best for her game to get rid of Julia and break up the three. She just needs to quietly tell her servants that is what she wants and they will do it. I think Austin might put the hat on and have Judas vote to evict Julia. Then he is Liz’s hero as he comforts her. Liz will be a wreck for the rest of her time in the house which hopefully will be just a few minutes because they evict her in the double. Then get Vanessa next week. I hate I am pulling for bros before hos but I am.

freud's cigar

So what you are really saying is why doesn’t everybody save Meg and then line up at the door so that they can be evicted instead.


Nah URDUMB, she’s just a piece of fuckin dog shit, soulless, douchebag.


I have not hated Vanessa and gave her credit for game play albeit not the game play I like. HOWEVER, I cannot stand her self victimaztion one more minute. Whine, “I’m all alone”, whine, ‘I’m gay”, whine, “I’m totally honest”. Not. One. More. Minute. Just jumped on the Vanessa Hate Train. Sorry,not sorry.


Cant post comments on the next post……Simon/Dawg??


Sorry it should be fixed now.. 🙁

Thanks for letting me know


Omg the twintwits from avatar. They could star in a new (human) avatars movie. No makeup needed just dubbed in voices so people could sit through the first 10 min. Thoes god awful eyes! I have to fast foward when they appear from under their rocks or austink. For the sake of our eyes and ears PLEASE send them anywhere.
Maybe the bunny ranch.


I don’t know why Jmac and Steve don’t turn on Vanessa and the austwins this week. Keeping meg and teaming up with James would give them a 4-2 advantage in the next HOH, weaken the austwins, and make Vanessa cry even more. Keeping Julia means they’re up against the austwins, and James for HOH. They’d be a 2-3-1 disadvantage to win the HOH.