Vanessa “I am pretty sure I need to do what I need to do and finish the job here.”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 09-51-52-550

9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. James asks Meg is Vanessa still in the diary room? Meg says f**k! They wouldn’t do us dirty and call her in already? (for the veto ceremony) I would be so pissed if they did that. James says all right I’m going to talk to her. Meg says don’t do what you don’t want to do. James says I have a good speech for her but I was to make sure its genuine. Meg says do what you can. James heads up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 09-55-06-323

9:53am HOH room – Vanessa says that Meg came up last night with an offer. Its a good offer. I would love to believe it but in big brother I would wonder if its too good to be true. I said I would hear you out. James says I am not coming up here to force your hand or anything. I am coming up as a last plea. Big Brother blocks the feeds. James says If I win that’s what I would do. I would put her up. There is no benefit to keeping Meg by my side. I am doing it on a friend. I was honestly accepting the fact that she could go home. Vanessa says on a game level its not good for you because you would always go up next to her and you would always go next to her. Do you even want to offer all these things? James says Meg is a friend and I know I am doing this as a friend. I want to let you know, you have my word. Anything I can say on a personal level I can say that. If it doesn’t happen I am fine with that too. I don’t want to cause any waves. I am not going to try to beat around the bush or break deals. I am doing this for Meg as a friend. It is kind of my fault that she is in this position. Vanessa asks why because you won? James says yeah. Vanessa says then you would have gone. If Meg goes up next to anyone, pretty much everyone would go. I do believe you James. I do. I know you think you’re going to go on the block each time but I think you’re in the same position that I’m in. We would be the only individuals left and likely not be the targets. We are getting close to the finals and people are going to want to break up the groups. I think its a good thing for your game (for Meg to go). On a personal level I love Meg. I just made a really bold statement when I put you two up. If I had a preference I would have wanted you to stay. Beyond that I declared both of you were my targets so to not follow through with that.. It seems really stupid. Unless I can know for sure. I am the easy play for you if you are trying to just take one person out without getting blood on your hands. Everyone respects you in this house. You’ve come out of tough situations without looking like a jerk. I totally respect you. I am pretty sure I need to do what I need to do and finish the job here. I think the next week is good for me but its two weeks out that look scary. James says with double eviction its scary for all of us. Vanessa agrees.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 09-55-06-375

10am – 10:18am I think things in the house are going to change a lot next week. I think somethings that I didn’t see coming will happen. I think some big things are going to happen from conversations I’ve heard. James says that sounds like a good thing. Vanessa says I want to apologize to you if I said anything or did anything that you perceived that wasn’t cool. My intentions were good. James says we’re good. I made you cry. We’re square. Vanessa says because I was solo in the house I had to break up the structure. If you were in my spot I almost bet you would do the same thing. Vanessa says if I go to jury and you’re still here, you have my vote. I respect you. Austin can’t protect a fourth and I can’t protect all of them. Lets say Austin and I do have a deal. I am still 4th on the list with him. And Liz will always choose her sister over me. We have a respect for each other. I have a stronger history of working with him but he has priorities over me. If you win HOH, I can hope that you keep an open mind and hear me out. If I am a number 4 for someone, why do they get to be my number 2 or 3. Austin really likes you. I spent 2 hours last night thinking it over and I am pretty positive its not the right play for me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 09-56-39-004

10:25am James says I had pretty much accepted that fact that she was going home. I wanted to spend as much time with her as I can. Vanessa says I wanted to tell her to enjoy her time here on a personal level. James says if you want me to tell her I will. Vanessa says wow you’re a really good ally. It sucks for me to be all alone. Vanessa says have her come up and I’ll explain it to her. I really thought it all through I just can’t do it. If I go for Johnny Mac.. I piss Steve off. I’ve pissed you and Meg off and will have Johnny Mac pissed off in jury. It would be like a wrecking ball. People already aren’t a fan of me in jury. I can only hope people look at it strategically. I had it rough coming in .. I was in a relationship and on top of that I am gay. Big Brother calls Vanessa to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 10-23-35-020

10:20am – 10:30am Austin talks to Johnny Mac about how Meg talked with Vanessa last night. If anything was to change I would think she would pull us up there and tell us. Meg doesn’t seem to be in the best of spirits either.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 10-21-44-187

10:35am – 10:45am Meg heads up to the HOH room. Vanessa says I stayed up for 2 hours thinking about all scenarios and of all hail marys that was the best thing I could have ever heard. It was extremely compelling. It was almost too good to be true kind of thing. I actually believe James that he would do it for next week and I believe you and your part of it. The problem for me is when I think about the next week and or when it brings me back to the fact that I am still left in the house with 2 duos and a trio .. and I haven’t accomplished anything. Do you see that … or lets say I send Johnny Mac home .. I am going to break up another duo and I piss Steve off. I piss Steve off, I’ve already pissed you guys off, and I’ve pissed Johnny Mac off by blindsiding him. And he is going to be in jury with a bunch of other people that are already pissed off at me. I have the most in common with you outside the house. I like you so much and I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to blindside you but it will probably be a nominee that you won’t like. I went after you and I have to finish the job. On a social level you are the life blood of the house. I might be making a mistake and I might go home next week. Meg says I know its out of my hands. I did the best I could do. Meg starts to leave and then starts crying. I feel like there is nothing I can say now. Vanessa says you said the best possible thing you could have. I considered it. Its too much of a gamble. Meg says I wish you didn’t feel so alone in this house because you could have people if you wanted to. Vanessa says I do have people but there is not one person that I could reasonably believe I would be their top priority. Meg says I think you’re really making the wrong move. I have so many gut feelings about this and this is not the way I should go. My best friend is willing to put me up. You would be my top priority. I would be fighting for myself. Vanessa says I can’t have any more blood on my hands. Meg says you’re sending one person home that you could have 2 people that would have your back. Why would you choose 1 person over two. Vanessa asks do you want 1 more reason.. If I leave you in the house as a posed to Johnny mac or Steve. If I end up next to you on the block I am going home 1000%. Meg says I think you have a way better shot at getting yourself off the block in that case. Vanessa says I have the same shot next to anyone else. I am sorry. I respect you for the way you’ve handled this. Meg leaves crying.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 10-39-54-518

10:45am – 11:05am Meg heads into the havenot room upset. James says I really tried. Meg says I know, its not your fault. There is nothing that could have been said. James says she said she believed me. Meg says I know that is what is pissing me off. It feels so personal!! Meg asks why didn’t she speak to us before all this. Everything that she says I have something against it. Its now not on a game level. Its fine you’ll be better off in this game without me. James asks why do you say that. Meg says because now you won’t go up as much. She’ll be your number 1. James says she will not be my number 1. I will not just jump on board with another group. We were the easiest group to go after. Minimal blood on her hands. Meg says this is the chance to change things. Whatever, I’m over it! I feel like I look like an idiot in this game. James says you don’t look like an idiot. Meg says I can’t win competitions! I can’t get myself off the block! James says remember Enzo.. he won 1 competition. Meg says he got far. James says because of a strong social game. Our group was taken from us. Meg says I should have been able to fight myself off of this. James says I think you did pretty good, to make it to 8th place. No regrets.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-31 10-50-23-540

11:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place… (James will use the veto on himself and Vanessa will nominate Julia as the replacement.)

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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I survived last seasons BB

Meg is toast….That much is decided…But James joining w Steve,JMac and even,,dare I say it,,Vanessa vs Austink and Company would be a great move

The sooner a Twin leaves, the better it will be..They are just plain disgusting


I don’t understand why James doesn’t go to the houseguest individually and tell them his conversation with Vanessa telling him that she was alone in the game and has to split all the groups up, so tell JMAC and Steve that she says she will get them to go after the threesome and go to Austwins and tell them that she is going to have them break up the duo of Steve/JMac, that is how she plans to slide into the final with everyone else doing her dirty work with whoever survives, maybe then everyone would start targeting her.


So, if Austin, Liz or Julia win Van gets 25% of the money. If Steve wins she probably gets half. She can go out now and still make out fine if any of those 4 win. If BB lets this go, next season someone will just make 50/50 deals with half the cast.

Captain Crunch

Getting Meg out is a wasted HOH she hasn’t won anything. I don’t know why everyone EXCEPT FOR JAMES is afraid to make a big move (putting up Liz or Austin) in bb. When you have a chance to make a move in bb I say you take it, I know Vanessa is counting on Steve and Jmac to take out Austwins but the stars are aligned right now for her to do it because u never know when you’re gonna get this opportunity again. For all we know Austwins might win the next 3 HOH’s and take them out and they’re gonna regret not taking the shot when they’ve had multiple chances.

The thing is everyone thinks Meg is a floater which is some-what true but Meg has been fighting ever since he allies got eliminated by upping her social game, Julia is by far THE BIGGEST FLOATER IN THE HOUSE. She’s been protected since the beginning from the 6th sense allliance and whats left of it and all we see Julia doing is complaining and being a snobby b*tch with her sister.

Childish Gambino

i believe Steve when he says he would put Liz and Austin up on the block for DE, but I can’t see him making big moves outside of DE because he is too much of a pussy and in a DE, he doesn’t have to explain his noms and talkgame

Who's Crying Now?

These tears of injustice are hard for me to take from Meg. Now Meg is counting votes and offering votes?? Where was she when Becky, JMac, Shelli, needed her vote? She voted to keep Vanessa over Clay’s shirt when everyone begged her to keep Shelli?!. No Meg, after 3 months of evicting your teammates without a look back, you can’t talk your way out of this one or blame Vanessa. YOU voted for Vanessa to stay after she evicted Jason, Day, Becky, JMac & Jackie. Van even complimented you on your social game, and said she couldn’t win in Finals against you much less the block.

She can only blame herself for not being the least bit strategic, refusing to holding her alliance together, holding crazy grudges, and not trying to win even mental comps. She and James have been summer camping as much as the AusTwits but even they do more plotting. Now her tears betray her as a lazy player, taking the easy way, letting her crush on Clay, rejected flirting with JMAC and jealousy of Becky stop her from aligning with players that begged her to save their lives and her game as well.

It’s still a long time to Thursday, if she weren’t consumed with feeling sorry for herself, she’d get that alliance back together and get them vote Julia out. This is her chance to redeem herself as a player, for past mistakes, and to be an asset to James game for once. JMac, Steve, James & Austin could do evict Julia, and finish the job evicting Vanessa at DE.


I love how James is campaigning hard for Meg without making any excuse when talking to Vanessa, “Meg is my friend”. I hope this man wins something, he deserves that.


And to think he was able to do it while Vanessa wore HER glasses!


James and Meg have the most genuine connection I have seen on BB in my 9 years of watching.
Not one showmance, bromance or even the Twins this season have had a connection like this one.
I may be wearing my rose colored glasses but the Goblins are the best alliance ever because sometimes it isn’t about competitions, social games and who can do what; sometimes you need a real friend to listen to you, support you and laugh with you.
James and Meg do that for each other.


James is the only person I want to see win – or at least win America’s Favorite at the very least. I still don’t get while people like John – I can’t stand him! He’s not as as bad as at the rest, but I still can’t stand him & have no idea why he’s at the top on the polls here. UGH!


Hell yes James should win something. Let’s start with a coup d”etat, golden power of veto and HOH.


Vanessa is scared to go against the Austwins because of the fact that they are 3 jury votes and she knows more than likely that they will all vote the same way and if one is pissed at her they all 3 will be and like she said the other juror don’t care for her so she’s basically screwed! maybe Shelli would give her her vote but I highly doubt the others will unless they look at it as she was hated but know one had the balls to make a big move and get her out and she manipulated her way to the end!

Big Sister

Would someone in CA send up a banner that says, “V has F2 with 4 of you!” Please let her leave on Thursday in DE!! Can’t believe how unbelievably blind/stupid these people are. Fire Casting and Production, NOW!!


Bye Meg I won’t miss you! The thing is now it’s getting more interesting because it’s getting down to the good players like Johnny Mac, Vanessa and James time to take out the garbage next week as in Twins and Austwit. When is double eviction? I’d love to see Austin and Liz go then! !


JMac one of the good players? LOL. Apart from being entertaining in the DR he had done nothing since the beginning. He was a lapdog for Clay and Shelli and it got him evicted. His only good move so far was aligning himself with Steve and that also got him evicted. He was lucky that Vanessa is close to Steve and she won this week’s HOH because if not everyone else would put him up. As much as I hate the austwins, Liztin had done more because up until this week they are able to misted the goblins. Also, during last night’s talk JMac is already thinking of throwing yet another HOH hoping that the austwins will target James, if he does so, there is a 90% chance that he’ll be sent home along with Meg.


Too bad..sorry not sorry

James bb house



I’m really rooting for James to take it all the way! If anything, he definitely deserved America’s Favorite. Sorry Jmac, I just don’t get all of the love for him?! Anyway, go James!!!


Meg will go this week. Vanessa is right when she says, when will it be time to take out Meg who will probably make it to the end. I like this scenario better. Vanessa really believe that her, Steve and JM can make it to the end by beating Austin & Twins. I don’t think things will turn out that way. I say JM and one of the twin will make it to the final 2. One from each side will make it.

Tony B

I think James has a real shot. The two groups of three (Austwits and VJS) have to each make the first move on the other or they will be on the short end. So he will likely always be a potential replacement nominee, but once the two sides wage war, he might be able to skirt to the end and hopefully win the final HOH.


Getting rid of Meg at least ups the chances for a more exciting Final 2.


I honestly wouldnt mind James teaming up with Vanessa after Meg goes. Dont get me wrong, I hate her almost as much as the next but I cant stand the Austwins and if they were to go after them this season could be revived. Jmac and James for final two!


Who gives a flying flip if she’s Gay??? I am sooooo tired of Vanessa playing victim to what????? I want to bring up my breakfast after reading that one. Uggghhhh


I agree…especially given the fact that there was another gay person and a transsexual in the house. This is NOT about sexual orientation.


I agree. Who cares. Ohhh..don’t forget, she’s in a relationship too. WTF? What does that have to do with anything. DUH lady, get over your BADASS self V.


The gay/trans card does not play with me. I don’t give a rats ass. Just play the game and win or go home.
Meg: Buh Bye! You are sweet but can’t do anything.


Really, sexual orientation has not been a factor in Big Brother. Andy took home the money 2 seasons ago, not because he was gay, but because he was a rat. For Vanessa to play that card is ridiculous, unless she is bemoaning not having a lesbian in the house to pair up with.

Yep, I'm annoyed

With BB 15, I hated that McCranda was running the house and that everyone was too scared to make a move against them. But finally in the end they got evicted and all was right in the BB world (even if Andy was a lame winner). In BB17, however, the Austwins, while not outright running the house, seem to be untouchable because everyone is scared to piss off the trio. After this week’s eviction they will make up 3 out of the 7 remaining houseguests. If ever there was a time to take them out, it is now. I have an awful feeling, though, that we are going to be looking at an Austwins final 3. I sure hope I’m wrong.

Nothing Personal

I listened to the live exchange, respect Vanessa and James both more having done so. Vanessa was calm and so was James. Admit to being glad for her not to take the deal.


You respect Van for using the fact that she’s gay as an excuse for being alone in the game?


I watched that convo take place. Not everything is on here, it was a lot. She was not saying she’s alone in the game bc she is gay. She was explaining she felt odd at first coming into the house bc everyone there was single (that’s debatable, Austin) and people tend to act different toward those that are single. Ie more flirty, get to know each other more. James said I know I would’ve flirted with you lol.

Then she just rattled off several different things that made her feel different from most the other hg like being in a committed relationship, being gay ect ect. She said she has people but not a number one like James has Meg and vice versa.


You forgot that she is superior to everyone else in every way. To hear her tell it.

Nothing Personal

I hope the final 3 are Vanessa, James and Austin! These are the 3 who’ve done most in the game no matter what we think of how they did it.


Its best for cutuepie Meg to go, James needs warriors at his side if he we’re to go after the 3headed snake the hole house have been carrying all summer. Vanessa,Jmac,Steve, and James would wreck shit in comps, Austwins would crumble. Hopefully Vanessa wakes the fuck up soon, like this week.

Vanessa's Go To Excuse

Vanessa says I am different, I have no one, I had it rough coming in here…I WAS in a relationship…and I am GAY…many of us already figured out she’d broken up with Mel before coming in the house, but why does she keep bringing up she’s gay? That meant she couldn’t buddy up with someone, couldn’t showmance? that they’d treat her poorly discriminate in some way? Is she appealing for sympathy, trying to get gay viewers on her side? These are the excuses she’s for acting a psycho? What ever happened to its a game move, respect all around, like she demands from others? Her egocentric rambling monologs stop her from achieving social goals in the game, not her sexual preference.

After screaming crying at him the last time he came up, while he apologizes over and over for her manufactured REASONS she throws him a bone sorry I ranted, keep an open mind if you win HOH I can help you…HaHaHaHa. What a loaf of crap. He better run to JMAC & Steve to salvage a shot, and it should probably be voting out Julia. Heck, Austin needs help getting out of his killer harem if he doesn’t want to disappoint his mom by coming home with nothing. He’s got an open mind all right but it won’t be to help Vanessa’s game.


Why do you think Vanessa and Mel had split? I found it weird that she kept saying “She still loves me” but the letter sounded like they were still together but Vanessa seemed too relieved. It was strange to me. Curious about what made you think that…

The REASONS We Question...

Vanessa has said & done a variety of things to make us question her relationship status. She sobbed the whole first day for sympathy that she left someone requiring lots of attention like the first of many spirals; everyone left people, Day & James left children. Vanessa asked Production to send Mel flowers a couple weeks ago afraid Mel hates her, but couldn’t remember her address. People said I thought you lived together, she said I moved every 2 months. Why is she living in comped hotels? Mel went back to Canada. She couldn’t get work visa to be on Amazing Race. Then told James Meg is his baggage, stopping his opportunities in the game like Mel is her baggage, and she needs money to pay Mel’s bills. Plus the HOH letter she needed to confirm there were feelings, which is weird if you’re living with someone for 2 years. Nothing jibed.

But then again Vanessa makes up so many stories she can’t even keep them straight.

I don't think you know how verb tenses work...

Vanessa was talking about ‘when she entered the house’ – which is in the past. Hence her use of past tense verbs. It has nothing to do with the current status of her relationship.

That being said I couldn’t care less what the current status of her relationship is. She’s good at the game, but like Andy the Rat before her, I can’t stand her. I also think it will be better for James game with Meg gone, so I’m fine with her going. I just wish James were better at seeing what’s going on in the house. To be fair, though, no one seems to see that Vanessa is playing them all against each other – she’s just that good. Still do not want her to win. James does indeed need to keep winning POV’s, but an HOH would be nice too. Hang on, James!

another name

Having just watched the week of Becky’s hoh again earlier this morning, and thinking of Jmac’s attempt to get Meg James and Vanessa to flip the vote a few days ago, I’ve got to say that Vanessa would have to be a fool to take a deal with them.
They directly lied to her the day before Becky’s pov meeting. They said they were honoring the deal made a week previously. They were lying. When Meg brings up in her argument that they saved Vanessa and went against Becky’s word, that wasn’t for Vanessa’s benefit, that was because Shelli was a bigger direct threat to James than Vanessa in that moment. It’s not a very compelling argument. It smells of revisionist attempt at pulling heartstrings.
Why didn’t the flip work? Because Meg and James didn’t trust or want to work with Vanessa, and thought going against the house was too dangerous. Meg told Jmac that. Jmac told Vanessa.
Given history, it’s smart for Vanessa not to take the deal, and say it’s game and not personal. Saying anyone against Meg the pawn on the block is going home is an attempt to show it is game.
What might not be so smart is the rest of the conversation. Vanessa is making statements that she shouldn’t make until after the pov meeting. They won’t affect the outcome of this week most likely, but they could affect Vanessa’s standing after that. She’s risking more than the reward in saying that she’s getting the feeling changes are going to start happening in the house. To big a spoiler to give to James until after pov meeting.
I may be getting a weird read from the Vanessa / James conversation. if i’m way off i’m sorry, correct me because i’m somewhat confused. It doesn’t feel like James is campaigning as hard as he could. He’s saying Meg is his friend and that’s why he’s willing to talk. But he’s not really pushing that hard. Am I the only one that think his body language and words aren’t as much persuasive as going through the motions? Again, i’m willing to admit I could be wrong there, I’m just getting the feeling he could be trying harder, and isn’t. If someone has a different read, please respond. thanks.

Houseguest wannabe

James, John, and Steve just have to go together and vote out Julia. They take out Julia, they have Meg to make 4 against 3 who will all be pointing fingers at each other as soon as they can get their jaws picked up off of the floor. Not rocket science house guests!!

brotalk to human dictionary

Sorry for making you sit through that week again bro.

James Didn't Try

James didn’t try hard enough in any strategy meeting with anyone, and especially here either. Maybe negate he didn’t understand it, didn’t want it or thought it was a longshot, I still think he’s afraid of Vanessa and didn’t want to push her. It’s not a short joke but he says game talk goes over his head.

He knows Mel is baggage, and her pushing got Becky, Shelli & JMac out when they needed these comp winners for their alliance. Meg is emotional jealousy driven voter, playing dumb coaster, floater, and James thinks her passive agressive gossipy nature alienates Austwits and Vanessa. He should have spent more time on strategy than pelting welts and bruising her with chocolates.

They could still pull their own coup de etat and evict Julia, pulling in Austin, Steve JMac, we’ll have to see how bad they really want it.

Houseguest wannabe

If John, Steve and James were smart, they break any and all promises and vote Julia out, Vanessa looks not so smart and weak, Liz freaks out and blames Austin because she has no one else to blame, and the Goblins + Rockstars rule the house. 4 against 3 basically individuals as they would all be pointing fingers at each other and forget to win HOH next week. That all being said, no one is smart in this game so it will be another boring week.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Johnny Mac and Steve know that they rank 5 and 6, why wouldn’t they go for the dagger right now. I think Vanessa served this opportunity up for them on a golden platter. If Steve is half as smart as everybody says he is, then they have to move now, or they are giving the game away. This is the worst season of BB in years if they don’t

twistin with the twins

I hope James gets AFP. He sure has my vote. The only really decent person left in the house. He even gave up 5000 dollars to Becky to keep the PoV and noms the same during his HoH. He is a principled strong character unlike most everyone else in the house. Vanessa also plays the game strong and hard but she is far less likeable. As for all the others……Ugh! Make that a very special UGH for the Austwins.

Houseguest wannabe

Does anyone in the house have any courage at all to pull a big move??


I completely agree with that final 3. Take personal feelings out and who has played the best game. Vanessa Austin and James. Liz has certainly made sure that she is protected and has won a few but strategically she has to ask Austin what to do. I love jmac in dr’s but his game play is just awkward to me. And I love how sweet James is to Meg watching after dark. He really cares about her even tho he knows she isn’t good for his game and it’s all on him to protect her. That pushes me to leaning toward wanting James to win it.


Double eviction is this Thursday!! I’m excited to see who will go! I can see Steve winning Hoh again during it and taking out one of the twins or better yet Austin!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

I am sorry for Meg but I will not forgive her for fighting so hard to save Vanessa and evict Shelli when Becky was HOH. She screwed Becky monumentally and left the person in the house that eventually will push her out of the house.
I will not say karma is a bitch even though… 😉


Oh stfu you Vanessa haters would spin whatever she says and say you hate her. If Jesus came down again and said Vanessa is the lord and savior. You would say that it wad rigged by god for Jesus to say that.

All you are is Vanessa haters and no matter what she does you will hate her. Great. Have fun. The rest of us will enjoy watching Vanessa one of the most entertaining players ever.


“the rest of us…” meaning all 3 of you?


Oh trust me little tike Jamse. There are way more than three Vanessa fans. She is very well liked. Huge fan following on the internet and other places. Vanessa not only winning at this game but at life! How bout you little tike Jamse. Are you ok? I see you gave yourself a thumbs up. You feeling down? Anything we can do?


Waahhnessa is universally disliked on all the blogs, feed updates, twitter. Seriously, Jesus would come down and tell us Vanessa is God? From his space ship? Jesus doesn’t need to tell us, she plays God every day, pronouncing judgments, preaching and rewriting the BB Commandments. The Bible says Satan comes in many forms, and she calls herself a shapeshifter. Yep, from pawn to queen to evicted. Go back to your sandbox, visit your pastor, tell them your ridiculous religious arguments. Vanessa lectures from the Book of Job, read that if free speech is too much for you. You shouldn’t care if Vanessa is disliked, she obviously doesn’t or she wouldn’t have to threaten cry and bribe people to be her friend.

Former Fan

Wow Van, Meg and James offered you lobster dinner but you would rather eat tuna fish. I think you have a crush on Julia. She’s your back up if anything happens to your current relationship. SMH

Former Fan

I hope that James wins HOH in this dbl evict, Thursday and puts up Vanessa and Austin. Shake it up~~~


Bye bye Meg!!..

Modesty Blaise

Vanessa needs a new scriptwriter in the DR. I’m all alone, blah blah blah, I’ve got blood on my hands, yada yada yada, I was in a relationship, I’m gay…bore, bore, BORE. Tell it to someone who cares, because right now I don’t think James, or anyone else in the house, does. James is the only one who I think has the guts to take her out, Steve talks about it, but he’d probably crumble like a stale cookie. In an alternate universe, I’d like Austin to take her out. That I’d get popcorn and a pizza for!


So, is it too much to hope for that James, JMac and Steve will just vote out Julia and break that group of 3? Vanessa can’t play for HOH and then it just leaves Austin and Liz. She’s on the block, now is the time to vote one of them out.


How come it’s ok for Vanessa to wear sunglasses when talking to James but she made him take his off!!

Another thing did anyone noitce the ready, set, whoa comp. sometimes Vanessa had on a yellow band a and sometimes she had on a patterned one?

Houseguest wannabe

Ok Goblin Rockstars, you have just been given the golden ticket by your enemies to destroy the Autwins and make Vanessa all alone as she claims to be. This is Big Brother. You guys do realize there is a time and a place to stab others in the back for your own benefit in the game. No one has ever won being totally honest and trustworthy. Well boys, this is you time and place. Vote out Julia. She is sitting there ready to go to jury neatly wrapped just like a Christmas present. Do it for goodness sake and grab hold of the game. It is yours for the taking. You all claim to be long time fans and watchers of the game so use you knowledge and go for the jugular. Now!! Give us something truly worth watching on Thursday!


Hello Van, why do you care about getting the Austwins votes? when you will go against one of them….you still DON’T get their vote! You take one of them to the end, you don’t get those votes… make them mad and vote them out….you still DON’T get those votes. HELLO.


I haven’t commented on any sites this year but reading tweets that run at the side of the feeds frustrates me. I understand Vanessa has been a polarizing figure this year. I have not always loved every personal decision, emotional breakdown or personality quirk. Speaking strictly from a game perspective, I feel she has played the best game. Although the execution has been messy, the strategy has been spot on. Even the decision to get rid of Meg since her main target won POV does make strategic sense. I understand that a lot of people are rooting for James and Meg because they like them better as people. But it’s not a popularity contest. I like James and I feel that he has played a decent game, Meg-not so much. Austin would probably have been gone before jury if Vanessa hadn’t teamed up with him and led the way. I hate the idea that people in jury will vote personal instead of strategic (Meg definitely). What does Meg think that Vanessa owes her. They have not worked together, they were never friends and they were not in an alliance. The other thing that I hate is the double standard. People hate Vanessa because she has deals with everyone, yet they cheered Austin on when they thought Vanessa was his target. (Austin said he couldn’t win HOH because he had deals with everyone and there was no one left to put up.) They hate Vanessa because she lies. (Duh! It’s BB. Who hasn’t lied.) They hate Vanessa because she breaks deals. Shelli, Becky, Austin, James-they all broke deals. James more than once. They hate Vanessa because she cries. Meg, Shelli, Audrey, even Jason-all criers. And I think Vanessa is far less guilty of being mean than a lot of other HGs. Back when the other side of the house thought they were in control Jason and Meg were the mean kids of the house. Anything that Vanessa has done or been accused of doing has also been done by others or they planned on doing it but Vanessa beat them to the punch. I’m not asking anyone to like her, but judge her on the game, not her personality. And I am disgusted that people refer to her as a meth head and a tweaker.


The thing with Vanessa is she does lie, manipulate, coerce, and intimidate people. But at the same time says she is a person of integrity. It’s one thing to do in the BB house but even in her diary room sessions she maintains the fiction of being truthful, loyal, and a victim. I think people would view her differently if she would come into the DR and tell the viewers that she is playing these people. Derrick had similar issues last year.


Mad respect to James for being so loyal to his friend !!!!!


coup d”etat, golden power of veto and HOH for James…please!


If he needs all of those, he should just crawl inside Meg’s purse and leave with her.
Seriously, why not just cancel the rest of the game and give him the prize for best golden edit a creepy foul-mouthed date rape joke telling wants to f@@@ the post op just because she can’t get pregnant jerk ever to got in the game award.
He’s practically getting the Skankie Grande edit of the season.


Again with the gay thing, I mean really Vanessa? You’re pulling that card AGAIN?


Its best for cutiepie Meg to go, James needs warriors at his side if he we’re to go after the 3headed snake the hole house have been carrying all summer. Vanessa,Jmac,Steve, and James would wreck shit in comps, Austwins would crumble. Hopefully Vanessa wakes the fuck up soon, like this week.