Jackie “Jason is going to lose his sh*t on you! Vanessa “Let him, I’ll lose mine right back on him!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-21-57-443

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1:25pm HOH room. Jackie heads up to the HOH room asking what happened. Vanessa says that she was put in the position to trust people that she didn’t feel like she could trust. I was expected to jump into a concrete pool expecting people to catch me and I don’t think they would. Its pretty obvious that James and Jason have been working together. So when I am the newest person to gain Jasons loyalty do I think I can trust it no. I think the people that were backing me in the Austin decision weren’t really going to be there for me. I gave you my word I wouldn’t back door you and I stuck to that. There are two sides and we’re foolish if we don’t believe that. This decision was terrible. I believe that Austin didn’t have ill intention against me. Can I trust Austin more or Jason. Austin has made it clear he isnt’ playing for first and to have Jason who is playing for first place for sure. I believe that Jason should go. Jackie asks Shelli if she wants Jason to go. Vanessa ask Shelli you don’t want Jason to go?!! Shelli says I don’t want anyone to go. Vanessa says You weren’t behind me in the decision we made?! Shelli says no I was behind it. Vanessa says that Austin confided in Jason about the twins and within 5 seconds he told everyone. I can assure you if he had confided in me I wouldn’t have told any one. Jackie says I just wanted to know because I am loyal to you. Vanessa says I wanted to tell you but I knew you would be upset. I know for a fact that those people can’t be trusted. Jackie says you’re fine with me. I’m not mad, I just wanted to know why. Its your HOH, you can do what you want. Jackie asks why is James mad at Jason. Vanessa says I don’t know.. he is going to say what ever he can to save himself. He was down there asking Jason why he said that about him? He said that Jason was up here talking sh*t about him. Jason is going to come up and lose his sh*t on you! Vanessa says well let him, I’ll lose mine right back on him! Jackie says well not lose his sh*t but come talk to you about it. Vanessa says those words never came out of my mouth. Jackie asks so you want Jason out? Vanessa says I want everyone else to decide. I think its best that Jason goes home and Becky stays.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-33-07-794

1:35pm Bathroom – Jason tells James there is no way I would have done you like that! No way. I wouldn’t and Meg wouldn’t have done you like that. They head out to the backyard and sit with Becky. Jason says Vanessa has shown she can’t be trusted. Becky says the first thing she said when she won was oh f**k. She didn’t even want to win. Jason says she can’t look me in the face after last week I gave her everything. Becky heads inside. James says lets just get it all out on the table. If it blows Vanessa’s game up then oh well. Where does Clay and Shelli stand? Jason says I think they’re voting for me unless that’s not what the house wants. Meg comes out and asks James what’s going on? James says people are telling me things. Meg says you need to not trust them!! James says she saved me that week Jeff went home. Jason says if I go you’re next! She’s not going to forget that you were her target. Even if she changed her mind for that week .. you’re still on her list of targets. Meg says what happens next week if someone comes to you and tells you not to trust me .. are you going to listen to them?!! Meg says it doesn’t make any sense on why you would do that. James says if ya’ll don’t see what is happening. Liz and her sister are picking a part our group one by one. James says our group is getting smaller and smaller. Jason says I will be way more loyal to you than Becky ever would!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-40-32-560

1:45pm – 2pm Havenot room. Shelli tells Clay and Austin about what happened in the HOH room with Vanessa calling her out on being behind the decision. Austin start rubbing Liz’s back and Liz tells him not to. Shelli and Clay tells Austin that his plan to do the vote against Johnny Mac .. that was a brilliant plan .. why didn’t you tell us?! Austin says he was scared to do it. Austin talks about how it was Judas and not him. Meg & James join them and says she is just so upset that she is always the last person to know. This house isn’t what I thought it would be! Meg says I am just so hurt personally! Jason, me and James were in the bedroom talking so much personal stuff and I actually thought I knew her. Her whole plan was to target Austin. I wasn’t on board with that. Shelli says that Jason was the one started all that. From my understanding it was a group decision. Meg says James and I were the last people to be brought up. Shelli says no you weren’t. Meg says when James, Jason and I were called up ..there was a plan already set. Clay tells her that Austin doesn’t even care to win .. he thinks he’s already won with Liz. Meg says I don’t believe that for a second! Clay says his game doesn’t matter to him. Meg says okay maybe I have no soul! Shelli says I agree with Meg. Meg says he has the tattoo and everything. James says Vanessa said Jason said some things that were disloyal to me and asked how is she supposed to take a swan dive expecting him (Jason) to catch her when he isn’t loyal to one of his closest friends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-46-29-687

2pm – 2:10pm Backyard. Austin says they saved me this week and I can’t even speculate on them. I was telling them more about wrestling and Judas. Austin says the speculation is that Meg and Jason were those two other votes for Audrey. (It wasn’t it was Steve & Liz) Lis says yup Meg and Jason. Liz says she’s worried Jackie will come after her now. Austin says I am taking Jackie out next week. You don’t even have to worry about it. It done.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-59-49-962

2:15pm Havenot room – Meg says I can’t wait for next week to see which of my two good friends are on the block! James says I’ll tell you what I am not volunteering to go up or throwing anything. Clay says you know what sounds good right now… a big o’bowl of slop! They head out of the room together.

HOH room – Vanessa says that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get Jason out. I will tell you of all the things about Jason.. He said comments not to me but to others about how he didn’t have any long run plans with James. This is about someone he has been working with since the beginning so that worried me. Jackie says it just sucks that I am not part of the numbers. Its clear I am working by myself. Vanessa says there are a few of us that are (working alone). Jackie says it doesn’t sound like it. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jackie says Jason said he didn’t talk sh*t about James. Vanessa says well he did talk shit about him and a lot of people came to tell me that. I believe he did. Maybe he didn’t .. that was a small piece of icing on the cake. Jackie says I’m worried about that happening to me.. I’m being as loyal as I can and when its my time to go I’m worried people are going to talk sh*t about me. Vanessa says I’m worried about that too but the redemption is the truth will be on tv.

2:30pm Bathroom – Jason says everyone before me that got blind sided got a warning .. I’m the first person in big brother 17 to get blind sided. Meg asks why didn’t she start this all last night with him. It just doesn’t make sense how it all went down.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 14-28-27-895

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This shit

I am pissed off because some creepy, delusional jerk that doesn’t even care about anything other than getting some ass is getting to stay and be in jury over a lifetime big brother fan that deserves to be in jury and get to finish out the game. Vanessa is the biggest liar in this house and I cannot stand how hypocritical and condescending she is. Liz is fake with everyone, and without Vanessa guiding her she would be worthless because she is dumb (can we ditch her and just keep Julia? please). I want the 6th sense to go down in flames!!!


It’s how this game works. Like him or not, Austin was able to remove the target from his back and now Jason is on the block. Just because he’s been a lifetime BB fan doesn’t mean he should just get to sail to the end of the game. If he is such a big fan of the show, he should respect Vanessa’s game move and either fight for votes to stay or go out with class. And you can’t stand Vanessa for being a liar, hypocrite, and condescending? Well, thats the game. She’s doing a great job in my book. You can’t be mad at her for that. It’s ok if you aren’t a fan of her’s but don’t insult the way she is playing the game because she is BY FAR the strongest player this season.

Lemon balls

I actually agree with you. What I have a hard time believing is certain people believe Austin isn’t in it to win …. Hhahhahaha. I hate his game .. But making van and clayllei believe he already won in Liz is pretty darn good .still a creep though


It is possible (perhaps even useful) to be a great player and a vile human being at the same time. The list would be easy to make. The natural human revulsion to Vanessa, even recognizing her superior strategic and tactical talents, makes sense.


It’s not that I don’t like Vanessa because she’s the reason Jason is most likely going. I can’t respect her game or consider her a mastermind because she overthinks everything and is always discussing her game moves with other people. I do not consider that a mastermind and whoever does. has this twisted definition I don’t know about. Im so tired of her game.


So wait – you want Jason to stay because he’s a “lifetime big brother fan” that, for some reason, deserves to make it to jury, yet you dislike Vanessa because she lies and is hypocritical in Big Brother?!?

Jason chose to allign himself with Da’Vonne and Meg instead of Shelli and Vanessa and got played for it. Even worse he didn’t even have a clue what was going on! Jackie and Becky knew more about what was going on than Jason! On top of that, he’s just planning on rolling over and admitting defeat. And yet he somehow “deserves” to stay because…he’s a “lifetime” BB fan?

Something tells me you yourself are new to this game.


let’s be honest, to many BB fans, and this includes Jason, the reason they may dislike Vanessa or any of the HOHs since the first week, simply comes down to their gender.

How many times are the women in BB sent out one after the other. One of the J’s comments on here or after dark, basically saying ‘it will be a guy who goes home next’ or any other similar comments coming up time after time. guys are used to dominating in the HOH and then putting up the (weaker) females only on the block for BoB. and past year, the BOBs were tailored for an athletic person to win, but this time around the BoBs are much more suited for a variety of participants. meaning, it is a much more even playing field,

and in this season, the even playing field means more female HOHs and fewer females losing the BOBs, and fewer going home, or maybe i should say an even number of M to F. Which to some supermale fans this means the women have taken over.

Look how bitter so many were that there was only one guy at the end of BBCAN3, or that Sarah won it? Definitely the guy who cried the most about all female alliances and getting out all the girls first, and refused to seriously work or align with any of them: bruno

and where was he at the end of the game? not in the house.

the guys who are the rudest in terms of talking about women (jason and james and jeff and Jace) are all gone or targeted for going or most definitely not part of the winning teams lol

Canadian Kevin

I disagree about gender. I think it’s more to do with the fact that the same side has had power 4 weeks straight, with both Vanessa and Shelli winning twice.

I didn’t like when the guys won last season, over and over again either.

I would like to see some actual twists.


Jackie knew bc she was the other HOH and Becky bc she volunteered to be on the block so of coarse they knew more. Jason is a good player, called out the twins theory early, fought off the block a few times, I want him there over Jackie any day. He plays harder and is more interesting in the game

Here's a concept

So, you’re in that house to win money. You are told of this plan to get someone out who is thinking with his d!ck and wants some girl. You’re onboard.

A few days later you sit on that block and this guy, who openly has said he doesn’t care about winning money, gets to stay, shattering YOUR dreams of winning the money and going down in history…

All so he can go to the jury house and try to, F’ING TRY TO being the key words, shag this girl. You would be perfectly okay with this and tell Zitnessa to her face that you respect it and it’s a smart move?


I would obviously try to fight and stay – unlike what Jason is doing (then again, he was never much of a good player). But yeah, how is that not a good move. You can either get rid of someone who is leading the other side of the house or get rid of someone who says he doesn’t even want to win (and who your entire alliance wants to keep). You’re saying you keep Jason? Yeah right…

Here's a thought

Which is it? Is he leading one side of the house……..or not playing the game?

You seem to forget that, if he is leading a side (which hasn’t had a leader since Da left) then he is playing the game well. Can you tell me how Austin is playing it? And don’t count getting info because he was ORDERED to do that. But please, do tell me how he is playing.

Oh, and your argument about saying it doesn’t matter if Jason was superfan or not…I got two words for you: Austin’s Tattoo. He was using that as his pity chip and he pushed the poker player all in…to which she called.


Lol – it’s both. He’s the leader of the least strategic people in the house…and he’s not much of a player! It doesn’t take much skill to rally up Meg, James, and Becky! Note, however, that I did say that Jason was probably playing a better game than Austin – so it makes perfect sense for Vanessa to get out Jason over Austin.

As for your tattoo argument….wtf are you talking about lol? Austin doesn’t “deserve” to stay any more than Jason “deserves” to stay. No one “deserves” to be in the BB house. If you get voted out, then you deserve to go.

Meg go home

Meg needs to go home!


i dont understand why your so angry. Being a fan of Big Brother does not give you entitlement to stay in the house. It based on gameplay. Vanessa is a liar. Liz is fake. But those are the qualities it takes to win the game. Jason, Meg and James deserve every right to be blindsided. Austin worked extremely hard to switch the target off himself while Jason did not talk to Vanessa as much to secure his position in the house.
This is Big Brother, its a game of manipulation and strategy and if you can’t handle it stop watching.


The lottery is fair. So maybe you should ditch big brother and buy quick picks and scratchers.


I hate when so called “FANS” of Big Brother cry and bitch when its not going their way, but when they do get their way they all of a sudden love it. If you can’t handle what the show is based upon (LYING) then stop watching. It helps us true fans who know good game play and manipulation to enjoy the show.
Big Brother is not a popularity contest.


Quit your bitching this stuff happens all the time. I hate Austin and his creepy ass too but it’s big brother it happens so hit that chill button one time bruh


you have to admit that production does give the one side of the house an unfair advantage 🙁


For me, the problem is not with Vanessa lying. It’s the fact that she needs to publicly declare people as liars and weigh their integrity against hers to make it look like she has a viable excuse to get rid of them, instead of having the ovaries to say “You’re in the way of my game, and that’s strategy.” She’s a moral hypocrite.


everyone who wins this game is a moral hypocrite


hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha ha


Austin is a buffoon. He will leave the house broke and broken hearted. Sad for a grown man.


He never had a chance when he started chasing a piece of tail Jeff already had locked down.


Unless Shelli and Clay are planning to vote out Becky and not Jason, I don’t see the logic of them lying? Soon the votes happen Meg and James are going to realize this and hate them more than they hate Vanessa.


Nope, you just say you voted with the majority.


LOL they will just tell them that is what the house wanted…. funny


Unless there is planning to have it so that Vanessa has to cast the deciding vote, then they can hide in a confusion of votes


Votes for Jason:

Votes for Becky:
Johnny Mac

If Shelli and Clay vote, there will be no tie vote.


the thing is that i think jason going is better for vanessa’s game while becky going is better for clay’s game. eventually vanessa and clay are going to need to target each other and jason would be much easier to gain as an ally for clay than vanessa while becky is probably easier for vanessa to pull in than clay.


I totally agree with you! I know why they are doing it. It’s better to get their hands dirty later, after the dust settles. Let the fire burn bright with Vanessa in the middle of it. But still, Vanessa needs to learn that she really only has Austin and the twins and that Clay and Shelli are out for themselves – like they always say – 100 million percent.


i think vanessa knows this, and had becky pulled herself off the block, she may have even targeted clay.


It’s not over till it’s over, Jason can play the same game that Austin did, and stay in the house


See ya Jason. You foul mouth piece of trash.

He has called every woman in that a house a bitch on a daily basis. If a straight man like Clay called anyone of those woman a bitch, even once. He would be vilified for life.


yeah, the “it has a name” confessional last episode really bothered me. was it really so hard to say “she?”


You know he isn’t using bitch the way you are trying to make it seem like he is. Get over yourself and stop being so sensitive. BYE


Jason has talked shiz about almost everyone. He says very hateful things. I’m glad he’s going!


Really, most recent example. Telling someone “that b*tch needs to give him his four cigarettes back”, isn’t using it in derogatory fashion.

If Clay said those same words, you wouldn’t defend him. You know that for a fact.

Are you giving Jason the gay twink “bitch” pass?


just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he needs to replace the words women/girls with bitches. I don’t imagine all women loving that, especially if they just pretend to like him. I don’t dislike him, but he has not been a super player even if he watched a lot of big bro. Plus he aligned himself with Dayvonne…..who I enjoy for drama/narration but was just as pointlessly mouthy as Audrey. Imagine working with Dayvonne, Audrey, Jason… One picks fights, one turns on everyone, one says things they shouldn’t say.

The first week big alliance sucked when James/Jason were HOH. It was Audrey who brought them down wildly but they somehow never regrouped. I also find Meg to be unpleasant with Steve. I know it’s fun to root for underdogs but they weren’t actually underdogs, they just screwed up huge when they were in power first.

Honestly I don’t like James at all with his women/sex jokes so him losing an ally is fine with me.


Austin you do NOT have dissociative identity disorder. You, not “Judas” voted for Johnny Mac.

This Judas shit needs to stop. It’s creepy and obnoxious.


Don’t forget pathetic.


Later he’ll put Julia on the block and tell Liz “it was Judas who did it, not me!”


Shelli doesn’t want anyone to leave. She is SOOOOO nice.


Shelli needs to watch herself with comments like that bc she risks getting on Vanessa’s shit list. And once that happens, we know Van will “find a reason” to vote Shelli out eventually.


Why does Austin get to stay he just wants pussy in jury and has fallen in love in a month….thats disgusting. I dont want becky to go or Jason but maybe Shay will vote to keep him and they can turn this on the twins Austin and Vanessa. Who else wants to see those 4 gone

But I'm a Superfan...

Nope Austin gets to stay because he has been playing the game since Day 1. He chose to align himself with a strong group of people who have decided to carry him through this week, despite his slow descent into creepy, lovelorn, schizophrenic madness.

The “other side of the house” isn’t even an alliance. They are a loose coalition of phantoms, floaters, pawns and general BB incompetents. These people were straight up warned that there is a 6 person alliance and they dismissed it without a second thought. They aggressively pushed to get the biggest target out of the house with no real consideration as to who might be next.

These people can’t reliably win or even THROW competitions. Not one of them has done a single thing to justify their ongoing existence in the house. Yet despite this they whine and moan about being nominated.

Jason has no one to blame but himself. At some point this week he should have put in some work, but I suppose there are only so many hours in the day and those bitchy comments about Steve won’t make themselves. As a so called “super fan” I have zero sympathy for his situation, his game has been atrocious and after last week he should have at least suspected this was a possibility.

This isn't rocket science

Austin gets to stay because he wants Liz, and he said he didn’t want to win the show. He just wants to make it to Jury with Liz. Jason is leaving because he wants the 500k. Vanessa wants the 500k and that is why she is getting rid of Jason. Jason wants the money.


i soooo hope karma takes a chunk outta Vanessa’s ass , she is so overbearing I can’t watch anymore ! Funny thing about her is when the season started and they announced a transgender in the house I thought it was her , she has that manly look !


Vanessa i hope ur next…


Why are people trying to say that putting Jason up was a bad move for Vanessa or that it was somehow production behind it?!? First of all, Shelli (the strongest player in the house), Clay, and Liz all said they wanted Austin to stay. That is essentially all of Vanessa’s alliance! You expect Vanessa to turn on the strongest players in the game and her core alliance in order to please…Jackie and James?!? Second of all, Austin’s “lies” only really affect Julia (who wasn’t even in the house) if anyone at all. Austin never said that he was gunning for Vanessa (or Shelli or Clay), so there was no real reason for Vanessa to be scared at this point. Plus it’s not a super secret that Austin is googoo gaga for Liz – that will surely implode on its own. Third of all, Jason is probably a better player than Austin and he’s definitely been more against Vanessa than Austin has. Jason will also probably have more negative pull in the juryhouse than Austin would – so it’s smart for Vanessa to get Jason out prior to jury.

In sum, if Jason goes home this week – Vanessa is pretty much tied for the strongest player in the house alongside Shelli. Yes, they’re big targets…but they’re also alligned, and the two major heads that would be most successful in leading the other side of the house (Da’Vonne and Jason) will be gone.

It’s one thing if you don’t like Vanessa as a person or even as a gameplayer…but saying she’s stupid is all wrong.


agree. vanessa needs to get out people that would target her, and austin is just about the only person not on that list.


Its mind blowing how “fans” of the show don’t see how this was a great move for the Sixth Sense. Vanessa turning on Austin would have damaged her game as she would have lost Liz and Julia and Clay (as Austin wanted to use the veto on him) essentially her whole alliance. If anyone was playing the game, would you rather turn against your alliance who you have been working with since week 2 or turn on them to become t the bottom of the totem pole with the other side of the house? As Big Brother is a numbers game in the beginning, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Also I think that Vanessa’s final 2 would be Austin. As thats her de facto choice with Liz and Julia together and Clay and Shelli together.


Yep – I’m guessing it’s mainly old Da’Vonne fans that were hoping Jason would pull through. Plus, not only would Vanessa be at the bottom of a new totem pole – she’d be at the bottom of a totem pole consisting of Jackie, Meg, and James lol!

That said – Sixth Sense is going to implode soon and Austin is most likely going to be the first to feel the brunt of that.


i feel the final two choices breakdown as follows:

clay wants shelli
shelli wants clay
liz wants julia
julia wants liz
austin wants liz
vanessa wants julia

this makes a vanessa/austin/liz/julia final four deal logical, but vanessa and austin would both want to get the twin they don’t want to get out at some point before that without the blood on their hands. austin’s already showed his hand a bit at this while vanessa hasn’t, but as long as the twins end up separated i don’t think they’ll be viewed as threats for the money and vanessa has to be a aware that a woman has never won against a man in a final two (heck, austin already gets a ton of credit for moves that were vanessa’s not his), making taking a guy to final two most likely a mistake.


Vanessa had only 2 moves: Take out Austin or someone from the other side. Good for her that she took out the most valuable player on the other side and didn’t get all this blood on her for nothing. And, the truth will come out over the next few days that she wasn’t alone in the decision.

I think that even if Vanessa goes on the block that she has the votes to stay. We’ll see though. This is Big Brother after all.


Julia is Liz’s sister. They WILL have each others back no matter what. Liz is to blame for Austin thinking he has a chance with her. She needs to fix that and quick. He need not worry there are other girls out here who will take him. My sister is crushing HARD. Too funny.


I won’t sit here and say “Vanessa sucks!!!” because she is a really good player and VERY smart, but man is she OBNOXIOUS. I can’t wait until the day she is on the block and feels the heat, she will be 40x paranoid and I can’t wait. She really thinks she’s the queen of the bb house? Get a grip.

I really do feel bad for Jason (no way he stays over Becky) he’s a Big brother fanatic (like we all are) and I personally thought he was witty and smart, he just couldn’t pull out an HOH win when he really needed it to assure his safety (these past two weeks). Meg needs to shut up, stop crying, and gear up for next week because “her side” is being picked off one by one, maybe this Thursday her, James or Jackie can pull an HOH out their ass or else the Six Sense is going to steamroll them.

Last thought: Why is Johnny Mac so loyal to Clay and Shelli? He does know that they will drop him in a second if they have to, right? Still a fan of Johnny Mac but I think his gameplay is lame and disappointing. Same with Steve. Wake up boys you’re on Big Brother.


Maybe Vanessa will skate through like Danielle did. Everyone wanted Danielle gone but she kept winning! Same with Janelle!


Strategically,I think Johnny and Steve made a good choice to align themselves with the Power-couple in the house this early in the game–I get the feeling that those two have better perspectives on the dynamics of the game.I think they know that at some point,Shelli/Clay needs to be broken up.


I feel like I need to bathe whenever I hear Austin speak. Ughhhhh


With his alter ego “Judas” and his goal to get laid in the Jury house, Austin seems more like a 15 year old. LOL.


Because of this move I’m pretty sure Steve and Johnny just got their spots in the final 8 lol. No one is even going to think of them

Member of the Ant Farm

Sometimes that’s how the game works!! Who’s to say that floating isn’t a valid game strategy…it seems to work every year!!




Jackie is a vindictive player. She does not understand that no one wants to work with someone who is “an eye for an eye”. I am getting tired of her vendettas.


She is a pitbull


You haven’t been paying attention. Jackie isn’t in power. On the other hand, Vanessa and her little minions have been concocting mountains of lies in order to justify their moves. There are probably 10 or 15 lies being told by them in that one post above. Talk about vindictive. If they don’t have a reason, well let’s just make one up.


I totally agree with you. Jackie is my least favorite person in the house. She’s so harsh in her reactions. She’s probably a good person with lots of great qualities. I just find her disgusted looks to be out of place. It’s Big Brother! Of course people are going to do things like Vanessa is doing.


Jackqueen is our only saving grace now! Hopefully BOB ends when the twins come back in….


Omg I hate Austin and vennessa so much. I wish Jason wasn’t going home. I wish vennessa is evicted next week


If Jason wanted to stay in the game, then he should have fought to win HOH. It’s that simple. People don’t go on this show unless they want to win some money. Period. You can’t go on this show, sit back and goof off the whole time, then expect to win the 500k. This show is like Survivor in the way that you have to “Outwit, outplay, outlast” to win. If the houseguests want the 500k, they are going to have to earn it. It won’t just be handed to them on a silver platter. If the houseguests don’t step up to the plate, then Vanessa and Shelli will continue to dominate the game, and the houseguests won’t have anyone to blame but themselves when they get evicted.

Just me

Ok… It’s official. Vanessa is living in her own little world
“Vanessa says I’m worried about that too but the redemption is the truth will be on tv.”
Since when are the televised episodes truthful?? They really glossed over the subject of James throwing the BOB on Sunday’s episode and didn’t show the reactions of anyone but Liz and Austin when they did win.


Vanessa is making myblood boil. This BOB is killing they foundation that BB built. “Eight strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives changes” oh shit….wait…that’s REAL WORLD. CBS get a grip and how about next Summer you go back to classic BB, when the playing field was level. To redeem youself (CBS) how about doing an America’s choice for bringing back a player next week? Its only fair since a twin is being let in even though they essentially lost. Actually how about Americas Choice on which twin to keep?!


They can’t bring back a player. They have to be in sequester and if you haven’t noticed they’re all on twitter.


I think Vanessa made a great move here. She has had this solid alliance with Shelli clay Austin Liz and Julia. Now with Steve seemingly leaning their way they can make it in the house longer, they will have the numbers from here on out as long as they stick together. She would have made a stupid move to take out Austin, annoying as he is, he’s a number for them.


Shelli and Clay just screwed themselves BIG TIME!! Weren’t they the ones that ultimately decided that they wanted to keep Austin? At this point they had it good with everyone. EVERYONE wanted to work with them. Now, they are having to back track. Also, great game move on Steve’s part to reaffirm with Vanessa that she should keep Austin. 1. He will be bottom of the target list with the big alliance 2. Austin/Twins/V/S/C will be gunning for the other side.
So, this move is lose for Vanessa, Shelli & Clay — Big winner this week is Steve. (for placing himself on the bottom of the target list)


Vanessa’s lies are multiplying like rabbits. Soon she will be applying her spackle with a trowel to hide her stress boils.


roflmao….I almost pissed my pants

brotalk to human dictionary

Almost every week has been a back door.
Jace had an alliance with James at the time of his nomination.
Da’vonne had an alliance with Shellie at the time of her nomination. She was given botb and pov to try to save herself.
Jeff thought he had an alliance with everyone, with all of his deep covert next level game play….?….
Audrey had an alliance with Shellie at the time of her nomination.
With the way this season has played out, I don’t think the Jason blindside was anything out of the ordinary. He wasn’t given advance notice. He should have been suspicious with the comings and goings last night. They all should have been more suspicious with the comings and goings last night.


Vanessa is the smartest player in the house right now. She did the right thing. No way Austin was going to take Vanessa out, but Jason certainly would have. Jason is also a good player. Maybe you don’t like her, or she annoys you, or you’re mad cuz she took out your favorite player – but you’ve got to admit she made a bold move for her own game, which is what it’s all about.


Shelli lying to Jackie and Meg is serving what purpose?


She’ll and clay are acting like they are keeping jason and telling people they didn’t know he was going up.vanessa is getting pissed.They don’t have her back when it comes down to it.


Vanessa is done, she will have to win every comp now, even Clay & Shellie will realize she goes on power trips and invents stories to make herselve look good for every lie & backstab. i wish they could pick a whole cast that doesn’t need aderall or whatever the drug is called. she has ruined the afterdark for me all I can do is fastforward everytime she shows up. I don’t care about Jason going home not my favorite but, houseguest like her (phycho) are ruining this game. Oh well production is still making money so after seventeen years of being a faithful fan I’m tuning out. I’ll check in to see who wins but that’s about it for me. For the seasons sake I hope she’s gone soon.


She’ll and clay are pissing Vanessa off.There alliance will not last much longer.


Kind of strange the idiot Clay can’t win anything and when in trouble production find a way to save him


All of them think it may be a double Eviction next Week! I would love it, if it was an instant eviction though, because of the twin twist! And the other side just happened to win for a change and sent one of the 6th Sense home!


I just wish it wasn’t Jason. Maybe Becky since she’s just floating by.


all the people hating on vanessa for making a good game move or complaining about jason leaving because he is so entertaining should just go and watch big brother uk, which is a popularity contest and people win because of their social skills, common decency, honesty, or because they are hilarious and generally nice people.. obviously since 17 seasons bb us is not that kind of game. to complain about it still is ridiculous.
meg is the worst. she is only crying because she is concerned for herself now. wish she was on the block. as jason would say: go play the game bitch.


So everyone in the house thinks Austin just wants a piece. and he doesn’t want to win. LOL………they do know that Austin is in the wrestling world, the biggest fake industry around, a world full of lie and fake deceit. LOL, Vanessa is going to get blindsided by Austin. Anyone who is saying I am here for the romance you better get rid of, they are lying…
I wonder if Vanessa caught that Shelli heaved her under the bus. “I don’t want anyone to leave” {liar} but that certainly made Vanessa look bad.
The fact of the matter is… Vanessa is a liar….. the question is …..do the sad sacks realize it, if they get in power can they manage to put up the right people {I can see them trying to throw it} will they ever realize that Clay and Shelli are with the others???


Yeah Austin has been all over the place game-wise but he made the right moves after learning he was in trouble. If begging and pleading keeps you in the game that’s what you do.

He won’t hesitate for a minute to cut Vanessa loose if he gets the opportunity.


Vanessa called Shelli on that right away and made her admit she was on board with putting Jason up.


Good. The rats are slowly beginning to turn on themselves.


I wanted Austin out this week. That being said, it’s Jason’s own fault he is up. As a “superfan” he should have known that laying around smoking cigarettes and being social won’t win the game. You need strategy, a real alliance of four or five and a backup plan. He has none of those.
As for Jackie and her vendettas…lmao….she needs to win and hold on to an hoh to effectively extract revenge. She also has to be willing to cut Vanessa’s throat since she put up Jeff and now Jason. (Both at Austin’s urging). I am not sure Jackie is smart enough to see through Vanessa’s mist.


Meg Jason James and Jackie have finally figured out the Vanessa Austin Liz clay Shelly alliance FINALLY!!!!


So, what if Steve and John flip? Now that would be great TV! If only they would. Even if one did it would make Vanessa’s head spin and that in itself would be worth watching!

FormerVanessaFan (I'm so sorry)

we’re still hearing about the last laugh and the jeff vote so if one of vanessas minions flipped during this vote we would be hearing about it until she finally gets evicted. I do hope it’s a very close vote this week although I still think Jason will be the one heading out the door. I like becky just because she isn’t as annoying as a lot of the others but I definitely wish they would send her out the door this week as a statement to vanessa


wow jason and his little group have finally figured out that audrey telling them about the alliance was right. good job, up until last night jasons next target was going to be steve of all people. jason seriously thought steve is his biggest threat lol. can’t feel sorry for that.


Has there ever been another houseguest (besides that piece of sh!t Austin) that has successfully avoided going up on the block by pleading, begging, and crying like a baby?
Vanessa is pathetic.


Yes, his name is Dan Gheesling and he is one of the best players ever in Big Brother history. Do I like Vanessa and Austin, not really, but if she had put up and evicted the only person that has truly been aligned with her for the last month, at the urging of an obvious alliance on the other side of the house, then she truly would be stupid. Her mistake was entertaining it in the first place.


Meg crying: “This isn’t how I thought this house would be”

Where the fuck did u think you were going? To little princess summer camp?

Maybe you shouldn’t have walked around laughing and smiling about everything and having no clue where u were or what u were doing.

Put on your big girl pants…wake the fuck up and start playing the game!

You aren’t at Pink Pony summer camp for immature grown women.

FormerVanessaFan (I'm so sorry)

Jackie seems the angriest about Jason being put on the block. Hoping she gets HOH next week with someone who has at least an ounce of sense and gets rid of Vanessa or one of her minions once and for all. no pawns, throw them all on the block! who cares which one goes! I’m so sick of this one alliance steam rolling through the whole show. I get that you need numbers but it makes for the most predictable season. just when I thought we would get a one week break from the monotony with Austin going home vanessa is too scared to pull the trigger. please please big brother gods make this week turn vanessa into public enemy number one! I need the sixth sense to finally feel some fire. even a little.

I survived last seasons BB

Austin start rubbing Liz’s back and Liz tells him not to.


Talk about a hairy moron !!

Canadian Kevin

Come on Outsiders!! Make Vanessa pay!

And then take out Austin, Clay and Shelli please.


I was watching the live feed, Jackie, Meg, and James were talking, they almost were figuring things out, but then they became stupid again!!!!! But then James said…. “I wonder who they are going to put up next week…immediately Jackie said her, and Meg said her., then James added “if they win next week.” HMMMMMMM, has BB become that scripted??? If so, they lost me forever, and I am really furious with it. BB is my “guilty summer pleasure”, and they threw it in the Crapper!!!


Jason’s social game was actually pretty good. And everybody can’t and won’t be on the same side of the house It doesn’t matter what that person does or says. It isn’t possible for everyone to team upon the “other side” because of the mentality of the players on that side. And it does not matter how some fight to win HOH sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Jason is not one of those who didn’t try to win.So I like a lot of Jason’s game just not the part where he wasn’t paranoid enough, talked too much without processing information to see how it benefited him, and trusted people in a showmance to the point of not holding back certain conversations. I like Jason and don’t want to see him go. But it is what it is.He almost won HOH but he himself admitted he was helping Vanessa study and didn’t like how she picked people in the HOH. So her being shady is really there for them to all see if they focus.

What I’m curious about is how this Vanessa/Shelli/ and Clay thing is going to work. Shelli has a different social approach and I don’t see how this can work long term. Even the way Vanessa went about her HOH in a Godfather 1-3 manner wasn’t necessary when she had the numbers. And she never should have threw Austin’s name out in the house as a possible target in the first place unless it was something she was 100 sure about. She’s still an asset to them I guess but if they flipped on Vanessa sooner than later I wouldn’t be shocked due to the fact that I don’t think Shelli’s approach meshes with hers. And like Shelli or not she’s a major contender to win this whole thing especially in her social game. But as for Vanessa, I for one don’t believe her wanting Austin out was just about him “lying” to her. But each to their own. Either way I wouldn’t trust her if I were in an alliance with her and only would want her in it because she’s good a comps and can win them.


If Jason goes home, then BB17 is officially done.

Ladybugjuststopbitching u fat

Bye Ladybug. Nobody gives a fuck if you stop watching. Just do it. Don’t talk about it.

Nobody going to miss your whiney posts in every thread. Buh Bye Now!

Ariana Grande stinks!

I think Jiz is on a wrong show. She should be on “Miami Hookerdom” or something like that.

Vulvessa is THE WORST! A disgusting woman on every level…

In any case if Jason indeed leaves this Thursday, this show is over. Jackie was my least favorite player so far, but today she is def my fave.

The Ninety Percent

Earlier Vanessa was criticizing Jackie for believing hearsay and now she is justifying her nomination with hearsay… This chick is done. I’m really enjoying Jackie for once.