Jackie “If someone is trying to change your mind behind our backs then we’re going to have a problem!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 09-46-25-816

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9:45am Bathroom – Shelli is washing her hair in the sink to avoid having a cold havenot shower. Jason asks how Shelli slept. Shelli says she didn’t sleep well and had bad dreams.

9:50am Backyard – Johnny tells Becky that Steve came to him to make a final 2 deal. I said yeah but I don’t think he is going to make it that far. He’s expendable. Do you have a final 2 deal with anyone? Becky says no. She says that’s why she is okay with Jason going. I don’t even talk game with Jackie. Johnny asks her do you want to go to the end of this game? Becky says she doesn’t want to any alliance or finals until we get close? Even my weekend has changed so much. Johnny says there’s a lot of stuff I’ve known about that I haven’t been about to tell you about. This change up is alright. At any point just let me know. Becky talks about the BOB and how it was supposed to go one way with James throwing it but he was the one that told Liz she was missing an “i” in Christine which made them win it in the last seconds. Jason joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 09-53-08-097

10:15am – 11am HOH room – Vanessa asks Jackie do you know is actuality who had the phone booth thing? Jackie says yes. Vanessa asks is it someone other than Day? Jackie says no. Vanessa says so you know for a fact because she told you? Jackie says Jason told me. Vanessa says so you believe based on what someone told you .. you don’t know for a fact. There’s a difference. Jackie says right. Vanessa says doesn’t it make sense who she excluded. Jackie says she didn’t nullify Clay because that would have been too obvious. Vanessa tells Jackie I have some things that just don’t add up. I knonw that after this week people are going to go back to lying to me. Information came my way only because I’m HOH. Jackie says that she can trust her. I didn’t get that much information. Vanessa says it comes after, closer to.. The information came within the 8. Jackie asks so someone’s lying to you? Vanessa says yeah. Jackie asks is it affecting your decision today? Vanessa says it does. It affects whether we have a solid group of 8. Jackie says I think we need to sit down as a solid group of 8. Like hey this is the deal, any questions, this is what’s going on. Jackie says everyone is excited about it. Its like taking a limo to the top 8. But of course past stuff is going to pop up from the past before we were together. So people in our 8 talk about our 8? Vanessa says yes. Vanessa says I am being backed into a corner from 3 different sides. I don’t know if people are seeing an opportunity or what? I’m just going to do what I was going to do. Its good. I believe everything you’ve said. You have nothing to worry about, I shook your hand. I would never go back on that. Same with Becky. Jackie asks why are we going against our people already. Why?! It could be so easy! Vanessa says because there are people that are paranoid and flip floppy. I have Austin on one side that lied to me and then this other person within our alliance. Vanessa says there is no long term loyalty within this group. Vanessa says I’m just going to do what I need to do and then address it with that person after. Jackie says this is why we can’t have nice things. Vanessa says exactly. Vanessa says if you could pick 2 people within the 8 that you can trust completely who would that be? Jackie says she isn’t sure. I know Shelli doesn’t really trust Jason. Vanessa says 1 million 100% your a$$ is safe! This has nothing to do with you other than you’re within the 8 just the same as I. Jackie says the only person I am questioning is Shelli because I haven’t talked to her. Jackie says James, Jason and Meg are all excited about this and getting down to the final 8. Vanessa asks do you think things have gone to far and that people have their loyalties. Jackie asks why can’t we just wait till we get to that point. Do you think they’re trying to sway your decision today because that’s not cool either behind our backs. If someone is trying to change your mind behind our backs then we are going to have a problem. Vanessa wonders if everyone wanted to be in the 8 or if some were strong armed into it. Vanessa tells Jackie does it not concern you that James was supposed to throw the BOB and in the final seconds he told Liz to get the “i” in Christine. Isn’t that concerning to you? They won by 3 seconds. Why would you correct the spelling if you were trying to throw it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 10-55-41-304

11am – 11:10am Kitchen – Becky asks Clay if they ask me if I knew do I tell them? Shelli tells her that its better you act like you didn’t know. Becky says it will be hard because I don’t have a good poker face. Becky asks Vanessa if she should say she knew the target is changing with in the hour and Vanessa says sure. Vanessa tells them that she just asked James if he corrected Christine’s name within the last few seconds and he said YES! Why the f**k would he do that if you’re trying to throw it?! Vanessa goes upstairs and tells Jackie. Vanessa says like that really f**king pisses me off! That put us in this position!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 11-02-02-178

11:15am James says Vanessa just asked me a weird question? She asked me if I spelled I with Christine. Jason says yeah it has two “i’s”. James says it kind of make me paranoid. Jason says don’t worry about it. Jason says it sounds like Liz had one wrong and you tried to correct her. Jason says people don’t ask questions in here for no reason. James says she’s insinuating that I was the one that got it right to win the comp. James says he didn’t put up any of the names. That was all Liz. James says I need to nip this in the bud before it turns into something else.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 11-18-32-590

11:25pm James talks to Clay by the hammock. Clay asks did you put the “i” in Christine? James says no, I told her it was spelt wrong. Clay says maybe now she thinks you were trying to win the comp when you were supposed to throw it. James says yeah probably. Clay says if you hadn’t put the “i” in it then we would have won. James says I don’t like that though. Clay says I’ll talk to her. You’re safe any ways. James says I don’t want her going to Becky saying I tried to win it. Clay says I’ll feel her out. Clay says I’m taking myself off and Austin should go up. It doesn’t matter. James says that’s why I don’t get why this matters. Plan A didn’t work out but you got yourself off the block so it all worked out. James says there are no rules that say you have to throw a comp this way. Clay says this is what you say .. you can only do so much to throw a comp before it affects my game.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 11-24-32-948

11:30am Comic bedroom – Jackie and Vanessa talk about Day Phone Booth thing. Shelli says that it doesn’t make sense who was nullified if it was Day. Jackie says I don’t know why we would go against each other. Shelli says all I know is it got really weird when Vanessa found out James didn’t throw that comp.

11:35am Havenot room – Shelli tells Vanessa that Jackie just pulled me into the room and said that you’re acting really weird. Vanessa says I told her someone within the 8 is lying but I didn’t tell her who. Vanessa says the line is going to be very clear once I say my speech. I just need to know that you and Clay on board with this? Shelli says we are.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 11-39-15-002

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the coreys

It’s insane to Mr thst Jackie is the one with the biggest balls in the house.

I could actually like this girl.


She is in my top 5 thats for sure! I believe that Vanessa is sealing Becky’s fate, without even realizing it! I believe Jason will clear the air and everybody will go back to loving him, the only reason why he is laying low is because he doesn’t think he needs to fight. He is a fighter, Becky is not. We will see how this plays out…

another name

if Jason goes up and fights to stay who can he sway?
steve? I think Jason burned that bridge.
Austin? really highly doubtful.
Liz? ditto. He might have a shot at Julia in the vote, maybe maybe not. Would Julia stab vanessa and Liz?
John? between Becky and Jason is Jason his pick?
Shelli or Clay? less than 50% chance. That would mean potentially choosing a side openly. their biggest fear.
with endurance comps to come, him announcing / everyone thinking he’s the endurance god… don’t know about his chances tbh. It’s too bad really.


Who are you kidding? Jason only needs Shelli & Vanessa’s OK, and the rest will go with what they decide! He just needs to transfer their paranoia of him, towards Becky. My guess it will be only hours after the veto, they flip. HOURS!



I survived last seasons BB

I’m glad Jackie is calling Her out somewhat on sticking to Her word

Its totally stupid that Vanessa is basing this on the Phone Booth vote..Davonne was fighting to stay in the House..Why would She nullify alliance votes..Use Your head Vanessa for something besides a zit rest stop

It also amazes Me that Vanessa would not drop Austin for two reasons..One being He could potantially form a 3 way alliance that would eventually drop Her..The second being that He has proven untrustworthy,blinded by a n immature one-sided crush on Liz

I doubt Austin goes anywhere this week,,which sucks in a big way..This Season is slipping away fast


It’s even more stupid that dumbo is using that as a reason, she claims to be so smart why didn’t she think maybe day told Jason that and he repeated it. And if not day then who had it? That means someone in her alliance had it because Jeff didn’t have it because he wasn’t allowed to vote and Audrey is the only person who had it that was voted out so why is she using this excuse. I hope Jason calls her out and ask her well if day didn’t have it then who? Because that person would still be in the house? I really hope she leaves next and then kick herself in the behind afterwards for following these dumb tactics about lies as if she hasn’t lied in this game


At this stage in the game, why would you want someone who is not coming after you to be evicted from the house? Austin clearly isn’t targeting Vanessa and he is a target ahead of her. Use that when the other side has power and let the ties be cut then. If Austin is HOH next week, Vanessa is safe. Can you say the same about Jason, James, or Meg? I don’t think you can and be too confident in it.

I’m not a fan of Austin and I’ll be happy when he is gone, but there is no reason for Vanessa to pull that trigger right now. He won’t last much longer. Just stop sharing important information with him and let him seal his own fate in the weeks to come.


You guys might have other reasons for wanting some people to stay in the game. But Jason just said he’s going after Vanessa and does not care about any deals he made. So this is the only info that needs to go back to Vanessa. She is making the right decision with Jason going. I highly doubt Austin will be going after her anytime soon. He’s just a shield for her


Question for Dawg…Is there any news or speculation on what happened to the BBTakeover twist? I know a few people that follow these updates have commented about it and the houseguests have mentioned their confusion on what happened a few times. Could it just be that production saw it as a failure very early on? Or do you think it’s coming back?


The twist will return in time to save Jason or Steve when he is at risk.

Production’s meddling has no bounds…Take that to the bank.

Canadian Kevin

like one side staying in power 4 weeks straight?

Double D

Vanessa is going to put a big target on her back after this week.


It’s ironic that Vanessa wants to avoid drawing a line in the sand when she is the only person in the house who is causing the need to draw this line. At this point, she needs to realize that entertaining the thought of breaking your alliance constitutes playing both sides and someone is going to get mad at your decision.

She was playing well but now she has exposed her hand. She needs to keep austin safe and ride out this game with her original alliance. Unfortunately for her, she has exposed herself and is making herself the biggest target of her group. Maybe in hindsight she shouldn’t have just had to win HOH.


Vanessa never said she is avoiding drawing a line in sand as u say. Actually she has said she isnt afraid to draw that line. And that it will be clearly drawn this week. At least before u try and cut on Vanessa have your facts straight.

We as fans like “clear lines drawn” and battles of two sides of house. Now Vanessa is doing that and u spin it once again to that she sucks.

Have fun hating Vanessa and the rest of us will enjoy watching people play the game.


Well everything about her is fake so I would not be surprised if we found out she was sporting a big set of balls. Have you seen her without the extensions, eyelashes and make-up? (put on with a putty knife I assume) She was hit by the ugly stick over and over. Becky must say damn I was hit by a F’in train and I look 100 times better then that. (she also doesn’t apply a layer Bondo like Jackieass)

I would have agreed with you if you said you could get behind this girl. That is the only way to go about it


What is wrong with Becky??? Girl you better get an alliance or your a$$ is next to go!


I have watched BB since the beginning and I have never seen a more wimpy player than Vanessa. She cannot make a single move in this game without getting everyones approval even if she has to create some ridiculous ‘he said she said’ conversation in order to make a move. She has the numbers. She is used to playing the odds and she has it. People in the game know that they have to pick a side and eventually will be put up. Yet she puts a big fat target on herself by talking to anyone who can stand to listen to her as she tries to create a reason to get rid of her competition. While she hopes people will think she is justified in choosing her target, she has basically told everyone in the house she has to catch them in a ‘lie’ before she can turn on them and she will do it. The other houseguests are smart enough to know oftentimes it is only half the truth. She is the centre of everything and that is all people are going to remember if they are against her side. Meanwhile shelli and Clay are just quietly watching it all unfold. vanessa could learn something from them but she is too busy yapping! For those who have to try and record all of this for us……you truly have my sympathy!!


I seriously don’t get how so many people don’t see what Van is doing. All of this is an act to make her appear easily influenced, emotional, weak, and scared. She brings up the “I hate lying” thing all the time to brainwash everyone into thinking she would never lie. It is strategy! And more importantly, it is working! She has Jackie thinking that her putting up Jason was not her doing but someone who Jackie trusts, that is manipulating Van. She knows she can’t hide her intelligence, so she has to find other ways to make her strengths not as threatening. It is actually genius. Meg and Jason were talking last night about how easy it will be to take Van out whenever they want. Jason also said Van will never go against her word, but I have no problem breaking mine to her. This is just all proof that her tactics are working. You may find it annoying but it is a game, and she is playing the heck out of it!


“An act” .That’s the funniest thing I’ve read here in awhile.


Austin should have gone home this week. I hope Jackie gets HOH again next week and throws Vanessa and Shelli up there, and Johnny gets the other HOH and puts up Clay and Liz.


really hope jason doesn’t go home 🙁

Like I'm Jackie...

They’d be stupid to not put Jackie up. She just said she doesn’t trust shellie…that’s Vanessa’s #1. Thats not saying much though. They’re all a bunch of morons. I think John and Steve have the best strategy right now.


There are people in the house who are “flip-floppy” and “paranoid.” — Vanessa.

Did the Queen just unwittingly describe her two own HOH reigns and herself in this game?

And there we go with the million 100 percent crap. C’mon, Vanessa….. As a poker player, you know that percentages cannot add to more than 100! And you know that you are overplaying your hand yet again.


Yup she is digging herself a grave… Just like she did when she put Jeff up right? Everyone was saying the same things after her last HOH reign. Van is over playing, she is too dramatic, this is the end of her game, she will be in trouble next week, she is making herself a huge target. Funny, the next week only one person had Van on their minds (Jackie). These dramatics she pulls in front of her alliance members are so that they too will think she is weak, so when they start attacking each other she will be the last one targeted.

Go Back to Sleep

You have no idea what you are talking about.

She won’t finish in the top four. Wanna wager?

the coreys

It’s embarrassing that shelli and vanessa both are telling Jackie she is safe as a reason not to worry.

While yea she doesn’t wanna go home, it’s vanessa going back on her that austin was going up and not her thinking she is going up that’d pissing her off.

Not that it really makes a difference. The 6 sense is running the house and EVERYONE ELSE actually think they are with them so they will never go up. Ever. It will be another 3 or 4 evictions before it happens.

the coreys

I like johnny but the dude said his targets are meg and liz.

The numbers are not on his side and the fact that he’s targeting the wrong people only amplify it. This is gonna be another lost season, but it’s ok cause the arrival of big brother Canada has soften the blow.

I survived last seasons BB

Another reason why its a poor game move not dumping Austin

Vanessa already made the announcement to Sleeper Cell Group..Which means even if they evict Everyone else on the other side, She will be first to be evicted from Sleepr Cell since She showed disloyalty

That plus EVERY one from the other side will make Her Target #1 if they win HOH


These people are so screwed up. A lot of people think that Vanessa is brilliant at this game. She is playing like and idiot! Her alliance is made up of couples, where does she think this is going to get her???? Does she really think Steve is the answer to her game???? Steve is not well liked…….not even by her own alliance, he will be the first to go in her alliance, and she will follow shortly after. Keeping twins in the house, they are 2 votes for our side…LOL, this is going to be interesting. Julia hates Austin, but she likes Johnny Mac, Liz said she can make her twin do what she wants, we will have to see about that. What is going to happened, if Julia wants her own man?????? Julia {Johnny Mac?} Austin and Liz join forces, Shelli, Clay and Vanessa will be in trouble. The name of the game…….eliminate people, Do not Add People!!


Things are going to get real interesting in the house this week. No matter who Vanessa puts up as a replacement nominee, she will be seen as a liar because she promised so many people safety and made deals with both sides of the house. She’s backed herself in a corner without any real exit strategy. I see a big fight coming.


go Jackie!! most of these people are so lame that I am now rooting for Jackie (call her names all you want, she actually should win next HOH and make this house shift a bit).

vanessa SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can not stand to listen to Vanessa talk,thank god for the mute button.

And fast forward works well, too, (if recorded) and is hilarious if she is in one of her frenetic episodes.

Bill Cosby

How about a nice chocolate Jello pudding pop? But first, have a sip of this drink.

Nonon Jakuzure

Vanessa being HOH has changed her mind 1,000 times and won’t be putting up Austin. Jason is now the target for some reason. It was Becky, then Jackie, now Jason. Make up your mind. Yes, keeping Austin means one more number for their alliance, but he lies and he’s playing with his heart. Austin, Liz is playing you and you have a girlfriend back at home.


Jackie knows some things up. cause Vanessa and Shelli do that shit all the time go back on they word and u can tell when they do it to. Now Vanessa is going to try to blame James for her having to put up Jason for him not throwing the BOB to her liking. well if BB actually casted ppl who actually watched BB instead of recruits maybe Clay& Becky could have figured it out faster Liz did cause she actually watched BB last season.


Vanessa calling anyone else flip floppy is like her calling anyone else a liar. Geez. I don’t know who she thinks she is fooling other than herself. I don’t like what she’s doing because I think the game would be more interesting without Austin but the lines should be drawn and miss flip floppy should find herself a huge target next week and maybe the others will decide it’s game time.

Jezus & Nem

Wake up Housemates. Vanessa you should know better….Math never lies.
Letting a voting block of 2 (Clay & Shelli) and a voting block of 2+1 (Twins &Austin) stay in the game means you will never get beyond final 4 or 5. Twins will never vote against each other, and Austin is puzzy whipped. And of course ClayShel will protect each other.

Blow-up the shomance, and kick a twin/Austin to the curb. Please


I love how people are saying Vanessa is dumb for keeping austin. Jason is my favorite in the house but he straight up told meg he had no problem betraying her. An 8 man alliance where her shelli and clay are on the bottom makes no sense keeping austin who wouldn’t come for her until f4 is smart. Vanessa got paranoid Jackie would backdoor her and made a deal that didn’t need to be made its pre jury so she needs to realize it’s ok to break your word really she should be sending Jackie or becky home but she’s being dumb. I dislike shelli but she definitely is playing the smartest game if it wasn’t for her austin would be leaving but yet she did what the house wanted last week then convinced Vanessa not to this week.

is it just me

so many people are so concerned with Vanessa making a bad move for her game but at the same time they want her out
so why not just come out and say it you just don’t want her to evict someone you like hiding behind the “its a bad move for her game” rhetoric is basically just as bad as what Vanessa is doing inside the game looking for excues.

If you actually cared about her game then its clear that voting Austin is a bad move for her but you dont so please enough with the bad game move bs. But she is with couples bla bla bla. This is a down the road problem. If Austin goes this week she goes next week. Im sure she figured this out. I’m also sure she knows that in the long run the couples will have to be dealt with but its alot harder to do that when you are not in the game anymore so priority for now is removing the immediate threats that will send her home next week not the ones that might do it 4 weeks from now.


Austin should have gone home and that would have made for a satisfying, easy week. Instead, jason will probably go home which is pissing me off badly. My dislike for vanessa is growing each day.

Like...I'm Jackie

I bet Vanessa sits back and will let Austin fight for her. He is so busy trying to prove is loyalty, he’ll do what ever she wants.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Vanessa is a big zit!

I don’t remember to have watched since long time someone as unpleasant, as disgusting, as conniving, mean or evil as Vanessa.

No, I don’t hate her! I only despise her mother for having done such a terrible job! #DisappearVanMom

The golden power of cheeto

When Jason said that big brother opened Pandora’s box with all of the Audrey stuff, now that he is most likely going on the block, he’s gonna stir some shit.


I have a theory, and will try to keep it brief as possible. Julia and Liz have only TIME when they are not in the house. Julia comes in today and she’s going to feel like Liz doublecrossed her when she finds out Liz was all in on keeping Austin. BECAUSE JULIA knows that austintruly does just want to help Liz. So, Julia goes to the other side of house, tells them everything going on in the other side. She can get James, Meg, Steve, Jackie, Jmac, explain what’s REALLY GOING ON, convince Steve and Jmac they are really NOT on the top of the alliance, get the numbers, vote Becky out, keep Jason, and they’ve got the strongest, surprising alliance in BB history and Julia will go down in BB history!!!


That would be awesome but I think you are giving Julia way too much credit.

Asian hillbilly

The Final 8 pact was so hastily put together it’s no wonder it has crumbled this quickly. Vanessa will get some backlash for that which is her consequence for agreeing to it in the first place so easily.