Veto Ceremony! “If I tell you we’re f**king cool, we’re cool! If I tell you we ain’t, we ain’t!”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-16-13-790
11:15am – 12:13pm The live feeds are blocked for the veto ceremony to take place. When the feeds return – As the power of Veto holder – Vanessa did not use the veto. The nominations remain the same and so either Johnny Mac or Steve will be evicted on Thursday. Which ever is evicted will have an opportunity to return along with Becky, Shelli, or Jackie.

Bedroom – Austin says I love your metaphors. Vanessa says I am not a phony! If I tell you we’re f**king cool we’re cool! If I tell you we ain’t, we ain’t! He was always hugging me! Austin says oh yeah I forgot he always hugged you.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-17-59-680
In the kitchen – Meg asks Austin what the hell was that earlier? Austin says it was Johnny Mac trying to throw us under the bus to her. He tried as a last ditch effort to try and flip it on us.

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12:15pm Backyard – Liz tells Johnny everyone wanted Vanessa out at one point but you doing that makes me feel like when your back is against the wall you will blab your mouth. Johnny says I just felt like you not willing to put up James or Meg made me feel like you were more with them than me. Johnny says I understand why it would piss you off. Liz says she came at me and I admitted it was true. You’re not out of this house yet. Johnny says I feel like I am. I know you guys are closer to Steve. Liz says Steve has done a lot too. You’re not out of the game yet. Johnny says if there are deal with everyone .. what can I do. I felt like I had to do it. I’m sorry though. Liz says I know me and Julia are probably the swing votes and Vanessa too. It is what it is, its just a game. It makes you do erratic things. Johnny says sorry. Liz heads inside.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-19-09-699

12:25pm – 12:30pm HOH room – Liz tells Austin about her conversation with Johnny Mac. He said he knew he was the target by the order of which photo went up first in nominations. He said he knows he’s going home. Austin says no Steve is going home. Vanessa wants Steve out badly. Liz says I want Johnny out. Steve is good for her her game not for ours. Austin says Johnny Mac is out for blood. Steve I don’t know. Austin leaves to confront Johnny Mac. Liz says I don’t care what Vanessa wants, I want Johnny Mac gone. You need to start helping us out Julia you are literally doing nothing. Julia says I didn’t start any of this sh*t. I woke and didnt know what was going on.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-26-39-225

12:30pm – 12:50pm Backyard – Austin comes outside angry to talk to Johnny Mac. Austin says the whole deal about not putting up James and Meg was because I made a deal with them. Johnny says whoa.. lets calm down a bit and talk about it. Austin says this wasn’t some mastermind by Meg and James .. if it was then I would have let James win and take you out. Austin says everyone was coming up to me asking if it was being used or not. Its wasn’t my call with Vanessa using it (Veto) or not. Austin says I’m not that mad. I just came down to make a dramatic scene. Johnny says we all have a reason to be mad. Johnny says I’ll go tell her (Vanessa) that it was my idea too. Austin says I wouldn’t do that because right now she wants Steve out .. unless you want it to be even again. If you can calm the girls down you might be able to flip them. Austin says its not personal. Johnny says I don’t think it was a mastermind thing. I think there were just a lot of deals and I was at the short end of the stick. Austin says I don’t want you to think because your key went in first that I was coming after you because I wasn’t. Johnny says just like you had to make a deal with James, I had to do what I had to do. I knew it wasn’t being used at that point. Johnny says I don’t blame you for anything you did. You did what you had to do. Austin says don’t think your fate is sealed. Johnny says I know you guys are close to Steve…. I’m going home. Austin says not necessarily. Johnny says I hope you understand why I did want I did. Austin says I do. They head inside. Johnny announces we’re good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-36-33-817

12:50pm – 1pm Backyard – Julia talks to Vanessa. Vanessa says I don’t blame you girls or Austin at all. In the same spot I made the same mistake. You guys did the same thing. I want you guys to know it was primarily orchestrated by Steve. And I confronted him. He admitted it. I told Meg and James if they want Steve out I am voting him out. Then Steve came out and blew everything up to everyone. Julia says I do not like Johnny Mac. I cannot talk to him. Vanessa says if you guys really feel like we should (Vote out Johnny Mac) then I will. I’ll listen to you guys. More than anything I am hurt. I’m acting mad but I’m hurt! All I’ve ever had is the best of intentions for our group. I understand though. Julia says everything happens for a reason and now the air is clear.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-24 12-54-48-971
Kitchen – Austin tells James and Meg about his conversation with Johnny Mac. Austin says I think we could all get together and get Johnny Mac to throw the HOH next week. Austin says Steve tried to throw me under the bus in front of everyone. Austin brings up how Johnny Mac asked if he should go tell Vanessa it was part his idea to make an alliance to get Vanessa out. I told him no! What are you doing?! Meg says I don’t get why he (Johnny Mac) won’t just campaign against Steve to stay. Austin says that’s all he needs to do. Vanessa already wants Steve gone.

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Rip big brother

Nooo….if Jmac is out I’m out. 🙁 I don’t understand what the twins are still doing there. Austin is playing for 3rd place I guess…ugh! Go James!
Team Jmac


Austin doesn’t care, he thinks even with the twits (not a typo) in final 2, his girlfriend will split her winnings with him.

JMAC 2 Smart for Vanessa

I love Johnny for proving how powerful you can be without threats, screaming, crying, lying, bribing and prostitution. He sleeps, visits DR stays out of name calling juvenile bullshit and tells people what they need to hear, when they need to hear it. Austin and Steve are the rats, and Austwins know it. So does Van. She’s not going to forgive or forget this. Even Liz had to admit she didn’t need to confess, she was too afraid to lie when the witch hunt began. I love when JMAC says he doesn’t have a horse in this fight, he will let Austwins go out in the order they want to. DUH AUSTAIN GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF LIZ ASS, all 4 of them can’t make it to Final 2. But Austin thinks if he gets a car and a girl, what does it matter. He can’t even hear JMAC is trying to help him win Final 2 over the others. Liz & Van & Austin better keep the devil they know (JMac) over the computer devil motherf*cker they don’t know (Steve). Their egos and sorry a$$ inability to read people is at fault. Steve JMAC aren’t the stupid childish goofs that are easily led desparate for friends. Gotcha Van & Austin. You are dumber than the dumbest!

JMAC says use me however you want, UNEMOTIONALLY while Austin Liz and so-called genius Van wreck their games using BB cameras to film pornos (thanks Liztin- blech) and after-school specials about mental illness, bullying, cheating men causes lesbianism, ragaholics, pill popping and bribes don’t win friends (thanks Vanessa-puke). Isn’t it time for her meds yet? Downers pleeeeze docs!

Steve needs to go. He’s screwed up everyone’s game! Starting with Becky & Jackie. Go home maybe mommy can explain overusing your village idiot seeing vote surrogate mom Van strategies with the camera was a bad choice. You could have been king of the Goblins, but you were lured by the dark side. And now ye shall pay on the gallows. PS stop kissing ass so much its a bad look and leaves a nasty stain. Hope he apologizes to his home town as much as he apologizes to Austin & Vanessa.


You mean you don’t have to be psychotic to be considered strategic, intelligent or a great player? Go JMAC!

I can hear Steve crying in his mother’s lap right now.


Megan’s the idiot James should vote out Steve for what he did to Jackie Becky and being a low life rat but those 2idiots will never figure it out too busy playing with each other and gossip instead of playing the games get rid of both of them


James and Meg are waiting to see who comes back in the house. While others may think they shouldn’t have told Austwuss about the Strong Fortress comment, just a short time before Crazy Train Van was on a push and witch hunt to find some reason to get one of them up and out. Telling Austwuss took Crazy Train’s focus off them. Now if Steve stays he’s still got to get rid of Crazy Train and break up Austwuss and the Ho Twins so joining the Goblins is his only choice. If Shelli, Jackie or Becky come back they their could be a 4 vs 4 war and if a Goblin doesn’t win HOH James and Meg could easily stay with Brass Tacks which will be minus Crazy Train because everyone wants her gone.


Pendejo. Either you don’t have a horse in this race or you don’t have a dog in this fight Get it straight ferkryssake!

Have You Seen These Chicks? They're Horses!

These Ho’s ain’t racing, it’s a Cat Hiss Horse Teeth Duck Lip Bad Girls Club knife fight. That’s why no one’s watching Cholo.

Napoleon Dynamite

What are you the dog whisperer…..GOD!
Damnit!…I’m not voting for Pedro anymore.
Vote for Donald Trump!

Now She's Worn Herself Out She Leaves to Take Nap

While Austin throws his fake wrestling moves, and Liz changes Waahhnessa’s diaper, she toddler off for a nappy and a thumb suck. I’m a logical person, I’m not an emotional person, I couldn’t hold my emotions anymore…I don’t want to look like a fool on TV…somebody told her how much we like her, yay! You didn’t make yourself and your whole crew a target again, did you? Poor baby, go night, night.

O Please

Why are people still rooting for Jmac?????!! He not doing anything and clearly doesn’t want to be there. He is nothing but a goof ball who throws everything. He doesn’t deserve to win.

Canadian Kevin

Fuck Liz.
but not literally, skank.
So, Jmac does something to try and stay, and he’s wrong; because it doesn’t benefit anyone else’s game. That kind of reasoning makes me really feel like Big Brother has run it’s course.

If people like THIS can last, what is the point of the show?

They need to change it up. Because the last 3 seasons (including this one) suck.


Lets not forget Austins n the twins brilliant reasoning for keeping James n Meg
“Their fun”
Great strategy!
I was for Van for the win but she has none loyal to her the game
It’s nearly impossible to win the game by yourself … I get her frustration
(plus her “meds” have her brain all f**ked up)
That said at this point of the game
Meg would be the most fitting winner of BB17


Why is her behaviour attributed to her meds? It is clear, she came into the house with a few scenarios worked out and the just uncovers some lies to trap people with.


Maybe because when they are late on her meds she seems to think more clearly
and acts normal
A few minutes after she comes out of DR (meds) she is bug eyed and spinning out of control. It’s quite sad.


Meds usually mellow people out (ie: balance all the chemicals), if not make them into zombies, not more hyper.


They have amphetamine in them its like speed or meth.

I Don't Want to Look a Fool on TV: 2 Months 2 Late Waaahhnessa

Now??? After her 19th nervous breakdown she doesn’t want to look bad. Too late. She’s using performance enhancing pill overdoses, her erratic period, distrust of men, break up with Mel, Hypocrits, recruits, blah blah blah for her histrionic narcissistic childish temper tantrums, you must follow my orders, you must help me win, you must like me, you must give me your winnings, waaaahhh or I’ll break all of your toys.

JMAC scares these ass hats and Steve plays nice? Right! They are doomed and they know it. They expected everyone to fold and roll into Final 4? Please can you spell delusional? So the Twits admit they got their manners from Bad Girls Club? I would love them to get their a$$ beat on that show!


It would be pretty sad if the ultimate floater Meg wins she can’t win anything and she is loud and whiney like the twins.


That’s the point
This seasons HG suck … No strategy
So might as well have the most clueless player win (it’s even a tight race for that title)


Meg is Meg and that’s why we love her. She doesn’t go around saying all the other girls are jealous of how hot she is and she doesn’t say vile trash about the others. Even when Steve got Jackie out she was mad but she pulled it together and got herself back into the game. Its not a game like the others are playing but at least she’s not asleep 23 hours a day like JMAC.


Meg’s sleeping game is pretty close to JMac’s. She’s just louder when awake.


Jesus fucking Christ it took JMAC long enough to figure this shit out!!! I’m done with Steve from a strategical standpoint because he will always run right back to Vanessa and the Austwins.

Steve can go and for me as a JMAC supporter till the end I pray he gets Shelli back, or to a lesser extent Becky back. I don’t know if James and Meg will ever figure this game out so get Shelli back in here to play with JMAC. Sorry James fans.

Shelli was actually pretty cunning before her Clay(De)Pression and maybe JMAC could stay, win HOH and those 2 finally take a shot at Vanessa and the Austwins. I just don’t believe in James, Meg, or Steve sorry. A Jackie re-entry wouldn’t be terrible as well.


Personally, despised Shelli with Clay in the house but definitely would love to see her come back & team up with JMAC to take out Van/Austwits. Truly rooting for JMAC or James. I would not mind Becky coming back to go after the Austwits either. Jackie would gun for Van which could be entertaining but ultimately the 3 headed dimwits need to be taken out! It’s so unpredictable who will go come Thursday with this group…

Canadian Kevin

I agree with you a hundred percent.

Whomever came back would work with Jmac. Which is probably why it’ll be home going out this week.

Meg the Mastermind

This game is soooo easy. I only wish I could win HOH, because I know there’s some new Lipsticks in my basket. Do you like this color? It’s RED, dummy! Oh Shut Up!!!


Steve is also Vanessa’s bitch


Your blasphemy is repugnant !


Go Bears!


I thought Vanessa was smarter that that.. Wow I gave her to much credit. This will not be a interesting week Can’t watch anymore. The twins are giving me a headache

Like...I'm Jackie

Can Austin hear himself?!? Stevens going because Vanessa wants Steve out bad! What happened to not doing her dirty work dumbass?!? He nominated who she wanted and now will make sure whoever she wants out will go home! I’d like to hit him so hard that Judas cries! At the end of the day this so called Judas is a total pussy too!


Austin and the twins will continue to do what Vanessa wants because they have no thought process of their own. The twins must have been conjoined twins and shared a brain. They are both halfwits. Together with Austin they are almost as smart as a stump.


hey dawg and Simon
thanks so much for updating this season so far
unfortunately, I won’t be on this page much longer if this season continues to be run by the austwins
I congratulate you guys for being able to watch them all day long, and you guys deserve every donation you get


I just cannot take four more days of “Johnny’s out”. ” Steve’s out”. “Johnny’s out”, ” Steve’s out”. Over and over and over. Will make your jobs easier Simon and Dawg, just cut and paste daily. I’ll just check back Thursday and see if I can figure out who’s leaving.


These are some Grade A idiots right here. This is a clusterfuck of a season. I have never seen so many twists and turns every 5 minutes. Steve’s goin no JMac’s goin. No one knows who the hell is doing anything. Vanessa is one helluva narcissistic sociopath. Seriously, though. some of the crap she’s done this year is amazing. I hope someone cuts her nuts off very soon!

Big sexy 40

You know what jmac. Find a way to stay in the fight this week . And from there, fuck these other nut jobs in the house. Front door em , back door em, tell Vanessa she’s crazy and she can kick rocks . The lizard, her sister, the giant kid who smells . What, after taxes it’s like not even a years salary at your practice. FAQ em. Blow up all their games, man up . Never know, u jus may win! FAQ U, FAQ U, FAQ U , your cool, I’m out . If evicted tell these clowns to SYD and see yourself out~


Are Johnny Mac and his twin playing the game and America doesn’t know? He looks slightly different to me this week. Anyone else think so?


How the fuck are there 10 alliances in the house w/8 people? Might as well start another one JMac an Van!


Oh, right… cause Austin is in 1 different alliance with everybody. Dumb.


They did. That’s what got them to this point and why Vanessa hates Steve. She finally found something to fault him (Steve).


Jmac need to go. He gets called to the DR one hundred times a day, plays an Adam Pooch/ Jenn City style game, gets a mastermind edit and has clinical depression and multiple personality disorder.


Duck lipped quack

I survived last seasons BB

It’s time for the second edition of….24 hours in the BB17 House

12: 25 AM The Houseguests are all asleep

12:33 AM Vanessa wakes up, snorts a triple dose of Her meds and left over Protein Powder and starts plotting

2:21 AM Vanessa argues in the Diary Room to Production that there is nowhere in the BB House Rulebook that Waterboarding torture cannot be used on Steve

8:15 BB wakes up the HouseGuests Julia crawls out from under the HOH bed where Austin and Liz are playing tonsil hockey James and Meg wake up in the Havenot room Steve crawls out of Vanessas hat and starts scurrying to the camera

8:55 am Breakfast JohnnyMac explains to the Twins that Moby Dick is not a social disease that You can get from Austin

10:02 AM Meg is excited to tell James that She placed second (out of 2) in a Comp..It was against the Pool Shark, was held on dry land and the Shark was deflated more than a New England Patriot football..The comp was …who could spell M-E-G the quickest
10:06 AM James says being a combo of redneck and Asian inspires Him to greet people with “Konichiwa Y’all”
10:09 AM Meg promises to James that if He wins HOH..He may climb Her
10:12 James tries to jump up to kiss Meg’s knee but accidentally scares Steve in the process

11:10 AM The Twins are in the HOH room..Production has left an Etch-A-Sketch with Johnny Mac’s image sketched on it
11:13 AM Julia says..I don’t like JohnnyMac He is sooooooooooo sketchyyyyyyyy
11:14 AM Liz I knowwwwwwww sooooooooo etchyyyyyyyyy sketchyyyyyyyyyy
11:17 AM Julia erases the etch a sketch screen, both twins stare at the blank screen and say…”Loooook at the prettyyyyyyyy horsiessssssssss
11;21 AM Austin enters the HOH bedroom, sees the Twins and drops His Tophat, and two pairs of Liz’s underwear spill out onto the floor

12:55 PM Lunch The HouseGuests are surprised to learn that “At the end of the day”…it gets really dark out

1:23 PM Vanessa and Steve in the Backyard
1:25 PM Vanessa.asks..Steve…What is the quadratic equation that makes Pi equivalent to the Square root reverse integer of 48 ?
1:27 PM Steve tells Vanessa..”I was just discussing that with the Camera I always talk to..The answer is 6.24867″
1:29 Vanessa blows up… ” LIAR !!!! LIAR !!!!! its 6.24866 You CANNOT be trusted !! Your’e going home !!
1:31 PM Steve asks “Can I take Your hat with Me to Jury” ?
1:32 PM Vanessa flip flops and decides to make Steve Her closest ally and vote out JMac

2:55PM the BB HouseGuests get a surprise visitor..It is Stone Cold Steve Austin !! He comes through the door and heads straight to the Fridge, where there is no beer..he then hits Austin with His patented Stone Cold Stunner..It turns out that in a match back in 2008, Austin tried to give Him a hickey and told the other Wrestlers that if He married Stone Cold,,He would be Austin Austin

4:10 PM Meg goes to the HOH room to talk to the Twins..They promise to visit Meg and Audrey in NYC after the show ends..Meg states that Audrey does not live in NYC,,The Twins think She lives in the Empirical State Building

5:12 PM. Storage Room….The Panic Button is pressed signalling some one is tapping out of the game…It’s the Pool Shark

6:25 PM Dinner..The HG’s all share something about themselves that is a big scret
James admits He was a part time table Chef at Benihanas and did Karaoke as Tattoo from Fantasy Island
Meg admits that Her glasses came from Her Aunt Julie,,Who played Julie on the 70’s show “The Love Boat”
JMac admits that Cecil the Lion once tried to shoot Him
Austin admits that He has a 1-146 career wrestling record
The Twins admit that they cannot spell …admit

8:15 PM The Diary Room is called to JMac,,And they actually show up , an unprecedented BB event,,An enraged Austin tries to pull His hair out but His hands slip through the grease, which causes the pool to be closed as a bio-hazard

10:26 PM BB FINALLY blocks the feeds


Some of that was OK… But the etchy sketchy thing was fucking GOLD!!! Laughed out loud at that. Empirical state building was good too. Thanks!

Member of the Ant Farm

Those 2 are great. I also liked Steve crawling out of Vanessa’s hat and Austin Austin!! Good stuff!!


LMAO – “Liz I knowwwwwwww sooooooooo etchyyyyyyyyy sketchyyyyyyyyyy.”

I Love...I Survived Last Seasons BB

Hysterical-You understand them so well you could be a CBS scriptwriter. Thanks for referencing my waterboarding and Patriots comments. I’m a fan too.

I survived last seasons BB

Hysterical-You understand them so well you could be a CBS scriptwriter….

Maybe I am….. LOL

Seriously though…I had a GREAT one written for Becky;s HOH when Vanessa was supposed to leave,,But James messed that week up !!


Laughing Out Loud, great job, too funny!


My favorite part; Liar! Liar! You cannot be trusted! You have to go home! And then she decides to make him her closest ally haha. Sums up about the entire season.


Austin Austin, lol


LMAO. Your a genius. What a crazy mind. Loved your thinking, Something finally exciting about BB.


Austin needs to get rid of Steve. Austin and James with their bros before foes, need to get rid of the twins. Austin can’t do it , so maybe James will. Vanessa is crazy and unbearable to watch.. Wish she was going. Austin knows he can’t keep being with the twins because they (twins) will take each other. Austin is not stupid he’s been pretty low key and does not have big enemies like vanessa. JMac is just terrible at this game. Meg is not a great player either. I hope its austin/ James at the end.


I hate to admit this but right now the only person that deserves to win this game is Vanessa. Sure her breakdowns, crying, and her all around presence is annoying and awful but unless Shelli comes back then she’ll have no other threat. She has gotten herself out of the way of fire many times, usually resulting in someone else being evicted. The only way I dont see her winning is if the person comes back from the buyback and evicts her right away. An austwit or meg will be in the final two.


Well I didn’t miss much this week. This is getting boring with Austwins letting Vanessa run their game for the past 2 weeks. I thought Austin didn’t want to win this HOH? Why didn’t he throw the HOH and let James or Johnny take out Vanessa? Does he really think he can win against Vanessa with the twins? What a dummy. I can’t stand listening to the twins. My best hope is that Steve leaves and Jackie comes back, with James or Jackie winning HOH. If a twin or Vanessa don’t go home next week, they might as well give the money to the twins. I still am smacking my forehead wondering why anyone thought bringing Julia into the house was a good idea. I think James and Jackie are the only ones that have the stones to put up the twins and Vanessa. At this point I want James to win because he is the only person in the house that makes big moves and owns those moves.


Vote out Steve , because he will never go after Austwins/Vanessa, Jackie’s eviction proved that. Jmac, James,Whoever returns, and Vanessa will go after Summer Camp alliance.


um, you realize there are five votes and three of them are julia, liz, and vanessa, right? this is why austwins are such a threat. jmac should be the vote this week despite all the posturing about voting out steve.

Chill this Town

let them all freak out this week, they will vote to evict J-MAC, then production decides it wants to pretend it cares about this season(where have they been since takeover?) and LOCKS THE FREAKING DOOR



Steve over played his game. Maybe he should go in the storage room now and look at cameras to cry for mommy’s help. Hoping Johnny stays and goes after the Austwins. Liz just basically called her sister a floater and she’s tired of carrying her in the game. Liz would probably do better ” possible” without her. Besides just being a number, she’s been zero help and has zero knowledge of the game. At least Meg has mastered being pathetic and she has a good social game.


What surprises me the most is that Vanessa didn’t know everyone had her as a target. That and Jmac’s loose lips. He also blabbed when he was trying to make Vanessa the target. Imagine how crazy the house would be if he hadn’t spent so much time sleeping. ;-/

Chill this Town

loose lips? he did his best to get all the attention onto Vanessa last week after trying to get her removed through Becky’s HOH, he now KNOWS he is going home, and its “loose lips” to tell Vanessa about a deal with a bunch of people who aren’t even voting to keep him/chose to nominate him and not use a POV to keep him safe?

how is that loose lips? I’d call that playing the game.


Jackie please come back and bring the Thunder!!!


Anyone else think Vanessa has a secret final three with the twins, forcing Liz’s true feelings for Austin to surface?


Unless it was off the feeds, no.

Undeniably Confused

I think she is too smart to make an official ‘final three’ agreement with the twins, since they blab everything. But I have no doubt that she is grooming them to go to the final three with her. No one is going to vote for the twins to win – they haven’t done a thing in the game. It’s a guaranteed win for Vanessa and she knows it.


If Grodner’s minions read this site, and I am certain they do, it is time to ask BB fans for ideas how to change the show for next season. I have seen so many good ideas from the commenters which, if implemented, would make BB worth watching again.


Post a few I’d love to see your suggestions!


I was thinking the other day that it would be great to have everyone in the house write up a little blurb of there feelings each week (Like the HOH) and who they see them selves aligned with that week. Their TRUE feelings. Not edited/scripted DR sessions. It would bring a whole new level to this game for the fans at home. The live feeds can be entertaining but you actually don’t know where these people’s heads are at, other than what we see on the live feeds/edited episodes, which most of the time everyone is lying… or are they?


Why do they use the same games/contest over and over? It’s sad when the HGs talk over who is going to do what if it’s this game or that and then rig the outcome. Producers are lazy, boring, dimwitted. They have no fear of losing viewers because they’ve bored us to death – well, they might lose viewers if we’re dead, but it won’t be because we changed the channel.


I think JohnMac is smart. Now James/Meg and Vanessa knew Johnmac is gunning for the Austwins. They might keep JohnMac over Steve as a shield to Austwins. JohnMac knows where the votes to stay this week. It is best for Vanessa, James and Meg to keep JohnMac over Steve.


I am so sick of Liz, Julia and Meg. Enough with their opinion on anything that has to do with the game!!!! What have they done, NOTHING!

missing ranceypants

Im actually enjoying this season. Theres a lot of people left I wouldnt mind getting to the final 2 or winning it all. At least this isnt like last season, where the final 5 just sucked.

Im pulling for vanessa. Shes played the best game this season. She has been something of a villain, but no one can say she hasnt earned that cash. I also wouldnt mind james winning.though. the guy is a competitor and loyal to a fault.

The only people I really dont want to win at this point are meg and austin. Meg hasnt earned it, and austin has ridden the twist this season far too much. Reminds me of how helen and her alliance clung to elissa. I hate when people hide behind a.twist instead of playing their own game.


hmm maybe depends what happens.. van steve meg julia jackie kinda sounds like a final 5 that just sucks to me..


How will the twins ever choose who to evict? Both Steve and Johnny Mac are “boring” and “lame.” And Austin and them have more fun with James and Meg. And not one of these things is even related to game at all…


No one wants to take vanessa to the end. ..including anyone coming back in. Who wants second place? By keeping her that’s what everyone will be playing for. She is no mastermind .they just go along because it benefits their game. Austin/twins have done alright so far by doing what they have been doing. I really hope Steve leaves come Thursday.


omg Johnny Mac is soooo #rogue
#who cares
#austwins do


I think Johnny Mac could sway the majority since these people mostly (Austwit and twins) change they minds minute to minute. One sure way is to feed their paranoia and tell them Steve is gunning for them in the long run which is true anyway!


Vanessa forgot that she made a 8 person deal to nominate Shelly and Steve lol…


Nice to see Dawg climbing in the polls 🙂


jmac and steve are both horrible players who seem to possess no foresight and absolutely zero strategy.. who cares which one goes to jury thursday good riddance to either one of em..


Steve’s gone because Vanessa staged her fight with him this week. I have no idea why Vanessa has to be able to create some story as to why she wants someone out of the house.

June Bug

Vanessa is a blameshifter she will always find a logical strategic way to make herself the good person and the other person to blame. That is why a lot of people are not rooting for her. Evel Dick even said he would like her game play if she would own up to the stuff that she does.


Logical? I think the others are just so overwhelmed and buy into whatever she says, hoping she shuts up soon and doesn’t reveal their secrets.

I wonder what would happen if she just woke up one day, calmly revealed her target and asked the others to rally around.


The Goblins and Vanessa need to take out Steve this week basically whoever Austin and twins want out they should go against!


How is Vanessa only upset with Steve for this 5 person alliance? Does she think Steve really came up with this all on his own? I am sure she will put her thinking beanie on and stew over this and realize the siamese twins and the Ape are 1) totally out to get her, but 2) incredibly scared cowards to do so. She’s already vocalized that the 3 headed twins are unbreakable AND Julia even said she is with Liz all the way. What more does she need to bail on her alliance that has, for the entire season, gotten her this far. And the returning juror? Shelli said she would target Vanessa and Becky said she would work with Vanessa and target Liz. Here’s hoping Becky makes it back in.


OoohhhhhhhhMmmaaaaaaaaaaan you know James and Meg were waiting for some of that shit flying around to land on them. I bet they are relieved the veto ceremony is done so they can take off the shields. What is Vanessa always saying, Deflect. I don’t see how Vanessa thinks jumping on everyone and freaking out is going to make her less of a target. That’s why Austin is keeping James. He needs him as a buffer. Could you imagine being with just Vanessa. She is always on, never stops (unless of course she doesn’t have any power then she goes off by herself to come up scenarios to confuse everyone incase they come after her) she like that bunny. Someone needs to remove the batteries cuz you just can’t turn that off. When she comes at people like that I don’t know why they don’t yell back and blow her shit up cuz they all have dirt on her. That would shut her up. But instead they apologize, really. They say they’re sorry. Come on, what a bunch of Weenies.

June Bug

Steve better retaliate after this week they are treating him so badly. 1# the twins threw him under the bus and pinned the five alliance on him. 2#Vanessa got him on the block instead of her #3 Her not giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was not the one that started the 5 alliance to get her out.5#The treatment that she gave him after Veto ceremony 6#Austin taking some of the blame but telling him Steve was really the one who had the idea to get Vanessa out. He is a fool if he doesn’t change his game after this and go after them. No respect for him if he plays faithful dog to them after this week.


As much as i dislike the twins they are spot on about JohnnyMac. He really is more awkward than Steve. So weird. They are like ‘Go back to sleep! You are more useful when you are asleep!’ lol

another name

Every hour on the hour the crosshairs are going to flip from one to the other.
i’m getting motion sickness.
The concept from last night that has me thinking go ahead and chop off Austin’s head?
Believing that James and Meg would axe Jackie if she came back into the house.
Maybe wrestlers should wear helmets.
I don’t know where to go with Vanessa. I will be awed by her abilities one minute… then watch her barrel down the tracks out of control like she’s Becky’s train. And then i’m thinking this is entertaining in that someone get a tranquilizer dart kind of way.
I’m going to take the rest of the day away from this. There’s still a few days of this and we all need to pace ourselves.


They keep back and for thing because that’s what production wants. Last year we always knew who was going out on Thursday. People bitched about how every week being predictable. So this year they drive us crazy with the … Who do we send out routine. I personally don’t give a shit. Steve would be best only because he probably will do good at the comps at the end. I hope the twins or vanessa is next to go. Master manipulater my ass. Just a paranoid schizophrenic.


Dear CBS Production,
I beg of you, PLEASE highlight the twins back and forth nasal inane stupidity on the show! Please!
Annoyed Fans

Johnny fans are butthurt

You can tell a Johnny fan a mile away. They are whining like a bitch and “gona stop watching” if Johnny leaves.

Oh my god what will we ever do without you?…you whining little

Should we call the Waaaaaaambulance for you if Johnny leaves?

Hi Vanessa's Mommy! Take a Pill!

Waaaahnessa and the rest of this useless cast has turned everyone into crybabies watching her milk every cheating tantrum excuse for her horrible gameplay. If you haven’t noticed by the lowest BB ratings, we’re begging anyone with even one ball to turn this sh*tshow around so we don’t feel like idiots wasting even an hour of our summer on this crap.

You’re just butt hurt Vanessa scores below Austin in popularity. She probably got you to bet money on her didn’t she? Another satisfied VaMessa customer!


I wish these people knew how to play the game. This double standard garbage I am tired of. This is probably one of the worst seasons, and the sad part, it started out with so much promise.


Why is Austin saying one thing to the twins and another to Vanessa and the twins? He told twins and Vanessa his gut is saying Johnny Mac but now he’s downstairs telling Meg and James it would be good to vote Steve out!


I can’t believe these people have made it this far???

Austin/judas……. What a joke. From his nomination speech it’s clear he is an absolute moron. Can’t make a decision if his life depended on it. All we see is how he’s so powerful comparing himself to Brenchel (who id rather see make out all day everyday over Austin/Liz) when he’s done nothing. He needs to get his head out of Liz’s ass!! The only exciting thing Austin will bring to this game will be the moment he’s crushed when Liz takes Julia over him to the end.

Liz……..I can’t stand this girl. Has she ever finished a sentence without whining??? It’s nails on a chalkboard disturbing. She doesn’t like Austin but will throw herself on him if he wins?? That’s great!! Skank!! You’re going to look at this when it’s all over and be proud that you’re the bb prostitute. Aim high!

Julia…. Same nasty whinny voice as her twin (obvisioually),however, a little more common sense on her. Boring as anything to watch. Shes going to get to the end with her sister because nobody’s the house has a clue on how to play this game. I can’t handle a 2 hour finale with these 2 and their whinny voices!

Vanessa……crying, emotional, but has probably played the best “game” so far. Not sure how she stays every week. My guess is production gave her a pass to final 4 because she allowed the second twin to enter the house!! (Don’t actually believe that but it’s the only thing thing that would make some sense!!).

Steve….. Creepy is the first word that comes to mind. He’s finally starting to play a game…hello Steve! Welcome to the game.

Johnny Mac….. I was rooting for him for so long. But come on……being a “pawn” and throwing every competition will eventually bite you in the ass. You can’t be everyone’s puppet all game. I wish he would’ve just played the game when clay left. Would’ve been better for his game to have people want to align with him.

Meg…… She’s got some entertainment value to her. Useless in any competition. The name Victoria comes to mind. No contribution to the game as an individual thus far. She’ll just stick around because everyone knows they can beat her! Hope she has a great time with Gronk on her trip!!

James. Like him too with all his pranks! He’s pretty good to watch! Wish he would’ve seen the light and got rid of Austin/Liz. Too little too late. He talks about big moves sand getting rid of clay was a big one at that point in the game. Either way he’s too much competition for austwins an will likely be gone next week.


How do you placate crazy? You let them (Vanessa) believe they are in charge. You go along if it benefits you and let someone else cut troat when the time comes. Vanessa and fans like to think she controlled things but she was allowed to because it helped certain peoples causes. She was a big buffer to some people in the game.'re on to something!

She really is the one that has all the blood on her hands. As much as she tells everyone it’s not her decision…they all know it is and was.
Austin and the twits just sit back and fuel her fire and watch her explode!

Too Funny

Flip flop flip flop flip flop till thurs… I know theres still quite a few ppl in the house b4 we will see big moves but austwins need to go soon its so sad watching these 3 talk game!!! Austin for someone whos watched bb for years ur thought process is pathetic n u need to go next so we can watch the twins fall apart n ask the pool shark to be in a allience with them… lol… I know alot of ppl dnt like vanessa but I know i actually got a lil happy hearing her n jmac talking abt working together n i wld love to see that happen n take out the rest of these ppl cuz the rest are kinda useless n hope they can get sum1 whos coming back to work with them like shelli or becky then it might be a game changer which we can only hope to see some good game play b4 the seasons over… take austin out, take james out, a twin out… this season has soo much potential n def was better than the last 2 by far…


Must be hard for you guys who love JMAC and hate Vanessa. She is the only one trying to save him right now by getting Steve out.