“I might not win Big Brother but I’ll win the best scare of the season”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 14-24-12-767_jpg

Meg opens a jar a task that has eluded her for some time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 14-34-57-715_jpg

2:45pm Working out Austin and Jmac
Talking about the Liz and Austin showmance. Austin says he really didn’t have any plans to make a showmance coming in that is why he said he had a girlfriend. After the zingbot zings he felt she should talk to liz about the girlfriend.
Austin – I really did fall for her.. sorry my heart’s involved
Austin says he asked Liz if she wanted to be his girlfriend.
Austin – I’ve never asked a girl that it sounds kinda corny but these are corny circumstances.
Jmac gets why he did it says it was probably the right thing.

Austin is worried about other guys in the cast or past season cast members wanting a piece of Liz during the wrap party, “I know how these guys work”
Austin – She has a single sister go after the single one

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 14-57-53-577_jpg

3:01pm Candy Barons

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 15-18-09-542_jpg

3:16pm bedroom (Below are a couple gifs of James scaring people this week)
Meg and James laughing at Liz’ attempts to scare James.
Meg – “We can hear all their plans”
Liz comes by – I’ve never wanted to scare someone more than him
Steve joins them.
James – revenge is a dish best served cold
James – I might not win Big Brother but I’ll win the best scare of the season
James says he’s mostly targets Julia to scare because she’s so easy and fun. Last night he scared Liz and that was fun so now he’s going to branch out and scare Liz more.
Steve mentions that James sacred him last night.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 15-37-46-855_jpg

3:26pm Pool Liz, JUJU and Austin (Austin and the twins talk in circles about who to target.. )
They’re agreeing “Steve is tight with no one”
The twins say Jmac hasn’t talked to them yet they think they’re vote is locked to keep Steve.

Julia says she can’t stand the site of Jmac if he stays this week that means he’ll be in the house for 2 more weeks. Next week they were all going to target the jury member returning.
Austin says he trusts Jmac more than Steve but Steve is going to be dangerous in these competitions moving forward.

Austin says they need allies right now Meg and James will be good to them. Adds that the returning Jury member may be targeting them.

Austin – you guys need to have a conversation with Johnnymac and be cool
Austin tells them if Jmac thinks the twins might vote for him he’ll stop talking to James

They bring up Jmac saying to Meg and James that Austin and the twins are a fortress. Julia is going to go up to Jmac and pretend that Austin and Liz don’t know this. She’s going to say that she heard about this and wants to know what he meant by it.

They all agree Vanessa likes to play the victim card all the time.

Austin – we can all make a deal with johnnymac together
Austin says they can all sit jmac down tell him if he throws the HOH so they can take out the returning jury member

Austin – If we keep Steve and Liz you win HOH who are you putting on the block.. there’s no easy pawn..
Liz – right there’s no easy pawns.
Austin warns if they keep Steve and he goes up as the pawn next week he’ll think he’s not with them.
Steve joins them says everyone is sleeping
They start talking about tweaking the glory hole rules

[envira-gallery id=”130243″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 16-17-17-996_jpg

4:07pm Backyard Steve, James and Julia
Julia- What’s less cool than a trombonist that loves his mommy.. nothing Zing
They start talking about last season and how poor Victoria did. Steve says Derrick deserved the season. They mention the Jocasta and Donny votes for Cody.
Steve – Donny should have known better

Julia and Steve both comment they’ve never smelled any body odor from Austin. The only time he smells is after eating a can of tuna but it’s not him it’s the tuna.

[envira-gallery id=”130250″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 16-27-55-341_jpg

4:27pm Julia telling James how weird it is that people are always watching them.

4:47pm Steve is the only one up.. he’s wandering around the house wondering what he should do.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 17-09-33-236_jpg
5:08pm Steve found something to do..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 17-19-14-324_jpg

5:16pm HOH Austin and Liz
BAck and forth if they should evict Jmac or Steve..
Liz says if Steve is excited and he comes back he’s going to despise them. After all they told him this week about being the pawn.

Austin – You can make an argument each way, It’s crazy
Austin says Liz needs to win the HOH again
Liz – Julia needs to win
Austin – you have to win we’ll keep the room again
Liz – I don’t want this room it’s turning into bad luck

Liz says she’s been saying things when angry about houseguests that she’s regretting
Liz – I’m sorry live feeders for being mean to Johnny Mac, I just got angry, I understand where he’s coming from because he’s on the block

Austin – It comes down to who’s more likely to win HOH
Liz – Johnny mac is due

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-24 17-39-03-057_jpg
5:40pm Austins zonked out. Most of the house guests are resting

Some of James scaring from the week

James scares people

James strikes again

James scares Liz


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Min O'Pause

Asstin and the twits…..always like a mensa meeting with them.

Mina Harker

You never fail to deliver the best lines!!!!

Min O'Pause



Totally agree; there’s a few really, really funny posters on this board, and Miss “Min” is one of ’em! Keep it coming!

When It's Not a Mensa Meeting It's a Porno

I’m gonna be siiiicckk. Just flicked on feeds…scarred for life. Loud sucking noises under covers-Liz giving Austink a hand & blow job in bed while he groans & eyes roll back in his head. He clearly finishes, she’s a swallower, and rolls off. Mom & Dad are proud of their Miami THOT! Is this her punishment for telling the house about their 5 person alliance, ratting out Austin, blaming Steve & knifing JMAC when he’s the one staying for 2 more weeks?She had a nasty mouth before, but now, she’s impossible to even look at. Uugghh!

Thank you for protecting me King Judass, she says…feed updates think she went even farther…grooosssss! She’s his girlfriend and he’s claimed her before the Wrap Party cuz he knows how those guys are–yeah and what are you? Last laugh, she doesn’t get paid in the end. Or that’s where she’ getting it next. Vanessa’s staking your bet now!

Baby Austink Judass Jr. Has Been Conceived!

They’ll keep their dirty hands off her at the Wrap Party if I put a baby in her! She will be showing and just imagine the tattoos and mop it will pop out with. After rolling over Lizard actually apologized to the feeders- No not for humping the tuna-smelling beast who she’s not attracted to, who can’t kiss and makes her miss Ryan & Diego- No she apologizes for being so mean to JMac, like there’s anyone still rooting for you! BBAS will probably show the baby shower, or no, it will be pot-ball again.

Mensa Meeting adjourned. She better knock Vanessa down at the dispensery and chomp as many morning-after pills you can fit in her mouth-quick – mom & dad have moved and you’re not gonna get the address! You’re not going back to their house with that prize!

Liz's Mom

What she did was quite natural you prude. I am proud of her (and Julie). When they win 500,000 it will al be worth it!

Suck it up buttercup,

Vanessas Mom

I agree Austin and the twits are working hard to undermine my daughter and should be evicted. No one has played a better game than ‘Nessa.

Go girl, we are proud of you.

Also, she ‘cries’ because it is part of her game, she discussed how she was going to play the game and up to now has played it flawlessly. She will win and there will not be one vote for whoever is there with her.

She makes Derrick looks like an amateur.


She is insane, psychotic, and paranoid schizophrenic. Derrick is the greatest BB player ever, next to Dan G. She is going to need a long nap in an asylum when she gets out….just saying…..


I have a feeling Liz is going to get a lot brighter all of a sudden. The are not saying dr said thing anymore because people are getting mad but she said the live feeders were getting upset about how mean they are to Johnny Mac. Which means again production is messing with the house. BB I love you but I’m tired of the info you give to certain people only. I get why you wanted the twins they make a great first impression fun and cute. The best thing for those girls would have been to go home early because now we see who they really are. They are not even smart enough to know not to say someone is directing them and giving them clues. The next few days are going to be so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooyiiing.


I am voting out BB production for pushing Austin and the twins on us. I don’t know who they know but that person needs to go!!

The Twin's Eye Spacing O O

Anyone else notice the twins have eyes about a mile apart from each other? You have to actually turn your head to look at each eye from a distance, not even up close! Yikes!

Min O'Pause

I’m waiting for a tongue to flick out and run across their eyeballs.


Like fishes eyes…lol. At least they’re entertaining!


Hey Arnold


They both look like stewie from the family guy!!!!


I had to grab the barf bag when Austin told JMac that he’ll have to watch out for former cast members going after Liz at the wrap party. Yea right Austin, she’s the hottest, most desirable female of the season. He’ll be so surprised when she dumps him and goes after the other guys.


Was thinking the same except Liz should be getting that restraining order ready as he is already thinking about it. Creepy yikes

Real man

If I was there and wanted one of the “girls”, in A – Z order, Becky, Jackie, Meg & Shellie. The Twits have fair faces and nice bods, but with empty heads, the only thing they would be good for is sex, and that’s questionable.


Becky and Jackie all day….and night


“4:27pm Julia telling James how weird it is that people are always watching them.”
Yeah, with her butt hanging out for all the world to see. lol

Steve Wants to Kiss Julia

SERIOUSLY poor timing dude, they’re voting your ass out and you pick now to bag the other Twit? He’ll have to fight James who’s commenting on her butt for the hundredth time. Must be hard to listen to all that banging in HOH while you’re walking the plank. Vanessa would nail him if she weren’t sleeping off her morning tantrum. He really is delusional, or got nothing to lose except more self esteem.

Too Funny

Hey Austin are u going to keep jmac just so u have sum1 to workout with just like ur keeping meg n james cuz there fun n the twins cuz its summer camp n u like liz… you deserve to be voted out next!


Does he (Austin) ever shower? He’s so “dirty-looking!” He makes me itch every time he’s on camera! Should change his name to “PigPen!”

Yo Yo Yo

That was so funny…thank you.
Is it Thursday yet???


Damn yo, Liz was working that bikini.
What’cha you staring at Steve huh huh….yeeeaaahhhh


That’s JUJU. LOL


Wooooow twin booty, my mistake.
Then Liz’ would have been more glorious



Big sexy 40

” Hi, I’m Liz ” and ” I’m Julia, ” don’t forget about me, I’m Austin . We came on here to further our careers and have everyone love and adore us ! ” instead we made every wrong and insufferable move possible, and single handedly put a game show with a 17 year tenure in jeopardy .” Thee end ~

Misty Beethoven

Just when you think these people couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they surprise you. At this point I’m rooting for James. He’s sweet to Meg, enjoys scaring the crap out of the 2 dumb bunnies, doesn’t take crap from anyone regardless of the size differential, and treated Audrey with compassion at her lowest point. His one mistake was getting swayed not to take out Vanessa, but others have been guilty of the same sin. He’s played the game, unlike sweet Johnny Mac, who’s rolled over and played dead. Say what you want about Vanessa being a great player, but James has played this game without ranting and histrionics. To me there’s no question who deserves to win.


I agree but he has no chance unless production do something crazy.

Mina Harker

And he showers regularly, wears clean clothes, and looks darn cute in the kitty hat!

Bb17 Fan

Great summary. I agree. James has moved up in my opinion.


And above all, he realizes not evicting Vanessa was a mistake. Too little to late unfortunately.


I am rooting for James too. I agree & have posted similar comments to what you wrote(especially how sweet he was toward Audrey),but need to add one more point. We all know Meg sucks & can’t win comps,& yet James could easily have left her to go work with more solid players. James is genuinely a solid dude over all. Yes,I realize people that despise him will point out what a pig he is due to various comments he has made.
Honestly,he is the straight shooter, which is hard to come by in the BB house. Despite his size,he has the biggest balls to make big moves & definitely didn’t blame others when things went wrong like Austwits & Van. Pulling for James,& although people seem to love JMAC,I would love to see James win America’s fan fave if he doesn’t win the overall game. He has def entertained us this summer in a house full of crazy & flip floppers.

Misty Beethoven

Totally agree that James should win America’s Favorite if he doesn’t win the whole thing. He would be so appreciative and that money would go a long way for him and his daughter.


Austin is so insecure. He knows Liz will leave him once out of the house. It will be funny watching the finale and Austins beady eyes darting around nervous some guy is going to steal Liz. U must think really low of yourself lurch if you freaking out that she will leave you for first dude that looks her way.

Yeah that relationship has a chance to last in the real world. LOL!


I’ve watched almost every season of big brother and am pretty sure i’ve never disliked an alliance more strongly than the austwits. It is so frustrating to me that the rest of the house doesn’t even have the brains to realize they are handing them the game


Ugh, I DO NOT WANT SHELLI TO COME BACK!! Like who’s fucking idea was it to bring in these twins? Van also needs to go too because of this… They made the fortress of dummies.

Min O'Pause

Anyone else think that Asstin in his stupid hat looks like the anteater in that “Rio” movie?

Dr Suess

I was thinking he looks like my Cat in the Hat. I’m tempted to sue him for all that 3rd place money he’s going to win…


Austin “only” smells when he has tuna. Oh it’s soooooooo tempting, but I won’t say a word. SMH


So naughty!

Sir Mix-A-Lot

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Min O'Pause

I’m starting to like James more and more. He made an in your face move and he totally owned it. He didn’t make anyone else take the fall.


James is the man! Father O’Pause, seeya @ Sunday Mass

Min O'Pause

Okeydokey! You bring the cinnamon rolls and I’ll bring the communion wine. Boones Farm all right?


Naw don’t think James deserves to win.


HAHAHAHAHA yes my Goblins are safe! I was positive James was going to be backdoored, even though I’m a fan of James the right move for Austin and his crew would have been to take out James. If James gets the chance he will not hesitate to take one of them out, and I can’t wait! Maybe Meg will win HOH……..lmfao jk. Go Goblins go!


Ultimately, at the end of the day, Derek sucks

Min O'Pause

ASSTIN: So does Liz.


Let’s hope she does mmm let’s hope she does


All he did was make it the most boring season ever…his gameplay was good, just no fun for us.


So True… And all these DUMBASSES giving you a thumbs own, like it’s not true.

Oh gees!

Hey Frankie get over it! You were outplayed!


James and Meg make me smile! They have the sweetest friendship.

Steve tv

at this point I hope they vote out Steve, if he wins hoh, he will go after the goblins..I still happen to like jmac, he doesn’t play childish games…he’s a dentist, he does have an actual CAREER outside the house, unlike most of these clowns, who don’t have anything..and their 5 minutes of FAME are UP..


please stop all the hate people liztin make such a cute couple!!!


way to go austin you da man period


Liz – I’m sorry live feeders for being mean to Johnny Mac
Apology NOT accepted….sorry NOT sorry!!!!!


Yessss! LOL


I’ve read a lot on these boards people discussing who should stay this week, who should come back in the house and what mix of people it will take to get Vanessa and Austwits out. I would love to see any version where this takes place but it will not happen. Only if James, Meg, Jmac or the returning player all win back/back/back will this ever happen. They are all too stupid and scared. This group will take each other out while Austin and his angels control them. Even if Jackie or Becky comes back the only way to get one of these 4 out is too put 2 up side by side. I can see DA Meg or James talking them into putting up themselves as a pawn then going home. Steve/Jmac wants 5th place while Austin wants third. It is unbelievable to think BB picked this many stupid people. Not one of them should be allowed to walk around without a helmet. Velcro shoes and plastic spoons for all! The only one I want to see win now is Meg! They deserve that finale. If there is any hope left Austin the Ponytail Beard Stank A$$ Douche will go next week! By the way does anybody else think that rain man would have made more sense giving that nomination speech than the Douche? What a f@@king moron. His parents must be proud


Booo hooooo

Chill this Town

I appreciate the one move James has made, other than that, I really don’t get the love for the goblins….

Meg is useless, James made on single move and spent the rest of the summer pranking and sitting back “dodging bullets”(whatever)

I am actively rooting against James winning because I just think he has been at summer camp 90 percent of the time. that and if Meg would have been evicted at some point, I think I would be rooting for James, but she poisoned his game and has made it impossible for MAC or Steve to join their little group.

I totally understand those who like Jackie, she is a tough girl who sees through the BS, but James? I just don’t get it. I don’t care if he is nice to Meg or not, I actually prefer the guy who throws the ball at Meg’s face.

long live J-MAC’s perfect beach ball toss to Meg’s face.

Mean Girls BB Edition

I find this to be pin point accurate.



The Banger Twins

Too funny!!!


Is it possible that James and Austin have a secret final 2 deal, explaining why Austin won’t take him out?


I really hate the twins. At first they didn’t bother me, Liz seemed nice at first. Julia never cared for her attitude. But now I don’t even want to hear Liz speak. Both are rude and conceited. They are definitely playing for the money and fame. And Austin, I have nothing bad to say about him because when he gets out the house he will be a joke. Think that’s why he got the clown nose. Enjoy wrestling for Ring of Honor for the rest of your life.

The twins suck

Johmmy Mac deserves to win americas favorite just for having to live with the twins.


I love Austins pony beard. Austin is awesome!!

Grandma's Grandma

What’s with production’s facial hair fetish? First, they make Donnie grow a beard last year and now they won’t let Austin shave his off for Liz. I wouldn’t mind if they were equal opportunity casters, but they didn’t cast me even though i have a mustache.


I want to comb Austins beard. Fluff it and swirl it. Mush and squish it. Maybe even braid it.

Min O'Pause

Perhaps Asstin could cut his beard and donate it to “Beards of Benevolence” a charitable organization that donates merkins to disadvantaged street ladies across the world…..

Modesty Blaise

Merkins??!!! OMG, that’s hysterical!!!

Why would you do that??

But…since you want to groom his beard….
Be sure to dig out any and all food hiding in there as well as small children and animals. And don’t forget to exterminate because you know there are bugs in there. Yuck. His beard looks like it would smell horrible.


Why is Austin so darn esoteric?


Good word! Thumbs up.
Sounds like a compliment. Thumbs down!

Chill this Town

honestly I expect Twins/Austin/Vanessa final 4 at this point. at the least they will get 3 of them there. and if that is the case, Vanessa deserves to win the game.

and MAC for fan fav. easily the most entertaining HG, if only he had a Chilltown like alliance, people might be talking about his game modeled after Dr Will. instead he is this season’s Zach Rance.


I think Vanessa has been trying to make other relationships (JM) cause she knows that she will be forth staying with the Austin twins. JM wasn’t having any of it at first, now I think he is coming around. All the jurors will have a different perspective when they return. I truly believe next week Austin twin go up.

Austin To Win

the man deserves some respect he’s by far playing the best game. when he wins the money i hope all you immature haters have your barf bags ready

Chill this Town

they are going to keep steve. but I hope they don’t, I am not sure I can handle the CBS version of the AusTwins Show. I need MAC’s DR sessions.


At what point does Production call Austin or Liz in to the DR and tell them to cut it out, because it’s the most godawful amateur porn they’ve ever seen?


I still love Amber Cookie Meade from BGC3


Don’t all the guys on the show have beards or something resembling one – JMac, austin, James and Steve. Men really don’t like shaving unless they have to.


We all wanted some excitement? Well, we got it. I haven’t read all the posts yet, but personally I am THRILLED with the events. And all the Vanessa fans are probably happy, as are the Aus-Twins haters. I’m shocked by the viciousness of the twins. Seriously? I’m sorry about the fallout for Steve. I personally think Vanessa crossed a line in talking with him; that was terrible. Even though JMac will likely go Thursday, he has blown up EVereeeeBODY!! And he’s only told the truth – he knew he was a dead man walking, so why not? Kudos, JMac, I HOPEHOPEHOPE you get back in just for the fun of it! The only two people unscathed are James and Meg and James is my #2 to win.


So the question is whether Vanessa is a Sociopathic compulsive liar or whether it’s an act and part of her strategy. I’d like to know. I thought she was acting like a Steve hater because she wants a final 2 with him and it would be a good cover, but she’s not letting Steve know that and is making it risky for him. So I guess I’m wrong about that.

In the Big Top

sociopathic compulsive liar. she abuses Adderall & sedatives to compliment her real attempts to cheat at comps and bribe contestants to keep her in the game. it’s not an act, she is in need of rehab and therapy and we all hope she gets it. her self inflicted chaos crisis crazy mean manic tantrums attacks on others slander and playing victim have ended her game. She’s not making it to Final 4 or getting Jury Votes so it was a bad strategy to be so condescending then fail so miserably. She’s gotten so bloody running everyone’s game and punishing everyone she couldn’t be a bigger target. Bravo! She did it to herself.


Since BB is telling Liz what the feeders are saying, why don’t they listen themselves and make this season better! Give someone a power to change the nominations or ANYTHING !!


to me Austin should of put up vanessa an james both cant win pov