Vanessa “You motherf**kers better keep me when one of them wins HOH & puts me on the block!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 01-08-45-143

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12:10am Living room – Talking about the twins. James asks how are you going to adjust to the twins? Austin says I don’t know. James says I mean there’s two of them. That’s crazy! Austin says yeah I’ve been aware of that for awhile. Austin so does that mean you get to lay with both of them in the bed? Austin says no ..negative. There in lies the problem. If life worked like that, life would be simple. James says that’s one thing on my bucket list.. sleep with twins! Like hang out. Jason asks at the same time? James says no like.. Jason says Wow I was going to be like twins would be incestual. So that’s not going to happen. James says no.

Liz heads up to the HOH room. Liz talks about James reaction to the twins being confirmed. Meg says that James was just being James. He knew about it his mind was just blown. Vanessa says his first question was which bed your sister would sleep in. Liz says he asked which one of you flirted with Jace? I was like me! He then asked which one of you flirted with Jeff? I was like me .. I’m the hoe! Vanessa says yeah you’re the one that flirts.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 01-18-37-018

12:10am – 12:20am Liz heads downstairs and talks to Austin in the comic room. Liz asks did you hear that? Austin says yeah they were being cruel as f**k to you. It sucked! They’re f**King bullies. They’re going to rip you guys a part! Now that they get the chance. Steve says well they know they don’t have the numbers. Liz says exactly. Steve says they’re on the slower side, they’re going to do whatever to cause dissension. Steve asks what did they just do to you? Austin says they way they were just harassing her and making her explain all the twin stuff. And James coming up to her acting like he didn’t know. He was really bad after you left. Liz asks like what? Austin says James asked so Austin, the twins into incest? Is that how it works? Liz asks what did you say? Austin says no it doesn’t work that way. Steve says he’s being classy about it. Austin asks can you believe they said that though? You heard it right? Steve says yeah. Austin says you should tell Vanessa about the incest comment. More fuel on the fire. Liz says that Jason admitted he told the whole house. Austin asks they’re all up there right now? Liz says yes. Austin says tell Clay and Shelli to go up there right now. Liz goes to tell Shelli & Clay. Liz tells them about how James and Jason are acting. Liz says I want Jason gone. Austin joins them. Austin says If Vanessa doesn’t put me up I am going to go to Jackie and say I’m coming after you next week because you betrayed me. I’m going to go in the line of fire for her. If I declare open war on them, then I’m the target. I’ll do that for Vanessa if she saves me. Because these people all want to be backdoor, everyone’s happy. If I declare open war its simple its the four of them (Meg, Jason, James, Jackie). Liz says we have the number and Steve is with us. Austin tells them about the incest comment. Shelli asks who was saying that? Austin says James. Shelli says James is stepping close to the edge. Austin says that Vanessa is ready to go. She’s ready to fight. Shelli says the house is dividing. Austin says let me know when you’re ready to declare war and I’ll do it. Clay says after the veto ceremony. Austin leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 01-39-15-442

12:35am Big Brother opens up the backyard.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 01-59-10-665
Steve talks to Vanessa up in the HOH room. Steve says that Becky didn’t drink as much as at the outback. They didn’t get as much alcohol as we thought they would get. Vanessa says she believes Becky doesn’t know anything. She’s kind of on the outside of that. I think she’s a peripheral group member and not a core group member. I need to talk to Jason. Steve asks you want talk to him about the Day thing? Vanessa says yes. Steve tells Vanessa about how they were down stairs talking about the twin thing and James asked Austin so are you going to sleep with both of them now? Are they into the incestual thing? Vanessa asks who said that? Steve says James. The word incestual came out of James’s mouth. Steve asks what do you need from me? Vanessa says I feel like it will blow up my game if I don’t backdoor Austin. It sucks, I feel like everyone will come after me if I don’t do it. Shellie and Clay don’t want me to do it. Steve asks what is best for you game right now? Vanessa says to not do it. Vanessa says we can’t assume Austin will go if he goes up. Steve says there are 5 of them (Jackie, Becky, James, Jason and Meg). Vanessa says and 6 Me, You, Shelli, Clay, Liz, Julia. With Johnny Mac on the outside. Steve asks do you think its possible to pull in Johnny Mac with Becky here? Vanessa says no. Clay joins them. Vanessa says she needs to talk to Jason. Clay says they’re 100% certain Austin is going up. Vanessa says I got nothing from Becky. If anything she doesn’t know anything about anything. If we do this I think we could get Becky on board with us. Vanessa says we might have to put up Ausitn. Right now, I don’t have what I need. I’m hoping to get it but at the end of the day it was his thing to get and I don’t have what I need. No one else did anything to help me. I’m not going to take the fall for everyone. I can’t, I just can’t! They’re all going to f**king hate me. I am literally making an a$$hat target out of myself. Clay says if we can get Johnny Mac and Becky on our side. Vanessa says I will do it if we can get them on our side. Vanessa says Becky really trusts you and Shelli. You could probably get her to do whatever. Shelli joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 02-04-41-287

12:50am HOH room Vanessa talks to Shelli, Clay and Steve. Vanessa says I can’t do anything at this point. If I do its going to blow up my game. I would literally be taking a bath in blood. Clay says I think Becky is with them by association. I don’t think she’s loyal with them. Steve asks you need them to be on board with voting out Jason? Vanessa says yes. Clay says so its between Jason or Austin? Vanessa says or Meg. Vanessa says that Becky 100% trusts you guys. Shelli says we can bring her over then. Clay says I don’t see Meg winning anything. We have better players than them. Vanessa says I think Jason is the head. Clay says I don’t know if Becky would tell Jackie. Steve says I’m almost positive she would. Clay says Becky can give her word to keep her mouth shut. Liz joins them and complains about wanting Jason gone. James tried to make me look like an idiot. Steve and Liz leave. Clay says that Shelli and him will talk to Becky to feel her out on certain situations to see where she’s at. Vanessa says we could offer he a final 4 deal. Vanessa says so you’re okay with drawing a line in the sand? Clay says yes. Shelli says I wish we could put up James. Vanessa says Jason is their only strategical thinker. Clay says that Austin said he will make himself a target over you. They talk about Austin blowing up on James for what he said about the twins. Shelli says I think its too dangerous having another blow up the night before the veto ceremony. Shelli says next week we need to draw the line any ways. Its going to be blood, blood, blood. Shelli suggests they pull up Jackie and Becky and tell them at the same time.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 02-51-08-622

2am HOH room. Becky joins them. Shelli fills Becky in on what is going on. Shelli says that Austin has the twins and they’re coming in this week. He has offered 3 chances to win HOH, 3 votes. Vanessa says and anyone who is on board with keeping Austin will have them on their side as well. Becky thinks Austin and the twins would also be able to more easily be able to take a shot at you guys. Vanessa says Austin and the twins are mad at that side of the house for calling out the twins. Becky tells them how in the BOB James told Liz in the last 60 seconds that she was missing the “i” in Christine. Vanessa says that’s a good point how do we not know they James wanted to win to target Clay. Clay says or you (Becky). Vanessa tells Becky that Jackie is closer to them than she is with you. Jason, Meg and Jackie are extremely close. James was the only one Jackie was okay with going on the block. Clay tells Becky that he is extremely close with Johnny Mac and they’ve been in talks with wanting to work with you (Becky). But we didn’t know how close you were with the other side of the house. Vanessa says that Austin knows he is going home. If we save him .. if you ever win HOH he is willing to by your pawn. And he is willing to tell the house don’t vote for me if I’m in final 2. I’m okay with second place. Clay says he thinks he already won with Liz. If he wins HOH he is willing to do whatever we want. Becky says I see the light. Vanessa asks who would you want to pull in as numbers? Johnny mac or Jackie? Becky says Johnny Mac for sure! Vanessa says the options are .. James is safe this week. Becky says so Steve? Vanessa says Steve is a number for us? Vanessa says so its Jason or Meg. Jason is the head. Clay says are you okay with Jason going home this week. They count out the votes to vote out Jason and say 8 votes. Becky says god you’re making me sh*t myself right now. Vanessa asks do you trust Jason? Becky shakes her head. Vanessa says I’m glad you said it, I don’t either. Clay tells Becky you can’t tell Jackie this. Becky says oh f**K no I’m on the block. Shelli says so tomorrow is the veto ceremony. Everyone is going to expect her to put up Austin. Only those 4 aren’t going to know. Clay says this is when the lines are going to be drawn. You’re in the best position because you’re in the middle and if you go with us we have the numbers. Becky says I’ll do whatever you want. Going forward .. I hang out with them but just so you know this is where I’m at. My vote is with you. Please don’t second guess me and if you do please talk to me. I won’t change my social habits if that’s okay. Game-wise I will fish. Becky says that Jason will be a good person to take out first. He is a game talker and plays offensively. Vanessa asks do you think I should tell Jackie? Becky says no, she will tell Jason. Clay asks if Jackie wins HOH could you influence her not to go after Vanessa? Becky says yes. Becky says if Jason knows he will have 8 hours and counting to change your mind. Let the game begin. Prepare to have a long night of not sleeping. He is going to fight tooth and nail and even if its not him they’re going to know something is up and smell blood in the water. They’re going to fight. Clay says you pull Jackie aside after and tells her this is why you did what you did. You honoured your agreement to her.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 03-08-40-197

2:25am – 2:40am HOH room – Austin and Liz come up and they talk about taking out Jason. Vanessa says just so you know we’re drawing the line in the sand. When Jason goes out the vote is going to be very clear. Everyone is going to know how everyone voted. The only person they’re not going to know is on our side is Becky. She’s our.. essentially sleeper. She’s the one that’s going to be on the other side socially. When in reality she is 100% game-wise on this side. Liz asks and you’re not going to tell Jackie? Becky says no because she’s been in an alliance that I haven’t been with since the beginning. Becky says we’ve been friends socially and I know she wouldn’t put me up. And I’m sorry but in upcoming weeks I would not put her up. I am not taking her out. If the group needs to get her out that blood won’t be on my hands. Austin says that’s respectable. Becky leaves to make it not seem noticeable. She says that she is going to cry / campaign because she still needs votes. Vanessa tells Shelli, Austin and Liz ..motherf**Kers better keep me in the house next week when one of them wins HOH and puts me on the block. Austin says if one of them tries to put you up I’m going to their face and telling them I’m coming after you… you need to put me on the block! I’ll do that before the HOH. Shelli says people can put you on the block all day long …none of us is ever voting you out. You have nothing to worry about. Austin leaves. Shelli, Becky and Liz talk about how they believe Becky.

Backyard – Jackie asks Jason and Clay what if the twins win the double eviction? Jason says then everyone is going to have to campaign their a$$es off to get JohnnyMac …unfortunately but ..out. Jackie asks should we plant that seed now? Jason says I’m not smart enough to plant seeds. I don’t know what I would do to tell them.

2:50am Bathroom. Shelli is getting ready for bed. Clay is talking to her from the bench. He starts to talk about how Jason and Jackie are outside right now. Shelli asks him to come over beside her to talk. I don’t like it when I’m trying to do this and people are talking to me while I’m trying to get ready for bed. Clay says doing what? Don’t give me attitude. Shelli asks are you f**king serious right now!? Clay asks why are you getting so upset!? Shelli asks why are you looking at me like that? You’re giving me the meanest look right now! All I asked is for you to come over here. Clay says I’m not arguing with you. Why are you being like this. Shelli yells I look like f**king sh*t right now! Can you come over here right now and not make me stand right in front of a f**king camera! How else do I have to say it!?!! Shelli grabs her stuff and storms out of the room. Clay lays back on the bench.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 03-58-09-901

3am Havenot room – Shelli tells Liz about her blow up with Clay in the bathroom. I just wanted him to drop it. He is acting like .. you know when girls get on something and don’t drop it. That’s what he was acting like. I was trying to avoid. All I didn’t want is for it to be on the feeds and now all this is on the feeds. Liz says I know what you’re talking about because Austin follows me around like a puppy dog. Clay doesn’t understand girl problems. Liz says you’re not a crazy person. He’s a stupid boy. Liz heads back to the bathroom.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 04-01-20-758

3:25am HOH bedroom – Liz tells Vanessa that Austin owes you. He needs to put himself in the line of fire after almost going up on the block. Vanessa says its amazing he will do that. Vanessa asks is he as happy as f**k? Liz says he’s acting like himself again. He’s so happy. Vanessa asks are you happy. Liz says I”m so happy. Vanessa says I’m happy too. Liz says I need to tell him that the cuddling and kissing needs to stop. I’m just so scared what if he turns on me. Vanessa says you have to do what is right. Liz says its hard when it has nothing to do with game. Well it does because I don’t want to create an enemy. I didn’t come into this game to fall in love and I’m not in love with him. I’m here to play this game. If he is going to be following me around like a puppy dog and screwing up my game I don’t want this. Vanessa says wait until after this week and then sit him down. Liz says I just want him to know .. I don’t know I’m just glad Julia is switching back in. When she is in the game it will be easier for me to distance myself from him. Vanessa says I feel like I am about to drop a bomb in this house. Liz says I know .. he is like what he says .. the gay glue. I feel bad but I don’t that other side of the house is so weak .. like they don’t even have a chance. Vanessa asks you’re going to kill for this HOH right? Liz says I’m going to kill for it. So is Austin. It’s going to be a bloodbath. Liz says I am so indebted to you .. more than Austin. Vanessa says if I get far with you or your sister I will take you all the way.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 04-26-30-517

3:30am – 3:40am Havenot room – Steve asks Shelli and Clay if Vanessa knows what she is going to do? They tell him Jason. Shelli says I feel bad about Jason.. its okay though its just a game. Steve says he’s felt bad about voting out Jeff and Audrey. Clay asks Steve if he’s been throwing the HOH’s. Steve says no. He says he knows he has to win next.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 04-35-40-123

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This should be a warning to Clay… Shelli’s true attitude is seeping through and their love nest is just a camouflage for this bossy bitch’s attitude…


I hope more of it shows and he won’t be able to do much about it. It’s like they are in full fledged relationship. Glenda the Good Witch Shelli probably has more coming for him this summer. Especially if he doesn’t do things like she thinks he should and things don’t go her way like they’ve been going so far. But he’s stuck with her and he’ll probably end up with her after the show even if it’s not permanent. She’ll make sure of that.

bitchy shelli

clay don’t take that shit from shelli. she should worship u bc u are prolly gonna be the best she’s had in a long time. its the cycle of life. girls grow up and date only older guys in thier late 20 early 30s cause everyone wants a 20 year old and the girls don’t wanna date guys thier same age bc they immature and broke but when thier asses become cougars like shelli u have to admit that shes getting old.. shes still ok but she’s only got a few miles left on her. when shes 36 37 she’s gotta get married bc she cant compete with a 20 year old who will look good for another 15 years. so shelli wants him so bad bc hes prolly gonna be the last hottest guy she can get that actually wants a relationship. the only other way she can get another hunk like that is is she sluts out but that guy will prolly just hit it and quit it. when girls turn 35 they start to look terrible really fast. but guys are in thier prime then. so clay don’t take that shit and whoop that trick, let a bitch have it..


Girls start looking terrible after 35? Wow….really??? J Lo says hello. Actually she wouldn’t give jerks like you the time of day.


Really? J Lo? Someone in the public eye with unlimited wealth, personal trainers, dieticians, stylists, cosmeticians, and plastic surgeons on call? OP is just relying on the universally accepted theory that in general women don’t age as well as men do. I didn’t come up with it, it has been around for a long time.

Backseat Driver

I LOVED your response……especially the J Lo part…..

Ur an ass



Are you for real, or are you being facetious? Oh, wait, do you even know what that means? Go on living your shallow life, but please, try staying out of the gene pool.


I think it might be better to not react at all to posts like this. There’s absolutely no point with posters like this. Their likely immune to any “common sense” due to lack of general education and socialization.


Shelli is disgusting! She is beyond vain & speaks to Clay like a child. Shelli is as fake as her tears for Audrey. Seriously she is making an ass of herself on the feeds & has the nerve to blame Clay really? As if he is a mind reader that his girl is a disgusting narcissist that feels she needs to play to the cameras. Reality check Shelli, nobody on the feeds is looking to hire you do knock off the need to be camera ready at all times attitude!


What I don’t understand is Vanessa continually saying she needs to catch someone in a lie to put them on the block. Hasn’t she caught Austin lying several times to her? Then she keeps saying Austin is a number for them… but didn’t he vote against the house last week? Am I missing something? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me… keep fooling me and call me Vanessa.

Team Edward

Vanessa will get picked off in the next 3 weeks because of that. Thumbs up or down?


she needs to catch them in a lie so that in her mind and stupid reasoning she doesn’t look like the liar but she will still look untrustworthy no matter what if she doesn’t put Austin up IMO, what i find stupid about all this is the “otherside” doesn’t even think they’re in an alliance even after Audrey told them, sooo they don’t really need Austin for a number because there really isn’t a “otherside” alliance thats against them only the 8 person one that they just made Fri. and they could always pull in someone else to take Austin’s “number” and i think they’re forgetting about counting Julia because there would be… the twins, C/S, Van/Steve they’ll still have 6 plus they could pull in J-mack who already thinks he’s working with Van and Shelli


Up to this point, Vanessa had been playing a pretty smart game. But she panicked when talking with Jackie and took a minor “infraction” from Austin and turned it into a backdoor. I mean, how do you do that with someone you have been working with for so long? The smart play would be to demure with Jackie and then talk to Austin. THEN, if Austin is shady after you corner him, then you can talk about the block.

But now she has to scramble because she reacted way too quickly to start with.


Vanessa will recover from this
Who’s going to be pissed at her?
Jackie … Jackie wa already targeting Vanessa
Jason … He will be gone
Meg … She is clueless and pretty much a non threat
James … The girls can easily control him
Vanessa’s game is to get out the others then plant the seeds against the couples
as being a threat as she has already started the three headed monster rumor
(which is not true … Julia hates Austin)
Then when the couples pick each other off Van is good with bringing
the remaining half into her sub alliance
(I think she wants it to be … Shellie, Julia, with Steve in her back pocket for a final 4)
If she could just get off the pharmaceuticals to clear her brain and stop tweeking


I think you’re interpreting her plan quite well, but it’s going to take a lot to get there!

Valentina Corleone

Vanessa continually talks about blood on her hands or bathing in blood…who’s her role model, Countess Bathory? (Google it; she would have done well in BB.) Seriously, she has to realize as the numbers dwindle and notes are compared, they are going to realize how she pitted them against each other, often without all the facts. She makes huge assumptions about situations, and I hope it comes back to bite her in the ass.


I’m not a Vanessa fan anymore, but she’s not being fooled by Austin at all. She’s genuinely between a rock and hard place and has decided to that the keep Austin path. Either way, she loses.


Ugh. Just ugh… I thought this was going to be a fun week
Instead just another Vanessa Austin Liz clay and shelli show


Unfortunately, the reality is that BB is a team game until you get down to the final 6 or so. No one wants to get eliminted so everyone goes along. One group is smart enough to form an alliance and stick together (despite Vanessa’s best efforts to tear it apart).

If Jason goes up and goes home, expect to see Meg/Jackie/James as the next 3 out in that order I think. The only way they dont is if they win some HoH (Preferably they win both sides of it).

If they dont, they are just going to get picked off one by one.


Again, not on Team Vanessa anymore, but Vanessa wasn’t the only 6th Sense member that more than a little “happy” about the Austin “betrayal” news. In the beginning, Clay and Shelli were right on the ‘get him out’ train too.

Like...I'm Jackie

Maybe they will get footage of her literally taking a bath in blood? It drives me crazy when people use that wrong! And can you say loyalty overkill?!? Yes Austin you’re loyal…shit!


Jason should have volunteered to go up with Liz. James would be in his place now. About Vanessa: Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I think this is a great move, the feeds this week will be exciting. Can’t wait to see Jason and Meg scramble. Maybe Meg will finally start playing, although i don’t see much potential for anything so far.


Wish someone would tell Shelli there are cameras in the mirrors right in front of her hahahaha


so this group basically pulled becky in to the room and bullied her into being okay with this plan to vote out jason..what a bunch of assholes.

unfortunately this isnt going to change any time soon. the other side is completely useless.


shelli is on period

Season is Done

Well it’s like the saying keep your mouth shut and appear smart or open it and look dumb. That’s Becky unfortantly. Was really hoping she had something up her sleeve, but unfortantly spending everyday with your head down not playing the game does this to you. She just totally set herself up for failure and she’ll continue to listen to them too. Let them use you and throw you away. Way to go Becky.

Season is Done

I just wanted to see a season of battling it out, that’s all. It’s not going to happen. I like how they had to go through all this with having 90% on their side and still could barely pull the trigger.

Team Edward

Becky and Meg are this years Nicole. Great potential, everyone loves them, but on a game level completely a waste of space.

Canadian Kevin

If it goes down that Jason leaves this week, then i hope Meg and Jackie win HOH.

One side puts up Clay and Vanessa, the other side puts up Liz and Austin.

That way if POV isn’t used, one of that side goes home, and if it is used, then Shelli goes home.

Enough with all the power being on one side of the house.


Unfortunately the dye has been cast for the remainder of the season. The show will be in a lull until the Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/Austin squad have to turn on each other.

Week by week, the ‘others’ will wait their turn to be picked off,each having a direct hand in their own destruction by either nominating and/or voting off someone other than Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/Austin.


Ok so the people you like aren’t winning the game and are dumber than dirt and have no clue how to play this game…So the show sucks and Vanessa is your most hated player ever. Ok. Got it.

I don’t trust Becky and don’t like her. I don’t think Vanessa does either long term but she is indeed a number right now in case things get bloody here soon.

Nessa is a bad ass! Stop hating and the enjoy the show she is.

Actually I find the haters wildly entertaining and funny as fuck.:-)

This season is GOLD I tell you. GOLD!


Give it a rest. You will never be where I have been 🙂

Chill Town

I like nobody in this cast so maybe the hate for this season is because of its complete boredom and shitty unexciting gameplay. Vanessa could destroy this cast of incredible gameplay easily but she’s winning way to many comps and putting all targets on herself by not nominating Captain Dellusion. I’ll say it again nominate the stalker, use your votes to keep him if you want and let the targets be Clay/Shelli, Stalker/Twins and Jason/Meg. Instead in another stellar gameplay move of the summer she will now become the biggest target in the game rather than sitting back watching the war between pairs and walk to the finals 3. Nobody in these past few seasons is close to getting blood on their hands, it’s a way overused term. When you inform the person you plan on putting up or backdooring prior to doing it you’re not getting blood on your hands, you’re boring the viewers. I long for the days of lying to someone’s face and backstabbing in the BB house but until that happens again the term “getting blood on your hands” should go away similar to this season. Chill Town = the only alliance where all members actually won the show!


Hey Chill Town-I honestly enjoy your posts, & agree with your observations. Spot on. Van has been the puppet master this entire season so far. Nobody at first knew where her head was at in the game but once/if she follows thru with back door Jason, she will def put a huge target on her back. The other side does not have the strategic mind set to get things done or fully grasping what needs to get done. When people throw up Steve as a person to take out/threat, I laugh. Really expected more from Jason but his mouth & not being able to keep things as a weapon to play in the game is his prob. For someone who is the guru on BB USA & other countries, you would think he would have come ready to blaze up the place. Disappointed. Hate beyond belief when one side steam rolls another. The best I can hope for is to get my mind set to watch the others get picked off one by one & wait for the real fire works/game play to go down one Van & her “so called” alliance go at it.


Oh boy, you are gonna cry your eyes out when van is evicted. Bless your heart.


The BOB sucks!! The game is boring when one side has the power this long…we don’t like Vanessa because she always changes her mind and is a hypocrite (which is fine for this game but not fine when you are hating soooo much on “liars”). She looks like she’s on drugs when she’s talking about the game..she’s just lucky these people are oblivious. Hoping it all bites her back soon.


Vanessa is skanky, just yuck! She’s keeping Austin around so he can have sex- with an unwilling girl?! Wtf also she’s always lying, she’s trash. Enjoy the hate????


FINALLY someone that understands this game and you said exactly what I am thinking. Vanessa is already in the process of setting things up for her in the coming weeks. She is busy making targets other than her in case the other side wins HOH. She has everyone wanting to protect her because she has shown she is a strong player and you need a strong player in your group if you want to make it deep in the game. Unless she betrays someone (like backdooring Jackie) no one will target her for a while. It is important for her to “have a reason” because it lowers the chance of someone targeting her, and yes she will need a good reason to put up Jason and a plan to make it ok with the rest of the group, if she wants to survive this. She is playing the game, by thinking of every outcome before making a move. Just look, now she has Austin willing to sacrifice himself to protect her. I love watching her play this game. Thank goodness someone is playing strategic this season and not just putting people up because they don’t like them.


Austin’s alter ego is Judas…..duh…She is stupid to trust any promise from this guy. He sees the twins as his way to the end and it just play acting stupid and in love….He is trying to “throw off” any notion that the three of them will be working together….This show is just getting to boring..I may stop watching/ following all together


If you think about it….Vanessa should help Jason get to the Jury since he is gay and would very likely vote for her on game play and the gay similarity…Austin would vote for one of the twins first at the end, or Clay before her. .

Moo to be able

Vanessa is an interesting player! I love it!


If anything is painfully apparent after 5 weeks in the house is that Vanessa doesn’t know WHAT she thinks.


If I wanted to watch showmances, I’d rewatch BBCAN3 again. The Diapers weren’t this childish, and they were all younger.


If the power does not shift to the other side soon, this season
Is going to turn into a massive epic fail of a shit show. Viewers
& feeders will tune out quickly. Also Julie Chen & CBS need to stop hyping the twisted twists every summer when there aren’t any. I would rather have
some clever cool twists then the ever so tired BOTB any day!!


The hyping of the Twist is on par with the hyping of the 24/7 Live feeds
Be a Fly on the wall … when it’s boring … when it gets good or for no apparent reason?
WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK or camera switches to an empty/boring room
Normally propaganda consist of 20% BS and 80% truth
for CBS it’s 80% BS and 20% truth
Anyhow … BB is still fun to observe


You are absolutely right about CBS and the producers of the show. They really need to spice things up. The houseguests should not be able to guess what competitions are coming up. I also agree with you about the introduction of the Battle of the Block comp to the Big Brother game. You work your butt off winning HOH just to go home the same week?! Ridiculous!

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Nikki, I agree. I think the subliminal and open suggestions in the DR sessions are what inhibit the game from authentic play. These people go around in circles and can’t land on one thing (Vanessa) and stick with it. Her inability to make a sound decision is ridiculous. For the life of me, I can’t understand these people’s (especially Van) righteous indignation when someone other than themselves lies. It’s BB! Its part of the game. How can Vanessa have such issue with someone lying when she lies constantly? She thinks she’s the damn god father or something. I truly am NOT a fan of hers! Also, I thought it was pretty ironic for Shelli to have such issue with people not celebrating Clay’s POV win when she had steam coming out of her ears when he lost BOB. Their “I can do it you can’t” attitude kills me.

There definitely needs to be a power shift next week or we can just sit back and watch more of the same.

I hate it Jason’s in the hot seat but he should have kept his damn mouth SHUT which he seems incapable of.


It’s already too late for power to shift because there isn’t “other” side. Everyone wants to work with Shelli/Clay.

And Vanessa trying to “catch” someone in a lie is laughable. Even these dumb dumbs know that is a ruse.

Chill Town

Steve is becoming the bitch of the show. Get overrated Derpricks balls out of your mouth, he wasn’t good, he won because of production (team America) and the dumbest cast in the shows history, well until this season. I think whoever picks these recent casts was trying to get fired or the show canceled. If you have any doubt, just think why haven’t they had an all-stars since BB7. Horrible casting combined with boring nonexistent gameplay equals no worthy all-stars. Chill Town greatest alliance in Big Brother history.


At this point, I’m hoping either Steve or JMac wins HOH this week. Maybe, just maybe, Clay/Shelli can be broken up. Once Shelli is gone, Clay will be lost and then voted out. lol.


Unless something has dramatically changed….Steven and Johnny are not good HOH wins if we want the game changed..Jackie is probably the only person who will avenge Jason’s eviction. Everyone else is too scared and up Clay/Vanessa/Shelli’s butts


Steve and Johnny Mac have a secret alliance with Vanessa. They will put up the outsiders.


Prob is that the other side is too damn loyal & naive to Shelli/Clay. They will skate on by till Van no longer needs them & spreads lies/rumours about the duo. I don’t see Shelli & Clay going anywhere, anytime soon. Would love love love to see it happen but highly doubtful. Everyone runs to Shelli & Van with every whisper they hear. They feel compelled to tell witch hunter Van things in fear of being burned at the stake. Shelli is great at being fake so the others have their guards down. The other side will more than likely crumble but would love to see a glimmer of hope:A David vs Goliath take down.


also, what happened to big brother takeover?. did they decide that it was a complete failure and give up on it already?


I think BB is considering the Twin Twist a Takeover this week
Even though everyone already knows … Another flop of a so called twist
Although I still think JM or Clay might be a twin also
JM … lays so low and avoids almost all game talk … something iffy about him
Clay is hard to tell online … but I have thought I have spotted what I thought were
some physical differences and there have been a few times he didn’t know what he should of known (Van has thought that Clay was a twin also)
It would be great if Clay was a twin … Shellie would have a total meltdown


I think they didn’t have the chance to announce this week’s takeover because the last eviction episode was so heavily Audrey-centered. They had her family interviewed, which I don’t remember being something done pre-jury before, they had to have breaks before and during her interview (which I was happy to see for her sake). They barely had time for Britney’s interview or the HOH comp. I think they just sacrificed the twist because they couldn’t fit it in.


Lets break down some of these ppl so the two BB super fans have know game plan. Meg can’t win shit and even when Jason goes she’s going to row with Shelli & Clay anyways. and when they put her up she’ll think she’s a pawn and they’ll just vote her out. the Twins lets face it if they wasn’t in a big alliance they’d be just as clueless as everybody else on the other side.


The lines will be drawn in the sand tomorrow. Hope that Becky, John, Meg, Jaquie and James get a clue that they are not winning unless they form an alliance. The writing is on the wall. Wish they would stop being puppets and start playing the game. They need a leader with a strong voice and to win HOH for their side. If not they are done in this game and will picked off one by one and if they don’t go after the other side after this week, they deserve to lose this game!

Stevie j

Like wtf! Vanessa u dumb bitch!!! Jason isn’t even after u. Vanessa just got played by her own alliance and Steve of all ppl.


I wish we could have a twist……this weeks HOH does not count, there will be no eviction.
Vanessa would have put Jason up, drawn her line in the sand. The house will be divided,
Then maybe the others will start trying to win. Really don.’this like Vanessa any more.
Sure hope someone takes her out. I really wanted Shrek to go.

Bored Viewer

I hope if Jason do go up and unfortunately voted out the door will not open. Then he expose how Vanessa gave her word not to put him up and they had several deals exposing Vanessa for the snake she is. Its time their side got shook up. And others need to see vanessa does not honor her promises. BB where are the freaking twists?


So Jason is leaving then Jackie then James then Becky then its gonna suck really bad! Also Julie said at the beginning every week will be a twist so whats twist is it for this week? It would be great if Jason could be safe and take the others down. Vanessa is so dumb!

The Truth

Let me see if I have this right. Vanessa couldn’t put up Audrey because she couldn’t put up someone from the LGBTQ community. But she can put up Jason? Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Jason may be leaving, but the show will not be boring. Julia is gonna beat the daylights out of Liz for keeping Austin. Julia HATES Austin!!!!!!!!!!! There is no greater drama than sibling rivalry, and Julia is gonna bring it!

meg's always laughing

Dear Jason,

BYE B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t even watch the episodes any more I just read it online hoping Vanessa and her “alliance” won’t win. They are the most annoying group of people I have watched on BB thus far. Jason is one of the only interesting people in that house not constantly losing their shit like Vanessa.


After jason goes..there is no other side


So excited to see Jason going up! I will do a happy dance when he goes home.
Shelli FTW!

Houka Inumuta

Unexpected? This season has been predictable with boring people who rarely do anything other than hide behind alliances. I do give credit to Vanessa for trying and Steve is the only person to root for. BB needs to do a better job of casting and preventing the predictability factor.

GeekSquad McGee

I think Vanessa clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It explains a lot of her behavior, such as being deeply offended over the smallest white lies (extreme entitlement), always talking about her IQ and having to be the smartest person in the room, and always trying to control and berate other players. And like all people with megalomania, she can’t help from telling everyone how brilliant her plan is; like an evil genius in a movie. She talks way too much, because she always needs to tell everyone how smart she is. She literally can’t control it.


That’s sad Shelli knows she’s not a natural beauty. Well she doesn’t look much better with makeup either. She’s dumb as bricks does she not know we see her regardless?


The power did switch. After Jace was taken out, Vanessa and Austin had to fight their was to the top. They did so and gathered some insurance policies on the way. But when it’s time to narrow down Vanessa’s side, I hope she sticks by Steve and Jmac til the end.


Steven isn’t a rat, he is worse. What a clown.

Vanessa you are shit!

I knew HOH was going to be fucked up this week when Vanessa won it!


Does Vanessa really think Austin is going to go on the block to protect her? He’s not leaving that house before Liz. He’s going to stay in there as long a slim is there. Now he might ask to leave once Liz is evicted or his head can finally get in the game and play. Jackie needs to win and put up Vanessa and Shelli or Vanessa and clay and let Vanessa watch her allies vote her out because the twins will vote with Austin and Shelli will gather the house to save her minion clay. This is Vanessa dumbest move if she thinks Austin is good no to go on the block for her.


Damn, I’ve missed reading up on BB for 2 days and now I’m all bummed to see how quickly things have flipped! I can’t atand Austin, he looks like a creepy warlock and his game has sucked so far. My blind opinion (since I haven’t been keeping up this weekend;) is that Vanessa should 86 the adderall, eat a healthy meal, get 8 hours of sleep and re-think the whole original plan to backdoor the warlock! He calls himself “Judas” for eff sake, and she’s trying to justify taking out the little house mouse Jason over some crap that happened at the beginning of the game with the phone booth? To “catch him in a lie”…WHAT? LAME!
#ExpectTheUnexpected 🙁


Dawg tht screenshot of Shelli really shows off her horse look. Thanks! I lost my morning coffee all over my computer screen 🙂


I once was rooting for her , now I will throw a party when Vanessa is booted out.
This game isn’t for her.
Annoying as F!!


Vanessa never intended to put up Austin. She told Austin about the plan to backdoor him so that he would have the opportunity to change her mind. It is so disappointing. She has been playing both sides for a long time, and I hope sparing Austin this week comes back to bite her in the bum later in the game. If Jason goes home this week, I hope two members of this alliance win HOH and puts Liz, Julia, Clay and Shelli on the block. If the veto is used, Vanessa goes up as a replacement nominee. This way, someone from that alliance will definitely go home. Putting a pawn on the block would be too risky.


I’m with you on that, but Meg, James and Jason suck at comps so i doubt it will happen.


I guess the pressure will be on Jackie to win the next HOH. If she does win HOH, I hope she stands her ground and doesn’t allow HOH #2 to bully her into nominating certain people. I usually despise when competitions are tailored to the strengths of one particular houseguest, but the other side of the house needs saving…and now. Jackie, Meg or James should be able to pull out a win.


BOTB needs to end asap. It takes so much out of the game. It’s getting so boring watching these guys steam roll through the house. Production needs to rig the fuck out of the next HOH lol.. but even so, for some reason the entire house seems to want to please Clay and Shelli, so it’ll go nowhere.


It’s supposed to be some big secret V’s putting Jason up, but 8 people know and only 4 don’t.
Steve is telling JMac, I wish Jmac would then tell Jason.
And Becky would let it slip to Jackie.
THEN the next 24 hours might have some serious drama!
I’d luv to see Jason with knives out at Vanessa.
Meanwhile, James and Meg need to grab a life vest.


I don’t want Jason to go!!! I don’ t want to watch a bunch of boring wet rags and paranoid schizophrenics the rest of the season! All of the interesting people are gone– only one left to watch would be JMac, and he’s so non-confrontational. Vanessa made so many deals with everyone that she backed herself into a corner… I don’t think that’s smart gameplay at all. I WAS rooting for her, but it’s so hard to like her especially when she’s HOH. You’d think a poker player like her would know when to keep her mouth shut. All she talks about I hating liars, and she is the biggest liar of them all!!! She doesn’t need the money, expert bluffer in life (liar), and that gross green hat of hers makes her look like Squidward. Sorry for the rant lol


So I guess Jason is getting put up possibly unless she changes her mind again. Not surprising and I was wondering if it was going to come back around to him after Manic Vanessa decided not to put up Austin. Because his mouth put him dead in the center of drama. I could see telling about Austin if Jason was trying to divert attention from being nominated or something like that. But he seem to almost immediately share he and Austin’s conversation and with Shelli instead of just Good Time Girl Summer Camp Meg his bestie. If he does get put up I hope he survives and it will be some sort of wake up call. Especially after listening to Becky with Vanessa last night. I now don’t care if she leaves. But Jason saw the people Vanessa paired together in the last HOH, and he’s been on the block more than once. On that note, it was smart of them to get out Day. I didn’t want her to go so early but she was a threat. Not as a competition threat but she was suspicious and had some observation insights that were needed especially in a game where their heads get clouded. Some are obvious ones like not trusting Shelli and Clay together. But they do trust them . You had people like Johnny Mac throwing BOBs when he’s not even a solid member of that side at their request. And people like Jason who have no problem saying what is on his mind about a part of the game and you look right over and Clay and/or is sitting there with him taking it all in. Smh.


Shelli is a control freak. She is so concerned with the cameras and how she looks, it’s crazy. Frankly, I think she looks better without all the makeup. She likes to boss Clay around, and I think Clay plays a better game when she isn’t around. When he was talking to JMac, he handled it very well without Shelli


i think it’s a good move to get Jason out. He talks way too much, when he really should keep his mouth shut. He and Meg act like they’re at summer camp, instead of playing the game. I liked Meg until last night’s show and saw how she treated Steve after nominations. They were all hugging after and when Meg got to Steve, she made a face and wouldn’t hug him. I’m not okay with treating people poorly. She and Jason are rude about Steve and to Steve


I don’t think Jason is done just yet. If Julia is the one voting on Thursday night, I think he will have Meg, Jackie, James and Liz, which means he needs just one more.

Play it up to Austin that Vanessa wanted to be dethroned — that she was in on the conversation to get James to throw the BOB, that she formed an 8-person alliance to go after Austin and the twins.

Tell Steve that Vanessa formed an 8-person alliance that excluded him and that Steve was one of the top targets of that alliance.

Remind Shelli and Clay that they’ve been together since the first week, and they have proclaimed loyalty to each other. Plant some seeds — tell them that Vanessa wants to keep Austin and the twins safe to protect herself when the house starts targeting couples.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but Jason can do this if he can just figure out what’s going on.


As much as i like Jason, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s going this week. I had a feeling something would happen and Austin would be staying. I do think Liz needs to speak up and tell him that she’s in NO way into him like that. Although i do like Meg, Jason, Jackie and James (sort of – don’t like James’s pervy talk though) they aren’t strong, or strategic as the other side. I think unless they win HOH, they will be picked off one by one – and they should, this is Big Brother, win shit or go home!

another name

I decided to go to bed relatively early last night. the feeds were still down for the outback dinner I think.
I expected to return finding vanessa having the same bathed in blood conversation while pulling in steve and john. I was sure she’d find a way to pull john on board and then wait until renom to pull in becky so that she’d be grateful for the save. Guess I got them reversed. Pull in the one without a vote before the one with a vote… that’s a ‘different’ way to go, but fits this season’s rationale.
I did figure Jason would be the fallguy because the vanessa / Jason deal had so many one sided caveats that it might as well have been called the you’re not on my team, you’re the enemy deal. While Jackie might be the better choice, her deal with Jackie was two sided. her deal with Jason was not, it was an ‘i’ll use pov on you but you owe me’ deal.
In regard to the Clay and Shelli stupidness: clay got food. shelli didn’t. clay went on and on about how full he was. Shelli took off her makeup rather than applying her usual late night spackle and bronzer. She didn’t want to be seen on camera without her usual coating. My head says she went on the show with the intention of tossing herself into a showmance as her strategy. That’s why she was cast. Clay is her shield, not her bachelorette dream date. This is why the romantic chemistry between them seems so… platonic. Like 2 bad soap opera actors having a love scene. He was given a prize that she didn’t get. To me it feels like she changed her routine in order to create an argument. It’s slop mental change added to sour grapes. Boy, is he going to be steamed standing in the corner and going without allowance this week (I don’t think 10 years is such a HUGE thing, but they themselves seem to make it a bigger thing than it needs to be). Unless he somehow wins hoh, then all will be forgiven.
still 80:20 on vanessa nominating Jason instead of Austin myself. she’s only talked in circles 150 times instead of the usual 200. still a bit of time left in her spin cycle.

Member of the Ant Farm

I’m sorry all you team Jason people but it’s hard to root for the other side when it includes Jason and James who are two of the biggest mouth pieces in the game. I usually like to root for the underdogs (especially last year with Donnie) but it’s not even an option for me with those two. Let all the fun begin when Vanessa’s side has to start going after each other. OK…now all you damn Jason people can give me the thumbs down!!

Eric CA

This is the bad move that costs Vanessa the game… Nabbed go’s the second the other side gets a drop of power and that includes Johnny Mac and Becky. Sending Jason Home is a waste of a week. He does not win… and he is one of the few that is not throwing it.
The twins will go rogue and make a big move and try to get out either Austin or Vanessa…. more than likely Vanessa. Twins do not like feeling controlled by anybody but the twins. Liz showed that when she voted to keep Jeff and then not trusting anybody enough to let people take the heat yet in the same time telling Vanessa that Austin was the one that voted to keep Audrey. Shell and Clay will dump Vanessa for Johnny Mac and Becky in a heart beat.
Vanessa is missing a chance to reset her game. If she got Austin out and freed the twins they would be more likely to work with Vanessa, she would gain…. Jackie who is a much better ally than any of the people on her current team that have loyalties that do not include her. This is the start of game over for Vanessa.


Ok. I have seen this before. Do the house guests actually think they can control when they are on the feeds?

another name

I don’t think it’s the feeds they worry about. I think it’s don’t have a conversation that might make the episode edit without full makeup.

Brad H

Holy shit Shelli reminds me of my ex!! She just showed her real side. She’s sooo fake or possibly bipolar. Either way, get out now Clay!!! I can’t wait to see the pov meeting on Wednesdays episode. Who doesn’t love a good blindside?!?!

Butters Mom

Everyone has a bad day. They are locked in there 24/7… they are bound to get on each others nerves at some point with the added stress of cameras on them all the time. Everyone needs some space sometimes…


Vanessa is a comp beast but it seems her strategy keeps getting worse week by week. Always claiming she doesn’t want blood on her hands and looking for (or making up) lies to put people on the block to make it look like she had no choice. Now her alliance member lied to her and shes got him digging for dirt to feel less bad about her lying to the entire house!? I thought turning on Austin has a bad move for her, but then making an alliance with the other side of the house and now going back on it covers her in blood. I can only hope that next week 2 people not on her side FINALLY win it. And you have Austin, steve, liz & julia throw her under the bus. (maybe making alliance with James/meg) and Shelli and Clay join up with Becky/ Johnny. This year looked good at the beginning but now it’s looking exactly like last years….NEED SOME DRAMA!