“I’m so sick of this harmony bullsh1t.. Barney and friends.. I love you.. you love me”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 20-25-55-947_jpg
8:07pm OUtback party is happening. Jason think it’ll go on until 10 and the backyard won’t be open until 4:30am. He’s pissed wants a smoke.

8:16pm Bedroom Jason and Meg
Talking about Austin being foul looking. Jason says Austin is disgusting to look at makes him “shriveled”. Asks Meg if her ‘V@g!na dries up when she sees him”
Meg is grossed out by him. They try to figure out what LIz is doing with Austin.
jason – She likes Gorillas he’s a orangatang
Meg – do you think if they were in Jury house they would make out
Jason – Everyone it going to make out we’re going to make out

Jason says Austin is going to try super hard to sleep with LIz and “That girls going to realize crabs aren’t worth it”
Jason about Austin – “I’ve never seen someone so disgusting in my life”
JohnnyMac and Shelli join them. They start wondering if Liz and Austin will date outside.
Shelli – what do you think of their match pottanital
Jason – he’s a 1.. she likes gorilla juice heads.
Meg – He’s very different than her type.. Her type is nerdy than you think.

Shelli questions if Austin’s feelings will be real outside of the house. Everything is amplified in here she might not be his type coming out.
Shelli says Austin does say he’s falling in love with her.
Meg – that’s nuts

Jason says the whole twins AUstin love thing’s productions web dream
Shelli says Julia is more fun because Liz spends all her time with Austin.
Jason says Julia has ghetto inflection.
Shelli – why is it so boring now

Trying to figure out why there hasn’t been a bbtakeover
Shelli – she literally said there will be a take over every week
Jason – Julia ios the twist this week

[envira-gallery id=”124270″]
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 21-28-18-522_jpg

8:57pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin tells her about Jackie saying she’s up in the HOH again with austin, Shelli and Clay. Jackie was coming up to break up the conversation.
Vanessa says she has a plan it’s very complicated and involves conversation she needs to have.
Austin say if JAckie goes up he’ll call out jason and tell him he’s his target. If Jason goes up he’ll call pout jackie.
Vanessa is going to lie to them and tell them she knows they’re withholding something from her. She’s going to talk to them indicuallitaly and trap them in a lie. She’ll pin it on Jason
AUstin – I’m here now, I’m ready.. it was fate Liz had to win the BOB clay had to win the POV.
Vanessa laughs says she’s been waiting for him to come back into the game.
Austin – I’m so sick of this harmony bullshit.. barney and friends.. i love you.. you love me
Vanessa – but we are friends..
Vanessa says JAson is the head of the other side they take him out it falls apart.
Vanessa – it’s going to be a blood bath
Austin – i’m loving it I’ll come hard i’ve been waiting for this

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 21-31-27-116_jpg

9:13pm HOH Liz, Jackie and Vanessa Chit chat about the Outback dinner
Liz saying they so many people didn’t get sleep last night. “Becky told me they were up when the sun came up. Vanessa is drinking down a Red bull.
Jackie leaves
9:30pm HOH Liz and Vanessa
Liz and Vanessa agree Austin need to make sure the other side of the house know he’s targeting them so he’s the target next week.
Liz says Austin needed to be “Bit” he needs to really up his game and start focusing.
Liz – you have to be Dan goosling and whoever the f** that nerd was
Vanessa laughs – Whoever the f*** that nerd was.. Ian
Liz says she really doesn’t want Steve to go
Vanessa – he listens to you

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 21-18-40-826_jpg

9:16pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli – way too much popcorn and the slop hit my stomach

9:41pm Bathroom Steve, Shelli and Clay
talking about the three showmances that are still a thing outside the house, Jeff/Jordan, Brendon/rachel and Danielle/Dominic. Shelli points out they were all on Big Brother 13.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 21-59-56-230_jpg
9:52pm HOH Austin and Liz
Jackie is up here every 2 minutes, ‘Hows austin handling this hows austin’s handling this”
Liz – B!tched shut up
She didn’t like seeing Austin give up yesterday. Austin says he had to think about things and reevaluate.
Liz – About what .. we got blindsided.
Austin – I am going crazy tomorrow, “I’m straight saying.. I’m coming after you.. no more of this sing along crap..
Liz says Jason is her target.
Liz – he’s the gay glue.. he’s gotta go
Austin – hopefully that’s who she’s putting up .. he’s going to catch him in a lie about the phone booth and vote.
Austin is looking forward to Smiling at Jason when he comes to him looking for a vote.
Liz – you tried to twist all my words you’re done b1tch
Austin mentions how he feel mad and stupid for being emotionally played by Jason.

(So Jason is most likely going up. During the meeting Austin is going to make it public knowledge he’s going after Jackie.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 22-15-14-084_jpg

10:12pm Jason, JAckie and Meg
Scheming about the memory HOH competitions being easy for Vanessa to win because she has such a strong memory.
Vanessa comes down asks them if they are going to bed, Didn’t they just wake up. Jason explains James has been turning the lights off. Chit chat. Jason says he hasn’t gone into the Diary room for awhile. says last time we was there they were trying to get him to say negative things about “You all” about the “BOB” they asked for a “Pun”
Jason – I was like Do you I use puns at all? I just talk shit about wait for people to laugh

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 22-24-44-601_jpg

10:22pm Becky and Vanessa
Becky says Jeff really liked one of the twins her guess is she was one of that voted to keep Jeff.
Vanessa – do yo uknow who had the phone booth
Becky _ I think it was Day.. she never came to me once.. she never talked to me

Vanessa says it’s obvious to her that it was Da because she would have cancelled Clay’s votre.
Vanessa asks about their 8 person alliance is there anyone Becky doesn’t feel good about. Becky asyas JAmes she talks to the elast.

Vanessa explains that Austin lied to her because he’s a doofus who’s falling in love.
Vanessa tells her she is not going home she learnt some new information this morning.
Becky says short term their group has numbers She trusts their group for the short term.
Meg comes up. Becky tells VAnessa don’t tell you amry information only your general should know.

Becky says her five people are Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Jackie and John.

10:57pm James has joined them.. chit chat.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 23-43-21-810_jpg

11:16pm HOH James, Clay, Vanessa and Becky
James wants to have a “Darkmooon” alliance meeting suggests they all get into the HOH bathroom to do it.
Vanessa is down
Clay says it’s too suspicious of them to met all 8 of them in the same room.

11:28pm HOH James, Meg and Vanessa
Telling James the twin is coming into the game.
James didn’t know it was confirmed.
Meg says if she didn’t know about the twins she would not be able to tell anything was different between them.
James says Da called the one thickums.
Vanessa – dont’ tell her that that’s not nice.
James asks how the twins thing came out
Vanessa – Austin told jason, Jason told Meg.

11:42pm Meg and Vanessa HOH
Meg saying there’s horrible nasty james and there’s down to earth James.
Meg says she would never cross paths with Clay and James that is what’s so weird about her time in on the show.
11:54pm Vanessa telling Meg how pissed off she got at production the other day when she was trying apply cover up on her zits and they kept filming her. She says sometimes she “Plays Games” with the camera operators. She can hear them when they are behind a mirror so she changes mirrors making them follow her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-26 23-46-36-131_jpg

11:47pm chatting about Liz and Julia

They’re not sure what the memory wall will be like.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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Austin is such a creep asshole OMG he had a girlfriend and disrespected her on national tv
However Liz is not helping him by giving him mixed signals if u don’t like a guy y would u let him slide his hands between your thighs?????


Did he really?

Dr. Will

Nobody is dating or interested in Austiin, have you seen him? It’s all delusion, he needs major facial work. I’m positive after this show the next week hear of Austin is when he gets incarcerated for harassment.


Y’all gotta stop complaining and just appreciate that this season is somewhat unpredictable, every week shit changes the cast may be kinda dull compared to last (shout out to Zach Nicole Donnie) but at least we dunno(unless you reading spoilers) what’s going on bb17 one of the best in a few years and if battle of the blcok wasn’t around it would be even better. Y’all know I’m right.


I’d rather watch paint dry than watch Nicole and Donnie on the feeds again lol.

Chill Town

You’re right about the BOB being an awful twist that’s ruined the game. However you must’ve just started watching BB or on Austin delusional levels if you think anything about the past 2 seasons was entertaining or good gameplay. Everything is predictable in the game now, 8 person alliances and informing someone you’re putting them up to backdoor them prior to veto ceremonies is the opposite of entertaining. It’s a game built around lying, deceit and backstabbing and it’s been quite a while since that game was played in the BB house. Do yourself a favor and rewatch BB2 & BB7 so you can see how the game was meant to be played, Chill Town owns Big Brother.

Captain Crunch

Does the other side of the house realize that a certain group of people ( Vanessa, Austin, shelli, clay, Liz ) are always up in the hoh room every week together and none of them thinks anything is up? Like they’re in alliance or something?

Also Liz talks a big game but without the 6 sense alliance she’d be worthless.


That’s the thing, they don’t. They are so clueless even after the piles of evidence including Audrey flat out telling them. They even throw each other under the bus not knowing they need each other. What’s funny is people in that slimy alliance doesn’t realize just how clueless those people are and all they do is over think trying to figure who’s running their alliance when there really isn’t one! All those people’s mindset is still in the first week where they think the whole house is just going after one person. They just don’t get it.

Liz would be like the rest if she didn’t pulled into that group.


Isn’t Haycole still a thing???


Yes they actually are living together in Chicago now


Bah ha ha! There is an ad for Barney and Friends plush stuffed toys on this site. Hmmmm. We don’t mean literally mean Big Brother!! ????

So over this week

I’m so tired of Vanessa’s voice. She keeps saying she knows for a fact who did this or who did that. Wake up girl! You’re over thinking this AND …. People are lying to you. Shocker. It’s big brother. You aren’t the only one who can read people and you’re doing a terrible job this week. Breathe. Sleep. And stop taking that dang Adderall. It’s making you crazy.


And drinking Red Bull while taking Adderall? Girl better be careful, she’ll be on meth next.


Are you kidding…. Only reason she isn’t doing meth right now is she can’t get it in the BB house. That’s why she is taking adderall and drinking red bull! Vanessa is a tweaker through and through. From her paranoid ranting, delusions of grandeur, the face picking, it’s painfully obvious. How else would she play poker for days at a time?

Looks like the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree either. I’m 90% sure that Vanessa suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome. She has at least 2 of the facial characteristics.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Watching BBAD and am so pissed off at Vanessa accusing Jason of lying over the phone call like she actually knows. She’s not as.smart as she thinks she is and her week of power goes straight to her head. I can’t wait until she’s in the hot seat and it would be poetic if it was Austin who sent her packing.

I’m a Jason fan and really sorry to see him pay the price for her delusional instability. I really hope something happens to change.the way this is playing out.

BB17 fan

I agree. I do not want Jason gone. He must make it to jury at least. I like him and want him to get the full paycheck that comes with going to Jury. Vanessa needs to put up Jackie. No one would come after her for that. The only person that cares about Jackie is Becky. But even Becky doesn’t care that much. More will be mad that Jason is up and Becky could actually go home against Jason. I want Julia to start an alliance with Jason, JohnnyMac, Becky and Steve. Julia will of course insist that Liz join them and Liz will do so. You may not agree but I want Vanessa to stay. Shelli and Clay are my targets. I would put them up for sure..!! Oh and Austin needs to go but not before he helps get Shelli out. Clay will be lost without her–he can’t win comps (unless they are tailor made for him–which the POV was. My final 7.? JohnnyMac, Julia, Steve, Liz, Jason, Becky and Vanessa. Johnny Boy for the win..!!


Vanessa becomes more annoying. what is wrong with her? I am sick of her psycho. The last laugh twist did not cancel her vote, why the F does she care? People are telling Vanessa the truth about Steve and Liz’ votes and she thinks they are lying to her. Vanessa, nobody lied to you except you and Austin lied to other people. Vanessa, if you really want to nominate a liar on the block then you should put yourself or Austin on the block because both of you are lying every week. That bitch Vanessa gets on my last nerve. Vanessa, nobody cares about the last laugh twist and Jeff’s votes anymore and they only care who you will put up. Does Vanessa get it?


Vanessa is straight up NUTS, I will not be able to watch here on poker stars any longer without remembering how crazy her mind works. Don’t want to say to much because she could be bi-polar, she certainly acts it. This is big brother you can backstab or lie to someone you don’t have to lie so you look justified in your backstabbing. Please get her out next week, not sure why but, watching train wrecks like her bothers me. JMac for the win!!!!!!!


I’m disappointed in Vanessa for not pulling the trigger on Austin
I hope it comes back to bite her in the ass!!!!


It will. Vanessa is going to trap herself in an alliance with couples and twins, and all of them now know that her loyalties blow with the wind. Oh, and she crushes mental comps.

Not exactly the person you want to go to the end with! She will probably stick around for a couple more weeks but after this I think she has thrown away her chance to go all the way.


I have never seen such stupid playing of BB in my life. Austin has Vanessa convinced that no one will be going after her, if she does not put him up. But, if someone does, he will throw himself in front of her. Is she really that freaking stupid??????. This makes twice that she had promised to do something and not. She will become a main target. {Vanessa has ruined her creditability} Austin saying….”I will step in front of you” is laughable….is this the same Austin that cried like a little girl???? If the other side gets HOH {which I hope they do, I can’t stand the cockiness of the 6} she will be up, so will Austin, maybe he will throw it for her, LOL….yeah right. Vanessa is all about LOYALTY {who is more disloyal then Vanessa} and being TRUTHFUL {the truth police is out in full force tonight} This group thinks that they should be able to do whatever, and if the other side does anything…..they are the most horrible people that ever walked the face of earth. The FAIRIES better stop with the cheating and making things more fair, or this season is in the toilet. It didn’t have to be, the season started out good, but then the Fairies got more and more involved, and the season went down hill fast.
The CBS edit was crazy. It looked like they had their days mixed up. CBS sucks!!!!


Thank goodness for your comment. I thought I was losing the plot last night. Could not understand when they kept showing ” 24 hours until eviction, “17 hours, 15 hours”. Had to check my calendar.


How did Jason emotionally play Austin? What is he talking about? He went to Jason and volunteered information to him. I don’t remember Jason telling him to tell me all your secrets. It will be very interested in seeing how Jason handles the questioning from Vanessa. She won’t catch him in a lie because he is not lying. I’m sure she will convince herself that he is though, I would love to see an HOH call her on her lies.


Watching after dark and honestly even though this may sound dumb I think Becky may know what she’s doing… Her game is boring AF and it definitely won’t win her the game but the convo she had with Vanessa helped me respect her as a player a little more

Butters Mom

I thought Becky was very smart about everything she was saying until she said “dont tell your army information that only your generals need to know” and she was talking to Vanessa. Vanessa doesnt even consider Becky in her army…. Now Vanessa has too much information from Becky and Becky wasnt getting any information out of Vanessa. I wish Becky would have noticed that and not over shared.


Nessa feeling people out on the Day thing..blah Nessa. Chill on that and decide between Jackie and Jason and let’s get another peasant out of the house.

I’d personally ax Jackie this week but Jason good also.. Any of those five Meg, Jason, Jackie, James Becky are in the cross hairs the next few weeks.

So Jason or Jackie Thursday gone..let’s get it done.

Becky is so boring and then when she starts trying to give someone advice and she has no clue what the fuck she is talking about..ugggh! Will be glad when she goes soon.


Becky does know what she’s talking about and she gave Vanessa game changing epic advice: “Don’t tell your army what only your generals should know.” In other words, don’t show everyone your hand. Don’t tell the whole house your plans. Only tell your closet ally who can be trusted to keep their mouth shut. Personally if I was Becky I wouldn’t have shared that advice with Vanessa, because it revealed that Becky is smart enough to think about strategy, even though she is on the outside and can’t do anything right now.


Am I the only one who likes the 6th Sense alliance..although I’m not fond of Vanessa’s fear of blood and illogical trapping method for replacement nominees. And Austins one sided -borderline fatal attraction- relationship with Liz.


I agree 100%. Normally I don’t like to see one alliance steam roll through everyone, greatest example would be the bomb squad in bb16. However allt of my favourites from the beginning are in this alliance, and are staying somewhat loyal compared to everyone else in the house who are just making connections now. Besides the other side of the house isn’t really trying to win HOH comps up to this point (besides Jackie and Becky). All they are doing is bitching about being pawns every week. If you don’t want to be a pawn, play the damn game!

Yo yo yo

Vanessa is a bully now. Do not like her at all.




Initially Vanessa wanted an excuse to put someone else up:.. Something .. Anything, but now it seems she has convinced her self that her bs excuse is now actually the truth. So once again she sees herself as righteous and above it all while everyone else is a liar and backstabber. Talk about a delusional mind. This chick is bug nuts crazy and on one hell of a power trip. Oh and Austin is the biggest tool I’ve ever seen.


Vanessa: Here is your reason for putting up Jason: He has a good social game, he’s smart, and he’s a threat in competitions. Therefore he is a threat to you. Enough said.
Reason to put up Jackie: She might pose a threat in competitions. Enough said.

Enough with the drama “you lied to me” mess.


Austin saying is gonna “come hard” towards the other side. Yeah right,just like he did when he was training for wrestling. Cried like a little bitch when he thought the trainer was being too rough. He needs to be called cupcake. He might look like a Tarzan but he’s really a Jane.


he is a total douche. he is so high on himself. hes just a loser that got big and thinks hes all that now. he thinks his tattoos are a liscense to be a wankster. the twins are alright they have a face thats a 8 and a body thats an 8 but both get a bonus point for being twins and blonde/green eyed so solid 9’s. and austins like a face of a 1 and a body of 9 but loses a point for being fugly. his hat sucks, his facial hairs nasty and his glasses make him look like a try hard. he needs to get punched out. acts all tough but takes the pussy way out and write a letter to rat out his trainer. and is too puss to say it to his face. letter starts off with “please dont tell them i wrote this. creep rapist


Every time I visit this site, my screen freezes up and crashes, both on my desktop and my cell phone. Is there something I can do to fix this?


yes, take the gas pipe.

Ariana Grande stinks!

” Liz says Jason is her target.
Liz – he’s the gay glue.. he’s gotta go ”

Now we only need proof that she’s racist and we’re 100% done with this whiny aireaded whorette.


Jason actually called himself the gay glue before Liz did. This is just another example of Liz repeating everything everybody says.

Audrey on broadway

Vanessa is way to paranoid. This bitch is so paranoid she wants to know everything. She probably going to start asking people if the tooth fairys playing the game.

Re: Toothfairy

HaHa! Even if the other house guest tell her “No Vanessa, the tooth fairy isn’t playing!” She’ll just accuse them of lying and backdoor them…


Jason is hilarious! I don’t want to watch a house full of Beckys and Jackies. They’re so useless.


Tools are useful.


Shelli has played Vanessa like a fiddle this week, hasn’t she?

No matter what she does, Vanessa will come out of this week with a bunch of people who no longer trust her, while Clay and Shelli come off looking completely innocent to everyone involved. Another week almost down and still NOBODY is talking about targeting them.

Vanessa is trying to out-think everyone, and maybe she can, but Shelli’s instincts for dealing with people are much better. Like her explaining to Clay how they need to be out of the room when Vanessa talks to her replacement nom – exactly the right move.


Give Jason the DPOV (Diamond Power of Veto) and watch the Sick Cents shit cement!!!!!!

Stevie j

Has anyone noticed that Vanessa’s mouth is always partially open and her eye balls are moving from side to side up and down all at the same time. She annoys the hell out of me. Hopefully the other side get smart and rally around Jason. I feel like the other side Jason James meg then John Becky and Steve are just really scared to step up because they haven’t had power. They’ve just been so busy trying to save them selves individually that there scared to band together thinking that the other would tell ppl they don’t trust(6 sense) who’s always in power. This would be the time they would need to wake tfu


I really want to root for Vanessa, but she’s making it really hard right now. She is capable of making cutthroat decisions, but isn’t able to own up to them. Instead she has to make up all these convoluted justifications and it’s starting to get irritating. She’s playing such a messy game too. Every person she has or will evict (Jeff & James or Becky) leave her in a bloodbath. I hate to say this, but she should really take a few pages out of Shelli’s playbook. She evicted Jason’s closest ally, yet he still wants to work with her and Clay. That is some impressive social game. It actually seems that the whole house trusts those two.

Stevie j

Are my comments not being posted????

Stevie j

It looks like Vanessa side has taken over. So boring! Can’t wait til the day come shelly and Vanessa go head to head. Can’t stand either.


I absolutely detest Austin. I remember how scared he was to call Jeff out. He kept delaying, said he needed to brush his teeth first and then had to run it by Clay and Shelli. Jeff isn’t as big as Austin , but Jeff looks pretty solid. Now Im noticing Austin has no reservations about getting in Jason’s face and starting some kind of “war” and making himself some sort of target. Good luck with that. He thinks the pint sized gay guy is going to be shaking in his boots. I’ve got news for you Austin, Jason is not the type to back down from a fight. Austin is going to end up looking like a bigger fool than he already is.
On a different note, I’ve noticed how often people are openly talking about their DR sessions and their shifting paranoia based on questions or concerns raised in the DR. Its so obvious production is stirring the pot that I’m actually starting to watch the feeds and the show less and less as the weeks go by. Im also pissed that production just seems to have given up on the twists and take overs w/o any explanation. I don’t have a favorite yet b/c I feel as though there is too much staged manipulation/ bad acting going on this season. My GUESS is there will be early morning revelations by Van (carefully staged by production) and Jason (fan favorite) is good for another week. Who goes up in Clay’s place is still a toss up. I cant bear to watch the feeds right now with Liz and Austin being super annoying running to Shelli and Clay about every little thing every 5 minutes. Looking forward to the POV ceremony to see how it all went down. I could be wrong.


It was at about this point in Vanessa’s previous HOH that she came to the earth shattering revelation that Clay was actually twins, switching in and out of the house. She even had plastic Shelli wondering for a while.

I'm soooo darn EXASPERATED with vanessa~!!!!

It’s 1.30am, and we are STILL barking at the same tree…

Clay, shelli, vanessa STILL debating about Austin a number on their side versus finding a valid reason not to put him up.

I’ve lost all respect for vanessa game-wise. Tis a shame, as i had such high high hopes for her in the beginning, being a champion poker player she is and all.

She’s just not cut out for the bb game, just does’nt has the traits to play this game smooth sailingly.

Plain and simple. :: BIG, UBER HUGE SiGH ::

The Ninety Percent

As crazy as she played, Audrey was right about Vanessa. The woman is a master manipulator that convinced the house that Jeff leaving was not her plan (when Austin and her discussed it on her first night of HOH) and now she’s running around gathering information that she can use to her advantage feeding her outrageous theories. This girl needs to slow down and take a deep breath. She’s exhausting to watch on the same level of game play that Audrey was. I can’t tell if she’s super smart or if she’s super crazy… and that, is not an indicator of a good game player.


The one thing that bothers me the most is how big brother said bbtakeover every single week and its been gone since week 3, like why make all this advertisement and promise then have nothing to show for it. I was excited to see the new twist they brought to the table. Also mark my words the otherside of the house will start winning compettions and take out van shelli and clay just cnt wait. At this point i want johnny or becky to win but I will be over the moon when clay shelly vanessa,austin liz are evicted. RATS ALWAYS GET CAUGHT


tomorrows veto ceremony is gonna be epic. after so many lame seasons the game is finally interesting again. finally a total blindside. thanks vanessa. feel kinda bad for jason but like all superfans he is not a great game player. also what he has to say besides gametalk is not very interesting, very teenagy stuff. same goes for meg. hope she goes next. she is a total waste of space so far.


I have no favorite player this BB17. Johnnymac is hilarious though. Vanessa should put up someone on the other side and not one of the 6th sense. They are her allies. Whoever she puts up, its a bloodbath for her. The best game move is to put up Jackie against Becky. She has to cut the tie between the two. Jackie’s target is Vanessa. Put her on the block. I know when they agreed not to backdoor each other when they were HOH but who cares about “you gave your word” to her. Its Big Brother and you have to target those who target you. I am not a fan of Vanessa, I am just talking about game move.

Shelli prolly PM'sing

Or maybe just showing her true colors..

She blowing her bloody top at clay outta blue at about 2.54am was kinda a surprising stunt.. Nuts~!!!

Clay was pretty excited about learning in the backyard, how jackie n jason were discussing gunning after the twins..and wanted to share it with shelly asap.

Wrong timing, perhaps? Shelli was prepping for bed, and apparently according to queen bee, she looks like “farking sh1t right now” and didnt want to face the camera where clay was.. (Seated on the other side of the vainity.)

bossy and ill tempered, if i may add, i see 6 cents dwindling to a penny soon.

There’s only soooo much front she can convey to the cameras, its apparent now.

This superficial showmance ain’t gonna go very farrrrrr, i’m willing to bet on it.

:: scary $hit ::


Clay is Shelli’s lapdog and she verbally spanked the pup. She basically neutered him. If I was him I would put her butt on the block. He won’t though. He’ll keep letting her treat him like a two year old for as long as she is able to keep him safe.


Reading posts on #BB17 on twitter. James wanted to know if the twins committed incest with each other. GROSS!!!!!!!!!! Just EWWWWW!!!!!!!


I really don’t feel bad for Jason. Audrey told them about the alliance and Jasons side did nothing with this information. Meg even said she doesn’t care. Jason did not do enough to secure his game. He was to busy smoking, gossiping and being the trashtalking loudmouth he is. He was occasionally funny, but that’s it. Lol at all the people screaming its going to be boring now.


Shelli’s true colors are showing now and trust me in the next few weeks,
It ain’t going to be pretty. She’s a cold hearted snake!


Sounds like Jason is going! Yeah!
I know I’m in the minority, but I like the S6 alliance. I hope they stay true until the end.
Shelli and Clay FTW!
Van is going to burn herself out.


Unfortunately for many of you, the people you like the most are simply far behind on the house dynamics. Jason and the ADC waited way to long to start doing more than just hanging out the the back yard and cracking jokes. They have poor information on almost all existing relationships. They actually think they have Shay with them and that the twins are alone if Austin leaves. Jason earned this boot.