Vanessa “What if Jeff wins POV and takes down James? Jackie goes up, there’s no one else!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 13-44-08-497

1:30pm UP in the HOH room. Shelli, Austin and Vanessa are talking. Austin asks so how was my speech? Shelli says both of them were good. Clay joins them. Vanessa says my speech made sense right. Clay says yes. Austin says we just said we couldn’t put you up because we made a deal with you last week if you wouldn’t put us up. Austin says that I told Meg that I promised Jackie I wouldn’t put her up because right away she came up and talked to me. Shelli says your concern was Audrey. Vanessa says but everyone has to think she is going up. Shelli says yes. She says that James said to Meg while he knew Audrey was laying in bed listening … he said to Meg listen don’t worry about it there are bigger fish to fry there’s this power couple we need to break up. James then came and told me he said this while Audrey was listening. This is perfect for sleeper cell because then Audrey will come to us and tells us so she will be calm and not freak out. If she doesn’t come to us and tells us then it means she is trying to work with James and plot against us. Shelli says you know how sleeper cell is with Audrey but as we phase her out we will bring Liz and Julia in and guess what we’ll call it “Sixth Sense”. Vanessa says when we get out Audrey is when there is a speed eviction. That way she will not have time to talk to anyone. Clay says we just need to keep breaking down the in. Vanessa says our group is so strong for any kind of comps especially when we take out James or Jeff. Austin says then Jackie is all mine. Vanessa asks what if Jeff wins pov and takes down James. Clay says either Steve or Audrey. Austin says no they’re our numbers. Vanessa says I think Jackie. Austin says no. Shelli is surprised. Vanessa says there’s no one else. Vanessa asks what if James/Johnny win the BOB and Meg and Jason are left on the block. What if Jeff wins the veto and takes Meg down. Vanessa says who do we put next to Jason? Jackie? Shelli asks why are you going after Jackie? Vanessa says who is left. Do the math. She is highly manipulatable. Shelli says if Jason or James are still on the block and someone else wins it you keep it the same. Liz rings the door bell and comes in. Vanessa says I knew you were coming because of my “sixth sense”… Liz laughs and says OOHHHH!! Vanessa says just so you know they were all throwing your names (Shelli & Clay) out there asking why we’re not putting you up. Shelli asks who? Vanessa says gave my word I wouldn’t say names. One of them straight up told me not to trust you (Shelli).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 13-38-01-880

Vanessa says that Jeff said he realized he could never work with Shelli and Clay together because you (Shelli) didn’t go after his target (Audrey). Shelli says this is why I called him the male Audrey. Vanessa says that Jeff woke me up in the middle of the night saying he needed to talk to me and then never brought it up again.. so I questioned him about it. I put him on the spot so that’s the first thing he said. Vanessa says she needs Jeff to say something I can use against him. Shelli says it can’t come from me or Clay because we can’t be the connection. It has to come from you, Liz. You have to get close to him. Austin says if he touches one hair on your head! Shelli brings up how the others are starting to drop the twins thing. Shelli leaves. Austin says I think we still let Johnny Mac throw it. I think it will be hard for him to throw it against James. Vanessa says the producers are having a wet dream right now trying to think of how to make it so Johnny can’t throw it. Vanessa asks when do you guys switch again? Liz says late Sunday or early Monday. Austin says with Jeff gone Jackie might be loyal. There’s never been a vampiremance.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 14-02-11-894

1:50pm – 2:30pm In the bathroom – Clay lies to Becky and tells her that Audrey is the first target with Steve as the backup plan. The discuss the twins. Becky tells her the things that she is looking at to confirm the twins. She says two pimples on her forehead and three freckles on her chest. Clay heads up to the HOH room and tells Liz the signs that Becky is looking for. She knows you have them but will look to see if Julia has it. Liz asks what is Johnny looking for? Clay says the tooth that’s a crown. Liz says I so want to tell Becky to stop talking sh*t about me. Shelli says she’s not she’s just trying to figure it out. Liz says Julia just needs to not talk when she’s here. Liz tells Clay thank you. Vanessa brings up how Audrey said she wasn’t the one to vote for Day and Jason told me it was her. One of them are laying to me. Austin says we just have to watch to see if Audrey does anything stupid this week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 14-16-00-865

2:30pm HOH Vanessa talks to Liz about managing Austin’s crush on her so that it doesn’t blow up things and make things awkward. Vanessa tells Liz to manage his crush on her. Does he have a shot or not? Liz says I don’t like him like that. I just want to make it clear to him that I like him as a friend. And we’re on national television. Vanessa asks if it wasn’t for the show would he have a shot? Liz says no. He also talks about his girlfriend. Vanessa says just tell him you know he has a girlfriend and you don’t want to be the other girl. Liz says I don’t know why I didnt think of saying that. She says that Austin said in the beginning he came in with a girlfriend of 8 months. Vanessa says no it was more like 2 years. Liz says I honestly thought Jace and I could have had something but then near the end I wondered what I saw in him. Vanessa says and your sister didn’t like Jace at all. Liz says we’re both so different. Austin comes up and tells them that Shelli is hosting the Battle of the Block. He tells Vanessa one of us is going to get slimmed. Austin starts talking about beer and how his girlfriend is a huge beer drinker… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Austin talks about having the podcast up in the HOH room. It could be about how to catch cheaters. Vanessa says I have a funny story about catching someone. Austin says the more interest I show in Jackie the closer he gets to me. I don’t care, I’ll play it up. Liz comes back up with a head band on and Vanessa sarcastically says oh a headband I wonder why?! Liz points out that she has a scar on her arm. I can’t believe no one’s noticed. Idiots!

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I think if they didn’t have the Battle of the Block in play, this season would of been one of the best seasons in awhile. I still think is season is good so far especially compared to the past 2 shitfest seasons we’ve had, but it would have been much better without it.


so far the only thing saving this year’s BoB is that the comps have not all been extreme physical comps like the first time they did it. that season was a joke, of course they put up physically weak players and the whole thing was solely for POV backdooring or take out weak players i.e. female players.

this year is much less about physical, or at least where just muscles isn’t more or less of an advantage, which is so much better. I almost don’t mind it this time around, other than i find the fact you can’t actually put any targets on the block because they run the risk of those two winning bob and safety for the week. it is too many people with safety imo, HOH, POV holder and 2 other HGs completely out. plus if POV is not a nom, and takes one nom off, we’ve got 5 people unavailable.


Good point, “Too many people with safety”


They need to change the POV to one person. You want to give it to someone else, fine, you’re no longer safe though.


Thats silly.
They did that on BB4 and it sucked. thats why they changed the rules.


Da was a target. She was nominated from the get go.


I hate it too, but what bugs me more than anything is when they claim its a fan favorite. its not a freaking fan favorite, this is like Jeff Probst selling redemption island as a fan favorite twist. its not, its awful, it takes away from the game and it needs to be put to rest.

Eric CA

Battle of the Block is terrible. The first few weeks from the original show are the Best one. The first Season was good only because it was new… it had an American Idol type of feel. The House voted on which Houseguests to nominate then America voted to evict Houseguests. The Have nots was not a haven’t. They competed for food and if the did not win a day… everybody was on slop. They also had luxury comps that did things like unlock the hot tub or get a BBQ

Season Two added the HoH NO PoV yet. I seem to remember something about a secret room (That secret room is now the Have-nots room.)

Season Three: Enter the PoV and the Have-nots (just slop no Havenot room)

Season Four: The Golden Power of Veto: Saved both… unless they were on the block then it just saved the winner.

Then the Wonky Wackadoo Mr Wizard Powers started in Season 10 with Jeff getting Coute-de-tas went down hill from there.
I like Pandoras Box

Worst ever… MVP, The Saboteur, Americas Player and the all time worst Battle of the Block… it is Universally Hated… but for some reason it is a fan favorite.


slop came later, when have nots first started, it was peanut butter and jam, i believe

I HATE that all they eat is slop, and that they don’t do the food comps anymore, and I totally blame the BOB for that. (another of the downsides of BOB, even if i am not minding it as much due to the comp choices, doesn’t mean i love it when it cuts away from all the other things i do enjoy). I hate that in bbcan3 they had zero votes for the extra Havenots foods, and assume it is the same now for BBUS

it is stupid. voting for the added food for the have nots was a fan favourite, imo. Just as voting for America’s player tasks or whatever other things. the good thing about BBCAN is that they continue these secret tasks, I think it is a real shame they don’t have secret tasks on BBUS now all because of this BOB, and they won’t have food comps because of it either.

the weekly twist, well i can’t say that is going to go over well. As we have seen on onlinebigbrother for BBCAN, where twists are the norm, they aren’t really that popular on the fan side lol. maybe the regular viewers who only watch the episodes, but your feed watching recap reading types tend to dislike them.

it is too soon to tell tho what all the twists results are going to be like. taking out 3 votes when there are that many people in the house, and targets are so clear, seemed random and useless. take out 3 votes when only 10 people can vote, that is a twist. the reason it flops early is because no one goes against the HOH, and everyone votes with the house now. it didn’t use to be that way, but now they do, this early in the game at least.


Hold on now … you’re a Fan and CBS said that us Fans love the BOtB


John and james lost vanessa is still hoh


I hope John and James will pull this one off and win battle of the block. I also hope Jeff will win the POV and take off Meg. Then Jeff, Jackie, John, James, Meg and Becky vote to save Jason. I hope Austin and Vanessa’s plan is backfired. I am sick of people keeping putting John up for their advantage. Now John is on the block every week to benefit their game. If Vanessa and Austin have a ball then put your target up. If they want to make a move, then don’t be a coward. Vanessa and Austin are cowards using John as a shield for them and bully him to choose on their side. I am sick of bullies in this game. I hope Vanessa and Austin will be evicted soon.


JohnieMac is planning to throw it. He told Becky in the storeroom that some crazy stuff will happen and that the both of them will be safe.


John agreed to go on the block and throw the competition. How is that bullying? And it would be stupid to put your target up right away with the stupid BoB, it makes it so you pretty much have to back door your target if you want a real shot of getting rid of them


The only way for this HOH to back fire is to sacrifice JMac, people are tired of seeing Jmac on the block but he volunteers and does not even fight to stay away from it. No choice? Please, at least have a legitimate argument and not just be a sheep that follows the shepherd’s call. Or don’t tell me he is playing a “good” game solidifying alliance by taking one from the team. Hate her all you want but Jackie is way better than him, at least she has better social game that saves her from being that ‘pawn’.
Seriously, I really hope it’s Jeff and John on the final chair this week and then Audrey votes to save Jeff along with Jason, Jackie, James, Clay and Meg. Either way even if Jeff goes at least Jason, Jackie, James and Meg will now realize that Barbie and Ken are on the opposing team.


But Carlos, the only one who has the courage to vote against the HOH is Audrey. Vanessa will probably threaten them to be sure the votes go her way.


“Hopes that Jeff will win POV” said no one ever…



Smart Guy

If John doesn’t want to be a pawn, which he agreed to be, he should start playing the game. No one is being bullied.


I’m loving this season.Makes me realise how bad #BB16 was..


So far this season is great! A house filled with likable people. Even the villains I’m liking and I never like them.


I dislike Jeff, James, and Audrey but they are entertaining or at least I’m willing to watch the train wreck that doesn’t involve Becky’s face. With Clay though, I’d rather not ever see him and his eyebrows. I’m good with crazy eyes and even how juvenile Jeff and James are and I’m sure they will be shocked when they see how they are perceived outside the house. I want to see how bad they can get that doesn’t involve a criminal charge.


i want jeff gone before jury because as it stands right now, he’s planning to take Liz/julia to jury to be ‘available’ for him and (so he says) austin.

pretty offensive. also offensive is the assumption that those pretty young twins would actually find him attractive enough, but the real offense is that he finds them so worthless that they are only good for him to have sx with.


shelli hears the cheers on eviction night for Day and immediately decides that ‘they’ are the villains and disliked. uh, ok? Austin now worried he is seen as one of the bad guys.

no, Austin, we don’t see you as a bad guy, lol

i like Johnnymac, he’s always like ‘of course i am going to agree to do whatever idiot thing you ask me to do, because if i don’t you’ll just do it anyway, and the difference will be that then i actually will be a target cuz i show that i am not easy to work with.’ like duh, stop asking so i can stop doing this ?


Like i said before, just get rid of the BOB and this season will be perfect.


Why did Vanessa and Austin tell Steve about Liz/Julia and make an alliance with him? They could have just said we won’t put you up if you don’t put us up, like they did with Becky, or said Freaks and Geeks included only the 4 of them. It was a great moment to see how happy/relieved Stave was, but I don’t get why they did something so risky.


They want to make sure Steve is definitely on their side that way if he wins HOH he will for sure target the other side


I would have given anything to watch Shelli go from top to bottom!! To see her degrade Clay everyday for only getting a 6 and crying days on end about being on the block, it would’ve been a dream come true. Instead we get another week of her thinking her sh*t don’t stink.


Shelli has a huge ego and Clay is playing up to it! Their showmance is very dull. I feel like neither of them is into it, but they are trying to keep it up for camera time on the shows.Clay needed to go up next to Shelli and Audrey needed to go up next to the very uninteresting Jackie!


Would not mind seeing Jeff go. His type usually last longer than they deserve to.


He plays far too hard, and unwisely. at least Audrey is entertaining in her blatant lies. she’s so discredited with the entire house it is more fun watching her try to spin things around.

plus if you were on the ‘other’ side and knew that having her around meant targeting out Jason you would want to keep her. she figures day and jason are to ‘blame’ for accusing her of false things, which basically the reality is that they called her out for things she was actually doing. now she can twist things to say how they were lying about her, and of course everyone knows they were not. 🙂

she’s like a yappy little dog with no bite, all bark.


As a female Jeff and James are extremely offensive in their comments about and towards women! Especially disappointing because James has a daughter!…or does he? I will stand up and cheer when those two God’s Gift to Women Jerks go home! Hopefully before Jury…


As much as I cringe when Jeff’s on the feeds I kinda what him left in the game for another week. I think there’s some boring players they still need to get out.

Free Folk

me too…if meg or jackie leave he will loose his ‘christmas on a cracker’ and o’h what fun feeds!


Ugh, Maybe Jeff should go i change my mind.. 😉


Jeff my get expelled from the house after they allegedly caught him masturbating and wiping his semen on Julia’s back while she didn’t knwo


Uhhh…. what?

Jeff's Monkey

I knew there was something with that funky eye. The hairy palms were a dead giveaway though.


That’s how he locks them down.


That just turned me stomach…Jeff has some big problems and that,hopefully,never happened!

Free Folk

lol at clay running to liz with every piece of info the others are looking for in the twin twist…she should keep treats in her pocket for him.O’h whoooooos a good boy.


Vanessa will be the target if she doesn’t put up Audrey derrick in his season did not cause waves by having devin on the block. VAnessa and austin are the bad people steve does not have a chance to win the game with that group

B-bad owl

Steve can’t win because of his insecurities. He has never gotten over his inadequacy complex he had to endure throughout his childhood and adolescence. Where he was always the quiet one with no friends. We all know it’s horribly sad, but true. Watching him following Jace around on bbad as Jace ignored him was pathetic. Jace considered him a joke, and Steve thought he was his friend. He has spent so much of his life wanting a friend in the “cool crowd” that any attention from someone he sees as being part of that group means friendship to him. Even terrible treatment. I like Steve, please don’t misunderstand me. But if he doesn’t get over his personal issues and realize that he is not only as good as anyone else and in most cases, a better person than others, then he will never learn to not care what others think and will not be able to have anyone respect him. People have to know you will stand up for yourself and what you believe is right for them to respect you.


I wonder if Audrey has the ability to be quiet that she is not the target. I believe she loves to do things for attention even if it means destroying her own game. If I was Vanessa I would of never told her that she wasn’t the target. I hope that doesn’t blow up in Vanessa face. Audrey can’t be trusted for anything.

More Anonymous

It doesn’t matter if Audrey tells anyone. She lies so much who’s going to believe her.

I appreciate

how much planning they do. how they are using Audrey. how they are anticipating a response in advance and have EVERYONE in on it that needs to be. Vanessa plays an incredible game of BB. Austin is freaking lucky to have teamed up with her, I love how she wants Liz to keep his wanna-be romance in check….she is the female puppetmaster if they don’t catch on.

still say, her game is PERFECT if Steve wins that HOH, they still have a deal with him, and I think that is also brilliant. that said, knowing BB production, they will throw jeff a comp that is really easy to rig….


I’ve been a fan of hers from the start, but i think winning this HOH was too early for her. Shes not a target to anybody. I mean she could have been trying to throw it but didnt want to make it too obvious and just got unlucky…..But the fact that she WANTS to remain HOH tells me she didn’t. I think shes a smart/strong player but i would let Austin stay HOH since you both have the same plan and have less blood on your hands.

another name

anyone else thinking the secret/ sixth sense group has way too many Achilles’ heels to be viable long term?
look at Austin when the idea of any woman that will pay attention to his ego is suggested as a target. they aren’t a member of the alliance, so why aren’t they fair game?
look at having Audrey as a member of the group… but not trusting her.
look at having liz as a member of your group – she’s too concerned with keeping her secret to actually be of use before week 5, and she’s an immediate target in week 5. the group is expending a lot of energy to help her, losing focus on the actual game to help the twist.
look at Vanessa side-dealing with too many people so that she has limited her choices as far as a plan b is concerned.
even if I don’t include my immediate distrust of clay and shelli…
I get the feeling there will be yet another switching of allegiances by the next hoh.


and how Audrey voted against her crew in the vote for eviction of Da’Vonne, now that was funny lol

Power Trip

These people are power tripping hard! Look Vanessa act like she’s running the the show. Her and Austin were loners that just happened to win the random HOH and now act like they’re running things.

Then Shelli and Clay, as usual, go suck up to the power. Everyone else needs to wake up and get together. John needs to stop letting himself get walked on. This could get really bad.


Winning the HOH and nominating houseguests for elimination does give you Power!…for a week! The trick for Vanessa will be in finding her key group and building it up while she has power! I like her understated gameplay. If some of the game strategists like Jason,Steve, JohnnyMac could join her this would be a great final 4!

Common Sense

Austin and Vanessa acting like they are running things because they are. Despite popular opinion, Clay and Shelli ARE doing the right thing by sucking up to the power. I’m suprised that they are not being targeted considering the idea that they will always stay loyal to each other.
I also wish that John could get away from the curse of always being a pawn but that is going to be really hard to break unless he can win a head of household and new people to play the “floaters” of the house. This is the main reason I hate the BotB because it forces so many people to be a pawns and they are usually burned week after week.


James has a big possibility of going out this week I think if John or him don’t win the veto I can’t believe that Vanessa would win POV and save anyone it’s a big risk for her gets a lot of blood on her hands let’s see if she has the ovaries to do so when push comes to shove

Jeffs Monkey

Nothing is worse than what Jeff has on his hands.


you actually made me lol, for a long time with this comment.



Who won battle of the block


Come on, turn the feeds on! I am to wrapped up in this. LOL


The BOTB has been going on for two hours. No winner yet.


This is a crappy season so far and the 2 hoh are useless playing the Shelli and Clay game !! Da was right about them being cowards !!! I hope the other side of the house gains up on them and all their plans backfire !!

Eric CA

Looked the numbers.
Jeff if nominated would go home against any of the nominees
Worst Case is Johnny Mac.. oddly enough. He is more popular than Jeff but Jeff is more value to players games and 2 that would could vote Jeff out in other combinations might flip if against Johnny Mac because he has less allies. The next worst case was Jason there were a few that might flip… Becky and Johnny Mac would be the most valuable votes in the House because the rest would just go down the split in the house.

Jeff VS James is also another tricky one… that could easily flip to evict James, which would not be a bad idea personally Vanessa and I agree 100% about James.

the absolute worst case scenario is Jeff wins the PoV and saves James… Johnny Mac would go as the pawn volunteer… he has the least amount of allies and Clay would be sprinting and doing cartwheels to get in James and Jeffs good graces. Clay would sell the all out.

Please note: I NO way do I feel that James, Jeff would have a right to be that irate (they will be.) James and started this in motion. It really started with the, a bunch of lies and a really juvenile song. Austin and Vanessa would be perfectly justified.


Ohhh my gosh! The bob has been going on forever! I really hope john doesn’t get screwed over because of a twist.


I think someone forgot to switch the feeds back on. I can’t be the only one getting tired of waiting…..

Better Than Last Year

Jason & Meg won BOTB ! Vanessa is HOH !


Does anyone believe Da’Vonne’s view that the houseguests are fearful of public backlash should they have any blood on their hands in an Audrey eviction due to her being transgender? When Da’Vonne said this in her interview I thought it was nonsense but now I’m not so sure. I’ve never bought the argument that it is beneficial to keep a common target in the house. If all the houseguests view it this way, then there is one less person in the pool of possible evictees which benefits nobody. Audrey has got to be in the top 3 of the most untrustworthy houseguests in BB history. If I was in the house I wouldn’t believe Audrey if she told me it was raining outside. I’d have to go to the backyard to verify.


I really don’t think that’s the case at all. Da is just trying to make herself feel better…lol I think Shelli actually chose wisely. Audrey was not coming after Shelli or her lover boy, but Da most likely was. I would’ve done the same thing in her position. Not sure why Da can’t see that, or doesn’t want to see it, I guess.

Eric CA

Feeds are back
Meg and Jason won BoB
Johhny Mac says James was so bad he didn’t need to throw it… LOL


Any post I make doesn’t show. How come?